DHK - The dumbest ways baseball can modify the 9th inning;Baseball is not broke vs needed changes.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 4: Rick Eisen and Mad Dog respond to possible rule changes in baseball. Callers have outlandishly stupid ideas, and some don’t understand this is different from pace of play. Caller Joey brings up the idea of having less outs if a team decides to use the 3-4-5 part of their batting order. New York Rangers announce Nash will not play tonight. Hockey deadline hoping to not disappoint.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour dale on Hollywood T Sports Radio WEEI. We have a lot of things we talked about throughout the course of today and you heard he'd say the Bruins have made one trade already today may be working on some other things. I I will also say and NBC sports. NBC sports network. Is three playing right now the gold medal game from late last night and in about 2 o'clock this morning. The United States against Canada for the gold medal thrilling exhilarating hockey game. United States tied the game. In the final minute of play. Sanded and over time they played a twenty minutes four on four overtime which is different and the gold medal game and ultimately went wish you'd gotten if you're wondering how it sounded at the end well we can help you would that. It has. Rate that's what Oriole like a shootout shouldn't be how it ends it. But it doesn't what was exciting right it does me not glued to your TV Watson. I have it was spectacular and and so we talked a little bit about that today by the way another quick hockey update hockey update. The New York Rangers. Have announced that Rick Nash and Michael Ratner will not be playing tonight. Some emotional high and it is side it is likely. That they have played their last game for the Rangers at least some of publicity is Brian McDonough applying. To have lost yes. Now Michael Ratner is a guy that the Bruins. Have you know been kind of linked to in the past but both Rick Nash Michael Ratner. Healthy scratches tonight the New York Rangers with the possibility that there are things of this that they are likely to on. And so there's you know a social Rick Nash you get a you have big name. Erik Karlsson resorts are my earlier in the show MacKenzie sanity could be dealt in Tampa today one of the teams. Panel somewhat later there. But yeah all the sudden the between now and Monday we will have a pretty big NHL trade deadline on some of these counts and one other note hockey note only and not that this matters to this team has their Don anyway done like dinner. Upload Julian says. The best goaltender in the league many Woodson who many would say Carey Price. Diagnosed with a concussion out indefinitely Booth. In their mass RO. What are rocking out the other day words are remote Bruce cast these record through 82 games it was like off the charts an armed fifteen points or ever. What's close record and there with the when Montreal. And its ban can't imagine very god. He is he has struggled with teams struggle and about which is good. They're not that NBC sports network you know necessarily does a lot of you know sporting events late at night anyway. But they did announce that the team USA women's hockey gold medal victory is the most watched late night show in NBC SN history. Ego they get a 2.4 rating which at you know 11 PM to two way AM yeah right is pretty impressive. Yes that speaks to whether they should bet on real NBC or or not but either way people were for Hernandez and a real NBC was doing cot in. They do say they they know that people don't have the attention span to watch it two and a half hour events no matter what it is whether it's a gold medal hockey game or anything else. They're giving you a three minute. You know ski race that they're going to lose or on a bobsled they're going to. Playing the best of the day and I think they re played. We're we we've played the cross country finish always great they replayed out again last night it's about everything even had was was lives fun. They obviously must decide that's what they wanna do for that primetime spot. The other thing we've been talking about here and it's got a lot of interest. And and this believe it or not. Originated with rich Eisen who rich Eisen said in Major League Baseball executive. He didn't say who. That I but it made me Ohio out of his dad is this is like the assistant to be assistant GM could put a Major League Baseball executive told ice in about something. Major League Baseball is considering. Ninth. Inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters whoever you want who. Whether they are just played except 345. Goes out and water in the eight inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. And then six goes and seven goes and eight goes. And if it goes into extra innings they haven't figured out what it would be. Do you pick it up. From naked from the eighth or you pick it up from where it left off that you recreate the batting order in the ninth inning that goes now for the rest of the game. So just for a perfect example yanks are down by two or 39. Inning. And Aaron Boone gets to put Sanchez. Same judge up there put up. Now when when we brought this up okay. Rich hated it I didn't like it says too much it was sort of a shocking change so he they radical too so we had a a little time to think about it firm. Maybe if you adult beverages were involved brought in at cat can confirm that with some of those involved yeah I thought process. So today are rich guys and show. He gets Christopher mad dog Russo want who's got you know the show high heat on MLB network a man and and kind of baseball traditionalist. You would expect that Chris Russo would not like this idea at all. Not a terrible idea baseball's got to do everything