DHK - Holley explodes listening to Tomase defend Ron Borges; Gronk’s future options outside of football explored

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 12th

Hour 4: Dale, Holley, and Keefe take a moment to listen to the highlights of Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony. This was the calm before the storm, as Holley exploded upon hearing John Tomase’s defense of Ron Borges. Today’s Final Drive explores potential careers for Gronk outside of football.


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Yeah to. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood's chief. Sports Radio WEEI a couple of big stories. Here and these parts of late one of course was the retirement ceremony for these. The number retirement ceremony for Paul Pierce last night after the Celtics game against the Cleveland Cavaliers game not so good. Ceremony really cool we'll bring you some sound from that this couple minutes father Ron Borges. Story continues to be kind of toppled mind for some people. And we've got some sound from the weekend here. In which one of the people on our air with defending Ron Borges and out and wanted to hear some of that as well so. Let's start start with Paul Pierce. They look I said at the start of the show they do ceremonies Wrigley well they've we've got a lot of practice at around here and they do really well. And VS ceremony post game last night for. Paul Pierce is number thirty forgone of the rafters was great Paul had a terrific speech. And let's start with Paul Pierce thanking his former coach Doc Rivers who was there with him last night. You know this homeless man become a man I'm almost always young immature. And plugs every bump it's just fall because you have the same birthday. And but you. Say you want me to do things the right way and I help you so much because then what's not so bad in my game took off. Lost that's it wasn't about us that's anymore it was just like playing the right way and help me understand how to really win. Not a talent but now we understand how to win. And Melvin mature as a player. And. You know what more can you acts of war coming up but also a certain level you took it to the next level. And I'm might. Not make. It is nice first follows nice doc was there don't you think. Mean got a job full time job that is in play bars are perfect there they might play and Brooklyn. Tonight in the back here on their back here on Wednesday Souza right time to do it. That are hanging out. In New York yesterday side to hang on Boston. Was perfect he's sitting there on the on the end line along with that Rondo. And Kevin Garnett and there were other former Celtic Paul Pierce teammates here as well but they were the three sit there on the end line you could miss some. Well for one thing you could miss Kevin Garnett. Whatever that one's on his head does that recalled as a half hood is to. I don't know it's aside mass it's a full Heidi that he had on halfway health care a hell of that is a full and yet the full buddy's golf utilize an old thing ability to get it right it does defy the laws of physics doesn't make a comeback that was versatile though. They watch stuff back stressed that thing out of you had been that the reversal advocate of the whole thing our at stake there is. Gravity I think it. If you pick if you take that hoodie but with that had I have the doesn't have a top that topples Harry Hamlin still my old you might have something visor winner had a and these guys that come out as you are under way you're on your way to being fully protect OK speaking of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce wanted to take the opportunity to thank him as well. OK Kevin talk every week you can we come to the house and salt. He says is only regret was not coming here five years earlier. No. What can I say about you may you you passed a historical nights in this building you may be better so our plan would soon. Don't a lot of people got it. Is he summer Rondo next because some don't all don't so there may be a lot of people dismissed it'll don't. Lying though dole quite as much time he gave the other guys about spot include a great that he had some big nights in there yeah they did. And so does those funny to see. Doc in Rondo and Garnett also in there together and garlic with that right only a middle of them. Yet with a promise that there that he got Ray Allen and sending its your pictures and golf and George voters this is honored what is. Hopefully our Glenn was saying on the mid patient today that. That he Ray Allen was invited. I bet I don't have as Iceland does but it just makes total sense that of course he was invite in cities that now. American be there and wanna play I don't know how to hide all around the Lopez George Lopez. Can I do on Saturday I could commence Saturday but now it then Rodgers back on. It ran out of my daughter from the I guess you're brilliant I. I don't have raced side before and I and I doubt now that you're not you got out of the perfect are a few out there that all by the way. We've got our our differences we don't win the title without reality at a parade down plays that aren't actually were a problem for everybody right now let's Caprio got in I had to bring it out you know I had to bring up a high with the Miami. Hold you know don't do that just say you do I turn on I know you are sitting on the eye and I know we did rat we didn't finish together like we wanted to blood we have some. I'll also be helpful on won a title and why would you wanna be here to be here next with hero LeBron to you know answer