DHK - Final Drive 09-21-17

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, September 21st

We close out the program with the best soundbites of the day.


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Final drive cosponsored by ARS restoration specialist regardless of the season a disaster future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at ARS serve dot com that I am final drive today for epic rants. We'll start with a method brain fart instead this one from our friend Stephen A Smith who was on his radio show talking to his TV co host Max Kellerman. About the fight from last weekend. That we got is that for the cycle of violence there is right they'll put it to you eat like quite the Dakota while executed that it it could go through eight. If we keep it you all box it worked with Eric at what point it was like those states. That the older now can build the eight gigabyte of it in a rematch if it happens he'll. Think go to while putting from 36 pushing 37. What we want the boys epitomize what the what they think of the Midas next year he come back. I it somewhere around eight that he felt like yeah. I. Won't. Let. Act like the joke at was buried in grant's suit said somewhere around Mayfair. Terrorized when he was obviously when you it's viewed Steve today was the one that don't blow your partner. Reminds you of all of a brain fart I had an epic brain fart I had. How about this one and once that's on this very radio station in the very radio program. Okay. What was Matt Damon's name and Good Will Hunting. I'm right there Korea. You have it literally helped out it wasn't good and goodwill with. I know oddly the ranting OK if you missed it earlier MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell. Acted pretty on professionally on the set recently towards his staff when he started having problems with what he was hearing in his earpiece. As revenge in this happens apparently some member of the staff decided to you know leak. The tape what's going on why am I loans. While I have sound. Are it's back someone's pressing buttons and turning my samba. Who is who's asking for a Labor Day run down in my here. Someone that control room is out of control the woman talking in my ear was talking about the Labor Day special. Repeatedly. Every time we went to waste sought. But you'd. But. It's not by the ways that he's made them don't worry warm and there's more. Stop by hammering stopped by hammering out there who's got a hammer well president. Where hammer. Is that coming up gore and got to force somebody know what parents thought I Ameren. Stop the I have RNA. I got down to the and dim for myself and stop it kicked it and commercial break go. Call and real grip and I don't care who the you have to call stop by hammering. And the other and control room and find out where this is going on it's either there or there or out there somewhere. I had a nickel for retirement or stop the hammer out Africa when you're in your guys on the putting cherry on the whole unprofessional Sunday here's a little more. I don't know why bother to say how to cut the slots when you know through. I just don't I don't know why I'd tightest. So now I have to chase those stupid. And and trails that you allowed him to stick out there. Crazy. Sound coming in my ears. Stupid hammering. I told you why I want of those words cut the kiss. Sucks it and sucks to be out here with this out of control and it that you deal with them the home yeah that you deal with something that worked there about an hour is a little tippy boys and girls okay. If you work in radio and Indians and where TV. I if if you if you treat people badly yet as it will come back and Burgundy at some point correct. Okay David you know he had to deal with these users or freezing systems and everything else that you boards and you've all been very professional so he's going our way and that's somewhat I don't know. If they began to say that about that didn't go through agrees. To this rule what. Keep poking some movement it's this computer this crack what you've. It's funny that you complain about the who's considering he can't hear anything. Got the highest had blown volume on the play apps on it's unbelievable I did get some Sports Radio Randy okay. We'll go to New York City for both of these two shows that compete with the each other's back. First up dot let reckoned co host of Michael Kay show on ESPN New York. That is one has been bouncing around social media today but we'll we'll go one step further and start with the context of the hall. That set like racked up. Off I sought to vary in that speech did it opens up one play tweet by nick in Ethiopia that. And it's a bit Eli was pressured out 27% of the unlit Lleyton to actually see most of the week. And there's a problem with that I'm 50% that are being sacked the most for the prime giants' offensive lineman Brad we're getting better credit protection last night. Allowing just one to two precious so. Now I gotta admit that's given me a popsicle and a lot that's a lot of confidence and aren't there wasn't as that but for the guys to be prepared I'm exempt slot that could bottler in morning. But this she really hit me like. Right I want you don't know the Georgia game if you watch the game he was not being productive police do not under any circumstances please dear god in heaven above. Do not make Opel into baseball. I got eyeballs I watched a 36 year old quarterback getting slaughtered. Everyone realizes they've got a pylon as a left tackle so stop with all these the pro football index you'll you'll bombed shock treated this about this static mats that. Don't give me Saber metrics don't give me the Fenway give all these garbage statistics. What is