DHK - Dombrowski responds to reports that Sox weren't in on Stanton, plus Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Monday, December 11th

Hour #4 and we're continuing on the Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees story as Sox GM Dave Dombrowski responds and contradicts a lot of media reports and quotes from Stanton's agent.  Plus Keefer Madness closes out the show... can you have sex with a ghost?   


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Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood's key Sports Radio WEEI. One of the big stories yesterday was the the end of the game between. The Jacksonville Jaguars in the Seattle Seahawks we've already told to that Michael Bennet apparently not been suspended by the NFL they are looking into the possibility of a fine. The jaguars have now. Come out with a statement. About the incidents where we have a Seahawks player attempt to climb the wall and go into the stands com. Kind of attempted car and light it really he gave his heart OK and and it and I thought about it for a second major and this is to offer. Arafat. Sector you make Fata mountain climbers and then you decide. I can do that and then you figure out very quickly now on mountain climb artist somebody doing something that looks easy until you start Huey definitely that's pissed but it. You talk about an hour. In part you would mean none of it would now. Around their do whatever they can you know that there survivalists. Which I units are tip your cap to them but he is really trying to get in there for a moment. You think the guy. Did the guy hold them back and they are doing that it would be I don't pretty good hold of the back of racial at all. I'm down and I think it took exception somebody that who I don't know with the security guy was we got a little. A low shot of more than we wanted to see your hand yeah we didn't we did it down low. The helmet up though it was down I didn't come out originally you again I didn't guard was trying to restrain him. Got kind of palm does head to a little bit yeah so had palm. Well according to the jaguars they have their closing in on knowing who these people are they said. Immediately following the conclusion of the game they've started to examine the incident NFL security to jaguars stadium management the sheriff's office stadium security. I'd says the group is reviewed video footage and interviewed fans and staff or in the vicinity. During the incident for individuals. Through five objects from the stance these objects included plastic cups with ice and liquid. A bag of popcorn and a plastic bottle. Answered these individuals are being identified and will be contacted. If they are jaguars season ticket holders and give in the location that's. Pretty good other Gracie forget option ya if they're jaguars season ticket holders they will immediately have their season ticket member privileges revoked indefinitely. Those purchasing single game tickets willing definitely lose the option to purchase tickets for future games through the jaguars and our affiliates. In addition each will be banned from attending jaguars games in the future. I was think that's a little harder to do sees yet or Australia you revoke the season tickets that's probably easy. Dayton based went on to say that the of the actions of a few. Tarnishes the reputation of the jaguars fan base and the positive electric game day atmosphere at yesterday's game as electric. Out there are players. That's kind of I think a that the thirty yard pass from the fans are complete idiots right about end of Blair I think dale and I both agreed the player deserves to be able to go up there. And punch him in the house on our rights without that you don't believe that for real I really is and I certainly do what I want to go into the stands and yes somebody asks no I don't yet know not just somebody thought or drink yeah yeah I don't get me out how vital rhetoric you shouldn't be like everybody out here. And that's because obviously at you every HA BC's tickets away I have season tickets are well escort you from the game over here a lot at all. I'll just stand there and pledged that pays Lucia and I prefer overlapped grip stuff that somebody actually want to use that unless you're Democrats come out of the way which is sometimes orders to his case in the pro quid pro punched solved. Everything dad. That's all you need to that he couldn't climb back down don't lock room. And be on his way but my point is you just. Of course you can't do that the EU can't go to account I was it the NFL this league leaders in Arizona made it can ideal but he can't look at that look you would be. Into the that the fans are in the wrong there but if you added that element to this football season and everything that we've talked about. Whether you feel strongly or not about certain things. Fans there will be more upset with the league and it's been before and if you added all by the weather as a player going in there and literally punching out there and without that god. That would fans before that are against that. Don't let well what what would your average I Jacksonville fans who knows when Jacksonville