a win win for a remake it on Sunday as LeBron will be there is yeah yeah he's playing OK can I place I'll I'll admit. And final of the final kilometer from Paul Pierce he's thanking. Not only the team but you guys. So there's not only teaching the game of basketball. They teach you success. So surprise but we always do you have read the mob family. This. The news. But not least. Well enough column. OW dot defense. Thank you for. Forbid there. Thank you so much from Syria. For coming support and good the bad guys you guys been therefore we thank you so much. You guys. Make this even more special. To save on number as warm up in the rafters. I saw some grief for peers. Because he had notes on his phone. And news scroll and rule on his phone well the problem how old were the people you can agree that he had no longer involved with the problem that I did all Smartphones. I pass or remember everything's kind of the way of the world now 00 he should them from memory but it would proving opponent not. I'll cards but there are think it is all too well to another. Black eye and everybody. And author of this that's my guys don't want to get anything for. Compound when I came back to provide prompter that character in my opinion is again also would make that read our management. What you know well if you look for memory when you have a phone where you have a napkin with them notes jotted down it's all there. It. The method Lugar sort of died. Are so let's get to this day everybody knows now the whole story about. Ron Borges writing the piece in the Boston Herald which the paper ultimately deleted from the website and and apologized for and said. I was based on faulty sources Borges. That catfish for lack of a better term by nick from Boston yeah who called Kirk and Callahan told on the wholesale brag about what I did and and show them got on the set in the series of text messages that he had exchanged where he had pretended he was done he. To Ron Borges. And and so this weekend that John Tomas he was on this morning with Kuerten Callahan. But he was on Saturday. And he began this whole thing talking about Ron Borges by defending Raun. You know the gut reaction. On a personal level is sadness because Ron is one of my closest friends in this business and you don't wish that on anyone. And you know I'm sure we'll get to this you know a lot of people have done the parallel between what happened. With me ten years ago on him I don't really see any comparison basically because. At least mine. I can own and say whatever mistakes were made were mine. Actually him credit limit at least some mines I didn't run OK okay mistakes in other words he's saying he didn't. Tum I don't know is nobody's got a bright he didn't yet eating itself up by any idea I got on a waiting for the bargain away for the defense so as their defense. Working on fire so close in the business got that he is saying and and find out of reset it earlier moments anybody destroyed when a see anybody lose their job he has got to sort of same page of balancing that with the defense of the action. In his case this is the part that gets me. You have someone maliciously willfully. Lying to him and yes there's a whole separate conversation about. Double triple quadruple checking a story of this magnitude and all that I get that. But if you believe you're dealing with tiny and from the sounds of it you know the collar said that he sort of worked him for a couple of weeks on this is a long time it was a long time. And I don't doubt for a second that tiny has multiple cellphone numbers and I don't doubt for a second that Ron Borges has at least one of those numbers and I don't doubt. But he tried calling him on those numbers and then when he gets a call from the guy. And you know this is the unfortunate part you talked to him and you believe that he's dire need. At that point what reporter wouldn't go with that story you know that's that's the only thing I say when you're getting into when you believe you're getting it from the agents. Right well it's hard to say like how how can you print that. Oh my god I can't. Seriously that what reporter wouldn't go to that story most of them most reporters we're going to extort you tell me. Mick and Boston has been working him for the most part. Overtaxed. For two almost entirely to actually kind of Belgium and number eighty dollars and out he tells them. I've got twenty seconds to talk to you what we've been talking for two weeks. You don't sound like duke and you can only talking for twenty seconds Monty says there's no doubt in my mind Ron which has one of those numbers. Here are I'll talk to him on any of those ones but those numbers don't match up that number doesn't match up with the number that you already have. He get a call or text from broiler furthermore. It's a big story. It's a huge story it doesn't make sense if you look at it not a very if you compared to everything that you know. About Tom Brady take reporter out of it take journalism school a lot of it it just take it any fans pick anything rent a fan and Boston out there were you on it's been around. Users and okay. Charles Walter hall Charles down Walpole whatever new multiple Roxbury where they are coming Tom Brady makes sense Tom Brady. It's not initial approach he needs for the first time in forty years and I'll use the Tom Brady was the highest paid player in football now. Thank you wake up and did you coach relating makes a huge story was that the paper based on the 22 conversation. Would want the other Patriot Act anywhere you don't know what. Reportedly go with