DHK - Hayward injury the "Theissman moment" for this generation

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, October 18th

Hour #1 and we're focused squarely on the biggest story in Boston, the devastating injury to the C's Gordon Hayward.


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So it is generation. Is that they're chilled ties involved. Not your little older like me you remember the joke seismic Monday Night Football like you remember. Lawrence Taylor's reaction jumping up and screaming in motioning for helped get on the field as quickly as they could. You remember the awful. Photos of the awful video advertisements like literally snapping. O'Malley after generation has their televised moment because that's what you saw last night. That was that there is no river that that dives and play where. The same thing where I mean Laurence Taylor was around them. And Lawrence Taylor and others immediately start coffin traitors or they knew as soon as soon as the play was complete play with barely completed. And they were carpenter's last night wasn't called for traders just. Shock for everybody involved. It just. It's unusual nature of guys here ACLs. You don't see it oh yeah you don't see it edit it look we it doesn't have any other Arab emperor they brought crop up front. Rondo Rondo played sorties you know play him. It you know race the next game or maybe it was playing a bit of the next games and oh by the way he's got two or field of play. Quarter to quarter forties you know Tom Brady walked off the field against Kansas City he walked off right. But you usually don't see things like it's as a matter of record in basketball in the pro basketball game I've never seen anything like I have it. Now where local Kevin where the audit. People solve Olympics about it you let them play so I I can't speak. Awful that. Was in the culture or injury that was televised as if this terrorist those at the right or launch it clearly you know the team USA tuneup game. Played against each other. And that happens now that whenever it. No that was that was terrible that was it sounds some or the sun go down in the play continued unity on products and put backs or two points on the way. And then you get that quick camera angle watches we all or what is what yeah yeah. I say I screamed out there my wife sit in the chair reader walked up watching the game. And when they went that quick angle of him sitting on lorries what's. Going east and west and I and I screen all might god and it would it was like it was that shocking moment discussed. Yeah I I was solemn the mistake guys this every year at NASA we have a meeting. At the beginning of the season and we discuss exactly how to handle. It something catastrophic happens out on the ice. And I gotta say I thought TNT did a remarkable job under the circumstances. The only do over they might like to have back is that shot that we just talked about. I don't think they do what they have I check it out until it and then they got off but I I wanted to I don't know it I don't know they did everything right yeah yeah that was the story. Yeah that's it you know that's they're showing you what happened. And then they immediately went to. Everybody's reaction what the reaction shots. Which is what we talk about it exactly that in all the reaction it got failed and why didn't you just saw you saw it Jae Crowder saw. Dwyane Wade playing. You saw some gentle ground with the hands on his dad and then. The Celtics not a word like Calgary Irving was crying. Okay. There hugging each other there in there but the cavs managed to cast which alternative way the alternative look at. They got back I think it is and ahead of it the right way. And I think you know we've seen time of war dead injuries not now or moves other injuries where they'll show omelet. Like that you don't you don't really need to do that plus in this stage if you want yours that brought us the policy of buying it right now but it the story and I don't wanna see it they've you don't know and I don't ever so I think all the people want all the folks who want him by saying I. I saw it live I don't need to you know or at that most people feel with both of them it was the story of the game and I think at halftime addressed that to where Johnson. We discussed this week cited. We're gonna show once they get you'll preamble little warning sort of and it went way wide view here indicating Doumit on the big story that I want debated by. Just because if you're gonna talk about this play that is going to be the topic for the next couple days. People pointed out that wanna Thierry how'd this happen what you know oh freak of an injury while it. Discussions started it was anybody's ball all that stuff but that. You do need to show but I think TNT did a great job and the reactions that whole story that's all he needed to seat without effective ball players. How there are silence in the crowd. Decent crowd start there a point carrier ring expected to view. But that everybody was just silent and your waiting for Gordon