DHK - Holley is down on Kyrie Irving already, and Dale has a bathroom etiquette question

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, October 19th

We continue the C's talk in hour #2, plus Dale has a bathroom observation to lay on us that sends us off on a weird tangent.


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He's he's that dale and Holley show. Best of a lot of place. And I can happen. I he's they game profession and so. That I learned place our won't play Dale Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie it's borrow one here's what's trending out front you buy. Here's what's on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Our friends Ocalan Hollywood team Sports Radio WEEI. Talking some Celtics. Went to now on the young season bruins' season hasn't gotten off the start that they've wanted to either. And all by the way took Rask is out for tonight. Suffered a collision yesterday in practice they were running full speed go to the net exercises and under his Bjork. Collided with two at practice over here warrior arena yesterday had to be helped from the ice was described by the media there is being woozy. Kind of ominously the patriots and coach Bruce Cassidy said today at the Bruins are just saying and Bruce Cassie said today yet he still being evaluated while. I sort of sounds like concussion protocol today does. It does sound bad moods and looks bad for the Bruins and can afford to grass got hurt. Analyst early in the season shouldn't jump to any conclusions but we'll do it anyway that's what we do. They look bad. Are you think are bad they look like a bad team. Yeah definitely a mess it up there they have a look good at all yet but I also haven't seen their team. David Backus is gonna play tonight the first time your guy Michael Patrice are Patrice Bergeron is a game time decision it would be his first game and that's if he plays tonight is that it right there. Yeah but if we had the same thing last year when Bergeron didn't start the season and then when he played and yet bill you tell me. We have a Patrice Bergeron season or is it a little less. And what I don't know I it was less because he didn't release plan like Patrice Bergeron until like the end of February. First of march by his own admission by the way you always my I get a sports hernia surgery after the season. He didn't look like Bergeron. At all until you know late in the season. A lesson you always find out about hockey players from the season is over so we are yet as a prolific and injured over it fast forward to April and a know exactly what the problem is we Bergeron in Backus and and for that matter to grasp and then come back to real time to figure out what's gonna happen here because it just looks like. There. Two a combination of of two young. And two banged up. Yeah pretend that an end to grab them and great you know there wasn't it last year where. You know birth on there and McDougal is off the charts sitting there waiting games because of him and we thought he was hurt that he goes out there any was. Terrific for awhile this year that has not been the case for him see you wait for some of the young guys that sort of I don't know optical pick up the speed of the game or whatever they need to do plus not having Bergeron that that changes a lot of things. We'll see if he plays tonight he is listed as a game time decision I'm going to be almost surprised that he plays that. When he was at practice yesterday he still had on the red no contact Jersey. If you're in a red no contact Jersey on Wednesday it's hard to pick cheer complainant NHL game on Thursday. What did you have. We're we're did you have this team at the start of the season and what what did you think they would be if they can't they grow up if this happens and if if everybody is who I think they are they are a what team in the east. Oh Eastern Conference here third fourth third third or fourth best possibility of home ice in the first round to get past the first round. That's how I thought that they would be an end by late five games and I'm not like parallel those followed Allen is gonna ask you are you still are you I like this season hey Daryn I'd like take you know. And I I haven't really seen them yet I mean I haven't seen a hold compliment now Ryan's owners out for four. Here's what flexibility you probably not I was 68464646. The bat I mean I'm a month month and a half of the riots that up on Erica no it's not. But you know DL the thing like this year's team. You may not get that luxury you just can't wait because it right it it probably won't happen. You know it's just. Injuries happen and so now you're gonna have to adjust on the fly and this is this is what you've got. You probably have a you know he got a banged up Bergeron. Back it went back this is not hurt. I'm not a huge fan of his. Right now it as a player seems like a wonderful guy great guy we both are in that rescue plugs and all that kind of stuff look at that good conversation. Are the guys about the animals think they had a love that animals and kids today I think. You're if statement malaise right now but as far as a a player on the team is 33. It is older 33 or 33 years old and I think his best years are behind them. And despite being this might be a challenging season for the bees. There's Yahoo! open as your number one guy. No right now he funniest and I don't think he depending on what's already he might be an unborn I don't look even even though I'd I'd I'd worry about in Tuukka. And what happened yesterday I don't think it's a long term deal. He's he's not gonna play tonight would always