DHK - Hernandez lawsuit brings new discussions on the risks of playing football

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Thursday, September 21st

Hour #3 and we're continuing to discuss the lawsuit by the widow of Aaron Hernandez concerning CTE, and the implications it may have on the NFL and player safety.


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Our number three gala Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI we will get right back and calls in just a couple of minutes but. Just to follow up on something rich was telling you during trending now how we we knew earlier in the afternoon the Jose Baez. One of the attorneys for Aaron Hernandez was scheduled to hold a press conference at 4 PM he began that press conference. He says that Aaron Hernandez according to Boston University. Had one of the most severe cases of CTE bit BU researchers. Had ever seen for someone of his age. He also said that as. Rich just called jet Shia on a Jenkins is now suing the National Football League and the New England Patriots in federal court. He is suing on behalf of the daughters a state that's what they're saying. According to shy down Jenkins in this lawsuit. Aaron killed himself as a result of severe CTE he suffered during his NFL career. And she is saying the patriots in the NFL kept him in the dark about the brain disease. She says that the suit says Eric had stage three CTE. Usually seen in players within median age of death of 67 years. She claims that both the National Football League and the patriots were aware of a link between suicidal impulses and CT Ian failed to share that info. With Hernandez. In the lawsuit she said the patriots in the NFL quote were fully aware of the damage that can be inflicted. From repetitive impact injuries and failed to disclose freedom protect him from the dangers of such damage on quote. She said she and her daughter. Our quote seeking redress for the loss of parental consortium she is experienced. Based on the negligent conduct of the defendants but deprive her of the companionship and society of her father Aaron Hernandez. Unquote. Tough through. Toss it to pull off because ours you spoken focusing on the suicidal. Tendencies that develop environments in the homicidal. No she wouldn't she would leave that out while I'm saying I could go you if you. Go with suicide. As suicide happen in an homicides. Happen now one album. Well or two of them you can't you can't say. That he was involved with because. The states has no right right right but the other one. It would have been under appeal. Yes what do. By the way Jose Baez says that it's possible. That they could loop the Florida Gators into this lawsuit at a later time so did you go for everything yeah I don't know. I'm not so tough and that's itself and does that connect and view if you just look at all of the information. You you're saying the patriots. Are responsible for the suicide of Aaron Hernandez. And if suicide did happen but there are between Aaron Hernandez playing with the patriots. And his suicide. And we have to consider everything that happened. Between his last catch what the patriots. Then his arm. His last moments alive. There are a lot of things happened in between. So I don't know I don't know how a jury would look at it amateur. It's an interesting case. But we definitely did see there the the last court results coming right now the surprise that are right. So doesn't this feel like well let's just see what they'll settle for. Yeah and I'd I think so. And is it. Is this consistent with other people who have been diagnosed with CT I mean we only know it after they've died. And so they do these studies. And you know this guy had. You know. Stage three stage four and this is what is likewise. Kelly go back and say. Our it was this the worst case one among the worst cases that we've seen what it those people do when they were alive or some attacks types of things that they did. That were alarming. Were there multiple. People like Aaron Hernandez. Who were accused of doing things that he was accused of doing. About our well they've had to use that there's she's a blog about the literally the end result which was him committing suicide yeah so convicted then compared to. Junior say our David Edwards and calling this only part of the story comments below is he found guilty. Recover at the end there is that weird loophole it yet what well and he knew he was found guilty of more of the yes spot. Because he committed suicide within appeal pending air that guilty verdict was was negated he was found guilty was found guilty but then. Where where we stand a lightly how those legal loophole happening right where he couldn't they couldn't do the appeal because he killed himself. So law in this state says now we gotta we gotta throw that guilty verdict out. So are monitoring and you can't they use that sorry I don't they get aren't they and the duo Michael sort of thing is where this there Walt. This is also part of his story they could link him to leave that part out. Yeah its conviction under the gun at the story from April. And it says and just to be tourists who were accurate here. Gold story April 19. In wake of suicide Aaron Hernandez conviction. Could be voided misses and I think it was yeah it was way. So as an here's here's the here's the at Kraft. Although Michael yet got the call him. Although Hernandez was convicted in 2013 of murdering owed Malloy of Boston Hernandez is appeal was not complete. Abatement. Ab and ratio. Had