DHK - Hayward injury a chance for Brown and Tatum, plus the Sox managerial search

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, October 18th

Hour #2 and we're discussing how the Celtics will adjust without Hayward, including more opportunities for their young players.  Plus an update on the Sox and their search for a manager, plus we revisit Keefe's history with John Farrell and wonder how he'll get along with the new guy.


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Our efforts to Ellen Hollywood key Sports Radio WE yeah I. That's our program brought you by AT&T. Rick she's you know got some time constraints that I understand that if you don't see that this one little thing in trending I doubt it. Heard about this. The Rask got knocked out of practice today right under your. I had to be helped off the ice apparently woozy helped off by the trainers. Did not return to practice. Head coach Bruce Cassidy said afterwards he left early obviously. Is it about you waited I got nothing right now hopefully he's fine but mentally it checked out we don't know. That's where it's at right now about the hockey player to be clear that was the body Fortis they're always. All right this is back in a hockey players that it gardens competing and practicing. Instead of you know it's like fighting instructor doesn't have to fight yet it wouldn't really fight towards the the when you sure it is here to auto. When after a couple of probably should've gone after though I don't think so I reported that a porous that enough and again these and that is a fact of life and it isn't about this Saturday games. I'll submit countless news. Yeah yeah that was gonna happen but I. Suspended eight games you know that made. It. Already bad and terrible yeah I think you you. I pick for worst thing unfortunately I can't think anybody worse than the polls that you. I didn't give the worst thing about it is that I is that I don't they're better at Phoenix Suns think subject matter or talent that doubles. Erika well guys that's on later latter Devin Booker Booker jobs Jackson. We go to. It well and baby LeBron every letter though. Outpaced the pacers to. But there's no matter of all possible but fortunately. But back to call to winter games 6177797937. I'm Elliott is in Needham and alienate. Mama are you don't guys Eliot. So I wanna promote a lot of that the market Smart. Fortieth street to hear so go back and radio I nature of work and. I hate Barkley you hate our. You know it could be tonight were done you'd Iowa entertained by the round mound. The Roman updated editing on the court he's a suspect on the other side but it. Regardless what I would like what ought to say that you've got to talk about them accurately the Celtics and I think mark's been undervalued and discussion. I mean the guy had a rough start like that just took it to the towards the end. And he's had the total defense he was part of a lot of great plays after that. Well called traveling players. Ridiculous spin move it you know we don't guard guard against that. In an offense that mean no plea deal for Paul got over brown and reporter just kept that relic all of it was post not guys left to right but he set upon. School Kyle Korver who never got my you know not be our thing to do. Nobody got a Elliott I Claudia. Elliott a quick look at the question after you does not how public adding markets Smart your player. You know I don't know if not I'll I think these guys governance they don't tell you everything yeah you know. LA is excellent and I don't care. Lot of shooting percentage. Isn't hustle player but while the question is how much would you pay for hustle. How much you pay for it he brings a lot of good solid basketball plays necessary basketball plays to a team how much does that work. And how much how it anymore specifically what's at the Celtics before. Percy. I think that's really what it comes down to say there's no if you watch basketball and you understand. What what makes when he teams go you have stated value markets mark is no question he's a viable player. But now you tuck went to have Susie okay again they are the trouble here what would what do you pay it's tough it's really. It is really a tricky thing for them I think that's why are Smart. They'll put it that it's Smart for them to wait. This year to see what he does because if he turns into a player who gives you those when he plays and I think averages fourteen points. I got an option and after may yet gotten out of it and replay points or all you know take it we given up fourteen points a game. Gonna cost a lot of money are happens art but what would you what would pay for. With somebody else would pay for it that's the that's the concern is that one team would get him too much but we brought them return yesterday UT's overpaid it most movies over dead. The southern city view only seventeen or eighteen million dollar season got report outset that we would we do we'll take a plus they're