fans would like it and understand like if you are NFL fan. And you see that video do you like whose side are you one is another another way of saying the other players. I thought I'd clean and well financed and not a fan side but you know immediately rolling stopping a player you know my bout with the president of the united covenant family as we now we got players in the crowd it's sad that there are good putts and some body it is yet of a player that full aid is equipment rates the the name on it takes nothing off I'll help and off the idea that priest goes the Seahawks uniform on he's. Punching guys out and if. Rob OK if it would be a viral video no question yeah you know yeah. But I think we're just gold I think we'll go badly for the players the dispute turtles are for the players it would be terrible that you wanted to happen anyway. I apps let us via UNC players always good vision upon some bodies torn that that should be an artist you are a lot of borrowing a cup full of dry ice is hundreds of Beers and killed by drunk drunk come up positions drunk yeah. I've talked. They thought. But they have all other examples where that looked so bad for the lead. But if you're talking about what the plate what the people in the stands not all of whom or a lot of work doing the throwing stuff for players than challenging them to fight like. Do you eightieth. Like you to do I get her to get something weird idiot in maybe uses drugs. This is America being drunk again but listen but my point is a lot of people go against wrong oh not a lot of people throw stuff on the field here look at players are working for what we're finding out you're you're an orderly to figure out there. They're very orderly. Maybe. You know we a talk show host national talk shows who's drunk and went into somebody's house and had her his pants down in their bedroom so what will encounter a critical and use the we've. Short ago yeah definitely what does that this is in an orderly complicated is very competently I'm apparently face yet. Yeah if that's the most fun LSU is probably excuse is just too much alcohol OK excellent video to get at the Johnnie Walker read it and you wouldn't even feel the punch in the face. You'd wake up in that today I'd like now. I was just tired now and this is something that our budget let's and I do last yeah out of faith that the NFL player knocked you out. Does not and in stadium drunkenness that is. Before we got it. That is an tailgating drunkenness. All that's the that is rocket guys that are at night a started at 915930. In the AM. You go in there you're not spending a hundred dollars on peers and your year and a terrible and it appears I'm an effort appears I'd just like most steam beer watered down overpriced. Ali is this dash there's just this last drought in Santiago I have laughter analysts government it's probably an idea it's not the alcohol causes this B favors the gold rings out you had already there to begin to. Restaurants now let's declare that mr. Hyde Atlanta the other side. The side of the cannon got the point it has speaks as artists that aren't out of notice it is big serve yes and yes. I've been loaded it announces that it's never like wanted to throw things players. It doesn't take a whole different kind of on the yeah okay it's apparently 69000. Some odd 996. People aren't up for a vote for idiots are maybe don't have that banner side to you. And I don't know if you are one of the Spanish side is what you do on the hawks yet Bruce Bennett. Is still inside to see what groups of personal respect that David. David was with what was the TV creation open XP. David that was that yet but either way that the band of batters. The nerd yeah. Holt is new beetle. Of some people it's our banner all the time so people could they got their hopes died at a few. During that it. How the heck ya and I applaud the opt. But you shouldn't give you jury. Kind of the theory is striking today that a lot of thrust of the players are certainly don't know how would you do I don't like. He's there's no announcers there are no there's no excuse for two on separate. Professional athletes. But I certainly don't wanna see athletes going into the stands and any sport. Doing anything that's their place of work so some guy came walking in here stumbling here opened the store and chuck to drink. You still like hey can somebody please escort him to and I always does building right here don't want in the building as a visiting privileges or rule oh yeah you do it odd that Michael it was trampled on to do not like what you're saying how sorry came Saturday chucked the drinking you know what management to say. You are not allowed to listen WEEI anymore ever again publicity is a that's gotta be her death every day. You can not you can not come within twenty feet in addition to the stadium to all sorts of things yeah a stern talking to yet. Value voter very helpful and the other thing this afternoon is John Carlos stand was introduced by the Yankees today at a press conference at the winter meetings in oral another Disney World. And you know put on his number 27 Jersey in his Yankee hat on and Red Sox fans are on okay. We'll find