DHK - Casey Affleck, Academy Award® winning actor and Boston native 8-15-17

Academy Award® winner Casey Affleck most recently starred in Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea, which tells the story of a solitary janitor whose life is transformed when he returns to his hometown to take care of his teenage nephew. Making its debut at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Affleck’s performance was the most acclaimed of the year garnering over 40 regional critics awards, a Golden Globe Award®, Critics’ Choice Award, Independent Spirit Award, National Board of Review Award, New York Film Critics Circle Award, Gotham Award, BAFTA and ultimately an Academy Award® for “Best Actor.” The actor garnered significant praise for his starring role alongside Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman and Michelle Monaghan in Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone, based on Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name. Affleck co-wrote with and starred alongside Matt Damon in the independent road movie Gerry, directed by Gus Van Sant. He also appeared in Van Sant’s Good Will Hunting and To Die For.  On stage, Affleck appeared in the West End debut of Kenneth Lonergan’s award-winning play “This Is Our Youth.” He played the role of Warren alongside Matt Damon and Summer Phoenix. Affleck can currently be seen in David Lowery’s A Ghost Story opposite Rooney Mara. The film, which premiered to rave reviews at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, was released by A24 on July 7, 2017. Reuniting with David Lowery for the third time, Affleck recently wrapped production on The Old Man and the Gun, starring opposite Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek. Finally, Affleck is in post production on his directorial feature Light of my Life, which he also wrote and stars in. The story follows a father (Affleck) and daughter living on the outskirts of society destabilized by a deadly pandemic.

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And our next guest is one of us as well. He is an Academy Award winning actor but he's also. A Boston native and Casey Affleck is with us good to see how are you a great thanks thank you very much heard for taking the time to come by here I I love. The locals like Maria like you I don't have time you guys about Jimmy Fund you guys know what this is all about yeah we grew up note that Jimmy Fund was not when I was really little I thought I had something to do Jim Rice and I think. And you start to figure things and it's definitely been it's something everyone knew there was of the Syrian asthma. So but it's certainly Ronald it appeared on personal or. Us. And I'm wondering. Do you have a card uses best actor yeah me. They've got their voicemail hey. Originated I'll bottle out of vomit just about you know what. He goes about it and I call you back in my life. That's a good idea get a card I didn't have a car before some now feel like you do the weird to have when after but they do regular metal trophies the the day in which negates my kids and where's minority kids cabinet I had a better player with that right now lip and no action figure in the I found a couple of weeks later in like the corner of the room of the wet towel and it's that it. What was that like because there's a congratulations. In just the whole process of going through that of the filming the movie putting on your work into it in the hearing your name called. On the biggest stage is when to what goes factory. It was a little bit surreal I really wasn't something I was expecting I grew up watching Denzel Washington has other people who have been nominated and I just thoughts. They this year but they soon so it was a little bit of a surprise and but it's a great group of people you look at the stage steals bases it really was as it was an honor. But I gotta say this is a much bigger honor be here and I mean that's. And throwing first pitch of the game as the were definitely part and I was elected seek games of sneaking in you know it worked outside and jump the turnstile on this one too few innings since. Being here tonight is really big deal and I think it. A better occasion it is to. Be here for them and found. How many first pitches on your built in your career and he. Now that you've ever for a bit to hear anywhere and now in there but I I once one pitch got yanked from the game. What happened I got Sox game Sunday night you have John had been able yankees they just want to yeah. Haven't used it you'd practicing this the only strategy would I. You know as I feel ready my arm was probably more ready I was twelve years old but it's the rest of me feels prepared my heart's in it and that. Wherever the ball goes now. You know Casey one of us and us any names one of us has brought out the first pitch here and bounced it and it so if you wanted to. I thought about a quarter I thought to go out for lower closer excuse not at Iowa and on and I and I mean it was just night she hoped that was all just show. You have people under crowded as being disrespectful and had to focus guys this judge in my head right now. I now I view do you get a chance to follow the fortunes of this team all summer long I mean you're working your busy usually but you can follow along the other don't. I have some news watcher maverick and then and and fall like in them. I love the Red Sox I mean it's really it's really meant there to. This is I I was trying to describe to somebody what it what it meant the Red Sox and and the Bruins in the that's everything that people up here it's. There's no doubt it's the best sports city in the world in the equation is that if you count the banners in the ratings in the cups in the multiply that by the amount of love the people here have their teams that's equation and Boston Bruins though. Whether I follow every game you know it is summer not there. Amassed an unfair question studio lot to choose from here. All the championships the read it that the Boston sports teams have won 21 century. What is your favorite one. Today at four. 2000 port just because I've I've well I want to hear you won't give you an I had I had ever seen posters. You know it never there's scenes in the it and so just been born and I just felt like everything is turning around Connolly did Oxley bandits and then finally recently my life where all the good things there. In my kid became a teenager and Sox lose movement and I. That's. Now the Dunkin' Donuts commercial spot on us and now how much of that was your idea was without written or before you heard it you have to would probably a lot of ideas for that. I don't think that might I don't know if it of that you know. Those writers are great. They have a lot. Imagine that's up. So. If it happens. I. With the. I might be the eliminating coverage out of Baylor. One of my favorite SNL skits ever I mean despite some of the than non verbal stuff that was founders poking. Out if you're saying about what happened I everything. The united aggregate that that doesn't elements that if the old guy that's the only thing yeah. That incident that was money expense Dunkin' Donuts at the values it at the delegate. Think you're gorgeous footage shot at Starbucks yeah. We're getting different 200 dollar gift card and. I will tell you a true story you probably don't know this but there was an Affleck whose stock dale and Holley in a movie. Are long aren't quite as if through our voices. They did use a piece of this talk show in the town in the town yeah out and then had eaten wrote to the radio station you've heard us talk in the and he knew exactly which party wanted in which what we are talking about. And it's a very short but don't like it's not a second to about 7007. Secular edit. Audition for well they just asked for this purpose we did yeah so in addition. Well I wouldn't do anything we get paid an. Anyway but I like the movie would have been the same without those that combine like fourteen seconds in the movie would have God's direction it's it's. Now there's a there's a rumor now after you don't like being asked about your brother but there's a rumor that he is not going to be in the standalone Batman movie I thought it was a tremendous bat man. Arnold give an insight on that. Does noted that I don't. It's obvious that used its the ice he's the heroes schemes that something that you were there but I knocked them. It's broken you run as Everett is now. Does that make up. They ire okay yeah. We got out I hurt your first thought OK I that is that new development will recover but a lot of these Morgan would you like to maybe take its place. It's. Superheroes he didn't move that he has. Not taken. The tough guys ever. It's off saying it just. If they found on currently teaches them. What's your what's your experience like we when you're here in terms of being recognized him in his it does is it strange that people caught in the well or is it just. Here's the guy he's from here just give me space that does that doesn't happen that day here's again. Its base but. The you know it it varies I guess most people are rated that's what you lose yours. The east working yours is or last very. Friendly. Reception on one shooting in eight shooting. People. Especially. Yeah. That's. It. That's like that to soak it in that they want job. Large orders or myself in the back because I actually I saw you and I'm well light sleepers week. We saw Hewitt came in and day Chinese law has. In my wife's. Two minutes. If you let it go out and but it was suspected it down and got locked. In Cambridge with no big deal let's be cool but you don't mean that Justin. In walked. One. And I carried. Yeah its high states. What's next what network and on now. I have them out. With. With and Brandon Roy Hobbs Robert Redford himself and called old man in the gun. That'd be out that's. But local stories of remark that the war machine one problem at what. I would guess and say I. Had not yet on that in my very little at all IPO. Well without. A lot of that its charities that she gets. It was this. Beat them plays dies. It's. Yours. You warm up at all where he wrote them and those guys now you know I. Not a big deal warmup. They've got a lot of people around them. Well we'll be watching it on I I was gonna go home I'm gonna hang around not just to see first pitch to see if yes somebody else bounces that is that I'm doing now. And you Houston's. Music playing like they do at the Oscars should I know it's not that kind of tired of the music I get an account has not here. Hey I thank you so much for coming by here and loaning hear your presence to all of this and now we really appreciate it at the breaking news I appreciate. Casey Affleck joining us we are we continue on the bona.