they can that you know better than anybody had sprucing up their offense. You know you know a bit with the advent of the reliever how good nudie pictures resort to strike out. It's ironic that a little excitement almost like the NBA bought a half court you know with these last second shot quarter timeout advanced the ball. Whichever you should do until you know twenty years ago they wanna have some excitement at the end. At a China gathered up and pick out a way to combat the accent of the great relief pitcher. And part of the thought battle highlight material. In and I don't think so it's not a terrible idea now that never gonna do what it's not a terrible idea candidates brainstorming amid global lot of crazy thing that you and we don't know about the action in solid man on first and second whatever was we saw that during the World Baseball Classic. So that China can Robert alienate Japan to create more rallies. In the last three innings in this game of these games and so that right there is probably a couple of cocktails or they exist. And I don't. Park avenue. What can we do that's so rich guys didn't. Seek and get the world. Basically it is and it's on again and they don't want negative credit that's that's it that's something you're just saying. Something different I would not play that does not again I'll admit also some consideration we'll do it. But it's not terrible I. Even Chris Russo said. He likes it but he also says twice and they'll never do it as the disagree and and I disagree I I I think that under this commissioner. Anything is possible. Yeah I think I think you finally got a guy in place who doesn't just sit there and it not everything's fine we're good everybody loves us where America's pastime. He says you know what we need duplicate chain. In some things here what's been a long time since I think there's been a real big time dramatic change in baseball thoracic question before. You'd said the DH so. There's an example something that must have sounded insane or lick the three point shot basketball yeah sounded insane that you already hearing over three now what are you what are you doing. But in the game changes and it can be better because of it and this is one where. Yet that the real purist it's it's might be tough to director had a around this and that. We've gone through throughout the day there's a lot of details that need to be ironed out about you know what how does the collide get picked up how do you communicated to the other team on and who's gonna hit. All these different things that you have to figure out but that's finds the idea of this. It's gonna create all kinds of more more bonds. Around in a late late game scenarios now are always going to be entertaining. I love the fact. That they are willing to at least consider the possibility of going against the baseball purist. The baseball purist who sang. Beauty of the game is yet on how larnaca alas I don't care it's four hours I'm good thing a tennis match yet sleaze. It's okay to think about changing things right they. A lot of people thought that the hints the installation of the DH was a dramatic change for Major League Baseball all might god what are you Aurelio. And by the way it is stupid that you only have written one of the two leagues a dumpster beside the point out. It's OK to change things. It all the replay they've put in you know it's a minor thing but they they treat the intentional walk thing that that's something that. 2030 years ago it never would have done another it short on votes will speed this up let's find ways to make the game. More entertaining I do think part of that is being quicker but that's not the only thing a guy ever the only sport changes in ice more looks at it says you know a lot. We need to spice this up we'd always go first to the Vienna spelled everything over to loosen the epic you have a ticket you're like. Are without there's there's that'd and and if you know what this is too easy let's back it up a little back the extra point right if you don't want a lot of things change to kick off rule right they've they've got a bunch and you know they'll mask a lot of those is safety things by either way that we've seen. All these professional sports change in the shoot out in the NHL so we sort of got started on the sole thing. That's one of them or don't three on three overtime all of that. It did and we point out Joseph your Omega a crazy change like this I do think it's crazy that doesn't mean he can't be good for them for the sport. Our navy gets in the post season where these games are gonna be exciting no matter what they can take that rollout. It may be some people there want her to have for the regular season should jam in the post season. While the shoot out as a great example of that whereas everybody knows that. If they used to want ties there are gonna come on back after the lockout they don't want ties bandit with the shoot out. When it's say you know best of seven series let's look and listen in traditional overtime it's. I like the idea that there are at least even thinking outside the box that they're not just saying I don't know which is gonna keep you were gonna keep doing what we deal. Where everybody loves us. Numbers don't back up on it and interestingly enough there's a new article that just came out today about that the NBA national ratings are on the rise. I'm looking awful announcing here it says and this is primarily they're doing well nationally doing well regionally Celtics telecast numbers are way up. And and one of the keys to success is is their numbers with younger viewers. Alia the NBA is looking at and saying all right what we do to get young younger people involved and it's working for them. And I think rob Manfred correctly is looking at his game and saying all right how we