DHK - Heath Evans of the NFL Network breaks down the Patriots win

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Monday, October 16th

Heath Evans, former Patriots fullback, now with the NFL Network, joins us to break down the Pats win over the Jets, including that controverisal non-TD.


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Patriots Monday at this time we talked with former New England Patriots fullback current NFL network analyst Heath Evans. He has brought you by the New England who voted tractor dealers but Boston Volkswagen. And by Leahy health orthopedics. And sports medicine he joins us right now hate each hour EO. As a network and tell us that we dealt a heat I don't not a doubt I I apologize. Let's let's start with this you've been around this coach you've been around this team. If you win against the jets to style points really matter to build bella track. The fact that I'm not your style points never matter I I believe he loves does the word executions in mentally tough students. Physically tough football to accuse all day yesterday. But it got better and I think that's probably what he's gonna harp on most. I heat what did you think of that touchdown that wasn't by Austin's a fairy and Jenkins that you know what was happening at the time. Well the first couple replays CO I didn't even I saw Malcolm popped up and I knew he had to have seen something bigger weeding get to see you know what so many years hands on the arrest chest and everything else in my macho culture rather a tall she got to the game all. Do you see the rest legal issues that the touchdown hands in the air and Malcolm's going crazy and so that you like what I have to do it Malcolm seated because he's going nuts about them. The first couple replays that show us anything in and that back angle you look like all the balls move until. But now that I thought Austin's very edgy content of the perfect after the game he's had loosened the rules the rule and he agreed to rule them. Got to do better but better job next time I'm minutes. We go round and round about the rule. The ball started moving. You know search or just said that you that they didn't think he. Regained possession of the ball before he. Guilt. Popped out of bounds and was touched out of bounds so. It is. It is what it is at this point. Patriots had a lot of moves in the off season a lot people assume that they want the offseason some of the big names they'd brought in. So whom won't really struggled at this point David Harris was a healthy scratch again this weekend and Dwayne Allen who played but very very limited. What do you make of those two guys and and there are tough adjustment thus far knowingly. You know I don't really have a great answer for you just know we've we've seen this in the past and we've seen players would police guilt that's come in and not really be able to mentally adjust everything that's thrown at them in the course of a given week or or live up to the expectancy in the roles of which bill drink dot form. You know I think in the tide in position. Ask a lot of you mean those firm rule what do we also it is I was hoping for big things too is these are willing participant in the in the blocking game run game at past games. I thought he could be used and even short yardage situations in that position. To team up different teams. You know and so listen it's. But a lot of people have gone to to play there and say it's it's mentally demanding it's emotionally demanding and and sometimes it's. Even the great Bill Belichick did you hit and miss some exotic. Parachute trouble from the jets having to clear that bill had great respect for and still doesn't shore. He might just be that that piece of the pie this specific. Game plan. Actions somewhere down down the road so you are page views. Probably more mark my style linebacker he wants to bag I think he's could've shut down the run he's Smart and intelligent but. This pass happy day and age his guilt probably his best for a lot of the schemes that Matt Patricia Villa try to dial up week to week. We're talking to NFL network analyst Heath Evans he them and I am watching this Patriots offense and I know that at times it feels like it's missing something. Is the loss of Julian settlement that dramatic that Josh hasn't been able to figure out either who can replace him in that role. Or is he readjusted the offensive it it's it's just bombs away football at times. I'm an adult I don't wanna compare that the loss of fuels took to Tom but our office in 2008 totally changed when Tom went down and I noticed men taken senator but. You'll replace player like jewels you know those reps and the metal mechanics that he and Tom worked together so tightly with the evil. Listen to get Danny's been there you know I don't know how many years now and he's got all the the knowledge of that offense but those reps in the big game. Executions record you just don't you replaced those last journalist team was able was to a boarding without wrong but. There was things could significantly change and so. Over time the salt and full more than to open what it needs to be were built fixed peaking at the right time and we'll find out what they can and can't do wouldn't. Each week they're trying to dial up. Schemes and execute the way that it gives Tom. The best chance to deliver the ball where it needs to be in the end it's just to work in progress you know I do think it's. Knowing bill the way back annulment that your every game. Based on how that of other offenses moving the ball on the defense will dictate other pushing the ball on offense and so. Note that offensively than yesterday struggled at times. And I think they were just managing the game just the way it became out there appeared to it to get to win it and move on so. He'll will see more creativity from the opposite side of the ball. But the have been there is no. As usual and I'll say this and those belong when an answer already but you have the world got cheated. With Jewish settlement going down I was talking to a lot of that the town doesn't yesterday the idea of rocket cooks and and Julian lining up on one side of the ball and some type of trips are bunch formation. Include the possibilities of what we could receive justice football fans that whether you hate the patriots are not the with the mental ability and ability to Brady with those three appellate defense would've tried to play them. It's sad that we get to see it this year. If you think the jets are any good. Listen I I think there are to accuse all kind of what they are yesterday you know they came out with a lot of heights and you know there are some really good play calls and there were some great execution cal thrown the ball. Maybe as good as we've seen in the mean even though the first touchdown were you know butler's slightly in Indian trail this punitive the second touchdown heavily on the second drive. We're just slightly trail of those throws on the run and pinpoint accuracy. There's a mediocre get got a lot. You know I think it's. Defensively. Between bluster screamed at the to the youngsters at the safety position assault. Bill try to stay in the 21 position or 11 personnel try to take advantage of this safety yesterday they think they're playing over their head in a lot of ways but. They're there they're emotionally driven team but what you salt on the wind a lot of their sales and they realize man. The pats and taken their best punch and then moved on it's an NFL team. Among the big Todd bulls fans and let a lot of ways but. He can't believe to be Tom Brady there's a couple crucial moments yesterday where I felt like they were just stayed home and run based defense without not based seasons with. The other nickel out there but but not pressure on big third down. They might have won that game but the UB Brady and Russia and old Rex Ryan Baltimore the first couple years to jets and you can confuse a which. Very few people do anymore. Having the jets are just over achieving team right now in my opinion. The borrow Bowman cut loose by the 49ers on Friday you think he's got anything left and with the patriots make any sense firm. It's why we're kicking this around this morning and I assume leadership toughness intelligence and you get all that. I know this show I've talked to bowl should probably about two years with the knee injury was devastating and some coaches poll. Kind of let the veteran players you know rest a weakened and and to get their body right and they bought plate and they got a rematch to the body again throughout the course of the next week. You know in Russia one of those tested veterans bill already knows and trust in the end kind of respect to run his stuff the way that he demanded to be run. You gotta practice and so a lot of the stuff that I've heard from people that are close to miss that. It is a weekly grind for him to get that need back ready to play I hope that's not the case of I'd love to see them. And Pat's uniform but honestly like like AG outlook dispute somewhere work. We can appreciate his greatness. Once again because he is. Played against that monster then he is is gifted as they come and those type players I believe elevate rosters and elevate teams. When games are in crunch time because players like that. They they will things to happen in your direction. Kind of ironic in a way when you see players in yesterday you had two great quarterbacks one great quarterback one good quarterback and injured. It looks like Jamison Winston isn't as bad and obviously. A different situation. In Green Bay where you know Aaron Rodgers may be done for the entire year. As I've watched the replays against sitting here in the room at Gillette I just realized it it's it's just a fluke thing it's a lock thing. Whether you fall on your shoulder the wrong way in and get hurt or whether you don't. Of always statement some time reality sucks because of the greatest reality TV we have and then every week you have no clue what's gonna happen and anybody that's. Wanted to pick Pittsburgh. And I gained yesterday you're you're just you're betting on something from the pastor not betting on anything that you've seen in BO currently in this season. You know that it would errant. You know we get to the bar was malicious intent at all just think it's it's a look at the role in this business and sometimes it's nasty and I hated because were were were better league when we're number 12100 attackers is not thrown the ball around Macon. You don't miracle plays into what he does every week but. This is work coaching at a premium and you'll see what they'll Mike McCarthy and his staff has to offer because it can't. That can't be the same with with public you know that's got to it's gotta be different. Me ask you about another number twelve the set another record yesterday. Yet another win for Tom Brady nobody is one more than Brady has. An NFL history. People always say all I knew this a new way and those who said he would disconnect lie and put. What did you and I'll make you play with them did you know you madam examine his guys on the all time greats or did you have to leave New England to figure out exactly who years. I don't know either have to leave him in the first and walked in their place so fresh cut from the Miami Dolphins to down this long haul it out walk in the door and I'd lose sight of the we turned right back around and walked on the long hallway and says you know hey if he Tom Tom Brady regarding new low wasn't introduced himself like I didn't know he was here 313 rings at that point in. I mean solidified his name in the NFL playbook surreal record books in a lot of ways. The his greatness some always gonna present to the same thing because people praises stats from the leadership and everything else but. He's the most humble superstar government and I think that's the core ingredient. The greatness that he's achieved and over all the years. The hugs and handshakes with the tax. Emails they're always society and he's the love and humbled Easton well album going to be greatly appreciative. Albums were forever but did they humility factor that man is is the core of the district as a promise you that. He I come from the hockey world you know what my equivalent is what you just described. Audio Bobby your. He's the most humble superstar I've ever met he is the Tom Brady of the hockey world. Well I wish I get to meet them someday could that's those are the type people that we need more of government. While we always appreciate your time thank you for joining us today we'll talk again next week. And I had a lot of good deep nuggets wanted to get too large complex actually I don't know outlook undivided Jerusalem on the way out you get the job and give us one more drop them like it's it's. Audio on the first couple drives EC guys you just a little bit answer you know you see these 33 schemes and bounced around in the fourth two schemes that's probably got picked up would be. They become high towers in the middle the defense could be could have been a better position. I guarantee into the game opportunistic that finds time to make it dominate play when when needed most but even like got that battle most here and some of these guys that are. You're still trying to figure out. The Who what bill isn't what he's he shouldn't trust the process. As the game went on these guys got better you know they gave us some inside leverage times we did some things right I don't do that I know we'll teach you different. But but there is improvement on the take and I picked it you can you can be excited about some of those thanks. Thank sequel tucked in next week I got daycare it. That is I Heath Evans NFL network former rob patriots fullback I would give you a a programming note here little changed as you know we call audible soccer out. Hot bill dollar check will join us at the top of the hour of the what is it 305 today coming up 405. That just got changed on a few minutes ago active. You know make the accommodation that Jesse and Al. Bill Belichick at 305 enough for a five to 53 is my. It through his mind thank you very quiet and nice way to identify yeah. Well like get to the calls that you guys and a few minutes as well we're broadcasting live from. Gillette Stadium patriots Monday. Dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WE yeah.