DHK - Farrell's problem started in the clubhouse not on the field

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, October 12th

Hour # 2 and we're continuing to discuss what kind of manager the Sox need especially as it pertains to keeping good clubhouse chemistry.


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It is he's that dale and Holley show I don't know at any point in my career. That I felt worse than I did on Friday. So the emotions these guys had my back jail Arnold Michael Holley and rich key. Delighted to our real leadership because that was Germany. Let's start with more on that WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. However to Galen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Talking a little bit about the the departure of John Farrell and possible replacements. And being mocked at openly by my two co host about a name that I dropped on I'm rooting for Hensley to me. He's the guy next to watch them. Speaks five languages. We never know when you need manager who speaks Papa Meehan tells C three PO. Whatever that is speaks Japanese for crying out loud good. Could use the awhile ago. Who have been great Dice-K and Okajima yes. No translator necessary Hensley coaching. Koji. Great I'd David Ortiz is working on FS one for the playoffs and last that was a little weird and the whole post game and I mean in a post game of the little weird with. Alex Rodriguez polishing his yankees World Series ring and all that stuff but needless to say with the departure of John Farrell David Ortiz was gonna get asked. Andy was what kind of manager John Farrell laws. Fine. Sorry line. Well I live in Boston and embossed on the whole talk. Sometime in the year he was that that was gonna happen you know money and in the B market is a survivor of mass that would job so. Finally in the oven and and and you know I pick for John Young was of the money it to me he you know keeping them on the control and call us. Like I say you know money in him in the lead in the big market is its heart it's not as to think that. Good manager to me to me. Kept things he didn't say it was good manager to manager Jimmy kept things under control in the clubhouse and that was easier to keep things under control in the club house. 'cause he had guys like David Ortiz and who provided you clubhouse leadership I mean add it all in all came together at the wrong time for him this year. You know to have. To have the incidents that he had along with the absence of David Ortiz. Along with the playoff performance. In four games it is all crash but he had David Ortiz this this year may were look at him a little differently. Maybe those incidents don't happen. Coming off the field that the Baltimore stuck may not happen. Pedroia is not a does it is not in a position to say it's not me is then he's out of position and say I'm the leader hey look I'm standing here. David Price has got to position the team that pulled together that stunt. On the plane. Those things can have those things that change and then on top all that that's all off the field stuff on the field. May be instead of a 168 home runs now maybe you have 200. Right exactly. Red Sox finish last in the American League in home runs for the first time since 1930. I don't blame the manager for that. That's roster construction. And and under performance from some guys but I don't blame John Ferrell for that part. But I will say that's the one thing we gave John Ferrell credit for all along. We didn't think that managing you know in game managing was the most important part to quote Dave Dombrowski and we didn't think it was necessarily great at that. But we thought he managed the clubhouse. He didn't this guarded and cardinal Iranian I didn't this year I think. And this is where this is where I keep you know I just wanna stick with the Red Sox because they bother me. Red Sox ownership brits are legitimate it bothered me profoundly. Because they keep dancing around the problem hoping to get to the root of the problem. But part of the issue is the way John Ferrell communicated or did not communicate with these young players that part of it. But you you can't just say hey we had a different guy in here the results would have been different no they would not have. Chris Gayle what depict better with the master communicators he would not half drew Palmer rants would have gone seven. With a better communicators so deal with the issue but I've I saw your chapter and we got something a while ago he got my attention so it was a good job on Twitter. Got my attention he said. A tremendous perspective and context from Alex beer alive or was fired give a link to the story. I read the story yeah I'm and Alex beer fan sure. I didn't think it was tremendous perspective I came away thinking. Oh what a bunch of whiners. Just the players the organization it's a whiny organization and most are the top. All you know. These guys are hard on the one of the lines is that part of themselves moved he dresses and moved he had Bogart's in time. Been intending they're all hard on themselves. And so the coaching staff. What would we support but does not enough and come up with the word the reassuring words. Maybe the message is David John Ferrell is not perfect. But if that another manager has come and say look you're 2324. Years old it's the big leagues your kids sit here and give your background. And take. Great you are now that's exactly what you have to do now I don't not the final words no I don't know Michael hit it I don't wanna I don't I don't I don't want to admit I don't what has been examining what you half I don't want my man finally getting back reveling in front row that's exactly what I don't good managers in baseball do. Or. About the that's exactly what he saw that era. Obviously we're talking copies your eyes and yes yeah