DHK - Hayward's injury timeline, Sox next manager, Brady off the injury report and final drive

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, October 18th

Hour #4 and we're discussing how Gordon Hayward's recovery may go, and how long it will take.  We update the Sox managerial search.  Tom Brady is off the injury list, and we close the show with FINAL DRIVE.


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An important final lauer did on Hollywood heap. Sports Radio WEEI. We're done here causeway that's the name of the place causeway at the corner of causeway in Lancaster. Get ready for the Celtics home opener tonight across the street against the Milwaukee Bucks. 21 minutes ago. Our president tweeted again and in afternoon leader this is an early or what exactly am 011 minutes ago. Our president we've got doc. At NFL now Smart sweeter now this means that the smarts all NFL followers will see this message out and they don't follow him. The NFL has 44 point seven million followers. The president has forty point seven wouldn't it all his wealthy to not just want to write all falls with the savvy move so docked at NFL. So much talk. Not enough action. Stand for the National Anthem he will never let this go. And it's action at that time John Garrett said today after the meetings in New York he said we can't let him go to him. And to respond very ago. Yeah right that's the fuel thing because action that hill yeah just putting in a rule action to him is not act you know having a conversation sitting down. It here watch the players are doing this in. How they can move forward that's it that different thing altogether formed so. I guess the suites will continue. It gets you away has sort of backed off the players should be fired or suspended type thing. But you know last week was any indication. That is really cool that nine players I think that can mean it's it's compared to Ottawa that's close to 200 I think players. Probably talking with their coaches and with your owners are nothing else I've come to the determination aren't we don't need to respond to every Michael Bennett spoke to the media in Seattle today. Said he will continue to do what he's been doing he said consequences are consequences. Now apparently there won't be. From the NFL. You know us on the cowboy it's well yet if you believe that. Now the commissioner did say today he would prefer that everybody stamped the hand them but they're not gonna put an rule changed an act of wood and punishment. But the president is gonna just keep trying to hope and hope and hope completely yet. Another kind of response you. Don't you John Maris that Donald you always hard hard nor. Now but Elliott. Is now the president yeah I had a little bit Bakalar. You know that I've written that nobody is built to go it is so years so it if he's got to do yeah acts like. A letter to rule them I exactly the political. Aisle meticulous work. Which means of either but I adore you on the block you are with a view most referrals. Four followed them for their total failure got the list. The followers that he had not the most powerful man in the country yet that's very hard. That if there was that that's scary that's different stories we're different day I think it on this particular issue. They're already know how you feel about doing anything different that's anything different so why don't have to respond. I doubt it's getting tired but it OK so I'm not gonna Wear down. You're you're you're not interested in game dialogue with Pakistan dialogue. It would have made it happen already. We said earlier he could've done. It didn't see what the NFL it'd be ignored if you want that happening went. So don't respond. We are continuing to await word from the Celtics. And there has been nothing. Forthcoming as as of yet. I will tell you that coach Bret Stephens has a regularly scheduled weekly appearance in our. Competitors across the street during their midday program. He respectfully. Canceled today because he told them he was going to be at the hospital wanted to be with Gordon Hayward and when it certainly understand and appreciate that. But nothing from the Celtics yet no note diagnosis of what exactly happened. No no update on when surgery can take place at at this point. What we know officially is what Bret Stephens said after the game last night which was a dislocated ankle. And broke into it that's all we know up until now anything else you've read. But prognosis and when he might be able to play again nothing official yet. While they look at some more information soon 730 game tonight. With the Milwaukee Bucks so here we are. The two and half hours you know two hours to minutes before game time. NBA media is going to be a veil is going to be in the building. Brad Stevens will be available. Danny Ainge will be available at the logistical information. About where we stand which was the injury update. And I hope it's good it's it could possibly be it under the circumstances of what we watched last you know I've what they last night and this has gotten that out to be in the media does. But being that Wilson sensitive to the words used in parts of it but it seemed like I hope you guys. Noticed the same thing. What makes it's like we're Brad Stevens said after the game but it yet. It was it. Confident wasn't specific he sets up the lights in the city or support out there something like that voted them down there and everybody kind of went with it lock on that. So I. Body was sore and admitted it to conservative that's what at a resort that's the specific injury everybody's report based on. The public from Bret Stephens after the game. Where he is certainly it's not like basketball. Stated. It's not a doctor and video we're looking for her some sort of positive signs at all. The fact that he traveled back with the team last night would be a positive sign. They've got Cleveland clinic right there practically right next you know where the Q is well but carrier said. And hey boss the head coach I want a lot of months real live with that you will live right well guess what I'm saying let's get an update bottom was it was definitely I got to do some now. Then hospital right there and bank and they elected to Adam my back with the team check in New England Baptist this morning where he's been. As far as we know Walt. It's great duties that they are negative play games like you see that halfway through the first quarter both the affected by it that are now go back up their play. And for the rest the first half anyway felt that it looked like they really wanted to be able. And then whatever Brett Stephens that at halftime it clearly work they they got. There's stuff together for the second half. But now looking towards the whole season. It's crazy to what you think about Hayward how so under the radar. We've barely talk about what we're the best players in the lead right sides of the celtics' most offseason that would have been the story. We barely talked about it all carrier ring. And that maybe a little bit at NATO but mostly Irvin all off season. Gordon Hayward finally gets his feet in five minutes you might lose the for the year Rick talked about a lot this week. But that's going to be gone for awhile that if it's bizarre how is it ten years become. My husband's. Five that is important. Five that is a pittance. Now it may be if he sees it it's over. I haven't seen anything anywhere that's a yes it's beyond this season. Now and guys like Paul George and Kevin where it different injuries. But just drastic disgusting injuries that you saw take place on the floor. Note all sorts of our country where it goes up in the year by the casket comes down lanes awkwardly. Eighties scene that you're their initial reaction is that guy's done for right but the way things go at me Alter back and less than the full calendar year. It it'd. Now we were to play in the custody talked at shoot around about how. If he reached out continuous. Basketball shootaround. All of and I don't know what else going back we don't want or will there are they were doing back there. But he says he's not explosive there was before. And I'll think about it word or but he still predictable that the player that he was the prior to that answer. Now the other thing that happened today local sports connection here is Ron Gartner hired did officially interview with the Red Sox today might go away. The moon and oh anyway that they have now interviewed three candidates Brad Ausmus Alex Cora Ron garden higher. I gave them browsed he said in the aftermath of the art higher. Interviewed today. If they're not gonna reassess and decide whether or not they need to speak to any other candidates make their lives already formed rock rapper you know. Told you guys ordered tight just after midnight. This morning. Alex Cora on his Twitter the leak check mark and everything we did not a single word blessed with three exclamation points with a mean. Now I'm I'm assuming it was it Houston losing to the Yankees last out now but that it was not a villain. Also the the the plea that he deleted and hit it. It. Lets them compete against rock and a half. They got here is that a candidate are likely all of them yeah. Is this these jets likely being named in the same sentence as rise are it is the or is that. Yeah I mean maybe monopoly a couple of jobs that now is decide between its and that's what we believe the Mets were a little hard for. And made you can play for the Mets right yeah it's always played with a bat to play for the Red Sox both these teams they play war. Are are considered about the leading candidate for propose the particularly. So on Hannity or what we've got to get paid to drive that drive that price up. Now I I don't the NFL you can't do this you can't make coaching announcements during the playoffs but that's hard rappers has run well that's assuming he gets eliminated right. Or drop it. But what I'm saying if they're still in the playoffs and you still amounts. That you've hired Alex or already asked her yeah yeah yeah I mean you'd you'd assume he'd have to fly in here for some sort of a press conference that. Often I'm not sure AT and it would be that I fired up about having his bench coach fly up here for an off day. Now football like this oh coordinator to coordinator. You know right before a playoff game you can't do that made your bed throws your paper. Of the regular edits outscored birthday and perhaps that's why. Or at a that's the incident that is for forgetting to weed out of my birthday is that what they would listen was there some