Hayward who hadn't yet but shocked by the way. Like I waited out with another shocker. The toughest nestled in the land and because because she was in better shape than his teammates were under the circumstances that he had a shock. I'm here why have you shot round yet while our army is confused about how how do we get to the point where somebody's ball. It would shackle brought that up but they're guilty insane and yet knew what I think about it Crowder was getting to that point. Yeah there's you know the area in the Bronx area you don't get the data like the question that was posed. I think Jerod throughout Blakely news get over the question hates it like to it sounded like yeah it's not my fault that's like here in the open. He let it fund. Which you passed the Celtics in Gordon now being an analyst at Keefe do you now. And folks you see something different and it was time to visit look yeah isn't one of those plays a couple of because it's glimmers of Boston youth and you are playing time only initiate. The sounds there. I'm seeing how do you make sure that people keep it in perspective that it was a basketball player having was anything more than just how often vessels. Won't even know how well things are doing things I'm loving and fun. He came out funny. It was a Monday this time look down softly into. Love doesn't do it's. Just wasn't so it's a place and I cannot controller and so it's a place like any sort of engine. It's out of my head in California. What are you what would get back on those charges that the only person which and I don't think I don't what does that I don't think there was any bad play. But the only guy you'd even question on what was. He was the little make contact with them and by the way I don't think there was any issues I'm not trying to say that now on having the but the fact what I'll take Crowder anyway crowd is in the area though and I'll be honest first not a replaced that is crowd radical move but like he may that make your product or do you watch the play a couple of times. Well those guys trying to prevent two points there was support passed by carrier value sort of awkward take off we never really got great elevation audit issues. In the traffic anyway and anyway all is that you see theme played maybe. Once every other game you know likely to add on your athletes Butler the NBA how many times do you think. The court were done that like thousand alternatives. Out there easy. It's. The freak now Charles also set at halftime. And by the way halftime was as good as the time rural and Charles that is usually sees itself. Charles said that it's over. You go to law ordering its overseas over. It's this injury they're done well well I mean they read things that she's over to what degree that an act like I can't myself each object I don't know what does that not make the playoffs I don't sit there not with a 45 best teams that probably won't get a four artsy. Before proxy. He thinks yeah it is the sixth or worse in the east now. Just I don't know about you know I mean they don't drop that far. It's almost beat Cleveland did it say they had that a lot of opportunities that they are now made Cleveland wasn't focused last year and right now it matters they were focused. The program with championship but they so last year what he. Where it they're three players last year were. I Thomas. Al Horford and Avery Bradley. Yeah I agree three players this year. Carrier. Al Horford. At the third whoever negatives. Taylor brown. Or. If nothing more or whatever so when down markets are I don't think the east really. Got that much better outside of Cleveland and the Boston. Yeah it Milwaukee you'll see tonight your garden he'll be improved but yet but go from from where they were what was blocked masters and sixty. We go from you know 67. Only two. It's going to be tough so I think the Celtics like it was not a great night it was that was court papers that we're here. We know that we're we're just can't say that. But by the what's to stop guessing there's a lot of good to have they're yes it is. The east Celtics doctors haven't said anything. What they have. Without that ultimately hurt whatsoever rat race to Brad Stevens said what the injury wise. But he's not a lot although blood vessel nerve damage. I don't know what got practice it we don't dislocated ankle. Rats we go down as the best all right so we got to fractured left ankle. Ankle during and after the game units at a this is located at that but the but. But the difference here that everybody guessing on is there or damage their blood vessel damage. You know that could mean the season that could be career threatening stop guessing crack. Reportedly will have surgery at some point today it was insensitive. And at that point the Celtics went out and I think that's the. It's the although I think there's a difference between yesterday and report. No idea what I'm talking about his total gas well but but I hurt my quarter of last night. I was watching NBC Boston were lost members via the marketing budgets visited the that's. So