you'll you have to go to a kid like rock field devers was it a one for twenty slump and say hey. Don't worry about this kid you're playing and I believe that you I trust you here for a reason you've got the talent yet that's exactly what you do. Hard. I think is why there's a difference Capitol Hill off. Aside look hey let's go back we're gonna have for gonna put the work and then look at some video. To see where you're making your mistakes now that I is not that you suck and that that you never play again because obviously that's not true he sat down bin intensity and when he brought him back in July have been attending responded that it worked. For help those that's the trick and that's what separates. Great coaches are great managers from mediocre ones because you can't just treat every guy 1251 way in every guy over 31 way. For example I don't know what the personalities are but from what you hear Bogart's. Somebody that you probably needs to encourage all the more copy it yes you do Connell. Right but not I guess that's what you do so some players if you get up in their face script Adam and helps them run its players for him that my hand if you haven't put as Roy and maybe maybe he will but if you have the same thing to Bogart's. I shut down on Sony's other elements shut down yet to figure out. Which is which and that's why. By all accounts in the Tora Val O'Connor added. Did a pretty good job and so Ferrell not only lost one fellow he lost Ortiz in the same year yet now all that responsibility it felt like was on him. Andy and can handle. It loses those guys and that replacements. Are IDs are Sina who's just he's he's a new guy yet so. Did the new guys going to be hard for you to have hey I got a great relationship with the value working on its new just madam. So it is gonna be tough for a bench coach took to fill that role and then instead of David Ortiz as your team leader. You've got take your pick for David Price or Froyo or Chris Sale. You know what you have if you don't have a manager who does the things that you don't think they should have to do. You've got Bobby Valentine not exactly that set out wheelchair and has anyone else that you've got away that dale. So John Ferrell 2013. I think he was given backroom. You eat the tar yes that's exactly what we feel. Only blocking guy so I think that it's over definitely think it. Hello out of the game and that's a lot of enough to know that I don't I thought we'd stop and some guys bill slapped around my other you can't beat you got to treat people think it's about the switch it up. Dylan 2013. He was doing it got the World Series then he decided he was gonna stop or let's say not doing good day all yes I think he was telling what's not good. Have to. Got to duel with David Austin Joseph I don't know some kind of got over there John Lackey and David Ortiz and the ball when they brought to let the arts are at the end of the season he absolutely had to do would prevent an. And so disingenuous to say if you don't do it that way you're Bobby Valentine is a long way. From the dark road guy to Bobby Valentine there's a lot of ground in between there. What what is your issue with popping up a player who needs it. And so right now I don't know what noted though don't you call it a background well that sounds were well but while you're at that's exactly what they should do well your turn up my dad is. He's not a guy who needs it and he's got a prop them up he's got a guy who needs a kick in the ass to limit it to. Please to a degree two degree here but you can't go so far I noticed guys not make me feel comfortable. What you're a professional athletes would point out I think you don't need to be coached. And you don't need to be supported. But it's the hum it's a 162 game season. Your checks aren't bouncing it's a professional relationship are certain things are expected to do it if you're not doing the job. I can't sit there and how you all they know what I've got to get to perform better. I've got to figure out a way to do how to get it before better but at their request that there are certain things we just can't do. It I can't I can't pick your favorite candy in the bowl every time I can't makes. That's not what we're talking about a half but you know we are getting about buying it right to get a better performance out of a guy who's struggling. Yes that's what you did that mature. Okay so what so and that seems as if that means put your arm around it during BP and saying hey listen I believe in you you can do this I'd love I love the way you play the game. It is such corporate garbage if you really think about this garbage. It took so he didn't 2013. He did in 2013. He was he's he's making sure everybody supported that's going wise and thirteen they want a World Series. It 2016. Marquis bats have a great season gender Bogart's has an all star season. Then intending comes up and looks like he's going to be all right and a shorter and a 200 plus the bats whatever was. He was okay so John Barrow was doing it at thirteen. Did and sixteen and all of a sudden seventeen he didn't know it. And that's why they thought no match. If somebody else to reform. And they're like torn Lavelle added sixteen and like the more LaBella is the guy doing that style of the thirteen team you had a lot more. That team felt more turn key to me. I think and literally anybody could've won but probably pretty close any any. Major League manager caliber like type got Beckett that could do that job. That would be completely over that Valentine's I don't know but if somebody else looks at that team to get the performance that they got from. Lester Ortiz in the post season you know a lot of veteran guys you're only relying on a couple of young guys where's this team's a lot different now it looks good for the future availability of these guys