DHK - The guys wonder if the world has gone crazy; Michael Wilbon joins the show 12-6-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 6th

HOUR 1 - The NFL suspension talk continues following the announcement that Juju Smith-Schuster will miss one game due to his hit on Vontaze Burfict. The narrative has been all over this place. PTI's Michael Wilbon joins the show to discuss comments he made referencing Rob Gronkowski and his hit/suspension.


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That's a little bit more gloss their mind. What the hell is going on out there not everybody and that's kind of god everybody almost everybody that wants their mind. What the hell is I mean. That's usually we have Boston get accused of making everything the matter breaks right you know it's always about the blacks and the whites in the on this in the bad and no it's everybody out there. Trying to stick race on everything that's happening here in the people here are going. Oh you may have hit them. I cannot really trying to figure out Glenn asked the question during a break analyze it's become a racial issue I don't know. We'll Alaska Michael will bond in about 45 minutes. Why he thinks part of it is racial because that's what he said on the air with Tony Kornheiser. But he was asked me a glue and asking that I said I don't know but now you just said it you know accused both maybe it's a Boston thing maybe when something happens with. Boston athletes because. The rest of the country thinks that. Boston found that racism and sponsors races yeah approximately Boston keeps the industry going. The lake a minute he arrived as great as he arrives here then you become re already know it is our is affiliated with the Boston team he has and he is one. There for. Therefore maybe I don't. I don't know I don't know whether I know I did artist Andre is it crazy but I feel like there's been more of these conversations in the last year than there was sick ten years ago at this time yes. Right again I do think we would hope that things would be getting better each day it's a little bit better. I don't know why but during the Jake prouder Gordon Heyward stuff was obviously a huge topic the out of chart of the huge topic and it just seemed like. Over the last ten years this particular year at a discount a year we've discussed it more than than any type number. And what any other fan base. So Gordon Hayward and Gordon Hayward got hurt everybody. Our reach out so you could see the whole NBA community. Was this they they they were devastated as a matter trek one or comments here WEEI dot com Tai Anderson that hey Gordon Hayward didn't die. It would calm down you big guy comes up talking about him like. All his life is over he's going to be fine. All I response to Canada Colombia people like you know your your your insensitive you don't care how bad out there but. The fact that everybody reached out to Gordon Hayward and they were saying these things about him. He is a high profile player he's obviously a beloved player in the NBA community. So if Oklahoma City. Had cheered for Gordon Hayward. But last year Oklahoma City would have been. Intelligent. Smart basketball period they know Russell asked for help try to gain an attic and every game by the way not to relive our nation and but it Cleveland fans it down. Appeals are Smart basketball fans they know LeBron needs another shooter. In Boston it's. Like this and that's why. All about fact. Basketball better than anybody else in the country are going there. People in Boston. The badges invented basketball sophistication here is next on what really. Well here's the cover the team. Yeah Bob Ryan covering the team that Barbara and stopped covering the team is turn it over to I don't know Jackie Mullen. Welcome in the basketball. And banners that are hanging out there with a good basketball. Over the years. Yeah championships in the 50s6080s. And about ninety and 2000. But the only reason why they like or they were so it because he's why they don't already I don't know comma he's a white guy he's like I don't know basketball you don't know old. Why Gordon David is they'll collapse in Boston doesn't know basketball committee supplier is a really good players and all star player and without this all star on star player. They happen to go to when he wondered for so make it back when he gets back. There's going to be cheering not because of white guys coming back because he got another shooter on the team. Could make the team that's really good now even better. It's even worse than that was the oh Mina. I mean I Hoss and passes them every everything as Angela podcast and he was saying that those Celtics fans. Wouldn't want carrier ring that arrogantly as they did they would won him an inference you know why they would loves it here. And everybody. Love him and you know I they love it just such a degree forgotten about the guy I don't usually are always the most popular player on the team let's get an iPod games he's black areas and I think I think it's a real carrier Irving who loves it here. This is not get out. Where somebody has kind of a taken over carriers and other formats boiler. While management doctor what have you done over my outlook I'm glad delegates great film yet so carrier ring. I'm speaking for himself. Says as soon as he got them and played a game in Boston the real city yeah. Italy which I think said he thinks they're actually going out there or a put down on Cleveland short while and let them or ripped out there are bill though he likes it here you have a good time. And people love him loan. So it's I think is it. Deeper. Then we believe is that is right yes is obviously is it a bigger deal than we believe. Does it and I'm I'm not interject in this is a top a topic for discussion. Is it part of the political climate in the country right now and yet there is a divide. In in the nation right now I mean. There are your right we talk more about race here. I hear more talk about race period jerk I have over the last. OK but why book but I haven't heard that in football yet this year when when. When Aaron Rodgers got hurt now was it a dirty play in the in the Bronx and snow wasn't a dirty play and it rocks since when Rodgers got hurt. But I believe. He was tackled by an African American gentlemen oh. I believe he was and I look at the play and I don't care about two I don't care about the Packers don't care about rockets are really don't. And enjoy watching that when we get hurt it's not like watching Green Bay Packers games. Like felker is and I'm not into it. Like to hire team you know and like living and dying and he doesn't have a team so that's it's not now that I get the Packers are now now it's updates because I don't like most of his act. I don't see a part owner of the he's against I. Later he's got a piece of paper had already left a ticket that says he's thinking about it's easy to make fun of patriots fan boys when your fan boy of another team that certain of our board about a little out of but but Aaron Rodgers and Matt play that he got hurt. A little extra. That was. A borderline play. And he knew it and as matter of fact I think he said something. To the player who was going over to them to see if he was OK I think he gave her some profanity is exchanged a bigger ones he thought it was a dirty play. But nobody. Introduce race black and white men aren't there is just football it's what it is it's what. Ball so you're right dale in this climate we've heard a lot. Hurt a lot about politics and a lot about race. A lot about xenophobia all sorts of things. We haven't heard it in football. Two weeks until this week we well. It went when Tyrod Taylor got replaced by the white quarterback and up. But he did not mention here that the the national media talking about all all the white like guys replacing the black guy quarterback. When he Eli Manning got replaced by. Black guys quarterback here well enough it wasn't most it was terrible lie you know money should keep the streak on the both of cabinet discussion revolved. Moreover let Capra nick was not the league because he's black his cap and I don't know league because he knelt. And that you can't say Brett Adam then you go to Hawaii knelt and then it got short and now you go down that now you're going away from football for are you talking about American politics or what does he want to and his message is not clear and and as the anti military anti anthem on and on. But in terms of a play during a game where you see. A guy. Tackle another I mean one guy tackling what another. That's football it it was just a football player with the football play and it's important Palmer and dirty and I think all it is an early lead you should've done it was dirty. Is NASA should have been suspended. Was that the nasty it's one of the Atlanta Atlanta ranked as the worst played ever seen or not we're glad that all that's not the worst I've ever seen now. Though I'll one more egregious plays obscene. And in my time watching football. Game by involved. Packers again this is Packers bears. The it was a Monday Night Football game and I think Jim McMahon was picked up. Oh like a child. And thrown to the ground it wrestling move is thrown to the ground and they just pick them up and thrown down. Okay it was it was nasty and the player may have been suspended or he was fine or something. But nobody talked in the black player. Raced and come into. You don't think he'd be did that because you wait to see you do that may confuse the quarterback. Or second Bronx case the guy that was gravity of the whole time probably all game long as you gotta tackle right. Yeah it it's it's amazing to me and I told you guys this before you know growing up in the shadow the shadow of the steelers' dynasty. Four championships in six years. Saw a lot of their great players. Who were really nasty. But I mean just give me but it a good sense to me and that was it was a loud guy is audited labored in the rules but. I remember very vividly a toothless. Jack Lambert. I've doing things to. Mike Pruitt. The browns or me just being just violent violent plays. So Jack Lambert and and Mel Blanc. And Donnie shell and those guys mean they mean Joseph green you know come fine. And Nene they didn't discriminate. Oh it was just all I think I think the boom. We are really trying too hard when we look at Tom Brady. Yelling at Josh McDaniels. And somehow turning back into a race issue but you know it's competitive fire. No no no no. Cotton Bowl. Are just one time I just one. Feet Campbell warms silent Mike Hsu. And I wonder what that narrative would be bad happens because we see what happens if it's TO briefly what happened that his days. Oh my goodness all of these map into it even though biblical with allied to what did you adds David about that look at this problem that they had out. But it was meant to you in a filthy rooms gave you an inside look if you could hear the audio. He's made Kumble got we got this game sweep it we getting ready to make a play. Oh. But harbored a bit from. That pool. So I have to ask you roared up. Are you putting this in a racial contexts. While players verses like well now on to say it the narrative that they put behind it that when quarterback do it. The majority of them are white that competitive fire. But when blacks do it if the map and hit or he's the team to store you've drifts of up have you wont to do with that the lastly rape your rape there. I'm the end Bob Brady would. Well. Okay whose day and hook it enough how do you suppose narrative whole. Day they don't. From an outing got some people now look I'm short to find somebody as saying you guys earlier for the shows us the as the guaranteed way to. When an argument. If I say nobody's saying that you can go and you can find somebody on Twitter who served for sure. People on Twitter and say anything either way. I tell you that that it's ever been said before you can find somebody. Who was saying it or you can say or are hurt. As a janitor of the French shark is on national TV. So that that narrative hate that word now and try and say how's it storyline I hate narrative and so overuse what happened there that narrative. He's on national TV so he's creating it. What I hear from Shannon sharp is he thinks Tom Brady is wrong. So that is a that is now becoming popular storyline of your Shannon Sharpe fan. And. You're one of them 161000. People at the numbers a 101000 people watching then to Paramount under 61000 a daily basis prices 862000. People watching these that's one. That numbers triple by first take a. Well yeah but it still looking for us on and get ten times that for Paul patrolled the other Carolina show ends and answer. Up to Rhode Paltrow governor wants Arthur. There are presumed to sell 100 to 1000 people watching and half of those people. Really does go off of everything Shannon Sharpe says Richard Nair chairman. The narrative is that Tom Brady is wrong and it's somebody says on Twitter. That Tom Brady is a competitive and a leader hey they're probably from new England and beat. They're now in the minority. Because. The media with a 161000. Viewers are now creating a new normal. Telling people what. But I don't know why can't just take each case they addressed that one case of your Shannon Sharpe and you're looking at that. What's your opinion of Tom Brady doing that it's ever gonna drop forget a bigger than the thing that I don't I'm I don't know. Notably did play make believe forced them I wanna see Cam Newton. Yeah I'll act. Kyle Shanahan likes to Mike Shula but all the players are not enough yet what it didn't happen you're about politics out right now I similar house I had if it didn't happen now he wants to sing at militant. As you say to see what the and if you wanted so photo Beckham has thrown that he's on the sideline so if you want to compare those two and tell us why did the same or. And to be honest tells why they're very different. That's what you need to do. And so Pete thinks that Tom Brady is being a malcontent. They don't that that's that's your opinion on it steeple probably have the opposite opinion because that's what they're supposed to do that unless it. So that you guys just get past take the light that sensation and asked the take. I don't like it they immediately brings in Cam Newton and those other examples it's very hard to find another example that is similar to Brady mcdaniels are just. I guess it all depends as well and all depends on who we're talking about all. Let me you know I went when white players do it that's what. Stephen they said. When or Brady does it go but let's let personal let's hear from Stephen and then out then I'll get into the case by case there's even a clip when he thought about Brady. Emotional or competitive. What I am attacking is the inconsistency. Of jolt or Susie public out there who would be quick. So that denigrate. A black athlete if he was on the spotlight back and that way he because he'd be cited for insubordination. He would become perceived as being completely out of control temper tantrum maybe he should have maybe ask them. Anger management issues and needs to take a course or something along those slots but when Tom Brady does it. Well let's stop right now granted he's a spot possible champions if it was if it was up Blaine Gabbert does somebody. May be it would be taken a bit differently all I'm telling you is that from my vantage point. I don't see it that way I think the white athlete is judged differently than the black athlete when it comes to emotional expressions. I believe that black folks are customarily. If not religiously. A labeling character rise this angry. At the polls to all white individuals. Being up perceived as just being emotional and very very much invested and committed to success it's a double standard it's flagrant. But it's been going on for decades if not centuries. And a a west that is about a Spike Lee movie. Called bamboozled. Now are sought out and know what was and to be has sought like two or three times Michael reports are correct ports and a movie yet right man went actor. Michael wrap ports that come away doctor white but Deloitte anyway so he's who I am so much such as the only bamboozled a few times. And after the third time seeing that I couldn't get my finger on what what I was trying to say a lot of Brian parts of us that ultimately. That's good panel discussion not a good movie. I'm gonna get panel discussion of the movie and I think with even a saying here to do it Obama got it it it but Steve is saying is. That's a panel discussion. Indicates to me about century old got a lot of nation and that a lot of stuff Yahoo!. Some heavy topics there that's a lot I think distrustful Pacman got like a lot of evidence that applied for a there is some truth in there about how blacks are perceived answered it situations and white to proceed looser situation but I'm telling you in this one. When it comes to the NFL and a white quarterback depends on the white quarterback for example were to him in the office. The rivers. I think is annoying he's bad though all the eye discipline and again competitive league greatly and he's really annoy us fire he's eat eat eat throws you can't tell. If you think he throws tantrums all the time he's always a in his recited the babies are his stupid close right now I'm shocked. His numbers are as good as they are every time and it's appellate rivers that they give him an a critical situation. Turning the ball over and then looking around saying what happened and taken out his stick up his helmet and stopping off to the sideline. To scream at somebody. Else we're talking about. And I got a Joseph Montana and somebody on probably wouldn't and according honest. But I think how good the players also remembered hey Dan Marino never threw a bad pass and isn't there an arm rear. I mean he OK with everybody else's fault but him wish he would eggs expressed that emotion on TV. He never did. He's a commentator never on this pretty dead as they exit it was really. Something anything. Michael will law is gonna join us just a couple of minutes I've seen. And Tony Kornheiser brought this issue up on. Our PTI a couple of days ago we're gonna talk about that we're gonna lie give him an opportunity to respond to it. We'll talk to Michael will bubble talk to you guys we get into the calls in just a couple of minutes 6177797937. It's Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Michael will bond will join us just a moment he was moving his so location so he could toddlers. A little quieter so why he's just switching where he's calling from and it's got a readout here in just a moment we'll talk to him. In just a couple of minutes and out later on in the program. We're going to be giving away because we love you guys we're going to be giving away a football pizza party. For themselves and twenty of their friends. With Donta hightower about that's about the how are you keep up our concept that's coming up later on so that's all. Sometime during the program we'll give away on a football pizza party for twenty people. And doctor hightower by the way the leaders to submit his sense of humor though have cupcakes and support I think it. And so from the old jets happy birthday to operate it came to struggle to move through their teeth. Did not work. Yet didn't work quite as well that our form as it might have so as we make connections with Michael will bond in what we've been puzzling over this for a couple of days now. And as the national narrative continues to grow. We seem to hear more about it over the last couple of days and things seem to be different than whoops I just disconnected. OK with. Could continue to try to Lebanon. Effort and yeah now. He called it a minute ago now he's free dialing in him and we're trying to reconnect trying to figure it out at the voicemail. I don't usually one. There's never a song like George stands there or does it isn't as quick or to voice and I'll make that suggestion like talk to all them guys probably just a standard yet you a number. What's yours is there's a sailor hey it's like a growing urgency reached Michael Holley. As Michael just a guy about attacks like a girl he's right that's for what I did tried that and I had elicited under that please text the streets please tax me yeah that's recognize one of the thing. Artists who want conversational like eighth miles Michael Newman and if you want. I almost never leave messages the ever checked will you check your messages more recently than you've given one. I gave one earlier today at the picture sound odd couple days ago. Ireland's. We would finally made are connections here without Michael Obama won the cohost of pardon the interruption. Michael is joining us right now as as we are looking to discuss this and we hope on in real life in follow him on Twitter at real Mike will bond. Michael it's dale Michael and rich we appreciate you being with a Soria. Good good good are you guys and angered are no longer can we we just play something new and Tony said the other day and that was kind of the jumping off point for our discussion here. OK let's play what you guys said the other that. This is lawlessness and this is not good and he should sit I think multiple games and here's another aspect of this there's a racial politics of this and that is that you have a lead which is primarily black. And you are suspending black players all time to win a white player does something holy word you give them in the least. Pox on all sluggish and why thing Ford is riding big head of a black player into it. Michael will bond I got to ask you guys why is the issue of race only come up when we're talking about the patriots. You go to you guys only care about it when it. Deal with the patriots. And did you see the gronkowski played the other day in in issues of black and white. Did you hear us say that. Led to say all this had a black player. Yeah a ball Percival. Tony brought topic up which I noticed lulls to a lot of people. Armed because they'd like the black guys Tony brought it up I'd give assured creed. And racial politics and in every day. And I've been on this radio age rating number a year you'd ask me the same question on that answered the same way. 25 needed to go get today and twenty odd years and now. Race factor into everything. I don't want to hit anybody say I don't think color that the damn lot you can choose to deal with it some people better than not know me you. I mean people all off. Everybody sees call. Everybody's hypersensitive about in New England four million read that the went out and get into historical discussion completely. You don't care about it good deals with the patriots. Will we deal with it in any number of situations league eating number obtained an all league. In this week we deal with a cap yeah it would it would be a challenge regionals we look at every day. Now you are one and I Heatley and disingenuous. Actually reduces it to the patriot. You'll go ahead I'm not gonna help you today as a matter back on the stage I bet it disingenuous and do. Well I think obviously racetrack is and to many things in society it yet that goes without saying Michael. And I think we've had conversations about it before all of the year is just about a number of racial issues in this case. With McGraw going after white. Did you see. Did you see race there to hit it. Not at all we talked about the racial politics. The people can hear what they want and they here in New England Patriots and race and people go crazy. We're talking about the reaction to it from other people many of only Patriot Act. Patriot automatically. Are involved in discussions like the perhaps more than other genes but not to the exclusion of everybody else. I just mentioned I have to build another huge game without my head out to include Jerry Jones all the sole. No big Crocs operation now do I think as Tony. We're talking about. The politics of racial talk about what this looked like when you're looking in from the outside. Dealing with the patriot entire history the way people feel about the hatred with people about the league. And yet punishment punishment was that nothing to do the patriot we're talking about the racial politics are being well. And the patriot are its sub context. It would not lie you wouldn't be exactly. Now. What we'd be raising the issue if the white players involved seat. Have the punishment of two black players involved in the fight earlier in the week before yes it would be raising. Yeah I would think it would racial dynamics. In the NFL and with the patriots. That's a complicated story because I think the patriots can look back. To the plate gate and say well how do we get over on this one. You lost their quarterback for four games the league took our quarterback the court lots of first round pick we lost. A million dollars and a fourth round pick. What would what would it have been if Tom Brady had been black community to franchise away from them I mean that wasn't the over the pretty analyst. Don't be talked about Michael. That would be talked about that it is this sort of not need to take this hyper sensitivity every time somebody mention too late and people are balking at bat. The best of the discussion. In this from a new englanders respect. I think Boston later everybody. The problem of the that's part of part of it is baggage and part of it is. The way Boston is portrayed. Boston is portrayed as the capital city of of racism. And so when when there are top when these topics come out and people automatically look the Boston. Yes people here of of all races get very defensive. Because you sure because I believe that. It if all of our we the only ones in the country dealing with this or is this say a nationally and in many cases an international. Issue. Absolutely. Michael board balked and didn't come by this completely eat. So until as that was our. And even if it's not the plate today that it was 840 years ago and we know we did it in place. But played most segregated. Places idiot amid a lot here as well and you know what you have to do what our. And so many times you I get this call and it's like you accept operate the bought you are right. Should it be. Because the rest of not hypersensitive about editions you. But get what you get let me make myself. So when you got the one on the people didn't get right. They brought in any way shape or form. So in that no. Idea why you Ed I bet OP yeah we're out on the race tell. Do get Tony and I really. Good discussion. Racial politics. For a white player. Receiving a punishment that many around the league you are all these people around the league debate it or not. We mentioned the yellow rope. Speaking. The punishment of two black players involved in something did you ever received all you're not ugly whatever it. But racial politics of that it's undeniable. You wanna ignore. It people had been quite yet. But it sure about what do you I opted. She looked at patriot rate that we didn't get anything at the rate and that. We talk about the racial politics is something I know. I know you've got a Smart enough to others aren't you see and hear the different in the top. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know good and I'm curious why would you clean out the fat. I don't know I don't know what in town but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why do you point out active player I don't want to point you went right ahead right. No I know I've I I've taking let her work on your law. Ask you a question Michael why did it. Single question yet let me ask you one bit okay those guys I'm asking you questions are why do you. Don't know what why did you point out that wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of dynamic. That dynamic. What they know what block the white. And white it was about how do you going to let me answer the question did you add. Yes the degree. Right. I yes that would be great yet magnetic bit. The dynamic every bit as we talk about the politics of race you're talking about black and white white white not black and black. The most part due could be in the action situation. Action is among people and not in a way to have. It's quite player again you'll god and about newly reinstated about the patriot but the technique you'd. Sort of you don't get. White player being suspended. You'll Jane and Bob and other on the field activity previously. And 80% black league was 71. And the light player being allies left in this situation the politics of how do people speed. I do understand that. I don't know I don't know what it is you want music. Isn't what prompted more similar to what Mike Evans did than what it keeps leaving Michael Crabtree did in my game and it. Chapel on a you know every penalty the comparing it to happen in a short period to talk almost in a back. Yeah we're involved in something on the field that was ugly that the leaked out objectionable. Probably struggle wouldn't give it and it has been a boat got too. Mike Evans only got one game. I don't might get a good point because it doesn't sit well you're talking about Mike and basically what prompted even worse it. You want to look at W talked. But the white and blue. I may well we're the one who said that Rob Gronkowski the black players that we were into it how you on the show you said that even late already and another. Correctly yeah urgent it was my agenda is clear but what does that you're your your debate eight. You get a black person that you objects. Make that observation. Deck surgeon that loud. And how do you saw it on runway use miles inland. All the way up evidence yet as I did you did and is eager urgent. I just I want to add a white brought up your yes well sure lots going on Derek gee do I need all you. Will tell. I don't know of course not you know yet I. Why we why I wanted to have you wanted to because of what you said he even waited for youth could use at ten runner up. And only the decision to tell me tell you what to say. Jim mark. I've not yet because. Lead. You because you're black I'm sorry that's not what we called him. You'd probably did. There. Hold your show all okay our show called we wanna talk to you because of what used at all. No we didn't ultimately. Up and so he brought Michael let you set it hurt you did it make you sick what you did. We we'd sit and talk. It was very clear. So you'll you'll say whatever you want Amare Eric what was I can figure out you know he likes. And so you don't argue have an idea. Brought I don't think Glock or anybody new England and it did do a great. About the politics of the NFL and its partners net. Now you can't understand it dude you've got a widget. He's at one more time I think I think that there is a feeling here. Michael that bet you we are probably admit sensitive about it. Because knock you down not Tony Kornheiser. When I heard others in the media turn eight Tom Brady Josh McDaniels battle on the sidelines into a racial issue as well. And I mean I've I've actually heard people say well I think if Cam Newton had done that he would be portrayed one way but because it's Tom Brady he's portrayed another way. Gilbert crusade about what the patriots at Lynnwood Julia taught me. We talk about your plea. To racial politics there's. And not to do with picking. It was so I can't ought lions. Here in the same policies a couple of I'm pretty damn certain. You don't accidentally about patriots we take care. Michael were you when you talk about these topics in your Tony talk about these topics on the air. The racial dot were racial politics of the NFL. Do you hear anything from the NFL are are they sensitive about it have you heard from you don't have to name names but if you heard from league representatives who say. Take your ride on or you're way off on this you should go in another direction what kind of a feedback have you heard from the league. On the league I'll. I'll Michael yo I don't I'm pumping it about this. The league itself get so much heat over it you're going to be I don't. Players land. Many players and players. Her players as players and end and coaches are welcome. And I would say. I'll. 8% of the insult sort of read about it yet be clear what I'm talk. About racial pot. About. I would highly critical Jerry Jones about a few weeks. It. Holiday would I don't have been. Designated spot. I don't but what what did you find what and diversity in the notion that. You got it. Yeah. Not not I don't think it I don't think we're here Natalie Wood I don't think we hear that race doesn't exist. Or or or or racial racial politics don't exist we know for a fact. That they do I think that sensitivity that you mention. Happening in new England and specifically Boston. Is for people feeling like. They are. They are being highlighted. Or are they are being. Seeing as they're being blamed for something that exists throughout the country yet. The night. When did we. The evidence that we. Know. Don't apologize on the sidelines and people. Do what the event it would take you again. How neat would make a call it yet there why you brought that I didn't bring it up. I think on the considered Reid and I want to imply. What about you can't tell. All the hype the deity. And you've been called. Ticking upward to. Expand on why it. Of great concern that you. Usually doing. Is. Still a lot wider. And so that topic brought out once again. In the context of the end all and it is audition. I feel like I can be very real with you aren't. You know why I wanted to talk to you. More than Tony I know you. We'll talk don't don't. Wage. And the real answer. Did not get batted ball and now no amount of talk you back them up. I can't exactly and even Latin. Indicate to you indicate to you Michael Hartley sat back. Home and car right now not my hit. And each year it is. You know meat fresh data means you've got it. Let me press you. Now I appreciate you Paul got one and you aren't debt yet I'll do yet. I'm afraid of the topic. The Kindle had a real good friend and really. Understand that. And speed about the dynamic essentially. It is about not. You talk about the topic. I'd just let me. Hear it like this sort of want to bring that I. Forget about you that you. Are totally agree that it couldn't have been why. Our show. Yeah. And does that it is ask you quickly that we got the clock we're all over the place now the clocks on my last one more question let you talk about their relatives and friends. In in New England in this area if you've been in this area several times. When you talk about sensitivity when you're here what what what kind of things did you hear what kind of things to people say you. You under and he could probably have an understanding from your own experience in Boston what is your sense of Boston sensitivity vs New York Chicago LA sensitivity. Why did I actually appreciate. That sort of hired back all the hype as it did because these issues. Lately. Here. Are staying with what would you did not. Appreciate. Well you don't do. You. Talk about our outlook oxygen leak as he leaked it out. And I enjoyed quite a lot. And in the spring and our love market. Not always say. I am personally a model that would. Now. Hold against everybody they're now now. Absolutely. But I don't now. All your vital place it's not a problem like understand what is. Your. I need treatment at all we all. Yeah. Slow the ball over time. I. Don't like blocked. Good luck. To. You about my treatment and off ball. Action to. I mean you don't. It could be at eight acres are angry and not XP is all we don't want it. To. You. Hope to. Have. And again and again and again. Final question before we let you go isn't it possible. But Crabtree into league got a two game suspension as opposed to one because it was the second time they'd done the same thing. Aum yeah I'm sure. That it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that their blackened rock is white it's that they did the damn thing already. Because the NFL you wanna know I don't know that the idea that they got punished worse. I think has more to do with the fact that they've already done that same thing we want to. It we're talking about the Apollo. Politics of race Whitney if you're afraid that it publication or target adult. The conversation did raise the possibility that straight to. They're an outlook that it would no distinction. To pigeon was fine. Boards illegally and scripture and what did you do it it's. Well Tony out of politics a bit and the perception of the back accommodation we're gonna. If you don't like it personally should have been damn check. We appreciate taken the time thank you. Are cycle. Michael Levine joining us from PTI. And here so late now we don't care yes article Tony Kornheiser is I think we've done with and I have an agenda now and I know I had an agenda before found that out now that's good 6177797937. I promise you guys get a chance to respond Sports Radio WEEI.