some meals. We will we will turn our wandering eyes to some other player out there. And I you've got the agent who say now the Red Sox you know never expressed an interest they're gone after pitching anyway that's what they want. Now you get Dave to browse decent mobile human. Never said that and we also never said that we made Jackie Bradley junior available. So you've got you know conflicting stories here Dombrowski saying now we didn't tell the agent that's what we were doing. It is our right we can say Jackie Bradley junior available that is available will he be traded before 2018. Yes probably yeah. Sack so Bob nightingale said the Red Sox. Hash tag Red Sox are telling teams that prefer to trade for an impact bat now. Been waiting out the free agent market. Where Judy Martinez and Eric Hosmer awaits us from Bob Nutting. Nightingale and so that's three erratically where Abreu comes I guess it asked if the but the White Sox would suddenly make him available which. They reportedly don't wanna make him available but I don't believe anything anybody says the stymie stroke Ugly Betty all liars eye opener. They're having a white guy who would step up we'll give you more power would be better intended. You you would think so yeah I just a young player continuing to get it out that's good. More power probably not. What he had Gloucester Tony four point three pounds or one now that's where he's got Celanese IQ somewhere Tony you know 222 to thirty for him because so many things have no problems in the Q bats and he's probably. Gonna have to act play center field. In 2018 when Jackie Bradley junior gets treated so back to center. But I I think you look at that attendee for more power than the wild card would be devers. When we first broke out you're dot com and that's a real power bat and it's hard to figure amounting he look like. A kid when he first in my opinion what are some twenty year old kid who's just. Now figuring out Major League Baseball they start to look like that for a lot to the point where John Ferrell had bomb John Ferrell. It started. DeVon Guerrero in a playoff game. He shared it over divers and a those are while so unwise talker so the question is is devers a guy who just takes that jumped a year to. In year two and gives you a 25 home runs or. Is he like. Then evolve our two year to you. Says that little that little window for Bogart's World Series here lips looks great army and 2014 is true rookie year he's gonna be rookie of the year he's going to be MVP he's going to be great. And he struggled mightily in 2014. The point where they moved in the third brought back Stephen Drew them moving back short. Couple quick notes here as we get back to the call 6177797937. It would appear. That the bald Brothers look mellow and Lee Angelo. Are preparing to sign when they Lithuanian club that I'll block watch this here BC pre NI. And I'm Noah got a and I I probably didn't nailed it anyway yeah that's right nailed it. So anyway yes supposedly the deal will bell come together in the next 24 to 48 hours. So now you'll remember. He pulled. Will Melo from chino hills high school. Before the start of his junior season that he took Lee Angelo out of UCLA before the freshman even appeared in a game. He's now gonna send them apparently of this Lithuanian team you'll love this according to the peace I'm reading in on Sports Illustrated dot com. It says. Pre NI. Is one of ten clubs in the Lithuanian league playing its home games at a gym with 15100 seats. But town of pre NI has fewer than 101000 residents. So then there was a player who's been playing in Europe a guy named out Billy baron. Who was talking about the coach of this BC pre and I and he tweeted out he had me my rookie year for a different club there. Told me through our assistant during training camp he wouldn't play be much. Because he couldn't speak to me. He speaks no English parents and let mellow and Lee Angelo are apparently headed to play for the slit the waning in team. And even in the story. It said they're unlikely to see much action in the domestically but could be afforded an opportunity to develop in ball. That league play in the Baltic leagues were receipt of this the best idea yeah follow those games this is the best idea. He'd get better competition chino hills high school. Well you know if you get better competition but you'd he would play and then with some of these different AU tournaments and things I think he'd be better off because. Players have gone they've they've decided hey. Either I I don't qualify for college art don't wanna go to calls don't get paid kicker of the NBA slick Brandon Jennings and manual mode you have played. Odd Jennings who's in Rome rodeos in China they played for a year then got drafted. It blew the situation of the mellow you're asking him just for three years. Because you have to be one year after your high school graduating ticket to the pros so the F the play as a junior somewhere as a senior raining and some and another year. What does he do that the other kids Bynum benefit dinner and stupid bang the ball the joint out. And these guys again I go back to that then the youngest kid scored 92 points in the