DHK - Heath Evans breaks down all aspects of the win over the Saints

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Monday, September 18th

Heath Evans the former Patriots fullback, now on NFL Network, joins us to talk Patriots and break down the win over the Saints.


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A he certainly was Rob Gronkowski with a big day yesterday did leave with some sort of an injury as as you guys all saw but. Is being downplayed somewhat will wait and see. You know going forward because it does always seem to be the case with him that there are issues. I'll we'll get to the culprit you guys in just a little bit as we always do when we're down here on AM patriots Monday we talk with former patriots fullback. I now and NFL network analyst Heath Evans is brought you by the New England who bought a tractor tractor dealers. And Benjamin Moore and he joins us right now eight Dario. Good morning on good guys who was. What better to talk after this one in a week ago Thursday at all. Her reaction Friday as what we called it after the season opener in and you get to calm back down after the second game. Wall for the things that jumped out at you that the patriots have obviously changed from week one. Well you don't have cut every week when we should overall maybe you heard even rowboat talking on the the broadcast about oh my gosh this is a complete different offensively what we're talking about one that was producing a one that wasn't he was talking about how they were going about their offensive game plan. Betty they came out early and that they could spread and then a bunch of four and five lives. Cast a young inexperienced who let's call a spade a spade a bad defense is ruled in their understanding of the concept that you're trying to throw a lot of between the ship's emotions and a lot of that for five lives. It stressed to me even early in the first drive and so you salt some of those same concepts come back throughout the course of the game that. You know led to a thirty point first half. You play for both of these guys he Sean Payton and build college art. What are some of the similarities between these guys differences that you see and you experience. Yeah well the difference is is Siegel built hands on and everything you know don't don't take your hero. Belfour on tickled that that bill doesn't know connection responsibilities are and if you screwed up. Chances are he'll he'll probably consult for the special teams coach who's going to be about halfway off the field to tell you what you didn't didn't do. They use Sean is is always to guy this focused. Piper on the offense and and that's his pedigree and he's always had a decent recorded this kinda let run the ship on on that side of the of the field. Wouldn't you know it doesn't mean that the Chavez had nobody to start the ball just a difference in the style of coaching and and obviously. Bill goes about is a very differently I think one big. When I left New England. And it went to New Orleans suit there was a word it would be you know hyper accountability you know everyone's got to take ownership of not a good place ever want to take ownership of those but its ownership of of the bat boys and I think sometimes the for lack of details for such a counter offensive New Orleans over the last couple years was less left me frustrated you know and I don't frustration on Andrew was well but. They've got to find a way to get those things aren't out. You think this could be the beginning of the end for Sean Payton it's another all once you start they've been below 500 the last three years been awhile since that made the playoffs do you think this might be his last year there. I think you know. No mr. Benson and even meal Mickey Loomis is at the end of the year guess what there their compatriots are going to be in the one of the top three offices and so you're going. Do we get rid of that coach that knows how to put up points in any yardage. That hasn't been able to find the defense coordinator really run the ships instead. 201112. Now at this point you know. It's hard to to move on from a coach today has a ring on his finger that helped hoist a Lombardi. And then on his side of the ball produces over and over again a lot of times we move on from those head coaches better. Defense of monetary coaches and to get their defense supported so. John is it is the US you can ask Bill Belichick about shark that dolphins is hell on wheels and it's. Who win. They have things going. If there's there's obviously not one better. We're talking Heath Evans NFL network analyst former patriots fullback. As a fullback in the NFL it must excite you to no end to see James Devlin split out wide in all over the field you must be thinking man that's what I wanted to do. Oh million is what I saw yesterday a detective Antonio Cromartie that it's BJP should be able of 2007. Brady's splits out there was Josh in view of civil war. Two game plans specific to that game ball we're trying to do this in Diego defense couldn't. You know who crow was kind of balk about me is on the run another up the road you know ball that your shoot. Brady hits me a little leg hitch route might turn around it and try to break crows that much older data so it's always good to beat. You know. Brady just spread the field you know you always try to dial in to. Are what are what are your soccer rules of political team what formation they get into who they're just trying to bait you would do something else and so a lot of times you see those. DB safeties Cadillac inside couldn't not a a threat to throw to a full black grievance on running backs and it's. It it was fun to watch it's always could put on tape as well. Are you said that New Orleans offense is hell on wheels and a quarter from a defensive perspective. You know what what are what are some of the challenges. It puts on you what what did the patriots have to deal with yesterday that maybe we didn't see. Because they would look we don't have to stop that we just have to watch it. You have well obviously love a lot of what Josh and then Tom do you know personnel groupings in the ships in the motions throw China bend and break the rules. They're always trying to do you know try to second guess what's coming you know Sean is big on the Selz Galveston. And I learned would with the patriots you know if you start resting on tendencies. And good coaches are gonna arrest and opportunity back and then we'll when you think you have your give me player your go to play in the red zone on third down her goal line. There's good coaches. You come out to buy two they're gonna know your top two or replays should come on the three by one or certain personnel groupings. The good defense of coaches as well as. Vested veteran well studied players are gonna start called out your plays and I watched. You know label in the Guinness student. All those crude build due for years and in new England and so I think where Sean stresses you. Very much like Brady and then Josh is. That they're constantly forcing your defense to not only just personnel but to. You'll really capture rules than him and obviously when you have boat operator breeze. There's no past it's off the table and so there you're just trying to find wide receivers and tight ends backs. That can get on the same page middle leisure quarterback Denard was joking around her production meeting earlier. Near the distinct from the Seahawks should just go back to the table and say we both screwed up. We're gonna give you Max Unger back to Seattle. Jet programs and go back to New Orleans neither of us know how to use these two weapons. Oh one's better Seattle one's better at New Orleans and let's just redo this straight altogether so. That altered to New Orleans did despite lack of talent at times around a reason and and also supplied the struggles again we'll get to the end of the year and they'll have a lot probably of the 12 or three next to their name on the opposite side of the ball. Nor is it just in here you talk about plays like that and you get to the point when you're studying enough and you're paying attention. You know what other people or are gonna run what they're likely to run and it is interesting to hear certain players. Talk about some is going to be set something sinister is happening they know our plays well sometimes you know you play just because they're paying attention right. All and that's what good coaching isn't good teaching you know are you with guys here all the time with the network about. You patriots figured you guys are playing chess football's x.s and o.s and you know Willie and I as a rebuttal is no that's what we'd be all said and every year to Joseph played just and we heard her yell play checkers when you're playing chess and to the amount of scrutiny and the deal would goes into a week of preparation with bill is is just. I've just never been around anything else in the united plates are slouch coaches you know Holmgren has Lombardi John Payton has the Lombardi. It's just different and when you're willing to learn. That you will literally diving into. I just learning your position but that everything fit that bill staff is trying to teach used to create this. Overall Graham pictured your mind so that. When you are running a million miles a minute and it. It on the opposite side of the ball linebacker does something there something the cooks in your head that tells you how to improvise and just in that milliseconds when two time. And and I assume it takes you time to get there but I learned very very quickly that there's there's always. Play and the despite maybe sometimes be overwhelming madness that's thrown out you on a given film study and when you buy and you will sacrifice and put the time and learn at all. It did that mean for a player like me at it it gave me an extra security in the NFL. Digesting the patriots Belichick way. I think branding coax this fit in with the Patriots offense obviously is very successful with Drew Brees and a handful of seasons with the state just two games with the patriots but how do you think he looks. Honestly I love every aspect of it I mean even. That he had to play yesterday work where Brady had to all the rest the rules and get debt that touchdown back. You cooks is lined up there in the tight slaughtered those separate window slots. Slammed down their for Hogan to get a touchdown and those are the aspects of do you unselfish dial play despite him being an the freak of nature speedster athlete. You'll and he he gets his positioning in this hall and it's only gonna get better you know in what we've seen already. There's no way he can possibly have a full grasp and understanding of of everything it. Assault and is capable of just really hasn't been there long enough so we see this beat you see that catch ability you see. Brady had just been able to throw the ball the spot knowing who's gonna be there already which excites me with. I don't mean we're just scratching the surface should be be unselfish they let me get it where I configured tightly as what. Still as a former player is what really excites you can he's unselfish and he's just buying into what this office demand the ball players. Final question before we let you go Houston Texans come to town this weekend we hear a lot about how close it was when they played in the playoffs last year when Houston came here. They get beat 34 to sixteen. That's what we talk about how close it was out yeah for the first step that was. Can Houston Texans coming here and do anything that will surprise the patriots. Sure I mean that's that's. I mean week one surprises ready reads surprises this Korean not surprisingly there's that you were we who we constantly kind of you forget just how special this game is and where and when you're not ready and when you haven't studied separately or war when you get beaten game planning. You just get beat and so there's a lot of known commodities between these two teams. The one thing that. Most teams have no answer for is is Tom Brady and then and I think that's what. It always comes down to and so at home. This defense says is weak one it wasn't much of anything you'll just chalked it up to. Too much emotional output with the hurricane that everything else is. Their ownership as well JJ watt this team put into raising funds to to do what they needed to do. We too little bit better we'll see what they bring to the table weaker. If we always appreciate it's time we'll talk to next week are our great trauma takes care. Heath Evans NFL network analyst former patriots fullback talking about yesterday's win and of course the game coming up this weekend.