gonna play tonight. You know maybe maybe wanting play on Saturday I don't know but I I don't think it's a long term injury for for two grass. I don't believe that's the case and they certainly aren't sounding like they believe that's the KC so. Are back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Its telephone number are raising Quincy hey ray how you don't. Ray. Right. Yeah what's up then yeah some great. Artifacts. I think television we'll in my book and that my brother watching you materialism that the so long term obviously. Old jump of the bridge when I direction when mr. it happens. And if so what is deliberate course goes. You know it is like toilet go quite very peculiar nitpicking everything carriages and it here yeah absolutely. I'm not an asset to an excellent you need to. I don't applicant so we radio satellite there's guys in the oh yeah our company Chrysler by. You know it it gets to discredit him to sort of a freak out you know the guys we were regulars are that wreck. Just that Africa again to talk on the. Aren't I great caller I will say this I think ray's got a good point arsenic all that and Michael has been down on this since since the date they made the they that you have to admit that they gave it to you when it's not even that you wanted you wanted them to keep Isaiah Thomas yeah like I say UT is a better player than a diary I do so since then. Even really negative about the yes. And I pray break him point eight if you're waiting for the denial others out there there's a reason and I we all have years yeah we virgin yeah. Your your really down on Tyree Irving so I console that's not dollars I don't know are gotten on that down on no it does not and you know a lot of your way to try to find stuff negative to say about our football on radio and TV correct thing on all. And a great guy great personal thanks for the support and appreciation and I really do thank you. But it's not about Carrie not down on carry I know exactly what I see Carrie for for what he is a really good player in the NBA I don't think he's a superstar player. And they paid a superstar price to get them. So that that's one and then two. Even though. You know Reza amazed matter but then there's some there's some great issues there's some other things at different there's chemistry defectors and so when you make it trades I. Oh I don't like him. It's like ripping. Ripping that team apart I think it was a way to improve their team. Without doing what but that's he wasn't close. I was gonna say no you don't know that if they had made the deal you still wouldn't have Isiah Thomas Wright Beltran apparently not until January laying out no but I just think Taylor you're kidding they. And I don't play I think and that's why I jail would have had him from January till about April or I don't on Don forgot because I don't think that the Celtics. And I was at Thomas had any sort of agreement on what he was worth going forward. This either get the we talk on the market are unable Gonzalez get paid. The right way but he gets hit by somebody else probably get paid here if they had no if it hadn't made the treatment that regardless of carrier Irving is available. So got to go on the willing to try to Brooklyn tech away with him in Crowder so I don't think they would've kept on because again one team. And only takes one would have given Isiah probably close to the Max if he had a healthy taxis which he came back I was hoping that clumsy you part of it but just like Marcus Smart. I would like them to bring him back next year but they probably have aligned hence why didn't get an extension now. And there's any one team like the hornets or the pacers or somebody who offers a crazy amount of money and he's gone. So I think either they maximize what they could do and even though they were the top seed they knew they were light years away from all the cavs and the warriors so they had to shake things up. Yeah I think. With the improvement they would have improved. If they are held onto their carrier not I mean I held on to Isaiah Thomas now we didn't know a lot of things that we know now. So we did know at the time that Isiah would be there. Then you'd have Hayward Utah mine you have Jason Tatum you thought the improved improvement of Jalen brown and markets that's pretty good team. And you still have a Brooklyn tech and you probably don't have Jae Crowder I think they would of they had moved him. Typically pay the that would move him somewhere else. So let. Also so it's fair to say he had him like that trade that the given too much but I think it's unfair to say I'm nitpicking it's comet. In game. You down and kind REIT because you do not have to get it down on carry really not done you know don't like I don't I'm not count on them what I guess I don't see him the same way everyone else does. Down on him I know exactly what he is is a player but I don't think he is. You know the only person I know who thinks that I say is better than carried all right so than that just a definitional are you are down on that now better for the at and and also better for this team better in this situation. I think you got to realize pretty quickly how amazing. What an amazing job Isiah Thomas did. Last was great not and we all loved it and I aren't artists aren't you see it you'll see it but if it's got down on him that will will see the light sooner or later on I'll I don't know let's see what he was able to accomplish last year with less to work with. They're carrying has right now. Just nitpicking this a guy goes seven for 25. And starts talking about. The youth of the team and back