DHK - Giancarlo Stanton's agent says Sox showed no interest in acquiring him

Dale & Keefe
Monday, December 11th

Hour #2 - We've still got Giancarlo Stanton on the brain as reports surface from Stanton's agent that the Sox were never in on him in the first place.


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Our number two gala Hollywood team Sports Radio WEEI. Patriots Monday will happen tomorrow it'll happen on patriots Tuesday patriots as you heard rich say or an action tonight Miami against the dolphins. So only got a Gillette Stadium tomorrow Heath Evans will join us as he always does. Bill Belichick will join us as he always does level football game talk about tomorrow and and we got some football stuff that we'll discuss as the afternoon goes on but. We've begun with the fact that John Carlos Stan is now officially a member of the New York Yankees. They held a press conference they introduced him he put on his number 27 Jersey. All that stuff and and it's got some folks in Red Sox Nation. Upset. Maybe a surprisingly. Lower number than we might have expected. As far as upset I think I think a lot of Red Sox Nation San okay. Channel LCI. Use the David Jordan coral Stanton became Yankee became a Yankee. On Mike princess' final week after that sad is on his preference Jessica is gonna say about this got to be love and I would think he's going crazy great acquisition announced that had regularly before the end of the week I just Arlen Castro though they've laid back crowd in Castro wow what a guy out. But the fact of the month that the Marlins are still keep in thirty million dollars. Did the paper that you need to pad 39 I don't ten days there's still paying thirty million of it. By needed the eighties or painless to nine year to six the use of an impression that title lot of money left a couple of. When you say that the Red Sox could have done any thing may be beat there at the financial. Package. But the Marlins got. Or words really you know that's how I need stand awakening if they are afraid because I giants had a better offer or I don't giants opera's been in the Yankees and Biden and by getting Stanton by convincing stand what we're really talking about convincing his agent. Then convinces them as of really Smart move for you now obviously go to New York. Your home run hitter in New York can anything New York for a decent player in New York you know be overrated this is the latest. We're gonna have tons and judges overrated. He's a yes everybody knows and he's great but you use your your made greater because your New York. The fact it was a bit when Derek Jeter retired. At a guy saying is that the best player in yankees history I don't think as he steps knots. But that's what it is when you play in New York so if you are stands agent. You gotta get some more income they're they're more revenues streams playing in New York City but you could make a case if you're an agent and you have any sensitivity case for. I was good for your client to be with the Red Sox taking on the Yankees being a part of the Red Sox yankees rivalry. They even tried they were they even considered you know somebody said were our market has been back I don't think the Red Sox for interest. Second we were burned by Pablo Sandoval on economic connection between Senegal and Stanton I just take the I look this only guess here is them browse he has said this. I think they feel they can spend their money back. I like to see it. While I don't see how is one of the winter meeting just but if you tell me of how you can spend the money Blatter and address your biggest. Obvious need. The rotation is actually pretty good. Ever that a regular season or can't do I got to get guys. There's nothing they can go out and acquire and I saw Alex you're talking about you know would you be able to get Yu Darvish. Would you would you be able to pick up Jake area okay that's nice those are two good pitchers they pick up Darvish to pick up area. And your rotation is even better advocate rotation question is can get a guy who can give you five or six quality innings. In a post season start. So these are guys that they have should be able to do that is that psychological issue. Maybe they're lack of power's not a psychological issue. It is a it is a there's a valid but I don't know they can. The skill sets up there Michael Solomon tweeted out that stands agent told wolf said Stanton not opposed to the Red Sox. Learned around the GM meetings time that the Red Sox wouldn't be in on Stanton brokered in part because their outfield was so sad and good had other needs plus contract size. On out feels good ha ha ha. Are you are out I'm sorry to hear Richard Gere and immediately he would throw submitted DH. Or trade IR straight down not today I hated it that's the timing of this business and they're willing to trade Jackie Bradley. That's not be willing to trajectory broadcaster can move on from Jack has now policies then and Bradley junior and I don't think they want it's analyst by the U we're talking about stand before where they would you give abandoned and the and vote are. Aged starlet Castro apparently sorrow that's something