DHK - Devin McCourty claims the Patriots players knew Butler wouldn't play the whole week; Can Gronk be the next Cena/Rock?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 19th

Hour 1: President’s Day edition of DHK featuring Keefe and Mut. Keefe speaks on the WEEI sensitivity training and Ordway chatting with him between OMF and DHK. The Malcolm Butler story refuses to die as Devin McCourty commented on it after a charity event at Rutgers. Mut thinks Gronk can be the next Rock/Cena.


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Yeah yeah. Well should be back. Still Hollywood Heath tails off today Michael is off today both scheduled days off mutt is in in their place. Dale Bruins hockey Michael scheduled day off does nothing if it was Friday. A lot of you are looking for us on Friday heard some of the the new we Scruggs show. Which have a pretty good breakdown of NASCAR. When I'm being told so we apologize for that but it is an important day for us we had. Sensitivity training many ego that on Friday I'll just say that's a thought or like we all know WE EIR station has been in the news. A few times over the past couple of months for things that you probably don't wanna be in the news for me and making headlines for so we had I thought it important. Meeting gets together a sensitivity training that was very productive I think we are all moving in the right direction now so. Whether the guys in the morning midday. Our show here mud at night all of that he's going to be better off going forward. I don't Dale's dad than that and I think we just sort of gold daughter show as we normally would. And much I don't know if you saw the this DeVon according Malcolm but first before you get about that's one question what was it about newly Scruggs it is not to help the guy who hosts from tended to here on our way. Does that every day yeah does that happen everyday yes ZUE office and you'll stick around and talk with the the entire commercial break. It was like it until you started talking on the trending he is right there X every time. That's every day everything today what what would like to do. And Jason has brought this up before that is tumbleweed and recorded so. We those guys should their show and there's a five minute break in and they're trending yeah every single day I loved it. Five minutes I talk to glad normally it is. What did you think of DeMarcus Cousins last night that I most of the Hummer saw when I came into a lot of fear it's a lot of hoop I think in I don't know if people would like this or not. If we reported that in podcast. Every day five panel might easily lost the long cross and the other lesson across the unofficial competitors across the although I liked the long cross long cross is pretty quickly along. We can do when it's sports but he's also been known to get into the business and tell us. He's not going to answer there is some time a lot of Glen has thoughts on radio. Now many. I've I've had a lengthy like 45 minute you get the car. Talk to Glenn Glenn has been super support intern for Glen when Andy and I I I don't I think everybody in the state in England love gland. I have been illegal entire car rides to west or in fact halfway to our pot and Connecticut and talk to gland. The entire way and say very little glint is surely airspace if the cat which is a good thing but I can't imagine every single the economy to get area show. And Glenn. Isiah Thomas and an act. And our latest that's the scene he stands up and he did he sits in the same seat is dale dale as the wait for Glenn to stand up. Brushes hair Glenn brushes the tires that for like five straight minutes that he talks to me about last night's NBA slate. And that's the whole I think he's not he's fairly doctor dale he just talked to me alone and that the today problem. Like the trending began in I had it's like the music is lying answer to the trending and you can still hear him talking to me McLellan I I gotta go I got to do that trending now he's not talking and pretty much like listen though it may or court one day it's it's great stuff. But yet could have Christian back today and lewd down at Florida dogs out about Florida. Where to get some baseball because the owner stock in the the president socket there's there's lockquote rule change is not there's no rule changes in Major League Baseball which is gonna speed thing not only they could screw this up leaders. Make it so much better embarrassing my Major League there's also the NBA. All star weekend which had highs and lows we'll get to that the normal lows arsenal vs Michael Rappaport which became a great few great Saturday holy smokes I I was trying to play catch up on that whole thing it is wild. So we'll have some of that but I thought. The Malcolm Butler story is not going away now and may never go away for weeks ago today was the Monday we all came and some doubt about an hour plane that and the best part stalled over. Bill Bill Belichick says it was not it was a football decision and nobody believed even the bulldogs are people out literally take one for the player ever that. But now we're getting more and more and it's seems like maybe he wants. Devin according talked to. And New Jersey dot com he's doing the thing about charity event it takes for as you obviously want to rockers any gets into. Why he's basically defending Malcolm Butler and saying that this is the guy as far as he knows. All the stuff that was made up about him being disappoint all that he says it's completely made up but he also points out mud that. He and all the players knew for a while that ball wasn't gonna start. And that sort of you've been you look at Eric Brody says what was our gross anchors wrote that he didn't know until a few minutes for the game that maybe he's just a liar maybe you gotta caught off guard he wanted to. Not throw a teammate and the boss. But I still don't so Malcolm Butler was crying like. Crazy that's I was gonna ask your giants of you if you think that's the case and them according to captains all new and the fact that I forgot who reportedly after white's yard infected yes we said the captains knew about this for I think the quote was awhile. Rights of they knew that. Malcolm bot were still that emotional was it just the was it TA National Anthem was that the reality to him on the sideline for the Super Bowl with that. Your your your not gonna your got a game plan B going to be on punt return that night that's the part even still three weeks after the fact. It just doesn't make any sense