to backs in game two and I think that's illustrates. I do you guys YouTube that you just I got you had you do you do you. We just have have drawn that line Saddam stand right he's a guy I got out of our reach a lot of discredit everything. Or pick up he's trying to answer question about why did you miss shots that kind of questions so do you think that by the end of the year we will we will acknowledged that. That I say has better than carry pretty good at what you feel for the situation I can almost promise there all you can't. Can't just. You can't just say our it will put another player here and since his players better. He's better for your team for example go giving John lauding John walls better than enough Isiah yes art so. John walls better than Isaiah you pick John Wall on the Celtics this up some people's sons suddenly be better because John Wall will fit in here just like I say another the chemistry edge there. Yours are that there's a thing and a but just your chances of beating another elite team go up. Is because there's chemistry is great you you'd love to have chemistry but you need chemistry win a lot of talent C need to take that chance with the talent. And hope that Stevens to get all those guys earlier hour yesterday and before we say they'll even before the Cleveland game that with eleven of fifteen guys different on this team. That there was going to be some adjusting going on here yes that it was going to be hard not this was before we knew Gordon Hayward obviously was gonna put down. You know we thought there's a lot of you gotta get to know each other for pre season games doesn't get it done whatever number of practices apparently doesn't even allow them to know the place. The number of practices they've had. What we knew that there was going to be an adjustment period for this team right. Yeah and I don't without Hayward at this guy's salary an excuse obviously but if they have a great all advertisements and I don't think that we would be. I'm not paying thinking by the if anybody is penny king how big that their next two opponents for example. Are the sixers in the next if you want Owens who gets the sixers in the next open up the season I'd understand free yelled more could you can. You can work on some things lawyer out there and deal little sloppy. It's still beat a team like that you can't do that against Cleveland or Milwaukee that's right that's throughout this so if all the sudden their old four. And they and they look bad that yeah I know it's still early but also to free got a little bit more than ever right now. They should jump all of the knicks are just a flat out bad basketball shape. But the sixers get 2000 talent obviously and yeah a lot of talent is going to be a tough game but they have they have. Even younger talent that you have relate so I feel like they're gonna be a team that should be fun to watch but his. Doc I'm very good record younger talent and I would say more artistic just going back track position more on the island all of Vienna I'm number one overall and falls to number one overall Simmons Sam. And Okafor and now he's gotten a mix of and don't need another three yes it was threat. A lot of young guys charged you know runner up rookie of the year last year a lot of rocket higher than coming to get it became the Roberts in New Hampshire hey Robert I don't. Hey guys are gone the bronze. I I mean you're not Alter it any period bat that they're built cater value might blame here. Irene didn't you bid value. EP Crowder was a great they were Crowder. Well with LeBron there and crowded body on the way Irene I don't know maybe AM played on the other I feel like it was not a Smart like I. I think. What are you guys. I just thought it was a bad pass us it doesn't mean he's a bad pass our. They match should have been a turn out turn over an historic mission of Venice shattered leg but he vets should event Ari Gold the other right now I just don't do that again OK media learn from now on the no I I got don't blame him for that your right is a bad path ivory throw some really nice Alley and passes last year LeBron. Yeah he's got very good out yes and a bad pass maybe you can catch it you miss it unit pinned against the board or whatever or out or LeBron gets it and it goes the other way. But it'd is that like Carrie got her. It was a you know it was just the fluke. Injury it was nasty deceit but it was a fluke you know Brad Stevens they were asking him last night because somebody else's fault that nobody's fault. Is it just was just happen it's not like you know this guy to blame active. Then when a plane Jae Crowder didn't wanna blame carrier ring LeBron or anybody else was just. I'm one of those plays where literally because of the way everything half. Happened but where LeBron was where Crowder was where the ball was thrown how Hayward landed late you needed all that to happen the way it did. Because you know still point yesterday how many times they were gone for value through his career. And and not in an unsuccessful ones remake and land awkwardly in these get company go back down the other before the last time. And that to me sound like a guy has gone carried me commend the nitpicking American. Can any sort of backpack suddenly you're group of them tonight up now know that Hafner disagree with him come mobbed him a break wired wired so many people only game one wire some people so desperate that path of the past. So find blame. Honestly. I am because guys gone for the year. I mean is is that why they're so desperate. To put it. Thirty isn't clear if you think I got and and just beat by the way