the most reporters we're doing now. I understand he's a friend of yours my teacher is one of closest friends and business and you want what's best for your friends you don't want to see your friends destroyed. But come on. Can't run. Don't make it don't make it sound common. And uncommon. This crazy. I let's go to the next cut where he knew he gets into the whole plagiarism thing as well even that quote unquote plagiarism thing at the globe. To me he got railroaded on the outline and so. They did a huge investigation they found no other evidence that he had ever lifted word for anybody. But I understand how this business where extra one strike you got one strike this is strike two you know he's out. Guy in his sixties and a twelve year old kid. Sorry. For those of you out there who want me to dance on his grave I can't do it I can't do it because of the way this went down. This is someone willfully misleading him and if you take joy from that. You take pleasure from that I don't know what the F is wrong. I agree with the the kid but he's got a kid. Got a family. There's that's between any usually fired at an out now defending record of big exotic middle about it Ron Borges a human being of course of course you don't want anybody anybody culture orders. My number one enemy an opportunity to liberties. What was the look like right now power ranking your enemy number one how many how many check 05 to one or what I want my top five list personally not a lot of work and I don't work and act and get outside. In this week great. I'll have them laid out a reveal you reveal thought I had an. I Andre what do what a setup totally understands great and he wanted to do it together we do it all up oddities paralleled top five grudges or not the same as enemies our enemies don't have a name you know I've only got five enemies. Got to you know blow outs. Window considered job done and because he's due to fish out. The group and areas arguably there's our guy to bring up an excellent point we combine. Grudges tries allies enemies yet you come out come all. A lot of that our excellence but summit and yet about this let's go back to the point Michael you were making about that but really I think the human being is fine but. And you can't you can't defend it you can't defend. I. I say when you say you can't defend Borges at all I can a little because you went back and forth the big guy for two weeks you got him on the phone you thought it was him now. I know they played sound and these two gagged this got a satellite Tania not changed his voice I have no idea may be just haven't talked to John user files you know for so terrible the big picture. How this all went down. Like you cat fished him and you burns him in his career is now over and what what is there to celebrate that. This careers not necessarily over now we're gonna far. And probably is at The Herald there in the middle of there also here's the damaged area of their being sold them. Nick embossed didn't change his voice he just used his voice which is not god he's voice current. Or is our number or are there are any of that information out to mossy went on to suggest that you know maybe there were hints here that some of this stuff could be true of. And and and here's the other thing I don't like I know the afternoon guys are beaten us yesterday. You know Borges went in without bias this is an anti Belichick by estimates by wanted to write the story. About it's a huge story and it's while it would be out of character for Brady likes it out and demand a contract. And we agreed that the way this season has unfolded with the trade of Iraq below and Tom vs time and we wait a sham story that there have been. Not even subtle hints that Brady wants this contract addressed that Brady wants some long term security here like all of that stuff. No I haven't while those tents well. I I've missed all those dolls her. It's maturity. This story. Is dead now just think fake. The whole thing not not not a lot today not by the afternoon show WB yeah. Not by some angry patriots fan who is Bill Belichick all day and you can't criticize Belichick. I did all our. All you're fed. We're taking this thing down it is based on falsehoods we didn't say it isn't all or that it. They sit at the mosque in Felger thing and all I. Sit yeah and what else you need to see or hear. Maybe John Tomas he does hint that while the story doesn't really fit with Brady's overall you know the way he's conducted himself here. The events of the last few months it's not crazy to pray that you be like you know what I'd been a good soldier for ever. I'd given everything I've had to this franchise it's time for you to commit to me like so that part. May be some details here and there weren't exactly. Yeah so it's definitely dealt with no it wasn't right captaincy whatever. You know summit abroad struggle that story were not I don't must mean he's the only guy that has come out it's the season is ended that is done anything other than reinforce. The central tenets of that story at least in my mind. And you know monster sound Smart. Yeah if I found it sounds Smart. That's idiotic that's stupid it just opened what do you say broad stroke if so Auburn is bothered me deeply. To my journalistic court bothers me either Bob because. Johnson mossy. It if this story rings true and it's not as crazy as it would appear to be because of the season that it happened this goes back to the fake. Doggie. This is bigger than a contract. This story now aren't they cut tax. Put this thing in the paper. I need to tell me. Why have Tom Brady