that would interest you. Being designated hitter. Gates would that would rather play in the outfield every day or you rather be EH. I think the day games wouldn't be DH you know icing wake up early kickback which is just focus on it and I'm like to mix it up a little. The image of the most political answer just keep everybody on the hook shortly DH four you. Southern either good hello Boston date you after and I can. Those take them on every an aide Alastair back to the calls Bruce's up in Maine hey Bruce I don't. Column by it was. Nice. That. Well. So it. Is. Out. You don't like that the browsed he moves to this point on thin while Christian or. Bomb tore me. Up Bruce Bruce or not helping your case you're gonna complain about prison. Well. I thought I was courts. Are very accurate arms. I don't think anyone manners. Of. I don't know that he didn't do and it humanitarian problem could do problems as the ball popped up I thought so well. I don't think it's they're always into it which had talked about the Chris Sale of the you don't wanna keep keep going there as drivers call back and tell us a pre sales I don't think he's helping himself if he really band got hit falloff don't follow up second half. And have numbers almost all of his at the 3000 k's though are still pumped about that but most of his moves have been pitching. Again it's almost entirely if you look at since he is come aboard year. Pricing Kimbrel jump out you know that's your one those those are top closer eighty ace that Chris Sale. Bunch of bull pen guys a lot of them have been hurt you have really been able to see. Drew pom rants right brilliance and a lot of lot of pitching moves thus far a couple of other guys like which makes a lot of sense of if you look at needed it they need to look at what they they picked up on prime closer he got an ace. And Chris sailing a solid number two in Palmer ants. And picked up a nice little three fifths of your rotation and he just added in the last couple years couple setup guys are since then got on all right Ater closer. First haters it's not that many. Mountain Eduardo Nunez loves Christiane go. You know John Baltimore and barrel likes welcome more than the browser doesn't do well. Bring him in. When he first got accounted for Portland and they're bringing him and it's come like Annika you know a nice starter on the cheap now reserve. A lot of money over there we like him that much cross lefties so it is a good idea if there at a raise at Bristol, Rhode Island. And ray and I don't. Go and I hey what's up. A hundred Africa. And it may qualify at that point I'd appreciate it and it'd be. Shot. A lot of bonds you know its going to be. My next point. I don't think that an adult you are. Normal and I. If you are better in an underdog all illegal don't get all that aren't being you know and in. If it comes down it. You have twenty I'd be out later. You know among pitchers and out of my position now. To return on her. We. Read our candidate ilk are arranged in price should be shot into shallow. Is he can't be Asia yeah when the page Asia and no matter how are you port here Asians. We actually keen last year we article one issue. Mean age of the pitchers. There that was the issue here it is yes I am allowed teams that are allowed to read about it Greg Greg Paulus and rarely think he now look at it stuff there Wragge C ray you talk like this a lot alike that underdog role. That's a nice role player Lester the actual under I have people think you're the underdog and I can't we got talent nobody understands what we have public you're the underdog. Yeah and and you should be our values and their lot better of New York who started Celek mic right movement for an Greg yeah. The Red Sox are the underdog the Red Sox have 25 players the Red Sox have ten pitchers the Red Sox. Have furry four Cy Young candidates. The Red Sox that earlier been the underdog the Red Sox are underrated. God Nixon out of Florida there going god we got neck on the line. Hey what's. So what the old statistic that matters opposite perspective on it. It runs it Ryan Miller and law at war. Last. Element sort. It was first with the Yankees above the Red Sox. Okay have a pastor. No respect last year for the year for. Nothing's saying that the court rocket that's still there is all runs scored all about it in the matter whether it comes from one Winger fight slaying. It till it got to run scored it we don't think picking that bill. It did to reiterate what allowed guys to set and the shore it would have been nice that Dan but I didn't think that even the division out more than it. Make the Yankees you know far and away favorite. The Red Sox were tenth in baseball last year Enron's. Houston in the Yankees were 12. And sure. I'm there. Is rationalizations and our plight of the rationalize and this is like this what happens the first day cheating get what you want it. And so you gotta tell yourself and this process does for psychological comfort you need this say something. It would be an awesome to have it not just saying I believe like a lot of people. That this is still in the competitive Neely I don't think it all the