in and Sheila I think it means from the beginning on. And it means that upon a person's death. If they have not exhausted their legal appeals their case revert to his status at the beginning it's as if the trial and conviction never happen. Yes so I. I'm guessing the kind of they'll have that in their corner but I wonder is this a case where. Whether the patriots of the NFL or even ultimately the University of Florida and they just don't want this thing to go away and they throw some money gathered they say all right. We're gonna dig and well Jose Baez said and this is what biases towards our. Hernandez had the most severe case they had ever seen in someone of aaron's age. How how how many how many how many football players. At 27 years of age and they studied. Can imagine tumor. I'm guessing like a war three you know what I'm saying the rights of a worse than the other one right. Right so so one of the most severe cases that the shot is they ever seen in someone of aaron's age 47 my guess is then there's not a whole lot of those that they've ever studied. Yeah it any. And so it was huge and make when they got that abatement. That's a huge victory for them because now it takes away what I just said so that's that that's it your right suck people into. We all know I kind of want the truth and the regalia but in the court they they I say what you mean like that happen before you democratic innocent man. You have to follow the laws of you follow the law. He's an innocent man. Who. Died of SuSE. But they don't you know the despair on the other side you could say well. You know we've never there's probably stats of innocent men and in prison and at what they ended up doing a prison greatly needed to take hold other angle on it if you wanted to do but. I just wonder. It does good obviously is a cash program but will they get what they want. There well and and she's thinking you know I've got a kid I've got to I've got to raise here and yeah and the money's all disappeared because it all donating his defense. I need the money. Now I think at one point wasn't she suggesting. That the patriots in effect give. She and her daughter the rest of Aaron Hernandez's contract edit her lawyer C said that turmoil little media scrum serves on them and and I think at that point probably the patriots are saying non paper gonna do that. There's so now hold on bio says Dr. Phil what is all washed up. To go over my doctor. Fell out of my from Dr. Phil but the thing is not over now and name and that abatement open up a whole new. Legal world for his team for his legal team. But I thought but other teams. That is out of a typical example of tubman had but it seems band that sued. They obviously most of them. Sued by a you'll fail in numbers in the past him and resolute and the Steelers they say I lost yeah there's Rabbani led to an NFL lawsuit there. Well there's the I don't I don't player I don't act all yeah I don't know of any individual TS whoever wants it how they how they fare but what will consciences they really have. The states and on Allen so there so and and I guess because Jose Baez is they aren't like or assume are ready weekends soup to. We're gonna get as much money out that's the whole Florida Gators. Threat. So hope we put it in India and in the in the limited time he played for the Florida Gators how much medical knowledge do you think the gators had gathered on. Aaron Hernandez's issues. Find it this is a tough thing about it you know the you know of the risks involved to playing football we all do what you don't know. When no one can know when your lives is. What's your. What's your. What damage. As happened he would we don't know that's why you have to die before they can study your brain. It is so decoded at the patriots and say you should have known this. Yes. You know that the risk involved. Playing football. But I think a lot of players knew that Louie we talk we've talked about head trauma and football we talked about it. I don't know to what degree the patriots should have gone or anybody else I just from Aaron Hernandez or any other players. His first year in a league for 2010. Yes so 2010. I think it became a big issue that same year. And that was same here if I'm not mistaken that. Now Brandon Meriweather. Hit Todd Heap who. Launched at them. Game at Gillette Stadium are remembered nasty hit that was that was a nasty Sunday and and I fell and a lot of big hits head to head hits so's Meriweather. On Todd Heap there was doctor Robinson in Atlanta on DeSean Jackson I think there was another one. Same all the same weekend and NFL. Immediately changed the rules. Those guys got they got since I got suspended. Even though that wasn't in the rope look at he freaked out it and then Tony 112012. We talked about concussions and concussion protocol. I mean we're we're heading to where we are right now. It started in 2010 it. In every year too we talk more more about concussions and head trauma so. I think Aaron Hernandez knew as much as his teammates down maybe it's a larger lawsuit and save NFL hadn't told anybody. Now there are a couple of unanswered questions here from my perspective one is. You would think that both the National Football League in the patriots won't settle. Because it would just open the flood all that's everybody's coming out you know that everybody's going to be brief filed lawsuits are you almost have to fight this as long as you confided. That's first. And second and I don't know the answer to this when he there. The estate of Aaron Hernandez