DHK - Colin Kaepernick files collusion suit against the NFL, plus Matthew Slater joins us

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 16th

Hour # 3 and we transition from the Pats win to the lawsuit filed by representatives for Colin Kaepernick against the NFL for collusion.   And Matthew Slater stops by after being away from us for awhile while he was injured.


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Our number three dale and Holley with key. Sports Radio WEEI we're down here to let stadium we've already heard from Heath Evans. We've already heard from Bill Belichick for those of you who missed him because he was earlier than he normally is. We'll bring them back on final drive and get an opportunity to hear from the head coach of the New England Patriots. Not wishing my lightweight but I will tell you that tomorrow at 5 o'clock. We will get you ready for the start. Of the celtics' NBA season. Getting into will join us tomorrow and we'll talk to him Celtics open in Cleveland against the cavaliers. Tehran moving a little coy about whether or not will see. You know there at their biggest gun LeBron James or not the. They flip around they put around here they say ask bill. There they say ass look now on rock of Tehran Lucent is the players yet talked to him. Yeah I didn't talk to me. JR Smith say that the Celtics don't really pose a big threat to them. Desperate for that yes he still Stephen it's gone up event I think he has got taken out somewhat concerned about the felt. So Danny Ainge will join us tomorrow we'll talk to him at 5 o'clock we haven't mentioned this yet as we've been talking about patriots and jets and we'll get back to the calls with a just few moments. I didn't think there was a real good chance that Colin cap verdict was ever gonna take a snap in the National Football League and anyway. But I think that his filing. Of a suit against the the National Football League now guarantees. He will never take another snap in the NFL again now. He's done and you wonder what it took was it just waiting around in in seeing our it's week six there's been a number of injured quarterbacks already. Now I know he filed this before the Aaron Rodgers injury but. Yet markets Mary go to going down Andrew Luck has obviously been down for awhile at decode percent as the starting games. Was just waiting for the raptors they are clearly nobody assigning me so this is my latched it ditch effort. To try to get back in Italy or at least gets comments on money from them exactly. Well collusion. That collusion is hard to prove even in a strong case if you think. Had a Major League Baseball yeah yeah MLB as last couple of pollution on yet it's it's also all a lot of it is. Let the easy way to prove it is somebody's stupid you know they they leave voicemails middle infidels and the email is that there's a paper trail and you could distract that thing down and say OK yeah yeah yard competitive threat so are you lied to me right now it's collusion. But in the case and in most cases just have to figure out how is business normally done in house have been done in this case. Me ask you guys. It's Connelly captain nick not in the league because of his political views or his his political stance. In my opinion yes. I don't think I don't think he can be proven by the way pick it can't be proven and I have. If if that's the way you can pull there's a difference I I I don't think that 32 owners and Roger Goodell. That's inspired and say hey nobody signed this guy okay. I I I don't be revised to a whole bunch now. Not all 32 owners needing more want him anyway but of the group who could theoretically side am I wouldn't be a bit surprised the fallen said yeah no way my fans are gonna like this. This is the way they can get it and and then probably don't have a legal term for. But. Okay you'll you'll get the you'll get the essence of what I'm saying. If that market if if the industry does business a certain way. And for whatever reason business has changed you don't do business as you normally would. For your own economic self interest. You don't sudden suddenly there's a there's a change that you really can't explain. You can give inferred collusion collusion that way in other words NFL. Is always talking about quarterbacks and how desperate they are quarterbacks. Whether it's starters or backups. And so when you have guys. Signing contracts that would normally sign contracts. And on the flip side a guy who would normally do start to contract not getting a feel from anybody. Yeah you might be on the road it could wrote a clue. Although I believe that it's that it's happening but I don't I don't think I don't think they're conspiring with each other idea got a bunch of owners who individually sites. Now and I'm sent out a lot of wanna go near this guy let take the 49ers the browns for example two teams that could use a quarterback well organized a great example that the content but just for the sake apartment those two teams I don't think either one made any. Had a conversation with the other and say hey I won't sign it you don't sign them there's that are I don't think it Dell. Issued a memo saying you know what. Fans are really upset about this so nobody signed this player. I find that very heartedly I still think if he was a good enough player he would be in the league they would overlook maybe the distractions that come when it. I I don't believe that he is not eight top. Forty quarterback in the world rightly so. By that standard yeah I'd be in the league but you probably need to