DHK - David Price in an Andrew Miller role? Then John Farrell joins us to clarify

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 20th

Hour #1 and we discuss the comments by Dave Dombrowski making a comparison of David Price in the bullpen to Andrew Miller, then we talk to the manager himself John Farrell about it.


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I always forget to tell Eddie brings that Roger Goodell cutback how much he sounds like Sean Spicer. I eighth day does he hit eighty people lie straight to your face what he'll do what with conviction. Farewell to him at the Emmys. It's it's very embarrassing. Not not twice. The audience. It's that the audit they're not in there who hate this guy or what they are not everything about them and did you see all that the shots backstage there'll taking pictures of it I shot temperature actors from various fraud in the world. They don't like after a problem though I don't know I want to other crap but there are why the crowd. Everywhere I watch Arabic TV I'm ordered her I want solved it but nobody takes themselves more seriously than actors it's Europe. Even Sports Radio host they take of those very seriously to ball some the other candidates are more serious than Sports Radio yes they think that they were our report itself and yes that's got to beat Watson acceptance speech watch one problem but just realize that you play pretend. You go out there and you make believe is what you do for a living which is awesome good for you to have that that job. But c'mon you're not solving the world problem. We make believe we know everything we do we say we're conviction. You have had in the UI yeah I'm sure they got tired and had shut. Oh and you think Malcolm these enormous amount Butler. Aren't they yeah. The outlet of about eight. Odd over the years. What I always there that all records and they've never not done that right op. Easily taken the stance the big guys. Guys hurt. Ordered to yell at his idea. You talk about about two years. Speeding interview with Ellis because I didn't citing a female did you guys get the email. Which which in an email which in in which Kirk or Jerry will tell us what's what's supposed to talk about what a boring violent. I mean they're all pro anyway nation so. Edit edit the work yeah they got monster numbers so you know there's no probate and all about this stuff so did they tell us what we're supposed to talk about when I'm boring today in the underneath the big banks they're also gets monster numbers for Von Augen lost. While that's got sarcastic because who knows it might happen. Are things change though that's true I put in charge there's a murder going on there are way Kirk has his way yet. Moreover. My diluted big shakeup that about it utes I stayed up all night last night worrying about whether or not Kirk thought we were born to single guy diets are you talk endlessly I have curt doesn't think we're boring today around now. This is really touched you really got on our products a little bit of a compromise for not all that my teachers popped into my at night. And I had to say it's so so we'll start here right gas and and we'll talk to John Ferrell coming at the bottom of the hour. Red Sox run their record to fifteen and three an extra inning games this year it almost sounds as though Lou. Has kind of given up on the idea of John Ferrell being gone as manager of this thing. Now he has given up says I happen I'd have our jobs a priority and Iran over not not happen as the ALCS no. No not anymore. I sort but I think that if they lose in the division series especially to get swept out. Let's say just for fun a throwing error a real manager blunder. Think she's now with his outburst cocky and Granada just for fun. This or drugs recreational deficit and other not an ad on park is actually got your story about a reliever hitting it lately game ever going is that just a makes a good evidence. The day. They get just get swept again and last year was. His ball in the division series are priced imports sold really let him and everybody else down the big bounce again two years in a row and winning the division is great. But you don't think there's a chance that he could be gone. You sound as depressed as Luke off you know don't sound totally at all upset about unless the probability that he might not be not a surprise Luna would have given up on can I think again it's a little bit different. When the team president did not hire the manager. It so yeah two division titles is great that was never really his guy he had. Herded them well inherited a but may be lights. Maybe light may not inherited a guy and he looks at least in those terms pretty good. You guys you radio does that in Iowa I think we win the division in 2000 might they also say I don't have anybody better I could get right now. Many other things that I don't I don't think general managers think that. Ellis thank you I hire and LB better or or yeah I got a guy. Enemy like the baseball for data to browse you say you know some guys he should knows somebody who is. Comparable. To John Ferrell may be stronger or some other areas of Ferrell is the weaker in others but overall comparable if not better. And NM not just talk about