doubt you're gonna make another one yeah. Always good girl out there a tale world today take for granted. Bail they do it K the most. He thought that now that his Twitter page you go to work it is little balloons knelt. I didn't say there at the base poultry birthday balloon excited about. At first but Michael went with Twitter these days it's his last words went today. It's the lead with a brutal to rule on. Read it and I don't positive. It'll come off and on yeah the guy was saying that you know that the Allen you also details. They have ourself from rock it was pretty much made of that obviously I read the ballot that great either you know our kids arrive for the state society period is the vice retirees to shoot. Less than earlier or just so passed this year. The Celtics are tweeting out. Pictures of Jason Tatum Jalen brown Al Horford and Terry rosier all arriving at the garden. Is they get ready to go to work so there are players there there I assume the coaches are there as well. But no word from anybody within the Celtics organization from Danny on down. No official word on you know what the situation is with Gordon Hayward beyond what we know obviously which is was it last night. I would say it I don't think the Eastern Conference. Winning the Eastern Conference it's not gonna happen for the Celtics but they're they're not that it falls through. Upwards as two separate account for why the conference is too bad it's too bad that happened. When you look at some of these teams that are gonna make the playoffs the Philadelphia now to Philadelphia to John. Milwaukee who you'll see tonight we want to particularly a very good romp those porno fine Toronto Waterston. Both good but it's essentially the same for that you had last year I think a couple of those that don't work to manage. Baltimore's. Well last year they make the playoffs they're not gonna make the playoffs this year. They should still be a top four seed issues at home for the first part about it. Chicago was about last year not gonna make it yeah it if he had a socket activity or live here there was a lot of it and part of that's a lot about. Yeah I don't think they're one of I don't think there are that there's not a lot known about but they're not even like a 500 team in the east of 500 to make the playoffs that's sort of a Charles park Tuesday at halftime now I don't know that's just. Quicktime reaction I go there or their second best players out so now there is terrible lower fifties changed his mind on the but there's no way they're there the seventh best teams in the Eastern Conference race or their talent. Base of their counting on to be really productive for them. Thinking that it took 43. Wins definitely I got there and it Hayward now. This isn't some who were left. They were back there at the top seed they're the best team record wise they're the best team in the Eastern Conference. It completely changed over all they who it is but it it they similar to rate but they're gonna rely on their point guard to score. Most of the points but this team actually like I think they're way more the ceiling with brown and Tatum them that you had a year ago. But you know not now there now we are back at last year's model because Hayward whose job it. The last your your second story is Avery. But Avery with a bunch of games. He had a stretch. What you went through what it wouldn't work with a great lobster season. Though. That's sixteen. Somebody's gonna have to give you that. Proxies for scores this point defensively as well or it. So that Avery then also had to crowded with the business school where you're. So my attitude that. The other coming eleven and coming Atlantic off the bench with a double to score four. People forget about how Smart. Ron stroman what about OK okay this article medic who's going to be Smart who was also a double to score put her earlier. So that's. That's what you want or maybe maybe don't even have to go player for player that is about to step that we don't know. It happened in case data with them not to get this that if BA rookie this government it. Bartlett Morris when he comes back maybe it's like. And one final note about the patriots I expressed some why I asked the question if I should be concerned. That Tom Brady postponed his press conferences regular weekly press conference from today till tomorrow. They gave the media Rob Gronkowski like guest was cut now. Very amusing making fun of my creases party happens and things like that so you know it was just it was good shelf that that stuff like daddy he he it was good show. And I exit exit should I be worried if I'm a patriots fan while the patriots practice reported south. Four players did not practice today Stephon Gilmore. A land of Roberts Eric row party line. Are the obviously in this library in the automobile accident are limited participation Rex Burkhead Chris spoken Shaq Mason Tom Brady's not on the injury report. Rob Gronkowski not on the injury report. So maybe I was all the feared for no reason which is what with those you get a couple of hours ago not words. You'll be out there but yet was always out there if all that right until it still is it's a practice last week and he was still out there. The office and outlook good. They brought that he was told they can't talk about the strict orders could not talk about super wolf if you want. He was that are that upset you know it's Super Bowl if you want he would play the game that we are not talking about hit talk about it. State scandal adult raising. I don't know I don't know enough sum that two to three I don't know what you know that's it for this talk about it it's fine. Atlanta you know I don't know if your daily show I don't know what it. But yes I don't know if you want to talk about it in the basement at Douglas again depicted did it say hey I forget about the result of the Richard reward care Bill Belichick about the without the fitting it into the everybody heard it well for them. They could say a good lesson learned we can learn some lessons from that game about the championship for the confetti. We've got to get off to a fast start. Saw that then what happens when you know you're not so fast start in the positive that game is if you stick with it at your rider off that you make the plays excuse. If they'll play it play for sixty minutes on the leases. I think that we talked about it. I would run away from talking about the games this game has about 45 good lesson that. What they pop up. I have a good on purpose. Or if you want it united. But he backed calls have you guys 6177797937. Cost dia is in DC. Take us to hurry up. Hold on now were. Just. That's not that's us there are now now now they asked you what's going after the. Out of myopic. What Margaret K. I've actually called to overtime that we can I didn't make it on I have to combine everything into one fellow. Which of these everything is more likely to happen. Gordon Hayward come back this season bill Belichick's it's Tom Brady for soreness against the chargers are often or other weak team. We're David Ortiz become managers DH as. Or the week Gordon they were affected Gordon Hayward there are expected. Did the galleries and others are not possible at least one is possible. Yet others aren't happy and well thought until check could. Now right now right now personally I thought well that's on the board there but although without. Brian is in New Hampshire hey Brian I don't go Mario what it'll I would. Hey you know I mean oh you know what that play less like. But what people on and we got the jury Crowder thing. And you know I don't think it was dirty either but don't. Let. But you know simply ignore sport like basketball or something and someone really. We're at that level that is I'm. And they and they did not very good or they do that thing you know they just they think their defense. And they get pissed off and yet you know. It is doing something stupid yeah that's that's what I think it was because. If you look at it and hate larger. Burned them on the first rule. And then on the back track. Becomes then and you can count Draper on last night's show. Even mention the closeup. Of Crowder. I mean who. Make them play like that we use to a pure whack. A basketball court. I mean seriously. Who whom in Tibet and basketball you jumping up and under try to follow people on. But trying to get the ball. I just me or what wouldn't he should be applying for camping with the stars. Shouldn't be on the basketball court. Me in the type of move by Google sells crowd well ball boy you know those that was their point. But if if there is more football players basketball player. This little thing I'd like what you thought of the credit watch how well I'm not evil I promise I'll look at Al look at it closely held. A look at with bad intentions throughout Ali I'll look at it as if it is you know. Jake Jae Crowder is is the worst person in the idea I'll go into this with that law and that you can play with those emotions. Until there's some. I know about it aren't going I don't doubt that. Gonna dark places 6177797937. Its telephone number. We're down here causeway at corner of Lancaster in causeway thanks market folks from Miller Lite and star market stuff on down before you head into the game. Grab something to eat grab something to drink it yourself ready for Celtics in the Milwaukee Bucks. Dale in Hollywood heat Sports Radio WB yeah. 6177797937. This telephone number were they accurate causeway. Basically Red Cross as well. Technically cross the street from the Tip O'Neill building right next door to via they're overrated there where we're right there what did you see all that. The construction over here doing it as as Charlie Jacobs said it that they've basically we're digging for over here so everything was all underground. No other way up above ground. And their vehicles. Crazy things the got to realize those slow. Is relevant to get over that the treaty which it over that ball quite sure if that's slow Illinois you know really with slow. OK how long do you fight I figure if you're taking it ironically lot of people can tell you. Now here's here's the thing it's not the Jetsons you can't just get a. Haven't not let. I've lived here for a little bit like you should know better so I've been here. Or. 23 years and I like the beard other major cities. Lost entry system is probably on the scale of what it's in degree of difficulty the thing. I'd say. It's about a one it's your dollar and or it got out Hillary wouldn't cut it down okay it's whatever the colors. Green and blue. Or it's easy. It is. Tell. That's not the problem is that it looked at a thing one point eight when he. Let. This is what it from a pickup betrayed this strange. That's the nation or state or overwhelm overwhelmed with that at every stop it you're just not yet or. That's eventually birthdays. Are on the way you know you're boring article reassuring. I found it reassuring to tell. If it's true that the basic government center. Yeah totally up now we have if we don't and we had to deal we're done now what are you doing it or change. It was. Ugly history no bail her out. Walked. Off that are. Well wouldn't want that and I. If I was quietly into the night Brad. Probably a month what do what I've been a spray of the that are so. It don't or can't what was it what we're. Hoping your quarter north. Of. Which upon. Perfectly on David Mann and maintenance this week number one on my list had bouts. Number two. Didn't really let it. Throughout the navy says weekly feature where that drive what's bothering colleagues that the things like who's still damp but nobody can tell everyone that found Europe's that was his performance gaps. Very networks broadcasting team on. And we've got we get these summit recruitment. The all like oh I yeah as a tablet netbook now you're gonna get money at all hope at the close game. Difficult game and that's that that's a bad feet that we. The port to somewhat you know that's it our best work. Wilson of course it is time that he thought that I mean something if someone does that shirt as my editor notes. It is now all we rates that are really upset when they like Gartner started to talk about that should be able to do this he. I'd Johns up in Maine hate John area. What they're alone probably thought about and beneath that you know gotten. The better of it that probably saved him Rick pitches installment in rich area. Bill on the dawn on them it's gonna. You're dumb question Gloria I know you might not want to hear that it. Do you believe in any extra content curses right now completely dosed in first second hand curses up a tree. Three dramatic cover of number two settlement goes down. Irving on the cover 218. They were OK all right. That right. Governor that if they. Michael lead at that on the Green Line when they get that sort of a one degree the parties involved I'm. New one. Madden curse that directly that the factory. But its top guys. Are hearing in the UK team great. Youth won't be. The next best road team. Not rule it out yet. That phone rule with the let's not rule that we have it all in the match Kirsten that's. That that occurs although there have been some advancement of the actors where players have done really well on the upper right they're still at large track record and has there. But early on it was that it got effort. While. Speaking of NBA two. What is the door podcast and all of that as it got me the other day. I was out that didn't station walking by and I think Celtics lakers know. No this. Actually this was old you know what I meant that it would think that you'll it will put them goodies they all I'm telling you. If you just walk bonds that I don't know did with Clinton that. Given Harlem through a call that that of course awkwardly Karl on the call and it's likely that shock shank you don't don't know if that thing. That they consider are their number one guy yet. Kevin Harlan. David Brian asking that we on the Lamar Hunt probably couldn't read I had factual argument that if mark yeah that music good. But it it's crazy how they make the game looks a real out of players overall. They all of their own individual shops that it's it's crazy that it just over the next level. It is they like but it did and I we already routed. Because we said you know we will have Kevin Harlan not gotten those guys advantage if your arms. He had some flight problems today because Cleveland oh Casey. And he says. We give Michael might address. These children. While if the show last night I didn't recognize that attack. And a cigarette what you just like a podcast that all of yeah I don't know how close you know when when people. Say hey Gayle Michael and they leave out rich we we specifically hey hey at Oakmont it's three people on the show here that's here that's for this Lleyton. And he wears just over the it's over it's not broke my sounds well Patrick. Yeah listen you you're good little guy. All Roland and I hardly at irate. I hit it did. Let's let it go where there's like you're at the deputy. The real good that you have that you've got weapons. Sorry. What you guys you only that radio sweeter you'll hear my desperate. That happens there's a lot of compliments about one tactic that you could you know yeah there. I am not it goes to a against the by the way love the show goes terrific you know we know Oprah's. So. You know a little bit embarrassed about like listen here. A lot of happiness errors it's estimated that. What's your prayers to firms that are is that there is there and as you share their affairs department is ignorant one quick hockey note for you it's not good. The Bruins have announced that Ryan Spooner has a groin injury will be out and exported six weeks were simply order. And about Tuukka any update on grass nothing on two. Helped off the ice today Africa all over by yeah under its York. This is looked wobbly. The guys who were at practice today that it looked wildly as he went off. And Bruce athletes and I won't have anything to get it checked out the outline the opposite available. Now Vegas you know yeah well it don't want to fight through that place for Vegas Atlanta and I really don't have. We've shut down at the Bruins that oh yeah he had a lot to do with it. Finally gave up a goal. So that our final drive is coming up next gala Hollywood heat Sports Radio W media. Final drive cosponsored by RS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in major commercial. Residential or medical facility and any time talked about average builds. Rich and Harris disaster plan in place to help you with that make you client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more RS there dot com rich there's the days. So a lot of people. But rich dad when you humanely if I will start with a big return this morning. John Dennis made its return our airwaves by appearing as a guest on the big day here. Dino discussed them out loyalty issues these. As with his former partner Gerry Callahan the fact that Callahan did sort of move on from you because he saw the shiny new toy that that I mean if all the years that you guys had together that had this you know. Well it it disappointed me you know I thought I had it not clear that we hitched his wagon to the other guy behind him and I I would do that too if the of your former cold sleeping in the year. And you know the other guy's going to be here a long term 345 years but he's big obviously you know I would I would witnesses who might future with the team. I just think there was some element of disloyalty there I thought I'd. A lot like years ago I liked it's not a bore hole I don't know we've we've we've made up and tell me bar as it turns out Dino isn't it isn't is not interested in reconciling anything. Or have you talked to Callahan since you left. Zero now it is or is it because you're not present and he's not reached out do you do you feel like they're to be ever there could ever be some sort of reconciliation you guys you don't get together and talk popular times. I don't think there needs to be I had my outage did admit I don't think he's interest or did we get up we get what we did. Our our nineteen and a half year run stands on its own. That's why I'm I've now moved onto another portion of my. Senators are like I read not reaching out to LeBron I don't believe that though Nike happy years together. Valued at its off like that opening day at the they need to. Let go because they reconciled oh they did they Erica. But for awhile that it uses Penske for oh yeah. So if it happens all couple. And I don't but I don't buy that you know there there's not a desire. The kinda. What a reference that we use so we're. Given for ninety once. He batted it not now that I'm not that I did have were excellent outfit that if it DOD speak for all your former goes. One of them are actually I'd I'd love him. No issues I talk about them really talking to me any love you talk about that may pop hearts whoever the other guy Eddie six years. Here is okay but I don't mind you I I walked by saw Eddie a couple of Summers ago I ran intimate notes. Just felt rented in January opens. Susan and I happen to be there we had a nice conversation is there any little they don't we we topics probably what is that. Ted Baker the only thing Sears felt like sixty I'll. Iron the royal family has announced an expectancy gate. The prince William and Kate Middleton third Johnny BBC anchor named Simon looked cool way. Isn't necessarily that excited about it. Just bill this coming in from fans the Palestinians just got through their royal highness is that you can that's a Cambridge. Delighted to confirm they're expecting a baby. In April. Now bearing in mind they announced that she was pregnant back in September. It was go to round 23 months pregnant and Osama Jesus really is bad grades eight through simply Barry's get the time book itself. Because that's what I'm doing the hook and that is just coming in from Kensington Palace so there was a little Huntsman. Please Simon. Did that it. Can't find joy in anything and not side about it hater. It is the case it might it's that audience levels I we have tea new candidate the nicest refereeing or officially in any sport. Comes our way from the Edmonton Carolina game last night the NHL board yet there's seven power play a quick. And okay. Here. Too many gentlemen on the the I like that it would be upbeat view of all the sports we'd be the most gentlemanly and he Blackburn when you have that guy has been Canadians is that he better do. Yeah fair item or scary. Out there. Path that I. This is so I think this is actually aimed more heat than anybody else there's a new South Park themed video game though and not yesterday. There's a little in mourning in there for anybody who tries to she. The character of our department pops up on screen dressed like Bill Belichick just awarding for. At rain landlady gave McCain and finding out it is not cheating it's you're act. This whole episode vomit and it was even if the pitchers that it was brief moment. South park's creators of diehard Broncos fans they've sort of taken the light giving Thomas patriots travel over the years as follows along those lines. Hobby LSU tigers travel Ole miss on Saturday LSU coach Ed or Chirac. Who's the former coach at Ole miss. Excited to return their for really one reason that particular. You nausea stuff of video effects on. It get a chicken all the shtick. There was protesters. And I hope that go to silverlight to stop the sale over those above all our room this is in Oxford who got an excellent. Particularly stood out of schools for mobile it's good good Jacobson both. Veterans case. I've seen yet he's had a few chickens. He's really really wanted to give me your beat gonna stick you don't Exxon's on the front. It works for a photo quality that I ever had while. Cruel twist of sports base last night almost the exact same moment that Gordon Hayward injury happened. The Yankees managed to come back and tied up against the Astros terrible barely out by the way when I was. Are all about John Sterling. Overestimated this one. Nears its attitude. I. John. Well right now at us. God how does she got. Speaking of John. He was against them pastoral lease podcasts this week this early. He was both yeah good decided to play along with a few fantasy versions of his signature home run calls. First all the fact he's willing to violence surprises me when I'm on the press these were submitted by listeners. So let's see westerly at first stop. Might track you got all that on hook line and sinker Trout says that ball out. One of the seven. I cured is I. Yeah other terrible speaking of job overestimating takes away and up next the royals Salvador brands. Whole go lower floors Salvador. Another long bowl from the Perez dispenser. I'm I. I do now by the Perez a well residents spent OK don't mind that our path that the birds how about that the JD Martinez and his time that is far. That is out of here. JD is just dandy it's a Mardi Mick lie and the Diamondbacks take the lead. It's given upon his Assad yeah it is high as far as gone. Gary Collins is at a yeah. He does it beautifully and the Eagles are there through this there are. Cars that are active duty out here yeah that's not his thing an editor at wired. Finally how about John Sterling. For the rangers' Elvis Andrus Elvis has left the building. Andrews it's not hunk of burning love over the right center field fence that act. I'd like I'd like Ireland is studded give that is six. Point. Edit it just starting out all. That is an artist no I didn't get to know no new net references. Clearly commit to one he's been taken six these reference from Elvis. If it comes I don't know if there now. If if if if. The Elvis has left the building. Andrews it's not hunk of burning love over the right center field fence. And you like it I'd like Goodman is that it give it a six. Well my that it does not view it definitely do the Elvis left the building or it is split for good 100%. All for and people aren't that good old where I got if Elvis rode home run. There are now part. And I had 45 it's more hurtful for the Red Sox is to watch the Yankees on national TV every. I mean if they if they were to find a way to knock off. The Houston Astros. And boom on the World Series that would just be all of lower than they've moved on a World Series they would. That's the router where you're knowledge knowledge yet if there's nowhere. That he would. It's a loss. A little weak feet yesterday in the Red Sox yankees that it responded I I got a whoever runs the Yankees Twitter throughout our. It sir major props I don't via air as good. All that is that was that was the right response. But but you watch. The off season. Final drive also cosponsored by cars for it donate cart today. Help child today schedule your free pick up 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot what he's got the. Got tonight Celtics bucks and got sees. It sees. Vast right it is back to back. Watch that sit there wait for is ready to go. I'd who guards the problems so jailbreak it and little bar. Two all right mark you're Smart yeah that it's getting markets market. My mother brought I hit it is it the week but. Did you know you're up at bat I'll that I just got a better for. I'm better than Larry Bird these tea and agree for now. Yet he gets the 28 points than any go to on the upper third just about a week. A that was that I am fortunate. Milwaukee. You're not you know that's the growth showed I don't have been out but I'm afraid of I'm an epic back and I think that's the way it's. First what did he Erica that's what's coming up next. Nobody tonight let. Well I guess I get out here. Recent not so hot starts tonight I thought that I had no way it's gonna be like but it's going to be jobs that are. No McNally hit it about you everything you know whatever they created for nineteen and at night at a year and a half. What what it's my job once it. I think what you want what's the relation of the what's the relationship with Allen of the different. They continue to get the problem to be on the floor. Here's some cities that have faced. I didn't have any. Idea how. I think the that I spoke to cause what is gonna talk about them. You love to urinate on opening. I I think that I spoke at odds with what now with a solid in dunblane. Andy and then put this whole thing together. We'll be back tomorrow by. I have a penis.