be top ten top fifteen for somebody to take a chain of Sony and completely different situation but. I don't think Ray Rice was colluded against I don't think teams looked around at that now while senate you don't sign him. They said he is not good enough anymore. And do we want to bring in what would then be a bit of a headache Tim Tebow this guy's thing guys that for business yet that we want this distraction and what's the reward. I knew him. Average quarterback or and ray rice's case an average to below average running back at the time. It's it's not worth its I don't think they need to be told to it's enough time they just they'd give up without on the oral what do we think he's looking for wealthy because this is not gonna get him a job. Right we all we are all we all are in agreement that suddenly now an NFL owners and us all came while now let's bring an end so at Citi doesn't have a grievance to file against us. Now what I'm looking for people I would not want an offer right now because that would. Throughout this whole thing obvious that it's not wait a minute with black wiry guy offered me a job now. Thought I don't know what I'd money and attention both. Org or just. Look I'm not go I'm not gonna let you get away with. A lot so it's just an answer. An answer to. Well a lot of comments that have been mentioned about and we haven't really we haven't heard much from comic opera. And so this is his opportunity to risk. He could make it respond any evidence that network are lined up for the PLO are to fill us the second. This is his opportunity to respond in me in a court of law. Or attempt to. Are you gonna do this to me about it. Did he wants a plan yeah. But then wouldn't know that it's almost ensures that he won't but but what does he have to lose as apartment what you're Alou the chance to play a lot of it's it's. October. Any hasn't been that she was training camp with anybody so Canadian League invited to play. National football only okay I said he could've played football a year played well you what does that tell you that the Canadian Football League as an option for a guy who weighs. He if you if you considered you consider yourself one of the best and and somebody says you complain this FL. Now you can get an insult but some guys have gone out there that take an opportunity it and it comeback in not letting. I'm not mean not many guys who have bid in the NFL. You know led their team to. You know high. Playoff contention. Playoff contention to the Super Bowl Dallas a year ago. But but how many guys have done that how many guys have their profiles and they go back this deal fell to reestablish a market value they come back to add a vote difference I can't really series go to something because well but that's just what what ya what do. Why the circumstance is different the circumstances are different because he took an interview like people think colluded against yes but I don't so maybe I don't know the definition of yeah. Susie I think because that's he's he's got the he's got it wrong. He and Mark Geragos both. For them to win their case they would have to prove that the league and eighteen. Or all the teams got together to listen nobody signed this guy okay. A father to not believe and I'm I'm just telling you even though I believe that a whole bunch of owners individually. Said now you know like this gonna (%expletive) my fans off I'm not into an even go so far to say they're general manager listen I I know we need another quarterback but. This isn't worth it to me at with my fan base. You could have fifteen owners won't have that conversation with a general manager without their being collusion. Like it them. It's an uphill climb there's no question. For him. But he can prove it without that type of without. The they're written evidence. Or without. Proof of that conversation. If I don't they're just did they're they're threatening the NFL because they think the NFL is afraid of discovery. So that they've article that and in the in the lawsuit they they put the word discovery in their ought to. Look at behind these closed doors here here a couple of million in galway. It can be done if if for example if Tom Brady and this is an extreme example that if Tom Brady. Is. A free agent and no one signs him. Would you fix up that was sure something's wrong right that the market the market has behaved erratically. If so that usually gets you in trouble just to. This they an occurrence in a market that cannot be explained can you explain. Colin Capra nick not having a job as yesterday at a football player yes you can explain that not having eight job in the NFL. I don't think you can look at just as a football player though anymore I think it just like with any player that has done that. Something. That which is warning of discussion and I did what he did is certainly has brought a lot of attention to him rites and get the facts are all that and so the teams all have to weigh out pros and cons risk for war all of that. So he's not a good enough player. To our way. Maybe the attention the all of the sudden you just don't want to deal with it for example do you want your backup quarterback to be the one that gets all the attention and all the media shows up in now the rest the team has answer is what happened with the jets with Tim Tebow and they found out it was a nightmare and then that was it every Tebow they they have here for a little bit is that the American handled probably anybody. And he's gone is go to U playoff game in the NFL gone he's not he's on the Li adding