we love Jay crowd that he was here we thought it was great. What to be crashed just for a second. It's utility got cheated and out you start your injury you don't have to deal with that you don't have to go through the rehab but as a fan are you looking forward to you. The Celtics and carrier Irving Gordon Hayward make some youth and it's gonna be exciting to be uploaded take on Clinton may be Cleveland getting too old LeBron is banged up we don't know. And five minutes into it gone and I saw as agent said today that it's unlikely. They can come back for the the 1718 seed which is Smart. I wanted to mention that it's really Smart design that Suzanne I don't know if you're on even if it's not true Hussein and it may be oh my god change in king. He is back everybody would have thought it was and if he was on the Red Sox you would have gotten he should be back in two months and then what he's got what's up without what's going on weather will be so hopefully two putt then there's the whole press conference in that disaster simulated if you just say he's. He's unlikely yet officially ruled out whose it's unlikely they returns okay. Now everybody the players the coaching staff the fans. On you know your now operating under the impression that he won't play again this year. But who knows maybe maybe causal defense as a lot of pressure off him takes all the pressure ar fifteen balls on you know Brad Stevens is getting questions pay as you don't. Get closer sees it he worked out right how come how much longer I mean it what's the update on Gordon Daryn there is done is applying he's done. Mark bodies on the cell phone anybody I don't. Hey. Are the ones but its place. Three time. I am I hung up on and actually before we got to go out I had a feeling he wasn't going to be jumping while I was afraid once we got ten twice you're gonna start screaming out all stuff. I noticed that softened a calmer now. Well what happened within the weather and thank. The weather's been yes. I'm one of those guys that might mood does get affected by the weather I wish it didn't dale which wasn't the case thanks and stuff real very Dave Levy the moon's reflected that but maybe it's on the of that. Real rainy day I got kind of sour plus a lot that's ago. I actually don't mind snow okay this is good because you're doing I listened to the a lot of good news Rick coming up on these trucks now I re not I've heard. Supposed to be a warmer than normal winter because of La Nina. Was that in the farm read but I don't know. If it. I've read it and there was that tells back on board of farmers art had his beef. Earlier in the year I didn't read in the farmers all night I was of one of these National Weather Service is a long range forecast things warm Wednesday senate supposed to be warmer winter than normal. I have to admit I'm at the point where still has lost a lot of its lore for me. Is that right like it anymore and I don't hate it you're gonna regular bricks no fan. Go outside build a snowman think about driving character for our Erica don't Wear buttons for eyes solved had pole where are worried the greatest don't get you know stay home with its nose he acknowledge that you got that I don't planet that stinks entered into many snowstorms last. Five years. That's about it you'll be as bad as here for my home appliance like to serve the and not from the farmers all nods the source 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media. I. Into the 2000. This guy okay. Here we go. It's. Her okay neither. Our. She's my team. Okay. It's. Very cool moment last night Gordon Hayward from his hospital bed. Could use a little better cellphone cameras things in single Fuzzy and the Wi-Fi is not great there. The hospital maybe I'm Susan are extremely Cam Newton was woman's apology gat that sort of thing. Now close to I was close to him no matter who's going on right trackers examine the car rule the plaintiffs. The business quiet this is a quiet space. Aren't you fellas help me out a couple months ago with windy out bathroom etiquette question and another one for you I remember I can't hear critical distance again after a lot of you I'm just heed my advice to get who perjury. So and another win now couple months go he'll remember somebody left their one thing coffee mug on top the urinal in the back I I'll that is the well yes I'm now I don't. I I am happy to report I don't know who this he has. As the door was shut everything. Which undergoing a complete telephone conversation while sitting on the throne in the men's room here shore. What should you. That was an insensitive congress so here's your tricky well I next these questions. Star well new. Again now that's Turkey so here I have to Wear less about to happen mute if you're a public bathrooms are lost you for certain. So if you are at a public bathroom and your on the phone whether you're talking on the phone earlier on Twitter doing whatever. Then when it's time to get out there what do you do with the phone. Hewlett awkwardly tries to get back pocket. That's the safest way you can't put on the floor oh god no you can't put it on top of what the toilet paper thing and you can't hold at least I don't think you can and should you really shouldn't do that. What he did. Are your pocket. That's the that's even count tough that you guys sort of ignoring the whole. Long time and it out as you oh the station got that little echo we thing was all describing what was going on during the cumbersome the play by play. There's a difference is you can be. Now maybe you don't wanna be doing business because somebody would be sick you know Bentley