then or at night in game we want to hear her play out here tomorrow is the same team. Nick go to buy into a little bit come playoff time which just watching the playoffs this year in Houston and New York in just how those guys were. More likely to hit a three run homer breaking game wide open in the Red Sox were they had to scratch and claw and do whatever they possibly could run in doubt it'd be crazy aggressive. Just they can get all these runs whereas. All of a sudden Carl's Korea's upper Jose L two days up there to smack and Ayers is now. Is not the way to go. It's over simplistic Ayers and runs however get the runs. But me and it seems the Red Sox had to put so much more into it than than what the Yankee. Elegant Astros would use the analogy before about like dating. I get reject I didn't really wanted to I didn't really want blow whether any allies it's like after she said nice. Thank you can't fire me I quit yes and then on nitpicking. Can't hit was huge for a boring anyway and I pitcher is your interest he's got a pimple okay. Got a purple. Denzel got a big Japanese theme is deep yet that's just for a movie role it robe and Israel Esquire. That's not real life. I had. Gotten a lot. We decide. To. All right get this. Jason the only redeeming part with Denzel. Yeah I think all of that Nelson did it ever get tired of I'm tired of outs to spoof. Come on YouTube biracial is awful the reviewers I'm basing an off the review's rob knows it can't do this can do that reviewers. They have a have a different that it's not about the moon we wind river messages he recommended to me it was an island to write some. But you know but sometimes reviewer people went to a movie it just like its effect sports sports cars that lose their. Movies if you're going and with the mentality that I'm here to review this thing. You are you're in the 1% already but most of destruct. They're going and you wanted to entertain but he also delivered always wanted to at least 25 dollars you don't want to be taken as a tool as anything that's on the screen like he should have some sort of judge build a judge's race average occupancy and reviewer might be might have a different mentality or Joplin there was like a notepad easily taken notes about allotted like that. It is at the end it is worth two hours of my time and point box. Tech sports commentator and sports fan. Where's commentator might be thinking okay I'm gonna have a I have a certain take on certain things I'm looking for here and we're sports fans they had planned including golf Roman. Colony. And I thought well I'm not gonna like this Romans Israel ask more room and I. I don't know but I saw an Odyssey yeah I loved Zell warn anybody that loved them. Well I saw that the trailers that you don't think this week. It's pretty much his go to the movies they honestly worth the other guys that are longer trailer out every minute John I look at them. Yeah. But it takes a masked by the end it's like okay you're all its paint by numbers than now. But they're great as with the bit rate usually great. To get what you say when did Zelda hang out with you Hoffa should not a great actor Kyle and Carl. Anyway out of Tino but if you wanted to hang out with you today dunes levee work. Love everything that you do to your biggest fan balls August Tony's umbrage worry Tony NATO. OK that'd be explored Obama in states like this so for Paris to be a Red Sox fans are really it is more lots article this at all. This would have bet they all bulls. Michael and he's talked and he is back with. That baseball move followed I am curious tell me when I was about baseball move. And today is December 11. Which Sox. Actually yeah. Waxed relaxed. Oh wait a Red Sox as we start als stare at all on all runs one. OK relax. Big. Strikeouts between or what it is now a church where it's the dinner hundreds when he dinners. You don't talk to do it all out what you make it. Yeah I just on the NL MVP he's going to have your seen Yankee Stadium maybe even on TV your senior he's had a lot of home runs but he did eager goers it's over twenty. Partner it's over why I think John Carlos fans are gonna have a lot of home run. At it. All. The angels have the same ballpark as the Yankees it's on. Ballot and organize the camp and as that they that's another issue is well on all of them. All square or radio what you have sides would negotiate so take a poll also I should say crack the quote lock these type of deals where go. Maybe 100. Yet the ad in the end I think OK so if they're not very good and it's when he 27 and then I called packet that god is a bad deal. And then when the World Series in the next three years I'm pretty sure is a good deal so. But next year's also used to be 28 he's off a cliff here. These two pretty good. This remarks that Red Sox have so I -- 25 all of our marriage so it was one of them would do it last year how to none of them did last year. You know it's. Know what what. What about some stock option features. What it actually. Don't know what that all the guys last year had power that is the wanna show they're gonna there come back next year with power now all of a sudden. You. At