DHK - Heath Evans sees great signs out of this emerging Patriots defense

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 23rd

We check in with former Patriot Heath Evans, now an analyst with the NFL Network for complete coverage of the Patriots win over the Falcons.


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But it appears if you know those those still. There was well those are entitled to opportunities they play like that were so called. Don't know if we didn't really picked it really could go anywhere so just cut that actually did figure if it was certain kind of fireworks celebrations have. I don't know maybe he scored a touchdown edge in shots of the musketeers the must do its thing I think yeah I think I was thinking that I. Events dating didn't move at all seems unlikely. Did we Q and have ties I don't know it was that he predicted that it was it was obvious before I was I thought it was morphology went. Where we cave of the second half so what are you I wasn't sure who was you know big celebration has everything just kind of sat there. So that obviously with the video that just take Batista. Tom Brady earlier today talking about the weather conditions last night of July time now to talk to. Former patriots fullback NFL network analyst Heath Evans brought to you by the New England who bought a tractor dealers by Boston bolts wagon. And by Leahy health orthopedics. And sports medicine clothing Dario. Bob good morning here and notes better for you guys and I created Citic. Yet here we were just talking about this a moment ago end and I'm not gonna include Michael under the same Meehan may be some other folks he's the only thing I tell him well he's you and I have so much in common with bold visionaries when it comes preloaded aria yeah and and I am guilty at times of of watching this team watching this defense underperformance say. What the hell is going on here neglect full of the fact that Bill Belichick always figures it out no such as. Well little abnormal get stuck talking about all last week before the other label legalized nobody can figure you've got to be executed. They got to self corrected last week vs jets after the first two drives. And then a lot of the things he our mission battle most of last week and Jones. Those guys you read it came out and tried some of the same concept earlier in that game and they were just sitting on the routes and they were and hip pocket of the of the wide receivers tight ends and he use all the demand to coaching the things are being taught and preached and probably forced down their throats every day. They're starting to do what they're taught to do and an insult some good team defense last night it's always the bend but don't break. You know red zone was it was near flawless and honestly the fourth down the first one at this marsh has the edge of the first four down there they're open three on on fourth down attempts. You know hey guys give up plays really known in every game you could be playing the right assignment doing the right things they'll give up the great play. How do you explain what you saw last night were which is pretty much shut down defense for about 55 minutes. Compared to earlier and earlier in the year where guys didn't even look like they knew they were supposed to be woody and the big difference is that. Well you know I said last week you go to but he could have better defense when I towers in the middle of it but do you talk about mental you know it just. Angles understanding now beyond over anxious on reason and stepping properly and not get in his eyes drawn away. With some nonsense is going on in the backfield it's not his responsibility. It's it's constant assignment football and those are the things it. You know always said bill gonna get united percent of answers before you have to feel so if you just. If you just do what you've been talking if you put your head in the playbook and you memorize everything you've been tot. You know there's going to be cut 10% of the game but did you have to go apply your rules and you have to apply. Everything that you know as a football player about what what is surprising elements and so. Again I saw last week on tape that he and some of the little things that they self corrected midstream and then today they came out. Last night really kind of hit on all cylinders and and a lot of ways. Not force the falcons who. Two to play different then than they do what they've planned I'm not sure what does the fourth down mechanism for the forced a fourth down stop process was worked. Yeah those the fourth and seventh in the fourth and six were where you give up. And ideals of you know short field Tom Brady and the one before that was crucial. Now this is clearly their best defensive performance though week before against the jets not great but certainly better than what they've done prior. So if you look at the last two weeks is being their two. Most impressive defensive performances. Stephon Gilmore did not play either one of those games is that just a coincidence or or something to that. Well I was in this team is it's a growth process spill and I think step on those. We're ambition has been around that there's been no this morning because obviously hasn't been important injury bug. Has bit them it's gonna be up to him whether or not he can settle into. The mental discipline of this defense you know on some of those old concepts concepts about right or wrong it's not just man here they they're gonna run command. I know of an opportunity to show the atlases and still with. Even the man stuff like. Remember just Ellis Hobbs in the first got a New England in the in the coaching specifically that the bill would sit in just aren't with him in the mornings and how else would would buy into the teaching and coaching and he's got better and better throughout his rookie year societies and with the same. He. You've got who. It's it's the mental aspect you know trusting the coaches earning the respect her earnings. They're trust to to go other performed as we started deceit. You a lot of these players do a menace we know what what Patrick gonna bring to the table and Devin every single week. It and and Malcolm news and talk one on one last night to wield it that he got beat on that all of all he's played a lot a lot better football so. We Jonathan Jones I think you can go arm in the mean you. You can go down. The list and state and these guys are putting in the mid to work and trusting the process of trust in the system that's going to be the same thing for Gilmore wanna get back. It's