and and I did reported credit for this. I'm with them that the the shots at Malcolm ball that the people in this town radio hosts who keep saying something must happen. He got a flight with a culture must have been disappointing. Like there is your weapons now three weeks after the fact right that that happened it was strictly a bad football call led Bill Belichick he's the greatest coach of all time he's allowed to screw up but this. Appears to be screwed up and and they'd use the cop out of something else might have happened. That's taken the coach off the hole as it is more believe it that coach it. You can't believe that this guy would make that decision so you're trying to come up for those things but. And they don't appear to be there here's recordings quote says as far as I know all of that is the furthest thing from the truth we all knew he wasn't starting all week. That wasn't a secret of the guys on the team. I get why people are fishing the guy played 98% of the place. I just hate that for him character wise going into free agency it's just not true as far as I know and I was there all week not one times anything come. So that's dumb according saying as far as I know all week nothing happened and when Butler said V is the grand nothing happened and it was basically all the rumors about the concerts in the we'd everything else that speculated for a couple days before he. Took its Graham. Tom Brady plays name is actual beyond me its name on that comment on how great of a team he was. I'd credible team player and friend I don't believe that according would say what he is saying today or that Tom Brady would associate himself with ball in the after Matt if there was this. Boogie man situation where he punched a culture shelled the culture yelled it's a mile and we heard it in coming out of that bella I don't think he thought Steve Belichick didn't go to over across a continent country a year earlier and it is right on how to put it that you missed curfew rip off. That was that they don't Super Bowl right so I I think that you don't have that the one of the captain of the team and the minute he's the gas imports dot Tom Brady yeah essentially without saying it. Saying knock about we did not do anything there during that week. And I'd still lives I also love how a demo forty dropping the 98% of the place. Like that's something that you know we've been saying for a long time now and that is such a row. Butler argument to make disable he's always up to guide never misses snapped was on the field for ball you know. Every snap against Jacksonville and Tennessee how all of a sudden isn't a football decision to go from 90%. To 0%. But this is definitely one of the guys that we wanted to hear from you know according Harmon our defensive captains and in the in the secondary with Butler. An air ball. Definitely on the side of Butler and these guys are going to be on the team again and so satellite. Maybe he's their friend we know adults are still there coach so maybe they would they would say something that'd be a little bit more obscure their answer but this is pretty clear cut. Does this also give license to other players to now. Openly sort of question because he's an e-book accurately and another look forties to a Nat necessarily but he's defending. His teammate Malcolm bought all the other rumors out there I think this leads to other players either with Mike racer Tommy current. At least feeling. Liberated to look at depth look forty talking about this. But I guess I can talk about it not to be surprised when a we eventually get at some point this offseason and it would BP doesn't happen the page is very often but in this case. Because it took so many people back in because it appears Anelka butler's a teenage guys like. There's going to be a player stands up here and so our questions as not we don't know answered questions. Why he didn't play any in any way and it's never happened the patriots. Questions build out chip I think of according comes out says the likeness. It now these other guys for somebody else in the secondary or somebody offense and a bunch of free agents here's a guy leaves. And he shows up their deal Lewis gonna go over Pittsburgh. Yeah shows are I was leaving the game we don't know quietly and a bill we dated was one of best players force all year and it. You know and ended eventual one game might be Belichick cabinet talk about this ad so I think we thought well at least the team I tell you or me about it but don't think he has that tops the team but when they show up to camp. Is he was like hey guys run 2018 or are few of the guys is they don't want. A question about the last game that we played the I'm curious why the guy used to always play didn't play. Must the kitten horse they know but if you're if you're ticket according get a word Cortes as you do now. Yeah we've according idly dumb according yes I don't I don't see why. He would go public with these other than he likes knock the ball because he knows that in 2018 we now at. This just all going yet cover its apple Malcolm Boller in May take a little while but someone will get the story eventually so Brady and according. Defending their guy leads me to believe they don't believe any happen. Don't you believe them I boarded up do you I believe them Corey Stephen A Smith. Does not believe them Corey. According said no I don't I think he's a line. On and I don't say that to insult him I think it's taught in the right places on the lookout for his former team who's soon to be former teammate Malcolm what. I totally get where he's coming from but I don't believe him for 12 thought Malcolm bomb on net's online cry. All while the National Anthem was being played please. We were told they couldn't learn right before then that he would it be played. I believe that if Malcolm Jenkins op timeout Butler had no. All all along that he wasn't going to be playing all week long. I think they've Tedy Bruschi would have known that I think that Willie McGinest would have known that I think is a plethora of former patriots. All who would've known and I think that. Rowe who were placed him. All would have talked about that on in the locker will post game after they lost a suitable he would admit to that. I think that the as a holds above individuals are who would have had answers that they would have been able to give the media. At the polls to allow of this story to percolate if they said nothing that would be different. But everybody to a man seemed surprised. And taken aback about what