DHK - Cowherd: Reimer Comment Shows “Tom vs. Time” is Already Backfiring

Monday, January 29th
Callers continue to voice their opinions regarding the Reimer situation. Dale, Holley and Keefe sift through the different opinions while inserting their own perspectives as employees and, for Dale and Holley, as fathers. Colin Cowherd says the comment shows that “Tom vs. Time” is already coming back to bite number 12.

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Yeah yeah yeah to. Our number three dale at Hollywood heat. Sports Radio WEEI. Popular Wii rated new broadcast package is what's the quickest route. To the rest rooms right because they're not just out there nightclubs and other the moment Utley you could out falafel. Hang a left right here pretty much there. Think overall falafel out of there but not enough for soccer not now. There's a lot of choices here along the choices. What the future this places the ball. The ball is this all this team yet this is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire state Minnesota well that would work out episode how motivated else. We're looking at the par though that's getting one or other ball. Those are yes I would say as a whole line accurate arms I've been to display and blame the Internet. Newspapers. This week and the west Edmonton mall which is the other than normal this one's a little. Give him that there's no later. Walt look at that if there's an arcade. But the grown adult several national problem there are a few hours several arcades amount check them out. And I think he got the same token is. We'll display over here where. Yeah that is like ten ads and it looks pretty you know like got two little argument. Your kid earlier. As we are careful is that to have return as they don't partner right. That got away but you're respectful bell is much higher. If they hope it. If they both the control is down this time Kazaa and if you can't remember a few years ago there was an incident with the media member stealing the Xbox. Alone now out of the Manson yes they caught. But this is now the openness I want on the mall is just outdated like ten of them set up you just grab a Xbox controllers at star point display elect. Here are so quick question for you lads yes. Bill Belichick with the Fedora look. Like committed like and I'll great love of it is nice and a lot of that was that. And a hug for Willie McGinest as he watched by Bill Belichick with the for the oracle looks all right well Larry I can tell. They'll they'll what is services we do about that whole. Portnoy your differently honestly said holy bleep out by a billion. The good life out of the get a courageous enough to Wear that thing here is that you probably feel pretty good at Augusta Apollo look like this and it released around that has the power. It on the sidelines that I thought that there over the yeah go ahead and escalators that. Every Paul Brown has picked Paul Brown fan. That would freak people out on the downloadable mission of routing where the holes in everything right note the Michael Dolan looked at that well without it so bad idea that. That would ruin why you are dressed well for this game that's not who. Stay character. Yet it right now players to be confused Renault who was loses there. Let's get back really lost in that they have even if they even if they won that game with the law about. All of Wear that suit if that is last day we get along now on there were a lot of spears Solana terrorists are. Yeah there's via. Still job Belichick with a sore logically looks great yeah likable on epic romance at the front ahead outfit right there have been here before. By by the purples head coach Al Smith says that it out. We a lot of limit to just we will see him shuffling through here at any point you might think I'll witness never know what the shark. It's the epic cheerfully. And it would if so whose future. Whatever it is what you listen to the critical for us that there. That difficulty you guys out Mary Beth is in wealth we hate America I don't. I you. What's going on at night it. I didn't wanna go back to. The agreement and permit and I and it and I'm thinking about what that caller hasn't. Yeah yeah. Though animals and let you know that I'm I'm north that this these and I probably have slightly different perspective on things and I am also. And they. Oh. I think ultimately yes if fault that he's a ballot. Pay ultimately are responsible for our own actions what we do want that yes but I have to say. Anna and I know people say they've stopped listening to them in no particular are getting amazing ratings. But it really have not. And I loved it and you guys and like with that date so when I kept it in pieces and it by. The reason it that I mean because there's a it's kind of like its total lack of respect for pretty much every. And when you create at all. We're anything except the and I I'm not saying that meeting and or talent in you know thought it would it would have had. It's pretty outrageous things that get that on that note the point where I wouldn't get ready for work in the morning incomplete I. Because I don't like. It means there are many very keen bearded human beings. And it passed. It don't mean spirited and