at the flush but you know that you're trying to make a face a football trade directly to your computer that is in your pocket that's what Leo. Talking to. We're out of wood on line now that would have been harder on Erica hill are already outlawed. The currency flows through street view in the sensor toilet. And I if you you can't you and I could certainly get out of their remembering it right back not so you know it's not working. And if you had if you add a comment for Indian bend and you just forgot you know converse calls over in Africa. When say one thing Indian and and then. And you know you might catch the united my passion is there aren't there or do you know does happen it would need to think Collins. All the time it went up that was. Yeah. Is like over the phone but yeah overall. Development top and win. And I want to blast up the. Well Margaret commitment that an American. Youth. They thought about it but a it. I wish I had heard back in the stall out a little bit better if he now wouldn't that hold down ballot and and great. Tennis. That crystal outside that. In a poem about at all. Can only answer I would I would recommend it if you are saying you know doing your job and again important he had job interview over the phone all around and get a chance to talk they just got our I don't think you live to our. Yeah it does not really the place. Spotters who pulls the fifth look does stirred up familiar at all with what about ongoing joke what I've seen it before it's. Yeah I Q so what do. That's grown men. Go to Finley you'll see every single night. I don't know some of you people texture says who sits on a toilet for more than thirty seconds. One more than thirty seconds four seconds. Honor of you to have a very healthy or very destruct and I both humans who don't wait till the absolute last second. Yeah. Third second besides you gotta be phone conversation to undertake. I do my best to avoid public bathrooms at all costs. But general strongly really has its hands. There. Yes some of them are really really gross I gotta get my commitments on. My middle one credit dividend last week. We're in so there's sponsor I don't know that we're in the story they slower and store safer and where they check out where your pocket check. It's got to use the bathroom alone to what what well we asked you what you have to do you say yeah yeah. I said if it can you hold it who. Now that you're really taking a chance only go back refine about how about that off to and he said. Government entity. The well dug out all daughter never mind that they're grown up it was right there he's just been it was disgusting yeah. Now he happened to spot something we just I don't know. I didn't like I'll get too detailed here now already too late in any way past that he he said personally it stinks in here and hear something about themselves about the public got me. That's not a great. He spotted something. On the floor I do. Mob. Guy walks out okay. Step. Up there will sure I can all that's gone on. Gross that is real gross things to share collier's. Easy Chris Roos instruments and following a Russo segments he's mad is that a game yeah. Well you didn't yeah that is kidded and it might get to a huge argument over higher equity how long and how long it takes ago about the Yankee Stadium. I'll catch it. You know what what inning are we talking about here is admitted art middle again you get to the seventh and eighth innings it gets a little bit Hillary crowd okay I see that's. You know solo act as too bad you know of Russo. In our dad like that never has an opportunity to go to sporting events that one lifetime if I'm sure he didn't really frustrate what a jittery because. Well I mean what was the next time you going to be able to go to McGahee out misses some that it can get tickets to get a very Larry. The needle anybody. I don't talk of karma now we have this right next to him right outside our window they're building new Celtics practice facility and it's been going up for awhile now minutes it was. And I see those little port applies all over the place here now those ballots probably think our bathroom looks like you know. The palace ranked room. Idol hall yourself and one of those things. Those are very time sensitive yeah. Who you are differences here and there and you are out added a good 32 and that's a Hummer right. Yeah Alia Ali got a hovering there yeah. No need to not make contact. It's. Absolutely not. It just started as a simple you know that's Medicare question I don't hate the phone call there yeah very very ever what I would've ever talk on the phone and. But it just say I'm in now I get in Rome and I don't wanna be two divisive and in this situation because it's a a man as a male female kind of thing like. May be men. Those do more reading in the bathroom has been a wartime and a bathroom that women. I don't like most guy. It is right protect the sports page out there down my wife does not take as long night. The Florida. Say yeah I'm don't it's you got some breathing in my doing an out Twitter something I'm not making phone calls. Most art medical conference call in the morning. It never sounds a little hollow in Iranian an animated numbness but it will it will not happen to meet OK guys I won't be the guy well. Yes. I absolutely have accomplished absolutely dead. Guys are now and I start to Carter our which one I thought about all of ethnic all happen and that's the Iraq. I don't see it depressed thoughts on it looked at a bit and doesn't want the whale line you gotta talk a part of snow do you do you know like a book about no I don't I don't I go