DHK - Brady, Gronkowski miss Patriots practice; a time-traveling Keefe-spiracy tweet - 11-22-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, November 22nd

Tom Brady misses Patriots practice with an achilles injury, while Rob Gronkowski was out due to illness. Was it a bug he caught on the trip to Mexico? Also, the 49ers announce Jimmy Garoppolo will not be their starting quarterback and C.J. Beathard will assume the role instead. The Chiefs sign Darrelle Revis and a tweet about time-traveling catches Dale's attention but its validity is questioned. 


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Speech that dale and Holley show hey and I got a masters wouldn't. What is tell our control. Have a great Thanksgiving Kubrick polar bears to Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie. Ray Allen on viewed. There's got to be a better way 2017. On the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. And everything yeah Hollywood feet Sports Radio WEEI Alex Raymond and for Michael Holley. I'm Michael got a little head start to the Thanksgiving holiday. Imagine an airplane right I mean. You have a wife that's a great time your life in the three small children tough audience out there but it's fun awful honor. What do you do there with the three kids two kids that -- one in the middle of view since three Agassi and have one with two within one or other facets of math math I don't think I'd keep in native pal I mean I got a text on this morning and he survived to tell the tale and also I'm happy about that has anybody and and maybe generally see if you guys could do this forming and I and I hate to put on the spotlight as but. A quick wellness check on my Tea Party might be in order boy little concern Mike I'm a little concerned about my GRD and his senate health and welfare here this I was and crashed in EG why is going on paid. He's the he's not ready headset before he's not ready or apple was gonna start this weekend right that's what but we've been pointing towards. He's going to be fresh for next year's pace and date entered beat the giants a couple of weeks ago as a true big win for the forty target answer guy after guys win. I eventually got that name CC you better. Sets in and gets the opportunity Jimmy or apple is not gonna start this weekend. Now which could be good thing at Seattle four. Take on some analysts are what do you think that's what it is are they actually try to physically protect this guy because they want him to be the quarterback of the future and afraid he's gonna get that they reject out of bodies. And you can't happen any any any apology but it was like. A couple of days after the 49ers acquired droplets after had a report where he sat out. Well don't be surprised if the 49ers trade him you know franchise him in the trade in this offseason could have well let's get right to upload gives the 49ers options that quarterback option is a what Israel and there. I give them a quarterback does it matter what they have. Does that take that maybe Don you like the start negotiating a tiny one O eight and at this guy once how much money were even which we got to let you know it we got other options not dispute could go with Kirk cousins we drop somebody's so. That's what's going on its own explanation. I can think but then they still have all the the cards and so that will you give up a second round pick if you let him walk you're the wants it looks stupid not us. Your crop won't Donnie great debt on its final few plays he went into this year thinking art next year I'll start somewhere. Next year I'll start I don't think the bigger your franchise of any easier to sit there twenty million dollars the backup so. For years it's a long four years for god wants to start that he gets traded mid season for the niners. A team at that point had not won a game right because he was beyond their backing out and they want to get rates there there are winless he goes there a jury wants to play but. Not the end of the world for him if he sits out these next six games and then is a starter somewhere in the league action remember all the hue and cry around here early on. I'm not pass with a score a couple of guys can. You know allotted breaks not getting any younger you know let's let's let's let's kitchen Rob Lowe and a game that matters fans must be going nuts seeded Panthers into the sky again I don't wanna see if you are re signed this guy that you wanna you get like your own tryout you're the one you gotta get a chance to see him run your stuff. For six games. Could have been eight games there like that narrative will will wait it will get Kirk cousins. It does and they don't they're doing because the same. Front office John Legend his first year there. Where it over the reports we're not shopping Navarro Bowman ten minutes later all we released Navarro Bowman at ten minutes after that. The saints apparently had a deal forum and they decided not to do. So they they may either the kind of learning on the fly right here. I don't get a I'm I mean with all due respect to CJ battered. And I'm not sure how good Jimmy drop below is an embassy's better than that I can say he's better than six dollars saying I don't know he's gonna be some you know record us Laporte Pro Bowl quarterback or something I don't just traded a second round pick for a guy who's in his contract year so you should wanna see him out there it's it makes no sense not to play him. It's it's not as dumb as that the