DHK - Finn Carlson, 1, retinoblastoma (an eye/retina cancer), Natick, with his parents Shannon and Tim and twin brother Mack 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Finn and Mack were born prematurely in August 2016, and while having regular eye exams in the NICU, doctors discovered he had retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye that begins in the retina. Finn began chemotherapy in October 2016 and is still in treatment. While originally from Western Mass, Finn’s family moved to Natick to be closer to Boston and his treatment team. Shannon recalls meeting Finn’s treatment team, and someone said “we’re going to be with you forever – we expect an invite to graduation and the wedding!” and she felt instantly supported, at ease and at home. Finn's family includes his mom Shannon, dad Tim, and twin brother, Mack.


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We are joined now by a net TV star I was watching earlier but an hour or so ago they had the Red Sox team picture outside. And I was watching fame Carlson. Tugging on Dustin Pedroia because he appeared with that non stop. Finn would just not letting go it is here that his parents Shannon and Tim. It's great seal you guys great to see fit him like Dustin Pedroia like Tunisia he has heated. As dad's got a beard I guess it's grandfather's got a beard and so he knew there was Sutton there that he liked that he knew that he can keep technically. With Finland's it was destined to anyway that's adrenaline wanna keep that what you said there's some jealous members of your family now I absolutely. Absolutely. I'll tell me about retinol blast coma and I am hopefully and sent it right to wrap no last film it's an eye retina cancer. And depth in began chemotherapy last October and he still in treatment for this team. It's. Is the tumor as they find in your retina. Murdered and it can spread. T and peripheral vision as well. And he. We diagnosed with a mere act of Brigham and women's Mickey news gives 32 weeks olds. Ends. I think within an hour finding. Jane afar as an agent and a made a plan for us. My favorite in that decent mean honest we're going to be friends and we expect to beat invited to college graduation. And what he looks. And you'll be happy to do that title away 100 Anderson I'm not 100% saving money channeled to Hussein. They can do anything to him. And this week you know once a month for Cheney's. And have an amazing group of nurses take care costs. Out enough and is is the twin ranked he has too lenient and twin brother Mac Mac this is Mac have in any issues it's become. Now he and and he then has Jeanne. It was a spontaneous mutation. And we didn't realize that. It's a familiar thing that we don't have none of us have that the anonymous. Tested positive for. Etc. and it's of he had a spontaneous. Mutation. And added that make you feel when you're correct that great comment and we expect to be at that high school graduation college graduation wedding. He remembered. You know laughing and thinking to myself. She keep series he hooked the kick. Let and then I started coming into the Jimmy it's eons. Realized that Amy keep it there. And Shiva a serious stopped him. And he had his first birthday. And was in the team now and heat cook for two days. In it and we showed up and then as a pack a president in a balloon and car and effectiveness in them. And you know they just really make everything so special these kids it's. I don't think that the people there realize. How much they care and it's. And that the people's. Donating and how much it actually means to us because. Know you want to beat this. You know Packers team think what we don't. But we're glad we iron because you know you lock in and other mothers support me. And some other little kids you know playing with him and when he's doing is schema land. And nurses and doctors stop instinct alone and they just make you really feel like Umar. You map it in prenatal to teach. Them. Like you do hear it it's it's a special place. In Wiener very blessed. Basic chemotherapy began back in October you're approaching a year that how has he been handling. That the different treatments and what's the difference from may be last November December to the way it is now. Well last stem when he first was diagnosed say started with one chemo drug. And manner it was just in one eye at recent me and the tumors have gone to his left eye as well. So we used. A few different. Drug treatments so that we have to go to gays and around town. It seems to be helping. Me it seems to be shaking them. For the folks who were watching on NASA and they're gonna what they're gonna show for him and Dustin Pedroia as we look over your shoulder right now. And end Dustin by the always seem to get a real kick out of in his well it themselves he sent. And and and in just like that beard I'm not sure that's why Dustin grow it but it's. It seemed to work pretty well for him. He was so sweet sickness so sweet and now. You know like how the ingredient and that he could mean you don't get this kinda. Kinda left from just anybody that suspicion. Well Shannon and and Tim and little fan we were so pleased to meet you guys and and I hope we see in going forward and being coming here visit with this again thank you Tyler. That be great. Thank you that it does it Shannon and and Tim Carlson and little fan. Hula evidently is best friends with Dustin Pedroia now because he just likes Dustin Pedroia. A whole heck of a lot.