game which is incredibly well I don't shot every traveler that's still amazing score ninety points. Just about every other European league is so different like guys go over there that you think that it is a good college player of fairly. Eight points a game a seven points a game like all the stats when Fran for Sheila is breaking down all the guys are about to get drafted the guys are really as rod good player. Four point three rebounds but he didn't like. That's the that's. There an and ha ha. How did you. How do you play for a coach who doesn't speak English. Now maybe there's some guy currently you don't play well or maybe there's some guys on the team products on store and there are a lot of people who who speak English over there so. Your your teammate. I can as a Major League Baseball here is if your team doesn't have an official translator sometimes what your teammates. Depending what country you're from. And yet your teammates will will translate to post game comments in this case the coastal say something and go to your teammate who speaks English and he tells you. Their car who are older looking for their current roster. Their entire team is from Lithuania with the exception of one players from the Ukraine. Did that that doesn't mean that they can't speak English and Elena this image don't have any American got an English speaker and or somewhere. Somewhere so talk to him dollar out. Bad news too I'm not a lot of designers towards Joplin from what. It's a mistake for the kids. Several missed according to several whitlock it was in this it was like three or four mistake three or four different stores that sort of throw the other two guys in the boss and apparently he's known that stole from all three stores at the that's made my first state one of three. There's for a second mistake and a three foot got another winner mine that more time. And the patriots as we setter in Miami tonight I hear this a lot well you know the patriots are hard time the dolphins the dolphins give them trouble. Was looking at Tom Brady's career numbers against the dolphins he's 21 in nine. Thrown for over 6800 yards 56 touchdowns 22 interceptions. He's okay. Well I admire his numbers are great against anybody doubt. You know what those numbers in Miami that's one and the other thing is. You know some of the big big losses memorable losses have been in Miami by the time where. The dolphins were reading his lips off of a TV broadcasting week before that Thomas admitted that he shot about Nick Saban was coach in dolphins then. Another time is Bill Belichick got a reminded me so eloquently. He went to Miami Miami was a bad team. And and the dolphins beat them. Nobody saw that was on Monday Night Football game dolphins Wear those orange uniforms which are so terrible. And then there and then there was 2015 when the patriots needed that win in Miami. Two clients when Clinton go to the given the better shot at home field. Yeah in the AFC and it kind of were in between with their game plan. It was just a mess a thorough dolphins beat them so I guess what what people are remembering it just goes. When they lose down there are usually. Not a nice dramatic. Nice dramatic game it says. Disaster I know they obviously need it for the division opponents twice a year but in Brady's career he's lost to Miami. Just regular season one more than anybody else here again it did and I numbers of fame he's the last nine times that it is in his entire career in thirty games. But nobody's beaten more than mine. Also her and other laws first game of the Darrelle Revis era is at the fourteenth season got that on a Cincinnati a year that one season of Darrelle Revis. Lost and a great season but the attitude to start with an old one start I was in Miami we want. And one final note just because this tickles me and I just wanted to wanted to tickled that like this I'm so glad this is gonna happen. The professional golf association has announced the US GA has announced that they had done taking snitch phone calls from fans. Beginning in 2018 they will no longer allow people. To call the truck and an eye I saw blade of grass move on that and an eagle back and checked the tape in and assessed a penalty against a guy you know halfway through is is back nine. Is it yet no more of that where and when I taken phone calls from anybody and no more whistle blowers are no more ways dollars no more snitches. Tyson's pocket of the guys in the office about this first the ball. Which you would know how to call. I mean let's say you were watching the debate turn your watch and that the US open on on TV. And UCL an egregious rules infraction. To even know how to caller where to call crazy woman crying and a number here. Yeah I remember you wanna yes and call number. There are the river shore there are two alive are are now Malcolm bullet holes with the next tournament. And you know what I what I am what I believe has starred Michael complex I everyone out Erica I believe they do all the research before hand. And they wait. And they raid vacancy something so that when they don't see it all areas I've been I've been working on this number for two weeks. And they make the phone