quarterbacking decision buffalo. I doubt about it I was exist not how some McDermott even look at players in the ice out and in times of my life is not. Harlem off the plane coming back from Los Angeles last week the. Stuff is said to be still you still pleased you defend himself after the game so I would still make that decision today something. Today I today took it back to hit back at you apparently what I. Hypocritical writing codes on the back players to take responsibility all the time for nightly portly. So when a coach makes a bad decision how would he take some responsibility and he may be we may see yet another coach communities and that's an acting out of apparently he's out there how can he do. The quarterback that's not gonna work but even if you move on from Taylor and Peter meant that it says are both gone next year. The soldier Gilad holdover guys that are remember that what what happened in that Alter ego to think that's the loss that's gonna keep them out of the last. Yes I really different for coming in that direction anyway well you look at you'd say okay you were in a playoff spot on into this this game. And you you. Inexplicably. Gives Nathan Peter when the job over Tyrod Taylor I'm not as big a tyrant Tyrod Taylor fan as you why you think he's a little better than I gave up that outback or you know. The economy's steady mobile Anita somebody you don't write that for some reason up there insists on making in the pocket passer. Insistent on doing if yeah it's a very strange and it goes back to are saying earlier in the shadows so. But back to 56 weeks earlier saying maybe gave C east is here's a little something like the dolphins are OK the also played well. Nope it's the same joke that it's been it's same joke terrible. It was yet they they had a bunch of wins early but he kind of tell it all the jets ordered occupants down on the jets the bills' defense looked really good things that are you know bills defense LeSean McCoy wait a minute maybe they got them their new coach senior. You couldn't write him off just yet eakins they are agencies and other terrible coach. But they have kind of classic bills fashion they got to a decent start. Ed get get their hopes supple bit and it's completely falls apart I did give props to Lindsay because she she was able to track this down for me jet. We're gonna we're gonna play some of that sound that Lucy found forming I I I remembered it you'll vaguely in the back in my head we had to do some looking up to figured out. It was Super Bowl XL cause you can't use numbers yet say yet you class yes Super Bowl XL actual Seattle and Pittsburgh. This was the Super Bowl in February of 2006. Or poorly officiated game I guess that was an issue in that game. ABC had telecast. And they announced the week before. That Bill Belichick was going to be part of their of their pre now again it's a six hour pregame shows so you know everybody there are lots of segments that but everybody went wide. Bill Belichick is going to be at an analyst for ABC. And I remember. It wasn't bad wolf find out if my memory is right when we listen. I think a good defensive game plan very important of coming down the lovely night wanna play one ball one technique can make a difference. That's when the Steelers did and they're still there he's. It could dominate. They didn't blitz a lot with their front where there were able to put pressure on the quarterback. This is a good example here enough to pull thirteen against countless they would read the senator and whichever way this went that opposites. Packed with penetrate in the line of scrimmage this that thing that the Steelers to me were so good that they were able to execute these sensing that isn't bad hall of famers like. It's not bad because he loves the history of the game right at you get him talk to you still pro you would ask him to talk about that ears Pittsburgh Steelers defense right there where it's headed against the decline. And Dexia associating speaking he's lonely he loves the history of the game. A quick update your they'll mica he's just read this I was so we knew that Tom Brady and rumpled missed practice today. Our Tom Brady. Apparently due to his Achilles. There Rob Gronkowski. Was out because of an analogue kill me it was appropriate isn't Hillary's Achilles problems and Achilles you know we'll we'll that was an issue not pliable I thought yeah we ate ice that he hasn't any pains since 2004. I don't know he has Pena he is able to recover don't play it early in the TV twelve mile he said that he has never experienced shoulder pain since two out all of this is crucial yes Achilles is located at I he'll Ireland and that's how your body just saying as a straight set up partly got a I don't know it's named after but so he. Egg rock six or maybe from now not from Mexico I heard about Mexico and I drank tap water either tap water in the hotel Roemer which we all know will make you sick now David Andrews is also still an illness but he was in an illness before the game in Mexico announced about Colorado Springs had it was it was like the middle of the week last week out of nowhere. He suddenly appeared on the injury report. Maybe it's not Mexico for prompt maybe just maybe it's not you know what stopped to Phoebe yeah. Well I'm here and Ali I feel I got sent back out next album nevermind knees Airways and defend their immigration and if an underwater. I love Mexico about a mockery of the from the water. Defendant to a I think the patriots were fine in Mexico City will prompt fine armed out of Mexican by merit island in the bag odd is that how that works out works seek. Agassi's match and America aren't but let's go back to the the the port utilities gets us a little little to Brady scared our Tom Brady did not practice because of an Achilles signals on the uncle Mac take down there. I mean he did an operable played it wisely and that's why aren't always stated I don't think he's gonna miss the playoffs analysis the other. The last quarter when there by five but. I I think he'll be OK but then again you know it's not just an illness that's not just for. Rest or anything like that personal reasons it's their given of their slapping an injury tack on. Patrick Chung who also missed today's practice was for an ankle. On. So you've got. Canon still out with an ankle team missed the game last weekend. Andrews still out with an illness he missed the game last week and Chris Hogan still out with a shoulder missed the game last weekend. And and cola limited practice though but did practice with with the knee issue. But the Brady thing sort of comes out of the blue for me that your word about it now it's just a let. When you have the greatest quarterback we think who's ever played the game and the reason that your team is still the Vegas favorites to in the Super Bowl. Wanna think about the idea of having to play with. Lawyer Brian Hoyer was as starting quarterback since Jimmy also struggled not to Wear. Was that high second round pick ward because it kept her up blood let's even they lost to Wear skis and charity lost him that was Brady well and probably be capped at the edit drop low cuts they they lost him right to free agency. There have gotten compensatory pick Larry the insurance of grappled for the rest is worth to meet its sixty some odd tax. That they got right that this sixty some odd slots they moved up jagr the other way wrist I say I I thought they could have gotten more in the offseason brought these two I also think that. If it's corn crop lawyer you know when a simple either. The better chance to write a better chance but I think at eight ST providing look at it's even the patriots with a rock like being innocent hypothetical but I don't think it beat Pitt Pittsburgh. Probably no problem. Maybe at a I mean they definitely don't order so I guess we don't look at a better at that point and with priority to be its seats I don't think site over to projecting here but. It just goes to show you read it's we like that it it just in Bosnia to second guess the grapple a trade. You know it just does whenever you seed radio at an Achilles and I can't play yes yes in years you're allowed to second guess us. If if rich is right he's out there on Sunday like he always says some are playing like he always does and then presumably. Does that all yearlong. The trade although the dolphins are eight dirty team I didn't mean to Dr. Phil and Kiko Alonso this is quite a few hits it out though. I don't know this game or the patriots up in the second half by a couple scores in the entering the fourth quarter. If if that achilles' Brian Hoyer added virus I'm out there they'll get a lot of dolphins team dating they want to hurt he via her that was already at the at bat and that's all they have to play for this and you're down 28 points here lately haven't you found on WebMD for Somali information out of boy an Achilles tendon injury can happen anymore. Whether you're an athlete or just going about your everyday life. The Achilles tendon as the largest hand in in your body. Does not that I did not it stretches from the balls that you're healed to your calf muscles you can feel that a spring he band of tissue at the back of your ankle above your heel. It lets you point your toes toward the floor and raise up on her tip toes. Some of the causes of an injury could be running gymnastics. And football so ago. There it's also one of the things that's what that put data doing their thing on and on them to keep an eye on. She we get nervous now I'm not nervous yet I'm nervous no doubt I don't spend over thirty are particularly prone to Achilles tendon injury about forty. Yes so now because I'll look at that there. Texas a river your gut yeah toward an Achilles injury right now prosperity for yet another thirty years detectives as dale Brady's been questionable for every game since 2003. That he never missed practice appears probable for allows you guy doesn't guys about a few girls they they they thought they. Stop doing that and and even with all of that you know probable right shoulder stuff that they were putting on the injury report for years and years. He was missing practice now last year as it turned out we didn't learn this to later. When he was missing some practices in the mid week it had a lot to do with his mom's condition and and going back and forth and try to be there for her and you know combining the off day on Tuesday and then trying to be you know be there to support his mother. In hindsight when we learned about it we said okay that makes all the sense in the world. He doesn't miss a lot of practice time for injuries also Italian. He was scheduled to do his media availability today. In practice that got pushed back to Friday. And what the patriots announced parent. So no media availability for for Brady until Friday well usually he doesn't practice he doesn't talk right at eight and they announced early afternoon via. You know because we play part of it on this on the shelves though. We had to find out as well so that backed up put off till Friday my guess is. Will there be any media availability when Libby any media there tomorrow. I mean I know they're gonna practice early. We'll get him right now make the sport be right is going down on Thanksgiving if you're dedicated aircraft come on get out there are guys. Under way to law high school game forty grand you know I really do that network on Thanksgiving but I'm most or maybe not before this Achilles injury and other sorts sniff around find out what happened. Now you are going to be check in there now tweets tomorrow now I know I went on to praise Achilles it's not like beat. Not now be I think maybe you have an article about this than it did not seem. Column B if he if he if he misses a game up to a start it right away I think Justin did you meet each tree here we doubt you go where it gets some of the skit Achilles tendon stuff. That I found on WebMD maybe you need a link to that on your Twitter feed it's comedy for this tended to get injured they can be mild or moderate and feel like a burning pain or stiffness and now part of your leg if the pain is severe. Your Kelly's third and maybe partially torn or completely ruptured a disease but the dolphins though really might be the worst team to play if you have any sort of specifically not here yeah yeah riveting it competency. Nate Nate they wanna hurt. It's all have to play for at this point it's an out and now he's got to. But those injured the man not only beat up on when you don't I don't. Although they all of the offensive line and a really good lately throughout those guys are other football note is Dwight Freeney. Claimed by the different lines on waivers I know we got we got sponsored text entries yesterday about. And being a fit here are some between got a picture of Tom Brady would Dwight Freeney I don't know what event that was and people are hoping that maybe there would get him. We played that game and ever veteran gets released a paper or heard of that nature the past why do you think he fits the air. For any. Knock him. Now I don't think so either. By any just yet it did this deepens and they'll need to wait for any type of like the development of these young guys keep how they handle it like at the yard this year yet the new guy or lightly. Hurts America we talked yesterday as he hit it that Berkley six catches Marcia are over. I is there in our customers yes there wasn't yes he is few and playing decently at all are you the death penalty yet he had Italy's snaps in Sunday's games and they gave up 25 and seven yard runs to his side. Those with a two defensive Hannity they yield went up from his awful opening night performance now it was so bad night and act nordic opened up for times across the article from a prep for him. So yes it quite that late for you are not happening but I do love them whenever it's a veteran Pete that matter order a little bit of air Erica Marat he can win with ballots Jack. I'll probably pretty much anybody could writes exactly. But he could fit here now 6177797937. Is telephone number tax minus 3793 sevenths are Ross on the cell phone hey Russ. Hey I just wanted to let you comment joy Alex it's doubtful. Orbit here today. Thank you guys out there was good thanks Ross. I I think that yeah we've got a great disservice avenue beyond the mortgage adult and be sort of label. On one political side of the spectrum. And also talking about his sexuality and that. I can't ever talk about the rats. I don't I can spread his wings more here in the afternoon show viewers sign. I didn't offer our current talk about sports you know just all the way through I. I think it showed been fantastic I haven't had to hear about what an at large or any other political discussion and great. Fiery first are about that rust into Amman late night talking about it also you spread your wings Russell's or some other time slots here right now yeah. I'll try that it be the only help they can act like it's right here Kelly I can't help but they can tell Larry Bird. I don't know we recall but that was. All securely back in the early you know that all the media. I remember the exact issue almost for birds and then Achilles but I'll take your word for I I remember the back issue and him laying there on the bench. Don't go back and look at. Oh yeah and walking boots Larry Bird. Yeah I I met Aaron I probably don't want to overstate how severe this this injury is Friday the fact that he didn't practice at all. And is listed on the official injury report as Achilles. And certainly jumps out to. But I don't wanna make it sound like all seasons in jeopardy gas in jeopardy I mean I had no idea. Later Madonna can see who gets a piece today in Atlanta would it I think he's in before. I mean analyst said he didn't miss playing eating you know we didn't limp to the sidelines. Yeah you know was none of those situation look look at there was actually a Mac it that's the one he took that raiders game he'd say if it saga word aggravate him that would have been. The way an Arab leaders really dirty hit by Matt I was getting kind of pushed to the ground twist that around where they round up that it was sort of sort of stand up diesel kind of awkward and that. That we can back our on bothered your Achilles heel and on the a couple of. Arnold and Jimmy Rob Lowe isn't year hold on the port is not I'm Brian Hoyer is here and Reinhard by the ways played in the last two games and erupt. Less than Jimmy Rob Lowe got to play two games in a row. When Brit what if anything occurred when he applied to as well Jimmy got blocked and let publishers this NASA for the accuracy across the NFL maybe that's that could we talk a collision happened. The problem we have to keep going rob blow off the field on they'll have this guy play. Does he just wants the play. Just say he's a gamer he's not particularly while the practice we've blurred but he's using based guys on the practice that's all those are all reports he's got to practice where he's he's he's bad he says act yeah he's in the senate. The bad practice where. Which is probably not a good thing if you're playing for Bill Belichick now I don't puts as much stock in practices he does but Belichick didn't seem to affect politics opinion droplet of you missing in his place is like crazy and I think I got a while do you think it was is a raw politics decision to treat drop. Wildly as as a percent yes I glance I played all that at all. And I I don't think think politics is completely whipped in misread the droplet situation. No I think he read it exactly right he was the insurance policy. When it became clear to yes even the forty year old Tom Brady still looks really really good. We're not gonna we're not gonna franchise and at the end of the year how can you make that determination after just eight dates between ground say he looked great debt. He looked great at bat but that was when he got to the trading deadline right so you you had a choice then. You could either trade him at the deadline which was the only time he could trade him. Or you I don't ride it out and let him walk at the end of the year 'cause they work on a franchise hits and they're really wanna see Brady plays eight games that basket or he's great for eight games if forty doesn't mean he's gonna be great help the 4142. So if you really tackle Rob Lowe was the guy. I don't think they thought that yeah I don't watch that I didn't keep them my nutrients off season. Because they wanted the insurance play eighty games yeah and that's that's and until after eight games Brady can never get hurt and didn't get the first trumpet their Bruce said that they'd. I don't I don't I find hard to believe in you look at the manic court tax revenue and played snapped the NFL get treated for multiple first round Tex. Kevin Cobb years ago negotiate for second round pick he's so compact Charlie White hurts I'm saying look like big check out there they got a top. Droplets are intent and pop I say that after just six quarters there you hope to head butted out and demagogue and change percent. Round pick. Don't know and and match up a trip to center complex I understand that there's a lot of quarterbacks have been treated for for things but. They they didn't trail I think they should have shopped a more than it sounds like they weren't even if at all that they'd I don't understand and don't know that we know that they didn't so they should have. I just I the best I can come up with is that they were. Wanted to make sure that Brady was still good for eight games it seems they ticker no wait that long hitters waited for the rest of the season right but ultimately they they did that they found a second round pick form and I wonder if in this and this is dumb in my mind but if there there was any hope. That he would sign. A extension which idiotic which will be done on his part but if he would be willing to sign a two or three year deal I think there would have done. And it became clear if under this an area painted a grunt. Like now I'm gonna bias I wanna play with so I don't I would expect he was or why would it but what if felt that way to spring as well. I drop with a spring wanted to place of what made his nickname negotiations in the spring difference. The negotiating in Denver and it's just he couldn't it's not like he could leaf. So you know they they wanted the insurance policy if they could sign a great will keep them but that was probably not just it just seems very a Belichick keen to make a franchise altering decision based on eight games I don't think it's quite as franchise altering as you do that's all. I mean I've Jimmy rob what was I got a good back up quarterback I think I made him into something way beyond what he won a six chords are pretty damn good. And any of her she had that he got hurt did get hurt and by the way they thought he was gonna play. Re edit all got the crowd goes crazy on us at Thursday gained another I don't know I don't know calling game going finally final weeks for you should play that body is gonna play that prepared for the play -- percent with an hour two hours before the game shows that snapped ankle guys and -- who was hurt before the game record and -- surgery next that was gonna have surgery on Monday. Sorry Jacoby you got to go out there and I'll take it doesn't let's hold that against drop leading hold. Didn't get any implications of that with what he said after Jimmy gee guys train your business Ali Khan is on a plane down so over the top though I mean I usually is please drop a more he's replaced eighty pretty after each item. Last month penalty was quite that. Now looking to flourish again during the break you but he'll pray it was a ton craft guys on other teams more than his own I have little time yes what a specific Clair and his team. Our thought everybody played pretty well you're asking about. Ed Reed or Jason Taylor songs on and on and on and on and on about 6177797937. This hour the programme right by the way brought to buy AT&T. We get right back to the calls have you final drive coming up about 54545. Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. I feel like you should probably keep them. Segment of the program because it's just I I feel obligated. To share this what America. Our president has weeded out again now nice eight minutes ago with opulent as the and what's going on Donna moral law delight day he wrote and I quote. 51 million Americans sit well he's an American but OK I'd I'm not gonna clean up his grammar form 51 million American. To travel this weekend highest number in twelve years traffic in airports are running very smoothly. I guess you got to get ready to. Make it if you don't why exclamation point that there aren't enough everything he adds an image everything would trump passed to B is the greatest hits the basses if the highest number in years. People are troubling if the hurricanes right Obama never dealt with the hurricanes and I don't plan on it. I've dealt with the biggest in the pit in the most dangerous hurricanes so it's at Billy he's taking credit for ball the number of people traveling and the fact that already airports are smooth that's right no big hand in the airports it's been twelve years since a presence at the deal at this time and it ain't. Giving guide traffic rush traveled routes that trumpets and I don't act Fox News on the line on the course seat. And he's fox announced I don't think their monitoring that the other they follow them you know that they could see that might be among the 42 point three million followers that he had lost on any tweeted about the the that enable I crashed the the Argentina the Argentine submarine that has sunk yes. He tweeted about that the navy thing like what three hours after the NFL on the auto that I attachment the idea just this afternoon I don't know about three about it Argentine submarine and. May god be with them and the people of Argentina's they're guys that by god be with them. Thank you mr. tracks from my from beer and in your fingers saying it's a for the shall we sees that morrow are good this weekend righty doesn't have maybe the usual babysitters I saw I saw. I'm 1 of the morning news this morning it was on the the TV in the in the gym and and they were saying. He evidently travel tomorrow log on without a lot of the normal crew and they were putting a majority leader saying you know enough to people normally babysit the guy I don't know if they mean. You know general Kelly I don't know who this but they were suggesting that it may be one of those weekends where he doesn't have people saint. Hit send on that once our laughter John Kelly they don't have a 30 I don't know I don't know exactly told us that the civil war happened due to lack of compromise. On the bachelor pad to be considered in years wreck he's you know I. Thank him. Yes I want traffic in airports. Running Apple's appreciate that thank you other guys as new from Brighton is John Kelly as her lights are close to our guests yes eyes as Jerry likes to say our neighborhood and it's somewhere around absolutely all right well I'll keep on keeping up to date the president tweets out again that degrades you guys sort of my obligatory I want the of these tweets are getting on the presidential archives one. Either gonna all of the credit he's under different these songs like I said. A presidential tweaked his official record. That as a no matter what he says this is the real deal this is this is official. Sean Spicer lost his job soon after that but that's beside the probable more of the hackers one and a few weeks back and like deleted his account for a minute he would you can't find them now also broke what are they play it was the putter is on his way out there while our day of little CU later. If I got it. They expect Sony to find out who that is super delegates that's the bottom yet it's probably better for him if we don't know his name is not accurate and might be some folks out there who artists amused by it is others for our back to call 6177797937. Nixon Quincy hey nick I don't. I got Dario was element. They cycle and about reed because they are about to go out there so there's that we get this bad about it echoed entry. So are things that he's probably not to get India cute belt from their dirty you. That going to be. Of that violence is mobility in the pocket a little bit but you know getting hit you know landing shoulder not to be using an injury it with backward yet it. Degree of actual they're really chilly at dispute more chronic. Pain. It is or bad thing about it that it does suck but such. A progress report it better. But without arrests. They've got you know are right it it. Magnolia and it's it's NC say that afternoon put two and two together until you said it. We seen the backup quarterback and back to back games here and we see we didn't see Jimmy Rob Lowe ever in a backup role. You almost wonder if you know let's let's put on a snap count here if we don't have to have him in for the whole game let's not have him in for the whole game. I'd make sense right because aesthetic rocketed. Acropolis been here for plenty of blowouts. I think that that they were harder and harder immediately isn't there restaurants to Lincoln's human life Sharon crop below we've we've brought up how. They thought as it deals start the fourth in the year he couldn't. But in the fifth game. He went in for mop up duty now those almost as the show everybody exceed available this week he wasn't available lastly we had a surgical or for that. And couldn't get anything done to shut out but now hear yours drop already ago ironically percent start every week in Indianapolis he surest Andrew Luck and doesn't look bad and act somehow you've done American Tyson. I'd let me pay off the tees here and I I promised I would give you a brief moment here about the bruins' goaltending situation because tonight. A tale hockey minute detail Hakim and just get offended and Hollywood. WB I never talked about hockey and that's the reason why competition rose above us allegedly it is probably actually true and they cited holly hockey minutes which I think is it I think unfairly they did that up there and get sick of the hot dog has actually hilarious and stills money we will bring it back now and again. That's up there in fact I was talking. So the whole idea here is tonight your backup goaltender Anton who built and is gonna start for the third straight game. And Bruce Katz he's doing exactly what he should be doing 90 this offended Michael when we brought this up he did I late last week yeah you'd like defected to go was not gonna play. That he wasn't going back in there. Anton who build and playing better than Tuukka Rask right now. Tuukka Rask is still the starting goaltender for this team he will be the number one goaltender going forward. But these points are important every point is important and Anton who nobody is giving yet points in each of the last two games. You could say stole one of the points you know that he stop 36 of 37 shots in the game Saturday at San Jose he's playing better. Why are. And you know what it be placed great tight I'd like I am Friday still on do you buy into the if you're not playoff position by Thanksgiving your a lot of trouble. It it is not an absolute. Buddy lists 80% or pretty close pretty high number. But I also think that you know when you look at the playoff standings. Everybody's within you know 234 points of the playoffs are far out today it's not like I don't feel less games and thank you got it needs and hand. But it I think that Bruce Cassidy is doing exactly what he should do tonight. I'd against a hot hand it's allocated to sit guys down who are playing well we expect to. With guys not name goaltenders rightly expect is also proud playing seven down yet get another guy in there. Anton who'd opened should play tonight Bruce Cassidy is making the right call it's kind of a gutsy call here. Because you run the risk as you pointed out earlier key of losing your starting goaltender. Because most goaltenders to mentally. The different than that other people there'll there'll like kickers and went right like closers like you gotta you gotta have a sort of screw loose the play that position. So you wonder if you'd open goes on Iran and out to grabbed its third game in over a week is how invested you see it go what do you do motivated by. I wanna get your job back or that's would you hope right or exit massacred us. Salt that's my brief hockey respite here why I think Bruce Cassidy is doing the right thing tonight you're still miss a lot of guys. If Canton who nobody can go out there and help you steal another couple points tonight New Jersey against the doubles good. And like I said if he if he doesn't again tonight thing about playing on Friday as well. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Fox Sports Radio got a new guy. I saw this on Twitter. And I thought that this is the since Greta beats out. There is say a Twitter feed and it's a it's a weird when it's called disturbing. And and that they've got a picture of a guy law I'll just region this paragraph he does this is he a guy we've got Andrew bossy onkyo H ten. At Gettysburg Pennsylvania November 19 1863. After being sent there from 1972. By darkness project Pegasus. BA a a plasma confinement chamber in east Hanover New Jersey. So they've got the picture of this kid. Standing. For the Gettysburg address now he claims. He was sent there. As part of a time travel a group of kids from the sixties and seventies. That participated in this time travel program Oka a DARPA project called project Pegasus. Sort of make teleport Haitian project project now so he's got a photo he's got pictures got a picture that claims that this proves. He gets sent. From 1972. Were something. Back to sea to Gettysburg address. Live in time travel. Keith you're the got to believe in the Atlantic mrs. Why bring let's and I'm just curious lighter weight busting our integrity closed minded about it that's one thing but you're gonna you know open your mind listen this guy's story what he has to say. The Soviets. Time travels a tough one for me I'm gonna lean towards no longer now completed all eat like at the Lorraine and obviously it's the most things go your way why not weave in the moon landing. Of comfort that a number of refused to me we we added a leader of impeachment at a time at all. I have a quick I've heard enough. Adequate football thing a mom all we talk time trial but quit football when there Darrelle Revis let's figure time travel maybe she's there you know that's a 10122013. At this Darrelle Revis signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. About that's been the chiefs are dead now they're Darrelle Revis back. Back in the Lee did he travel through time. That's again tonight and that's an Alice let Darrelle Revis. They've they've got a picture of him signing his contract just. Rotary desk top fat does it look dale. Either counterfeit or the parties yeah it's a little RCA. Like is how you look happy he's got a great she stepped up on race and where only get one of those is that Darrelle Revis logo. Yes the yet DR. What does he what does he pushes his own thing like TB twelve meaning you got stuck itself suffered. A lot CB ball works in the era of the jump man thing obviously is definitely worked this DR thing. Does not agree to talk to move that makes dollar and one of politics best news is letting read the scale. A couple years yeah cling to faith in the company not to move that a lot of people myself included told him what he means I played so great I loved all that I love them. So awesome unit trust Malcolm with the number one quarter job and politic to outline. Out of the park. Yet he is he was definitely a gimmick and it's that this is a season eight well is this an indication that they start to push the panic button in Kansas City a little bit. Very much it how to get rid of us in here that probably should be pushing the panic orbit they looked like a Super Bowl contender. For a number of weeks it and that is really on par. Yeah and offensively and execute it no idea what they're doing you mentioned last week LC during intercepts reveal just what you doing here outs or how good Alex Smith looks like that's what happened and why it's elves that gut altered those are that he's they've lost for the last five games. They lost to the giants which is just unbelievable. Odd that raiders team that we just lost to them as well. So there their coat and I guess there are they bigger one on yesterday's close to general is caught it right. They started out rotting BA season Darrelle Revis. Looked cooked last year yes with the jets. He's 32 years old hasn't played at all this year brash he's fresh he's super Friday thrash he's the yeah I mean he looked like he could play last year. When he was you know in football shape. How the hell's gonna. Why there -- here's one of the things that. So the pro Darrelle Revis people would say is that he was a mess of the jets because he's literally fat and happy so if you still on the patriots if you still on a true contender. William Ben that that it tonight or the chiefs are repair contender anymore but there are six and for their leading their division Citi Field more motivated policy of markets Peters there might be one of the best corners right now of rights fees are they're not saying you're the number one corner you there are expecting reduce that. But yes I can imagine his whole life I mean it seems like it a panic move in and they should panic I guess based on outings are going. What are the chances this guy's going to be. And be able to do anything. It seems very loud especially I would last year as you mentioned seems very very low I forgot all about it much assumed he was done tomorrow play anymore I don't want to put the beginning of year Obama a week. Twelve yet and yet that very strange ops he's in the streets of Pittsburgh. Legal case idea duties of a stranger dropped solid answers are yes he did. He gives us strange back story to a public took his owners something here and I want to take a picture with them it was something very very odd it was that that set him off. It's seamless and Jeremy look at Denver just a couple of years ago looking at the Broncos here's the team John LA they got it all figured out I was over quickly get three young quarter. Acts three quarterbacks onslaught that was the air prior to Manning dope. Keep up with Paxton NC. In the start this weekend right profile I thought he hit a ticket on weeks Oslo simian. Which was hurt right for a little while but the agents bill. They have not figured out John Elway did not trigger another quarterback. They saw that star players defensively it doesn't matter on paper that's a good defense. Oh yeah Tim. Shot back and opened shocked that a power in charge of the product out of our advance Joseph after that Sunday night game Jiri you I don't think I've been on the fields twelve men on the field in the same house that is a special skilled incompetence has said that instead they let him fire his defensive coordinator ray and and so when you give up fifty yen and a weaker two of them you know. We able and then. I had some and make a quick fire to he great he came back to Denver's offensive coordinator yes they let him go sailor so it is is again the AFC it all falls it that's all fine apart. It's all on the part except for the Pittsburgh Steelers the Steelers Twitter is seems to be amused by the signing. The Revis got to Darrelle Revis signing entered most of the is blocked. They're doing what kind of an hour. He didn't look good a year ago asking for a minute that that that early game jets bills the bills are just burning them left and right and was a Thursday night game. Yeah earlier early on it was also was that to the for the angles and AG agree yes just like you just want to miss desert are what is going on air America. A big win for ballots I'm sure isn't saying in great shape though it sure isn't working out every day religiously getting ready for the seat waiting for that call you a chance humid chance 6177797937. Its telephone number we get back to the calls in just couple minutes. Final drive coming up but 54545. It's dale on Hollywood keep Alex is in for Michael today Sports Radio WEEI.