happen. Happened about but I'm not buying this story one bit. So Steve and I call him a liar but I don't want this respect a guy he's just a liar guys that's hardly recall guy liar you're not. Guess that's doing that at all in the first place but I mean it adding Stephen is getting a little bit confused I think the captain's. Could have known a role change from Malcolm Butler and still be taken aback that he hasn't played all McCain because this is again how this thing went. He doesn't start role plays its part by Jeff report touchdown. And then. The impede the secondary to their credit did settled down after that they need to change to put Gilmore on Al Shawn Jeffrey. And they settled down but even idiots like me watching said it's a play ball is gonna play over about a most he can always got to play right Jordan Richard doesn't play. And so that's why I think you can still be. Really surprising team like OK who's gonna rule change rose gonna play outside ball was gonna play and so I've this game per that a lot now but then why the game is going on. And they're picking up third after third down and bad emotions nick and missing tackles and draw Richards. It's easy GPS covering different Rondo back on the back just feel a mass that is a player you are saying why the hell is Malcolm Butler not playing now we get he's not scoring. How is still standing here on the outside and they can be two things that happened here the captain's new rich. And there were still shocked as the game went on he did not get a snap in nineteen as you were getting gassed on third down but it also. Surprise that you'd goats who will Teddy Bruschi Willie McGinest now the kennel they have a lot of connections there are proceeding into the game plan for every single game they know who's starting. And maybe I don't maybe I don't know the answer maybe sometimes they do but. I don't think so I think some of the stuff is is kept. You know inside the locker room and their rocket discredits everybody you know before the game like a tip off the Eagles who starting I don't think they would do that. At the Eric broke point. I thought that are initially and then I said you know what maybe he was just got put on the spot wasn't prepared to answer that question. Thought if he said that that point nobody knew that Butler was aware and let's let's play the scenario a Butler knew for a week that it wasn't gonna start. Nobody said that I think Eric wrote didn't wanna be wanna break that news. That makes sense like yeah doesn't wanted to let. I don't wanna speak at a school so yet I I just found out. And then your finding out it's weird because there's been one story that the captains and their wants are that you know everybody knew them. Some people believe nobody knew until wreck for the game and that's why knuckleballer was crying like like a baby on the on the sideline. But this this story is not going anywhere and Sobel Cordelia said mud he's. The latest to discuss this in maybe there'll be more. I also still feel that when Butler starts making these free agency meetings he's gonna have to explain on his and what he thinks happened. And then maybe that'll sorted it leaked out right to be either the agent then tell somebody or. In opposing GM he is he doesn't sign dollar what does he care he'll he'll let it fly in and I'll be honest or some article bulk of the aging care about. At this point is that other teams know this is not some sort of disciplinary for an action that he did they did it's it's better for Butler in free agency this and that being a football decision. It's better for butler's agent if Bill Belichick is Hattie brain cramp. While the defense and settled and it felt like they did not need the player in this game pelican were located that. Belichick make a mistake is better than a something happily knock about during that game and saw that the more players that come out and do according did which is you know support the character Malcolm Butler. The veterans are Boller and the guy is gonna get paid I don't I don't care that he played yet he's gonna get paid as. One of them at the moment Brian. I guess racquets at 830 you'll get more than 330 that Logan and what you think at this point I don't know he cannot make it here so every year is all all was a year or two years two years ago was considered one of the top two quarterbacks in football not able. Which any effect to now throw it out there but that's okay. Margaret copy to our top quarterback Tim what do you don't mean lately to play the Super Bowl idiotic he was. He was average this year. We Gillmor passed by the end of the year he was already with stock I'd buy it especially it's in the playoffs and he's sneaky or was let's not rule out the fact that he's the yield. He's seminary. Okay. It's all manner claim it Logan Ryan who peed yeah I love now that he's not here anymore but not all you do he's getting paid more than Boller idle idle they got that right I don't love. And I W money for a patriot panel ready listened to Jimmy fund for you today on the opinion until race up the double down that he's going out and others in its 48 march 2 so happy early birthday to Malcolm Butler twenty went on in liberty can make an old timer or their corner at a slower dollars. I mean does he did you serve that he that he's had a great career a brief career with the patriots a great putt. I don't know any thought maybe he won't get paid as much because Arnold heard this month on Friday always pledges NFL insider you have. US NBC radio that's odd guy again six to six this past Friday the happen again a very familiar gassed with some. Patriots information that I don't know if you shared with anybody. Other than the host that he was live on Friday so add this to the pile on Malcolm Boller Gary do we know what Malcolm Butler did. They got inventions suitable yet. I think personally it's just his overall attitude. I think who really pissed off. Because he didn't get paid he thought he had that you wouldn't Portland and from what I was told. He didn't pass the football knowledge tax which I'm sorry hold Obama you know I put him in a way just. Where have all put on the white all you got here there they did so does he talk about the wonder like they give them wonder what tests he shows up to New Orleans to see you know see the city of LAK fill this out real quick and come back to me before we signed him. For off field contract. The white board test let's okay here's a defensive play Malcolm Butler you diagnose what's going on here you made dispute case and in the Super Bowl yeah what did you did you regular read the eyes and read our place atom Russ Wilson you make the pick one of the greatest defensive plays out there not just patriots symbol history but in the history now history supportable or sister on you you're second team all pro since then but. Did you diagnose this rocky V contract why is that causing the earth. Likely from Malcolm Boller and so he was a pain in the ass all year but he played. All year are you as a bit late 98% of the snaps that's right 100% of the snaps credit playoffs records of the super rule book but a pain pain gas pain in the ass and he failed the white Ford. It's just past the football knowledge pet. With New Orleans college you know they put him on the white board and its parent. And. So content Wallace in the money. Results pissed off. Came back here you know more it's forty minutes and like any wrath I think. And they say tells my legs exceed your salad or someone doing something in the back quite follow what the gold nickel yeah. We'll three point bit bigger steps. You get squat. In. Place suffered greatly. And speak how to cure all year. It that's true that's true that we are that anywhere according to Gary you've got to a jerk all year. I already called an incredible teammate Devin accords that spending about three of them play in the Super Bowl. He's been a jerk collier well speak how to cure all you by the way that special area or they always put music honored guests. Like that game should of picked up. I don't know lightly brown added I only heard the tank we stuff but I would suggest that could be one of those people always a round become like you. Hall and I hand raise I Donald segments yet you don't run around the elites around it on in those segments. I do to get it in underneath it I did I got actually aren't able to. Eight the music underneath numbers look confused like you you hit the music but it does. Would carry the long pauses between answers that helps because without the music you like dinner dinner dinner. Stories from Boston sports with those on the ES. Complex and there is still on if you put that together and I cannot count on god. Concept was not mine for sure. And that was a lot like the new offer exhibit there at like three or four guests like for the reform it's a good idea and we had music behind I forget what it was let's take a listen. I don't know volunteer event. Hospital Boston Gary and Greg Garrett made his excitement about cobalt and bail out the white sports net and like suffered greatly. Can speak out of your own yeah. I think you've just tightened during the week that the only thing in the I don't think there was a curfew violation of the regular him but I think would build their hopeful but there's been I think definitely needed the person. The personality. If I doubt if not. I know he's got up an early I'm talking on the night radio guys they should be comfortable do their job is our network show yeah that's you know hop and go Gary you just said it's not a football with a do its part. That's the exact opposite rats a what you said and it's. He's a jerk the weather to do with football and it's a more usual Boston. But get political theory tonight here are very drama I'm what you see not a breath right now sir you're overweight man. Gary what what do you do for Carty you know Jerry and Barry giving me the person to personality. Because of football but if I don't know which I have only about what they had out. You know we are I mean it again sports. Told I just yeah what. He though it sure we're ready to go. I still think he could help them win but Belichick through school or they wouldn't say it in a bit that's. It offers a look here. Excellence in the studio and you really chase people out again studio your far are you as that happened that you currently doing sit up right out there what what is happening and accidental or. Running to his car is a veteran NASCAR honestly. It Gary knows that. These and again I'm on the year against the GO so wrong that I'm wrong. Spots I don't think he's mentioned that on the your leadership program and all of nominees is working appear so here is our frequent he's on television Monday through Friday every. He's on the morning show once we ease at least it's a weekend. Did he save that stuff for new describe. It here I act and talk to somebody off the year and they said Gary didn't even realize. That this is going to be on in Boston today. And to a game is Gary nightly insider take not the entire city of Boston listening iTunes drugs for the personally it's a basically Malcolm Butler screwed up the football IQ test the New Orleans and that's right and we'll see. Putting any clearer idea percent of the snaps in the regularly sees it and endemic forty knows that. Right and it's laid out hot and so the biggest games less so playoff games because he's the correct I would say they are he played a 100% of the snaps into play out he could get off the field stupid idiot couldn't get a moron carried a football can't play bad and. It is an old with more important than knows. Malcolm bought what. Yeah I agree I mean it again. Catholic Church energy take the stairs again I don't think he could help them win. But Belichick who belong there and says Aaron Aaron. We'll continue with a 61777. On 7937. Hello jump aboard my question would be at this point three weeks afterward according sameness. And the people who just. And stay yelling at the moon that there are some other incident here yet what are you gonna do you folks finally give up what is out and just admit. Come on the air admit Iraq there are gonna dig and now after the bell bad football decision by Belichick he's great football time but he made a mistake for whatever reason never put over the game. And if he does play admit now they would loans as dale hollow as the chief Mott is and Sports Radio WEEI. Bill sent to the football decision. I think February neat person to personality. Because of performance and you know. About the fog. They had out. You know we are I mean that you're boy. And I just yeah. The what if there was ready to go. Insider Jerry Tang Wei was on the do we Scruggs show last Friday the one of the shows. NBC Sports Radio like it was millimeters drugs I think we had two different shows. That's sort of fill the time for our show last week so. He was one of home. Tang Wei had big bucks right had no idea he was on box that you know there's like hundreds got to throw this out there sure who's gonna check me on it