changed tell me stories. Tell me how he has gotten to this point because the guy that I used to talk to the guy that I do it now. Never would have thought this way and that would have felt this way. What happened or what he's got it done up all its orbit next thing I made up before it put this paper. How did that then heads well. There might. Be somebody who has an even dumber Tate. I don't know what you just heard from John to mossy who I think might be a Michael top five after today there might be somebody who's hot sports Tate. Might be even dumber it just turns out it was phony except the thing about mcdaniels wasn't in the nick of Boston tweets you're saying right. Gary yeah you're not in the screen grab I saw and then he goes there's like two screens are sick and Darryl Dawkins did say that I. So I did this columns suddenly 5% true. 75%. See. 00. What. It seems so I regret not getting in the way. Let me that is still at an all its all American ball and an article about some of the predicated on nick from Boston all of that the Boston Herald takes down and says it was based on a faulty source. It somehow 75%. From what I've read regret not raining you when it's not a lie. If you believe. So he's got two people go to mic in Boston they so far so O three people you have Borges the mafia Felder. On the mic in Boston side 75%. Yeah I've got no explanations for an open I mean I I I confidently I cannot explain. Short of what I can explain easily is the friendship part. French I'm a friend and I'm defending my friend I got I got that I understand that and I'm not gonna celebrate the end of a career I got back. Yeah that's very gas pedal airport security to celebrating you don't need to go oh great I'm I'm so glad somebody's gotta work now to do that that's that that's a different thing but to say he screwed up it shouldn't have gone without. Those can be separate and that's what I think most. Or saying yeah you know and had hard headed offender deftly managed daughter Madison and so is certainly not. You know so celebrating. Any type of issue with with their fathers is not. This is not a an assault on the family this is not about. He notes that taking money away from a family nobody would do that nobody would be excited about that but. If you just look at it from a journalistic priest perspective. He knows it is there really is really difficult. Come up with a scenario where he had that makes cents. 6177797937. Its telephone number Galen Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. While the story doesn't really fit with Brady's overall. You know the way he conducts himself here. The events of the last few months it's not crazy to pray that you feel like you know what I'd been a good soldier forever I'd give it everything I've had to this franchise. It's time for you to commit to. Like so that's part. Maybe some details here and there weren't exactly right. Yes Belichick met with it felt like Nolan wasn't right after the C whenever a fight he can't tell me the broad strokes that's not right on the money I mean it's nothing that has come out since the season is ended that is done anything other than reinforced. The central tenets of that story at least in my mind. This sounds somewhat opposite for. So I. Let's make sure we don't cross pollinate here let's cut you just heard from Tomas he's defending the step quicker sham article. You call OK OK art art art art he's got spending as our records Jim article they all my parents he's talking about. Telecheck didn't meet with Goodell. You know I may have OK they are on there then then okay I thought it was talking about they like that that's not bad now let's go back played better touting the advantages heard from Tomas seat that I got cut he was talking about he talked about wicker should not talk about port you can tell by listening ultimate art. So that part of it let's listen to that cut again while the story doesn't really fit with Brady's overall. You know the way he's conducted himself here. Events the last few months it's not crazy to pray that you do like you know what I'd been a good soldier forever. I'd given everything I've had to this franchise it's time for you to commit to light so that part. May be some details here in the or warn exact. We write yes Belichick met with the Dow but no it wasn't right after seeing whatever. But you can't tell me the broad strokes that story were not right on the money I mean there's nothing that has come out since the season is ended that is done anything other than reinforce. The central tenets of that story at least. Outright that's definitely tyra quicker sham and I grew them there OK I think there are definitely things are wrong headed to correct but I think there's a. And things are things delicate count that catch because. Thinking that he was talking about the Borges article and liberals that cuts we played he why's that particular cut he's talking about wicker shipped are okay. Now that that's excellent changes that a little bit and a and frankly until I heard him say the thing about you know. Belichick did Mitt meet with Goodell but it wasn't after the season then on OK now know what article he's talking about. Dick Button going when but the the apart I guess I reject from John's premise areas. Walt would give you an indication that it's different now for Brady in now he's gonna want things to. And here in the what do you mean like take care over what do you mean that long term security and all the stuff because he's a four year old quarterback who was available for seven year deal when we're talking about. If