are under 25 that's great. But that team. Really have anybody that who was 125 on that team. It'd Bogart's the very end of the year but then a lot of guys late twenties early thirties that just kind of came together as one and in thirteen. Chances are you don't have to go cobbled Chris Sale you know it this year Emmys probably he's been around long enough he knows what at least the ones but rock field efforts to you do. Andrew Bennett intently struggling yet you've got to figure out waited to make him perform better what's that the line Tito would use with a seats at. You can't run away from a guy you've got to figure out how to get him performing better but he runaway from on what he was talking at the time it was about to Pedroia on there right now who who in his seventeenth season hooted. Ferrell to be like when you start DeVon Maru Errol with third base in the second playoff game as a instead of rocking yelled never as bad decision and ran away from devers and utility infielder and at third base. You ran away from endeavour's end. Game two of the playoffs that he ran away from devers in there in the 2017 regular seat they run away from anybody in this in this season would run away from any young player. My point is when a guy is struggling. Specially young guys who haven't been here before don't know what Chris Sale no it's your job is to help them get the best performance of course. Of course your your job is to help them get the best performance and still be able to do your job. As a manager you've got to look at everybody you gotta look at the entire roster and say all right. How much time can I really devote. To this guy who needs something a little extra may be and this is where. Delegating comes in. I just I don't I don't care who would it take job fair all of it because air out of it because he's not a popular figure here. The next guy I don't want him to go above and beyond. To make sure. A guy who's that maybe the guys are committed to god not comfortable because the manager. Is not doing his job or maybe the player is not doing the job that he needs to do. I think there's I do think there are soft team. When it comes to big moments. And and John Perelman may be looked out and said I can't come up. I can't babysit these guys they are professionals and other young but didn't have to grow up. And admit. It's probably why he's gone. If he felt exactly what you just said that's probably why I got fired. Because the president of baseball operations says you know on concern about the development of the young players his quote yesterday right I want the young players to develop. If John Farrell felt the way you just said then Dave says what you gotta gul. And and that's is that was a one Cogent. Quote and got a lot of data out I'm rested but just keep in mind let's keep a score sheet get your notepad. In writing down all the things LB said about the next manager are are things that have been said about every manager who's been hired here the last 25 years. If baseball man Smart brings you together could leader. You can adapt to and a lot of different styles. On and on a non. This is what they say it's what they say when these people come in there when they leave you need a guy who can do this better we do that better. But ultimately. You've got to do you've got to be able to get your team to perform. In the postseason pitcher teams are regular season whether it's by wild card or division title. And make sure they perform on the lights lights are brightest all the other stuff and it's really irrelevant. 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. 177797937. This telephone number text line. 37937. Final drive at about 545. Somewhere in that vicinity. By spectacles with the guys right now Wally is in April they Wally I don't. The wardrobe. Absolutely volatile form this ought to be drawn while. All right you know what yeah written all bad for. Did all I didn't know I am surprised at all what we should have a lot. On the world you know one of our. Well. I thought apple for four or. 451. Pop. How. Divisions I don't know groceries there. Opt out with the button. That. Well I don't want it yeah actually inside when I'm. On top there what went well yeah right on the wall one on one law. What. I want in. On what. Went on at all. All. I. Why won't vote. For them. Well I I think he you get credit for winning the division yes they felt that going forward. They sought to many issues with the young players on this team and then they thought that this was not the manager to help though those young players get better. I think that was it now let's be honest this was this was not a guy who's gonna keep the clubhouse light. It then I'm just comparing him with Tito in this regard in eighteen it was a funny guys Michael would know he did playing privilege with the draw based open with a Ortiz. I I think John Ferrell was a lot more serious his demeanor around the clubhouse was a lot more serious. You know maybe that's where a guy like Torrey develop came in sold so perfectly because he could be that guy the second in command. Maybe Gary geese are seen as personality is such that now he's not going to be that guy to help keep things light not saint can't do a good job. His personalities probably closer to Johns in that regard. Well it but this is why I said. Teams talk like this all the time when the manager les. So Bobby Valentine was it's of so Tito as you pointed out playing privilege with Pedroia and have a good time. But when things went south and I was look at your bat out of problem hey Brandon he's in an hour Pedroia is special treatment with Pedroia you can spin it anyway you want. So he's gone you bring in a guy who needs to restore order and Bobby Valentine he was too crazy he was too impulsive. Senior guy who's gonna be a professional and players to