the team in the league it would give Smart all littler deal. There's an it whatever you think there's NBA team that won't do that they always do it always always do they always over pay over the hornets would give at a Sony. Tim Hardaway junior nick savage one million dollars in New York. Another candidate were seemingly up for tickets and got we're gonna get but yet 71 million for him. You know Alan scraps of Brooklyn he's got a great contract miles gobs of Brooklyn he's got a great contract and you always will file. I Hadi classic Smart game. Last Wednesday there where he makes a couple play Israel on this guy he does this all game to force a video the couple of bald headed plays there's one place. Carrier agreed to sit back to back threes. It Smart at the ball it would give back retiree but it's giving the ball and everybody shoot from anywhere at that Smart and take it and nailed by a shot nearly. Have a waste of perception. Let's go to Bob Walt and hey Bob Knight on. OK okay have been you know perfect with best wishes to accord Hayward and transparently and no hope for speedy recovery at spears possible. You know I reacted the same way drove off they did the first step from the Michael you know after all my god it was. Oh boy there goes the season in. You know efforts second we're starting to think we've all these young guys can keep performing the way we sort of almost like you're very adjusting to. I don't know what do you have such a pretty big if with such young guys here but you know we got a great coach. Down. You know they go to do is look forward. I will say this if these young guys can't. Keep all the last night I do think we've made slipped to a six or seven seed in the playoffs well but it it's it's a great don't know at this point though it's these. And and look and I want to stress this for about the 54 time here today I don't know anything okay. But if if in fact it's possible that you could see Heyward returned. Yeah march April something you know you might limp into. Into a lower playoff seed in you're expecting. And all of a sudden you get this gigantic purple boost to your roster if a guy like that that somehow return. They thought this really shock you guys that he sucks. There are so they're not going to be a sixty picked at Walt it will be they they make it try to be at sixty it's just not that the conference is good. They still got enough talent and they had been coaching like there right the conference's record that you come up with five teams better than them I can't do it. We know one for sure maybe the team tonight we'll holes see what Milwaukee has early on Toronto Washington would be you know the video that's him. Everett Washington is is is essentially the same met last year the regular season. Had a nice year and in job Walter this thing to outlawed great season. And in 1617. But they did have a bitch. Now anecdotal knowledge and had one and they got they got themselves and and situation and talk about money. OK now I like. Like with that lower case L. Otto Porter junior. Opponents are likable enough it shut out of the well yeah but here you're a ploy to shutout gave fix no did not score a point six. So. He is he he he's an actor. So they have apparently dumped on track there are there so there's so much money the only it has had a awesome TV deal. They got to spend money. It would seem like that in YouTube attracted big time free agent yet to do whatever you can't get that player that's likely affect the market Smart remarks are all at fault that same territory next year. Where. All the top creators will be gone and then they'll beat teams left over sampled got to find somebody we've got to fill a roster with some things that we're just so happened out markets we project a service of the top players honestly he's the best defender against LeBron. But I thought the check availability does the evidence that's here is important but there are more. Peterson JP eight meter right now. The cradle of and you're probably right everyone ultimately an Internet oh my mountains of Mecca who blow up I'll never forget their public and Ireland. According to a broad slate ordinary would purposely Gordon I was so sick to my ballot. And then after it looked to marry him out of a couple of points on Cleveland did not impress me at all. You know LeBron took over the last five minutes that's the only way they want and Mark Morris is statistically. That the center. In the NBA camps. A crime and then this thing and then second thing news. Brad Stevens has been super high and into the branch and went on our plate. Simulate lynch and Martin Marc Stein and we still have nadir being at peace and a yet so and I think he's gonna aren't. You know players speak to him I think we're gonna sentence in the top war. Unions but I don't want a plate chase Tatum thirty minutes and right it's a hundred gained the most he's ever played is thirty an integral player sort but he did. And what are you talking about it