out of my check but the court it was today to her after the game. It post game he said he talked with the sources. By Corbett sources have probably pretty connect obviously wrong and he said it was a clean break. In. That they they are optimistic optimistic. So that was of those that he could I ask that you report. If you tropical glass half full look at it they start the season earlier in normally there a point of November 1 ever start the season earlier. You're talking about a team that's good enough he played in May or June. I wouldn't I wouldn't rule about just yet. The crazy we've seen guys come back like Kevin ware came back complete baffled all sorts came back with the all star players though. Horrible last night they did you wish the best war but I don't think it's it's the world. I don't know and that that I guess that's the point I'm trying to make is nobody knows anything yet but it right try to. To beat perks they get out there and say what it is what it is. I've no idea other then what what they have reported which is dislocated ankle broke entity that's what I. And everybody's trying so hard to put information out there and I understand it were in the information business. In one he first got here you don't have the right to exempt for Augusta about it I mean I'm hearing. The doctors I'm reading doctors. Who haven't examined him I haven't seen any of the X ray evidence MRI really tricky held ethically Kenya weakness she asked what's going on. Well you know it could be this habit really could it. You know that. Lobby to elevate this is why we have where you're duty and other days you have a lot of the businessman a lot of people business who are. Resentment when I. They always give you that I haven't seen the page I now cannot ultimately it's up there after I had a bit. Is generally pro athletes now light your neighbor down the street right that's just like I departed. And my certainly I don't blow that I went. It. It ultimately. Quote. What is your. I'd call. It the light at all that that day well typically. You'll get it. Okay I know. What I could he possibly can back it. But the comments there's enough of these ones that are out there if they're holding him back with the odds you've got view that he is a career and it. It worked that he thought that I'd the off or forever through you know buffalo somebody's going to be right go back and look later on find out who but right now we don't now. When Bob LaBelle used to prepare the skeleton on school sports I'm sure that your. They're doing all right you are Taylor was that that it is not sure a lot of stuff. I'll say this static but actually breaking out and are now physical panicked well I'll I'll say this for Bret Stephens in his players and I give them all the credit in the world. In the aftermath what happened I thought to lose by it yes they note found at an and I didn't care you know irony that I eat a lot and do your job after that. And they didn't they were down eighteen they fought their way back they had a four point lead late. And and they didn't pull off but I am yes I'm I'm giving them credit for. For good job good effort beacon I don't know if I didn't think they're going to be able to do anything after that. You know the pretty good leader. Program I re Kyra well. I. Like I know I thought article one game I didn't know. I'd go to browse grace you wrote a partner he's not a few times in the huddle is just I don't Brad Stevens probably was great at halftime had to do that then ago. From what took place and you know how they were playing to come back and half the lead on works that could hold onto it. By a few times a carrier ring in the huddle up on the or even though it's fifty points he would have that but at times you commented. Yeah. This internal knocking down threes in the fourth of Robinson. Last night that I sent that got caught up with. But I know one of importance I would. Celebrate I Roberts yeah. Calling it great all public right bitch about it. It's Albert Q. It's right now is leadership was tremendous. You know show the Celtics those will not see if the problems are that. Yeah. It was like hey I don't argue that would. Now let's talk body that they got. Heartbreak the fact that hug though Cutley moment LeBron I'm not that it I'm not there is broad that it was booed. Out of this it makes me audience all night meant that it now route. Done without the cuts that might change you know like I would everybody you know what for them anymore eyes that stuff like that go get them. It yet and I won't say that at the end of the game. But the weird spot because. The clock him though one down he's right next the LeBron. And then the bronze no cameras behind them wrapped. There's going to be bigger man in Iraq bucket or Durant Westbrook went gaga and hope right now than they currently are already sick and walk away if you so or a tough spot. And a little weird hello Ron was a good job he would he'd get a pattern on the head and apparently had a well don't take. Barricade that Europe dugout. That you guys separated that