cruel he he systematically goes through pertinent pack in the eyes to rest in peace. And the way it'd be yes that's something this management but you know they're getting great ratings because I'm in the minority. When you create a column that the absence. Of those. People off and saying that they normally. If that has been created. That now I work with thirteen and fourteen I have to so that we. The existence. And I mean what looked. Only and I recognize that in the morning in the morning now and I don't like it I don't. Yet I hear I feel like he is not a moment amber well I really doubt he seems to think he knows me well for all things that he'll say about. About me which he he doesn't feel like the kid. Who was fully growing up and now as they platform that vehicle in Arabic oath at 2008 team boys aren't in anymore. That would you were grown up in the ninety's or political time. The Boyce avenue populated. They're not anymore and so I do feel like he had some of that although this is reimburse all this was Roemer doing this. I know people are choosing that you're things. The way they want but every muscle star of the show saying. This is Roemer he's an adult he said this soul and it off and stay on their shelves in state on their show he said it I do you think. He can also be trying to impress the guys in the morning those people be the same that's not their fault but he said it. But it could be still with a little bit show that he's willing to push those correct. I'm very honored very that is great caller. She said it. She said it extremely well so of them tried it. There's they've yet to sit in class but thirteen fourteen L Dolan and can you can teach you say it better the next time. I will how will offer this. Because. This is the offerings that. Had a conversation. Went with the laws of our losses last week. This is what what I said. We had account that's about it what does it look as if it was. Linehan has a talent to talk show. He's persuasive. If persuasive talks. So he's getting results. So you think you can believe whatever they if any. In the radio well because he's getting the result. Of some of the people this is what it took the people were on the show. Maybe unlucky enough to what do you do what he's been able to accomplish. Is to continue to get the invite that. You gotta you gotta do that then you got to do that it that's what it is is very clear. Reverse that it gets on him he said it now so he's he's got to pay the price war. But I'm guessing that exactly. Because now he wants to continue to. Climb that ladder. It be where we're Kirk is today. So yeah their at this right. That's the standard has it that the culture has been sent. As far as as far as that's concerned. Supposedly we don't play it long. Right our legal we don't we don't play along like it was supposed to. Aren't these into that for me Arthur right now. Billy what's going good. Not much like that where. You have one figure but push it I won't stated that. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick probably two of the biggest reason like people tune in on Monday and it actually add up but that it. That the senate. Never checked that wouldn't work. Make money. Yeah I agree but as but it is attacking the fairly members I think if Reagan's criticize our belts like what's criticize they would say hey you can't question my decision on third down there and how did you do that they're not doing what they have done they haven't done that we'd like Chris that bolt right in all of Michael's other products product things to criticize them for over the course of their tenure but there are times and we'll do it and don't hold that against anybody. But if you start talking about their five year old kid that's a complete. I your kids or I don't telecheck a while ago mrs. Clinton. When Jason wolf. Was was flooded radio stations a program director so this must have been around you know 20052006. You know what it is one of his sons. They'll pack has gotten some trouble. Who's under age and it was a big story. In the glow got a problem with the globe making it the story. And yet it probably isn't easy. Making it story it was a long conversation yet you don't Jason wolf had to go out there saying oh wait a minute you know. It always evident on a class that I think we do when you bring your kids. Head to game changer these guys have thick skin you have to. So that there are plenty things to talk about discovery of the kids and I'm sorry yeah Parker right to your progress report. I'd remind everybody that a lot of people go relate to it. And it's kind. I don't know hardware has been as prompt us. Yeah ought to expect and let's talk about his opponents. Blue opal. As bad as with Alex and out of it out here that aren't worth. It that's the worst from. He's deadly matter fact their account when a lot were rejected that but after that I now so I think. Libby did that three at the next match you met with. We'll look forward to Chris in Connecticut acre site law. I agree news. Yeah. That is wanna talk about it obviously read everything. They would that on everyone's mind and I don't you know all you're saying earlier you're asking it Tom Brady was. You know blading derby yard hole or