you don't wanna play Jason Tatum thirty minutes a night when he's good. Haiti's army aren't you sorry. That's your nineteenth and it is ninety years old he's got more energy that all of us who pay more edited all of this combined. If the pros Peter what do you what do you expect what if game what do. They don't hurt her and want him I'll speak and they want peace. To be good at the end of this season earlier part of a rookie walked. I've heard of it got to fight through it it's like everybody else. And what do you think. The most outrageous thing I've heard a leader of public life but it's like we sent in yesterday what he's one of the walls. Okay this is ridiculous. So if you had a player. You know one play thirty minutes a game. There's difference between thirty. And you know 45. What it would go probably yes those and that's a conservative ideologue in the whole team. At thirty minutes. How to guide your rookie of the year the day I asked them diligently strategically Reston now yet the comparison. Ford takes Tatum does have to look at what happened in the past the guys that I can there most news. Larry Bird he's better than I ever Bartlett about art and Virgil as a rookie that's what you gotta go. It hurt my third at the market that it is split between about it we seek out there tonight from Jason Uga got that. You have more Ursula. I. Play him on those that got. You mentioned the bench like the bench this year I know it's an experience than others some guys that don't. You are short on proven in the week. But I I like it more than even wash your parents I do I don't lashing you had a clinic in yet that these other guys more established by. Shape market due to some level at all the guys aren't Aaron pain I'd like aired Baines. Alternately let's be honest is bronzed Romanoff not exactly yeah unity that got in touch them like I was I don't know why that is always and Italy looks like Ron stroman. The rough a look now. Pollack and Michael bigger cooler along man the times is he doing with their last night. A tough. Cut there they get it definitely like this fronting well and he's he's playing with a there on. By the way Larry Joseph bird yeah. R.s 36 minutes a game I thought -- make it different day Michael different I've heard it's that Allen Iverson played forty minutes the game of on either a thirty minutes will be just fine you know too late grid off an injury with 38 minutes as it played every game you know it as a separate the leaders there. Thought. Brooke and Dorchester. Today at the right but Bryant right now I'll hold. It. I Breyer without him. So now. Do well to. There there is no only where bride or we did on Bryant talked with Bryant got asked about. Okay great in the area. That was all in the I feel pretty strongly. That Crowder did not make a basketball play. And he woody game. You need not had intended to cause serious harm than what is it the way you play. Would certainly reclusive best what he did it's clear there he's behind the plate he comes in late. He turned his back in the way is not go for the ball he acts in and then expands off. And he's backing into the player was Ari in the air. Act too late to replace your speed is speed on the back door. Rightly. In CE it's it's very similar. What happened last year in the playoffs with the shooter who's in a year ago who was where which you live. Wiley in the air exact plot that are that are being in its the same thing now with close yeah really bothered me after the play. Crowd a look back. And it it was like it was like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and if you if you took a back story and you know voted and opportunity. You know the way he reacted you know when we. When the player was introduced at the goddess. You know like I got you out of my I don't mind it is your opinion I don't buy it but I what you do you go harder on your opinion because you're saying. What you're saying you know purpose describes as just saying that now I don't believe that ought to double the rocks and they keep it up for but he does especially if you think you know I think he's got a back story at all. I think he does he's any good purpose is not that he shattered his ankle but that a few goes down it goes out on art Soviet you've got a couple filed Soviet. Here's the question a hard foul and intent to injure. I don't know who's I just think with the follow at all it from from anybody and nobody on the Celtics set a worry about anything like that now. Admittedly they rot while the only four guys left to plate with a bit if you don't they like them they probably like him having. All of the management types failed don't nobody has settled word about and all seem like that if he played and nobody said it. I think you would have seen and maybe there's just too much shock at the time but anytime there's for about hard Fowler dirty foul. But you see at least a couple of guys getting up in the face the other player a great lately is that right in just a quick bush or or something like that. And maybe again maybe they take a look down and made it there were about one of what are some do come to a defense if they thought it was there. 