it well everybody's heard anything about. Yet it. While about that but that's the handshakes for everybody on the other team and now they are all about that awhile we did not vote on 111. It was back and I guess I'll see these. It's a. I've two five public outlet the the gutless Cleveland Cavaliers game ops people will you know that every video was was it a floating moment that we just didn't have that all know about it. Just don't I don't there's don't know I got out about it don't make one it don't say you might that apply it. We that we could have tied it we guess that you had made one out of timeouts lot of stoppages that the the plan last night and by the they had said in the aftermath of the injury. We decided it that we work I had the okay would that stop this what was of floating moment thing I would guess off with a time but he wouldn't look Droid X that there weren't very good with Robert and there. You know about what it was it all that close security that they are done and we'll go by the end to the after they were they they said. In recent boom those nice folks at Cleveland and I make part their key for them a lot of our governor happen everywhere. Yeah you after that you like I you can put yourself economic you know priorities. I was surprised by the response. Social media. And it was. Overwhelmingly positive. You know should be let all the athletes from everywhere yes it everywhere and it actually nor does it. The MBA at 2 o'clock A watt way into. A lot of people don't go I think I'll auction goes. It was awful you think all of the season's over there. Well 4140. Not a. I don't I I I saw them play the Cleveland Cavaliers the festivities. Tooth and nail right to the end no I don't think this season is over. Now I have no idea whether whether his season is over I don't know enough to make that guess the way other people have done but I don't think their season. I'm focused on three people. What three people what government's obvious you know carrier picture so now you didn't look as much as we thought it was enough but you don't. But you don't play again later he played a terrific game out against it yes so I'm focused on him because now he lost it when he went legitimate all starts one point. Per game score and I's gonna have to figure out if it's gotta be coming him much board that sleep now because they can't. Like okay prove it does we don't have anybody else that we have to do your yet maybe wanted these guys this is that is that true score but we don't know that yet to accompany you. I re how to handle it did two other guys Art Tatum and brown. Night. Gee I take it personal accident and if it. A port in rural and under didn't get out but it worked needed to end. Very hurt you. Guys names that experts but player I'd like I can't. It had to take that off and I didn't. They're not not the same tired at to take out of Purdue game tonight make you yet stated that a bird. So. And it brown but those guys tournament round I've won my points and and he was he was very good not great three point range but they're not wrong but at least not I don't. I think Rupert but certainly a lot I don't mind the shooters so why don't we knock knock out negatives because you're gonna aptly. But I was going yeah Europa or read the post. Dogs to go through Europe or reason that they don't care. So. But he scored on last night that he comes back seven night. Okay that's a bad sign but if you were aggressive. Defensively he was well two way player. So I if if brown in them grow. I. 6177797937. Is Telefonica will give you a chance to react what you saw last night whether or not you think this season season is over. The celtics' season is over I should say a winner at causeway. Interestingly enough it's a quarter of causeway and Lancaster and I would guess that inaugural but well yeah out here. We're here thanks to market Brent Miller Lite and star market. And see what makes a shine we're going to be here till 6 o'clock tonight talking Celtics basketball obviously with the home opener right across the street your TV there and you like it here crisis that the Green Line accidentally right now. Yet Jim Davis right now. At all. Man I don't follow I was cynical like to suggest I don't know leave earlier next time 80 boy we've rarely does a mom like markedly Republican figures take you get from. Say Boston to you know. Always should take and agree that it's. I try to since it's not the thick of right up the road here and get tired of decent data about its work cut out for game two of the key Butler birdman. On their particular search team to regular bird. It points out what in fact. It. What did you say that the bar for Brian I have to do it out about it on the thirtieth about fruit bar Anwar were broadcasting live from causeway at gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio that the media. We debated this do we know it was a gruesome injury do we show this as we talk about. What happened to Gordon Hayward the agreement was he a short one time it's going to be from. Kind of a far angle on the other