DHK - Heath Evans' level headed and passionate take on the protests

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 25th

Dale, Holley and Keefe speak with Heath Evans about the protests that took place in the NFL on Sunday, and Heath has one of the more level-headed takes you'll hear on the topic.


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Patriots Monday down here at Gillette Stadium patriots coming off chaos nail biting wind here against the Houston Texans yesterday. Every patriots Monday this time we talked with former patriots fullback current NFL network analyst Heath Evans. He has brought you by the New England who voted tractor dealers and by Boston bolts like Katy Perry of. You got to do more to good it was a crazies Sunday all the where Donnelly let it. All around the league let's start there. Your thoughts on the comments of our president on Friday. And the reaction around the NFL yesterday. Well. I guess not to be surprised on either trucks from the comments or the reaction of the players. You know or get critical on an aftermath here in about thirty minutes to network and will be diving into. This very topic and made it very clear about social feeds you know about Jabil hill issue a week or so ago that. I will not stand by we've anyone that's paid equally wishing anyone to get fired further. Freedom of speech and just exercising their right to be American and the Arctic the things that I. Most want to express is. I don't want to player's message to be lost in this I learned a lot over the last year. By listening in by asking questions and yes by. Voicing my opinions and trying to learn along the way and all he always beat me. More conservative mindset but I'm always gonna listen and try to figure out what's the truth of the matter and the truth is there's a lottery people. And on the voice needs to be heard I think what the president did. Almost baited. Anger and hate coming out of the president and then baited anger and hate. Sometimes coming out of the players and I think the original message of Karl on capitol nick. Was somewhat lost we went from about twenty players. Before yesterday kneeling or sitting to about 200 to basically say a few of the president. I don't think that was Collins original intent. Com's original intent was to spread like two. Issues were important to him and I think over the last years of seeing some of the validity here net complaint and so. My challenges of the players of what it's not return any rate let's find a way to get the message back on track needs to be heard. And hopefully that can be the focus moving forward. Why does very well said now you you've told us about your. Background your dad was in the moat is the Marines are navy. The Marines Marines are the only evidence not not a Serbs. You know. And so as your your dad and just thinking about would know what you grew up with them and know what you're exposed to. What would you think you would have done I'm sure you've been asked this question what do you think you have been and they would have done in the situation saved Pittsburgh when Chicago yesterday but with the Steelers. We are are you in the locker room with those guys are you the one guy high standing out there how do you think you would handle that situation. It's such a that's that's such a tough question because they are the majority of my years in the league we weren't out for the National Anthem. You know we've come until after that just changed a few years ago. And so they're the maneuvers commonplace where Blake. You they would do all the pregame festivities in the players weren't even out there I can't remember exactly when that changed obviously the big Super Bowl games and support that we are always out there for but. You that the specifically the question to ask about Pittsburgh. Listen I'm always gonna stand for the flag but I would do the first white brother standing with my animal heart of my handle someone else because I believe. People are more important than. Anger and he can and try to get my way over my viewpoint be heard I I believe ultimately my viewpoint will be hurt by political life to its. Humble respectful. Yes passionate and yes willing to stand up for what I believe is right wrong and different. But the same time always try to do it without a message that is clear and concise and that's. Bill will blow not not hate and we see too much of that they hate rhetoric. Well across the board and so in Pittsburg. Probably because you'll in the way of a one out I probably would not within the stood the whole team would have stayed in. I would have stayed in. You guys know I think the red blooded Americans as they come and I believe there is. A right way to keep your voice heard. And they'll have been a tough situation and to spur you should probably would have been in the in the total spending with all the way it was based on what he's sacrifice for this country. And that is interest in case too because James Harrison after the game was saying hey I thought we're all the same page here and I guess we weren't as originally they're all gonna in the locker room and that move to the tunnel. And then of course all the way the wind out there and was standing do you think this whether it's Pittsburgh or older. Places do you think this could split the locker room and be a big problem for teams going forward. It couldn't I don't think it will be and I think that's where president trump underestimated. Mystery in the character of the majority of the men in the NFL owners players front office like. I've been blessed to be on a lot of great teams. And I can clearly say and the teams and I was a part of it wouldn't split the locker room. And listen who to race or religion politics. You know these are topics of conversation and every NFL locker room there have potential be much more divisive battle because of that the nature of where were at a country. Bordick Goodman and us and every team has a few bad apples Louise we've seen it we cigarettes we see stupid decisions made accept or structure but. On the most well on the the majority of the people that. Represented our shields. They're good men that I would stand by. No matter what even despite or world viewed being very very different. We're talking to Heath Evans NFL network. And of course former New England