respect and that's John Ferrell so John Ferro professional players humorous. Back now I think I play around a little bit more immediately this too serious as you Britney is just. It's it's ongoing all of these guys are connected to the previous guy and eventually. You'll wind up with that thing that you hated the first place. Somebody. I realize that sort of prototype it Obama. In the aftermath of Ballantine and an admittedly by the way anybody was going to be an upgrade a fluid but what do you think you were looking for after Valentine were they looking for more of a player's manager after Valentine who lets be honest was a bit dictatorial. Who here especially the first part where you put the emphasis word out that tale yeah well I would say somebody who would commit stay out of and stay out of the way. Because your firfer Bobby was all about him hey look at my drilled when I'm doing with it's ultimately maybe they. And they wanted to guy who players. Players respected but. It wasn't an eagle mania. Things that are about to unfairly. He he would make himself. Look like a fool just so somebody else could you wanted to be the players always have somebody else treasurer could avoid criticism no question. Carlson Springfield take. You do. Good thank you going to. I thought about our I agree with Ellis a personality cult being stereotype. That out that in O but didn't expect it. Are expected it only because I think that personality is what got them fired and obviously this is happening early on I think it is run it out there are any. What went looking out of people and by. And you know even our little weekly by playing with John Farrell even when things were going well. Eight he was exactly coming hey guys how you don't and it's it was always kind of serious all the time didn't like there's no I don't think he did you do not like one of us. Well I'm let's get a guy he's hitting everything big they're all right they call it a but but I don't think his is overall demeanor was a whole lot different. You know in in them in the press conference room. Notice he was now serious sin and you know. There where there was no laughing there was no joking there was no keeping them will like him by the way even when things were going well. Right wing streaks whatever you and at that firm. Yeah I think and that that's why. In in a place like this. You know act if you raise comer from. This is better to be yourself because tackle last long anyway right so it was so why why try to pretend soon to be somebody. They play again and all of us that the David Price thing and he think that he had a better chance of keeping his job if he took prices side over Packers lose. He really think that or I think he was right closing price. I guess but to the point that Michael saying it one of the reasons why maybe he acted the way that he did particularly this year is. Is there are even though I'm winning I know that I'm not very safe I don't deserve a safe job to have. You don't Francona highlighted that yes it is different it's it's different here he could have. You can win the exact same number games it's somewhere else and you could breathe easy to give you extension of what division also made regarding your your archive for awhile. Whereas here you that he probably never really got that. That's unfair Francona said it's crazy. Kid for. And Dan Shaughnessy said two in his column only in Boston and only a Boston woman we can. Finish first three times in five years when it World Series. In the out and had in happy valley get fired to have people. Applauding like robustly. Applauding is the great it's a great move. Is he right. Is this an only and I would add New York. Boston New York. Didn't Joseph Torre get fired after. They made the playoffs and they lost to Cleveland. In the divisional round pick it was here today because because I was in 07. Loss to Cleveland. Then the Yankees in an excuse me the Indians and their Red Sox played LCS and then and then the Red Sox won it. So you know that brown okay division series it won a ton of a World Series. Did the class every single year yours there yet and the fire at a bit like feeling about it got to go. Yeah David's in Connecticut native of. It has but. You know and done though have been able to do that team. The energy that you guys have actually might have won almost recession and yeah yeah yeah I. Put I think. As a manager regardless of the job of just one whatever it is to thank you gotta do this managers. You know what you're job it is hard to and do you got to go out and manage personalities that you. And Jordan you've been criticized heavily. A tradition of that in college thing and then whatever. What I think the biggest issues one news and management because. Or player when your starter that. And you're sitting in what is this guy to a lot of people have them which one got one question. The entire time. Subconsciously. It is written in question everything in the news I would match. That. It would be out there in your energy and you're focused as you gotta be you know so cards and distracted by the it was a big east and I don't. Disagrees your overall point David but I think moreover more overstating how often that happen. It's not like six times a game there on is this idiot doing. Well nobody it was often enough where. I mean I couldn't turn on its vision for any show. It and not hear a lot of people whether or scholars or ocean almost question a lot of decisions I mean it was just it was pretty red. Well but a lot of them and and look we do that in this town your right pitched a talk show host callers we'd we second guess. The Red Sox manager more than any other coach in in this city we do. But some of the stuff was like at least two it's what we do here. I. Most of the things that we sat here and criticized more like game changing all be