617779793. All right guys I think the other thing Lamar. Not a bad market out of this point and I've had sees the floor to you is that but it could move kind of today right marks on the cell mark NATO. Immigrant. Good short term but maybe. But sort as short term reforms are or better site. At the joke but injured all united tribes. To I mean. Don't isolation club or to recover there or urged talk. About potential that are here. And I think that's like years of why somewhat by the way I don't know anything. But I get so it's possible but it's it's also so. Geez it's in scripture or capture. Or are they ought that you just said. Attitude so long once the forms it's a start judge Robert Ball just a probable work breaks. It's. Out wage here. So forget about that sort it Plato. So. How did you were you agree to a similar players later forward with that affect your career all of us I think that's the good so I don't remember it's happened to you guys to crumble like that what you got in China. Got for ten kronor edit. But. God oh ops first for Montreal. Or what number are now I'd say it looks like we're there. So yeah or later small ball straight out what about. An hour now or later this like five. Outs don't wanna go play a sport so I think that it. On the law good a good outlook long term dealers then. And. What yet the injury. Oh. Yeah the an injury. Coaching career that call that with that theme victory or they wrote notes for the next few. I. The government is not out of altered. I added they're still playing yeah. Bridget fired put always this honestly. Ultimately I don't think I played high level myself. BP's. I imagine that yeah right that to factor. So way to not go TrueCrypt that. He got hurt when two years ago I had this image and eight were two years ago yeah. And what he's that they go quietly solid athletic winner allowing. We are beginning to actually buy it up basketball somewhere could be anywhere Britain hard. Good blood work ethic. Where if that about men. I. Yes that's that's pretty. Now up all George dollar relative to beat Jackson entered office or gruesome injuries are concerned Paul George was right up there. Anchor if I'm wrong that he came back and like he months I think. You know that's what got in August they were to Europe they Olympics or the world championship or ever what the other gave up on I was like OK you at all and I get by him and I think he came back. Just to get the games that are yet to see everybody get back in April. Anybody well so that would eat may. And if the season goes the mayor you mean there might be some there I don't know Paul George basketball Georgetown on Gordon Hayward was that was enough to know. News. Devastated. Moss 2000. Place. The yeah. His thing he spends more. Okay. And it would go. Yeah. Especially game. Sure promotional. Different state tomorrow. It was a bad time. Honestly it's hard to know. Yeah. I'll always think this is it's always. Not as bounces. Still some time ago it would now. Thankfully I was able. It's. Learn the game the way you spend much time. This is always. That's really surprise here that like the basketball baseball although there is agreement a after football. But it was interest in here today explosiveness he was I was bouncing up pretty and a nobody learned things. Played a different way and obviously he's mentally tougher that he was or injury. So I personally think that this injury brings out. These guys the young guys we talked a lot faster. And Bret Stephens I think it's the first time to sit in the day it actually runs off the weight what. As you know the first year they had like forty different guys on the yet. Or orbit it was eight years what I think you're what forty different players. Over 4040 plus a year then the next year where they can excuse me I'll make the playoffs. It was accidental team that was playing it it's okay well Evan Turner. We deal with them treatment. And then that accurate so Isaiah is is really becoming de. Your primary player. But that don't have all the scores that one have all the parts and it's the first year. Legitimate number cubes or when he wait for all start they. I got a number one player who's been all stars the third guy who can pass the ball until the young guys that like I can rub my office. It is not even halfway through the first quarter. At all is way. 6177797937. Is still wanna pay Russia. Announced that they do or are. Never never got hurt there might be educate we're broadcasting live from causeway right across the street from the garden Selz and bucks tonight. Dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio WB yeah. And they've got a lot of young talent on this team. And guys Jim Brown played great tonight you know he's gonna get more opportunity now while the Smart we'll get more