just. Roemer himself and honestly feel like I think he has the full right to lenient hired the PlayStation. I'm just because you know if you go to a restaurant so much that. You know you get bad service guess what you'll go back to a restaurant or you don't have that you know you don't go straight I don't want that code ever taught in Vienna cook my food. You're gonna blame rests on the whole question is how society works now. You know and. Less unless like that now Mozilla truthful person who left. It badly ill. The other waiter. Waiter takes the flew back here comes. Become the manager of snow drifts. Crist on the house we're so sorry so sorry it was not mistake was not cooked your satisfaction we will do it over. We will take care but that's a matter of fact that ship hated it here we'll talk about sport. Yeah I. You'd say okay. Right but you gotta you gotta work a little bit you just can't let it of the situation where it's about him lately he got it got. You gotta take responsibility you're charts and say okay this is we don't like what happened you wanted to keep that. Right and that took the walk though the guys figure out would surely if Brady and everything and they got to make amends in their own life. As a whole he has the right the united the BI when you hire someone. You know you hire their viewpoint you you you may represent your brain your company. Wrote back that night I I'll disagree with I'll disagree with you. At that that you know. He has a right to be mad at the entire radio station he certainly has the right now and Alex Roemer. And by extension if he thinks Roemer is part of the casting couch in the morning show I understand those. That those that it there's that there's an old saying in sports you know guys pulling a prank that locker room. You want to get him back if she get the right guy to help from an outdoor pulled don't pull return right gun you know some of the guy who had nothing to do with that. If if Tom Brady is mad at Alex reed. And has every right to. Although taken out on Christian for. And it just using him as the first example the pops into my head and I don't think he would do. I I don't think he is doing equaled what he said was he just. Was upset with what he said that it should be a five year old should ever have to. Be the subject of that his daughter or any other fighter. But wait did I mean. I I agree he can pretty do every once and in this case that he can respond anyway he wants. Or anywhere that he wants. But today. You know rivers like conducting that interview. You know it just those two guys are so in a matter that you did take it out on them but he chose to take it out on the station. It specifically the more joke because as we said he normally every Monday about fifteen minutes bright and early he's on there. Today close the two or three minutes and that was it and so Roemer wasn't there. Kirk made it very clear that he did not agree with the with the but what regret this that you mentioned that several times cut operating to do so. But still rated wanna play along today and that's completely different. And he's terrific with them all the way. Hogue he is absolutely not it's just so much more dedicated your best again he had yeah video always taught me. But you'd better. Thanks as things OK he's. Given that he will. Expound. Equals equals they know give you a lot of incidents like these at this point. If it got the Chopra the director of commerce times said this to us in the interview he said. Tom Brady's got a lot of things. That he's a packed a lot of things yeah right now that and a packet that sense what he does interviews he wants to share. At at at 840. He's comfortable results. He knows what he can't can't do it so fine. Even he's the only guy Bill Belichick knows that actuaries Soledad Belichick knows it that's their role. So if he offers a little bit more in an interview with Belichick as comfortable with. So be rated the public that. Chris in Connecticut at that restaurant analogy. Capitals the the ball with them so the other day. Have a look. Different but my hat to them about a year so we're catching only doubles here at your actions lunches. He's got. Got three hours four hours that the catch up on we have a lot of our time so we're talking ordered something. They got it wrong he was being very polite about it all actually. Eight orders today it's different. Waitress had looked at him and attitude. Are not holding open. And that's what I've executive. Joked that he. I can't expect to play. Back to the plate just walks away. The Irish get word he's saying all but it matter if that that is well this is the dirty pool it's bad. Manager comes out to him cern. So on that was not your satisfaction. Here's another. Will take care of that for yes that's any year or something else oh. And everybody's everybody's looking at a table boy you're looking at us. That's pretty good. But what it was time to pay the bill it was on there it was twelve I. How I. But yeah all of that is as good grants than it did feel pretty sure you had this was an out of remember that that would be to say it but everybody yeah. It wouldn't Dugard. It's not there just isn't this all the folks here called and told that the original