dancers to go to battle zone publicity action. I thought I heard it argued about. Chris in Marion sacred site on. Yet get added that definitely I think I mean no bad about it women Kellyanne week take it down when you're there at that time we get out. I are under why a guy want. There was tucked into all underneath and reading I don't get. It's. There's this has it taken dump it's I got as I don't graphic. I didn't think we need a bit out. On your other I am glad to say I am a former marine got Bible they're writers we take down but I. I hit good crowd at all of how on earth and tell Chris Lecce chances I didn't I didn't. Authority as I did and I stand by that women are not allowed to use the phrase taken down she's supposed to say. The map not that it McCain who knocked out not too much about two months humans might take it down now your late. Let's see them even now she's still a lady by the way by the way Chris there's no such thing as a former marine. Mean Chris I'm sure knows that but yes you know. Here is pretty simple but for us because they are artists does it mean to you about not to have the Celtics by the way just confirmed. Gordon Hayward had successful surgery. No timetable for return. It. I'm a former marine got five older Brothers we take don't buy. Yeah. Since entering. This you know what that schedule now. Don't just as I wanna married to implement it. But this one. Have a friend who was in the chair once in his. Now wife walked in third or the your friends and Ochocinco. If you claim that she couldn't wait them now. You've heard in the bathroom after some of the amendment steam from the show for pretty bad it's. We have a little we have a little you know cubicles. Winning closed door. So that you know yet if you don't have to happen. There are you know papers saw that little break communal well known as pay. I've really got to go out to shell out until the job you don't know we are done there I'm clean that's unaccounted. I don't insult my hair layers that are good ago. Gaga over the lowly little rinse off anyway and bet on reds I'll. A trial from the bedroom David ourselves to look that's I don't care got out of got to come on in and out. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Yeah Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Is telephone number. I today. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Declined to hold his weekly interview with reporters. Something that is required by the national football league of Newton could be fine by the NFL for skipping his required media availability you'll remember. He's gotten some trouble earlier this month. Responded to a question from a female reporter. About routes and it's funny to hear female talking about routes. I Tom Brady also didn't undertake his media session that he didn't declined to for the second consecutive day the patriots postponed it. He was gonna meet with the media yesterday they postponed its Eddie do today. It was supposed to do it today they postponed it said he'll do it tomorrow. Are you gonna continue to tell me I shouldn't be nervous about this Michael cause I was nervous yesterday I'm. Nervous today guys complain I did I say when the applies got to play on Sunday Sunday night. I'll be there now last year you did this several times yes Rory would movement and then we we got out later later on what it was so. That doesn't always mean it's something into your intro and end even yet credit could be a family we we don't know. But he wasn't on the injury report at all yesterday so I'm still. Now word he he was a full practice participant yesterday wasn't even listed as anything and in grant aren't listed on the injury report. Somebody tweeted out pictures earlier today he was at practice today I've seen pictures of him there. Why is he. Postponing the media availability and the second grade when it's hot these losers. And acceptance of people giving credit Manny he is all well and he's always dug holes who's the Biggest Loser. Biggest Loser and immediately thought all of the pictures via the town doctor Biggest Loser in the patriots media the food is who is he really just trying to would you report. Cool is all a noticeable. Troll and then all of patrolling controller now. Had been yes time yesterday grant was all over Mike Reese about his party app where I got re sadly not much agrees. A point. Are you Michael pocket he hears the Biggest Loser in the media Michael. Okay Biggest Loser and not know is as real it is ray and his father all right I'll ask our eyes and patriots chargers. Broadcasting crew the team the dual. IE an eagle. And digging and found out. Are any legal battle back I think it'll be okay because there's not a New York team involved so who he may be able to. It may be able to calm down and do they not only okay calm and the jets aren't involved popular LA Chardonnay and he hates the patriots right. On behalf of the jets. So that is a week from Sunday policies we're in the sun and a crew this week and then make my ninth it's the chargers placed second Sunday night. You've got the that a chargers laid it on the line it's not Super Bowl rematch because Brock said yesterday they are under strict orders. And not talk about that game I hate that nonsense don't ask sonnet or not. Talk had a few of them you do wanna talk about it because got a hundred things in there. It's you can draw from and that are good teaching lessons now one of the things they already did apparently Belichick. I show the fumble the lost fumble and the in the Super Bowl piling on the gear pour liquor plot not even here to defend you can only do they show this this lost fumble how to lead the points and and you know it's all about ball security and they'll look to kill Flynn is enough detail about what you can do that you can say. The Super Bowl is everything a coach can ask for. Winning coach can ask for says that show off how you have youth are this is this is why it's slow starts. Are so dangerous look we got ourselves in the 25 point hole. This is like turnovers are so devastating that what happens here. Busted cover age like right before the half we're trying to get points Tommy can't make that throw look at that went the other way pick six. And then the comeback. So why would you talk about it I would go all around it's a book if you say don't adamant about comparing teams from season to season. By the you don't even think about what the game wise yeah it's it's it's a huge game it's a Super Bowl what is it that it's the reason you're talking about. The drive for five was realized. When they got in the epic championship. Just in terms of the game what not to do what to do a game. It gave you everything. Now after Atlanta and maybe you don't wanna talk about it but I don't know. What you do what they're going to do it I don't know how to do it if you Atlanta there's really not a good way to handle it. Colleen and doing us inevitably OK if you lean into it deep so Europe's debt. If you don't talk about it. You moved on Richard. I think these are you can't move on when I don't think you should dean clinic and bring it up nobody asked you about it I think if somebody asked you about it you don't get all huffy puffy user on that out last year you say yes you know they've things happen and global blocks split whoever the question was. But I don't think you necessarily need to bring up out of nowhere. Is that if America death Macedonia. Could bring it up out of nowhere area that's strange but. There's not a guy who played that game nobody affiliated with that game. Is never going to be able to just get past that that's how no check that's how that's that's how professional athlete and professional coaches work. You know Bill Russell to this day. We'll tell you hey hey hey Billy won eleven out of thirteen. Student twelve. Since have been twelve I was hurt. If I have heard it. You know read our back we'll let you know he was still talk about. Got screwed in and in one game is a bad call on us that just. Can't forget that losing that exit the Super Bowl this is whether NFL should be happy with itself. The game as over as as over hyped as it can't be it's never. The players don't look at it that way. The players don't think it's over hyped it's the biggest thing that is it the biggest thing in their lives. It's the biggest thing in their careers so a Super Bowl loss will really turn somebody's career I don't know really what messed the best you want to. Where will the apple picking take place a week from Sunday -- them. Apple thinking yeah you said if stand outs does another game I'm not watching while. Apple sticking by does that protect me. I didn't. I don't know now that it's artists that you weren't gonna watch it'll go into it back though their back now lack pitchers chargers can't remember I said rumored Germans think this thing up. Turned volume weighed down by a yet unity speeded up on the DVR or something right because you never forget that a good TV's behind. Or just watch it. Everybody's. You know I'm not sure this is an area. Horses and and I swearing and I'm not sure talked about pumping earlier sorry about SS it's yeah. Stewart this is something more or. More with the African American tradition doesn't say that I. Or not not OK but I don't know it's always got to be that we deal nowadays. Let that many parties a pair. Good music will be on really. And these are. You can't hear you can hear the TV and vice trying to here's the dot music Newt Gingrich is on so you know like a bar it bit of news and I'm done. I'm metal bar on how it was like how's it. Music and I are talking with a TDs but that it's not like hate when that going that room over there. Where are one of the NR well as a movie playing in you can hear the dialog node can hit the diet but it is fair. It's just. Loud music within their images hopefully it will we have already seen it so that's what I'm gonna do. Got a just the tank for young. Game beyond. Necessarily need to. Here is watched the biodiesel. And in fact it touts. Mr. gentler beat ourselves Michael Kennedy bump into and delegate and I thought I would rather pay and not a pager pilots are. Rough in the past or anything on the ground and we got at all what do Thursday toss up that's a touchdown. What if there's like a very controversial fumble by like the pile on. And you need to experts the brick very that I'm that somebody like he'll clear everything yeah that knows what's going on by the way we mentioned earlier the the Twitter feed for the Spanish language version of MLB what I put up tweet about Alec scored. They deleted the tweet. Boy. Everybody knows I don't want to say yet that it's somebody at the Red Sox. Made a phone call and say hey c'mon mate who lost his tennis let's knock it off here by now. Six I try to work together here Michael we're gonna do and they shall Robert craft Booth and bounces. Although it gave a speech or before I love coming. I don't receive the holy the F seeing that played incredible yeah. Yet through it now but they say here chowder jarhead I was yes what Dan here and being down. The crews that he likes he takes that obviously you'll ended up over there 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with teeth. Sports Radio W media.