Jim Leland whose you know if a body that should their smoke and so right now he right now is that. He regrets about threaten the sliding one off the back of a lot of the other hand what these same token watching cartoons right now. Right now I guess leather underwear. I don't iron three urban how hard. I thought it through one alive but they're letting it have a good urban knowledge strongly that the flip over to break back. I that's not and it's dropped nobody manages like I used that make it manager goes back to plunge without merit a classic cartoon. So you'd like Leland and I would I would likely why I'd be fun why on an off night I don't know the talk and I'm. And provide baseline all talk back and I'll go for track record that. I think if Ferrell wins the division series as though as I'm not gonna change our mind these are great in game manager I think you'd be back. I think there yet you do you should expect them back. But I think if they lose again. And I talk about no playoff series wins for the last four years under Farrell I think that could there could be a pressure to move on form. Other at some outright and offered Lou Lou Lou thinks he's back from a one fans depressed about the only hit a they have something to complain about there's a lot of Schobel finally little character would like disappear without you are what you. Lot of room for mistake you know we the I don't know it doesn't matter what happens if he goes away as soft little. You know happy Lou it's just the thing Lou talent the man you know lives and so excited that Clinton's move land I mean every mile there last night I thought oh. Our thoughts and it is old school managers that now they think they do that now. They never go I think it'll don't think they're totally out of are not generally like to come back right now gated yes absolutely and is again I hate Bobby Cox yeah yeah just like cattle battled school Bobby Valentine just while I don't know notice that they had to go to every category gently that is actually won the World Series I think it. Had some success baseball guy. In Bobby gowns are never finish of birthplace and is like mr. Arafat as the birthplace of amazing. And it throughout his Bradley that night and if it doesn't Michigan's affairs that it generally valued and MLB never first place an expert Jim Leland. Those guys off just like smoking dirt paying for about Jim we lose it the and really the keynote I. And I thought. Here and I who is the most old tiny guy in baseball right now is it Dusty Baker. And Mike Scioscia who is I know now dusty probably dust that you get that vote to pick at the two prepared to dugout yeah had a profound that they glasses times. And he's got it going right Eric insensitive remarks every now and then writes that he it'll say something like oh man. It's right now. Dusty yeah he might view of you know but. Survived the kids go gently in the same thing he would say something totally appropriate you know. Oh yeah the Red Sox would love that that's our growth on Wednesday ports Sam Kennedy would have liked hot line. The Red Sox did not agree with the Stanford take advantage manager. We respect his right there that are paid Showalter to probably. Open and I'd hate shall certainly anything but either. Anything like the most like I. Are any old time Iowa whoever I know you do when he's old timing on the line please don't Madden almost old tiny probably nearly a lot younger ultimately. New age is old Kevin Cash all old time as they're old time comment analytics. He's an analytic categories all by themselves. You know he created his own team guessing maybe dusty doesn't get overwhelmed with the analytic side. The sabre which Russians don't come knocking on dusty door and I. Read here I'm busy I'm not his thing. You can actor who combines old school new school is that you know. Yes he's got a little little boat. Some numbers but not too many numbers. Yeah. I don't operate all of let it overwhelm the discussion with numbers. But maybe just maybe your boy John Ferrell is a combination of of the two as well because. This team they just keep fine in a way every night they find a way to win. They need extra innings and dying they didn't got to get that extra innings that he knows that sooner or Dexter exhausted each of the game off and there apparently and they don't guys just figure out what weird way to go I wild went down in the other. Last few nights ago the last two nights for the Red Sox won. They're down. Five runs in the fifth inning there they have a six run fifth take the lead give up the lead. Source tidy you know seven and they're down 87 in a tied up again they went it to an eight. And last night just the pitcher's duel back and forth game is going along quickly here real important tenth inning already. Scoreless it was going quick Lesnar and a wild pitch. Gives them the victory. And it looks Specter about the blow it devers. To what you have to be a defensive replacement in the playoffs you bench yeah that's real problem weekly and we can talk and I stood out and that was a simple play temple at closeout game. Just make the thrall games over and so you had a bad feeling when when he put him on base that he's on base with an with an. Here you go to run