it's going to be on his shoulders you know. We're talking NFL network analyst Heath Evans Troy Brown has is saying he likes to say and he's told me he's told others this just could you don't know their name doesn't mean that they can't play. And and a guy like Johnson that a mostly who most folks around here couldn't pick out of a police lineup suddenly looks like a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Or the next thing I do so last week and the jets game that's second drive of the things of that earlier someone. It'll be them on this and breaking route on the economic take listeners to position the safety and the good well. Bildt told probably sit on the inside hit and don't let them inside the comes inside is an interception this is your place. Yes safety help over the probably gets speed on the second drive that second drive we can do a touchdown that wasn't over him. Last night some of the same exact concept and use all his leveraged. About six inches further inside in the when the wide receiver want to break inside guess who was sitting right there Johnson was sitting right there incomplete pass and so those her. The mental discipline us. That that you give to put into practice and in default on the player and no one of law was a clear cut by the dolphins and they'll pick up puts Mitt tailback from of all places and so I did would have been Tommy and Josh and Donte' and everyone told me to do and it worked out former for four years but it's it's always on the player's shoulder to to be able to. Digest what you're being tough mentally. And then. When the pressure's on in the course of that game to be able remembering your toddler and we'll put it into practice in this sometimes easier said than done but. That's a recipe for success in doing. You mentioned Dante he's got to be one of them happen is guys in this building 36 carries last night a 162. Yards. You know do you think the patron and a 162 less than ten yards but do you think they can sustain at least a competent running game for the rest of the season. I do what expression like even just some of the games that have been working all year we've elected performing games you know the key into east conflict. You're frustrated you know that's considered to guard at times last night with say a very speedy athletic defense. They were picking them up and it wasn't just run game that was passed game and you get cut in the east these traps at times were Brady's just kinda give easel to the second releases in the start marching down the field and then. There was this series where. I don't know maybe like midway through the first quarter I believe. You know there's second and eight are second and seventh. Hogan drop city would have picked it up. So what do they do that was a five man pressure kind of workable on third down and eight. Saying that different five man pressure Brady hits cooks flawless blitzes as real protection and he beat the blitz has always. And and they come right back down first lieutenants and another five man pressure and Brady eats and what would Hogan so it all blind. The running game obviously kind of you know without explore everyone's attention last night but the details of even the the pass protection. In Brady just be at fault Stanton around a pocket with the space given. They're it's it's it's the weekly progress chart you know there they just get better and better and better you know. Now are definitely giving the patriots. A lot of credit for a complete win but. The south three straight losses for the falcons and is the first game I've watched all sixty minutes of them this season but they seem like a mass. Well it's it's a broken rhythm and I and listen people look at the rushing yards and put up last night I don't know with a 1051 chance to my dad it was a it was a good running night but. What made them in my opinion so dominant last year was the ability to dial up. Different scheme to run game every single week and it made it very very difficult so you got sold. Cut out trying to stop those also back then Matty ice became Matty ice for the first time and Julio and some new and gave all the guys came arrival. You'll I don't care what your stats sheet looks at the end of the day can you run the ball when you. Have to run the ball and I would argue that the Atlanta Falcons cannot and then. You know can you can you passed when you have to pass balance that we also this word around adult be a balanced offense which. He'll date date the pats put clinic on last night. But I could care less what you're statute says can you do when it's a must and the patriots showed last night in terms yes. And you know Atlanta showed last night at a curtain and and it was even some desperate attempts to try to get four downs to get ten yards and they still couldn't get it done. Generally speaking. Does a group of running backs to the running backs room like it. When you've got four running backs know and a full panel addressed in the same game. Well there was gonna have a Cory Dylan like screaming in my your right alcoholism if you've got to back like that of course not you know but I think. The the different skill sets and how the system works in and how they constantly stressed the defense of coordinators in mind about. Which back is out there in the end. OK get this back as four of five different unique skill sets and and all this back comes in okay he can't do this in this but he does this really really well. And then and then you're constantly pressing them mind of that DC and it can of those linebackers. Decent captains to make calls based on the unknown. And the personnel grouping that comes in with those players so. Yeah at least eight people finally tired of me saying that this is day to a mental game and then. They'll bring shelters that have been a couple of issues that you pictures you'll either I don't think it's just the games checkers and arrested. No the problem is either rationally decent checkers and we're playing just and that's why world what some of parties. And and that's really it and we use stress a coach's decision making so many different ways by. OK what is Berkett do all shoot leader comes 28 this week beat lineup in the slaughter motioning out on the slot four for red zone. Pass play to these scores on new Deon Grant. It's it's a mental stress and and that's why. The beauty of how they use them is is. Is what makes him so special. If we always appreciate it's time we'll talk to next week I guess everyone take there. That is former patriots fullback Heath Evans now an analyst with the NFL network.