side. But to get an idea of what happened if you do not want. Watch this video collection no we're not talking about underdog showing your. I was the discussion part failure. Arlen obviously calling the plays time. And then you know we heard. At half time in Ernie talking about what the show they were gonna show. It is a very real things in it in a in broadcasting company. Hockey obviously. Ski cuts have you know god knows what happened. And it it's stuff that you discuss and I remember vividly when I first started in the business hundred years ago. Working with Mike a picnic at fifty years to work with my camera. And it and Mike said to me off there now remember. Their wives and girlfriends. Who were listening to back home we odd games were on TV that. He said don't overreact to what seat. Because you've got somebody who's in it in a car and writing to where we are. He said you start broadcast before there was TV yes. Wow all right after an unbelievable finally I thought I'd throw like that and but the point in his you know you silencing people watching on TV last night here and and I was actually in and I think it was instinct when he said. They were broke his leg they were broken like it was it was that bad instinct. Because normally I don't think he would have said that. You know you don't put yourself in position even though it's obvious I can see we know what it is. As a broadcaster what you're taught is the author and doctor here. Don't starts at all I think he towards hamster oh I think he blood it's neat don't say that stuff even when it's obvious to everybody what it is there's. The top position at the end. Second Kevin Harlan worked best broadcasters and the world absolutely one of the best top twentieth they aren't Richard the only had a Dutch top man number nine. It is outrageous. Not perhaps it's I'll by the way it's supposed to joints and so Richard I know. I got Kevin Harlan touch assuming that his plane lands when it's supposed to do in the final hour today's program. And just talk with a little bit about you know what happened last night I think Hamilton and went about the business because it's hard. I mean I. I remember skate cut the minor leagues who aware. I skate cut right across. The the main in this in the spy. And they've always said that if the Mariners may mariners team doctor hadn't seen what happened. Knew immediately what he was looking at and hadn't sprinted onto the ice. If that player with a flat out died on the ice right there there. And now this I'm not trying to equate this to leaking out die what I'm saying is it was series and you knew what was series. At a non baseball so just outside of the players' reactions alone it was told us. That because you said there every game every other game whatever it is there's a player goes down a player of limps off a player you know. Bloody nose or you know springs their wrists or whatever and al-Qaeda or the sideline of our game goes on no big deal but as soon as their regular quick glimpse of that. Everything stops both teams need to huddle up the re gather themselves. He literally tears from some of the better athlete that's all he needed. Outlook Bryant's personal PR agent Brian went horse yes was tweeting out last night a couple of that I went to the locker that he went to the locker room. I'd like you know as much as I wanna hate get up guy. I got excited about it a lot but Isiah Thomas also went there and went to the locker room to be Wii is. Gordon Hayward who he had helped recruit from the Boston right and and that you saw the shot as they as they got Hayward up on the on the Gurney there. And LeBron was the first caps player who went over and took his hand him you know at that other players came along as well. And I don't think it was just you know all of bronze plated the cameras again I I think he had legitimate concern for a fellow player in the NBA now. He don't know doesn't I don't we've got guys that part of it though I I lights because you know and I think is there on the backs up playing a LeBron playing at a dollar but it often goes. Do this but guys there's not planning. Isaiah we know how he feels about. No longer being in Boston went on the court they were now here and very highly paid. And he sees that right in front of moment that happened the cavs ended the quarter. And he goes in there and in talks to woman. You know that's one thing that I think that he had he got the halftime got right that a lot of strange comments Shaq into any particular. But one of the things that Charles talking about is. You know it is sort of like a family if the MBA families and if there's only a rivalries and the Celtics cavs the good want. Both something like that happens I'll edged up to this golf stuff yeah. By the way according to SI dot com. One of the primary reasons they didn't show the ivory Irving tribute video forget the whole floating moment thing you know catalyst buyers it like. Now there's players that like that didn't like the fact that they were gonna do. Cavaliers players according to this multiple caps