DHK - Could Price be a better option to start in the postseason? Plus a new colloboration between the local teams

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 19th

Hour #4 and we continue the Sox talk and then get in to a Globe story about a new effort by the local teams to curb racism.


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Or that final hour gala Hollywood heap. Sports Radio WEEI we've. Discuss some baseball today is the Red Sox had a huge win last night come from behind trailed five dumping trailed 61. One in extra innings which they always seem to win an extra innings fourteen and three. In extra innings so far this year by the way apparently John Ferrell has had conversations would update them browse. Because meeting with the media today before tonight's game in Baltimore. John Farrell said you know we could envision David Price being. This here's Andrew Miller trauma south so there's a talking points memo going around with the in the baseball operations. But the Boston Red Sox in my Murkowski said earlier doing tomorrow it's it's a love Andrew medalist Melissa McCarthy trade him at that but the to browse through it to add a dollar an hour today has bad and wrong guy he's not here now that you wouldn't have Eduardo Rodriguez. Who's here. Fifth starter. Sick sick if you Chrysler and 86 is like that ought a lot of pressure to put on prices and the guy who has already been bad in the post season out of an injured Miller who's the ALCS MVP. And was lights out you handle our wrong until the World Series. Isn't that his career playoff ERA is below one. And now all in his career yes and now all of a sudden price is gonna do it it Andrew Miller type. The prototype plea by the way John Farrell said some of the pitches that that. David Price through Sunday in Tampa. We haven't seen him throw that well in the year and happy he's been here. The price he probably want to wired differently. And I and our guys are never on the same page. I'm just telling you that they've decided to high hopes. That's what we're Dylan. If you elect John Ferrell would know what to do within Andrew Miller. Did he created them. He created Andrew Miller. Well yeah bud right away Francona used amounts there's over a different in the way on totally barrel system and it really Francona while you're like well where what what what while who's a who's a pitching coach get it they didn't use Miller the weight he's being used now. He wasn't that that you know Swiss army knife of relief pitchers and kind of once so no I don't think he refused anywhere near that weight here S. Now listen you got to bring him into the fourth inning but okay how many people whether they were doing it it was a different kind of team my point is Andrew Miller was on the scrap heap. And the Red Sox. Rescued them and figured out who he was he's theater trying to make this guy a starter. He he failed as a starter. And they said you're a great reliever a tournament or reliever Jon Farrell's the pitching coach can credit. I got back and I got to get credit I don't know I don't Michael that the bullet said this is the way he's being utilized now. Is totally different from the way the Red Sox you'll like him as a release also a totally different team I think they they figured out who Andrew Miller was that he was a relief pitcher. They got and they they figured out what kind of weapon he could be in and try to make much closer area had a closer. So they were gonna try to make it that anyway we're gonna necessarily make him an eighth inning guy they had an eighth inning guy at that time who lost it was listening who had her own problems. Daniel Bard. So Daniel Bard was around for awhile but they sense of Andrew Miller's dominance and they they really never traded and then there's this. But that but Tito was gone. And they felt like he got a great prospect. In and Eddie Rodriguez did get a great prospects. Greg prost prost. Prime prospect so energetic and excited about time. Yeah there ideologues. Is to say. I think for guys who he hears Craig Kimbrel is a three out closer occasionally for a closer that's it Reid is is set up man. When he had the ability to use Matt Barnes. Barges in the eighth in the seventh all the time in new. You trust him to know weathered a put him in the fifth third holding up for the seventh or how long the stay in UV to be found that. I think him being wild rock of me and through her remains. To be seeing her a cat. Thanks so we talk some football as well the whole Malcolm Butler situation here with the patriots why. Was he not playing a 100% of the defensive snaps Sunday. Not a get the win in New Orleans he is snap count and Michael said was around 75%. Sort of 49 and 49 of 65 Stephon Gilmore played a 100% and that's always kind of what Malcolm Butler spent. He's always been kind of a 100% kinda guy until Sunday now Alan Branch was down to like six defensive snaps. Because they don't think he's playing and that while. Both Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick said today that they don't decide playing time based come past performance they look at how's a guy playing now. And you know it's like he was basically speaking to Alan Branch when he said this. Now I think that people should admit their biases so it's