Jack. DR Jack for the walk off and unfortunately they got out of it but this team. As those interlude and across over he's he's had to Wear a former resilient Grady. Mentally tough even he would say that process. As a mental toughness to this team. We didn't give him credit for so we were wrong and they got some than they got something special. Scrappy balanced very scrappy and they've got a winning record against the top two teams in the America only. The earlier about a you have in the holster lightweight older now. When gave up above the record. Two why don't we record 201 vs Houston and out of Oregon vs the Indians the the only division winner a would be shocked to go to roasters. Would not shock me. I would shock you wouldn't. If the Red Sox went I don't know what's in the playoffs yet based. All I know that is you shouldn't be surprised by any teams has to go up pitcher got hot on any of the team is hitter or two with some guys at all takes. So once you're there you can't be surprised the only division leader that's got fewer wins than the Red Sox is the cops. All the other division leaders of course that the doctors just went ballistic the first half of the season we know what Houston we know what. You know that we job at Cleveland's doing so that the bill one the one that's got fewer wins is the cubs. So one would yield any of those teams of what I'd be shocked if the cubs repeated now although the pitching does seem to have gotten old overnight. It's much worse for the circuit Lar but also the pictures that they have those are also got that would be shocking if they wanna wrought in the playoffs. But did I haven't ERA over four in the regular season but that if they just want to those guys put lights out in the post season that it would shock you. Good that you don't normally see I don't think is. The top two teams it's never it's never that raised are really graduate Garrett Eric oh Indians Dodgers it did doubters won't pre. They right now won't be Indian doubters and we will be some other combination. Last year is supposed to be. It was supposed be Red Sox cubs right. I mean that was a thought well that was the dream thought about more than a dream last year 2006 mean that the Red Sox but the Rangers actually the best record last year there's Rangers cubs and obviously that that was not what you got. The Red Sox had the best offense is that what it was their offense was incredible. Yes and you've got to sit on the run ups and then just and then had a you know top two. It too great starters in the regular season wreck top of the rotation. Another one of those guys gonna start the first two games this year about 2006 senior you're number one and number two starter. One on who's going to be in the bullpen and the other one and. Probably it may be probably not be that. The most like Charlie victory. So yeah what changed. And at this point you'd you'd have to say as we sit here right now the Red Sox might have the best bullpen in the American. I would say the Indians. Next to the Indians and the Indians. Just look at they're they're pitching this year. It may it's it's off the charts how much better they are and everybody else did some pitching. And I mean get into how many runs are scored a damn fine. But let's look at that last night I mean there are almost 100 runs better. Then the and then the runner up in the Red Sox and Red Sox have outstanding pitching but the right hands off the charts. Odds and silly and Andrew Miller wasn't in there turn out there act he's back but during their twenty game winning streak he was the end of all part of it. The starters have been go the other opens really good. I thought I that is just jacked up the yankees' bullpen was going to be the best but it has not you know that has been a let down so the Red Sox and then sort of would be. That wild card of David Price being a part of it tonight I'm a Kimbrel read. Price probably go to Gaza that's. You didn't hear it uniting now behind that Carson is at. Our own. I think about it here and yeah comment comment on and on him. The amount arms I'm not going on him the other women favor likely he well and you know that girls and he's a millionaire but he won't be that guy. I am well I don't they say he's a. You should've had a 1230. God and each other. I mean he's just certainly pitched well enough and and still let you know managed its final out any. To think about we we mentioned we just got to him you're talking about the fourth guy out of the bullpen I mean that's fine but I think you'll be you know general doctor definitely. Read definitely. Price definitely. Out of the bullpen and probably. Both Smith machine gun Kelly and then Kelly I mean so they're gonna guys at all for gas. Yeah it takes awhile for me to get to a guy Saddam plan. Comes if you now yeah. I had those guys aired the game. About ours for a while yeah he's actually pitched has been back I felt forum last night a really thought last can be a problem on the eleventh. Where you're you're kind of a negative guy or another about an editor positive. Workman. Doubt that you don't back there shouldn't this there are they well Rosser to Dulles doesn't going to be. In there well Tom Karen was the arising on Twitter that that