teams saw him to it was probably. Too much of a distraction for the player. Now no Catholic has accomplished more as a quarterback than Tebow has but I just think if you it was a lot better player he would be equally. You don't humanity surge from our. And he he would have been some photos of it for example but again if there was Aaron Rodgers that did everything that can't count predicted. Don't you believe he'd be on team. It should be yes yes yes. And I don't know what the line is I don't know if it's the top fifteen quarterbacks are all the leader of the top eighteen are the top ten I don't I don't know what that line is but clearly cap. It was all right yeah it was under I did think that went Erin Roger when they announced yesterday that Aaron Rodgers might miss the rest of the season. I wondered whether the the Packers would call either cap predict or more specifically the one I was more interested and they call Tony Romo. Is Brett Conley is not gonna get it done although they they swear he thinks that's that's the that the the plan going forward. I wondered it's time if they were gonna call roles once. They said but don't be it beyond Romo mean rubble at least has been hey you know as a good quarterback I'll help you Romo and a healthy Capra nick. Almost better. But Romo was been banged up. Or for many many years it seems like he enraged his collarbone fit easily rod well established into his media career. Made it this a perfect example I think the bread bread and we think it. Let ya ma I don't put me over the edge LL and we can get the call. Jay Cutler got the call. Lots of guys have gotten a call and gotten the opportunity to play and he's to sit there. Cutler played the coordinator from me if you look at some of these situations if you don't agree with it. It might be guys that coaches are familiar with or guys that they drafted that Brett hmmm I think stinks but. That's their guy. You know lake here it's a that it happened with the patriots know we talk about problem nonstop around the country not as much or percent when he was here. If they just gave the job one of those guys around the lead. Look at that but that's the guy you drafted he's the sit behind Aaron Rodgers or that mine whatever other quarterback you see there. Again I don't even know how many teams would want temperament. To be you know that's I think it's funny when you see so when the league in the in the on the 32 teams in the league. Well maybe five of them realistically would have brought him in anyway the other gets to the end Morgenthau talked to him talk dome so I don't think it's even if any free agent. It hits that the market right now how many teams realistically it would even sign that player. If it's a fraction of what the league is for work for a number of reasons one quick football known as we get back to the calls on Navarro Bowman apparently signing a one year three million dollar deal with the Oakland Raiders. If you sat according to an out of Austin right across the bridge and see they had a deal lined up with the saints. And they found out that you wanna play but the thing instantly to the release them. But what are you doing there so they death. Now I think there I guess seventh round. That that's not much but it's something and if your team a team like that that's just stockpiling picks at some young players how do you not get anything for Bowman. That's terrible. After their whole statement to where doctor right there are not as I know are all part of it which is technically true you're not trading about trading under they said we're not shopping shopping and I shot should not was not throw you also publishing Shockley had a deal yet to edit this so they were shopping. Are back to the calls that you guys Robinson Arlington hey rob I don't. I'm good how are you doing graduate. So usually you get little background I'm former military. Ever wrote please office so you can guess which betterment of all on the but Micah you left a few minutes ago you asked a question you asked what team in the NFL would hire. Car capital. Well you got a job. You decide to walk away from him. Well heat is heat up he opted out because they told him they were gonna release. So how are excluded data and told him you opt out yet Joseph noted that we're gonna release and it's pretty ready this is it to know. No this year or they didn't they kept on the team all year and you probably have more a case as. Part of this is a this has been brought up before. I wanna hear your next point because this one is not even controversial. Note John Lynch has has said it many times. They were not going to keep the contract captain nick knew they were working to keep the contractors and there's no controversy here at all he was not going to be a 49ers it was it was over but. What's your other point. My other boy all my note what goes into politics opening and you brought. A house so that they do this with cook at any kind of social impact that it was a fraud. Well it wouldn't be equal the victory Hillary and their attention. They eat these that Baghdad which you want to stay in the spotlight not all of them open. And I think it's just more of the same. So what would. So he wouldn't be a fraud if you were doing it for what reason. And I don't original reason I don't. Downstairs but you know you see you think is a fraud because really wants attention so what would they care what what would make him authentic in your book if he did what. What would make about that ticket in other words if you think he's a fraud what would make him not