there're there're certain monetary obligations. Owed to the family of old Lloyd. Or there was a lawsuit pending about gonna promote Lloyd's family. Is this money not. Not I you can't touch this that's a lawsuit from the National Football League. I don't know the answer to this hour. Once again let's go back to that and this is where we need the that kind of sift through the legal. Obligations and and the legal language on this. Aaron Hernandez according to the law. Is an innocent man. So if you're at the family of Oden Lloyd and you can you. Come to. Hernandez he'll be go to Hernandez's fiance instead of it where's my money where he talked about. My husband and kill anybody. Yeah but that in but OJ was found you know by court tools not killed somebody. And yet in the civil suit. That was ultimately file he did ultimately have to pass this is narrowed. Down on an essay that there's a difference between guys can only civil suit and went on. And this is where his wife that we you know we got a figure out maybe we need a lawyer to break it down but it's in Massachusetts lovers can Massachusetts California. It's a completely different case. So maybe. Different expectations different. Just completely I can see a completely different situation. So be who has who has studied his brain and they're the ones who said he had stage three CTE I don't know enough about the stage is here but that's bad. Now the other question is. You know he he reportedly. It's sort of Bob rugged upbringing. A bit of a gang lifestyle. Could've and probably should have been in fights at some point during the course of his lifetime. The reality houses how much document right how much of the CTE was brought about by. Head trauma suffered in gang fights and how that two at home head trauma suffered in the National Football League. But supposedly growing up he was not games. This is not this something you know we knew that he was a fight at Florida an employee was so I Bartlett an hour documented brawls and things that he was there in Florida at Florida definitely but you know growing up and empress of Connecticut. Let let high school early was a good student. You know when he went in but the gains put seventeen years old sixteen or seventeen years old on a Florida. I got you know good and upgrades to the guy earn a scholarship didn't have to go somewhere else before he went to college. Or natural type at a McDonald's vanished. But even at that not one of those situations where guys that you don't even qualify. Yeah I needed to go to east misses to get courier are getting go to junior college for a couple years in and get himself together before going to big time college football. And I think two things changed for him when his father died in father died when I think we're sixteen. Fifteen or sixteen. Older brother older older brother nobody else pointed out to every bit of brain damage that he suffered may not have been Wally as a member of the patriots. It's pretty fair efforts akin of when when these guys playing. I don't know and then they'll be fighting everything they can fight with it if they're gonna court. And the NFL in and the patriots aren't and I don't know if they'll have separate lawyers. If they're in a court you think they're not gonna battle everything they can fight now see we'll see how this when would they bring up what they bring up past drug use what does that have to do with any brain damage that he might have had yes. Or Angel dust storms or whatever he was reported to have used throughout his life marijuana was confirmed while that part we got balance of the year. Roger Goodell gonna try to use article 46 and had an hour Roger that that is a very gently that does that apply here are out of work. A shot down a Jenkins looked at as a gold digger or as a mom who's trying to provide for her daughter. I don't know I mean I don't think at this point out that urged from the ammonium badger yeah the Dr. Phil interviewed Sharia money anyway she can. Maybe she'll get so I will say this is gonna is gonna set. Set the bar for an the potential of more cases like this. Or maybe the NFL patriots you know it's it's a swift quick decision and in their favor and then you know you will see anymore of these. And my guess is by the way based on the way the the lawsuit was worded that there they are suing on behalf of his his daughter. That's way to get around any potential civil suit from the old Lloyd family. And I don't have the money. It is my daughter is this her money you put enough trust. It. That this is one of those cases where Jose Baez tells her with a New York you don't pay me a dime. Unless we take whatever from from them. That really what's what's to lose for her. It is one thing the reason why is the same attorney by the way whose whose reputation got blow torched in the Casey Anthony case yeah. Evidence also of the guy and you know get from you he just got brothel piano and I say again is accused of a double homicide is. Is his client. Here's the double homicide and was not convicted. And we didn't think that was gonna happen Arnold his reputation is. But the result. Pretty shocking. And I was shocked you were I guess it's absolutely Aaron originally thought we talked Mike McCann like couple weeks before the trial yeah you know before it ended two or three weeks any chip any chance know. Well we tell I thought we played the decision live and ever have that discussion on Carlos as they say guilty we're gonna end up talking and whatever the topic was that they oppose the back of that. And then as soon as they're going through a Wallace and not guilty of tech panel that's gonna age we do now. Eight counts seven of eight innocent. I gotta wanna Gonchar right at like three or four years. Everything else that was the. And so if you show up at that time our revert thinking out here Aaron Hernandez now you go back. And you think the crowd go on and on appeal and see regular till this night. Or exonerated in that double double homicide. And we're products regulators shortly after that was. Suicide. 