call that have snitch on somebody. I hated. That people would do that I hated that they would but they would called these rules infractions on these golfers good for them for saying you know we're good we don't need it. Unity talking anymore. It's bizarre and I was even a thing. Or maybe how does it allow Miller did well but most the time they haven't been have been unfair most of them right. People call and then they use these seas of Fallujah and an apple devices tournament where. Where when the guy finished his round they went Tillman said oh by the way. Somebody saw something and called him. Nobody else sought by the way they've got officials who were little Florida around they definitely want to ground them. An ace again you know somebody called in and and we're gonna have to take you know we're gonna happen knock you down here. I hated the fact that they did that add to the NFL took calls. Not sure I got about SARS it was Howard that that out I don't look ahead to look at Richard that about viewed nonstop. It's just it's just weird that people do that stuff but people are robs up in Brunswick. Main route. I united and they had. I just wanted to get your opinion on. This year kinda started to bother me that this team in the other ear actually patriots. Being a fortune to teens. Would be more. Excited about a few bad for the guys. That seems like there's a lack of enthusiasm Turkey that is good. I don't think so. It's a lack of enthusiasm and I don't know took a fourteen to me yet maybe it would change. Robert. They. Yeah and if they win tonight and they beat Pittsburgh OK then in May be the excitement level goes through other. Goes to other dimension because now you get ready you're thinking about the Super Bowl that another Super Bowl run. But I you know route that this is this is when it comes down to. And we're all guilty of that you're guilty of it and I am to rob when asked her when's the last time that in in the AFC east you know here. 2008. Net a quarterback who was really really girl who played a quarter of a game so what that means it this is they win this game tonight which they ship its ninth straight division titles. And yet a lot of the ninth straight division title and be fifth. Team for Brady the right thing fifteen division titles are great they went tonight and so. I think if he's talking about what nine AFC championship chaos ridiculous that I think you're talk about the buzz. For each game that shortly that he's right again every golf fired up out my and its gonna football maybe you should be other other teams are probably would be. But for them I think next week to get a lot of that with the Steelers. They come playoff time I mean this is its right the only thing we're talking about. And and maybe that's what it is true as you're you're at the point with this franchise. Where you're waiting for the policies yeah yeah it is afforded to the day sell all right now what what's it going to be when they get to the playoffs. And get to the playoffs. You get excited and a lot of people don't get excited with they Monday night game and in Miami. Where the patriots are last I checked all out and a half point favorites. We would have gotten more calls today about next Sunday's game against Pittsburgh Steelers announced that none are period if we sat here today. And it's your choice and talk about tonight's game against Miami our next Sunday out and knuckles hurt you know we got more calls about Pittsburgh and we would have tonight he's. Paul's eyes have ready yet and he sent me. Wait a direct message and it's Oregon got Pittsburgh guy. Roommate college roommate semi three and he says wrote today why people keep asking of the patriots the fumes can stop the patriots and the patriots that's. I follow our guys that's their coolest. 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Racked up one up directly for Mathis Lindsay talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like keys for mad. Good deal of rebuild momentum and not think I hate hate. It's got so he's just gotten too. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. You turn your radio or TV download that we have in the background yeah thank you buddy buddy I got a bloody. Like you got a ticket. We all march to the beat of our own drummer boy intimidated yeah. I have real magnet the plastic ones I can tomorrow. I didn't listen to him and it's just travelers. See how hard to have caused little emotion. On Monday madness for and this is the story is gonna run up bills Ellen reflected involved ghosts all the nice yet the parallel while I'll. Get in touch with a Amy and how to make sure they're tuned get them vertigo I wonder if they've come across anything like this before this is a woman a 27 year old woman. In England. Who claims that she has had sex. With multiple go watch this she's had she's made love. Two ghosts. I can't when he always how which you know not to be a brighter but she's at about one ailment when he and so she was on basically their version of Good Morning America Thor eyes soon I think that's what it is you're born in Birmingham. It watch your heart I. Ha ha. She was the best on their show it is very a man