Patriots fullback in that role as the patriots player. Was anthem etiquette ever something that was discussed by the coaching staff prior to the season. Now and it didn't you know until. Until Colin you'd chose to condom voice issues. Concerns and his voice in the light of which you didn't. You know most people obviously history has shown us a view along the way. You know you stood in it and view you watered the flag in the National Anthem and it is what do what it was. Ordered a different day and age and people have. Been raised differently and they think differently or raise a military Coleman they weren't raised to understand what the flag meant to be haven't spent way. And what it meant to. Probably a large portion of the American population and so what picked. It's it's important to try to hear people you're on the children there are much out purely economic challenge our players Obama. On the challenge them to take the lead. In the appropriate form and fashion because I think their voice does need to be heard I just think because. The majority of or. Americans. See the flag is such that. A voice that needs to be heard isn't being heard because of the the choice in this stance and which they're going about trying to expressed divorce. Not believe our our. Players and our league. Are. Told good enough character and humble enough to do you truly want their voice heard it they can have some major impact not just to our country vote but worldwide. If you're willing to stand together and and meet its. Our great country or deported it's neat which there are a lot of needs that need to be dealt within an hour land. Is that seven earlier that knowledge go out and endorse. Or or underlying or reits we. I'm hey it was your comment about listening to the tunnel listen to I have always that I don't really think it's all that complicated. Oh no matter what your your politics are no matter what your races but genders. It really comes down to just listening to other people's perspective going from there. What got you there he said you've you've learned a lot in the in the last year was the conversation with someone in particular how to get there. Well my dad used to look moderated these settings form of arrogance and pride so we can start there which. The listening. People listen because there you know. People. Arms and willing to. I think that's. I guess welcome to put it clearly I think most people hold other people to a standard that it'll hold themselves to. And so therefore they're just. There intolerance there. Now willing to listen and their way or the highway and I believe that's on on both sides of the political fence Serb leaders with both races black and white. But you know my parents taught me that. People arrival lives are valuable. No matter what color and no matter what PH. In that if you're ultimately. Gotta live your life. From the biblical platform. Oral biblical word world view people need to feel locked and now we can't always control people's feelings. But we sure as heck can go. To the utmost degree. To make sure people understand that even though your viewpoints are different and they might not agree with you. Better they're coming from a very caring loving place and you are concerned. And you are trying to. Put him first. Over yourself and and that's what's that's telling mom and dad the other council and that was the utmost priority was to double B. Now what are your former teammates Matt Light was doing the radio around this morning and he said that after seeing it. Other sixty pictures players taken in metre near the yesterday of the first time ever that he was ashamed to be a patriot. I'll give any thoughts on his comments. Well Matt Light. Do retain it. You know and this is where the work tolerance. It has to be true tolerance it can't be one sided you know. People have to take what Matt said. And say they listen based on the way he was raised in his world view I might not like it. The test is American right and that's a different extreme. On for the players taken in the I would I would hope that. The players taken indeed who wouldn't old anger and taken malice towards Matt because. That's a good man. But he's passionate about what he believes and then so was Colin Kaplan console or the better Brothers and sore so many others that are trying to get their voices heard. And so my my message ever wanna be like this many times something puts hate your heart. You you're you're becoming part of the problem not part of the solution and they and forgiveness is a very powerful thing. Yet to swallow your pride over and over again to forgive people that honestly don't deserve it. But none of us do and we all screw up we've all made. Drastic mistakes in life and and we need debt and I'm not try to go on a sermon here but at the point that this issue is people's pride. Whether white people think they're better. Or black people think it they deserve something that there are not getting it sometimes rightly so. What we've we've got us. We've got to always checked our positioning papadore and in my positioning is. I want to fair and equal treatment for everyone in our country despite. Their skin tone and you know so for that always. Stand up but I hate I've asked enough questions over the last year to realize that you know what most people in our sports. Or raise like I was concerned that you would feel things different and that's okay. Hopefully they'll listen to the viewpoint like Matt why are you frustrated why are you angry why are you disappointed to be patriots. And hear him out in the Oakley met your demand as well. Too gradual and preach estimate means for you yeah. A great defense that played middle attack and play pick up an offer. Well look I'd give it away to a lot of different people publicly. Oh well next week I'm sure we'll talk football but today the discussion we just had was every bit as good an important as anything we've ever had we appreciate the time. Take anything that is I Heath Evans former patriots fullback and if a network analyst. Go ahead disagree with anything you said. Try to find something there has meant he was spot on Fermi we'll get to the calls that you guys Bill Belichick at 405 Patrick Chung at some point this afternoon. 6177797937. Is telephone number it on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.