key how we engage more people welcome this would do this would absolutely do it yet. Amid a couple of criticisms we've gotten of this is just all the more that's the good players are gonna dead and I don't see how that would be a bad thing at all so we'll keep bats now. Has more opportunities for clutch moments. That's great but that's that's gonna get more people to love the game whether it's in John Carlos Stanton or Mike Trout Bryce Harper. Eddie's hazard hitting in the ninth inning that's greatest. Difference when you're sitting out of Washington game. And it's a close game in the ninth inning and before they go to commercial they showed the graphic you know the score that hits the errors may say due up next. And when it's 789. Or 891 to go. Playing a singer. But when it's 345 you Kelly okay accurate to come back united now are talking now here. You know two hits and and they could win this game. Where is what when it's they got the guys in the bottom line up it's just it's not nearly the same let's get back to the calls have you in just couple minutes 6177797937. As the telephone number. It's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number text line 37937. Retire watching the replay at the end of the gold medal hockey game. And there was a hit embryonic Decker. Five minutes into the third period where she took a head shot. There wasn't even a minor penalty called it should have been on a five minute major penalty fit elbowed in the face right from the just got clobber. And it in his al-Qaeda put a whistle away you know it's gold medal game. Except they call the penalty against the United States in overtime which was ridiculous call ray gave Canada a power play in overtime which they didn't score obviously. Officiating at the international car isn't a whole lot better than it is in other sports in every sport I backed the calls do you guys 6177797937. Dave's on the cell phone hey David. I got a lie wasn't it. They until we're able to listen these guys. Hawking about it kind of look at that Costello skit it was contained. And I don't think this is gonna work at all. Let's say on the away team I'm I'm up to one might have an 89 just batted now at the top and bottom of the ninth double punitive back. Now they get to put predict reform by to take the lead and it. That that I can't see how that's gonna work. Oh I famously brought that sleep on outside of the summit because a lot of work to eat a backpack my eleven year old country guy. It insane good though it Indians saying good right now Ian Leggett and Aaron I don't know. Let me put into his late game would you would you be more interested in seeing that bottom of the ninth inning now. It depends if it by pitching or bad is if it might not know you know you wouldn't like the the outcome necessarily which should be more interest in seeing younger less. Yeah I just don't feel beer 79. These guys are making the million plus a year they should be able to get up to the plate reform. In my east picture well it nowadays they are those are my close of the common man whose quiet when people come you know whoever you know. Now they get a priest reform conference. Terrible peril. You sound like Craig Kimbrel stat and I appreciate at the thought like I definitely not clear is gonna hate it. Absolutely all pitchers are you know that the the manager of the team. That is ahead going into the ninth inning is gonna hate it I understand that affiliates just crazy not to work. That's what it was about just not says yes while just off them off the reservation enough. Rod he's up in Maine hey Rodney. Dell. And keep really electric arc and so thank you. It's like Los comedian Russell funny. On I'll have lost a lot of dialogue I got a ticker tape it and also. So I think this is great and little confusion that you're here. You could shorten be able to. Its sudden desperately challenged book all where you have to. Where you're you're the one who propose to change sugar will have to live and let loose like it's just we can't tie. Don't know. I don't Rodney until August and the cubs went when he is that it had to think more than I'd that I highlighted still think I have aren't confident that's too much it's it's too much or there must partly in my. More items as true admitted tonight America back at tomorrow's they don't run and already he's ID. An unbelievable. And I sort of see his point although I think it so another words all you do is tie it in the ninth. You don't get the go ahead run when you lose. Sorry well that's actually either win it you don't win whether it's that or something else the team that is able to change. Their lineup. But they shouldn't they have something. If they're getting. All the benefit of this rule every single bit of benefit is going to them so a team that is losing for eight innings. Now all of a sudden gets like I get out of jail free card away. They probably should have some sort of repercussions I don't know what it is. Now maybe if you force extra innings then the team that didn't get a chance to do it may be day. Get the play the same game but their a lot of I don't know what it is because right now it is very waited like there's no lately he's been a shoot out ball teams have to do the shoot out. Or right away to college overtime bolting to get the ball this this is is is very weighted. And I understand their people joining us you know ticket not working and they're a little confused about this because. Another one on the texas' you know dale how does this make the game go faster it doesn't this is one of the few baseball changes they're talking about. That has nothing there are two tracks here they have one track which is pace of play keep the game Golan speeded up that's that's one track now. The other track is a little more exciting. Let's make an