Carson Smith might not be on the playoff roster. But he kind of pitched his way back into the picture and analyzed that your name is. We'll talk to John an odd delivery to the he won't talk about you know make ups of a playoff rosters we tried that last week but we'll talk about the bullpen and how they're going. You know. Here on the air we have 102 delay in there for the folks can't say bad words what happened and much as you love them blog don't know why didn't pass yet. And at unite shall Michael much today show anchor myself. So I'm just curious because sometimes I think at least some of our techsters Iran. Up a delay of some kind we just got a text. As Raymer. You're an idiot your soft you don't understand football go home you win. You kind of delay we work and with here fall or midnight to right fourteen hours. If he was on late use he's been out here for awhile yes and you know he's in you know what. You know that it was appearance on the money on my mid day show every type that out thought about it no hits and hits and they were not there aren't a bad area that it had any surface is it finally just went through they get to a place tower and now goes through with a in the Alley gash so. That we should just open to Bangalore all of us two before that three emergency mister Allen last night there to pass the unit of fine aren't you know aren't back yet scroll through hobbled talked John Ferrell Red Sox manager and just few minutes. I'll talk about the what happened last night and what what it is going forward. On the Yankees it just it back to back home runs than they climb back in the were trailing three nothing. Against the twins have just it back to back home runs. And down now to 32 game so we'll keep an eye on that one as well as the afternoon goes on its Dillon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. Far far. Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox completing their series in Baltimore tonight they've got a day off tomorrow. And I am one of those weird late September things where they they actually have a National League series this weekend there in Cincinnati for the weekend. And then come home to finish up the regular season at home next week. Possible talk to the manager John Farrell and just few minutes by deleting keys have come back and tied the game against the twins twins had a three nothing lead India. In the toppled the third yankees came back with three in the bottom of the third time's up so that's out pallets and some keep keep you updated all afternoon and trending anyway air judge homer number 4545. On the season. Seat back is the up front runner. Front rookie of the year I'll ask it anyway never let that he's got he had it all year yeah yeah I think he probably has that pretty much wrapped up anyway. It's signed out of talked to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell John Ferrell has brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms. 99 cent farmhouse and iced coffee John joins us from Baltimore where the Sox wrap up their series against the Orioles I hate John how are. Are you on don't fine thank you. Help me clear this up because some I'm can admit TI got a little confused yesterday. I read a quote from Dave Dombrowski about David Price saying you know on an ideal situation he could be for rust when Andrew Miller has been for Cleveland. I read a comment from you that indicated something along the same lines and another comment from you that sort of walked that back. Where we stand to David Price and in his role in the bullpen here. Well promote. You regard eight in which one appearance of the last seven weeks. Of our schedule. You know. We have to share our response more frequent use so I can understand the knack there are some when he got to go to these electric and power style. I didn't think it will change this time to start to get out there and say well. But he conviction you know four consecutive gains and so would love the fact is fact these two outstanding two innings baseball out of Tampa. But it is important that we keep silence some opportunity here it's about things. Before we start making some comparisons so admire my news David Price. And when instructed. WW Christian games. And you didn't feel that the team had enough time took to get him back to a starting position. No we didn't your thing you know organ could possibly do that's a simulated game. Scenario. All the while balancing eighties and very competitive and race. Look some unknown as far as health duration. And felt like. You know after you get to three innings this in game. Let's let's make it available to us now there's availability physically it would be more frequent than once certain trip day. And if the situation arises tonight he's gonna have to win things the right. After just two days off. After Britain's Sunday so that's where we are with. Getting him back source all the torture but didn't feel like realistically. But I'm allowed to blow them out of 56 point servants. Odds couple questions on this firm for me job one how long would it typically take like we have to it. What he'd have to act like on September 1 it. For him to be ready for the post season it doesn't work that way a certain time on his schedule. Or