remind them to do to get them off for now I subsidized. Few okay. That's not a big deal about it okay. That is why it is that wasn't it really wasn't the suspect that's more. She just couldn't we should distillate that just that they don't expect a six. It's like 7779793. Sevenths telephone number we're broadcasting live from radio row here in Minneapolis site of suitable 52. Dale in Hollywood heat Sports Radio the TV yeah. You could out of the falafel for me to hang a left right here pretty much there. To go falafel and so out of there but not enough for poker. A lot of moisture but all of choices multiple partners just of course have that because the bottom. You are right next to close the and that's happening Carlos that job corps base in New Jersey. And not virtually if Carlos they jump and it will lost it you know there are. What about what about the beef jerky experience like right next door let's look at the beef jerky experience both. But Carlos makes up Nolan goes there a dip gala Hollywood keep like what Iran which it was except. It's about. Calories over there now. That yeah Mike you on the spot every bit behind when I had one of them it's going to be you know a tenth of the west for Tom Brady is that all of the day yes Tom Brady. What does not accept wanna go ahead what happened she. And have that would constitute cheap we now he's going to let you know all week. No huddle don't take any one thing there yet to cheat we go on Thursday or Friday. You notice that commerce Todd usually slim it down those shakes right he gets or edited or yards left and right there at the purple lead all the different things. Why not take this week that is the sub most recent episode he's got a lot of good advice a lot of dietary advice as well. And a book and I don't think it constitutes that night in the direction. You read this book you could learn a lot from the diligent. And it's not making that stuff. Libya. Don't have them yeah I don't know things don't you don't want their analysts say how many times three times that you give to go to the Super Bowl. And it's an exact thing as fiction that's that's the boxes we joked. Once alive that. We're fell on the plane or last year and a place that meet to base its principles of human rights and well. Then I realized that's and its soul jazz legends almost I don't know it's a tough it's tough to keep track. I don't know my friend if but some about a dozen of them are ought to all of you who have you ever been in it ever there. I think that the Dylan Hollywood keep live from radio or on Minneapolis has brought to you by the Massachusetts educational finance finance authority of said that right once today you'll get it a lot it's a lot going on and it's Cody it's coating your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers and what's gone up and hit the voices that it's known. Yeah Friday June room. It is kind of one of the voice without the cloth that brings about the voice Stan have you can have both. At the product through I. Had nothing like. Derek to New Hampshire hey Darren made him. Am doing pretty good if that's gone through I want I am honestly like to badge like you don't show that again and it was into and out. I do think that the almost despite. Seems that it. I'm not all almost through big fan of new England sports which. Most people who listen this station any other station. I just don't understand why. Yeah. Commented we want to take pokes at the people that. See you all about and I hope you don't do it and I really appreciated Nick Markakis. I'm haggle about is that something that we don't know you you could even though you're probably ten hours a week. I don't know you're. An hour I don't we use today and I you know I don't know you were a little bit but I know that I don't. It is an insult for people want good socks. You know the guy did it I mean let's face it every article and these stations. You know they want these guys more often and you know it's not a national radio show and I'm not saying I. Although as far as what Alex we must. It crosswind and it seems like it. Well I didn't. Is I don't know what is the direction. Of the station or one out and I would like if I compared to another restaurant but the bow. That's where I work on. In the summer and. Word has been gone now I would like seems like nobody had any integrity respect noted that took a lot of my words way. That's your position than it was awesome cute she was fantastic and I got you got. We want and Egypt you know and here I am not a killer so people are gonna cost but it. Honestly it's the. It's the summer that was my fault I would try and thanks for the call. And trouble with this excellent touch screen thing like. This it was very personal for him it's it's like a if you look at listen everybody's listen to everybody's take on its of people. Have it's not that. Apparently felt that that was not that bad but it's going the other way daddy and what does everything right that I could go we go opposite field. You know respect you okay go ahead fire which is doing. But you know the people who were really talking about it some people it's not that bad that people that if it's awful. And all sorts of things in between you have