outpouring of gauging let's that it's a separate track. The things that they're doing to speed up pace of play cutting down mound visits all those things all good I'm up for every one of them. You don't know throwing four pitches for a walk just point the first base everything is good. This is not applied to that. This is then let's make them ninth inning charged. Right. About what is you can have a two and a half hour. Baseball game in on its salad without my must've been great. Well could still be boring if you can sit sit and basketball depending on how these teams play or hockey or football you can still have. A but the thirst or football you got a bad football game so just because. They're able as we usually do that we are most nights usually if you shaved down if you should got a half hour baseball. That's great that's a good start. Than the game itself maybe needs a little something extra and that's what this would be envious and I also think. People are thinking about it like you would happen every single night I wonder if they fine tune it a little bit more leg of the game is. It's closer or that they do some things and obviously began as Heidi you can't do it like there's there's going to be times. You're gonna see is every single game. We got that in my point you're gonna find ways to while. One only you know you would be allowed that would make these change I feel fairly certain I mean I haven't talked about it. But I feel fairly certain that somebody who will hate this idea. Is a little marlin. Yes I was and so I'm I'm just guessing they'll I don't know he wants a hundred mound visits so he's he's due to bad side I don't Mickey. It's so much of a change that April would now. Another reason why I'm thinking it's a good. More angry Lou that's true and it pretty rigorous high heat and and I liked it like fired up and it. Let it rip Lou I mean art people were worried that with the managerial change there'd be less angry Lou as a plane getting about cause and any time anybody. Complains about baseball if that blue thing seems to defend. Edited and a lot of are complaining that he's a lot of a lot of times that the fund wrecks on the cellphone erect. Hey how are you guys let's not you know I just thank. And who could turn into like the big market small market thing where its fleet week sweated so much of a competitive advantage mean. The Yankees and Red Sox in the Astros the immediate reports are. Two particular race in the twin fundamentals crappy cheap it's it's I think it's way too much are dependent. I understand your point a lot I I would argue that Houston is not a big market team that they're just a really good team you and and they built at the right way. It they're not saying that the 345 hitters of the rays are as good as the 345 hitters of the Red Sox what they're saying is. The 345 hitters on the rays are better than their 789 hitters. You have a one when you can put out you know judge Sanchez and and stand to pit I don't even know moving along purity. And nobody to close this I don't I don't know we're there yet you're right what else. Well don't say desperate to she had a similar right yeah he did and I laughed out loud he wanted no part in just one guy. Now that I might be able to ram are wearing or how much any point McCain you wanna put Steven Ortiz is pension system. Now I don't think it is a bigger than that you know out of its image that I can think of. Maybe that's where they act compromiser right now remember we want over the Purdue she article last year he had a bunch of changes. And I think we laugh at all and I definitely are laughing about on the but now all of a sudden dead you know I was what were bad guys that are right but that one may be is easier to figure out to. So any time in the ninth inning you can pull one guy apps you can wait to have a couple guys on him and bring a minute or two lead off the inning with them something like that sort of a wild card hitter. Now makes a bit more sense and that's also easier to wrap your mind around. Aren't what's your adult like after this slate includes Cisco would the next guy in its not that dramatically different. I Calvin on the cell phone hey Calvin. You're doing a long time thanks. The way I think it's all you console let them play in the ninth inning you're gonna work it did you have a lock the play and the night before so kind of look at strategies thing where it's like you know the team to a goal against. And that can that be a runner that can be someone's level head. You know it can't work that way but I think the only way to give that kind of like a fair advantage if you lock in the night before. So it's not like OK we're down that much so let's just keep it on the best hitter I am not acknowledging our. They scout for the caller that goes back with a caller earlier talking about oh allowing the other team to react to a I don't think he's a locket and a four bladed it. You know Britain for the inning starts if you're gonna go would this rich Eisen one where you get picked the first three hitters. You can't wait and see what happens that you can't wait to see. Our wolf the first guy gets a double now when change the guys decided to view the other team to get you that no Benedict Larry while four. And and that's not divide that yeah I mean you're already getting an advantage getting a huge advantage though yeah I needed to say here's one through three. At that if you just I don't know about having to do that like the night before none now amount on. The effects here in that you guys heard from the league. Worry or hurries east all for four with four strikeouts and a rabbit I think this guy at so now the unease that. Just before is that's plenty of time the figured out. And the other team that's also part of it you know your manager has the kind