DHK - Chris actually rub lotion on James Harrison; Are Celtics fans over I.T.?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 1: The full gang is back together! Chris Price’s explains why he rubbed lotion on James Harrison. Holle questions is there an appropriate body part to ask someone to rub lotion? Steelers media member says Harrison would haze young players with acts like this. Holley recalls other odd players and things they did. I.T.’s tribute is scheduled for tonight, but he wants the Boston Celtics to wait.I.T.’s beef with the media is explored. Holley still loves I.T. while Dale can’t stand the way he has acted since he was traded.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Three days into the calendar of the competition is already over for the best question of the year swap. A great great classic great question I did a Phillies still have heard your impression of perhaps that are down there. I think that's good guess on your part to a rich that was 2017. That's I want from that 2000 they're fighting ended the new year it yet. It doesn't even know about that. Arnold's moment for the first time ever. The whole gang is in one place at one time that's got a new producer. Jason Rossi we yet keeps here Michael's here and deals here and Andy's here. The whole group altogether one place that's great pretty good it's exciting warm and Fuzzy. There habitable it's at the level storm think about whether that's okay. Happens every year reached. And how we talked about yesterday keep you or hear remembered that today the guaranteed dollars a deal is dealing with. A calico Stephon Gilmore. A lot of money up flushed a card. It was early in the market a ranch in a market said hey here I go. Would you take this. About that's that just about 27 million dollars to 27 million within the a couple of years but I think it's more like with incentives like 3335. Somewhere Andrea of. It's pretty good and it's on I'll liberal Malcolm Butler and B yeah I got an automatic out how and why it started sweep these. You know the guys get these guys well and well yeah well that's an absence of contract I don't know. Little mode GI a few graduates yet again rattles I keep Ellis nice to have all of us together one place at one time. I'll start with this and get it out of the way yes Nam did it out of the way yeah well yeah well and well well if further hey we need further it as much as I might like well what happened so yesterday. Michael and I were doing the show yesterday and we had heard. A little bit about what supposedly had happened. Down at Gillette Stadium post game on Sunday. But it is something didn't sound right wind talk about it on the air b.s and they'll zealotry and know the right. Song I'm looking at a Q&A that took place on the Boston sports journal website yesterday. And someone wrote to Crist and said hater there's Chris price Christopher price my former colleague NFL Sunday teammate. Former WEEI dot com colleague as well and someone wrote hate Kress. I was watching Comcast last night well first of all there's a mistake like that are the top of all old habits over how to hold our house and the worst loss. I was watching Comcast last night. And GRD. He's got the name spelt wrong but again I'm gonna push past throughout its sister out of Iraq set a now pool of reporters were waiting for James Harrison after the game and after a long wait. He came out and asked how long everyone had been waiting there. After the response he grabbed lotion and asked a reporter Robin on his back there. This seems really awkward and on the other national its if things unless I was joking and laughing about it okay even the didn't really mean and didn't really mean it Kirk and Callahan mentioned today that they heard it was you'll. Many ask is this true. If it is true how do you respond to them. That. That's Donna Gregory Howard that yes this much effect. So that Iran Jeremy hunt down guys an idea diagnosis. Again I thought I don't need you that's why reached out Chris today and I said and I'm quoting now is there any way you wanna come on the air. And talk about the Harris and post game reports. And that's a good question Leo so Chris excellent corps actually grants. Rates question Chris text me back very very nicely he said appreciate the offer dale but I'll pass. I can direct you toward an answer I gave on it. Please I guess that's better I kid to the and I of that art site he had a good appreciate Lauderdale but I'll pass likened directly toward an answer I gave bonnet. In a Q&A with BSJ subscribers yesterday okay. Now so. Here if you're so that's. A club or a crucial Jergen sound effects are. There is such thing is the official your guns sound effect or yours Georgia Jews Palmer's. Somewhere I read this let me direct that question. That was directed to Chris guys you don't provider here's here's a quick as there here's Chris is answer please quote. Yes it was me it was awkward. Been covering sports is a professional for twenty plus years and I've never had that happen and what you have to be ready for just about anything partner. Especially when it comes to covering the patriots. Have to admit. I was thrown off initially her because he was so serious when he first spoke with a us. Had no idea where I was dollar offer content that plays quite played all he put the lotion in my hand. And I put my hand on his back for a second and that was pretty much yet. But it was all but it all was a bit of a joke I even circled back around and spoke with him after the media scrum and we talked for a few. I know people are curious about what happened but it was no big deal. First time for everything I guess this guy on her what listen I. I can't understand how. Chris can say. I've never had anything like that happen in twenty plus years. And then say it was no big deal. You said you