all. Almost all I wanna so they're assigned Judy Martinez and Eric Hosmer to I'm sure bargain basement deals them. They'll market expected a guy. Based all bull skeptic I liked watch it I I didn't pay 100. I'd say he doesn't it doesn't mommy I don't care by saga and the in the bleachers on the radio or wherever called from our brother of Stanton and Posner. Ernie and he was. Term he used that. As a slur. Those people in the stands that word like I am on ESPN radio hasn't that's his nickname yet. That are dies I'll download it hard yes and you got a the defendant. What does that. They brought attention to run out I was there I ever get attention took him out of us that sold us wonder humans that are. And it means franks and beans. I just wonder. And I've finished it I don't I don't know it was an okay about that that the guys that leverage our homes here are. But rejected a ballot you're hung up why are you definitely all of that. Can I heard about I've heard that from Bob Toney before and all the as a baseball with a better baseball movies Bosworth as that this wasn't a baseball move. This was based on the lips are there days. Trust me every every player he's on remote Josh Hamilton and pools all these guys. Every player that signs he especially pitchers but even headers they signed these deals where they're more than ten years and they're making 2530. Million dollars. I'm sure by the end that it's gonna be bad after the end of it and he's gonna stink. We don't think in the next three years. And he's still in his twenties these are going to be a great player if you overpay at the end you know what you have to. The Red Sox are are going to be doing that they're there are overpaying already on David Price at the beginning of it. You still have to go out there and and get players follow it any positively lockdown 21 with a all the respected told wolf his agent via whose alias no interest in opting out he's opting out. Yes special Bryce Harper science lecture from like bird like I'm 41 a year yeah are. Sort of put this in perspective here are so that that strike outs the strikeout so we can get hearing now from Tony and others only yankees were illegally in straw OK let's front strikeouts for for Stanton. Last year he had a 163 striker. But okay that's bad news. The good news is he had no idea one extra base. So 91 extra base hit yes and sixty of them on the CF and a 163 striker. Now let's let's compare that to we like comparative. Of that intensity. Who had twenty home runs. He had. 26 doubles one triple any at a 112 strikeouts. So who cares. And then unfortunately I don't errors yeah I can give you sixty home Rodney at Tommy's strikeout. Really. And now now we're really got a dialogue and that that is it is it's rationalizations. Next loan. 6177797937. Text line is 37937. It's dale a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. The chain. That dynamic. They start from everywhere and and they're well polished and and the hungry you know there. The city's been waiting to serve her another another world it's a playoff run and you know they they got close enough. This year but you know hopefully my addition we're gonna that should be better and better team you know we we got to go out perform what. I'll make you better. We think that's probably gonna happen. Probably make them better now. I still think they've pitched especially well. What they'll hits bombs they will this they'll be taken the ball out of the ballpark on a regular basis and doubly fun. Chicks dig the long balls and maybe some of those real expensive seats behind home plate will actually be filled this they could edit makes sense in that ballpark you're not gonna try to win a lot of games three to two. I even if you even get pitchers aren't exactly coarse field where where it was in the in the mid ninety's but. Iraq on a ton of pictures tools there some god we Severino is very very cancer is a very solid competitor. Some of their veteran guys pitched pretty well last year and countering the same thing at a CC sabathia but. They're okay an addict that are there. But they can make do it when that when the team was sworn in a farce excellent scheme that they're going to be pretty good show. And you know you look at them. Gary Sanchez would be 25 this year. I judge between six Stanton twenty. Upstart who applied to have to be all right on this year yes I like and severing its way for. DD record is young and immediately got a nice nice team and now. Back to the calls that you guys operate is in Bridgewater hey Brent I don't. I hear it and it's up front Brent. So record part of the deal so it's a tremendous coach who will be accurate here. And so on. I saw on I don't way. The Red Sox for non. Economic contract in that this contact like you got this thing and make it a couple of hundred years aka. That's not you know payoff that is obviously you're gonna go down this is gonna go out so I'll play them that I think I think it on. Overreact he couldn't yankees. None of them come up that that we really try to go after them if you like but. It's certainly consistent with the Yankees haven't taken a more ridiculous. Yeah well right