of strategize. And realize our crude I think the other team is gonna bring up there. With some teams it's very obvious other teams in the year you know you're being left a little bit guessing. And and the previous callers point you know the 345 hitters of the Red Sox and the Yankees are certainly better than for the rays or Iraq. But I don't know how you might change that nobody had a better light like Houston is not a major market you know mid major payroll team. Bates stung for a long time after properly develop players and built themselves and. A World Series champion but even the bad teams mean he's he's definitely right overall. Even the bad teams have. Guy for both an advantage for them no matter who it is there there are number three hitter is better than whoever authored about hence why they do that. And at some of them have really good guys and could. Help them monologue I mean you're right if you're paying that kind of money for judge her or for Stanton I mean exactly you should have the damage. Jose and Seabrook HL. Yeah hi Eliot that you pick my phone call. Yeah listen would do anything into the game until attempted. And it's like efforts I think in the scope of what it would build a hockey. He liked our country. In and you'll like issued out so that's what I would if attempted. Picked up the first statement take up the third and they've got the senator. Who's none none none of this. 00. Going and I have yeah we're listening I just don't agree with the of that. We ticket that would really make of very exciting football all the played to both asphalt the template which in essence still high school okay a very low risk to the pants off. No I don't know I don't know than the eleven city which has homer Dirk I mean get dramatic. Yeah fight pitches through five different batters in the eleventh inning and they can get quite frankly that we're talking. And it's not a real hockey you don't shoot well it was a different street shootout a former dirt that same idea. It. Yadda like I had I countless independent and you know what Joseph this is I I can't. I can't really ask for us this because there's a lot of eyes set I want to think outside the box and the NC double what this is like way out of the box shootout is not that it's different you know shoot out to be more compare apple to let. If you ended about how every one on one test what I want and I got now that's right because. The home run during a ways north Allen's home run derby would be sort of the pitcher trying to get him out and if so then again I gassed but you're still playing with the baseball. So I don't know for reform under green and taking guys off the field the out of London Charlie's on the cell phone hey Charlie. A guy that is an absolutely are like yeah I mean that are demoralizing and it bit your twin span. And you want to keep it ought all of game at arrowhead it but it cycle game and then in the night you know they gonna happen based. And Sanchez. And judge and then in the club that night you could not be a report just gonna make it's you can export of the doubt about the game. But it but it got great gonna feel if you beat them well that's great. I guarantee that they're revealed a comeback and win every time. I'm Albert will what likely than not a failure each stadium it. I denied that place gonna be going crazy where you just you just spot or game to win and that the team with a 229. Dollar payroll is that. But up there you know. All star team. Well and then the next inning you could put out ER. Chris fought by who can you match up it's just gonna just gonna make band angry about your band of a big market ski. I understand your your criticism I I just I I like anything that Dayton juices it up. And I think every and all those teams you know. It airs on a huge market the other day Paul called sprint can go hit late in the game or all these different teams. You know Pittsburg for years with a with a Andrew McCutcheon when they had him and all these guys that they can. They there's still guys on their team that they would want to hit in that spot. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio W the. You do just shut up back there because people don't care vote you've pigeon. Really honest with you walk on the gay. How about the game anymore and I understand it's long. Do yourself I don't care of the kids get crossed up I don't know except fastball on the shoulder once in awhile do you think that's what. All right we lose going to be Andrea upside down it was hot yesterday I tomorrow night I feel tomorrow. NBC sports Boston we're gonna take your calls up to the top of the hour but this portion of the program is also on the final drive. Cosponsored by heiress restoration specialists if you manager facility and did not receive the pros and weather service in needed for pipes or floods. Become an IRS restoration specialist priority service client today learn more ARS serve dot com. It's also cosponsored by cars for kids don't H car help a child today schedules your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Just one quick real world update here as if the story out of Parkland Florida couldn't be any worse. Boy there's some stuff going on and and announcements of sheriffs who were afraid to go win. Lou. Terrible. Don't you be on duty deputy school yet they did the armed deputies that they had an armed deputy I guess they had an arm deputy sheriff every day at the school. And need. He didn't waited outside the building for four minutes. Without goalie union. While the shooting was going on. He was suspended by the Broward County sheriff he has sense resigned. The sheriff was asked well what should be done on Darryl said he should have gone and yeah owning gauged the shooter. How you live it yourself he apparently was afraid to. I mean