DHK : Celtics in talks to trade #1 overall pick to 76ers

Boston Celtics
Friday, June 16th

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the breaking news.


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6177797937. Is telephone Narnia. Adrian rolls around you know this is who knows everything about everybody in the NBA. Says that sources Philadelphia's wearing a medical information on market hopefuls. But deep into talks and acquiring Boston's number one overall pick. Boston it would acquire sixers number three overall pick in 2017. And package to include future first from sixers. Sources say. Old no deal is Florida deal talks are part of a longer faults could be on its way. The Philadelphia before meeting Saturday that. Oh well earlier this and truthfully it it was one of the reasons I brought this up earlier. We had we had AM a source quote unquote and I certainly wasn't confident enough to go the source. Who actually told us. He overheard Celtics management talking about a possible deal with Philadelphia involving the number three peck. And it's why I brought up the whole thing I thought it was going to be a player coming back apparently it's the number three pick and a future and another picked I don't. I homeland mountain. And that's also if they would they would act if they want Jackson would have the lakers take Jackson. I use that there's no guarantees that Alonso ball. You know lines of all lets you do or portrait NATO laughter Art Tatum somebody else. The album first report I believe. It was either Adrian watched arouse your exact law one of those two guys with a guy who initially reported. But the Celtics and sixers are deep and talks. Involving the first overall pick in the draft and obviously Philadelphia has the third or third overall pick in the draft. Jesse you know what we're dealing with here even Adrian watch Murkowski said. They're not players involved as he understands that it is simply picks. Obviously the third pick is the beginning of this so that you know what Philadelphia hats. They have 21 round picks next year they have 21 round picks the following year they have their own each of the next two years obviously. They have the lakers first round pick next year. And may have forget who the other when it's at the is that the that the king's I think the following year in 2090 its kings and do your thing epic. So what they have is their own each of the next two years the lakers next year the kings the following year. Now Chris man X tweeting out just moments ago said Danny Ainge is a gambler. And the discussed Philly deal isn't done but potentially passing on a talent like faults that's a big risk. It is exact quote tweets and current parameters Boston would receive several picks several picks he says. Is that it again. Boston would receive several picks and no players sources say have to think number three would be involved. Says low pal Stein Marc Stein Tweeter. League sources tell Zach Lowe. And me at the sixers and Celtics are in serious talks on a trade involving the number one overall pick so as you said Lotta people reporting this. But several picks kind of changes that this thing a little bit doesn't it. Could you say I'd. We're literally specs you've done for his first year when he just he didn't have room problem last year and what it tells me is. It's got it based on their valuation. They have got to see three guys that they absolutely love. Now like you got a new models available and he can't be. We really loved ones but the other guys are pretty good note and on up. Now duke at a C three basing your metrics were metrics using jury of your team and you don't have to think like everybody else. But you've got a behind three players that your love with otherwise that makes us. So in 1990. Three that was the Chris wherever drafted number one year yet. They made the 13 swap and they gave up time they did so did they so for Chris Webber. They got Penny Hardaway who was the third currency swap one and three got an aveda the first thought they got a first round pick in 9698. And 2000. So three additional what first and was able to do to Philadelphia what he did to Brooklyn what does he was able to turn the first overall pick in a 31 round picks. The third this year and info and on top of the next two years okay well that's pretty good because the sixers you know we're going to be talking about a lottery pick each of those years. Art that's great. But then we got to come back to edit okay that's that's great. Administrative work. And as beautiful as beautiful value you know you talk to the bean counters are all over great at administratively it it check it out everything's everything's claim. We're black. The what kind of play are you getting up at some point you've got that the got to cash in that you gotta get a star. Are you getting a star out of this are you getting. Good value from future picks. And a nice player. The ninth player season is over when you've got Brooklyn's picked it and that not that that pick becomes a number one. So then he goes back he's using his own words. He said I know we have good players. We need some great ones. Are you confident that you're coming away with a great one moving from one to three. You just had a third pick last year yes I know that trap wasn't with these good is this