yeah. National show my Charlotte's not survive they don't care right now so this is this is a surprise to me. You US for you know what are people gonna do now that demo forty has come out and said listen not voted doing wrong that I know and so. Don't try to make up compared yourself into a pretzel to figure oh why he screwed things up when you look radiant and McCord Brady and recorded a ball so essential. Stephen A Smith doesn't believe them forty Gary Tang Wei had whatever his. Theory was an I don't even know where to begin this but Chester behavioral. Agrees that. Way Chester when he got you know that I believe that a shot. Agree with us personally I think the idea that Tyson. I don't think ballclub played. Well enough. Get a play next week I think you'd still weren't on the contract and not get the money already do are they were given a the only Gilmore but Chester. I didn't get a contract at the beginning of the season and he played in eighteen games he played every regular season game and the two playoff games that all of a sudden he just snapped. Yeah I I can implement trying to run and maybe entry and don't shut down and hash it out. Might have been a different result and spoke. But a picture don't help them do something that contract would like he played eighteen games writes that's like Jean capital would ultra quick all the records like every implement law. And here's the issue he played eighteen games and this is a game were you play well. You're gonna make more money than you probably should and there are got plenty guys this who told Larry eggs or Jackson who didn't. Deserve the contracts they got because they were DM BP you're in it big in the final game of the year. They got more money than the ultimate veto both our about you know he was set up for this he said he played like bleep during the seasonal quo they're Africa who is talking to me that I've played lately. But. Paraphrasing it he could make up for the super ball. So he said that he could that he yeah could have but he wasn't given the chance as the guy who. You know his first real moment that everybody remembers. With the patriots was in the Super Bowl greatest player of all time and any follow that up would too good season so he wasn't Dexter Jackson was littered around. He was a pro bowler that are all pro those next two years this year admittedly not as best contract year I'm sure to affect them. I wouldn't be surprised at all the contract was one of the reasons why he had his worst year as a starter. But the contract. Shouldn't have anything to do with him not play in a video on delta and there's no shortage of work the other this long and maybe they maybe they awards. Sing I die maybe each one was annoyed with the other couldn't stand the other was was looking forward to moving on I hate you know. Belt sex thinking am I gonna offer you a contract bought percent I would listen to look at like maybe you aren't you can't use them for one more to him when he can't figure this out. One more time that's the part it would be again as the game goes on he can be used in that Kimi can help patriots win that game and don't do it and as for bald look. I believe that there was not some incident that happened that week I think it's you Knox is Caracol but to say that but. I'm not gonna pretend it went admitted he got here. He'd been the perfect player for bella check he'd spent some time you go back to college for a second SEC talent that the west Alabama right there's somebody there a year raft created big Pickens who bully showed up late for camp that sit out the entire candidacy life mr. happened is that flight in a bank and Nate. As a right handed I indicated that. On he had been benched earlier last year in the saints game to start the year he was of the bench Eric pearl was in he came into play. When our program hearts of their bid these little blip but again 98% of the snaps evil the gaming that bench did. The second part of the second game as he's whatever so bright but it appeared they were past that and for whatever reason. Still three weeks later I don't have a good reason as to why the hell did he also he got so I launched an arrow a caller brought this up a week or two ago of the game he got benched and happened to be the team. That he was talking when an analyst got a contract where. Exactly where incidents boy that seems certain that kind of vindictive or was it. And and to be fair there is a tracker with Belichick guys. Who go against the grain when it comes to contract while mirror you pay I think that the Wes Welker one stands out yes OK you know one renegotiate your franchise that we have to pay you fine. You will not start to hear comes to a settlement with the first two games of the year as an out of blocker who. That's the sad for some reason that as a putting watch them this stuff early on throwing watt receiver canals that he's not starting games Deion Branch was Tom Brady's best friend on the team yet. Did wanna sign a team from the deal approval of DP traded to Seattle to Richard C or contract is over the years Logan link up and also Logan had so Bonser got so don't tell me that it doesn't become personal at some point and maybe that's what you know Gary's alluding to that it. Became personally just seems in the final game of the year or go back to that. That Michael Irvin story tells you guys where it's Cutler got troublesome ball we can Jimmie said what's this like that you pray. What is the right and Vladimir in Lawrence with a blunt here. There you adjust to actually best oh while while we are. Remember I want a non factor I right mr. took a chance and so combing almost a ball he. Okay and and yet you're in now as it. Under concerts there you go ask are there it and you sign continents on what contract well you somewhat content on. Or cricket has and let beat you. So a better chance and then load it doesn't want to know about it and so on that street. She's a cheerful and let him out there and millions. When she features Butler is Rachel. So you think he adds that story would make a lot of money after that I feel like winning the C rules the most important thing. You played him this long he's got enough there's enough tape on them much thought these economic a lot of money on not as convinced we can make I don't know. I don't know if he has Ivins I look to the rest of the quarterback market by Richard instrument like it traded but I. How how can he is still sub thirty. He can go and he's a good tackler. He's been a number one quarter at times during his career. It is the most sport quarterback it's all deliberate tackle protector quarterback left right tackle what is left tackle. And decorum left out of our quarterback goes its regular guys weren't positioned even bat like Logan ride three Prodi profile and nobody else is having FF from rating. When this is my argument yes that's okay well I think you his 64. Amongst corners this year okay what was stuffed Gilmore last year with a patriot community ones known and outrun us out of to a number ones who know he is lower a sixty day is pretty well was lower than Butler is right now on the patriot games and more money than the Reebok but they pass the eye test. The I like to have to don't go to football knowledge gently wipe boards which I still coated is that they can't get the wonder elect I don't know why they would have doing anything like that fears of play tell aside you'd defend it in what you do. But if it's those and make any sense because he hosts the patriot system. So he goes and meets the saints and their like here's our defensive system. Cram for them is Edgar and now drop plays in the white board is slick will have a look at the city first. Can't talk to the coach. I don't I've been around a while guys are out with a little bit to your defense actually defense is better this year but for the most part you could use me to veterans players still get that test when they Camilla I get the rookies do like your rookie you can infer draft can open. If they do what you stuff on the bright what do veteran players to get that treatment again it's not enough from Butler. On the field hey we know a year ago now them I don't ordered one of the top four players you position the entire league but. Would you do against this four wide set I don't know Charlie Atlanta Falcons I don't get it makes the most Josh is in Vermont is a Joshua. And let's yet due to dual clutch. I'd like to laugh out loud was trying to say you guys like the franchise to act. So back in the day when they try to franchise Butler failed and now or is it to detect. Yet you turn out to go to the first got to tell you that there are all you need to do this in this important in value at April on. It which reported later so I tell you right now they'll at the holidays while Betsy Hart. That they receive a lot work to push him out another Seattle moment what did you go out there to make a big splash it can just take it only. Have a Josh articulate guy now you can really keep his uncle and maybe biggest rallies they doubt he's not gonna sign with you. Butler no matter. Of the odds of actually look at eleven out there and it firms are and why didn't make the yeah break their jobs. It got to go out and get it in it will not allow somebody to JRK. Life. They already they already sent the market a quorum they they paid Gilmore what he got that doesn't make any sense because either another team over the if you don't think he's that good. And he has his big moment again another team will overpay him a great let them overpay him. He wouldn't he turn on the franchise tag now this CI I don't know why do we care. How much Malcolm but it's paid pre wife Wanda woody he helped win a Super Bowl he played night all the snaps we know went out the snap counts stuff. He was a pretty good player all this year and now he's wants to sit him to. Hold back a salary next I don't get that part of them do their part are we take your thoughts on this but maybe a bigger story much Rob Gronkowski. Could have a future all laid out as we're you know my oral speak well Heidi and we'll go there ago how good of a wrestler could Rob Gronkowski B how serious are these rumors that he could be. Leaving the NFL for the WWE. 6177797937. Dale Hollywood Keith mutt is and Sports Radio WE yeah ten. Has surprised you didn't play well. We got surprised he didn't. Play at all. I mean as. This summer when thinking about that time I mean. Just focus on and you know trying to get off the field. So whether it's coach is doing and I mean that's that's their decision when did you know you gonna start with the game. Yes I mean you know it's no basis to kick off. In the news. That of course Eric row following the Super Bowl offensive trying to connect the dots. Gather all the information. As to why not voted play I think he was just kind of put on the spot did not answer that I that he did no good or get more reports including demo quarry today. Saying that the other players were aware of the mark Butler was against yeah don't also go back. Ideas ever listened to that I hear these guys talk and might I just started tuning him out so don't say anything to. But he clearly lying in that first party time what does that did you notice Malcolm Butler is not out there. Now we got surprising played. I surprisingly little. I mean as secure anyway it's dishonorable and thinking about that time. I'll just focus on you know trying to get off the field. So whether coach is doing and I mean that's that's their decision. Okay that now is eight and its eagerly look you're allowed to lie tonight it was good advice. He he knew while he's playing Nanking and his teammates on out there who played with it that group all year. Penalty was one of the guys but there were two other quarterbacks in fact in my Eric roller what of one of the two. Who is arm in arm with Butler during the nationally at the Weill bought it with chronic wounds aren't Richards and corporal potentially. He's he's you know about that ball wasn't playing so now I guess it opens up that he built the second part was lights here because. He there's no fault lies not abolished not by road and wanna be guided tell you that he's that let Bilbao a lot different if you believe let let out of forty. Let Harman let somebody else take this up on I don't want to be guided to do that. So Butler the decision not the place clearly. The you know stored number one fallen patriot season but right up there rid of the mix. Much you gotta admit Rob Gronkowski after he gives you the answer of you are gonna really take a look at you know we offseason and see if I wanna come back type of thing and then all of a sudden the WWE. Commerce. Come fast and furious. Including. For. Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer newsletter it Heidi say is Dave. Melt there all the data that's where Carolina and elsewhere are they've built by the way but he is the Adam chef there of rustling. He is the Adrian motion around. Of wrestling but. Older than those guys he's been doing it longer than those guys. Jason would you say that I hit newsletters today for a particular it's a newsletter. But it which people still subscribe to would you think Dave Meltzer is the greatest reporter. In the world. No I'll start over and over one under tough to buttress their he's the guy wrestling now what he's been covering this for since before. Muscle mania Slater with guys he's nuts and so he says that the Debbie Debbie we wants to sign Rob Gronkowski to read teal. Close to the out of Rama rao's Toronto Ralph he's the former UFC fighter is now coming go to WWE it's going to be working part time. Now how much money could we be talking about here Rossi at that you might know the answer this'll be better rot you big wrestling guy. I've known your whole show you dale all of clearance or a written all the report Friday five. That's five million years let's see critique. Probably about thirty appearances. Biden please give me a picture with football or he makes five were OK now all these make five arrests live Breslin thirty appearances. Now he's going rest. But we're not always obvious that if you might hate it it's greeted to I used to like it but it's gotten so bad weather rockets. Our people don't wanna see him on any front get that south McGraw and money. And went wrong for all of that idea but he had given our officials had a huge thing now Brock was in her garage also recognized name for a letter I want Sarah Michelle as the ball at an analyst and a little while. Rob was in the wrestle mania last year got a nice little pop from the crowd. And that was done he was cervical lower kind of hard moment there I don't know if wrestling fans really wanna see wrong to be honest I don't know if the as the the big time a war that that others might they did at Lawrence Taylor in the past they've had. Dennis Rodman Karl Malone. You roads Pete Rose but as I did that the WW week here this award for you Jason I said he used a mighty Tyson he's one of the most recognizable one name athletes and football prominence Iran got its own ground true back. Guy translates to merchandise paper yeah whose hand. May I most importantly. Mainstream coverage read the WWE for the sport if Robert 'cause you balls I don't think that I don't think they would care. If the fans care unit at Siena that could be a guy that people don't like. If they're if ESPN is covering wrestle mania is because wrong is there. That's the goal right yes it is already covering this place. Yeah they are there therein on rustling it's it's a big deal rest remains always big of a five million dollars. There's a story over the weekend the the highest paid full time wrestler. Only makes one point five million a guy who's there like every day all year long. But they pay more for the big guy at the Brock Lesnar to the world and even John scene and whether it's part time now. So Rob Gronkowski five million to work. Couple times a month. Compared that a full a full football season five million dollars do you ever say that me and get so I believe is that game eventually forget wrestling. He wants to be the next action star he wants to be Stallone he wants to be Swartz digger wants to be but I don't think and so he knew about it. And I'm convinced he can you think he can I think your holly the F season to figure mega star and I think they recognize he's not alone from football right. Directly into it there's a patent for created by John scene and the rock and others you go wrestle for a little bit you build your fan base out. You do a couple of bad given that Ronald and Tina are is it that sort of your difference right there like it if you have to have it. Those guys are both. Senator stage on Debbie did you eat the rock has charisma and a real personality and he's the biggest movie star in the world. John CNET is in the marine three. Well there's a big difference between those guys I can say that Doug it's agree on can expand doubles nine. Yeah almost there when he guys and the guys in that it big guy to be in the back of that but I like the rock wouldn't be. Character to want the rock would be. The guy in the movie poster and he would be making a ton of money puts and I think that's iciness I don't think a lot of money in in Hollywood I don't know if physical I don't know a couple of bad movies a year. Its biggest stars. This guy. I doses were brought speed of a jump seat that was the main library and I he had a few other movies this design hacks hacksaw Jim Duggan. I want to get you know that it comes out there wasn't I 54. Warrick gets a good. When we. It. Guy. Ever here's a look at that and our prayers are crazy and its ability if that's an athlete out there. And brought to do this Johnson is a new movie called partners coming out. But that's the one where that you have that I schoolgirls to upgrade the father and he's trying to prevent his daughter and of course that that's the that's a movie that's the film it than just sitting here I guess. It. They believe the ballot in blockers. Yeah I don't know like they rebate weekend birdies I was girl got one of those guys on pit bull and left it right then I'll promise you you're blocking this are these going to be a four actor asks. To unite you know by the wrestling thing at all. The other wrestling thing that could happen but I don't know what's gonna pay your way to being a box office star he worked for the wrong I don't please talk hoping you and has a bachelor here wrestler. This was going to be overweight certainly undertake a recipe for thirty years now. Rossi who has the best athlete term like sports athlete turned wrestler. Top my head like force Taylor now Lazio's is that. Probably month on the Michael lasagna former Chicago Bears of little when he's on the bus powered Lesnar that. He started using failed football player paternity and vikings can't couldn't couldn't cut it. He was a mess there but yet I wouldn't count him at a college wrestler does count. They of people outside EE. Right but so this that's real money notes that to go back to the five million dollars a year like he's not walking away for a million but it's also. If these that the real wrestlers these guys aren't. On not getting concussions but he's got to learn not getting hurt well that's the other that. You know in Hollywood that OK good you're good ago barring some kind of crazy stunts gone awry here and be healthy. Because and then rustling so Earl target but it's not always wearing a helmet trying to take your head now. Many are edited and Ali that's the part you know dealing with the pile driver further don't think I'll government I've now but I'll I don't head Andrew right now and it is it is quarries wrestling planned out there are still the big physical it's a physical. But it's not a Travis Kelsey org wrong in their heads. Ripped off and other guys using helmets as weapons and go on IE he lowered his head start with him the chance credits choreographed igniting picking him home. What about a chair shot to the had. Accurate field. That can't be and we've talked about the NFL's concussion but yet in the action figure Barnes had bigger question asked if they do they have a lot of side. Former sports Truman after the animals CT route but there's a lot of guys that have done about them from. I would say that they beat the eighty sport of wrestling this guy's sport of kings. Is a little bit different now than it wasn't even be hacksaw Jim dogged the squared sir I'll watching yes they don't do have to stop they probably did. 1015 what do you think Bronx move that would be like him knowing maybe you have the Crocs spike other matters what you want to go right now. Something involving snow nine the mood to move right now is higher sell to these rumors and get more money from the patriots because we can have fun with the the rest is all contract ploy I think. The best thing it's kind of really sort of dipped his toes into the wit Jeff Darlington cut I don't rat and no love. We do have a cup I want to play this because he would speculate as Jeff Darlington ESPN basically saying this and come out and nowhere. Deaf for weeks it was rumored to crawl was thinking about doing something else besides football. What I'm told from the people that I've spoken to who have spoken to Rob Gronkowski is weeks before that from Costa was telling people around him that at all on his body was making him leaned toward. The potential that this was his last season. This is a very serious thing for him tough to at this point he will certainly continue to contemplate retirement it's not a done deal by any means. But this is not something that is simply an emotional. Approach to the loss in the Super Bowl nor is it emotional response from the concussion this is something that protester was considering. Long before both of those instances during the 117 season. Sole hole itself per second the Indy I think eventually he wants to be in Hollywood and if the patriots want to ante up a deed the bonus set up again he's gonna make any billion dollars basked in a paper's position. Gilligan now bone structure and a poly play well I think that might screw up their cap. I've heard that. I like I would be I do not just about an hour but I write it out yet 1819 yet so. Let's say that's the eventual and games that he wants to go to Hollywood they get the money stays but for him. Right he okay so are retired now Ahmard hall of Famer and I can start that process to get to Hollywood. And still make a lot of money doing it and started Euro tears or when I still feel pretty good. About myself I think it's real you mentioned as a people blockades in and twitters eyes it bleed that rumor white guys talking about this I I think it does have some. I think it had to do them back to it if you if you believe. That of a eventually brought wants to forget football wrestling but eventually. Be Hollywood's what if this is true that he was thinking about that time and there. You know earlier in the season before the concussion because I I never thought all the Super Bowl loss and now wants to retire and I didn't think that. But I thought he's had a million surgeries. In his most recent injury was the concussion which is what box most of these guys now when people retire before the age of thirty. Most of them usually say concussions are thought may be added to that. But it's also a lot of these football players were tire. And then work and they really turn first source of income that anywhere near what they were making at that they can't get other jobs but they're marketed as violence in our dollars a year and depending on Jason crossing our source on this spot just confirmed five million if it's five million bucks a year to soft and I've got Ali's back up by good. Sources are of conflicting reports about five million for rock five is legit and sell it comes back to what you wanna see the patriots do appear patriots fan. You better hope that they go lot of character and add the bonus clause and again 2018 for impeach you. Outside of Breivik who can least afford lose in this team it's its. Wrong he's so Dwayne Allen and difficult a Jake a policy now you got your guys surprised I dreamt retired and that he is laughed. And I borrowed next year Dwayne Allen and the other Hollister brother. At the height and politics evolves there await the good and enact forgot all out that not commit to back out until. And a stolen election gave them a contract okay yeah pay pay the man this money I hope that they can now if you did go resting would you watch wrestling no. Rockwood goblins are no doubt W would not wanna hear that they're hoping to get the football fan that has given up on rosling oh Bronx back. Let's see let's put him in a program where is. The undertaker let's see what happens there it's let's get those two guys get enough through my son is into you watched. If Brock is what it is that they wouldn't wanna watch Robbie usual. Yeah splash. That you would keep would have a lot would watch you have about definitely while I'm gonna YouTube I would like the highlights the wrong person Roman rain that's what that's going to put do you think we're talking about rock and the air Broadway Wyatt no -- in other words that I thought it here first few of our bronze would be you know. First fuel in the leeward brag on Craig's got to build and race heated debate put him in there have mineral rains have come to the crowd or the man is a big goofy kids have a you have misty may have one is likely to fears that plays the guitar I liked it out of life is our highest allies tell us classic example pipers pit. Ever write type in your diapers his dad is all right people zippers that although Iran arrested but the barbershop barbershop. To go to our giant cake between cycles authority though lie possible only kicked margin that he at all that's that's a return he'll. There and she knows rosling. From the. They're great and I Abrams I all of God's greatest theme song of all time biggest rivals single beam like Shawn Michaels come back nailed a bit about that they'll he's back and be more rapidly talk with dale tomorrow around.