going to be transparent with the guys and they tell you this candidate and this is just where I'm coming from I have a bias. A Butler bias or never say anything negative about Malcolm and I will never say anything negative about. I say this guy helped let escape that legacy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. He helped of the game a one jar. I don't know I like I just say what are you doing for got you literally got these days of the negative of the coaching staff and applying a man or do you think those of our call. We'll have to say something if I'm understanding negative about Butler had to be negative and that's coaching and I guess they've got the secure them. There's growing amount about what are they doing here it is trying to figure oh really what they have their national exit row and message that money. And and they've done this for the other guys haven't been in the last year even hightower was a guy again. That's odd example summit they brought back to me and they did give money to but they've also. I feel like there were times where and it kind of protective of their delegates heard all the time around Wes Welker to. However rocker bring an end settlement handler at a better blocker. At least that bar and I start in game because it'll as a voter bloc are Welker didn't because now it turns out right. They were right on a couple of years after the fifties but they turn out to be right but nothing here no. One other quick note as we go back to the call just in the interest of making sure we get an accurate someone to look it up John Farrell was in Toronto when Andrew Miller was converted to a reliever. And yes and zero credit. Enjoy Miller became a reliever what year 2012. That was John Ferrell second and final year with the probably win it and Joseph Miller come to the rest 2000 level. Justin and I pitched in seventeen games that year. Started well yes started twelve the next year 2012 he pitched in 53 games started none. So all as a reliever certainly. We what did you Bobby Valentine credit for Andrew Miller or not I don't I artists and I think I Andrew Miller credit Frederick Miller and 2012 homers that. For Andrew Miller I he pitched in out 53 games 3.3 five ERA. I pitched forty and a third innings then thirteen. In thirteen World Series in either 37 games. He was it was a one and two we pitched thirty and two thirds innings or is Thierry. 64. So if John Ferrell does get credit for making him a reliever he gets credit for the use of Andrew am I. They they each try so hard I give fair whenever I'm not that I'm not even try hard I remember we're after now I had that he had the at the time off. But I know they brought a man he was a guy who was on the scrappy. And they figured out who was in it seems like in twelve years of terror ballots are in bad and it went in Detroit and Florida. It's pretty good and in 2012. With Bobby Valentine as his manager 2013 of fourteen he's pretty good treatment fourteen right. It's very important news than it was even better. The rest of the way of Baltimore Baltimore's ERA went on the one point 35. That if anybody on your old friend war. Benny they have any you know one point 391 point 55. It really wasn't Tilly left here went to Baltimore that he became just off the far ice out yeah my god look at this guy kind of guy yet. They made him into the Yankees. The eighteen holes are good leaders say the Yankees turn him into a closer. Fifteen you'll. At sixteen they had on forbid the main trading in the Cleveland. And then it he would order a really good with it would be eight seasons last year. Are they continue down Cleveland and then he sorts on the life of its own really in the playoffs that's and everybody got to see him in addition the playoffs 042 but. Lash of cigar although in the World Series in the ALCS MVP. And Francona and Miller were kind of links to because. Obviously it and analysts are pitchers in a Michael Brandt later is that how they got to win and it was Francona and it was it was Miller. So in a best case scenario now according to Dombrowski in an ideal situation. David Price gives the Red Sox when Andrew Miller gave the Cleveland Indians. That would be an ideal situation and by the way he goes right back in the rotation starting next year. In spring training in Fort Myers dissolves all right this is simply because they don't think they can get him prepared physically. To be a starting pitcher in the time that remain. 6177797. ID 37 is telephone number I'm Matt's a New Hampshire came out I don't. Great so thank you in your great addition to thank you mean you are on yeah I decide quick comment on the our ratings are. I think initiated. Whenever a hatred in a 1 o'clock this year to 4 o'clock games. And reverse that they took a letter or picture 2:1 o'clock games they kind of get dark red zone aspect or two or back or. And also get rid of Thursday night game on the one at 731 at 830 and you called East Coast this seven parity. I don't I don't they'll never have them go head to head against each other like that for primetime game they'll they'll now perhaps there what a huge radio or content of that. I'm when you get rid of Thursday I don't know what the breaking point will be for that. I was and then that's Peter came here next week