players were upset upon learning about the tribute city. Lionel I've now I'm guessing there's only one cavaliers player that matters which is one vote yeah I didn't ever have a lot. Democracy over there in Cleveland while what you like that your carrier. Well one guy in particular we could not ever live abroad than guys we don't like this right note yes sir that's why. That that's like LeBron might eat that night like in my office by the by don't laugh about it now favorite athletes. They were wrong with you it's been doing you know it is a couple attitude about this announcement he said they at least three. And I. Wilson favorite athlete that Roethlisberger John Ferrell. I. If they've talked a minute this is currently is okay that color guy in the into that he has in the and I got. Gain for the game. And I thought it was emphatic. About it it is. About that I would take Europe. Our favorite app right now aren't that nobody Brady aren't a birthday right. One out the lights that those that great. Rod are separated them. On the ground. That app in the game my favorite carrier. It probably scarier he hasn't. It boat he. They'll go all of my guys via a group I'd promised right all the guys that up next it's dale Ali with broadcasting live from causeway. Across the street art all but Celtics in the Milwaukee Bucks. Europe Sports Radio. The thing that really showed tonight they're season's over. Late. Now you know we knew going into the season was the cavaliers. The Celtics who was in Toronto. Now the Celtics. There's going to be very difficult. For them. Even be in the top four spot to be honest with you. That was halftime last night. Charles basically right off the season already on the call you guys I would give you one very very brief baseball note. Alex Cora is on Twitter. He sent sent out a one word tweaked it while both read this morning. One word all that says it is the last three exclamation points. Maybe saw air base in the shower. Skip if that is Michael at that about it. I'm not upset about logical like. But he did that exceed. Not a reach for a Kurds your guy that's available read through it bar. Setting the bar bet that we'll restrictive. Bar. Yeah it's the bar the bars art guard that's my dog garden where the Arizona Diamondbacks just parting ways. Moments ago. I hear your big on the return I am about to really pretty retread bear. Tired. I can't say they've got that out here. But what the reaction be fired Ron Gardner. Oh. I'd say I don't. Our reaction a reaction at Boston. Look at the ball from the that championship parades all boils. Managerial rate cut off at a lot of talk that way I've got to operate out where are. Yes it out yeah. Electric Ron Gardner interview all right managed care so I was talking about all the people who were gassing about you know the situation. Adam Kimmel Spock of the globe we about a minute ago as of now. The Celtics are still awaiting further news on Gordon Hayward condition and surgery. I'm always you don't know anything at this point OK I brought him back. He's here. Probably knowing that New England Baptist where you're quite welcome I saw video this morning on channel five news Wheeling it ended in England Baptist shot optimistic though. If not a marker. Anyway public about this yet and you'll probably get surgery if they decide if it's going to be the next. We we. I mean I think that it is going to be privy to those folks who are guessing I've read today. But according to ammo atom in a spot in don't know about optics that I'll go today or tomorrow. You know Lego at least I regret that we count. About a week. It is a little more work over let's get the call to you guys 6177797937. I tip to Newbury port hate him I don't. When he goes to at first and foremost those were issues that Gordon Hayward an instrument that that was just awful. I hope you have the results. I'm not blaming anybody for any injury Jack Tatum went about their last night where it's very obvious Crowder got underneath them. LeBron knocked them back that's why you fell awkwardly. There's not tall tall. I mean Marcus marked Reid Donna Karan Jimmy Butler well well that's a tall. I don't know if all of this up but so you think about blaming anybody but. If not sound like you're I don't think it was. Holders. Well. All I did an eye on an area and harper. Well I don't know what he's saying that I didn't think it was now at a news on it last night there were a lot of stuff code they showed and I hate Jeff Green and it certainly does but there a couple of times that he finish around the basket yes I'll leave it at a couple did it at it they'll call there was cause actual plot last night at the rented crowd held I think we'll. The work with any retro. Ever I didn't say the fact all of our heads up oh yeah and I see it succeed that's all all of us Ulster. I on the go to the ballot I definitely didn't think it was any enter those Alley oops in the traffic oftentimes gets her awkward thing you know maybe water to those guys rule will hit the ground. But you all. But I don't I mean in the brawn