can bet you've been covering professional sports are twenty plus years never anything like that happens after that makes it a big deal to look at. A deal if that's great athlete I've traveled on a bus with hockey teams for twelve plus hours and have never been asked that question rubs the lotion audits or else they're supposed to care. Put the closet advance buffalo James Harrison and even if a couple of I. As we don't want us. Well I let's listen is there any. Is there any appropriate. Body parts. That it will look what it's I think as they have broad and professional athletes that can you help me win this game is there any place on an athlete's body. That is you know it makes sense for you to help them out. Know before you could tell shake their hand. You could shake their hand if you wanted to there's really there's no helping you out of touch a minor point about is there any body part you know they ask for assistance or help. No there is none zero look out places that lotion in the past. There's not there's no lotion and there's none none of that ya fake hi my sneaker not my job not Tyner sneaker. Are we being I'm not hello great kick your jurors are your guys are. Are we being sexist let's say recovering the WNBA. Let's say back. Let's say art let's say Skyler Pickens got out here has got a big all right so Saturday and says hey. And due to. Here's some of the most in your hand yeah open the first off I would think emphasis Dickens but emotionally material in your hand. And it says you know if you rubbed his lotion and. No I've not done absolutely. An L while married so no longer an update our capital and well that's got a job I had not our panel that was not part of that do they know if I had to read that this group. Yeah all right. They don't you don't need that don't get players I'd stick rectum untouched ever touch them you know show did you touch USA and well mannered and we are in complete agreement on that but let me ask you the other question. Analyst James Harrison thanks in my comments. Thought this hair buying games that we are date and I had to do my research. You know. Second error that Pittsburgh. I got Paul's outside shooter was nice and amassed concise look odds on the situation that's what happened. After the Palo well yeah after effect. Commonplace in Pittsburgh it that he said. I just asked her Steelers guide he said he can't recall anything that strange was he joking or trying to be in a hole. Not yet candidate had a run back maybe both. Yeah as anybody could Tebow right. Even ask somebody what's he going to break it ulcers. What's it doing paerson. You want me to put lotion and abet them. I think I did is up and you're just you're better than they are you're you're the player your better than the reporters are. And use that may be playing my game a little bit suiting get away with it is a new thing because back it up no. All right Brad no I've never heard it and and I can't ID code for something I did talk to somebody over sixty. Over sixty. And you say to them. A Netflix and show. They'll think. I know that me once don't want to film know you don't know what that. Is how much is Angela thanks in Iraq is lotion on the back cold for. I am sure there's a code what is going one here are his teammates but. Heidi I go out and. I don't doubt that I really do first while he's been their whole week less than a week at that point and they got a if if they noticed at all. They've got to be looking over on. What the hell is he did when it big you you did he played the what if there was Skyler to against -- to -- the other way or what if James Harrison did that to a female reporter -- it's a huge or I'll I'll I'll that it sponsors now is yeah now he's got a group that the -- he's out of a job what does it patriots got to release a statement he has got to releases statement something that Cam Newton with his his thing who did worse because you're actually putting lotion or hand. Like if you're Chris price. What do you do I. I want to come on today what I would have come on and just explained the situation and explain what it's like to be yo. For for people at the owner Stanley hey you know you're you're waiting for twenty minutes out subtle locked her out of locker he comes over in a pool reporters you're waiting for him to get ready you can ask questions weird environment it is a little ball around each other. You start asking guy who oftentimes half naked you're trying to ask him five minutes the questions that it's a weird kind of thing. And I'll and he he's got the motion is six hits in his locker he squeezed that out Yuri had time to think exe area lotion and I'd still don't know how you go from that to touching his back whatever you next. To a ridiculous now where GM I would I would say no thank you most of the target low company did say no thank you I would just say now. Hope you wouldn't be politely cell blade now I don't think it's because he's being in a whole key is being able. I would but so he supports the most you hold him out firstly let's hold your hand unlike any doesn't a much I don't care a ton it cuts out there half a bottle. Majority you do inside your house you know to clear up you can move your hand and haven't square all over the floor right by his locker and with some of us. Benefit and again you could broaden your other hand him and brought into was paktia. I doubt this is not know they're you better get their of that happened a year you're just going hey I guess I'm in on the joke now. Republican lotions. That is it smells great is this is good stuff so weird that now that lotion in the winters essential for me. It's a sense you got that trying very dry ride in the morning and now. Mean out of the shot of the hour out of that I doubt you carried everywhere I I have yet again have you ever ask somebody on the offices. In your back. Couple other times book years ago I was old Michael you know I think roster that is a complete and why do you think I'll. Salters got that added value that it. The ruling also are having more delicate cheapest smelling creek he had to get the cheap stuff. It smells like can't be too thick can't be too thin got to be just right. No growing goldilocks scenario when we were insurgents household drawing up there are not sure I graduated from Jordan's. Used to have it now now really on the abdomen to. Mohammed to mature part lotion pursue part blows apart. Because not lotion for the face for the basic. Before a lot before I had to volley part of her rock before the united got a lot of criticism of the elements yeah and then for the body polymers polished under article about just everywhere yeah that'd get to. Very fault. Now I might I ask me to do it for a known now. I'm out of this not necessarily there are guys because one person on the planet oral I'm willing to undertake that task yes and I live with car right. On the net now a what is outside linebacker for the path now got what they just don't know two sacks in the game now see yourself hints at it because the year. But you know I too human to write a story that that nobody else can. We'll see pictures of nurses in the weight room what does that feel like yeah but I must know touching James Harrison and I are now expects to play the I didn't I didn't hear my release on with Elena but a text claims like three. Said that Chris Pryce didn't touch him a good outlets that accept all right steady yeah. I shower naked at odds Al. And he said to everyone there how long wait. 20/20 five minutes and yeah. It was almost like he's trying to be funny. Any handed you know he's had at hand out some lotion in. Chris' hand and animals like Joseph. So out you know on. Just joke you know like. It was almost like make it a little bit of you know it is and it did that you put actually put the lotion and it's. Yeah and like with meaning like as they're illegal contact with Elijah yeah contact. I I I couldn't tell. Why do you. You want Obama I'm not reliable and condensed. I didn't get it over do it is at this isn't strange video is so strange. By luck but I don't admits that he touched his back a city yes or for us for a brief set but what price does. Well well I don't think price is they've all bit of a joke is that of its. Rich makes it sound like it was much more get an idea of opening and Tokyo. Thank you gotta wonder about Harrison what's he doing. Oh now cornea according to Mike Reese he thought it was joking guests. But nobody really don't house with the help nobody I did go on and nobody. Might as well we don't want to see the so are the at this time he will invited Arizona if they want this so. I mean it's funny how that works out for five years and we. Maybe you sixteen we don't want to let this you know believe articles are not about him hope by youth. Gifts and memories. But. Nobody really out to some. Okay. Odds but I applaud the idea that that more on the media members prepare more on the athlete well I I start with the with James Harrison takes two to ten to help religious leader but but why would you even do. It was a strategy even when I am I don't know this is strange things that you're gonna live hockey players for a long time mightily hockey players. And at any NHL hockey players. They did the Virginia handing out ice bag there. They'll literally you know the weary he's standing here and there's ice backup taken hammy that I mean other than. They can you hand me something card that that sit right next to you and not next to him. No. However I've never been around an athlete who would even begin to make that kind of request as. Year the Packers. The Packers won a Super Bowl over the Steelers I think it was. And Charles what's in the I think he got hurt. Maybe he didn't play enact any interviews he got hurt in that game and finished a very hurt and NFC championship game but I remember Peter King writing about. Woodson he was so banged up after the game. That he saw Peter he said can you probably put my code. Help me put my jacket he can move his arms. And you know what I'd be okay would back yet. So I and they actually have relationships and only they know each other and acting weird and penciled in at right but the. Mr. now I think that's very standard request but the atmosphere now is so charged that it if somebody got a picture of you. Helping and half in that context doesn't matter to a lot of people so you have a picture of your pictured. Helping Charles Woodson. It is code on a second and respond. May got a bit higher but it surely you have got off in announcing that that spending that sports talk radio around the country everybody does it look at this guy. Alia that's how he gets his stories because he helps he's got he thinks he's one of players he thinks he's a ballet for the year. Maybe the best thing is just to have a professional relationship there's no touching. I don't think you touch the players came to touch her clothes don't yet. All right well can help me put my jacket on and on your. Pain I'd really rather not guys paying these guys Campbell is all about having different anatomy that's that's not a big deal that it did that were to be. I mean listen we we shake hands with Bill Belichick at the end of the interview. We've shaken hands with the with Patrick Chung with Matthew Slater. In the past other athletes John Ferrell. John Ferrell miles sometimes well not always told a senate hold talk Olivia Natalia. There could firm handshake that's great on characters. I mean that's sort of thing is not there is no big deal. This is just weird. This is a kitchen shades of weird bird and I I I mean I I can imagine the position that pork Chris price was. Now what light. I just don't understand what James Harrison is thinking even making a request like that. OK I was making a joke I was I doubt make it funny. It's funny about it too that letter had increased price for a to have him but he had nice maybe the nicest guy by. I'm glad I could get somebody else. Who settles down there I don't know it's the closest guy. I credit market and be Boland. I can say you were waiting for me here by afternoon and Dan Shaughnessy that you're in the air some lows. I'm guessing Shaughnessy doesn't stick your handout for lotion and a touch is back that's why it wasn't opposite. I'm getting bulletins Arizona and who these guys are not know about missing shot to see the person is not gonna say no right here and now Alter turnaround then I'll keep the joke going in touch your back. There's a couple of times that you could have stopped that detect the donuts that the public. Would you do with a handful of lotion and not answer is sure if you tick in the voters are locker every word just like the house majors Rocco may have a little emotion you're right there I would I would look around for Josh Powell. Or paper towel or someone that. Cold day cold day I would have needed. Underneath those. That he could use that it is is fraud in your answer rubbed my hand that as an Arab partner partner whether Japan start getting your task at all have the right there the only issue on the heels clearly thought they were they gave him here but here we are. Start. With the dog in the lagged as well I had a boy or what you don't. So there's the whole the as nears we can double story Chris directed us to this. He answered this question yesterday. And apparently that's going to be it. And I don't blame them I wish she had come on. I can sort of see an you know what I'm guessing his employer may not want him on talk. Audio okay we got some more information okay. Pittsburgh Steelers according to is. According to some Steelers beat reporters. He reserve that behavior for younger players he messed with here meaning Pittsburgh. Now that I think about it. He had his towel wrapped around him on the way to the shower and yell across room to one of the younger guys to come in the shower to wash his back. So this is. This is the initiation with a right Brooke. Hayes and that's what he got through it made you want to interview James Harrison he's been in government secrets when he you're dead if you want you wanted to look at them it's what you gotta do. We're finding out why they moved up from Ed that record the cot back there wasn't about that at all but thank you. And now young guys on the team should thank god god he's gone for eight. A creep coming hair. RD. Is a big day. Oh advantage of them was about the back. And aired now that's not. I don't know not wash your back where it was one of those boutique emotions are called slick fifty dollars a little squeeze through. Probably don't care still a lot of illegal goes on like that both not just hand it back and I'll aloof. Now not to do that rag got to stick. Junk than not now think of a strange things have happened in all the years in the locker rooms all the all the years of covered sports. I can't think of anything I got them like that. Now it's not heard some. Heard some things hurt. And some threats was the best senior prom athletes. I'd I've heard act. Well let me add slot lotion deodorant for some of these words actually pixels well he always does I don't have a president who. It's too crazy is people that I've ever cover. In terms of like their relation odd relationship with the media number one by far Carl Everett. All of Carl Everett crazy number two with ten washing dad bleep crazy to Carl Everett area which at Washington Washington chat that big Big Ten already did not get them are right he. He told. A couple of reporters that he would eat them uh oh. But not in a playful way I'd feel it is there a playful way to spend hours at a I know N and then he you know he had some. Eat them you say oh yeah you how you. The key to follow through got into it in it's a great person. I am now wouldn't put it past the growth and a yet as grows and I wouldn't wouldn't say he would thing I wouldn't say no and you could in fact I can't. I can't. Yet you know just a really. Intimidating. Tip intimidating got media wise on purpose but that is clearly Jerry and his teammates loved them yeah. Brian Cox OC. Funny and a propane crazy uncle he's out that yeah yeah so not intimidating way but just like oh what's he gonna say now. Is it possible that James Harrison is just doing their what what is kind of common now among professional athletes pay. Public way I wanted to. Like Isaiah Thomas is saying that the Celtics. Which will talk about when we come back as well 6177797. ID 37 as the telephone number. It Dylan Hollywood key Sports Radio W media. In sports station WEEI. Around the lotion noninterest. Does this when it's. It rubs the lotion on his. Or else against the moon. And when it's done there's one more thing us and little to have. And pollution in the Basque. Remorseful. Concerned much all sorts of I even went straight from. Now my sister she uses. Well. Alum here who have sons me. Ideally speaking role she went. Affairs and the solution. Just what is that like five rummaging around the Yankees brain the things that. That stay there and click there and maybe just brings out of their busy today at a moment's notice of authority backwards that's. I was looking at other great. So Isiah Thomas made his Cleveland Cavaliers debut last night in the land. Played against the Portland trailblazers scored seventeen points didn't start but came in got a huge ovation played really well as you might expect look good. Will not be playing tonight. The second games back to back super c'mon and down tonight. First of all I with the Celtics and I had planned or I do plan to have to run a tribute video Isiah Thomas and I keep that to myself. No need to share that with the world your you don't got to building bagged out anyway I don't tell anybody. Sherrod you don't expect somebody to say now this is not a good time for your tribute to me it's just a tribute video it's a nice little gesture at the tip of the cap its. Hey thanks for. A good few years that you had here you were unbelievable last year all NBA talent goddess of the Eastern Conference finals 33 point game toughness all that stuff fan favorite. Which just wanna say thank you bet it is just. Which the way they do to everybody. I mean yeah there is videos every time somebody can lick was the hero among street came back all the greats Steffi did I clear alternative president they honor all these guys there's a lot of them are on the eleven new guys this year there's a lot of them a lot of rodeos and he's the best other news isn't that sent downloads to the was wrong out of the book of Isaiah we got to look at its impact. I understand you can't get over this he can't at all. And I it's like he's the only guy who's ever been traded as the only guy who's ever had a good season and played hurt back in doses over a week ago. But when he had that interview Rachel Nichols and he was talking about how. He's he's he's throwing the medical staff of the boss and he's saying how they have had I known this and keep me out for so long I wouldn't play. Some of that is that substance so should we do you market credit for that kids we knew playing through an injury winner on the shuttle toughness you have incredible. Playoff performance the best moments of his Celtics career. Came in the playoffs last year and he's saying how he wouldn't play in that so a case of been DD credit. And then also if you say you wouldn't of played had you know had you known how bad it was what you tell me is that you're going into a contract year. You end a year early because you say you're injured you say the team announces that you're injured. So we don't get the benefit of the picking three point game against the wizards don't we don't get any of the of the great step to get it you did against the again against the bulls at around one. It's an odd during the final year of your contract. You're still out. On it let let's say you all play in you don't make it worse or you come back in November. Or December of that January. It's a tough situation right he's got this entire post season was number one overall. In the conference but he had the missed the playoffs and he's not coming back until the middle of the year. Tell us again why we should pay them all this money. Give away is it waste vices that. It doesn't really work out that well one doesn't work well formed out of the mishap here right. And if he hadn't played would have missed a significant amount of time I don't understand it but I I don't understand why the Celtics. Gay men to this video request. Paul how do you know who to contact don't contact me. Don't know I'm I'm not I'm not reachable dobbs I'm guessing not some numbers there I'm not know don't lose when I'm done not acceptable and not accessible no I am not changing my plan. To put up for your video on the board. On January 3 so he did kitty. Only getting to a tweet beat yesterday with Jimmy Murphy Assad and and his explanation to Jimmy Murphy. Was that you know he wanted to Stanley to be there to see that be part of it when they see it well there's a problem with that okay. Their next visit to Boston it's February 4. Which I love the eleventh I'm sorry which is the night they honor Paul Pierce. It'll be more important policy sorry I think you're you're three edit video compared to retiring your Jersey and having it be Paul Pierce like that's a little bit different so I I guess what he wants is you know the night that you do dare to honor Paul Pierce and his. Great Celtics legacy that we're gonna interrupt some time in the first quarter and shall distribute video everybody every chanting I T I don't do it. I love this guy a really judge I don't I I do. There's a second that it doesn't take away what he did last year give until he or she could've taken Ireland yes you imply but he did. I'm Roddick the league you don't take Nairobi are going to be OK let's take it away but it happened that we all saw it happen and you maybe you would have done things differently or maybe just speaking out of emotion. But I saw you go off. On the wizards with a 3.2 saw a lot of things to the first got to play hurt you know first got to get traded first directed at the first got to get traded but may be the first guy. At at 59. To think you're go behind it and not really but that's part of it is a first little guy who thought. And they really now they've accepted me. I finally got acceptance of the last guy drafted and I got bounced around Sacramento did know what they had in the Phoenix to know what they had me Boston they let me. Think they'd let me start in let me become the real meaning in your everywhere that I recruited people want help them out indicating that a player and I got a shark bit of the operator he bought into the height. Modest I guess you didn't catch it probable that not a problem that's that's what this bit that's where this is. Right I'm all for being motivated and you know Dem vs being elegance that's what some guys have to do you know especially for that size that's open. Tom Brady he's it's he's still a sixth round pick in his own eyes right that's the motivate 220 years later so Isiah wants to use. A dated like me or they traded me I got to prove myself and when I used to be what motivates you that's fine but the what is going on and on about it you. They I was hurt I was hurt just because. Everything I've done for them everything I went through and continue to do for them when pitted just called it quits and went home and he did last season. And it hurt in the back. So if you didn't play the playoffs last year at this the question about it still would be could he play in the playoffs started two years before it was that good in the playoffs. So this guy that helped him I know I know we got hurt at any certain disease and later. But that really helped his stock and how he was looked at upon across the entire league he's acting like he's won it. Three championships and played twenty tires here are their Celtics fans who were beginning to have changed their opinion of Isiah Thomas the last few weeks yes the players Tribune things which we played excerpts of this are there people are saying come on yeah. And now there's already has been a liar and they. Do you like players based on what they do what they said. Like players based on whether or not it's not mutually excludes well obviously I'm Bob what they do was more importantly I understand absolutely and so. In my he's got that he said something that was that really offensive. Are sort that might change the way you look at the player but in terms of what he did verses his. His struggle. To get over this break it's a bad breaker for him and they really didn't see that's one comment you dump. And traded over the bulls a really good team factor to be the argument that that it's hard line that we're expected that it. And expect to be moved. That are good but you've got to ratify it and you have to play in the NBA finals this year. You don't get traded to a terrible the ability erosion of support for Isiah Thomas began Stan the Brinks truck. That brings I don't know that's when that's on people's I think you know. We know you're gonna get but he said that we don't times and he thought that was his signature lines right and again I think the first time he says at first I got it yet or that last held at the first time that's when. Let people know you're gonna make a whole lot of money everybody understands that you know your highly paid professional athlete. Don't robber faces and you know rubber noses and we don't we know they're gonna pay a lot of money while I think he was rubbing your your noses but it you're no man who has rubbed the nose of the Celtic evidence here are like and it it I think it bugged people. And get robbed in the wrong way. I mean in saint yes have you heard Tom Brady ever mention what he makes or what he's gonna make or how much they better be prepared to pay him. Never you know it's never been brought so it's it's enough rest and no it that you don't have to remind us suggests okay. I and that's sort of I think falls through this other stuff too there's still a lot of Isiah Thomas fans and got and people who. Was she was still on the team so tick chill almost let them sort of speak for that a guy like they got played her form like all the stuff that he really did do for the team. It seems like he's the one bass talk about it he's the one now who's who's that wave off the tribute video because he wants its to be on his terms and also like it just seems. There's still you still have some fans I think but the more you talk about it that I think you are losing. I think I've figured obsolete or who are losing fans it I think we've noticed in in this town if you're more than fourteen and you get traded away you immediately are as good as he wants to. But after the reality that is truly no matter who it is. Let you know it objectively look I got caught up that it got caught I think Isiah Thomas last year was really on board with what what he did what the team was able to do last year. But I think most people. And this is clear most people outside of Boston you have no ad ties to Boston what Boston whatsoever and you sank. Okay which guy ever to yet Isiah Thomas Hadi to party play last year he did a great season. Let's say he takes that you take that great season and cash that in for carriers do you do that most people would say yes yes and so he's got to look at it and say. All right. It hurts me personally but if I'm looking at one day a wannabe general manager. I have to think I can learn from what Danny Ainge did what Danny Ainge. Is doing any aides traded Paul Pierce he traded Kevin Garnett. He he. All tried to trade Ray Allen he tried a couple of times behind yeah lockup door he traded Antoine Walker he trader Rajon Rondo we traded Doc Rivers. So. You could trade you 20. You've got to look at the tea leaves and say OK my time will come soon to end and alienates and Tom Brady in terms of his contract. Tom Brady continues to say that about Bill Belichick has seen some of my guys. Leave in free agency asking some of my guys be traded one day to be my turn to. Now maybe it's given lip service or he's been paying attention since 2000 and he knows eventually. This time will be out. I assume that I won't I is maybe fitness I assume Isiah Thomas will be on the bench tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers that we learn a nice suit brought the video and and apparently they're not going right at his grandmother's gonna copy it into Isiah Thomas. But I just don't think the reaction from Celtics fans. Will be as warm tonight's gonna do Greta van is gonna be it's not what it what it's going to be all the love he's mettler done absolutely rolled to yet some of a look he was he was as popular an athlete is this town had in what. I mean we loved that the king of north something else in north and got. Spans are different too. So to several different we've we've talked about this before they're not as they're not as critical. Of their team has saved a Red Sox fans are our of their team just not. So tonight he's got to get an overwhelming. Ovation he would. Is that we we talked about it has has Bret Stephens and criticize you keep not yet I ever so wait on that allows even houses for your partner. I mean it's just not what Celtics fans generally do especially Celtics fans at the garden at the garden a whole place is going to be spent and out. We along ovation for our for Isiah Thomas and at Iowa the Celtics had sneaky output and a video. Six months to 77797937. As telephone number Isaiah Thomas we assume will be at the garden tonight. When you feel the same way about him as you might have when he was first traded away. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley would keep Sports Radio WEEI. We GI's patriots playoff coverage during the march to Minnesota is brought to you why they are wrestling restoration specialists and now. Mass. General cancer center. Who shares my group chat line. I would love to be a long term and win championships you. As you guys know it's a business or anything can happen. And I know that's all understand that there. I would love to be citizens. Organization you guys in the business YouTube. And this is in good. And put out your hand. This is walking through the sentence. It is funny you know he doesn't because. I loved Isiah Thomas when he was a member of the Celtic eggs I'm and I loved everything about the game no I'm just out as a member of the Celtics I loved. How he played. I hate how he's handled everything sense that yeah all things he has wines from then until now. It is I mean it just really is and I I understand holding a grudge you know me I'm although holding and you put out a grudge but. Some of the stuff it is time to to move on your on the Cleveland Cavaliers yet to put a good spot it's a contract year for you to go up their duty to do it all over again. But blaming the medical staff and then this recent thing is just not to say I don't want to attribute. What you're not that tragic that you've got to get that should not what ideally be there just what they'll send you a compounds your shares now want as many times you want to compositing go grab a snack he'd come back keep watching it but the thing I don't hope you can have it all the time you want distributed to get right. Ambiguous special behind the scenes the making all our Richard deleted scenes I think I noticed when we think everybody trying to get there we had written that would fit into a TV timeout that he had you don't drop it. Out to all blessed you best moments ever make you'll dvd. Blu-ray but it will regret the great. C'mon witnesses Celtics fans take requests will not turn on Isiah Thomas they have it but there's no reason clarity but they will not. Show him as much love as they might have. They are this is why dispute. Because Celtics fans got the best of the deal. I get the best them. They were they were able to enjoy Isiah Thomas the last couple years yet Toms is an out of the fans right so the picnic and that relationship sleep a joy to all of all the play tonight they have to moderate air quality of king of the fourth quarter entertainment the kids. All that stuff was fun. Then after last year they get the number one pick in the draft. Why that would chase obtained of another pick that might be a top five pick the lakers game. They get timing hurting. So what are your magnet Celtics fans are mad at this guy if he's hurt. And maybe he's hurt the Celtics fans are more hurt which leads to another puzzling situation with Isiah Thomas. Forty got into what we Jayme Murphy on Twitter he was getting into with Chris Forsberg. Of ESPN Boston because Forsberg. On a story. He wrote for ESP had said something like the headline said Isaiah who. Headline. Yes would I can handle it do we know does our today right there on the head as he tried to have lied. You know they at least figure directing your anger at the right part I'll outlets like you did you know I wrote it all out I'll take it to click. Let me take the hit for the editor you have wrote the headline Beverly I credit it was me. You play for the Cleveland Cavaliers now Isaiah what you're on the cavaliers and that and what planet had back this they don't disrespect be like that he's just respecting you know. I think Isaiah who in other words yeah we've moved on because that's what fans do. And it's not that Forsberg wrote that I think Irving was the favorite to win the MVP rather early in the season and that article you wrote that and Irving was planned better than anybody the Celtics were on that winning streak and that's why why wrote it and city here's. Karrie since the sense that it varies from the I don't know that all of our apps are chapstick crowd waiting gauntlet of what he said he's yelling match you have a company said this to Gary Washburn who tweeted about it. Jae Crowder says while Celtics fans are used to cheering for the other team. Gordon Hayward yet it so I hope they cheer for being DeMar. He takes it off that's okay. We're going to cheer for you. Good chip wheel like the team last year. The real good team I've loved it and I do love that I really did I really I could have been even better yes. Yes but that particular item on that team I felt that you and I felt that team hard last year stop and so all those guys. Gerrard go all today. Avery Bradley Amir Johnson liked. And there aren't you starting your brother darted game valuable player a very good good piece yen because starter he was. So those guys of course Celtics fans are gonna cheer for you weren't coming from you can not only this the wrong franchise. To. Go nuts about it conference finals. This and this is right it is it to Orlando Magic this isn't a team that isn't barely been around the banners up there are four NBA championship I said. And so I op USA a surprise season. And then you got waxed by LeBron Tyree in the cavs the proper response you belong accord them did not sort of a really good product for your rate. Hate to say it didn't think that was the case but it was the case and then that first press conference Isiah did. Which they Crowder. He tells them during depressed and often visits here while he. I rarely get Obama I thought there you sit there don't know quite a few questions that I don't know I'll bet it looked at it. I got press conference dale he says the crowd are we built that. Yeah. I took it to exactly wanna you wanna gain they get swept. Well in them like we built that we've built it. They've helped the state they've brought credibility. To the Boston Celtics when there was 93 or four years. All reporters I don't want a baby they've had one really bad year they missed the playoffs one year. But they missed the playoff but we're forty and four they weren't good enough the first round but it's not like the sixers and all of a sudden hey look back. We have met the playoffs ten years or or back that was the case we go. We felt that we don't they want a championship tenure by the tigers had to wait it's still under construction negatives. It's under construction but it is that the they project now has progressed and really have an Iraq all the time Everett where princess which brings us to paying characters. And this drama. LeBron James and carrier ring. Don't have the capacity to say is just another game it makes it had the capacity Lafayette abroad they don't believe are the brightest and urged him. A bra is third in the league in minutes. This year. That's 33 years old play for that and now he's third in the minutes in the NBA 37 minutes a game is guys that nobody else had loved going all. Out like. These regular season games matter because it mattered to him to account is a triumph so he's trying to prove something I think he wants to be the MVP of the league he does he's angry when other people. Get get. Point 80 or other people get credit. For being great players or generation players on them for sure Jeff curry being unanimous MVP that barred them post on history only to be unanimous MVP and it wasn't LeBron. So I think he's trying to be the MVP I think he's trying to prove. That he can do this without carrier igniting Calgary Irving's trying to prove that he can get it down about LeBron. I'll write a great it's the calls have you guys 6177797937. Mike's an Amherst they might I don't. Attic out what's going on. The bug that got ides you're right they have but not you loud I mean the best thing he did let alone up to get a deal that's our carrier ring. It I didn't eight outlets critical blood let's let's not remixes and I think did little bit more now. Well I mean we got today he's been covered every example like you said. Visit but if we care about ring not final champion a conference finals and. We were Boston last year we were Yahoo! bill last year Yahoo! until new years is yeah the pressing and there has been sort of Yahoo! ability I think the whole thing. Right after pierce Garnett and Allen are gone. Docs on Rondo is Donald Enron a permit there with Stephenson said buzzing along it's gonna take a long time to be good again. Realistically and then they spent a lot quicker than you thought that hasn't been a whole lot of room for real harsh criticism and know they made the Celtics. Relevant again they weren't on the first hear them and argued on the second year but they played a lot of exciting games last year they had the best record in the regular season so there was. Reason for excitement on the Celtics but there's no surprise that this year has Horry taking on a different feel when this year feels more legitimate birth last year like Alice. This is kind of out of nowhere. We've built that. It is hard do you know we built that until the but it's all good notes are where you say that I don't go to law does not Alter this bill Ellis now. Bob's in Waltham hey Bob. I gotta do what by the way. I gotta draw the line I am not sure from their jobs and the dark. No on a lot of videos opening tabs. No effect good picks. Started and by the way must have little hope they're right I Cuba is a little more accredited but what might go but I can prove that they noticed little frustrating lotion like their wind down. Apparently he's done a lot more emotional than a lot of other professional athletes and made an assortment it was a small size but I'll try one what I would be if I was right. If I'm a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I might be even more angry because of the average in Kabul now we want to plant probably don't want you want to involve what could've should've would've been. Would you roll your a couple of now we want the best out of jail yet played well last night booty gonna keep it up with a all the emotional package now. You bring up an interesting point and I have wondered how this is played out in Cleveland. As all these players Tribune things have been out there and Ali's in elm tree clean music videos have been out there and all these comments on wondered if the cavaliers hasn't had. You know you play for us now right. Yeah right they they got everything our time to move on and you would think that are right now they actually returning to the floor he plays last night for the first time. The ballots are to change things and then you get the tribute video thanks so don't it just more of the more thing right now is there. Six point 77797937. Is telephone number text like 37937. Yet it is a pretty big game tonight 8 o'clock the garden the Celtics and cavaliers. But I don't think that the story line has anything to do with a Isiah Thomas it's strictly going to be Tyree Irving. Against LeBron James that's what the story line is going to be will talk about that as we go on as well. And yes we'll talk about that team but also plays in the garden during the winter months because they tackled pretty good right now. It's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.