to understand it's that simple. It's this kid. So we look at it him right we'll get it hits it it it's it's it's daughters so he would probably like all of us with our kids. You say something. And it's just not the surface thing that day. Those those words come with a lot of different memories and experiences. And distinct that are tough to explain. So I don't without ladies that he written differently and I can't look at this is not an objective thing it's. Hey you should have made that role or I was a bad read you help the ball too long. I think you need to step up in the pocket this is something that's. Whenever he missed. How every response is the appropriate response. And I will say this if if someday Alex streamers as upon. He will look back on this in almost got what was I think. He wealthy in and he will truly just. Killed it he'll kick himself all over again if at some point down the road he's a father and it goes all. It shouldn't take that you know it's an even get to that figure out your point is right you've got to speak to experience different than that I can. But I think it's also common sense I don't have a son or daughter but I don't think it really matters right I have a sister and I have a father I. Go to battle wife who wants three girls the panic yet it right I think it should be really get it even without that experience. But sometimes I told you this story many times you know before. It's. That's argued that money here. It is such as specifically it matters if you think that it does with the way up you know there's. You don't have to. Like you know I don't know if you don't have kids understand there's still I don't think you understand that went our records show sergeant Russell. The body of Rodney. I think that's a three month old news to tackle desolate stadium. Details night. It is different. Six Michael let me aren't they still don't know what they're going through I would argue about where I get out here. Phone call. 330. Akron Ohio. Bob. More fuel pools. They'll have the right. Right at the open result bait and 68000. People looking forward through a us. When I have kids anyway you look at it lets you cannot definitely think ultimately it had its long Gillibrand apologized. I'm like mom I really view Jensen. Framingham eight Jim I don't. I'm doing good value to a great. Facility. Preface this column I don't know I said you guys talk outs in particular talked about. The view but I try them as you just talk. Militia the talk. And children. I I'm not sure yeah. It's it's what Ozzie Osborne's ex wife and bunch of those people in my defense. I was so sick to my wife is watching shook. It's a I think about it that's jurors. Your favor with lots. They're going but the grammys that mr. continues and we'll talk themselves and burst which led to diversify I think you guys may not yet national children backyard now. At least shouldn't be talked about nationwide. In addition to show it was kind of adjusting. Really. Granted it's 51 and one guy talking about some of these really harsh can take on it like hey Natalie she. Fired as their old should be fired but you know countries these creatures play issue Ali and Tom's friends and not a bunch more children born that. So. I would losers and they're kinda harsh tape but it also curious what's on the it ask you you know that there's no publicity is bad publicity. And I'm curious given that the nationwide attention focused W feel. I don't think it's yeah I mean I I understand what I say yeah I've learned I got a comment then and I. And I would say that that would I I don't agree that yes there is some publicity that bad publicity. Yeah I'd yeah I don't know you it's good for the station. It is good for Alex Roemer today. Is it good for Allah saver know he's. It's a sacrifice. They put a regular Heath. I did more people are aware of that yet today yeah that and so I guess you look at the good thing but all the questions are why does the greatest quarterback in the history of the league. Hate you like I think they take out all the middle ground there is like oh you hate the station now and then. They're more Tom Brady fans in the RW yeah finance if they're out there have to choose between the 20. They pretty obviously good for the profile of the station. Yet I don't I don't. And I disagree with that but I think it's good for the profiled the station I think most people who did. Who do controversial things. The profile. Goes. He's an analyst at doing something. Illegal right right from obstruct. You know you look at all of our ball is an example of for example if I think there are a lot of people it if you. The one the more controversial what you are the war. Which you get their you'll fit more people. But you also draw a lot more people to. I think. It's old. While we will see how the ratings are this week at that you have seen is above what the what this week was like. But the but the big. Guy. Having it in terms of the the battle. Battle as you want you want Tom Brady show what ready yet talked to guess absolutely do but overall. They're people all over the country. So people wouldn't know about that yeah. This war. It now that it is that Saturday. Now that's good that's a good thing and then