6177797937. Robs in Dedham hey rob I don't. The get a and you're around. Started wondering what you got it all and and then went to UConn at lord and your brother. Without any impact on. You know it is teacher in the at meaning. We in the big shock and you know fell on without immediate changes all of the issues yet pat. I'm just kind of similar thing to overlook. Whom thought about gosh. And that's rob is is this one of those. What is yes ask over and over what what of this I don't know what effect that if they started out would have the patriots are known. Earlier. He instead of going to Gainesville he he winds up in stores and he's closer to home they don't bridges they'll find out as a good news as it closed at home bad news is is to close at all home Reitman some of those guys view. Just look over reports and just follow the time line. Of the old Lloyd. Murder. The text he was texting. Two guys in Connecticut hey get up here can appear quickly. These guys roll up the Massachusetts and they and they goaded Dorchester and pick up old noise and and we know what happened. Remember now in the immediate aftermath of the suicide. Bomb. Jose Baez and others cast aspersions on the on the institution that he was being housed and he wouldn't of killed himself we need to see the videos lately. Now all know he killed himself and they're the reason why he killed himself back then it was on a he would be killed himself I didn't happen. Things have changed I guess. And they. Filed the lawsuit which will now make its way through federal courts god knows how long these things take. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Did this happen. If it was not suicide. There had to be a pretty elaborate conspiracy privileged to have been stage. OK okay I wasn't there. I don't know what the situation may have been earned by. I think that I think anything is possible. You sure what you worked there who was she. We don't. I was kind of Jenkins on what doctor. Phil and and again she was kind of reiterating what her attorney had said previously that there was some conspiracy that. That evidently. Caused the death of Aaron Hernandez because he would've committed suicide he had reportedly talked to Shannon Jenkins that day here in the day before something and everything was fine while I guess there's no more conspiracy now BU is releasing. Some of this information I don't know enough about this I don't. Apparently CTE is is on a four stage scale forest the most severe. B was saying Aaron Hernandez had stage three CTE out of four. And and it's BU who said the most severe that they never seen I don't know a player his age well I don't know how many 27 year old. Brains they'd been able to study my guess is not a lot of them they're they're they're actually releasing. Images. Photographic images of the brain study. And I don't even know what I'm looking I mean I see them right I don't know what they mean so. The question is are suing the patriots or the NFL today have to pay her money based on the fact that it's easy. That's sure to get them as that that's the that's the big question. I don't know and and so they to Dell's won before like there Odyssey and fight this is a feud. If they don't and they just settle wall at who had been feeling going to be settling a lot but there are a lot of players there's a lot of guys who had injuries. Some you know of are no longer with us others still are but have a sense say I'd probably have this as a there'd be a whole lot of court cases on. I mean the current. The current settlement fur fur head injuries in in the NFL isn't it. Like over 800 million and there are still negotiating miss out there the first number that was released this is how much were paying. The court said none on and on and that's not enough and men now and then they went back and they've added money to it I don't think they've reached a final number but I believe its north of 800 million dollars. And the they're paying to former players. Based on on this sort of let medical issue if you played the 70s80s or 1990s. You probably have more case but you're playing now. I don't know what is as the NFL. Still. You know liable for the I wouldn't think so that the rescued you know arrests. Now. If you didn't even Netflix and a waiver or anything maybe there's loopholes there or you're able to do to Sewell and gets the money back but I think the guys would be an uphill struggle. When did the NFL. First start to put money. Into these studies. And of NFL PA has been been very active with trying to figure out what's going on we've had prominently but the league. Also can say that we've been talking about this we changed the rules of art game we've done right things and a lot of it like it let's not be naive sometimes it only does it because you need to check all the boxes. To avoid polished up front are so they don't TR yeah if you are so lawsuit are lost a lot of money. So I just say how much what any. When he would and make plays where on this we we