DHK - Dustin Pedroia 8-15-17

Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia joins Dale, Michael, and Keefe on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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Who has given more to the Jimmy Fund has been more part of the Jimmy Fund and our next guest. But Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia it's good to see again good to see guys that be nice to see out on that field again but it's good to see here as well thanks to be certain. I am I'm hoping that's the case you you've got involved with the Jimmy Fund almost as soon as you got town didn't. Yeah I mean that's you know. Kind of luck coming up to the Red Sox system you learn about it. You know when you're in the minor leagues and and everything so. You know once once I got called out. In my wife the first year would volunteers second here's who wouldn't you always around so you know what you wanna be around the kids because they know they see on TV all the time and in. He can bring any any joys of their day or their family. And pick him up a little bit anytime. You know that's that's what we're here for. And some players have said in the past that they've gone to visit the clinic and some kids don't believe it's them unless they see them in uniforms so. Just from your experience what has been. That's definitely truth that right yeah yeah so pretty good out in a uniform that no but I think maybe I'll think about doing that next. Yeah absolutely salami and dogs just in time to go in. Just we just when the kids come here just. In mixer that. In years they know that that you're behind them men in and pulled Foreman anyway. Changes communicate with them and news in just one room one to get better and and be happy. I just references you know your wife is pretty involved to you talk about her involvement along with review end and maybe even separate from Hewitt tax which. Yeah absolutely I mean she's she's she did that a lot I mean it and I think you know you kind of take have responsibility it's you know in the community and and you know that's that's what you try to do it all the time any chance you get. You know she would she would be there in and go and see kids and and you know just to sort it out but anyway they can't. Is this something that you talked to some of the newer teammates about whether they just got traded here or side is a free agent or however they got here maybe not knowing just the relationship that the team has with the Jimmy Fund. I mean. And and I think that's why it's so special is is is when you come here I mean that's it's it's a part of it you know you've you've got to be there and and do anything you can't to help anybody on a time of need. And and everybody in our team. And in previous teams say they understand their responsibility and will do anything it takes that you know put a smile it's one person's face. Or your shoulder right now nest and showing footage of the S spring training trip. And every year a bunch of the kids from the the Jimmy Fund teenagers go down and visit with you guys it's spring training. I get the feeling looking at those pictures that you're teammates get as much out of it and you get as much out of it as the kids that. Yeah absolutely I mean your your your meeting people that. You know it. They watch on TV and and their their fans but they're they're excited to see a work cited see them because that because the expressions that they give back and do you and and excitement and you know words were baseball players and then we're bringing. You know enjoyed their day that's not like I asked for. Now Dell last year about you know being on the field and you said soon. How soon and how would you characterize the the injury in the pain that you have right now home. It's getting better you know we're doing everything we can't it's to make sure that when I come back on the amount their for the rest away in the stretch run and and in to try to accomplish circles you know us as a team so. Obviously is lot of hard work and and and trying to find a way to do that and now we're gonna do it. Now you came back in that it came in Tampa security DH at night did you know then take it will review where you push and it dispatched I gotta get back and you knew you work. Healthier it was that. Like that's a problem anywhere around I mean it was one of those thing obviously was a big road trip. You know and then. Indo. Trying to be out there and and you know compete against that the two teams that are that are will competing with. And right after the game obviously. Swallowing it didn't really feel that well so. You know welcome CEO felt the next day and I woke up. Kind of similar situations so. In that's when you know doctors and training staff generally takes over from there and and you know that put playing together it's to get you back out there. You know it's it's fast like Canon and make sure that this is a problem. Did you see yourself DH you more when you come back if if it's you know stills don't bother you but maybe you can hit now with you know one. I mean I don't know whatever job well whatever it's a message to them you know obviously I'm going to do. I mean for me obviously I wanna get back. That point worm play at second every inning in and on the things that I do it's to help us win games. That's that's that's pretty pork. Ninth inning Yankee Stadium the other night I watch a twenty year old kid turn around a 103 mile an hour fastball. In in a deep part of that ballpark yeah that's pretty unusual is meant it was it was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen on on field on the news he's facing its left or left Ian. 400 dream on our fastball monster he's ever seen one of those