first holes through it go for the ball so. Again you as a moderate to go for the ball easily in those Crowder did have a pact with the Yugo maybe a little out of position but there is an appointment to. Points well played. As well officiated game for the most part they'll say that very often. In the of the guys that hurt but the broad and I'm not wanna suggest that maybe. Couple that have more than once the atomic Tyree got off on the crowds are to get a good look at it blew by him mundane facts helped amounts it wasn't easy dunk. Traveled travel art and that one where it was Jalen brown was on Monday that it in the Art Tatum then they get severe pain now the travel so. And I know that's the big criticisms of the old school fans will say a candidate travel every play among the I don't know I don't know that don't yeah LeBron did a lot last night and so. Usually it's the foul calls that get most upset with with bad or good officiating last that it was the trials. Our Mike's in north province of let me just at the right but you know Mike I don't. Hi guys yes I mean I had seen action. They would get hurt like everyone else that but you know I'd kind of like come to grips that that the fact that they will not win the championship any. And diplomacy to ease back down under percent not by the play justice be him. But by the playoffs next season like his state he uses this year that he'll start off next season he's kind of rocky at first but he played his way back into it. I'm not really you know to put out about it because just you know what does. This season Jalen brown Jason Qaeda and the other young guys on this team get to go out there racial what they can do that enhances their trade value enhances the value that the T. Going forward. And this draft it very well he could in the fighting you know good players taking down cause that's what happens when you get all the focus being put on. Elite players that the truck. Very good players often on dropped down into the fifteen to twenty range and gonna end at the end there aren't built and. Lot of the you know we have yet to get a decent. Well Mike I don't think you'll be in the fifteenth it's what he rates on their own now they might. If the lakers are bad and they wind up with that that you didn't do vibrant yet that they'll get what those elite players to talk about but I don't going to be so. So bad that we're talking about just outside the lottery but the Celtics. Let it let me. I still think that the second best team in the Eastern Conference I'd even without even without Heyward were most of the season if not all the. Well I think they're number two different Mike's point that I really agree witness I think with Gordon Hayward they were gonna challenge. Well I identically to chocolate they use it would go their last night and and alcohol and on the final point to a single winning. But I do think that what the and he was looking at was. You know a way down to three years down the road. And and I might overall point of you know now you're probably gonna end up playing these kids even what you plan maybe even more than you want. But in the long run it may end up serving you in good stand. I do like I mean that is the silver lining I guess is that Jim brown and Jason Tatum who were off its options to three last night. That's that they will be probably for for a wild so they prove that they can't do it. The rock and keep starting like they're saying oh Marcus Morris gets back when who goes and battled the maybe Tatum comes out of the starting lineup parent or maybe they stake in both those guys stay in the starting lineup all season long. And it starts to develop all the more offensively so whether Gordon you're comes back late this year or to start next year those guys were more established that that would best. I expected the aggressiveness from from round last that I expect the improvement wanted to see that from year one the year two. Like the pick but it took him last year. Thought he had nice upside kept saying. Celtics don't rate for Jimmy Butler got your own Jimmy Butler on the roster Jalen brown that being that I was most impressed by you beat him. Match didn't I do know that he would be able to just get it like that. And not to score in ticket but shot but with respect to security but it rebounds but every yeah very impressive now what acuity test. OK got you you start it back the first to our own personal start to your career. First back to back this is what the NBA is you know just figuring out how how did you play at some one night how you play you know. Two games in five days three games in six days paddy do. And if you if you could be consistent. Argument way to to be a really good player. 6177797937. Were at causeway right corner of Lancaster and causeway thanks for a good friends at Miller Lite and star market and see what makes this giant. Be here till 6 o'clock dockets and Celtics basketball with you. Home opener tonight across the street against the Milwaukee Bucks it's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WB yeah.