but will that ever happen all that have to be but it negotiation. If the F I'll get something in return. The league does not Carol give up Thursday comes that would it have to get before Roger Goodell would say. You know what this Thursday thing isn't what we thought the key would be it it wouldn't even be that the on field performance that would not I don't know that I mean the ratings yet it have to be would have to no longer when Thursday nights that it would be a starter. And had to be Africa. And ever do it loose to I don't know vote. Just have to be a negative yeah. I think OK this is if this is just not working here and there there are no. There's nothing positive coming from this programming on Thursday and and that's not the case. Not right right now is does the data are to be postal tournament. 6177797937. Might sound Springfield they might I don't. Well there well am I doing great. I'm going about creating about certain been in better but Bob May and your standard millennial. Or in the late eighties I'm not sure. What the currency. Market share the demographics here and it's beat the NFL audience but. You know as your typical millennial I ate I demand instant gratification. Oh. Ya think but yet I basically EER I watched. Mom not as much enter at. In the NFL games so to speak at much an adult red zone and it beat all of nowadays because. I do have a a much higher priority to watch and it deeper. You know they get. Camaraderie and make friends noticed speaks so I have a higher weight on that ballot it. And with the competition of the streaming services nowadays and the eight by need that is that is occasion I'm gonna go. You know it's one of those or opt in ER red down and it begins streaming there at the verses having a watch commercials. I'm like dad's boat as you you two were very knowledgeable are very objective side I don't really appreciate. And two of you had two and a half after I read about it and I did that number right as is apparent bravery of a great point about the time. You know it really sounds like it sounds like the baseball conversation except football more popular baseball. You know come ever come back to the same themes. A basic it's just it's too slowly got to pick it up you got to pick it up nobody has three hours anymore to devote to this or that. And as I imagine you're watching watching game thrown. If you watch for three hours you don't just come away at the same product you've already been through a couple of shows now three episode yeah if you're walking and. And you know like for three quite honestly and and I appreciate effectively like shell and everything. But if he's only what interested in football for the fantasy implications he's not a football fan -- now that's don't be so judgmental that's don't know right now who now that's after it -- oh no he's not a football star Marion wants the camaraderie with a guy friends it is fantasy football and all of why don't they have such a big rating to begin with because there's so many people like that. Yeah he's not your kind of football fan and he's a football fan if he likes it. For people like a for fantasy football people who like it because that they it's gathering. It's something that it's a conversation piece around Sunday gathering that's fine. Do you think you think Roger Goodell really care if you think the owners cared he did that killed while Roger Goodell cares about what Roger Goodell well or at and money and making money to satisfy the networks. The networks say. And we just want people watching football whether they are x.s and knows I'm watching all 22 kind of fans. Q hey I like the pretty colors kind of fans doesn't matter as long as they're watching. And spending money. Is it possible that the Monday night ratings are down and they are. Because ESPN's numbers are. ESPN's subscription numbers yeah Iran's automatically don't have to impacts of so wouldn't it stand to reason that the Monday Night Football game numbers would be down because there aren't as many. Holmes with the ESPN as they used to. Right to the real number there would be what's the percentage of subscribers to Chretien though watched my football now compared to a few years ago. And still. And I just think we've just got to point this out it's still a ton of subscribers so Alia. It's not know there's still a lot but they are losing subscribers. Why help bucket illegal I don't kind of ideology that's a huge problem for referred Disney. The parent company in the stock prices because ESPN is losing subscribers it's such a substantial rate. That debt they're having issues with our own advertising. As I said yesterday that the key to life this is survived politics oh that's right I was okay. We talked about this on Friday they had a high. ESPN 2010100. Million subscribers. Wonderment. Today ninety. So ten million is not insignificant as we all that's that's a little younger but. If you're looking at it do Y 190 million subscribers to 190 million anything. If it's positive yes Heidi you'll all right good so yeah this positive gets an idea. So did the numbers are down but we're still talking about a bunch of people I think. It's just the new home normal that everybody's gonna have to get used to it's their problem and let the NFL fight with the