your eyeballs tell you what kind of duress was Eli under what kind of time did he have to throw the football. Come on stop that are ready right at least coming up with a stop all this offensive linemen only 27%. Of the time was he alive Richard Roberts left the iPod Monday night when trauma none of the announced bop. Stop creating some narrative that you everybody knows football better than somebody else your eyeballs tell the story you'll but the White Sox spirit that's my stack you want us that hurt you want Saber metrics offensively and look at. Now look like it waited let my court settled the Michael cage all at the likes things that says that. Gimme a break that we're gonna do Michael ability counts now on baseball. Was that the bag orient clearer on the path that I think you experiment that that I read it and I'll bet the ball high on their records of baseball in more than. That's what Gregory and Ferrer and thirdly what article crippled blinded their Burkle broad goal when I talked all what I told the when I talk with Irene and their might sound like that now all the people that trust all Bagger re in fear more could people that listen to the the staggering into Europe the people that sit there at their desk that only know the naked body thrown National Geographic into the match. Apple a couple of factory in Europe. That's what they sound like I think that I. That alto. I quit at the Big Apple I don't watch it for forty years like short. Forty years that's one of the worst offensive lines have ever seen. And they have not gone this long without scoring twenty points since 7778. When Joseph put short stick with their quarterback. I like Cho. So big that we get a staggering a bigger room. That Joseph puts our chick zero didn't act the third trip. A lot of issues inherit Arnold. Majorly. Re elected he's got he's got one you're your pitches there Keith which is the little voice mocking thing. You have backup the end theorem that the red carpet of low lying Dick ever. Records are being boiling water and and Michael K thought it was mocking him he's all about that dollars in Vietnam pilot Baghran there and then and then this thing it's just didn't understand. And that this agreement hopefully I let's go to the competition okay this courtesy of our old friend on Twitter. Back after this that guest list that Penn State beat lowly Georgia State 56 nothing on Saturday. At the end of the game there was some controversy. I can admit them kind of on the side of the angels on this one Penn State coach James Franklin calls a timeout. To ice the kicker. I had 112 lap and when the game here external at a game like France sensitive like it. Little bit. Georgia State snapped the ball and right launch stick it through the up rights with Franklin got a timeout in just under the wire. That is an absolute disgrace. I guess stones tried alibi around it. Chinese fans who are happy now that they're winning 56 nothing could give a damn what they did vigilant to state sit there and make excuses forum. Didn't have a kick block team he's got to try and blocked a kick a 56 nothing. He's a horse's ass but the one that. That's a quote. When and have a four team field goal block what dance happy don't they don't block reform. Let them all those three up rights. Yeah a jerk. So we called timeout to get the second team field goal blocked in their one job on John garbage that is. He's tells you that they'll sell you anything. That guy ice them plain and simple but he wanted to start out. Anybody Watson knows that is complete nonsense. I'm kind of with a Monday us. But I am I don't think it's not let go for a touchdown. Ice the kicker to that he had asked I'm. On wireless and wireline and are prepared me for a touchdown and a 26 point five very odd for a job a board with my three makes us feel better way of I that leads us nicely to yet another thanks for our buddy Michael because we don't get to do a lot of these on a weekly basis. The Pope never misses an opportunity to let its audience know just how connected. Really and when he missed that he high fives. One of his trainers and started clapping. Because you miss that. 56. The most thing and I got a call for more coaches have opposed it good he deserves it what he did was outrageous. I think at the coach who was against them whether coach mostly what is visited one of you. Mentioned IC a two goals. One from. A golf coach want from love the coach who says the guy is so I don't want it's ridiculous. I told you I got a text last night from one of the only guys who is a pretty big. Personnel guys. And said to me. These giants. But the only guys in little heat who thought. It is that he said every one knew flowers was not a less time so every one except the giants that was the text. But I got a call from one opposes a tough woods whose and I'm glad you rectum and whether it was ridiculous what he did. It calls I got a call to go right into a radio show this mean I got a call from one of the coaches in the conference. So. Who who said I'm glad your rectum of listening to your shield the night I was diagnosed. He ripped through these lessons. Well everybody guys. On them only till December 15 he's ready okay I'm as you know exactly that final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids don't each car help child today's schedule your free pick up. At 877 cars for kids are cards for kids dot com tomorrow. Michael McCann SI dot com joins us at 330 the playmaker Michael Irvin Joyce is Joyce at 430. And coming up moments from now on ever keep it is with with the mud a full hour war. In hire days in a row yeah I don't believe either but that's apparently what's going on while they're out there coming up next we'll talk tomorrow by.