there of yes if you watch the cardinals Brian Todd yeah round that you got a team in your division that finished behind you but got about I but I don't watch public got a problem Trent I think that's a good thing you should be. Conservative but the Yankees are going to finish two games behind you in the division we're a lot farther than you did in the playoffs. So and they just improved. Yet but I doubt campaign takes into it. And the two teams with the best run differential in the American League. Which was Cleveland and the Yankees. Didn't even make it to the World Series that was Houston. And they ended up winning the World Series Cleveland had the best run differential in the holy. And and the Yankees took out Cleveland and took Houston the seven games. Without a hit with nothing comes cannot pay you hate. Kevin to North Attleboro makeup and I. They haven't. I'll he's listened to sound like yeah details of failure on desert the other I've heard you know other imitations that was better and I'll just blog that Kevin you can turn your radio down still if you're on hold you can you can listen to program doctor radio. Our friends in Connecticut hey Fred. Take that you guys for taking my call this what I want to talk about lecture a talk about Priscilla flooded the lions actually the fans are too excited about it but I think it turned out all right this is doable I think to write suction date if you go after Abreu from the whites are executed got to give up that intensity. And that what I would do it at Albers. I and other sounds great yeah I'd put him into a lot they all taught Frazier another. Club out god put him to third base and now increased our hallmark Clark generally we got some got a we've finally got a middle lineup guy. Crazy not too expensive I know we're giving up that antennae that would lead out block it and but that's a wanting Almonte are. With the guy it's birdies or whole month last year and has 43 doubles and he would do some serious damage at Fenway Park and Todd Frazier as a good guy that led the Yankees there you've been a winner his whole career he's been. It did get up and. Likely expendable part yankees. I don't know about Todd he does Frazier is not doing referring. It's. One out there on Ron's there. Well no and that's what it's perfect for what part of the W that devers playing left field. Let out and traded that intended for a great. One I don't know first to break a place up your brain you like a Blu-ray bit into the united Arab and that's what he was not us he would now like Abreu overall. Oprah overall as a as a sock on all of its solid this guy is gonna launch what are you. Let's not raise it to thirteen year. I don't have shown in the box on this colossal I don't want to do away but I don't I don't want hospitalized. Six. I'll. Outline. There so yeah you know what I'm gonna move rock field averaged the last operation can hit send I might take devers rugs weird anyway is that gonna put him out if that's an accurate runs sabotage other members gathered all of that intent in a delicate balance and Abreu about out of the U enough enough about them that seems like it's pretty cold right now a mock the clubhouse acting. Remain a muffled by Jonny Gomes type OK edible art. Don't need them. You money I don't you don't all right how I teach your clubhouse sucked last yeah I think you might need a couple of I think they're starting pitching supporters. Are proud. It got cloudy out it's not any victory it's not edit Robert for me as like I don't I don't think I think that's less important. And the clubhouse guys about I've ever been editor clubhouse there are some very important that. The guy who give me six innings five innings 5555. Innings in the lab and not give up more than three. I Manning's pass along era and it's funny you should say that because Jules wolf who seems to be you know that the quote machine natural. Is talking about now feel on all of now out of Orlando he got what I wanted and he said the revealing and stands camp was that the Red Sox his priority is pitching. Not outfielders he added been intending bats and JBJ. Those guys are studs. Since stands agent jewels in Vijay was he also and a client of his I didn't give us god not at all pleased with the glove that you have great. Gloves and when a girl love. I did not without but he's very good defensively the back here and overstated for the pictures of them out there but they would also like a guy that can. You know. Hit some home runs into more more precocious give a little bit of a cushion yes let's try to cabinet North Attleboro again Kevin. Kevin I don't know Kevin Kevin well you were doing okay Eric. They don't worry about it. The wrong. I don't. We hadn't. Yeah. And then I don't know what I don't know if you put your foot in the mouth completely. He swallows Bluetooth what was that you GO word of that. Game and move. Hurt sorry about that earlier are our I got there about that earlier didn't forget about earlier when he got right now half. Arm behind her room so what are conference call last week it's. Or Jonathan Jones interviewed him was a lot sponsorship. Of John's interview at his