before probably not in and says. To drive the ball to the biggest part of the field and and hit it out in the past when measles let's hand mill mill avenue Tempe. And you see he's going uploaded to to tie it in Yankee Stadium so it was it was it was a pretty special moment. I love watching his reaction when wants. You know the ball went over after after out of first in the you know it's it's it's pretty cool to see you know a lot of these young guys come up and and and now. Kind of waver in any way in and to bind every philosophy that that that we ask of them in desperate phone does rock field efforts seem to be young guy who gets this game. He's he's playing the game you know he he doesn't. And and that's threatening school he's not. He's not thinking about my she's going out there and and trying to win. And that that's what we're all trying to do you know win in baseball you know you start thinking about things that's that's when. Bad habits coming in so it's kind of cool to see him go out their carefree play the game try to win. And that message sparkles it. Has dropped out devers and and there's somebody twice his age and I heard a story that you and you to confirm this is actually true it was just part of a roast. David Ortiz really shady. If you don't work because this. Yeah that I spells on people the story OK you're the leader of urgent. Yeah story that you are accurate that and umpires and what dolls on damage on deck now pundits. Innings and David you know he's its second third so I'm warming up in meridian David walks out there and capture just blocked the ball kind of kicked off home. And the umpire was over here more so he's trying to get the ball but he. So he kind of an overnight news capture. Well played against him high school actually yesterday. Hey what's up Dustan it was them. And Davis. Thought it was like only names if what we call you on my. My name doesn't. There was few weeks the. Now. By by legal means to us and I ask you say I don't. They're out of ammo for the last you know whenever so it was. As phony but that mean he he he knows they're Roman is terrible names that are worse than others. I've never seen it's it's. Just start laughing like you know anybody. Michael wrote the book with a Michael no Beatles might be our next so. There was there I don't know if you read it or you heard about it but policy analyst former teammate of yours for an article on the players Tribune basically. Thrilled he's back at San Francisco and I never wanted to leave and it was never gonna work in Boston I don't know if you are in your teammates and have seen this have any thoughts on. I mean aren't I just heard about it. Now we listen we all love problem and we we were in it together I mean he. He brought aegis. Didn't perform as well or perform the way he would like to. But I mean that's how does he was in San Cisco long time and won three World Series so I mean even if he was here he said that I would understand that that would be like me going to another team. You know I'd obviously your heart isn't in place that you've been a long time he's done great things so. I understand note nobody nobody's like arguably publicist and nobody. You know we don't know will have an all yeah I don't know we understand you know it you know it's a time Ali's here you know with injuries performance everything so. You know we wish him the best you know were were glad he's he's playing there and and he's healthy and he's happy. Right that's why is it tougher and in your opinion why is tough for some guys to play him you've been hearing here this is the only organization open a lot of free agents come here and and struggle. This is it. Expectations that fans media. I'm well. I mean. I'm pretty sure everyone that cancers expectations the play well this is higher than the media as of the fans or anybody else's I mean we're. And we understand it played tough game if you if you. Get three its attitude about your good but he failed seven times that we get the failure part. But I think it's just letting all that stuff gets you you know he's got to just not. You know. Not buy into there not even think about it it's it's all. It's all something said that's not gonna lead you into the place that you wanna get too as a team or is that as an individual players though. Stick today every day focus of of how you get better baseball and and that's it you know don't don't worry about what anybody says about you because there's never going to be perfect baseball player Plame Austin. To not never impossible so once you know that you are you are just it. Except you are and accept your role within your teams concept of we are right. Before we get Chad and I got to ask you about one other teammate. In my Red Sox lifetime Pedro Martinez was the most electric pitcher I ever saw work yeah I'm not saying Chris sales there. Oh man he saw that his name. It's pretty pretty amazing. I know it's kind of sounds weird the coolest thing when when I play behind him or watch some pitches is when he's in trouble. And everyone thinks is getting tired and then there's that. Tenth year and 8009 am on a fastball by. It is fun to watch you know he could stop the momentum and any time. Just the Bulldog and I'm glad not to face them. That's especially this year. While there any years as you know that's that's that's a fair enough and thank you again for for supporting this event it it means a lot to us and thanks for everything you do on the Jimmy Fund as well thank you Gracie and I thank you Dustin Pedroia joining us and he's got a new era idea. Out there and takes would be peeing himself loosened up and and we've got some other guests on their way in as well so where we're happy to have. Dustin join us as he always does.