we out how this hit we outlawed this week we can't do this we've changed our equipment and so many things but we're still football. So we tell our guys that this is what we have concussion protocol won't let you back on the field we have an independent doctor all of these things. So is it is a tougher argument to make now but 2010 there's a little bit of a gray area because. The league was. As vocal of. That it really kicked in Junior Seau kill themselves five years ago with 2012. So I think you ever really and he did that really became more mainstream with a with a player like. I'm just looking at that the language that Jose Baez used of the lawsuit says that the patriots in the NFL deprived. Abby L Hernandez of the companionship of her father and so in effect what they're saying is if he hadn't killed himself in the appeals that played out he still would of one. Now the state is claiming that you know that in in an appeals process that on this would have gone back to. All of this was up in the air but I still think the NFL killed Hernandez and Aaron Hernandez while their claim obviously he has the NFL knew. That this is what was happening to him but they didn't talent not just him and White House. But that's I mean if you win that Corley yes there have been examples. Of football players that had CT. And they kill themselves. But just because you get CT does not mean you're gonna commit suicide so I feel like it's going to be is going to be tricky for them to just win that's very doubt it's not a plus B equals C right it's not that's not as simple as that. And it does sort of seem like a and about scatter gun approach here. Russa the NFL we're gonna sue the patriot we might look the Florida Gators and I are compare you to record and it's like you know let's just. Throw all our our nets in the water here and see what kind of fish we get to bite. But I I think that that the settlement thing I initially sell I wonder what they'll settle for now I realize you you really can't. If you're the NFL on the patriots if you settle. Right you want to go away to valves and I want everything go away there's gonna people coming out of the woodwork shown up in trying to get Somalia via. 6177797937. Is telephone number the a text line is 37937. Whichever avenue you'd like to use. It did it this thing has literally just broken in the last 35 minutes so they're still up a bunch of information that we're still trying to figure out here. And quite honestly as often happens in these legal cases I don't know enough of sports in law and and and the combination of the two to figure out all of these things although some more reading for your time Michael that I like I agree lot of good stuff. Kind of commit stuffed the memory thriller like other past losses in how we haven't done any of the reading on the as he kill Elliott court cases down there like I. They don't affect me as much so I am and read all that stuff the way it was doing before. And and because of that you got to give people a break around the country when they say. When they think we're nuts up talk about Tom Brady Ellison when he talked about not read that stuff. Well what I read it as you know disease NFL has given me the the short version of it in the NFL version is right and you've got to do is make stuff up. The mad dog approach yeah there's still are right and it out angles Michael's point is fair because I'm not reading up on everything with Ezekiel Elliot yeah that you're not making these these huge statements about how you don't need to read it and diary know everything about her as a rabbi rabbi and it's every what I I've asked all of those. Bob's in Framingham hey Bob I don't. Hey yeah are you know what's going on. It was a good thing discharge petition all world players association. With the clerk if George you know solid core search and walks and let you know what smokers you know pictures that are that are doomed to earn billions of two children were special so what you know. There's a certain you know. Funny you need to. It's Hewitt who saw general put it's own part in a couple 100000 people over the years. So why are you upload or won't worked a huge opera sort of journal or law. Actually figure this thing settled. And send it all well you know gonna put the little sitting on the shark bit Albert potentially play your own worst just like it looked back. You know. Well I mean I'm sure the NFL a sang what Amy we offered 700 some odd million dollars we we were throwing a lot of money at a and and now supposedly the the money is north of of 800 million dollars I mean. What's what's the number that the NFL would throw that you're that you say would overwhelm them and then this would all just collect. And I don't ask don't. That balance that was tough to understand there're there are less NFL football players. Over the last ten years that there are smokers like I had a juries come from there but still. Including practice squad everything else 2000 players a year reverend is at its if you start go to court wanna hold them another one that all year you're I'm sorry just. Devoted to see TE court cases it would it at some of the NFL would not want that to deal with a regular reason. And here's the other thing if you just go on pay off those players anybody diagnosed with CT you pay them off I got to bring out another set of players assimilate them. But on me archaic hip replacement he replacement. I got the got to got chronic back problems. You know all these issues that develop while playing football what