any other contract two more years. I think he does their new contract that's inserted mentioned. Earlier in the year even before they treated Rob Lowe was hey you know maybe they'll do another one of these deals where they save some money on the cap. You don't Brady gets his cash in nanny and that get another year to sort of like you know siren through age 4344. That would that would shock me if he does get a deal on my credit look at that held nick in Boston was on some that he wanted to new deal of course he did. That's not because of what the fake Tanya always has has has Tom Brady ever. In the seventeen years he's been here. Is he ever talked about a contract publically. Now all up in which they talked privately understand that I've never heard him say a word now about it's not even let our clothes right in late. So I don't say. Don this is stunning. It's a stunning. I saw you on your other line and there's so many. There's so many things that Clark told about here. And even if anything that they that they they mention. Without a Tomas he really you know along a line it was on them this weekend is certain to be in a set of guys I can't along Conn art Lanka Akron cricket. The long con started before. Before drop below got a huge contract. Now we got to restart on the along Connors restart and restart went on that big Boston Hong Kong unopened and bacon Boston they have him working with Portis right. Between him about was the talk around like Ty Law of W aren't yet they're talking about that one thing knows comes out about Jimmy drop below. Now what we've talked about previously is off the table because we got new information not only do I need to talk to about Tom Brady and his. Remarkable request. For a new contract. That is like Jimmy drop blows we'll wait and let let me talk to use that you put to Jimmy Grupo deal together how did that come together the big story to. So now I can't hit this all via text. Got to be able to talk to you check out got a bunch of questions and now my deadline. Yeah yeah I get that served for chef so I can't answer. I guess you could fall for it but when you rip when it really down to rubber meet the road. OK we gotta put something together I need you more than twenty seconds and had relied vote multiples don't do that this is for it's not about the friendship between. Hamas the importance this is about does just journalism overall how do you get this thing down honey do it. How do you do it the right way he can do it the right way and what effect if you just can't. Our final drives coming up just few minutes dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive cosponsored by ARS restoration specialists if you manager facility and did not receive the frozen weather service you needed for pipes or floods. Become an IRS restoration specialist priority service client today learn more RS surf. Dot com we'll get some stuff for your dad Michael. That's the stuff kind of focus in on drunk a little bit route to site Brooks speech yes. A bit leery I got a lot. Oh Michael wow way out of your god haters out there are grown. I'd ever since these Super Bowl post game press conference in which rob said he needs some time to decide what he wants to do with his future. There's been speculation on whether brought. Should hang up his cleats may be turned acting for his future. This is a career move by the way endorsed by actor David Arquette. Rob brings crowds and yes there are rumors that mean if you I would it and then it. For kids like. You're right yellow or black and what he'd be an action he -- it exceeds about being real and I believe he's really look at it is removed. Yeah that's what I want. Yes he can be a superhero yeah. The room just to receive very much either him. Goes through your. First of all alcohol powerful does happen to David Arquette says yeah well David Arquette screwed up and merits to Courtney Cox and WCW. Terror and really hasn't been relevant in acting since about 2002. I'm not sure this is the endorsement you're looking for Michael he was at all for scream movies where news. The worst character but he was in all four who screwed up the name was that the interviewer was guy and yeah did cross grain house. He's. I mean our old wrong. The last thing that's really relevant that he was and besides this. Fourth scream when this report about eight legged freak elder Beth I guess it was 2002. See spot run 2001. Kids moving dog will be I don't understand why that whole thing with Courtney Cox didn't survive doesn't sound well to get to the best movie but. He is in a ton of street dvd movies. A good deal I think the Soviets brought back working actor trucked up. That popular line hands. A dual. Dice. Busan dice. Amanda looks like you know what I yeah yeah he was an act already earlier than does enter a high note that and made it yet go go big. I don't know you I don't know I'll. And Atlanta camping on the Atlanta helping wildlife there. That's every. Day at eight yeah well. I thought and so do we consider the radeon noted al-Qaeda without later buried your ball that's up from thirty helping you out here are. There's also been speculation that Iran may instead move from the NFL pro wrestling like his good buddy moto Raleigh now this is something both Mo Jo. And his brother Chris think that Ron could be pretty good that yeah. It's 300 career. Only encourage unhealthy I don't know I can't. Before being ordered OK you eat. On the politics logical and level he's the man and I don't put anything past the he loved his charisma tour itself. So they re endorsement from a boat itself against soft maybe. The other though. Can't speak for its faithful are we asking it's not a matter of if a good thing about when police RD Denny within wrestle mania last year. Kennedy wrestle mania moments so. But become an actor or wrestler in need some sort of you know acting skills. So let's hear good grunts acting chops actually are now first up. It's only all through film appearance. Was a small but important role in straight to dvd movie you. Can't have it. I'm down. It's way once when. It's more of them. Yeah. Is it. Time to get this. No ma'am. And captain. Get on doing. My. I gotta be honest. You're not as bad as far they're right she's actually Joanna crook right yeah actually an actress that you might have been a factor in that scene out of inaccuracies and it's agreeable. She's the model. She's been in the movie possibly put it that way out like admitted Jack Coca Olympic yeah okay sort of on the inches and dice. All right so maybe the acting being able to operate Hamas standup comedy I don't think so I was wrong do without gas. Trust me I'm all pro who want to all growing going. Catch a ball from Brady unsound. And I'll catch a smoking hot model right off the Egypt baby. Don't like. I don't negative on it bothered me yeah. Playground we take a pitcher they week did you Sophie now I'd and I hate crack. My wife. Oh my why. So we can be best buddies forever man please please ladies I'm looking projector and on Wednesday. Hey what can I say come on Tom Brady's work out player now. But you know I wrong I'd be I'd be up there TB twelve get myself didn't you know fit condition for the start of vote BA's. And I think the football career isn't quite ready. L a couple of years yet a couple of years exact go from there and you know take some acting classes waddle season you know the hour on your standup routine and stepping on TV it won't work. Rule who spoke out all right so fill. One area where front is actually done pretty well exactly thin commercials. Like for instance when he's admonishing teenagers were eating tide pods. So no problem I don't know I don't know now I don't know what our people whose tell us for washed up to now. If you found out in the or a message by the way professional athlete had eaten at tied pod. Nobody him when he's rugged at first death there oh my god somebody on one of the four Boston sports teams eight atomic Thai blogs. Which are against it. I only have a second yes. Yes I would think he's the guy they gave probably at about 2000 praises about martian. Maybe. He's too mature for that he's richer or mature he's got he's got a child he's got a wife he's got a child not eating tonight Ali I think you can be a fathers that we tied the odds it. It's always kind of second place and they are here as. Do managers. Real wild wild and I live and I it's hot but it if you're pretending to Villa Park ranger that loves beef jerky. I'm range around. Just doing ranger and things of that. Yes welcome to the park you may see some trees and water and swirls. All that good stuff. Excuse me please keep all body parts inside the vehicle. Thank you very much. What's sad about you kids. I'm sorry sir. Yeah Jeremy Bronson parts. Guys may be a polar bears something in a lot of argument Null rocks and then I'm sorry. I learned Iran. And it doing learning things. Later rob is coming onshore or Assange. All our style romance bit jerky. Such reform. Idea idea I did tell you are doing major things that's always fascinated me okay united seated rocks from the park their money that's a good line alike. But Atlantic he had lived a fair chunk of that which is maybe better yeah I don't write anything down but don't have anybody else rooting for you maybe it's possible possible. Singing could be in grants future. Unfortunately. This might be the best of the slide this up. The upset of the millennial was going to use. But being a song to rock. And then doesn't run it with something to put up I was just. What if I yeah it does. Carried out. Antonio Brown more likely about the same time there was much better it was much much better man so Michael what do you think it is not at all that this this builder did a good football player. On the connector. I'll take it after nasal all the evidence we presented to the entertainer entertainer what for birthday parties and entertaining. Is an entertaining guy he keeps getting phone calls. To do it very wants to do various things various things in five years what is he on this guy acting. It movies and movies like direct to dvd would David Arquette. That's not his fault is that he was a cameo player and a host of data or the main actor in the main actress. Was and that join a group okay. On them I'm asking is on five years he's going to be late in the endless summer movie we're gonna go see you will be in grounds going to be loud gronkowski. Skyscrapers are weighing down our outfit is just get a rebate all of whom. Dog dies yes aren't. This was the entire brown okay. Much to Vista will. Just this yeah. Talk I've been. I don't know we know we can dance this guy you're you're you're an Internet bars. He dances better than these things aren't like that you know really liked it. I live there right not yet but we're working on the other thing I. I. But I okay. Is your idol my idol and I gave it Atlantic to leverage for the way is there. Final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com ever keep this up next we. Chris full body never Mott at night's starts on Monday so Chris blogging is. We'll see guys tomorrow by. This sounds so divided that there. Can I wish I'd.