opportunity. Jason Tatum played very well the second half tonight he's got gonna have to grow faster this you know and do little bit more offensive that. It's like we are talking about what basis. The Celtics. Effectively flags. Like. It's a problem. Your weight of the guy out there and the sharp ultimately but I was surprised late game. Chris Webber. Marv Albert straight Marv Albert. I don't I don't the vector art goes without you guys write it Marv Albert with out there with. Words. This is off topic but only briefly cut a thousand guys and coaxed me an awful it here because I remember last year should I read anything that the fact that Tom Brady. Postponed his media session today from today or tomorrow. Stacy went out of a relief thing that Tom rating would not meet with the media as he normally does doesn't Wednesday. Ice at will have another captain at the podium at his place and in this case it turns out that it will be Rob Gronkowski for fifteen shouldn't read anything into this now. Those on the left here are allowed one trade little ball we do we ended up finding out why. He was traveling to the West Coast time tested to see is mom obviously. We don't think that's the situation here. It by the injury related but that's my point yeah but you apply an unlikely place equity blizzard. I'm not concerned about it. At least it's not that York. Everything about his season this year it's may mean there's just because now now it was better last week obviously you can get. Beat up as badly last weekend as he did you know the previous. But he's been get snot out of them. And and yeah I worry about it. Missed practice a couple of days last week. You're loading your worry about it and I'm I'm the only one you'll better that you guys feel better. Excited about that the rematch to say or write calls the Super Bowl rematch. And well no doubt that right yeah excellent when no matter they went if a better volatility it is doubtful. Back to the calls that 6177797937. Riches in Dedham rich I don't. You're right you're doing great. I wanna talk about the actual play so excited I'm on the board Hayward out play I'm I. That is a great play at all like. Eric. Back Kirk back screen air Alley. Or impaired short. Went right into. 21 of the most. And basketball Kreider. And upon it was almost like they're jumping to oh sharks are shocked. On the map and it had happened on that play it. Finale of this play as a right. The guy jumping to grab on MP oh they're all but the council souls are rare bad. It would. That's what we're back. I'm. Not boycott but while it was quite play out in them. Obviously at NASA evidence this is about passing game one of the regular season it was a perfect. A short carrier ring has thrown better oops yeah the teammate of yours thought it was rallied for. Just it was a now let's talk about the plight because plays not really what that would. Matters knows how to add that your. You see a failed value to attempt every single game you know that is something they're trying to do it yeah I was not very high percentage it didn't work out but. I mean makes it sound like it's the worst play ever with the sharks and the water. And out of it and I don't know much about sharks shortstop schools. I was of always there's a little bit and they spread the court. Sharks if you travel Whitney gamble sleep apnea and airline accused of violent act the couple acts yeah really yeah. Oh no you mean what did you bet now right yeah it's no longer open along those that shark all the shark movie not a documentary. No solace. So you know a lot of audiences yeah you start with a beat duke and probably as fate at. That drop an invasion but it's based doctors. Sharks. Would eat. Sniff them for blood gotta find this department Ito. What Obama and another about sharing right now known here. As high. Apart gossip about Brothers over here tomorrow. That attracts more sharks. In the water with them every year all the wanna do yeah most of them. It or dice it or if there's a will the ice and shark along with some of the workers week. Think since. It's. So neat little else. Wheelchair I don't care honestly. I'd DeVon it's been made eight DeVon right now. They have been very tough and never. It not abort Hayward badly. Also or get my question out or say at our you'd donate. But Tony Romo didn't do I ever need it or now I've got to admit I've got a bit of Prussia almost got a so my question. It all the meeting with Roger Goodell and the players. I think it always been they were initially broke out there that obviously their point and never understood why nobody publicly addressed it actually at a meeting of and try to figure out what the what the point was so the question it. You got think. Had they'd have a meeting had been brought them to the table back cabinet initially protest the do you think that couldn't. Could've prevented a lot of the backlash should they had initially. It got a fighting it. Actually gotten the room what what their