now they know that Brady. Well at least did this season ended birdman did it look into it they find out that every year he's been married at the weekly interview on the station. That I guess get the profile but. And all the questions that you're gonna get this week at all of the association I don't know it's very. 617779793. Sevenths telephone corporate dale Ali with key Sports Radio that you. So Tom Brady is done this documentary to six Carter called Tom vs at times it is six partners. And down that gives you access we've never seen from Tom he never davis' kids before he never let us see inside his house his property his diet. It's kind of fascinating stuff we see is bars we see is kids we see is light we see his diet we see his team we see his trainer we see is worked out. And you really get inside it's all kind of cold right. But it's also oracle as private life. Well what do you know. It's already coming back to bite him. Paula Calvert today. Aren't coming back to bite him he's over there somewhere. Joins us all know that. I'm going to talk to get one. Tough when we talk with them before. We actually last John Lester knows it was Arizona Super Bowl. So you or talk to them. That's a connections. I did a month for. Let's talk to keep it there no. I'm sure Ross we're here to talk to people right here you can check the smarmy and there were one of pneumonia that's all I'm not know to get a much share that way high. We'll sit down or with the on the floor so holding more comfortable if I don't work out there like a backup my own show. Just got back the plight of well let you could say that if if there's any aspect of it. I guess that's the 1% that don't count toward if they can what's the risk. That with the rest of this documentary. And people can it. Can look at me they they think that I'm not telling the truth. They can make fun of my trading that they could do all sorts of things of 1% to don't think about it is that somebody's gonna take a shot at making make fun of your five year old daughter. I don't think anybody could afford so yeah I. And that's I guess that's the risk yes. But I guess the race is vertical back to bite them yet that he has to deal with this if that he would always probably bothered but. Tonight again he's going to be up on the yet in the united via on their for podium for power to get questions about it. You'll human not answer he'll want talk about football that he is back practicing of what or more press conference later in the week. These implants of I don't think this impacts how we please just like I'm curious to see. How much he gets asked about. That a decent amount editor of the law. You know I think you can you can ask him about the document or two he's Oregon get questions about doctor and McCarty said the I would isn't about football yeah actually shuts it down but. As Michael pointed out earlier it it's always an hour but you'll get no holes or people is a kind of move on to the next guy the move on the next person that so. You're gonna get repeat questions like it's good to be counted going but if anybody's. Used to it it be to operate. Hey Andy. It if you don't buy that'll put the put on the spot here. I just want people out here. And we can all just listen I'm not telling you what to think terror or. You know what it means we'll all hear it and then we'll all be on the same page we come to interpretation. What Tom Brady. What what his logic was this morning came out this morning they want to talk to him he made it clear. Why he didn't want it talks of this this is what he said this morning. Yet you are take something I mean I don't wanna get a document in my expert I did. You know are. They cute told me that someone had made a comment about my daughter. Yes yeah you Tom we were just talking about it was Alex Roemer and you're you can add that we Jerry Knight. Talked about Friday was stupid thing to say we destroyed him for saying you can say whatever you like it. Well. You know our try to come on the show for many years with. Ensured you got a lot of respect. Always try to come on in. You know duke it out you guys so. The military disappointing and you hear that certainly it. My daughter and you are. You know they certainly don't deserve so I really don't have much to say this morning. That's fine armed understands all the fun though luck. I yelled equity guys from other apps we thought we understand it I Tommy Tune. So in respect from what good job for you. He didn't say that they showed them respect that the well in and I'll I'll say this. I didn't hear it but I'd been holed. They clobber. Us both of both John well all series and Kirk. I don't dribble by other people but I'm saying even in the act I mean he he talked all robbery news very wanted to make it very clear that they that they disagree. But I about it in some liberties that you know I've. Shown you guys respect our tertiary you guys respect that it didn't say anything about coming the other way. A much damage to defend them they didn't get completely remove the not blaming we all know those 2 guys in the morning for it. Potter on what I am curious now as to what the relationship is is there. Yeah and I adds I'm curious about. Brady's Brady's position