at every every situation is different but I think. In. Cases of starting pitchers regardless of who they are. You. To me you can't just get steps particularly when you're down nearly two months. And just go from two and simulated games to five and six innings when you're gonna happen it won't pretend it period. That's not realistic. All while. Try to do what's best for David's health. So these are incremental steps in and attack the wall away. Of what he can indoor. That's republic is shorter versions of the shorter outings. Lesser number total pictures from an inside of it and given outing. Right ago. The other question on this is this I'm curious about a starting pitcher. Like David Price in an ad starting pitchers have routines. And going to the bullpen and getting warm read into to be ready in the game with a with a runners on the simple things some guys just aren't. Are prepared for that relievers are used to it the starters are any concern about veterans had been a discussion. Would they aren't. Discussion yes has been discussion. And initially what we talked about was getting as much ample time. Ideally an inning ahead. We're OK this is what we want to get you lose four or did you ever on the warmup. You could settle the bullpen in the past even those that are a small number of outings. But this is someone who knows himself well. Knows what is Nizar. But we've got to work with and some constraints. It initially. As he gets adjusted. The more frequent use. It's so when price was told the plan was gonna be for him to be pitching out of the bullpen in the rest of the way did it. Was there initially pushed back from him on that plan. Well here's the thing I think it will always be himself but as a starter. But we'll talk logically on on the amount of time remaining. Him. So that's where we are looking at the open. Let's talk about attitude for lack of a better word Addison reed said that when he arrived. On the Red Sox the first thing he noticed was that this team. Never thinks they're out of a game no matter what the scorers he had an instance this week where you're down five nothing in six to one came back to win an extra innings. Is that something that debt is inbred in these guys or is that something that's developed throughout the course of the season. Our ticket is. Develops throughout the course of the year I think there's there's an ingredient of that within each player to begin that's where scouts. Whether it's in the draft or whether it's through identifying certain that'll bring into the organization. Are you you look for that intently looked for that. Characteristic or attribute to player but I think that we've got in the situation where we certainly felt very comfortable extra next. And that doesn't insure or guarantee anything but what do I think it does say is that our guys have got a very good job of executing late bought it particularly horrible act. In at a Symbian are key member of our right now. I can get them on display here for what awhile and obviously the way we pitched and inaccurate in game. Is the difference in our season right now that's not to take anything away from other areas but. You know you look at it the total number of games played an extra days so the win loss record in those outings. Is the difference in the standings I think at this point. The last few nights have been very interest thing extra inning games both of them but completely different extra inning games. At last and I'm just you are wondering what were your perspective was on the key moment of the game what do you think it was a pitch or that catch. From Jackie Bradley junior what was it out you in that one zip game. There's there's a multitude of things those are our cricket you know Jack he's got several Robert Davis is better and the cutting down the throttle plate. And also there's. There's going to be. You know talk about the attitude of these. Discipline inside the extra innings we didn't give it our way in the eleventh inning we didn't chase we work out a couple walks you know what. The pitch count climbs on the on Brett rocketed from all the dirt and it ends up being of course you know and the difference in the in the game. Put direct the first two ball games completely different stories. And a large part of that is Kevin golf. I have been dominant second half that was eight powerful innings he threw gases. But all the while. You know the guys available put on after a pom rants they were equal so that Arabs. Rafael devers has been a great addition to the lineup since he's been called up in the field however. Recently spent a bit of a problem is that an error in each of the last five games. How much of a concern is that for you right now third base. Yeah I think at this point you know when we recognize what was taking place there in sooners are drawn more horrible saying this is off today. You know. Likely obviously they get tomorrow. There are things that we've seen them time and he's been here that he needs recharge or they're too when we can provide it so. I think some of the the miscues there are are directly. Related. Dispute of course Parma twelve year old rose. It was six months of the season he's born image that he's lost threatening human. But. Yet