protests all about. Email your thoughts. I don't know. I mean as it is I know one of the players for instance if I forget which wireless at one of the things that they're concerned about is. Wage gender inequality. I heard that brought up ever. That one of the one of the social concerns that they have nothing I could cause them recorded ever before so that's one of the reasons the Butler that. Though I mean if if you think you're gonna solve all the issues now they didn't they didn't. Salt anything if these NFL meetings Roger Goodell met with the media today said that they would prefer that the players stand via the but they're not gonna pass any required it not capacity rules that required him to they want them to stand but. If they don't. The heat in game one talked a possibility of punishing players who did so I don't quite know what they accomplished. Or if they were elderly read the newspapers that theory there's a report that go with the flow of gloat about it that he no doubt he was read how he will Olivia tenuous. You can see which Shaughnessy was saying yeah. Right by you and review. It look at Hamels Spock as long as they should be. Order order reason we. With ports. What would you want the New Yorkers are right or. Is that equipment Western New York no rest Utley probably but he did all the time in the day in New York City so he's either a clip Brooklyn and at. He's from your perception. On them but buffalo area is well one of the buffalo braves they became the clippers that'll. Now I read about what the plot well I wouldn't doubt at all it is that is it's failing to buffalo braves fan. Fault but most awful so somebody was following its agreement clippers briefly noted the globe. Senegal. Who knows where it goes yesterday though that the president is gonna play victory. Over claim victory. Now it already today my victory today. And tweeted she will again this week for a way to them this morning but today it is they match he has but the press briefing. His spokesman said. You know the commissioner says he would prefer the players to stand the president agrees with that the president thinks that the the players should stand as well. I wouldn't. Oprah also be fired. It's better fired I thought. Africa the 6177797937. Its telephone number we're broadcasting live from causeway right at the quarter Lancaster and causeway. Dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WE yeah. We'll say there's no replacing Gordon Hayward there's no trade that they're. There's a miracle dating can work to make them a championship contender again this year they're going to have to get internal growth. From Jalen. Jalen brown Jason paid on you solve Bronte got more of that offensive load with Hayward out last night but ultimately Hai re Irving's role. Offensively will even increase. Translate for more of the play maker they need him to be with Gordon Hayward there and the weapons Iran in Boston to. More the scoring load. Towards bomb. Talking about kids lessons kids like Michael loves kids. But Ellison demands of the Red Sox and beat them holes it's almost impossible to retread in that case. Is that accurate. Return that the best guy for the job. The stickers right one of those are for them about Alex Cora later maybe as rock rapper fifty Mondale. Well why we're much better to save of the outscored. He's sworn to secrecy. I told you guys just after midnight. This morning. Alex Cora tweeted up a single word Bradford knows last lastly three exclamation points that it's that you put it all together circumstantial evidence yesterday Bradford educated guess he Mondale quality who's followed by. Blast. Two months now the the whatever what Iran Gardiner street. What the time he has and I unemployed I'm gonna guess he's not out there that are but but but what the Red Sox set was that today. That they didn't back in if you run gotten Garten higher but there now and a lot. You know look at process and see if any further interviews are necessary trust the process. They don't say that McCain is at stake in Gary's that's all that well for them down autograph that you can bet that differently you. And you'll gonna get there yet it's now eighty bench coach for Alex core element. I love that you do a super team coach although let's be honest Michael really root for Ozzie. Our audience on. Are you eager and they to restrict. It gives the bench coach that we request to interview him was so yes every week instead of us get we get crazy but. Could be fun now. So John barrels or round though. No yes they function with them. Some fans tomorrow contest winner got a letter you know we use people are willing his commitment that's like we used to do a dinner with Earl. The key to start. And that went out ran. Ifill is a coincidence. It hadn't been at all I think it's stopped you got that month. What about like it is relative smack them. It would doable that are so quick snack. Now pretzels so the press some the product and a beer or something