because Brady that is. Brady could have talked about analysts on a documentary looks at what the rules didn't. It is a few things at Fort Riley later that at the end. Because that's something. About reaper. Making the distinction between. Kirk and Jerry Roemer. But he did. It's I don't don't sought us out just how I wonder why he took that approach. Breaking it could he could that I know wasn't you guys but I'm still disappointed. You know you want positive way. Yeah at all of you guys these aren't your show I couldn't read what you've got the interstates. Now I went up to anybody just days. Yeah I kind of group them again what else that's an artist again from that from a it is now. But yet he gives a lot of emotion and a lot of votes and now it is voice. He was able to hold back. Even without that emotion is that if you have a good day. OK I have a good day. Ironically and I heard Jerry talk about this with Tom lot. You know if I were you you he wanted to buy you I would never speak to anybody yet yet again. It's on ESPN yesterday. I saw a dual life hit with with Susie Kohlberg yesterday I hope that's not his philosophy. With the station making it view that we're I'm of that before Chris mortenson you played more than the than what happens the bloodiest yet locally or re atheists it pirate most people he he has yet because the mortenson and you pick and choose a couple of others right not everybody can take Bruce York's effort to life so that's really not everybody but it's it's enough vote to sort of look at a lot of like the whole place anymore so if you use that term around it flipped it. Now with Brady obviously being discussed at oh Oxford said that he that in turn taken out on the tires the. We'll see going forward dilute loosened Somerville hey Lou I don't. Hey you know I'm doing great odds on but today a little bit bummed though. Kind of almost isn't one of my colleagues terms like how broad a brush. The morning shows getting painted a I think it's really should just. Stay all the Christmas two stages to Alex. I really don't think Kirk what death and account I would ever say anything about pretty hear kids like that. I don't know I read I don't really enjoyable both chose. You're shown in the morning John and I don't I think it was that Arnie. We're 3%. I think Kurt no different I found myself laughing out loud like why Jerry. The morning show Clinton with those two guys. Well regardless the vote. Appreciate we as we like people listen to all the shows or news station that the good thing. And yet it wasn't a bit funny in and I'm assuming Alex as he set. Thought it was funny I. We thought it was funny averages trying to get a reaction recruit gut reaction of these attending this or do you distribute provocative or too much destruction. Ikeda and well they backed away right now it's about that to watch the delayed reaction to you know Thursday that he says that. Volatile pushed back media of labor calls Friday we have not heard that we get a call on the lamp at her if we hadn't heard proposal for our show them it didn't know that it that it and I've. Now you're Monday it works. You biggest org or. Since I was afraid you don't let. It sets up last night when. Lot of relate these hot takes that goes gritty work of this next hour. I can't think anything going on. Patriots Eagles. Yeah beat their defensive line vs the patriot oh that's JB JP's in Rhode Island eight JP. Sounds are split up it's in the so I'm trying to figure out in this a question you guys technically it's got more geared towards that as a general question. Character is -- mean he's somebody. That's an accent or somebody that constantly trying. And string others hold that wounds only for himself now. And that's ultimately what he. Boils down to be completely out it would be pretty dramatic situation. Luckily heavy. Armed police say here is an asset I would say the company's. Looked at him and are they continued to you but they then looked at him as an asset was. Regular contributor. On the morning show has his own show at night. Podcast with buck yes so yeah I would say they have looked at him as somebody who is part of rotation. Part of the mix. But out of I don't know blues go with that but yeah I would get it out of our wrong with that. Narnia that you rights. Writes for the website yeah he's the host on here or articulate that it has grown anyway you want it repeated hope that though enough people than to listen to greet him. Yeah at that think they looked at him as somebody who was. Especially his age to bring you notified. People in the twenties. Who shows and talent kind of work with them. And promote them. The skit but that's not a you know you can get employees in their twenties to include do a lot of things. Something to try to you wanna. Ultimately that's right. 617 as the company's for the death. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number are we spoke to Bill Belichick just after 3 o'clock today actually take the yesterday. And up plated just after 3 o'clock today will bring it back in final price you can hear from bill. Our final visit before the Super Bowl this coming Sunday here in Minneapolis it's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WB yeah.