that's the one thing he will be living where themselves I suppose but. Man I mean some people would have still died okay it you know I am I gonna save the world price I mean athletic he would've gone in Italy heard the shots but that's still that's your job according to the sheriff he waited outside the building for four minutes. That's another long time in a situation like that we've got to make that sound all formats that for a long time kind of throws a monkey wrench control maybe somebody was there an armed the story that I mean to what some thought Erin Arnold in there. Whole week now I mean just when you think this story doesn't couldn't get worse that's terrible. And now if you're a parent of one of the or or family member one of the seventeen people who die you're saying well. Maybe mine wouldn't have died if he'd have gone it off. Our man I had back to the calls that you guys about that that the the more mundane and happier stuff that that we get to deal with which is completely changing baseball in making bloomer Sony's addicts would fix that. I'd chilies and Palmer hate chilly night on. I'm doing that it. Awful that I want to act on our concerns are that the game ought shout out shot or lock your door and knocking either. How nice of them hasek who works in their they'll pretty good at bats and that is while I was conveyed very much Joseph wait. You welcome and so I think you can do it got under way. Because it and your spirit erupt. And I'm not about to get there are under what. That got hung you have to that's a cynical oh look good and now here loses my profile agreements. It. So not an account is something that and let you add it back out of the bad ending with one out. Had a penalty. They do I get something out though they did on it they're getting an advantage a thought that that OK you can you can shop your lineup now. You sacrifice and out act you know on acknowledge that. So you can have three outs to go with what you got the year to our area or war if you're gonna shuffle around and you're gonna bring 345 up. You start with a now. Pretty good he's got he is cat door podcast going on and on thank you very beautiful cars that are act keep 21 rich key that's right out of your pocket as you anything besides the door by the rest of the week it's a podcast blacksmith it is reasonably -- is that like any other I don't know old way that your voice goes out there is that the Twitter handle with her I'm. He's on Michael volleys chatter on the villain with a much knowledge of the strewn all the little. I'd Joes on the cell phone NATO item on. Oh hi so I we just us ducking maybe add a base to each of the hitters that they get a hit it's those single would be a double. A double would be a triple and a home run would be worth two reps of that. At pretty dumb eludes me joke fat a I'd I'd back you lost me right we said think outside the bar out outlets that we don't need always extra ideas but the last caller Joey who haven't elected I asked what do you think that I. Oddest photos go to Cincinnati Dallas I knew or they can more of an annual our butts are now we're getting people call him with all these extra ideas let's focus on this idea it's whether or not this idea would be worth it and Joey did offer a -- yes let's which makes sense it does kind of make sense which is an exodus out a uniter July. And you sent your 789 you got your three outs like you normally hey we got we got the Wii got the outs when you're gonna bring 345 baht. Two you only have two outs the play I got Smart I liked our allies and then dot compromise there where time. That the the team that's pitching well that's okay all right add at least I'll have to out here it's and it's awesome it's awesome now. Well that he could figure that they say would still be effective forget that the worry about that you give that the some of these managers let's say hypothetically you didn't like the manager on your team. No matter what he did that scenario you could blame he could that. Did you pick three out probably you or B takes that the reality is that. Your best guys what an idiot that's a win win amid a minute yes don't mind now that's a good that's a good. Little wrinkle so it's not so unfair. Rob Niedermayer rob I don't. Great are you guys do great. Keep a running clock in the game and that the time doesn't pass sir Russell you get your while our guys targeted you report that are on the we want the suck well. Took you o'clock anytime someone stepped now voter you step up and down to whatever I'll also excited to obtain supplies it's time you know I think that's it the place about ninth inning if they haven't gotten that many point. They there are allowed you to wildcard hitter orders report by better. Yeah and again that's beside terrible idea at its top acog probably did it's it's tying it back in the pace of play I'm I'm OK with having. Two different things yeah it plays over here. Making the game more exciting is over here I'm okay it would with the two different ones yeah no I mean it was. Yeah they they they are separate matters at a but most of us that 90% of the changes to baseball that Robin first talked about or. Other people brought up. Are about pace of play yet but they have and that's why they are you know listeners are hearing this from assuming that this is a part of that's not that's just trying to make the game more exciting. Our right ever Keith is up next much. My at the mutt I really want days in a well all four or using that he was in my plans for its all week. Excellent other Florida that's what is. And they go there you know. I will be back tomorrow you guys for fun today we enjoyed it it was a it was a lot of fun will be back tomorrow you'd stay tuned however keep and you guys are all lined up they're coming up next Sports Radio W media.