about me until you open that up. Yeah you'll be paying you'll be paying constantly endlessly. I will tell you that the NFL media thinks this is a huge deal I'm I'm reading like Mike Freeman MP Crisco on some of those guys. I'm Mike Freeman says this guy gets an NFL media. I have oh. I'm and and and I MySpace and others you know Mike Freeman says this is the worst news ever for the NFL. That's seem strong somehow thinks that this lawsuit is. And the NFL media around the country thinks that this is gonna put a lot of pressure on the on the National Football League in the patriots. Why would this would do it. While when others are when their existing well did did it did junior say Al's family sued the National Football League. And and the patriots and chargers and this is that this is just say hi this thing high profile case. A more from the street tales aspect of it than the CT aspect of it for Aaron Hernandez. But they've the NFL has been talking about this has been dealing with pay outs and potential payouts with CT four years. This I don't think this. Moves and little at all but see I don't. Think there's been a lawsuit like this yet. I don't think a family of a player who committed suicide. Has filed a lawsuit says he committed suicide because of you. You probably have more strength though. Probably have more strength in the pack that you do individually that's one. And then two. You're given a lot of legitimacy to the lawsuit aim at might be legitimate but you say that this is never happened before those guys make it that that huge leap. That this lawsuit. Is unprecedented. And that it will it will go all the way through that a judge will look at this and say yes. You've got a compelling case here. Maybe maybe a judge well we don't know that yet. Junior sales family did sue the bow trying to follow the results rows back 2013. The fairly Junior Seau sued the NFL claim the four linebackers suicide was the result of brain disease caused by violent hits he sustained while playing football. So they won't it still upend lawsuit. If it is here Charlie and things these things drag out it could be Bob McGovern of the Boston Herald asked Jose Baez. If Aaron Hernandez hung himself to assert to preserve his brain. By as declined to speculate. Now bias had set by the way back in April heating kill himself. Now he was being asked to be hung himself to preserve his brain. By the way and I think he's probably fairly limited is that you know how many ways you can kill yourself in a jail cell. You know a gun is not an option not a race. You know those sorts of things 6177797937. As telephone number still on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. In the interest of just being accurate and then we'll get right back the ball to you guys are. I just read the entire. The EU CTV center statement on Aaron Hernandez. They've released an entire statement by the way the the the bottom of the statement says the EU CT eSATA we'll have no additional comment. Besides this. What Jose Baez said. They said. They didn't set. They did not say anywhere in the statement that this was one of the most severe as small severe cases they've ever seen in a player of that age. They did in the statement confirm that he has what they call staged three out of four. CTE. That diagnosis was confirmed by a second narrow path followed just. Date they add the the imaging to show you exactly what they're talking about him and what happened here. But nowhere in the statement released by BUCTE. Sadr and and doctor and the key. Does it say anything about this is the most severe case we've ever seen them in a player an addict. I can say that out maybe they say that the body has independently they didn't put in their statement. Know a senate that it not a statement now they did citizens famous second paragraph. Mr. hand mr. Hernandez had a CT he State's three out of four parentheses. Stage for being the most severe so if you just put. Two and two together. They say states three and fours the most severe they are saying that he had a very severe case of it but yes in the case. I think bias and he's 27 years old and. Most severe headaches they'd ever seen in a player of his agent dead ball what's that what's this subset here imaginary. I bet I bet he's the only one that Asia. In nowhere in the statement from B you're CT senators say that. But they put out statement they put out the end of the slides the pictures and then they said we got nothing else to say about this. Probably because it's gonna end up in a court somewhere right there yeah they're probably ambient air here to witness. You know is something that. I don't know if it's Aaron Hernandez. The case itself that. Troubles NFL because. Aaron Hernandez is not necessarily the poster board what the NFL's looking for. So just enjoy your stay out there I guess are attention juniors say outs and did everything Ryan all timer yeah he's a guy. Aaron Hernandez you can talk about his off the field. Off the field incidents in the NFL's that they know that doesn't represent Harley that's not what we're about. But the problem for the NFL is just that we're talking CT he again. You can't shoot a couple of days ago we're talking ratings. Thursday we're talking CP. What's going to be on Friday was going to be on Saturday Sunday might be talking about bad games. Friday percent error on bag instead after I got him out there tonight also we could be talking well nobody understands though one there seeking how about this on the same day CT. In the afternoon