the defensive side of it that continues to have to be worked on and look to improve our. Is maybe later on this season or even into the playoffs is DH. A potential spot for him or is it just going to be third base. Not a deterrent based put you know with little likely little potential of what defense replacing gates accepts. You know that's something that. Could be taken place. I'm always curious from a base running perspective about who's got green lights and and who has the wait for the signal from the dugout in the third base coach. Roger I davis' pinch running for you at first base is he a guy given his base running abilities who's got the green light to dull he wants. I he he does. But in the situation last night or god when is enough yeah at the height scheme each one point 1512. Of those unloading car. And Joseph who gets rid of the ball quick. We felt like that was an accommodation to look to take advantage of some other things inside with the left handed hitter that. Jolt of throwing accuracy is improved working right candidate on the box all things combined we weren't look at the bottom in the first at bat. What spread was at bats are given on unfolded. We turn them loose a little bit later put later and later in the attack. And unfortunately breaks. And there's a decision that their way through the a desperate second base he crumpled up and certainly your double play so. Typically yes full pardon green light. How well what's the story with Hanley Ramirez you have them easier game to game monitoring situation. Would you prefer to just sit him down for allowed just blows what's the overall story with him help us. Not a utopian in gear here to try to get slaughtered our. What about doesn't address and I said last night the plan was for him to be in the starting lineup today is that that also it is. Yeah right now yes. Today's question of the week for manager John Farrell comes from Cumberland farm. As sponsored by Cumberland farms ninety nines and farmhouse one nice copy it comes from Josh Josh I think it's minute match I hope I'm pronouncing that right from Buxton Maine. Johnson and Josh asks what's the biggest issue that needs to be improved upon as you look at the possibility of heading into the post season. Give her Rebecca hell for all of our new ideas Tuesday in line B trio in shields here today. I do go through some running so his return is getting closer but what he's meant a lot of upon coming here and then what was best since about. That's one PD get back hurts a little more regular plate mean. You were part of a road trip what about there's probably at any time during the season so. I think getting some help returned to us and get some guy's contract include handling. Would go a long way towards. You know put out some more consistent numbers and also its side. You mentioned devers not being in tonight any other lineup god changes for tonight. Mitch down as well. First Celeste the Serb traveled to first and never its circular morrow. A purpose. John we appreciate time we'll talk to next week. OK guys that. I see out there Red Sox manager John Carroll joining us from Baltimore. And that's the way things are situated as far as they're concerned tonight to wrap up the series against the Orioles tonight. And then off day tomorrow had for Cincinnati 6177797937. Is telephone number tech slide is 37937. Get some calls from you guys in just few minutes who got some of the things we want talk about with the as well it's dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio that. You media. Get connected with Richie via Twitter at. Why now backed a more would Daylon Hollywood's rich deep mud Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone numbers checks lined. 37937. John Ferrell. Did acknowledge the defense is an issue for Raphael staffers now whether that's the length of the season that was his answer. I don't think that had anything to do with the air last night he just take care what's. Happening I understand now why I understand he's playing you know more baseball than he's ever played before reason it was six month and all that stuff he just lost concentration last night. But before he got called up you know for those that were more familiar with him in the minor leagues they thought about the concern of everybody said earlier called a bat is ready glove is probably enough. Urges fielding in general global armor every wanna say it probably wasn't an early on estimated number of plays a little maybe that was. You know are kind of overstated. That recently it's been issued five straight games and an error I think it's seven errors in the month of September. So as better issue but he won his bat in the lineup it sounds like he won't DH him. That's at least that's what it says now and then you wonder art is the defensive replacement. Tomorrow so who live who else is gonna them well why don't you just let us Nunez when he's helping may be your third baseman but unless he's already in the lineup I guess could swap them over but then. He's great he's a very good defensive player now but better endeavors Bay's Packers. Devers is looking like saying devers is not very good defensively is an understatement beverage of bad. Now isn't a bad stretch where you