done that they would want this again that's not unique to Ferrell the next guy you know whether it's Hensley mile an icy grip there are out there every area however are bam bam to YouTube it'll be you know opening series that you left back in kidney or parcel post post does it it's a start all over. It was me practice and now it's time for Wednesday conversation with Hensley New Orleans. Serve and bam I'd like to start this 6177. I'll say evidently you just. Yeah Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. I'd be so good we could bring this out that was very. He's the guy that is there bailout fund guy yes got a fun nickname. But of what players say about bam bam. The problem. I love them this long Pablo Sandoval probably loves it played all hitting code on those. World Series championship teams that sent a ball was on anybody who has been nicknamed bam bam I've got pretty good sense of humor. They called me then them. Line I don't know four and that of the characters. Then there. He speaks five languages that's got to mean something. Bring peace and went to repair. I I'm not I don't discuss the announcer our five languages and audio Hensley in her next question on their abandoned models the president got Ali manager Hensley picked. Never mind 6177797937. And Japanese on the cell phone hey Anthony. If they want not what's going like I say electrical outlet structure and because I'm happy they lost is not an obstacle Charl. And I just want to explain because I feel like this guy. Lock and the Henry Hyde Park while I did as a manager by the team because they are supremely motivated. To just prove that Bobby Valentine was. The root of all day ills like oh we're actually babies but as Bobby valentines all got into the crappy manager bud. I think well got to ride the coattails. And has that kind gentleman who answered the phone pointed out to me he's like don't forget the Boston Marathon. Tragedy as well that helped motivate them. So I think marquis sort of manage that team to a title so I'm glad he's gone. You know I'd really in forget the statement back. IIRA and I think there are a lot of people out to her who kind of agree with Anthony. We heard from people who were openly rooting for them to lose just so that John John Ferrell would get fired at a lot of people felt that way. And I wanted to who else answering her phones. Those who it was nice on there who's is nice it's just kind gentleman's concert eyes and what did we get a duke is an intern sewing now clearly breaking into the studio and answer phones and you guys are gentlemen now. Don't have any of those on staff now. Did though add something. There were people I think openly rooting for this team to lose in the other work. I literally get that we've had that with a price thing to those that route and specifically against him but that it became a bigger figure root against the team. I don't know until it goes in the same kind of people fail item and across the patriots anymore and where they are what's the pitcher's. And I think you don't have to do that you know just going back and it's completely different one it's one is serious and in truly a life threatening situation. And the other one is just a decision that you that you wanna make. But when when you said you know John Carroll the Red Sox couldn't fire John Carroll because he was sick. By the way I actually support that that fought to I don't what did you say it's on them they today didn't feel they can do it. I think that be hard to do and I don't know I do not think though that had they not won the World Series and thirteen. That was the difference he got a manager who won the World Series though he has this and is fighting cancer though that's it that's a tough daily double to overcome. China now at this site here outside well absolutely excited and your first move is Dave Dombrowski is your first move they're going to be attached to is that that's tough. Couldn't fire him because he was sick and then you know that our previous caller saying a burden for them lose because they go to the World Series he can't fire him. And what we've got to start saying his teams are just realized that to whatever they wanted to. They can do whatever they wanna do so doctor are gone the World Series and they lose four games to one. Take a farm is on its unconventional sound like you're handcuffed all I can't do it he went to the World Series so now we can't move on from them yet she can't. Can you fired a manager and knows the different game seven. Of the of the league championship series. And moved on and it's not good for the franchise can come up with some spending could you could. I does that tell about how you lose in the World Series yeah how you lost the ALCS was the obvious that you are faster there yeah he almost had. He had a pass to do it but if you're gone through World Series and they lost. And they moved on from him. It can happen you have to root for the in other words but through for the Red Sox to lose to get what you want. If he was that bad in and it turns out fans of Dave Dombrowski agree with you. But it was if that is you guys to browse you thought it was as bad as you guys did. If they didn't make the playoffs. Last year in sixteen. He's gone. In three straight years with Jeff last I took that and that's why I think some of those bands come up with that in general them to lose because of what happened last year they won. NEC year they want enough and they brought back in so they thought this year they they keep whenever they. Easily could have they they easily could have fired back after the sixteenth season sweep. Site there are scrubbing and Indies team sucked out out go to captured hello how are we wanted to have a different direction. 6177797937. Is telephone number tail on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.