back games in the evening. Talking about to back games tomorrow morning rapid all out. Adds I'll look at tomorrow I'm just to edit and I don't know enough medically he played three seasons with the patriots. As just is very easy to Florida. So he played three seasons here do we believe them now and junior sales case how many seasons did he play in the national football on every course that morning getting you know it's pretty easy to say okay. You know he was playing in the NFL that position doing this of course this this led to that. Then you're gonna get into the whole thing along play pretty seasons here now that it wasn't his three seasons in the NFL that led. To the CTE DUC year. Blowing and it was and also would be used in that could be mistaken and help me out here meter maids. Wasn't a do you study earlier this week talked about tackle football on house can't recommended at the age of twelve right under the age of twelve. So they as soon as pop one of guys David church idolizing go to that level yesterday he could start. The trauma can start February 10 year old playing football when he was ten Euro playing football 1011. Where where to start. Yet that's my point that the legal argument on the part of the NFL the patriots is going to be on played three years. We released them in 2013 he played three seasons here. Eating get this in the three seasons he played for us. Then you're gonna get into the hall how many concussions that he have right go about the whole medical heard a whole medical reports. They you know. And ended up on what the patriots at let it in the pre season he played here. We have with one concussion. You can't tell me that staged three CT came from that amount of games that amount of time and I don't know what it's going to be. But all of that stuff will. And now shift. He's tweeting about it and then that was that can be proved soups you go backs or 20101112. You can go back to the actual injury reports that he could sell he was on there once for a head injury. But that he could very easily say well it reported right. I get the whole Tom bridges helping that we talked about this offseason and then actually went through admitted that the researcher on a by. I don't I still silence is all it says very hard to prove that he did or didn't have is making cautions as you might have had. In the three years that he played from the patriots Andrew Brandt I guess echoing what I just said 32 seconds ago tweeted. Aaron Hernandez probably played football for twelve to fifteen years. Three were in the NFL. Causation always an issue. But you know NFL. The highest level faster. Professional football he practicing all the time that your life. You can make the argument yes you can make the argument that playing in the NFL for three years. Is nothing like playing and and at the University of Florida or in high school. For playing high school for four years just Nat is the size in the speed the strength involved. In the demands. You can say this is where it happened this is where worsened. Eleven years that he think he played. Here's guessing twelve to fifteen all Kanye which is. Probably pretty. Three in a froze during college that civil war ramble for high school are there that's how are you there. But ACC and and I think he's along the lines of what I'm saying what the NFL is gonna say is 13 years here that was the cause of this. There's too much damage here for the three years in the NFL to be that there and that's where Florida gets flipped him. Right pick the covers those now whether or both they're very involved and and I know you're half joking about the popular thing but. You know the high school could be in trouble. Well we just don't know about we don't know enough about. CTV to say. Where it started. Well we don't know and this is what is is different looking custom lawsuit in the league it was. Not sharing information you know damaging information. Your players are not aware of it your doctors. Are aware of it but they're not sharing it with the players this is a real problems I think the court looks at it that way well how could you say that. How could you not tell these guys that they were in danger you knew more than you were willing to tell and that's not right it's gonna cost you money as opposed to. The New England Patriots. Had and you knew. That he had CT or the New England Patriots are responsible for for what happened to him. That's a different. I don't think it's really akin to. The lawsuit is that that's been out there for a while. And we're still trying to figure out what the book the big payoff is going to be the initial payout was what 765. Million dollars. Write something like that the judge that now and I'm not gonna go back without enough. And I don't know what it will be most estimates are it will approach a billion somewhere in that ballpark I just to clear things up to be use as we get no more comments this is it. The statement we Gaby is all we're gonna say the patriots have set. We got no comment as you might expect no word from the NFL as yet but I'm guessing they're gonna say they're craft and something we got them. It's never have anything to say on Aaron Hernandez. They have anything to say I sense that that 11 dollar check press on for deficit by around after the after the suicide note the same day they wound up going to you. The White House White House right on the decent thing nothing. We get right back to call you 6177797937. Its telephone number Della Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.