just can't be reliable at their pace on routine place. One in the eleventh inning was his route unedited yes and that's into the game especially at moments yeah. So I can understand why apparel doesn't want DH him because he's got into the game when he's on the field that's a lot to many heads. A lot of the agents say. That's kind of a stop to stay involved in the game you're just getting. Well that had a fifth thirtieth and of utilities still not into it is in the field and had to play. And that third eight alternates. Did do it early days every sort ready oh yeah. Like I have a feeling that we may see him play less in the playoffs than we might have expected. I mean he came in he Nunez arrived like out flash on August 1 and both took off in the team took off when them. I'm Nunez is kept it going pretty good. Devers is kept it going really well offensively or not as good as when he started but good enough but defense of Lehman he's a liability. And and I think you're gonna see Nunez played third I think you're gonna see Mitch Moreland played first and I think you're gonna see Hanley Ramirez is your DH. And I think efforts is gonna end up in about off the bench probably more than you expect. I don't think we got an option. And you take a chance. Now because you're talking about if you're a they hold on when the division. And it things stay like this right now and and they won't necessarily mean there's. Not long time ago but they're the team is so close in the standings Cleveland and Houston could flip flop at it either way you're playing a really good team. In the division series. And it's gonna be an upset. You be even I have a winning record against Cleveland you beat them up and in a series that you've upset Cleveland and he beat Houston in the series you you've upset them. And you just can't have something like that. Extending an inning and probably losing you a game. And that's how. Did not too hot bat in the line yet you want it's bad out there but. I don't know what you do an honor you know you would have to in the playoffs originality at the expense of handling all right as they either handling or morally or more of guys that to sit down. You put. Devers as a DH it seems like a stretch. I think defensively you're gonna play Moreland at first not Hamlet I think that the plan going in would be handling your DH. Which means you know devers is playing a and he's going to be the guy who would have. To go the numbers that Hanley was good last year at first defense of right. The numbers this this year. Limited sample size and limited motivation and it was hit hard at what apart so what are what I wonder what the numbers say let's elect I don't know. Should Moreland it had the ball in the eleventh hour c'mon now when I got to itself. I said to keep could've had a I don't think it would have been one of those almighty god plays but you know throw he's a gold glove first baseman yeah. While I was batterer coworker and a fatality of my I gave me it was a it was a bad brawl I'm not trying to take anything away from Deborah what I'm saying is could Moreland to bail them out there and and it's unclear how sad that I'm not good I'm not. Make an argument for but I'm not gonna make that argument should I had that they should have been just an easy throw. And it was. Made it got tougher than it has this. Of those teams though the way they're set up where. Playoffs they might have a completely different life like game one game to game three reveled the front line on that drives people crazy and I'm not like address that drives Red Sox fans nuts right. But you could because there might be right are all going to be moral and endeavors in the next game it's Nunez and Hanley or every year coming up with a good different DH is. It just feels like if you have a lot of you're competent and here's my one through nine are to be slop up catcher depending on who's pitching and everybody else is going to be the same. And it sounds like now they got. Ten guys for nine spots. So and then that way this year is on somebody's always hurt so it's been a little bit easier for them to just sort of plug it in years by healthy guys that's on Baldwin but. He said the most important thing for the team is how over the over the final two weeks of the season and all eyes healthy right so they're all available will Woolsey he's gonna have to you know. Push the right bugs in the playoffs 6177797. ID 37 Eddie's on the cell phone handy how you don't. Apple probably avert this or are the arrow just come back here. And that it is like you know what would be hysterical. About Eric Alva is something that happens and they want. And then that's a lot lately you know like we just I had that it's not that they. All my life could you imagine that. He doesn't wanna do color for all the gains that everybody wants democratic thoroughly inside out. Would EF the fly with the team I guess the question if you get resolved plain as that plane and at the board first and I am there. I don't make X got any any desire to be a manager or coach or even a full time you know color announcer. Not gonna happen not gonna happen 6177797937. Is telephone number I tech slide is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio W media.