a for a. Take ticket cost more than in the NFL. What putters easily. If you're that concerned about that go where well the big you go to the way we treat that all that pressure actively and help them they're. Now but well like what you draw attention if you happen plus if the NFL I don't know what he actually I don't think what went into it amazed just like any other. YouTube because I don't think he's doing re. I think you're just for the attention. I don't believe we don't. Lot that they I think it's been out there is Robbins is such an end it was probably aren't rob. And the it for me this is all this is all public knowledge and and not make this stuff up so he has he can't he get donated he's donated millions he's lost. Millions and he's donated money millions and millions donated money to several organization he's put his money lawyers now you can look it up. Maybe that's why this will lawsuits though is now. You know it he's not what. How does he made a living over the last whatever it is 67 years sprayed it I've played football and now the you've taken that away from home so that's another were trying to figure why's he doing this. Returning at some of that money back. He's trying in the heart we know that know a short of a settlement with the NFL he's got no chance he he will never get another chance to play honestly. Now after this and yeah how how could you the collusion would be all the NFL owners saying we're not gonna hire a guy who sued us right. So that yet another case another another Ugly Betty Davis. Patrick and Hyde Park it Patrick Qaeda. Hey guys they'll have a key here at C nice O zone OK so. Our ball just Friday lead by the 49ers. What say maybe he would bite his GM door heard. A story about them colluded against them and then what condition at Compaq got by. And they can still sure that was so bar Obama tells the smoking gun. Exactly they are obligated that you out of trouble maker and won't now what fiery yeah you know. America needs help he could talk today in Oakland can still do it Kelly's they are sharply and outings. It well all right continued are okay and our courts that one and I don't rule out. I like it was kind of a week. Keeps accuracy. While it's not like he's like he's gonna play in Siberia so we'll never get to hear from them again while not all conspiracies are created equal they know that and that's different ones different layers and what he's trying to tell you is that there's more to. Could be more stories date to an island I was up there with the boot print was different than individuals that about it he thought is that if you have really alienated in this one topic it is one of these probe moon people. And help us off. It's those dale a pro moved personally I like we actually think you got Palin on the voted no they landed on the move but it no matter what I. Your life on all around Iraq. The eight day Q yeah. I love him I got out LI. II. I don't think I doubt in my life fun of me I don't want you guys dug out hard on any and on everything while you get at least insulted. One. Not none anything out of my control and that's just my point. Days and Halifax native played on. And do well was gonna do go to things they were earlier as well but but are now. Unquote. Try to brand somebody but I don't play enough about it about it is a joke. Tom Brady's pass intentional or question is we shouldn't do it isn't only about why all of he's donut things are you can't not feel that exploded triple double coverage all the time it. You'd think you'd accuracy might be like and it. And he's article about passing yards or so that the actual match. I don't know I think especially Alec cooks I think it's is that. Sort of a new weapon why not try to utilize track I mean yeah tried to didn't you know the old. Sprawled open type of thing or just hope that god is that good can make a play but I part of it might. You might opt to go wrong. I think a lot of quarterbacks we'll keep that up nowadays for the passengers call which seems to happen all the time and it's just open it grunt because they're only gonna get it about you know 30% of the time it's gonna go you or gonna go against you right now Arthel proportional. 6177797937. Its telephone number or live to let donate. Patriots Monday Sports Radio W media. Back here at Gillette Stadium on a patriots Monday. Time to talk with the New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater brought to buy Safeco insurance visits Safeco dot com Honda north and by Needham bank. Heck I didn't think you were even around here anymore you're invisible for a lot of good to see again. Apple. Server they go well there really weren't visible yeah Berry you know I. They know it's good to be seen as is obviously tough when you're out. You don't get a chance to do would you love doing so much with your teammates but it's it's great to be back on the field. What's the the hardest part of getting back into the swing. That's a much practice but game action. You know I think just given the timing down and in this piece the game on special teams is. It's so different than it is and practice so. Give my eyes back to use is seen changing in the timing down and he uses his account even its it's a process that obviously we all Angela. That's your tip for you now it is how how long did you when you reduce your legs there aren't. Apparently forwards haven't a number of mine houses open media warned too though that's okay they'll one Cella. This been a blessing. You know if you told me I'd. I'd be here for ten years to have this opportunity