original collapse I think in the clubhouse guy and all the great yeah. All of the great teams but nothing they what happened last year with Houston Astros they had their bench coaches agree club and warring where a broadcaster. While Jeff and hold the manager had the manager getting into a bar fight. At a ritzy hotel but it's better for real part is that an area where they have drinks at a bar and hope. It was a singular real hotel bar okay five star of the coaches the managers are won a World Series. Any good club off the line acre estate and yet all right Carlos Beltran they resigned running and Brian McCann. And the actor's most city prequel well. What do you jail uncoordinated. It demonstrates. I'm not sure that Kevin from North Attleboro Watson John is that you get column I can't just educated a clubhouse guy despite what you just you're full of near the clubhouse guy that's going to serve. We're being out there so. There are a lot of cloud. I'll tell you that you think I'm telling the Astros did it ever watch them in the post season thinking they really leverage they can now with the thought. That they are really Smart though that all the young talent and they went out there and got older guys that you could look like Carlos Beltran. If they can't have him they might not windows and stop don't laugh in the let me finish the rapid that's fair to root it. Mac O yeah. How secure the pros you know and Adler and keep is the more he talks the better we sent him going organized as Italy's. Astros clubhouse. The Astros have good. Astros have they are citizens. They often have a whole broad that it. We nick right exactly. What you. We that was dealer and this team learns that they've been our roster the Steelers have a better defense the Steelers unquestionably have better weapons. The Steelers. Have more dynamic playmaker. Opposite into a 677797937. It's dale in Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WE. You go to the media and missing work has gone on down there so. What I mainly meant it was just no no structure no. No home. No stamp of this is how things are going to be there are different direction every spring training go learn something new every wearing a different manager. Every spring every. Middle of the season so. That's mainland. John Carlos stands on loading on the Marlins and their fans that he may or sitting or dishonest and Heidi and sadly he has suggest people Marlins fans he said. If you're gonna watch maybe you wanna watch from a distance. Always say to hang in there you know there there burden. They're gonna go through some more took years. And when I was advised not to give up this. People hope maybe you loss from afar pictures you're gonna watch book. You know. Those guys. Those guys they're. They put out to those guys throughout they're the they're good kids and you know things. So I always go to the game's final out and I actually don't have a problem with anything sir. I'm probably leaving eighteen don't tell fans to don't go to the game he said but it accident that takes jerk factor in multiple lines at night to help you listen to the hole I told the hang in the is that hey if you listen to the whole comment the whole comment wasn't you know I I'm not there's no guts of the games. It's it's going to be some tough years. We're gonna watch OK watch from a PR help in order going to be. They're going to be probably a 100 lost two. So he'd then have to say don't what don't go to the game aren't going to need to have daycare gridlock and why did you why would you say anything. He was not on an honest he's honest he's he's not there dig cords not there they probably have more moves to make. They're going to be happy that people acting. So I sold also honesty honesty hurts yeah I want to get it back and that presses is could it be if Iran honesty is there are times you don't have to be on in case anything. This is not he's not talking about his girlfriend his wife what a piece about a baseball team that he's no longer part of an and what is it that. Well that is what words ring true to you wouldn't let their authenticity and what he said hey every year. There's a different there's a different planet a different vision into different manager we're gonna do that's gonna do that yet has no direction it does seem it's all true yeah. Can knock him for being honest in a situation that's what we always say we want right. Energetic always great honor a loved which hadn't traded me that's no it would have been simple you know I'm not part of an organization anymore I don't I don't I'm here to talk about the Yankees now I get that and corporate statement that it's full of I don't want them what I want real valid chilled bowl he'll answer I want real people real statements. Real Cummins. You sound like future. Had no problem but he says none. Jason's up in Portland hey Jason I don't. Good how to organize let's Obama. Although much elicit additional lot lately over the past few days obviously I omitted any that you and I wouldn't may have had a lifelong one. And I think I I think what's going on. Right now there's a lot of emotion going on obviously a reduction Asia. Lot of emotion on on a New York with this in a trade I think people people are predicting that Brian Cashman put a lot of work in to this roster over the past few years. Minor league deals he's tried directorship. We so not so successful season. And I think it all started back when we signed Jason Giambi do that big deal and that was the downfall of we're gonna put bandit on this saying try to win. By adding big contract a big contract to share A-Rod one after another and the Red Sox. And it kind of backed off and it's not Spanish and they were critical to their system. And an Apache here at the start I did and the spending game again. Arbitrate it for sale title this was a trade so I didn't hear a lot lately you know the Yankees are buying again welders slash dated. Atari and it is to do I think he's a Smart guy illicit carpet and it's a perfect blend of of their home grown you'd like judge. And and a guy you go out and get you know you have to pay its full contract imagine. The direct the Yankees getting somewhat of a subsidy. That's amazing to. Apps absolutely and that's all this overlap so they didn't know about these court minor leaguers that I've been excited to see played yet meet. I think you're you can I watch the minor league system more can I knew the prospects right new judge what I've been excited eating come out. So I think what's happening here. So arts and watch New York, New York fans watch. Bought it and they're seeing where they put themselves in a position where payroll and they saw when we did it we won one World Series in 2009. What does Randy started and that would edit and then the decline comes at a table and I think people at the back and I realize that. You've got this small window to win when you bring in big free agent big ticket items like and get a slot is windows gonna close to. And they can see that dark side we just went broke. Hey pitcher I would and that being said and I think Jason wasn't that much of a dark side and had a winning a losing season. Now there are there the dark side didn't have a losing season. It's okay. But the other thing imagine your dark side is 87 and 7586. And 76. The opposite of what's gonna happen in in in Florida. And let's not deal put too fine a point on on how they fixed all their problems now the word out of New York is they're desperately trying to find somebody. Who'll take Jacoby Ellsbury off their hands Delhi to punch the contract. And oh by the way he's got a full no trade and doesn't wanna leave New York there so that wanna talk him into going somewhere because you know what. They screwed up does too much money and gave them too much term. And they've they've got their own issues that you know they're trying to dig themselves out from under and and they're not done yet. Now give Cashman credit. He's been more fiscally responsible over the last couple of years. He you know he signed a budget dumb contracts is the caller pointed out. And even try to get out from under them while they were Smart too and they when they had you know that great bullpen they thought I was gonna be the difference and it wasn't working out they treated those guys off you know Miller endowment and brought back in. I don't he had his issues last year but they still they got prospects for all those guys. So for awhile the Red Sox had the much better farm system. And now the Yankees that he completely retooled and they got some of their own guys back on the Major League roster. North seems hard to believe that Jacoby Ellsbury has been with the Yankees for four years he's had four seasons in New York. And he's got four years left under conference got eight eSATA a utility and I he's got some some term laughed and it all divert for double yeah I which is why the Yankees is that it will pay but there was take them there was never any any sadness and collect the sadness over Jacoby Ellsbury going to new York and I think everybody. Kind of figure out in in 2013 when the World Series Ellsbury is very good year not great but Goodyear. And that. It would be nice to have back but not at the money that the Yankees were willing to pay him. I was just like. Yeah he's so he is. Signed through 2181 mean that there's a team option as they were brought to an option to a point where it wants is three years left for years left on -- 120. Rights and don't cry when he one million a year aren't. He is a you should give them nothing is there for four years his 39 home runs. In four years he hit 32. In 2011. It's 39 in that ballpark. Eighth inning to 64. In four years for the Yankees he's answer no wall circumstances. He's been trashed ogre. And as I said a full no trade clause. On at and supposedly does Miley New York. The language well done yet all that money well nobody wants you guys you ought everybody here in New York OK fine contracts that are part of art is guaranteed to go to hang around there over the Mets. I think we've been reading some of the quotes from my John Carlos stands agent jolt wall. Oh on we will let you hear some of what he had to say when we come back in just a couple of minutes it's dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI.