DHK - How the ‘Philly Special” was an illegal play; Why Felger is leading the ultimate Keefespiracy

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 12th

Hour 3: The Boston Herald has suspended Ron Borges’ Brady column, but Mike Felger still believes that “75%” of the column is true. Could Dale or Holley possibly write Belichick’s book? The NFL has ruled that “The Philly Special” was an illegal formation.


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Yeah yeah yeah. It's on Hollywood. Sports Radio WEEI. Beginning of a new week the week after. The week following the Super Bowl. And I thought maybe this gap had started a hard now you know crossed over a little bit maybe folks would be able to move past that but no chance maybe now. Well but that's part of the reason I was telling guys earlier about Boston loved Boston one of the great things but Boston one of our cues say. UAE. Patriot it is as a matter what sport. There's certain things you can say to a Bruins fan and depending on when they were born you were born they understand commitment on the ice. Our most people know what that means even if you work. A born in this and the 1970s. You've heard your your parents or grandparents thought too many men on the ice and how is how frustrating it was against the Canadians. I particular patriots fan. If they want me to make it better he should learn a lot to shock for the groceries you know who said that he said fourth and thirteen. You know that's Super Bowl 42 fort into you know that the colts and this is gonna fit into that you. Malcolm but don't know for a that's it up about you could deduct my Super Bowl forty I can't worry our hero. Counselors say that great smile great and they had a terrific it's all personal every Indiana hole. All of this stuff just what you're Jerebko walking. Encyclopedia. Simple port Malcolm Butler could mean Super Bowl 49. Where it could mean too little 52. And it's gulf. I interviewed both still there but everything about the voters immediately go to ball and maybe if your real positive person a thinks the Al worst tiger and they are personally don't think. Did not play and and maybe that'll change it will mean he'll still be associated with that but as the years go on or even as the months go on the maybe you'll find out and then maybe you'll be either more on his side or less on his side. By the way of Boston's only only a Boston. Could the late great. Johnny Pesky say. He was in his seventies. Hey I didn't hold the ball. A paper ballot and let it. Good night at 46. I meant that road they're Smart fans who always said it even though wasn't true Bobbitt that doubles the that was part that's part of that liars it was hit it part of like the whole story hey hold the ball. It probably didn't. Who probably and all of it. Edged out ever made just one of those things that you do it does it's it's past down that oral history generation to generation. But it's about Butler thing. Only only issue I have with that is. People who kind of assumed that it Malcolm Butler is now apparently when the game. Got a better chance winning no guarantee that's your own. The problem I think only about him you know not playing that's might prompt a lot of publishers let me tell rob I'm Republican not playing but the people have a problem with that plane. Some of them say well OK okay but most of them guaranteed a day that you might look I'd hero so did the Super Bowl why not play Malcolm Butler. Maybe but they have a much better she made it out and have said that better chance of better than I got our chance of running. But no Gary you're the only explanation you're getting its football decision and nobody's buying. Yeah he could not vetted out possibly have been a football decision. So puede verse there and hop on that there will be for. Very long time 6177797937. Elliott's in Cambridge alien. Hey guys I do have a little bit about that bit about Malcolm by. You do good. Is Newt's words where did which could have been. Not pigeons medical staff somebody had very high up on the medical. You are acknowledged it's always you don't have to tell me any names that. Does your association you were being treated by a member of the pictures medical staff and they drop this information do you or you have a friend of a friend who knows somebody how to. I did you connect I know somebody on the medical get good Maginnis good to let you know argument. OK so. The conventional wisdom is that Malcolm was thick with the Lou it will let on Monday and eat low. According to everybody on Tuesday but that's not true. The debate play out until third day. And Belichick he would cleared by the medical staff. About his illness but you good to go on Tuesday but yet even joked a third day yeah and the coach would barrier at. And pat ward with them and he got a book back to the coach. And they edit I think it is it innocuous is that it's not being. Well that would be that an innocuous that would be a huge deal if true but I I I and you've got you got an association and I don't have Malcolm Boller wasn't its. He wasn't. But wasn't there or wasn't there is on Thursday so how is he limited at practice on Wednesday. Didn't let it LEI limited from Foxboro Elliott I want you to just listen to this okay just listen for quick second why you're online and I just want to play this Gloria. And I. For the lamb. Wasn't in bad doesn't feel too good so. Tennis definite sense that myself will be there and doesn't win the next sentence. Stated thanks very intrigued me betting man came yesterday. And I would love it very low. You know what that was set Eliot I was at the Wednesday media session. Corridor about it. Elliott I got to wait don't worry about it. Don't worry about it they're all other one hey you get an excellent figure if you prefer there are a lot of people who have sources. That let them down that's it your way down a big way and by the way Elliott LL Wednesday yeah you can just Jack. Doubles they were behind. I'm one problem and why I'm lied to us and deal materialized emblem he lied lied to he was given faults in for me here we go it's crap pity on my next stop its. Guys have a limited spoke to people on Wednesday but he wasn't. Really there it was like all of and a bunch of but today our cameras solid notebook even though prince at the halftime. Even though he said. And that was wrong. I think you 75%. I. I'm concerned about Batman gonna router right how is that possible so for those of you who don't joke and okay articulate it better joke OK if I thought god I got to stand up comic pretty good back. Michael Felger it just turns out it was phony except the thing about mcdaniels wasn't in the thick of Boston which are saying right. Gary yes thank you hadn't screen grab my saw all know those there's like two screens ups and when Darryl Dawkins did say that it. So I discounts some 5% true okay. So here we sell so Boston Herald took on the comments become the borders column they suspend rumble birthday Thursday night Friday in their. Based entirely on a series of bogus. Text messages for and saw the photo spread to a moment thought I was all of them and say whether anybody else on the show. And it's a mascara tries to catch himself he's as well I only saw two they apparently are more. And so they're basing all of that that's why Federer goes on the whole thing. Personally wanted the story to be true I don't use your story but he's got 75% news truth there where else think it also the stuff. From nick in Boston all of it it's from nick and lost their homes from the heat off because here the pelican here here's another hit Korea. The S. On the end of sources was also wrong about the lie and that may have been what got him in trouble more than anything else. Well yes and no I don't think we got him suspended I think you've got to do their cars because you don't like you it's set up guy can give you bogus information. But you have told your editor in lied I've got source says he lied about it and that's where the editor says wait a minute you told me had more than one source a 75%. Of it made up or. Goes through the Boston Herald you know open those guys to work from her both of them. So the paper that you used to work for hooked it down and said it was based on false information. They didn't edit it leg well gyms are all right I'm out there as parts already we say by her right out and now I was mayor I countless comments on deadline copy editor pitted and their by accident now they took it out though this is wrong. It's all based on a falsehood. Much much like the previous caller story once it was very similar to that this is less harmful and is very easy does it wasn't hard today to talk about 130 walking around the Minnesota Wednesday into the Mall of America on Wednesday. He didn't fly out on third when talking to TV cameras and reporters on Wednesday at chances are he wasn't on a flight on Thursday and he's at practice on when short. We wanted to be true wanted we wanted to be true because it would be an explosive story will be huge it would be bigger than. Malcolm Butler not playing in the Super Bowl imagine Tom Brady for the first time in his life. Coming out sand covered up by the coats no I'm not taken its validity of Brady's diva. I would be the highest paid player when he years the audit of the highest paid player in football and I'm not colonial to Nagorno PH say guys. Who's going out to Montana. How hard since I don't it's kind of God's got a but the work and I've given up my life for football are you can pick get three but it appeared light natus eye opening to rubble two days of our product at an epic epic epic all of my life back. I don't I'm not going to OT eight. Want that problem definitely huge the big story but it falls. All of our you know I mean Paul is now may be some parts of the story of eventually become true or maybe they there's that hint of truth to some of it. But not from any real source went as of right now all of that is made up. Although it's not 75%. Sorry fish and game goes there are 5% 25100. No 100%. Or not what percent what percent it's true. 010%. Out of it. No I'll tell you I'd do my part to intimate look into some Jimmy I don't think I'll just unpopular truth be 75%. Problem at a big conference. That is the ultimate conspiracy that fake story. Mostly true. Yeah technical Rob Lowe had a big contract. That's too bad. I had the story about Tom Brady couldn't get Jimmy grapples agent. Sure aren't the same guy that guy if you had you had theoretically what a source Jimmy drop Lowe's agent. Allegedly grapples agent calls you and says. I literally have twenty seconds no I like seconds I didn't talk to baccarat well it very bullet Peter King gets a chef. You gonna give him 122. I don't know I say. It got twenty seconds rejected that I would like this sort of fall on my lap checked just shook its border twenty seconds and has hit CA us. He needs one and that's usually got a good sources yeah absolutely take some time to explain what's happening here right a lot how the deal came together. You up mcdaniels is here just celebrating the great except you have about next week do you think. Brady do you think for an all out today if Jeff he had big Brady said I need retails through the coach in waiting. Mean he's about that the part that he's he's about I don't think so. You don't think. A guy who didn't say a word when Deion Branch or Wes Welker or Logan make everybody of David or David Patten or any of these guys left but now all of that he needs a coach in waiting an adjustment. But it did. Noting that. Ballots correctly is what's out of there's only that it didn't even know what Belichick doesn't know. Tech coach run this now though it smells and the ability. They could have brought that up at any point in the month leading up to that the other thing Belichick and say oh sure he's gotomeeting. He kind of waiting out the Internet that I didn't even have to be an argument he wanted an expert but my. Right now he's decided he was gone into in my job it was go to Indianapolis. But if he doesn't wanna go to Indianapolis and was good coach in waiting here should our vital player. Okay back I use it according want to be honest. Pakistan out by those organizers and indeed bring out here if it. They might not have any deal yet though it may not anything you want no problem coach Reagan you know problems on his coach in waiting but I'll be your coach next year. Probably the year after I don't know how calm. Because I saw the into Graham that he posted the other day of images Ellen Costa Rica. It posted over the weekend and he was saying this Sunday certainly ended better than last Sunday did. And and and hash tag losing streak stops at one. What a way sounds a little bracket notions because it's kind of indicating that things ended in on a certain way but. Well how does he have time to do all this if he's running this football team. I do that can run the football team from anywhere if you're Tom Brady. As the I think they are kids came with a technology that parsing it and what are all on Sunday when he posted Ian Graham chats today and just dug him if you look and nevermind. Barack didn't miss a practice this it's just a fact of life gale Vinny is in Rhode Island paid any. Capital Baghdad code and then a great I got. I got a conspiracy once or no you don't want gonna keep spirits he's was laying on you experiencing an okay. Mike Mike Leary is in. But that it had no sources no one knows what it's like some newspaper reports he's he's yeah I'm okay. Malcolm buck was prop proposition by some of my biggest. And he says listen we have a better chance of winning if you're playing so something stupid. Tech is so. Obligate the son Dayton and it will make wild. But yeah. Yeah. I. We actually got this yes I was only eighty hard yesterday we got to secure our time with their horse head in his event and look what they offer was made it was similar it was actually Belichick got wind that Butler. Bet on the game. And he was betting on Philly. Indicted and it was like I can't I can't have that. Let me word about the purpose. And be worried about that he's on board. I thank god this is where right now yeah because that doesn't make sense to you have to come up with something. My. Bob. Scott you know I did that affect him if you don't you are buying it and can't gambling. Somebody called yesterday a great great college that you ought you know follow the money. In the money here at least to some sort of illegal gambling because like you knew. Or gain nannies or if it wouldn't be worth a boatload of money to win the game right I guess not. Maybe even more on their five point dog take him to win outright. About. About think about. So Malcolm Butler had to do something stupid and out where he had no Nawaz Belichick and on this so I don't. He his thought was no that he wasn't but the one I heard yesterday was that spell check found out about it and that why can't have mr. Klein. Continue to sabotage him. Apologize that was not gonna make him look bad if he's given a big place in the Super Bowl. That well. Is the icy course all the time we get a does that look out there to affect his money long term sought I blogger I ayalon I woke marquee Spears' on this but I. All are that on now well. I think that say about that keep you think is gonna affect his money long term you know unless he's getting enough money and time. That throws the game that will be bigger than the contract you'll get from the that your life. And travel art which is back Gotti about forty or fifty million dollars. It's a lot of money is not a doctor suggests. Probably did not that you don't look at Roxy is not about Butler had a forty or fifty million dollars maybe Belichick or should you offer. Maybe more of the defense definitely about it all the fences at the over. On two iron might be some 261 sevenths right now let's just keep doing Q out. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale and Holley Wiki. And it's conspiracies. Sports Radio WB yeah. What it curious that so what what that. Now. Butler would play with them every way that he did let it cannot. You build up a little bit where those people that all that these that this. Elected an empty net there that that like I understand. Partnership closer in my career here much longer customers love our gone. In the end on the citizens or less so we'll. You guys have heard all of us and by the way don't we got from the time. Yeah I mean whatever but everyone I get into it. Sure everybody be willing to sit down Wilson. Stop what you're doing and how and explain company time sort of put it right. Let's and day bill take your time. If you wanted to walk us through this step by step we have fights we have in and then on Monday that's when while Wayne and nickel back. No we beat Jacksonville that I don't find it you know just it's walkers are like the idea that on Monday that it says this would have for Brett Butler actually flow on Thursday and as well lately we go to the bye week. And then hey you wanna do whatever he wants to talk about an interest in all of sport but this will come out one day. With the Bill Belichick book. Who's right now I don't know who's gonna right predicts the early favorite right now I would say a Mike Kris. Would be an early favorite Michael Holley what are his odds. I hope they're good. At a outlet are at what I do it or anybody else that doesn't. It is a I'm a I'm thinking about it too par I was at a house in Elster says. 600 that the pages from underpaid. Thanks so a look at almanac if you're doing the book with Bill Belichick not on balance record on Belichick OK fine but the put that that the real play is with Belichick. On his book is so much stuff to get into. You get 300 pages before you even get to him taken the pictures of Horry got here yet it's good stuff really gets them maybe logic was. Ed Bradley you've been badly junior's book on February. 8 at about 800 pages that they. A maverick and debt and yeah I think that this rivals retirement 700 page B board that he got from the coach was basically a little cool book. It not gonna repair them as great book but it was short enough to you wanted more meat on the ball. David Sims for some time now I know and and and I wanted to hear read more of what he had his own I get so much. That they'll pay a bill solitaire not not and let it and you're not I'm not a literary death this year from the cavs is try that. And our help and author out here 864. Pages 860 pour out at Williams it is vacated the moral life of Ted Williams 864. It's aggressive. But at. I mean that's just amid the short chapters and second. Yeah Bill Belichick somewhere between six and 800. Is there anybody any football and in New England who would read every single page. Yeah I mean incredible degree. Then we'll get the Malcolm Butler story and that there. But that we have at that point of like and I thought about it Jared Allen yeah it doesn't all the others ten years from now. How are really feel about Vinatieri. Ty Law. Four and two Drew Bledsoe. Super Bowl loss. Was shot both of them Tony giants. Tony Dungy leaving New York. In the you know whatever is left of his patriots for Alex Guerrero to operate like right now. Josh McDaniels and that. Our weekly at the three of us apparently it'll be in there unreal chatter that you guys. Did you guys can't low lying of the meeting he supposedly have a job again. It was a bit of five hour on roses some it was an error and it was like and some of them cannot. Pitcher and it. He talked to one person for ten hours I think exercise book you marketed to us our ours had bad guy that is Mecca all. You know all also this this this is on the cutting room floor. Where is why do like a separate ten hours. Audio book just on what he he was showing him his world that's cheerio windows world. Shining shimmering so it's calendar is coming out Monday. All of it. Yeah about the years though a report out quickly after his retirement to beat him book I don't care who does it I'll read. From Ron Borges. We'll be robbed. I'm gonna a lot of arrows are literally letting our guard Diana knell of with a forward by nick at Boston in the I think. A 1001 it's a gorgeous eight longshot buddies in the news right now seeking at least there's that to be made. He got Reese holly. Current. I'm ought to be Dale Arnold are the effort to Arnold than there definitely he likes the most that covers the team. We likes the most. Obvious nobody I. Don't want to say after another. A guy like there if you notice he always mentions him. In press conferences and always says obstinacy factor what Bob socially very good that don't put him there put him and makes the best is in there. He always says that's a good question fill in laws so Perry oh Perry already yeah Phil Perry and Phil that's a really good question. A few written a book is not about Tommy that I that I heard mention crowd term you know vigilant. And show up at a press conference once without shoes out they have a guy that attain not a guy who should be in the mix. Bill Belichick himself. Really that's quite an endeavor is a good writer. I found that out firsthand it's it's more work and you think it is what writing yes yeah yeah. Yeah it is he's a good writer he wrote great letter to Donald Trump yes. Ed and rewrote it supposed to they we rated I like this on the rewrite it and he also has an appreciation. For a for good writing so. Maybe detonated as it grew these these guys the other there's some of these guys come that's a good I've retired now what ultimately do I'm a writer now. So and look up for the other half and I know I don't keep vote on the little worried there's I'll. All caps text here as Jae Crowder it's as she. Ambler bleeping shining shimmering splendid not splendor. My bottom splendor of you know I got to lyrics they are not that I got a girl jurors wrote that I she's he or she is probably right I'm terrible weather alerts genius to figure this thing out. Seemed to mean a lot to this particular person that you got it wrong problems are swarms wonder being told now it's one of our world today. Particularly in the back table were pulled the there blended like kids don't know I didn't it's it's. Actors are. That says. What you do that Tony Romo. And a little better. Yeah okay that's on the officials don't let people think the wrong words for years and years up third. Blended with the word we're looking for a splendid turn it off from now on when you quote the literary guild well well you learn from your mistakes. Jose Newbury port page out. Our age two hours went so well I'm tired ought lowered all the checked. People Suu Kyi should yeah. Patriots offense at all about two minutes thirty seconds left and shoot and the offensive line you sort. It up where he gets stretched out on the slope slopes stroll on the defense. Yeah he did you scored 33 point three think they did their job overall and you know I thought Daniel and all 41 points put the blame a little tense right. Another birdie with a hole the defense is awful was as well oh yeah yes. Just like all work but probably trying to shoot the offensive line actually pull together. When indeed pick your wedding card I can pick couples and couples sought they want. That it's just that that strips or which will collapse what is art. But you're looking like you're looking at a single play Joseph I mean for the most part the offensive line played really well in the in the game. Yeah. No doubt god showed that played more and okay in that game between the dollar one doubt about it between the Philadelphia defense in the New England defense. There were to place there were tube. Big plays made by both defenses that result in turnovers one was to Ron Hartman. Who's got a knack for these things around a football the right time and this is like a classic Iran harm an interception and give him credit he was really get the ball fame bound. And and not turn it around on a day when defense can stop anybody in the other one was. It was a Graham play Graham decide strips that. So there were two plays in May by the defense all day there was no sir. The first time. The Philadelphia defense there was supposed to be remembered for the game become a giant to be able to rush forward to pressure on Brady pressure of the middle. He's never seen a defense is good fine he had no problems with them. As as candy hearts said yesterday working with Keefe eat yet the number four and number five scoring defense let's turn up and neither one could stop and knows what other terrible rule if you look at it. It in the AFC championship in the conference championships in the Super Bowl are the Jacksonville defense. Was supposed to be great defense. Take a wave take away masters. I'll point differential best in the league. I had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter they couldn't hold it. NFC championship game Minnesota defense terrific supposed to be. They got blown away by nick falls in the office Super Bowl number four number five defense is gave enough. Except Philadelphia when it really really really an. They got one part while values yeah you guys wanna know that might perera. Has now confirmed on pro football talk dot com. That the ill the Eagles were in an illegal formation on the filly special place thanks Mike but that's how appreciate your we would go back and replay this is it Chatham house that a week ago thanks Chad at a faster added that the. My dad and ID and I should notice I don't all the minute is that review Opel. So if you guard your BR if you're the defense. And they scored a touchdown and go back and say wait a minute I think that was an illegal formation can you. Review of the formation. I don't know that I I I know their review every scoring play but I believe it's just to determine that the ball did in fact crossed the goal line I don't believe they're reviewing. The formations now but it could go zealot check challenge. I surname is it is that somebody could challenge for example I don't think of BR if you have if if there's if there's a touchdown. And you've god. Let's say they often had twelve guys out there and missed it go back and say yeah of course it's gorgeous and I was running free because we we had eleven and they had twelve. They go back and reviewed and overturned a touchdown. It's OK so let's not let's not only did not. And hockey right outside the abject what what's more we hate what it is more important. To be too. To be review bowl as a pass interference which is a subjective play or something like that where you can look at the formation. SE Dublin that that was cut and dry it if they had looked at at the formation that it's a lock. Got a sixth as the line of scrimmage they only have five. We got to back them up to the six yard and I'd be easy there's no subjectivity to it as you said. Pass interference that I don't know all the hand looked like it was they hit that's up to them holding pass interference all that's up is up to them this. Should be real review noble and I don't I don't believe there and it's illegal formation they go forward for the Akamai now. Because from the six I don't think today technical going to the store I think big and kick the field depth undertow of Novo. Even as as as aggressive as they were I think in that case thicket of 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI yeah. It. It's. While according to Mike Ferraro what you saw Kevin was an illegal formation with let's. The town question down as he's pointed out correctly match Adams told you about on Sunday night. Yet. They can review whether there are twelve men on the field and so they can sail and only had they had too many men on the field they can do that but they cannot review it looks like. The only things that are revealed bowler calls involving sidelines alliance and and lines. Calls involving passes was it knocked loose was the player passing was that a fumble. And it says other detectable issues with a runner down by contact prior to fumbling with their more than eleven players on the field. Was the ball spotted correctly when a first down was at stake with the kicked it past the goal post lower than the upright successful let's sort of thing. By as that does not appear to be one that he can challenge though it's not like the patriots missed an opportunity to do that it is. Instincts hitting a straight after the fact that the defense patriots knew in the heat of the moment that it was an illegal formation now. 'cause I didn't see Belichick you know alternate out over the Esther but utterly out of Johnson. I guess that we had the the my thought we were paying attention to all the might cut segments. May be maybe somebody said that women that's illegal formation. They don't let the legal. They can't do that sorry we've. During about a sorry in this region screen either rant and rave even if you did CU what's the difference. Agree that our states our coach next I'll take a look at I think as they have they scored touched on I shines in Connecticut Tayshaun. What I understood you occurred view whether or not like somebody thought they're not and one art art. That is actually not true now you see is on the you can you cannot review what are called judgment calls pass interference holding roughing the passer. You know recovery of a loose ball on the field will play but as a show on about Harbaugh. John Mark John Harbaugh. Just like the ravens sent me out. Outlook multiple players in your image in the world and I decided that cage a lap Cogent that challenged me apple that you are great. Not to let the I formation I don't know they challenge it as an African changed a rule after the 2014. Season. Because you know Harbaugh complain so much about it music there's clearly destruction I've never seen that before although. The play had been run in the NFL that year twice. And college yet he complained about it he's a member of the competition committee. Where he was at the time and he he had some influence in the in the got that play out of there. But they weren't able to challenge a dirty game now you remember back that of the divisional playoff game he walked onto the field was so upset locked into the field. And got a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike. Penalty because he was interrupting the play like he had to do something that slow it down because his players. Would just drop side. And keep let's be honest you know if the NFL had full time officials they would missed all of yeah oh yeah I have. Olivia and an awful time for jailed preacher and the beautiful thing to have preaching that they don't yeah good old time official act that I had some problem. I'm but again all those fellas you saw a week from a week after the last that's the cream on guess they were I don't think old jeans territory is a full time and appreciate any activity college basketball games ten to officiate at throughs of it again that's right. We still had like a Big Ten game on the Tuesday after the super journalism doesn't have matured yet and all of a controlled and shuns open main page on. John I don't. Yeah area Russell was in line. So I was thinking about the illegal or make here to talk about an outburst when I watched the screen grab it did look like it was illegal formation. But then one night we watched the video and you can see the wider Ebert looked over that if I got there. And that backyards in them okay that's kind of our occasional melodic and as you know he clearly. Outside decide judge was wrong it was an illegal for them a little formation and it is not this is not our opinion this is something they that has been confirmed they came out with that. It's it was an illegal formation in this. Okay. Dad and a good guy lifted and good enough quite well who knows exactly what was bigger deal that or Malcolm Butler. Both are big deals at there's an entire game yet but I feel ceballos a bigger deal with just amazing. That that employ him and the teams seem to be thrown off by. But this one you can say it directly cost you at least. At least getting this extra point after that after that Philly special is next report in his presidential effort here I don't know I I don't remember it was now. Roughly cost you. May be seven. Or or. You know bit that maybe 44 points. Edited for right now I think get a feel go there you don't get it as a four point difference. Yeah it's it's a huge play in the in the game and added we also make it if you're able although you never know I mean maybe they hit the way things are going to go for David it is I think to go for a shockingly there's stop there and some brilliant right there's not a 6177797937. Tonys in Boston Daytona you may indicate finally simple solution Antonio was out of Arizona. A couple comments about aka Butler. You know I had over it and yet arguably it's pretty clear. You know ballots that did so. Did you know that giddy with that Larry I. That third day. You know what are they bought the player but it frame a lot lot better respect. I think got a the other thing real quick about got it you know I want that thirty or thirty a that we get wonderful documentary. I gotta gotta feel this similarities with Belichick thought of that yet. And mcdaniels would call I think it's really gone and every single. Play and you know move that he can make within the next or I'd year. Tony I agree with you I think that documentary is great Bartoli quickly before okay. But I just wanted to see. How he does speak for Tony I don't think you might equate money Tony here are key for. I wonder why he sees similarities between mcdaniels and the dollar check to the jets telecheck. What it out and was willing to go to court to get away from New York whereas. Mcdaniels was out yet and right back and went back to New England. I that there's no way Belichick wasn't on that project he was done I got away from this guy I'll never. Be able to be wants supposed to be as a head coach. With Bill Parcells around even if he's not on the coaching staff is still. A party organization I don't wanna blunders on forever and wanna be associated with him forever so I gotta go and be my own guy as Josh McDaniels paid. And now is being viewed outside of New England as a stooge. Who will only be able to be successful under the wing of Bill Belichick. I think the only similarities type I agree I think they're completely different but I guess it would be. You know you're having a press conference in the case of the jets were here expecting to announce the new head coach and he resigns there. The colts think there are announcing the guy one on Wednesday they find out on Tuesday that he's not doing it so that these. Mcdaniels was network he was never officially that's also different who's never officially the head coach of the colts. But for the last 23 weeks the thought of him saying they are McCain is is going to be the colts head coach in any decides to not take the job. I will say I will give credit to the colts for a little bit of sense of humor. Did you see the picture they yeah program that frank Reich ya up Irsay and Reich and rights holding the Sunday paper. So they you know that it was actually him there on Sunday jet you know it was kind of funny that's. They they're they're they do good press conference and they do good media gimmicks. Now let's if you want more in four games this year on them six depends another quarterback maybe six or seven wins. Under 7%. It's over now sends that no doubt they sent Edward luck. It's a bunch of techsters seemed to be on misunderstanding the point where making here yes the Philly special was on fourth down yes. So what happens is they score on the play. He called the illegal formation though you backed them up five are he's still fourth down so now that fourth and goal from the sixth. Instead of fourth and goal from the one. I believe they kicked a field goal that I don't believe the Eagle Forum on fourth and goal from the six. Or maybe they do maybe that Peterson's right same play they got ready and real aggressive when that if if they actually money there on fourth and goal from the six Evernote that previous column look at the screen grab it and the previous caller said. All the decide judge says you're on a lot of spirit there's no way he did he is 22. And a half yards off on spirit he's nowhere near but he's. Well off the ball so that is if not it looks and that's not close according to pro football talk they ask the league to clarify about whether the Eagles were lined up in an illegal formation. And a league source said the NFL views it as a quote judgment call on quote. So in other words they're not gonna they're giving us a while his judgment was that he was close enough but see. And and he's still all the time and that's why you see when a mausoleum receivers though look over like the official sort of point down as there. The town they're not exactly analyze right zones and fifteen yards whatever is away from the ball so it's it's. It's like the or they called the ballpark roared ever it is they are second base and turn to neighborhood there aren't a neighborhood place though you guys in the neighborhood. Here's an example where they're not in the neighborhood which he's he's lined up waited the government of wing T Leahy so you so far back. We have but you know and to the credit most patriots fans hasn't come out. I don't know what he's played capitol you know we talked about. One play he can't even dispute because it was the right college took a long time. And I think it was like underneath. The un informed. Commentary at the time that didn't help yet they have Michael's Romo had a better job like the cows were had no idea on this Packers play that was not that I'm close that touchdown. He's a runner touched down now court common article that. All right once again not at all. Dodge Inco. But not on my judgment is no yeah I touch my judgment is whether that's the most talked about judgment was you set on a second viewing you thought they got a call right. Yeah the first half I think there's no way but I look at it. He had the ball secured now he was the ball in a buried just weird and it's very way prepare it is our carrier you can just. This guy is right but I wish someone had Idaho home and it just kind of blow that thing out there but he had the ball secure he got three feet what to back three feet down. And sales territory it was for. C territory was Mike for that did you did you see this segment. He was might for the review and the call he looked at at one time any immediately sparked an Al river on all yet that's controlled a guy it's not even questions I had. Only it wasn't even it its territory looked at at one CSF there's a question. Well what does because how would you look at again the pretty big play. You know look how let's go ahead keep the thing very well Super Bowl ready got to look at it again. Yeah it in the. Urged on this or more time when this is very clear cut. Beverage freaking out about that because people still love all the ruled the reason they don't know the rules because every week you seem be able some different. They're gonna address elect catch no catch stuff this there's a lot of I don't know I don't addresses what he's putting well. Supposedly there's a story has changed it to make it even clear I don't presume there's a story out today that Roger Goodell had told Alberto river on. But let's not be so quick to overturned things OK you know let's let's let the the officials on the field. In L make the calls here and supposedly that played Indian river runs thinking when he's looking at these replays and say OK well he said it was good at and its good. That's that's the narrative that's been written now is that good Dallas saying let's not turning everything over from for review so that the officials on the field on whether to call anything or not. And references and sound really justify your eye and eye development and I started over to the officials on appeal why aren't you. I gotta do something gonna talk a little bit more draw this thing out. Techsters are agreeing with you and your. When your Clement Paul and they see. That's where every 6175. Way to generate what I understand the area codes always attacks I am with you when I first side I'm trying to read into wouldn't say all Manning and overturn that thing. But tonight patriot hater I'm just going to it clearly. I don't have based on the way he held the ball he had the ball. Saying he was juggling the ball when when his foot touched I don't know juggle. In July and I have a there was juggler I a lot of like 75%. Cap certainly thought I knew I needed wanna buy yeah I throw. By the way if they did in fact employed an illegal formation does that mean needles cheated. I just try to keep keep things straight here. And yes a thirteen. I Iraq's leaders are just beat cheers to a Super Bowl what did you accomplish so what it's been about prosecutors. It for your 61777979837. Or final drive down about 545 thereabouts it's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI.