DHK - Bruins CEO Charlie Jacobs 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Bruins CEO Charlie Jacobs joins Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe on day two of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.


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Our numbers toolbar up portion of the proceedings here this afternoon sixteenth annual WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon as Iowa's like caller. Two day labor of love the are valid insurance told port when last we checked it. 2581620. Dollars were appreciative thankful for every one of those dollars but. Please please if you can donate if you can if you can give ten dollars will gratefully accept it. Just call 8777381234. That's 8777381234. It's been a real Boston Bruins stay here I feel like I'd have him back hockey season and visiting with everybody Patrice Bergeron Bruce Cassidy were here earlier Adam quake map LSD. And now the CEO of the Boston Bruins Charlie Jacobs is in the house could see again. To see you thank you for having me thanks for being here what's in your mind. Well. It's August it's never too early to start thinking about the upcoming season and we don't listen we just rattle off her hurt and number. Bruins that are in town which is I was just sharing a tale of that's. That's great to hear I think a lot of our players sticking around. With the new practice facility in and making good use of it and listen. As far as I'm concerned. That's money well spent to have our guys the spending time together moaning and and you know it's frankly staying in town you know we used to. Say goodbye to them when the post season was over and we wouldn't see him again until September in fact girl here. An active and showing up and coming here to do appearances like this to today. It feels great. I expect Patrice said to me earlier today. He said with the new facility you know with everything set up the weight training everything there. He said guys wanna come back they want to be here and work out as we got the best facility we could work out in an. He said a lot of guys already back on the ice which is correct which. Lets. That was the projection a year your personal projection for your team 1718 to these guys made the playoffs last year. Made and made a competitive run against Ottawa and Ottawa pulled it out. So now here first full year of Cassie. What are you looking for. Well let me just feminist for a minute about the post season it seemed like we. Dropped a defensive game you know and then. We lost Carly before the playoffs started so. I'd like to think that. We had a a better team than maybe we showed in his first round even though you know lost in six games I think we frankly could have. The non oil that we have for roster. So fast forward to this year at the players in the room that we there were missing. Plus some of the youth that we have coming in terms of well Anders you're crystals are the latest big sign that. Jacobs JFK Jacobs Rebecca Carlson. Sect position there's a number of kids that have project front and there are a number of kids or knock on the door and you know I had in shall others Charlie's the kids that we just. Rea uptown one year deals. I regret very solid solid team you know sprinkled of course for the Bergeron in the Charles who I I'd like Alec. I like her composure I really liked the way. Which is as sort of set list and every position is open. Commuters have to fight fight it out I think that what that does is that messages to everybody British Open camp in shape right play. And you know that's what we need in today's snapshot today to get out of the gate early and frankly often policies and those points in October count as much as they do it in April. And you know when the puck drops I think our team leader. Now there was a rumor admittedly just a rumor that David posture not could be traded. And it terrified Bruins fans and I think you could tell assault possibly not. All I can tell you is there. While technical things but I was certainly was no intention to trade. Were our intent is to sign him to long term extension. I think that. By virtue of its being middle of August. Some of the writers he feels compelled and come up with something interesting to sell paper perhaps. You know there's these rumors out there I wanted to ask Brian Lawton who he who was source wasn't at and naturally you give it up at. We certainly haven't had any discussions with what any other teams about trading David the only discussions that we've passed between David and he agent and stench Traficant being just what I shared with us in our judges decide to. A long term deal you know if we when I see long term sixer warriors that's that's sort of lottery are. When you take a look at at that he's you were saying the youth of the team and they've imposter not it probably they had that youth movement but. You know if you look at Charlie Mac Voight and what he brought to the team when he came in came in out of his collegiate season. He probably built up some pretty high expectations for some else maybe within the organization as well. Yeah you know Wallace I I don't think anybody really expected Charlie to deliver. As he did. In the plans kids whose views just fantastic. And I and I think you know he's gonna push. He's gonna push the sparkle which. Unity I don't know what are our lineups will be but it letter C and and Carlo again and they American boy with Kruger. But that's certainly puts like two very mobile defense and they're really push enough to win the National Hockey League is turning these days I mean. The defense and that's go backwards shoot the puck look up ice and sort pretty quickly what their next decision does it take if they're not gonna pass have to move it. And I like to where mold our blue line has become more and more mobile as you know as we've been sort of these these different kids in. On their ability to push to play push the park is is so critical to weigh in as you've seen the way the league is going. It's becoming much more. Quick decision twitch type game and and or an attraction. You mention Butch Cassidy earlier Easter with the organizational. Software awhile but. Just taking over last year in mid season seeing his playoff his play our strategy. And seeing him now in the offseason what have you learned about them perhaps that you didn't know. For. My new butch for a bit because he was obvious their coach and probably. The Providence sorry titled too much sir Terry. But I'd I tell you what I'd and I got a chance to spend some time butch during. During addressed in Chicago we all know we have a tradition. Amongst. Our organization where. All of our. Our our scouts from across across the world we come together and we have a dinner the night before the draft and and we served over a list but there's a moment first social that we ask people stand out and sort of tell something if they're new to the organization are new to position again stand up and maybe tell share with the groups something that. And we you know we may not know about you and so on. You know we have a typical kids that get up there is sort of first year and they all share a little anecdote and and bush came up and and had some some really impressive. Words about encouragement about leadership you were talking earlier Patrice and his leadership style. Which is got his own style and and I tea I was really impressed them with his approach with his hockey mind. And personally really. I think it's it's going to be great for. Well it's always great to have the support of the Bruins as you guys have always done things that we've had lots of folks through here today and we can't think you know. And listen let's have the important stuff let's try to move that number I would like to do that okay yeah and well on behalf of the club liked to play to 25000. Thank you so much apparently the great disease but thanks okay good is announcing their ranks him. Look forward to thanks guys that Charlie Jacobs CEO of the Boston Bruins joining us and with a very generous 25000 dollar budgets well and we appreciate. The Bruins participation is always.