networks all they want. It is it still comes down to greed like he usually does and corporate America so it's greet people and a lot more of the NFL wants a lot more money. I've advertisers want to do more more more more. Still have a lot to don't have as much as you just. You will get Dell's gonna have this issue because going forward he's always talked about that 25 billion dollar number turn the NFL under the 25 billion dollar corporation. When the TV package does come out. It's gonna take some fancy negotiating on the NFL's part to it but it just somehow negotiate any sort of raise out of the networks out of this. I don't see how they can't have this all goes back to Jerry Jones kind of holding a project dealt to you on his contract extension and if he ends up signing one where. It is incentive based. He might not be able to get turn around that kind of prophet that he was open to before because. All these big sponsors you're still gonna wanna be a part of the NFL because more people are gonna see and hear about your product than any other show on television. But it's not the same amounts are gonna want your want India want pale ales. The guys by the Jerry Jones is try to disrupt that contract that guys I don't I didn't I targets again but later I pray he does and profitable we all want great drive by I've either he's trying yet I don't know I don't know ultimately he'll be able to there's 32 owners are how many years cyber Jerry Jones probably more than moved thank. But see I don't think it's more than we would that you don't think people inside and that was the thing we always homeowner we talked about would view the Brady in the B word and all that stuff. We said Bullard going to be other owners and on others and on organ gallant but what if it does the delicate I think he might be able to convince enough movement say hey. Right or are asking that we're not firing room we just we really think we need to spend his would pay him as much money he's been getting paid. By the way dale you said that John Ferrero got the memo that he lost the memo all shocker. And a jolly tweets Ferrell on whether David Price can be Andrew Miller quote it's David Price. It's not Andrew Miller so to even suggest that is too premature. Made him. A so and David Price that in your Miller let it if you don't suggest data prices David Price. And I Jabil premature. But that he says that he's gonna be used to like in debt. But now we can't say that. Now I avoid the fair. All right all right so I'm I'm reading now the Red Sox manager said the team would consider using price like the Cleveland Indians used former Red Sox reliever Andrew Miller last post season. Pitching on back to back days. Ferrell didn't give his full endorsement of that ad that idea just yet though quote. At this point I'm not gonna rule about Ferrell said on I think we've got to get through these first these final twelve games herself. What's remaining here with some frequency of use or not. It's all going to depend on how many pitches he's on the day before how stressful and where we are with other guys. But he started out by Sam app general about the friendly reminder John Ferrell joined the show to third had Mars bar tomorrow and I try to sort it all throw away at a and best of luck with that 6177797937. As telephone number a keeper Matt that's coming up about twenty minutes from now dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. It. Good news from the National Hockey League. A local connection here Brian Boyle grew up and hang them went to Boston College. I has played for several teams in the National Hockey League including now for the New Jersey doubles. The devils announced today that Brian Boyle has been diagnosed with a tight ball cancer of the bone marrow. A form of leukemia. Treatable with medication. Said they caught it early. He said everybody's in a very good spot could have been much worse and he's looking forward to being able to get back on the ice sometime soon so. Brian Boyle local kid played at Boston College we wish him nothing but the best as. As he gets word today and thankfully and I am guessing this is part of the pre season physicals that everybody goes through. That they were able to catch it then and and apparently catch it early and here's the things the passions got studio and he played against a good basketball love hockey but our our high school team play against him and he was. Dominant the setup man among people are studying pretty good and you guys go yes. Good guy. I I saw this earlier today from it doesn't. Resonate necessarily firm with me as being in major news story. The story is that Boston teams to join forces against a common fall over racism. This is Sam Kennedy's baby apparently in the aftermath of the Adam Jones are reported incident earlier in the summer. That. Teams will unveil the beginning of a public service announcement project featuring athletes from all of the Boston sports teams. Calling on fans to take a stand against racism and hate speech at sports venues. On each of the teams has agreed to prominently played the video in their venues. I think it is see I do think it's a major news story and that I think it's a huge development. 