I don't know what it is babies just. No question. I don't they are the questions have been there have been there thank you the fair questions right I think it's all right so. You think about it John Ferrell. What he's done as as Red Sox manager and despite the accomplishments. Go out that's about it countless. You don't movement really wants them at a IXT three daily I doubt there are worlds it always that I know that you're you're pushing them back after an excellent. The that they're not our interview I ordered to occupy a place for a leader Charles that we can walk to the premiere. In your blood in the. Out and bring back but. John Ferrell there's the three year he had. Denver. With the AL. Me. And the port. Gary door yeah he needs Mike Salk you know better yet that are really did not beat you broke bread to ball broke bread with all eight hosted with a lot. Drexel why it why we thought we'd get on the what's the problem here. What is it what are you would argue how do you feel would you. Say that's not fair that's what airedale but they're both sides of the story I would have loved. For doctor or problems say OK let. This is not so lucky so what if there's law he would say that the Bay's the only candidate who's got the right direction. He would do that I would. Never invited to that Rodney and it turned down. Well you remember what you're doing so this is the first year you you met with Euro write this register. I spoke with first year we started out in April start integral Wednesday so what you heard the first game and it was good right. On an average problems that you got the job you in. Keep. It on. Every hole. Or nobody off off the air when you first showed that that large. I'd iron it of again the first. No we were on the air hockey team gain or Warren commercial you walk in. And we just started the interview. And then we are on the war were all asking questions that you've stopped by the way that you know witnesses that. It and but he said he accidently if we use the film. I did bigger issue. There's certainly was later on yeah. You know it was a question that went what what what what made the switch what was what was the difference. Where did it go wrong. I think it land base running. They are went wrong were under mounds are I wouldn't speak with a but I thought it was the that you were it. Regret things arise with dale and I'm going to be around this related so and that's one. People to a from his duties make curled I think yeah that derivatives that do for that I think. That's my guess authority I ask him and lovers speak with a again but it didn't knock knock it upon. Open invitation yet always. I thought it was a call today at 230 if you know we've had went out there isn't your comment that the nine. Back to ball's chance in Connecticut. Eight at night. Parent Duma are guys that just got. And I quit being eyed as one thing I called about a week after we draft it is if you paid and I told ago. You'll remember I remember it vividly I remember chant saying I'm telling you guys Jason agents' best player in the draft. No I I said he was one of the not I'm pretty sure you said the best night I remember that the only. Remember. It I am acute and if you remember I Molly with government and you were talking glowingly do the ones. I will say I did back in the line night and it might particular project and Tatum and I sixteen point one block. 63 down I think you part of one block well that was there that doesn't that relax and yet once again Heidi it's at right. Didn't get hit it give you the sixteen points but it gave you four more boards and you're looking for a thing. The board horses and you'll look for. Point. Yeah I've made out but I will probably be kid it's a natural leader number one and number two. I said that flat panel made fun of me because like that you can jump likely itself. The rich that excellent there yet to be honest reaction though he shouldn't give up our. So for a guy because it all right here anytime anytime mix that because you could recap this call. I need. Michaels actually the one always remembers folks violently from years ago only amber. Yeah games in town idea from elephant. No no threat to us yet I don't remember him the minutes ball well but that he is like you stroke out of them on the back by saying there's Tatum had a good game one though that Jason Tatum. I say to him was one of the best players in the draft I was draft prepared over third overall in the anything it would take you don't want one the bank that was you went to small school right but you don't know not a responsible public TV and go to Auburn. I don't know why do our special programs operate there. The ball not as good as the football obviously that's 6177797937. This telephone number. Broadcasting live from causeway red corner cause way in Lancaster. Thanks to our friends from Miller Lite and star market. Be here till 6 o'clock. Right back to call if you just few minutes here on Sports Radio WB yeah.