draft yet but yet the first peck. I don't know why you'd want the third pick enable Josh Jackson and say what they like just Josh Jackson a lot okay what it was honorable but. And it and I'll just play game we hear a Philly really wants wants a ball. OK so Philly wants laws of also love the lakers to adults Obama I'm offshore can supposedly they love Jackson. Who Philly yeah and I don't know the lakers. So that what if you it is not what you're saying this is a gamble that told to do but it isn't just all there at three. And you get a couple of other first round picks in addition to that what Michael said those teams you're gonna play that kind of game you have to be. You're ready thrilled with any of those three players you that you're not at the way too much of or again and. And let's just get through the three. 30 yeah. I think it's a two guards lawns though. MM and faults. And Josh and Josh Jackson. You're the system if it is Josh Jackson and I know you should. Still just draft the best player that you think who's into the future star and if innings Josh Jackson and fine. But how does Josh Jackson fit into a team would Jalen brown maybe Gordon Hayward. And to a lesser degree. There may I didn't get in there this is what I would I would think you put one of those guys. Now here's another domino effect I think. They look at. Either Jalen or Josh Jackson as a two. And now you can got a big two and now you're talking about is Smart on the move is Bradley on the move in the direction two guards. Because you got. You you're theoretically at us as Jackson jacksons are 268. Yet a 682. On day. Yet the article on a ticket to affecting your yacht for in the NBA or more you put him at three and they Jalen. I was in jail and has two red card that I either wants a good a shooter in Aspen hill are interested in Gordon Hayward. Maybe they know they can't make them not going to court were in Florida that more there were quite early and maybe Katherine Blake Griffin because there are drafting a small forward. More likely not to get Hayward them and that's the bits of get a front flip authority not knowing if change is doing business and look turn up sources now saying it but it does seem like it's pretty part on the road. It is doing this this has not patriots field to a dozen this they would get there right now and get more panics and but in the NBA don't to eventually I mean. One last time the Celtics are the first overall pick we were talking about this I think fifteen and yet they finally have it any. You know what let's get more it might be tough for Philly the past on. Marco Fultz. It is gonna but it just Philadelphia and your trust in the process and all of that would you trade your next two or 31 round picks. For faults. Or just take Jackson or ball. Filling needs everything they've got like they do this Simmons and sarge that's it but they're not guaranteed to get ball. Or faults but they're guaranteed to get Jackson he I've yet but that I don't think they want him they knew he wanted to and it went in in this is why I think fox is it's clear to me that there they are gonna take a guard. I think he should that happen forever. They've got and make fox Brit now bankrupt and it in his the other risk of a trade. Philadelphia is in the Eastern Conference in your giving them back to back number one picks. Let that there have been Simmons Marco faults. Joan Joan VR or some charges it was terrific I love sorry you don't like and now the way bigger and out there to put it altogether. As you said a moment ago I you know all those pictures of him in the lottery. Well if you're talking about picnic in 22 when he and point point two. There's no guarantee that the lottery pick by then made next couple years sherbet not after that Michael with your trio at the top as you were saying and and I don't disagree with. Let's play it out Philly goes and gets mark helpful they love. The lakers and several West Coast sources have said this tape just had to judge Jackson. Does anyone does he take lawns a small battery better one. You better wanted to think it's a trade for one to three there's a possibility. Or what you do is you you take faults because you still like Fultz. I'm not son announcing he's gone. Out if you'd you'd draft and I want you don't do the trade till after because you remember those magic technically drafted Chris Webber. And a Shawn Bradley went to penny went three and then they could do the switch. But then again if that's the guy that you want but he can't mess around they say they only like two guys they know the value there they would say well contingent on the lakers taking ball. Apple make the chapter yet not yet they can do that. Or orbit or maybe they look at Tatum is as a third I don't see I don't sit. Other this is gonna be count uneventful honestly I thought a week from Thursday they're going the other ago draft Markel faults or talk about the off season. This is definitely upsetting to be became eventful enhanced yellen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB yeah. The third pick in this years draft goes to. The Philadelphia 76 there. The second date will be made by. The Los Angeles Laker. If that means that the number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Normally this time today we be doing final drive we're gonna talk basketball right up until the end of the show here. 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I just look at the roster right now he said he had always takes you got to get rid of picks yet to store picks overseas. And not you know second round or some a first round guys that you have a lot of young players on this team. So unless they're made it makes more sense they do you you get the sixers picks have been used those. To acquire another player. But eventually you're gonna have too many if these young guys that view if you have on your team that it doesn't make I'd rather have the one player. Now who knows how crazy this legends maybe they don't think the faults is that different from Josh Jackson. You know it's a casino. Pretty interest in which it is fair. It usually is. Some more than others. This is particularly al-Qaeda element I think you get all those players. And then you go to New Orleans. They now Ogilvy effects. Is that how you. Once called mop just like that you do. Okay now they did it did in college don't answer. We don't like it if you ask if Britney like that I don't. I Wear those 1970s player's name my name is Danny was set aside are you doing help would you would you say it's enormous. About Anthony Davis now on video bunch for Anthony Davis now New Orleans would be seriously tempted to do that if you've got. The number three pick and you've got future picks from Philly. Yet in nasty parts of the bigger. Now that would make you think that would be tough to resist and would be. We're not just talking about. A lottery pick or two lottery picks the theater my Korea. Do you have the choice of Jackson or Jalen brown even. One of those guys that will keep on you keep what you you don't want you get however many draft picks. So you say to the sixers you know were will will flip the picks this year than you take their picks and has run with them next year. We get your higher either eating your pick of the lakers pick whichever one is higher we get. And then into taken 220 out of all of that did that yeah you're gonna have Brooklyn's pick next year which think is going to be. If there's a precedent for the yes the precedent he just told you what it is little pony. And and at the I see here here's a deck is that that would be it that would be well as for Hillary H rap pick that would be all off pressure all guys who have played in the NBA whereas. The last time the number one pick was was traded without that guy playing. Okay that's Andrew Wiggins who had played the Kevin Love and already been in the league so that kind of balances out balances out. What if any better. Up he had that in every senator about he was our Liberty City got another piece to the puzzle please let's hear there's a guy named Adams of Gloria our class a you can blue check mark eulogy. These. Basketball followers I'll put it that way. He said the Celtics could also be acquiring more first round picks. To deal for Jimmy Butler early can't stop it I hear all and should be Butler we do better now today is a good player our latest flare. All right shoot higher than that okay. Aim high when this huge area Iraq barely enough right now to get Jimmy Butler. I if they wanted to give it all up by. Yeah I don't really get excited about falsely you wanted to visit China as you watch mall bomb body watch a lot of faults I'm I had in. Unfortunately didn't get to see really played much at all Washington this year either of the team wasn't on or he was hurt when their playing whatever one's. Some sold on until this is this is kind of frustrated so according go to wal Ochoa. The sixers are just waiting for the medical's. He says it's Philadelphia waiting on medical information on faults. But deep into talks on acquiring and and -- was it won't Joseph who said Fuld could actually be on his way to Philly tomorrow for tomorrow to to talk with him tomorrow. Many at the lakers there they're saying all. We can screw this up foreign and unless you like a three players that it's just Phillies as we want faults and it's the Celtics have we want Jackson. That I don't think it's it's a guarantee that the lakers take lawns of all right those that want some there are thirty. The emperor of being off. Philadelphia can also you know the whole getting medical's medical's on faults and maybe they go on May take. They take Alonso themselves. Alonso number one pick after all corners elephant. And. Sam hammock NBA insider USA today says Selz are all in. Checking physicals poised to give number one for package centered on number three well. Just kind of go through me I'd say it it feel kind of sick until. Yeah. It's held up well. Well at all asking a long ride home are part of Michael held the I'm so while it's don't talk you don't but to mark hill faults I'm so off today fellas. Among that the pugsley immigrants and I just let the pugsley and it's comforting I think ever keeps coming up next yes a lot of basketball talk at all basketball Austin that's coming up just few minutes I dare tonight. There are parties and a terror as well I you guys have a great weekend Michael happy Father's Day team to a today happy Father's Day and I hope you guys are those fathers out there was doing the right thing blood you guys respect you would be on Tuesday ever keeps coming up next Sports Radio W media.