44 the Red Sox and all of the teams look. If you if it were every time Boston comes up and a racial instant instant it comes out. We have people all across the country. Bringing out. Old things about Boston. What Boston was or what they what they perceived Boston debate. And show for Sam Kennedy. To say that we want it to take the lead in taking a stand against racism. I think is a big thing if it ever stop and not just to stop there and say we wanna do it the Red Sox took to evolve. Other pro sports teams this is if it's it's a big. They don't don't misunderstand my point Michael how could there'd be anybody against this. Wouldn't everybody who reads this it will account for them now everybody out of a lot of the phones your IP to progress every adult. I can't I gotta get a simpler what easy or is she against isn't Boston athletes making a public service announcement. Against racism and hate speech in sports venue. Okay I got the I I got that two or three or four. Several of and a lot of minutes. Of course the liberal that rat that liberal rag Boston Globe bringing and a CU of course John hander Henry is pandering three Adam Jones lied he made it up without a problem in the first place. I know I even if those first three things are true. What would be your issue would Boston athletes making it public service announcement. That's bringing attention something that doesn't exist but what the other guy that's already aren't even the most all right weenie on the planet doesn't say racism doesn't it I. I don't care what they Shea. I don't hear what their side is we can hear their side at another time what I like I would highlight and not a bad job at it from somebody on Twitter. Are done at a bad job or not a good enough to but I don't think that. I haven't got a good enough job of highlighting. People who were doing something positive. In our act we we re tweet people who were crazy and we didn't these arguments on Twitter with people on FaceBook on the radio fine. Here's a story that's positive. And I think it they're doing a significant thing it's across political lines you got to Republican governor involved you got to democratic mayor involved in this. You've got. We've got sports teams involved you got sports broadcasters involved assault Steve Burton. Is gonna moderates and the discussions he's going to be a part of it. Other reverend Liz Walker whose tremendous. And a former. Anchor on CBS she's involved. So I think it was like a citywide effort. To promote something that has a positive message I love it and. I think it's huge but so have their I think the idea is good but I don't I wouldn't say it's huge only in the sense that. It says it's going to be. Prominently played. These videos at these different venues so what does that mean Jumbo screen to in the middle donating their original. Probably what you think middle of and there's little I remember the last PSA you sought any sporting event and I don't stop there OK probably about lessons really. I don't really honest I don't are you guys check out there watching the stuff on the field not really paying attention to what's going on the videos. What was nice going Walt was that a deal with sports via say. But Jose don't drink and drive that was in Turkey yet. Nice going all around and though the vodka bottles and see. Are not there are other friends for a man Denard is going on Walt. But this is why it's been. That message has at least they're trying to tackle this mountain and at some mountain saint. There are a lot of people in the history of the world to say yeah I'm gonna attack racism yeah well that's that's quite a plan and and you may not. See the mountains scaled down. Or you may not scale it in your lifetime. But you're trying to do something with it and what Sam Kennedy is doing. Saying I'm not gonna to sit here and say it will change on its own I'm trying to do something. About ballpark. Which clearly has a problem now. Some people don't wanna admit that I get it. But there's a problem. They talk to their players who thought they African American players. And they said they heard. Similar things on the same night but they heard similar things at Fenway Park and now another reason I like this. Is that it doesn't just involve African Americans African American athletes are right athletes involved is not just a black problem. It's a problem. Press out of the black promised not to defend my problem. Reckon that's where couple of these examples Newt would that they're talking about but that's not what it's is already about you're gonna have athletes from. Presumably all the Boston sports teams by that I mean presumably the revolution and maybe in the canons but at least the four major ones yes you're gonna have athletes. Doing the PSA. Decrying racism. And hate speech and sports venues. Which moron on the planet would be against decrying racism. And hate speech in sports than the people who have used it at sporting news. Literally though the only I got that right. A minute. Or or maybe speak you know I did say that we're. Or or may be or maybe it's one of those cases where. They're people who use it and they won't like it but today and also could be instructive for people who wore around. And here it. And don't know what to do about it. Now my understanding is based on the tax our morning show hates it perking Callahan hate this idea. Why. Miscue that tune in tomorrow and find I mean now and then and LK fine they hate this idea. Because is so this. That's. The way it is that the Boston Globe. Where I agree pandering to these are the other people listen would be like a subcategory of what Michael's thirty. Talked about would be the people that don't think that this is an issue and now also you're making it an issue. Are you people there would be the Adam Jones is a liar crowd it would be. The whole thing and say this is so overblown maybe there's one example maybe there's two against Aaron grew it out but those of the people are gonna say. It's not an issue you're making it more of an issue by putting so much attention right you have that high re Irving PSAs that ran between innings of a Red Sox I would love that OK I'm just using this is an example. It would just ruin your life if that happened right. If you're sick Aaron and and ivory Irving comes on the giant screen in center field between innings US. Air yeah I don't I can't imagine. Again outer hurry pay attention to those things people do that's why I don't know how impact will this will. Alternately BA get the idea is sound and I like that what ought. I just what I weathered the Celtics game improves in a pitcher's game Horry Red Sox game. I glance up their every once in awhile may deal hopeless he replied I'm not looking up in between innings or during time outs. Thought I mean I don't know but I guess this is also one of those things that maybe if only a couple of people per game really pay attention to have that not matter rather than that and you go from there. Not the only the only thing come up is it's not an issue so white making it an issue. That would be argument guys that associate trials that REIT I I I don't believe those who say that there isn't a race problem anywhere there contrary. Annie that would be your argument I guess why you even talking about it it's not a problem. There isn't a race problem anymore. Well. Sorry it probably don't believe that. Don't see what the issue this. On the PSAs. Like he said maybe I'll see it may be outlawed. Made a much yet to be or may be on them you know checked and other scores between innings are or between periods of a hockey game between quarters of basketball game. Maybe don't see it. What is it gonna ruin my night if it appears. Such as gonna set me off. Because why you haven't up there. Sorry Kirk in Jerry I'd not that category. Mattson Providence came out I don't. Hey yeah are you doing what's going on matter. Well I'd get wondering who. Who intended to reach. I don't understand what what the point eight idiot are who didn't and that reach. The martyr to read it there's a lot back and wait are you need is only one or two. Well I mean I. I Bennett and we are quite yet I'd never been. Okay an error or. So you that there are only one or two with Fenway right on on a given night. How about I wouldn't. But you know I don't know there's winner to break. So eventually. If you never if you if you've never heard it at Fenway Park then. Is your position that. It doesn't exist because you haven't heard it or it's not a problem. Are on par or maybe or maybe. Did your did believe it existed. Let's not dance here do you believe it exists at Fenway Park. I I don't know. I don't know. I do yes of course. They say it's an easy answer yeah. Okay this is how this this is allied this is how I know posted to our bill is a marker meant as a Matt it was meant it to our net. This is how hard it. Then Mike Garrett might what might that alone might be a bit like what are your your and it came inherit. No not strategy I don't know how you gonna answer the question but I don't have to answer it nevertheless I want you asked I don't. A narrative I was gonna answer the question I don't need answered I'll let you go again. Somebody like me he showed up at Fenway Park I don't need a lot she. A video can tell me not to T great and I. Did you ever left OK okay and I am so we're blessed blessed we don't need something. Well let's aren't as well it might put some real if you met in debt because if not for you because you haven't experienced it and you are. And you're not a racist in that nobody is calling you racist mad so don't don't go around and they called me a racist and WEI nobody's on that. But because you haven't experienced it and is not for you as very presumptuous to think that nobody needs it because Matt probably doesn't need it. So this is that I am calling yourself as a bit a knock on racist. I also think that like adults for the most part are pretty dug in your packet to convince a racist adult. Not to be racist because of the PS while hill you'll think he's racist usual load it right exactly and changes to and so it the question right out of the gate was who's it for say a lot of the kids I mean yeah and hit hits facing that facing carrier ring thing mr. they see. We'll keep pets are they see you know a member of the bronze whatever. I think they might they might listen that maybe and maybe their parents or their guardians. Maybe are kind of walking that line where it was racism and maybe the kids see it they say they wanna go to different court different direction final drive keeper madness coming up next Sports Radio W the.