and woman co host are very interested in this lady's story and so years. As are we eat some of the highlights I was very interested. When indeed you fasting count. The spirit and they didn't like twelve his apparent I was living with my fiance he. She's there she didn't know that I started a little bit of an adulterer lacks an erroneous it's. Fiancee knows about it and if you're gonna find out if you're wondering yes she's attractive she's pretty Jackson pretty attractive and the British Jackson makes it more voice of snub a couple of. And here's what Leno who just moved into the Hudson accidents. Guns. And also while his gun went in one week two weeks at a time. Sized field. Kind of depressants many painful to cocoon and I nicely which isn't some people would be a little scandal that you ones get them. Not a house carries so encompassing event thing and even when he. All right yeah I'm here guys where neighbors we're neighbors I don't know that it regards. That's what. They have an extra key house and have a president that wolf yachts and disappearing for Warner do we get tired a little soft what is he up to as it's ever happened with a fiancee is around well again Roddick will blanket that they even when you work in an who is Latin sort of in the span bedroom house when it was. What he's doing and spare bedroom. The nation can do it in and her. That's kind of of anybody she's until. The coast to come back for a little more action goes on back on only in the room down and it's an honor enjoy that well. And yes most powerful and even when it came up behind you need these. Well I'm feeling what. There's. Great interview though he's is that right I try to avoid that you want yes men powerful. And even when it came up behind you need to fees. Felix what's it gonna say here we're ready spreads a presence down slightly different presidents yeah note on that they got. All present I like my job but it isn't he worked him I think I. Don't. Now there are no third. And even when it came out behind you need to feed its breath immune. Yeah. Rusty. Element it go it's sort of like he start he was warmer and there again it's what's not well rap and pop panel audible as great because all the autumn hot route the Brooklyn new knack. Perhaps on your neck I still didn't freak you out. Who took less than you decided to that you would take it to the next level and you dressed in very sexy name division I. This guy I stood there and say hey I don't know I visual art historian or what the president of life from. What you Wear well. Vaccine. I am very sexy and inclusion and he went into the same bedroom and and at ten align itself and waited. Always since. Unless it's for Walden took a look at what if what if let's get a foot into it came she. Got you got you beat two teams key Asian aired off a little of you know I thought. So Walden took a look at what involvement let's get a foot into it came penance of justice had given up I was sometimes we'll see it came to me. And some of my consent yeah I'm. Well Anderson actually think now that she's well she's trying to tiptoe around little bits you know she thought you know on sensors yeah. At six I had actually tennis with a guy. These. Yeah I don't know what you're neighbor. And is she had sex with a tequila bottles got. Bull hugging rock not I don't I don't know like you know as a real person that goes on their neighborhood who constantly over goes I. I'm opposed I don't know terror. I don't I don't know it regardless you'll recognize here that they are. To. People comrade in arms around the gates. That's the answer all of I accidentally shame myself. Because I did say in the middle of that moment ago didn't see that coming. I'm currently on praise this Horry. At Portland fail a lot of good. I wrap your arms around it that's where their spot while people commenting on the grant dates. No sat out how to thinking how does how does the sex that happen if he could still fail let them if I was young. I'm. Okay yeah it's difficult to explain to wait on the way that the same time late lists. Makes stock and thank you all up and wait and wait like Michael's theory it's her neighbor in the white sheet and guys that yeah. I'm moon. And if this. What Rupert or fruit it goes through. It is time and the physical was the fact and striking. News. And down a sexual experience with a test and an orgasm. And to make. The. Oh. He's quite happy you can't wrap their all the relevant loans to the. They say that accidents out matters somewhat better we have a we would even do this story is just to American business almost somebody exactly crazy. About the ghost and had to make excuses head got to go to work are generally not on the coast. I don't think now god purely goals in his cab fare because they're Gloria. And in all classes. And to make any. Offensive against. Has types. The relationship with this particular spin through them as fast as McCain's time. Any end sums of centric figure out what to do that goes wrong in a relationship that we've had guys because you can't have a normal arguments like you haven't put the beans out all your conversations pulling people. Not an either way Larry's hand and all of