Linda believes it and on this solar thankful for this experience a town that he would be a part of this great organization is symbolized. I would argue and you euros Q I'm asking this question how much time it of your preparation is despair. Looking at the rules of the game and whether it's. Rules the goal line or or just that added rules in the offseason how much time spent. You know I think. This is a very unique place because or a coach it's something that's a big part of our preparation. As filler we're covering it sounds tour rules situation. Weekly. And you know those types of things in that come into play. A lot more than you would think as we saw yesterday so. I think it was on time on was your first thought when you saw that plays you know what was happening or you move confused. You know arousal were confused as to what they're looking and initially and the and I personally as Dorian on the play. Not who was actually saying that's a touchback. And you know is a look at the clay the player limit. More closely CA navy. He's on the something here so you know it's a bang bang play and you know play they could have gone away who were thankful it went. In our favor. What's it like in those games that you were playing but you're on the sideline you know are you constantly talking some of the guys and Watson plays or ecowas they have a way how to handle that. You know I think made him and I would talk after reflecting the sole it was a little bit of a different feel to be on the sideline and experiencing game. You know from this outline. Not one that you enjoy very much as a player obviously wanted to be out there competing that. You wanted to wouldn't eat in LV team in whatever role that is why Iran so. I'm glad and hopefully it can stay that way the rest is seasons of the on the other side of the line lines. The rules involving that because let's be honest not a lot of injured guys are on the sideline is that something you have to ask for permission to they can be UN say. Eighty wanna be out there how does that work. Well. Unique and it is due to colder here that was on the net Joseph judge in Raymond thrown in coach Jose wanted was immediately on an. Obviously thankful to have that opportunity. He China to be a distraction you're trying to do you know weigh in they'll buzz Muncie in so that was. I guess as enjoyable. As it could've been considering the circumstances. So we can talk to you before at the jets game so we'll look for we'll keep this name in mind going to the game I think on New Year's Eve. You always ask you specialty brown another team that we should be paying attention to who wasn't on the jets. Who they're a lot of home you know I get Martan and and kid at linebacker Colombia this food and good players in the final of course the years. You know I think there exists really gay union across the board miles. Laid me out yesterday pretty is definitely had to be on the lookout for him myself let. You know you think of what their coach coach boy earlier in the Tampa group that he has in the week those is players have played really have. You know 56 guys as you can call around saying we got to be aware where this guy is an all time. Seems like there's been a lot of penalties. On the special teams so far this year is that made for some. Interesting meetings in the in the weeks after that certainly you know has been disappointing to have those facilities it as such a high rate in legally that's obvious he's on the net. We can't afford. You know with the Lou our opportunities being as limited as they always have to maximize and and we've got to do to better jones' play no more discipline plan alert. And yet at the same time playing aggressive so we got to finally did bounce there. And try to continue to put ourselves in good position and up pour position when it comes leaking it. Bill Belichick mentioned today that its it's it's not fair to expect that this is a finished product you're six games into the season. The team is developing as you go along and he said there are improvements that he seeing what are the areas that you think your team is getting better. Well I think were or started to play better complementary football. All three phases. Feeding off one another. And you know feeding off field position. And taking advantage of those things situationally. When again I mean coach knows this better than any of us he's been doing this for forty plus years. There's a lot of work to be done and I think we have a long ways to go to get toy wanna be. That sorts of those taking things one dated time in the meeting room to audience the practice field and hopefully hopefully exe team you know Sunday's. This you know pick your cliche game isn't just and we tested that's obvious cliche game on Breaux let me see if you're good dad that's because you got to get a lot of Super Bowl questions this week what's your. Which a response going to be an effect. Gary and I have Atlanta Falcons coming in last time we saw this team's Super Bowl and then not be responsible. This is a different team had a pretty rare and very different players at different circumstances. You know obviously there's things he learned from last year's match. You know ultimately at the end of the day it's not about what happened lashes about how we prepared throughout the course of the week. In humble team to execute on Sunday from its arms to watch. I've watched it several times says it won't Warner doesn't. Probably certain parts of and the thing about the whole game not the whole game to a certain parts