DHK - Heath Evans breaks down the win over a bad Denver team

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Monday, November 13th

We check in with former Patriot Heath Evans for a complete breakdown of the Patriots win over Denver


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It's always. To talk with former New England Patriots fullback current NFL network analyst T seventy proxy by the New England about attracted dealers and by Boston Volkswagen. He can probably don't know this but to the you would beef that the butt of jokes on our part here. We'd like to see how close to exactly 230 you actually make the phone ring you missed it by about four seconds today. A little behind me that do buildup that would kill ups are I'll do better next week. You ever late for Bill Belichick and you told us about Billy for Holmgren tonight dye job and had a campers about president let teammate. I. About college. Well and number I would never late for bill while I was scared to death bills Lola still have actually do it all transparently so note that never late for up preachers community. It's good to say that and what we'll get to that the game last night but I post on these guys that even former players. Who are in the media like yourself and Willie and Teddy and Rodney nothing they disagree would bill on the air as part of your job. But really. Rips him personally or anything like that I think is is it is it fear or respect for a little bit above from your perspective. I have huge respect him I think you this year ultimately at least for for me led to respect and you come in I gathered 05 so lost three out of four years' period. Push a little Marty it. You're sitting there all of look how different things are what's expected of you have demanded W and so did the fear of messing up the fear of of not performing up to. The standard of bills hopeful of obviously is because you wanna keep her job. Put them over time you just grow to respect the process and then demand that you know implement a process and you know for me. I always I was trying to find the hardest worker you know and disheartening birdied works of William all the guys you mentioned. Built still a workable and I think that's what leads to the respect issue and then you start to trust everything that you say that you kinda. Star falls into the patriot way then that's really what we have great personal success as well as team's success. Did last night show more how how good the patriots are or how bad in what kind of state the Broncos aren't. The little bit ball. You know I think obviously that they sold some things on special teams they're able to take advantage of those watch in the the blocked plot you know for breakfast this morning amid. He would say it could have been blocked better but it but it wasn't something that was early fall in the sense of the scheme it was just a little bit of related mechanics and base all felt that they attacked outside he got the got to block on that obviously leads to point the to kick off return the ball plot you can't account for but you know bill loves is left footed plotters of the screws people up and then. If you can't that he can't really take credit for you know that that last penalty of you know too many men on the field. At least two you know another another shore drive so. Elected today. The Broncos made a lot of mistakes. The positives or how well that a lot blatant knew even what can and out. The way they were able to assure the middle part of the pocket where you. Between Devlin or wrong or whichever one of the backs present was able to make sure that bomb was under control before they release out late. It was it was a pretty game plan. At totaling 99 yards rushing but. How old they ran the ball when they ran the ball. It it makes this team. It makes it seem scary to tell anybody that knows the look and. He Martellus Bennett shows appear on Friday as a practice applies to with a T to Denver. Has three catches it surgery well now that's exactly where I'm going with this thing. You gotta admit that from the outside this appears a little fishy doesn't it. Diplomat. Like I. I did not comment on this do we want the prices get me in trouble sober act. I. Hope I do this and I look at so many different levels you know mean. It's. And white dress and on social media to begin with you know be. When all those packer players started coming out defending adopt. It just it it makes it look bad and then. Do you view the role in this stuff where you know. You know Michael earlier in the year puts out an IG posted his brother in. He'll in my opinion it was half truths from the rest of the story comes out and he looked bad and then. It just seems like at the end of the day the Packers probably gonna win this argument on the government to pay back to plus million dollars in the signing bonus and there's just better more professional way to go about your business if you have a disagreement with the team doctrine. Call the PA will be more than happy to waste all of our money fighting that battle on try to help you win your case. But it just. It just looks bad now. Because you said you needed surgery and yet now you go on Sunday Night Football ball out with a team that's in the hunt it seemed like you needed that surgery win. You know Aaron Rodgers went down to parents out there you guys don't have a chance or you're gonna check out physically mentally and emotionally at all you get a chance compact. All the sudden you'd only Wear a brace on the shoulder. Like I I don't know what to think you know so. At the end of the day. He played pretty well for the passenger who played pretty well down the stretch it just that messy thing that could have been dealt with a lot better internally and Kevin Bacon of the public quarter opinion battle between you know you wouldn't have Green Bay attack. As you said on many levels to it went on the levels he brought up and I wanna get your take on it. Is about the team doctor and he didn't say the doctor forced him to play said he didn't trust them did you ever find a situation. Either review personally what are your teammates where the team doctor was a real issue. And guys are just we're hesitant to take what the doctor said at face value. I mean I've definitely those who might early audit in my career I was still warm by the veteran players they make sure you'll get your second opinion and that's for the PA does a great job they give us. A lot of power to be able loops sourcing got a block money you know nine after a few guys in the league and went to New Orleans. All right doctor writers do might might be just because. I had known since I was eighteen years in eighteen years old he was our team doctor all burden why not have the best sort of peace in the world do your surgery was about a lack of trust or anything else for the saints doctors that was just. I want to do the best in the world to be put their hands on might be so I think. I out as we always had great relationships would thirteen dioxins from. Between having babies and have an injuries and everything else from Seattle to new wing of the New Orleans I was sitting duck confident over backwards from me and again I would kind of seconded that notion that a lot of the Packers players. Most of those team docs were like are you sure this isn't live this could lead to XYZ you might need to sit in. You know the old school players who won that want to get out their first seems so. Again how things went down in Green Bay with Marty B I have no clue what wasn't there. I just know that he'll Ted Thompson and in the leadership there in Green Bay there's not a bunch of idiots in the and I couldn't do anything that's. I think. Illegal or unethical this and so it they're gonna have a story and they're gonna have their side of the story that they think. Would help them win this case in the hand and fill holes Leo yourself. Few stories came out this weekend about the commissioner one saying he's looking for close to fifty million dollars a year eight private yet for life and health insurance paying around. That I. Stanley. I don't know what. What is going on here know Jerry Jones wants it take on commissioner and and doesn't wanna see him get that contract extension but it seems like he still has a lot of the support from most of the owners. How how do you see this whole thing playing out. You know what it's registered I mean I've last year who is the best owner in the NFL Robert Kraft in my opinion this year's Jerry Jones. That's two of the three big powerful ones. You know I either so I don't know how this is above my pay grade say the least but at the end of the day when you start disallow these most powerful owners that really seemed to have. You deleted and people leaders. You know I don't know how those things work out I think. This manager at pro life really that's what he wants I guess that's not a bad. I guess who the starting point and couldn't Dunkin' Donuts or like to look back at these sickened by contract ever commissioner but she's I don't know that's. Mr. risk of conversation for my book. As the season winds down we approach Thanksgiving. We're word narrowing down the possibilities of teams who had any shot at all in any AFC are we gonna like tour three right now. Yeah it's it's looking that way you know it's like people you look at that Pittsburgh told game yesterday Michael movement Packers the Pittsburgh Steelers thirteen Beckham played like garbage in the European kind of turn it on enough. It will be a bad team. I think they can score enough points I think there. Defense of production this year they're not they're not blitzing like they have in the past even yesterday the few times and Denver got baited into blitzed Tommy was like thank you your first down Baltic one. I do think when there at their best which we haven't seen their best yet this year. That could be a scary matchup in the first half of that AFC championship game last year. They were able to really push the middle part of the pocket. They were able to do things offensively they'll troublesome. So there's definitely question there. I can listen I have. Jacksonville I'm not even really worried about. Tennessee teams that are still you know mathematically somewhat in the hunt I just. Eight I got to be much more out of him you know so who might even out of it and then Pittsburgh. In the AFC. Yeah. Three out of four. I was talking this morning in our meeting before aftermath forget article on the other things that made him so special the first five weeks were. You know that all dismissed direction they they get the defense running at all these poor directions based on all the ghost motions and all the sweet actions. But at the end of the day Alex was making deep throws but he hasn't made before he was hitting wide open target downfield and then they were running the ball because of played design and scheme wall. The league's got a lot of that stuff and you'll see those open wide open throws down the field to more than trying to game is nonexistent and then word would leave me to talk about their defense. So. This isn't the go to the Kansas City Chiefs in week one came in Foxboro and then put the world on notice. This is very very different football team. Bill that knows if he's he laughs when a president. Out there today. Bill out of that bill often tells us that you don't know what you have a team until. November in some cases December I give us it was like two or three things two. I'll help us alert a fraud allegedly fraudulent teams do what. It in October and then get exposed in December how we know in October that we're looking at a for a. The rule could assert secret question. That is that's a loaded question wouldn't fraudulent teams do we don't let teams that are actually playing good and October. Right exactly. Like buffalo. For example. Well it's going to be in the this is where this year especially at kind of the Michael Hecht I don't know as we've got so many teams that are up and down buffalo it played some really good football and then. Obviously disgusted and embarrassed yesterday. He picked the team's. That you can really count on are the ones that don't be himself so early on in the year. You're looking at that the patriots defense and busted coverages mental side that's offensive lineman missing blitz protection. Those are the things it when you start really pay attention even though he might might win. When you play good teams Dole's catch up and beats you and so I would try to look at the details of a win you know a team can have. 53% on third down bit. Could they get the third down that mattered at the end of the game when they had to have it because we see these stats every single week that would support a hole just a good third down team this is a good red zone team wolf. Let's look at the teams that played in the books look at it got to have a moment that really changed the course of the game. That's like god hates that I like point two plays that were. I think it's huge in the sense of determining a win vs looking at a stat that you can spend a bunch of different ways but. Man that's a great question I do all think about ballot all week you know I'll give you semesters. On like it and when L'Oreal got a call five seconds early next week to make up for the five seconds later today what I've done deeply appreciated as always thanks. Actually there. And it's I Heath Evans former patriots fullback NFL network analyst. And I he's always got some some interesting stuff to to add to the mix will bring you guys and as well at 6177797937. Texas if you buy it 37937. Many of you already have Bill Belichick will join us in the 5 o'clock hour of today's program. A with the time change and rotten Colorado Springs he'll be with us in the 5 o'clock hour. Bowl gets the calls with you was as we talked about last night's game in the win 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.