those settings for felt to personal but with browsers it's got some issues right sort of relationship with the ghost yet not a relationship. What's. It well a little bit like I'm closer to beyoncé when it was Daryl final fiance tells him hey how's it going and I don't want to get that's not. So was it just down to the fact that you've both got fooled with a sad. So there's just one of those things it's just such talk and that's lacks in size within us and often says that relationship ended I mean. Mean there have been met many out that spirit and that have come to see you thing and some of plastics said. One time that some of Boston's and it took that long that debate to an okay different sort of relationship to think different and eighteenth. Hey can always tell the difference isn't just then when he came in I guess you can just killed. Different presences and if not that's not it not the same bunker and a twenty times that notice of and to promote and. And that the EU sent infant is because since you first such an encounter with a spirit you've. You haven't had human contact in that way. So once you go goes you know go about. That lol I don't know he'll leave so once you go goes to you know have a. Pretty much it happened that rice is yeah it's a level of an old testament now to what about children. They like Casper. May fifth Pippen's the first there is a straight if agreement. At a career. As it hitter here is a guy with some stuff ask right now and it if she thinks she can have. A little going to get wrecked. We don't we cut that part out cousins and forever no it was a lot aren't about some tees looked into divine intervention and a review it and it has gradual I think we've got to get them babies and babies those in there and we got a buyer for that five million dollar property tax where it kind of thwart portals and a front and back. Wait till night I'm sure they'll have a lot she says she's had sex with multiple ghostly the Ralston. Over that house she's she's good probably a little. I'm noticing he was alone and find you attractive. I should imagine you've got quite 97% of that could that defeat chat you did that eat no meat full. An old friend no husband Blake and that of the humankind. You luck in other cities BC's feed you the way the way it's embedded in headlights find one that I would like cents a ton of his sentence. Ruslan was that yes this problem with it it's replacing feminists are right. So this animal rescue in progress he's already dead now. So this is we also had to cut out against him much longer interview but we also the cut out part where she said. So she's never seen the go threats he's been making love okay well one time her fiance with coming home and he says that he thought the outline of a man in the room. Oh yeah he's. No way he goes off and does however had very little effect. So while we're doing that yes I texted me. She's and I said can a human have sex with a constant worry that. That just arriving out of the bullets quite a little late I think about it most of bought an athletic and we're actually talking about this on the air yeah which is that she said I've heard stories about. But never experienced it for myself laugh among OG. She then followed up with I definitely had clients come to me saying it has happened. Even when it came up behind you need to feed its breath I don't know I'll ask him for taking careful who. According Amy she's had client actually go who have confirmed that this sort of thing can have the real thing. Horny goes or well are we not just ago. And down a sexual experience with the guys and in all content. For me he couldn't. Be. Adolf Hitler Traficant beyoncé and then again I don't she has given up humans is an open marriage are not now what I have got right now and I together and ever since he saw the spirit through the window he actually thought ever since he discovered this site. They played. With a one of their neighbors is not the only that's what happens via correct that almost like she says to make it easier for itself on. I had sex with a ghost and he says no you sit through one of our neighbors that's what happened. It's a relationship you're you're cheating with one of our neighbors several neighbors neighbors who were one. All you haven't seen them she's fit to have ago. I am answer for the fiancee now. And we have a big Hasselbeck holiday edition of patriots Monday how about this Donta hightower will join us in studio at 730 in this area on that power gets closer skeptics for. And yeah that was he started hearing at the view that right but yeah let's forget we will be at Gillette tomorrow. We'll talk Heath Evans obviously we'll talk to the ballot check and we'll talk about tonight's game. And then we get to talk about next Sunday's game which probably means more of the most votes anyway you guys enjoy the game and I enjoy the rest of your Monday by. Feet com racquet on the ground for guys to. How does the fact that happened if he could still fail let them if I was stunned to go to Spain and whites come the way that same time late list. Even when it came up behind you need to feed its breath on your neck that still didn't freaking clue who.