lost. You know quite a bit I'm sure this this week over the course of film study news you watch it some more about it. You know I'll be watching it to see what we could have done better as opposed it is you know basking. In the glory of. Passed so we view would you watch it and parks is this a solo exercise you like him by the people over and say hey let's watch this fourth quarter again it might take it probably. Elder van Z on May have family in town and and they forced in the sit hey let's swatch is suitable in a may force my wife still watch it litany. My son who's two who has no idea who he's with him and as you guys as well if you will be able to enjoy Atlanta. Again that's in the past sole lead and the passes we worried about the 2017. Matchup. A week seven matchup patriots falcons. Now in addition of the game do you find yourself watching those two year job to your job part to America's game all the stuff. Now I know you hear those guys you don't need to get a might stop you heard Juliet element you heard the scare plot and high tower. But you watch some of those features and sort of see the behind the scenes stuff certainly I think those things are enjoyable. Oftentimes after having lived would Julian for forty years is nice have a friendly reminders of how much he can talk yes yeah. Not that I need oil the guys locker right next and he went. Eddie is certainly doing those things you know I think people forget that we're fans of the game as well so we enjoy those. I think and ask you this in the past but for folks who were tuning in at you know different time are you a fan of night football games in the NFL. You know I am. As a kid you grew old Watson those primetime gains Monday Night Football Sunday night full ball. You know playing under the lights. Kind of takes you Dexia high school days you played all the games and the lights so. Yeah I am a fan. The Sunday nights in the Monday night's. Not a fan there is in eyes have been on record saying that. You know our league is is it greatly in you know any time you're tees in primetime. I think it's a great thing. We always appreciate time it's good to see yet. Good to be seen that is the water at all again right New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater joining us here on Sports Radio W media. 617. 779793. Sevenths telephone number the sex minus 379371. Quick baseball no. There is a Spanish language newspaper. And Anna and I had to I had to use my Google translator. To a to translate the date the nut graph Michael. Had to use my Google translator to translate the nutcracker district that Nutten and it says and I quote. There is they're saying have out there is a 99.9. Percent chance. Of Alex Cora being named the Red Sox leader this translation here they want him for the job who says this that a source who declined to reveal his identity. The story is that I'm might as well to rip it apart on all nonessential or who's who's going to hear this from the lot of it is LL new label via. Dot com. You said the athletic and always have on I don't know I don't know that they know the athletic. They used a novel now there athletic with Ken Rosenthal have big time I didn't know if our leaders Peter Gammons I have Paulson at the start to use that. Mad that name. A whole new way got a great and yet they've been alma. Outside the terrible it's not that it but the writers are the writers are really good so outscored your day upset about this. Yes I don't think. If he's not a retread now. Yes. Yes that big retreads there's something. You like to do you like recycled things you like universally all of you like using Java used car. I used cars yeah of course I feel well used to how short it. Eight years old paint this year beautiful and a second look and dirty look like do so. I think you get the Red Sox if you just want to make them. If your if you're saying that we're gonna grow with this guy okay go ahead higher Alex core. If you're saying we wanna win the World Series next year don't hire out score. If you can't do it just can never doubt I wanted to say that chances are very low that a first year manager will come and do everything that you wanna see done in that clubhouse and win. There's a chance that you get everything done in the clubhouse. And maybe not. See the results in the standings a year went by senior team here three. It's just hard for a first year god never managed before and his wife. To come in and win the World Series it's been done before but it's rare. The I saw the continuation from the unnamed source. And I did what President Clinton more el nuevo what let el nuevo dia where is that they are all about now doesn't even know who they are now there. Our publication and I are out there on the Internet I always talk out of mean he had to translate all of the not not graph but the other craft as quote yeah that seat is for him. Alex is very dear there any would love to lead Boston today meaning Boston want to make that decision quickly yes yeah. Because you get snapped up by somebody else. Yet the necklace right in yeah I think what that's lawn. That your first job it's either going to be in Boston. Or New York. Well no joke hot commodity yet so would you rather have Ron garden higher I think. As they were on guard higher gotten garden hire was a good manager when he managed to get. He while LTL line nuevo dia by the way they'll just it's just try to you know it. Defense tell whether brown okay they are I any news. Local and digital content in Puerto Rico open. So they would they would they would now. I should you asked me where they were from I was trying to figure it out endeavor the information Gloria. So you what year what a view. Change your power rankings over the weekend is an awesome this garden higher. That would be awesome spurs took. If garden higher once the job that's it's pretty you get excited to say red flawed men aren't. Ron garden iron I don't I don't know all of as one of the divisions several times he won it and what ails century AL central a six time winner dale says they'll central to twenty years ago. That long ago I managed Ortiz in Minnesota yet that he's good enough to know Leonard David. One other quick update as far as Aaron Rodgers is concerned according it was an art fired up about that move though according to his head coach Mike McCarthy. Roger suffered what he called a significant injury he will require surgery. Season is properly. The season. And are done also yesterday coaches have to do this you appreciate your coach. Saying things like this McCarthy and if you've got sort of yesterday talked about air Rogers. And he said he wants speaks for itself are lots of air Rogers. For my money the best player in the game. It do you appreciate it coach doing that does he have to do that. Well I don't mind it at that case because he's one of the five best players goods and that's what you're really solid adds I don't like that sometimes you know. Right guard or something that you just claiming it likely there in the shot. Harbaugh said about Joseph Flacco got the best quarterback in football health hey that's all okay if you think about Brady or Rodgers and that's probably it. You got an argument be made important to note when JJ watt went down if you wanna say that about him the best player for a long great fun. Are back to the call 6177797937. It is in Boston and Qaeda. Hey so I just want to call and I have bomb an opinion on it the timing of the cap predicting. And I think that none of I think that this is gonna be something that you Wednesday. This collusion case that'll see that happening but I think legal or moral victory in which you have. Hit it that piece of. I think that is the time to sign. Part of this conversation at the time make a big black about it I think that. It's going to be successful ultimately but I think the timing of its own statements and witness stand out Israeli. What what it is out. I guess the question I have is great port wine I don't know why hasn't spoken. You know he he hasn't said anything in so long if he wanted to tag on with the Jerry Jones situation he's had all the opportunity to do it like I said. Networks would line up for the chance to talk to Colin Campbell and below are paring its taste out of. It says strategic maybe it's fickle what would you rather do would you rather speak to USA today or got more Good Morning America or she rather have a case. And NG in there's no filter involved there's no commercial breaks you just put it all out there in your case you phrase it the way you want to get some of the best I would hope. Some of the best legal minds in the country advising you what you wanna do it that way. Well that also too they can't use anything that you set against you that if you slip and say something whenever they they could find a way to use that against Egypt now. That's good point about the president do you think. His statements. Will help tap Rick's case at all if you go I know he's not in charge of the NFL but just the idea the president United States. Came out so strongly and was saying what these owners should do to these players it's called them out you don't count on number of occasions. Did that help them at all. Yeah I think so the only reason that might not his speak it is me and of those relatively speaking were fairly recent. Cap critics had this issue going you know since he got but it is suitable we are now 49 does the comments he made in Huntsville we're fairly recent but he also had comments about. Capra nick. He did before he was elected rector and you know the campaign yeah and did it so this out about Capra knickers governor several times now you'd have to. But a couple of little pieces together and try to make a big picture out of that you'd have to say. I trump candidate trump spoke about jeopardy and so that the president. The president has been supported by seven NFL owners including one here. Who gave him off at least a million dollars for his inauguration campaign. And then the president. Is pressure led to you with this conversation between NFL PA in the NFL. About doing something different and so capita disable these owners talk about their economic viability. And how on bad for the bottom line but trump injected something they had nothing to do what money. And so maybe they're listening to him it's not an wasn't a monetary thing you see it and say. Don't sign Pollock captain nick because he's bad for business he's back for your bottom line he's saying don't sign pollen count predicted he hates America he's unpatriotic. But they did get an ratings points and it was the ratings are down because of this though Eddie also was never brought up the name right. The he has always did not this time because he's not Olivo when he was before where we're doing his name is Ronnie you mentioned by name now. 6177797937. Is telephone number our final drive coming up but 540 or thereabouts. His patriots head coach Bill Belichick who joined us earlier than normal today. We'll get back to the calls we were just few minutes as well 6177797937. Dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI.