DHK - How long will the Celtics win streak go for? Plus FX cuts ties with Louis CK and Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 10th

Hour #4 on a Freestyle Friday and we start with the news that the FX Network has cut ties with comedian Louis CK in the midst of his sexual harassment scandal.  Martellus Bennett practices with the Pats, plus we look at the Celtics and how long their win streak will continue.   We close out the week with a 'Week in Review' edition of Keefer Madness.


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I backed peace is that Elin holly Jones all manner how unmanned still admit. Keep that music start up at the trapping the way home he did Al-Maliki that they can. You know keep the match. The sex maybe Evans. Time's right whenever it happens unfortunately act alone look at the time we are fresh data time we got to get a par or Internet we gotta get that LeRoy I keep the prod everything I did. Segment on display in all day very possibly. And I've been doing this. You know when an. How do we go. We got a move not only insult. At least. Yet. Fourth and final hour Galen. Hollywood T Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program proxy by AT&T. Boy has been the weirdest weeks during the rural there are great I mean it's just moved from one thing after another to allegations. To. To admissions. Yeah and you you've you've had radio sports talk show hosts. Get suspended from their TV game well but because that's that's what they're trying to point out or being given a weekend off from their TV from their TV gig you know you've had a bunch of stuff going on out there. Hope Solo added into the mix today and it was daylight savings time. Yeah and they've never about it that's for us victory everybody out. Mary Kaye. Act backs. Moves on right now affected the show without the way got terrible used to be a really good show it was really funny. And a little bit different kind of Smart show. And then he just turned it into something where he wanted to be smarter than everybody else what are you saying I guess it was horrible did you watch last season to lead it was trash. So so they FX starts off I'm at this. This cancellation notice. Well we're catching overall deal between FX productions and production company pick Newton. I just confirm the truth of the reports related to the five women victimized. By his misconduct which we were unaware all previously. And as far as we know. His behavior over the past eight years and all five series is produced for a best network at X networks and or at X productions has been professional. Now just operate. And now but they keep going. Ever but it all there's more Vietnam however. Now is not the time for him to make television shows. Now is it time for him to honestly address the women. Who have come work to speak about their painful experience as a process which he thought process which he began today. With his public statement. At bat FX networks and act X productions remain committed to doing everything we can't to ensure that all people work in an environment that is safe respectful but my thoughts are tucked up. That I was gonna happen. I promise you when you become made by the end of business tomorrow now I have a moral lives are like this year's stuff right shoots. John Kabul is all. Body. Somebody. It's got a stable image. I work with at backs productions. NN. This guy did that. But this. Now this is not that I was aware of Lucy can raise him what he was doing there was their story today that. One of the executive producers on parks in rack I apologize for having him on because he had heard some of the stuff that was going out. So somebody else that wasn't working for the company. He even knew a little bit about I can't plead the ball create a well it now's not the time to make television shows like okay. If you want if you want him to you and your relationship with him fine that we get a it and you don't need the need to go on an odd. There's so many people. Who are just hiding right now and does and is hoping some of them are hoping that they their name doesn't come. The people short this is not a and and and stop politicizing this thing. Now a shot or she go the other way not a liberal problem not a conservative problem a big by the out of called everybody we might. Have a few people that that actually before they can get turned and they turn themselves and any chance of that. Yeah or so there or there's yeah there's a different epidemic summits as you know what might even be better if you just get out for us. Louie CK after the New York Times piece dropped yesterday. Basically came out today with the statement that said I did at all. Yeah he had the night he did the independent all all of those women who said that this happened they're all telling you the truth. Which is unusual a marketing team credit because he's the creep. But he's the only one I know of which a signal I'm ideal at all Kevin Spacey gives you like the half. I did it or I was drunk well by the way a day in a witness plus. But he didn't out now deny it like some of these other people of Gandhi and tried covered up so much although it ever treated cover up before but once it's all been sort of thrown out here and everybody space. Today Alley race and got added to a list. Alley race and added her name and voice and face to the accusations. To doctor Larry Nasser. Who had been the team physician the United States gymnastics team. I mean never kill Maroney had already. Said that about him knows who was empty mile of the two Olympics ago and then reality. Did sort of sit yeah I'm right there when he too yeah that would happen to me to in and and you know you've got this judge down enough. In an Alabama judge Roy Moore who'll flu you know he's fight. He set out on all I didn't do any of this stuff and and you know I'm not do and I'm not drop and out I'm not get away from this. And that the lengths that you hear people try to justify. Both the local politician down in Alabama who said well Mary was a teenager. Parents don't senator Joseph has an adult it's not a they had a child named Jesus and a lot. That's the strategy. And bath. While the blood. At but it got sick with the story it. It puts so much spoiler are are Joseph did you touch it didn't always put it on god and well Paul was Joseph doing the whole you know I don't resounding. That I read the story admitted that rivers in a dose of doesn't it wanted to hit a very good team but now I don't I don't river that out of there and maybe it's somebody else's problem not mine. It's just it it is in the strangest weirdest week in so many ways and one thing after another now. Things like we're talking about an hour obviously much more serious than sports talk show host. Mocking the death of Roy Halladay or or Dale Earnhardt. Senior not junior. You know that's a that's a whole different end of the spectrum here. But he and that this week in and yet the sports talk radio wars eaten up in people going after each other he had. You know our host from this station Kirk many handled over cross the street. Which I actually that was pretty funny little outlining why I want it now it may not have gotten through the sports that people but I think what Kirk did did get through the NBC people lie. While he's on the air. Now that'd fire room but they do writing yesterday. He was there a goal for our show the afternoon yesterday so maybe they say on which is fraudulent by the way both both the minute hand Europe boilers Michael. Got milk it again yeah ratings for a four hour day be impacted at all by the way now you're suspended part of the story now. That was it. And ideals like it was a heck what they are the comments it could've been could've been at or it could have been. Hey maybe that pressure was coming from another place that's what it comes down to sad that. You'd see what happens when we're corporate has to say about it you see if if sponsors. Have something to say about it then you Rhea that's reality for. All of us. But just when the NBC. NASCAR relationship immediately kind of what should know what direction that was Dornan. Either they got us all our phone call answered ironically when we heard when we heard the of the bits and pieces of the apology yesterday. He really threw himself on his sort about the whole Dale Earnhardt part. Yeah Ali and are out of that not a coincidence and no it wasn't a coincidence there's great relationship between NASCAR and NBC. And and I am sure that the network executives even at the local level there said you got to walk sting back now what do you do when here. I saw where Chad Finn tweet it out that he has reached out to find out if this suspension. Was with Payer without pay. Because Janelle hill got suspended with pay which as we pointed out to go on vacation. Suspension. Felder was suspended from. Not doing this time cast today. There was a short version of the the early edition of Andy's at NBC sports. He couldn't do that tonight. He would've done anything tomorrow anyway and you pointed out he would've done he would have missed some stuff on Sunday. They're done side does the out pre and post game on Sunday Sunday Night Football this week so that's later in the evening. And he'd be Al Ahram escalate in a letter and right. Even better so the people go to Nantucket when it's called the would you go an hour that just a waste of a weekend. Is it stealing it and there do you allow what's always cry and it's it's our lazy weekend idiot don't go right. Presents enormous business opportunity nice out of the windows off and go to Nantucket. The hang out back refreshed on Monday. Reflect on the beat. I was told I was told to some some hosts here many years ago to go to the beach and reflect its thank. Yes that was it's about the PR of PR guy who should have been PR rock gap but it's terrible to see if he'll have a off fitted for his position if you go to the beach and thank what you figure out that PR people are hurting you more than helping you then you probably should move on from now that's. Yeah I know mark wasn't that's the aren't I don't know money Basel back up guy but he could have helped if they ask him out of our our guy himself absolutely terrible and then this afternoon you have a whole Martellus Bennett. Explosion. Now again totally different stratosphere here but it like the things they were saying a bottoming Green Bay so he took the instant Graham. Told is instead ram's story and it went like. 8910 pages that he was he was writing about what happened out there with the shoulder and and you know. The Packers have much of a case beyond just from what I've read to say that he didn't disclose the injury. Well you get a physical before you sign them NC could have gone over everything there he obviously cleared that he was on your team. And then. Even the head coach admitted yeah we thought you might get surgery so you knew that he was hurt. Now look these are trying to play through the rest of the Irving was. I did the last story I admit I got up and ultimately it's going to be another part of it where you Packers say oh he's not on the truth. I thought the whole story. We didn't have we have we have his medical records but. We have anything about a shoulder do you have any shoulder in a issues in week to week three week for tests and they have to be a dispute that's the only thing that that makes sense. They go back and forth than they kind of shoot down each other stories. Martell has been is that says I don't know what you're talking about and the Packers come back and say use your followed. I would. Talking about a guy who hasn't practiced since their week eight bye week. Couldn't practice you know winning when they return to the practice field this week and I think that kind of pissed my list are the off. So he says I'm in the league may come in and settle this thing but in the meantime the patriots. Six into going to Denver. Where they haven't always play well you pick but the three quarterbacks that Tom Brady has beaten in Denver. And you talk about a who's who of nothing bush got whose who have nothing. Yet another nothing on Sunday now I know he's beaten bird yet but supposedly him Trevor Ximian. Not great. Danny canal. Worse. Don't you dare tell I don't I don't dare Wear an excellent much work don't you dare say it. Eight Tim Tebow what I don't I don't mark let's let Senator Kerry and is she later date and als also are most Tivo. I thought talked as I talk to hosting his. Tebow this is guilty pleasure is still playing sports integrate minor league seasons sports yeah it's not this ladies are public. He's always gone there they've they've struggled in Denver but I don't expect in the struggle on Sunday I know guys though no. Brock counselor so bad. And this and that one is that big a big conversation took place a lot of really good individual players defensively if you look at their roster. The guys they still trot out their like Von Miller and a key to leave. But they're sitting there they're three and five to miss the playoffs a year ago they're probably doing at the worst quarterback situation legal one out of there they've probably given. 6177797937. Is telephone number we'll get some calls in between now and final drive keeper madness live of the week in review I mean we could've taken the entire hour stroke but he's got a lot of stuff he's gonna get to is as we continue want but get to the calls in just couple of minutes is 6177797937. Dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio W media. We got keeper Matt has come about forty minutes it's a week in review key for madness Michael. Great week what are we agree on their wacky wild week across the board of great week crazy week. Strangely we all unpredictable and yes everything I grew you let me ask a serious question yes pass me a serious question. Do you think the Celtics who ever lose again. No I don't I don't think you'll ever lose another game eighty. And to Haiti into that that's got to be an NBA record I would be out to be the warriors record seventy in Korea Italy was the number to get yeah Salt Lake searched sorted out that their sites they can get to 74. Just reach for 74 then start the coasts and rest guys then again thirty for the rest you don't want rest too early then you'd be rusty for the playoffs. You don't wanna be rusty move. Yes so you make you might not go ahead and go eighty into a radio or on the also breaking give everybody the month of February off. It's gonna come back in March said addressed in this series question about a master really serious question if what they lose tonight now. Because they may not have Al Gore for the probable have Al Horford question when he's upgraded to questionable so. Concussion protocol I don't think they'll put him back out there tonight and Jason Tatum. Also questionable right. So now you're talking about no Tatum. Know Horford and we obviously don't know Hayward. That's a lot to overcome. I'd like to see at least one of those guys you like your chances a lot more bit at least one of those guys in the game but I don't think the hornets are great it's Kemba Walker who. Should be offset by carrier ring. Dwight Howard Gould problem Bonser rebounds but he'll do a lot of what else generated in order a lot of other things that he should assimilate month that a reference has allowed only one Mongolia we could see him out there as it if you just saw. He's going to be a star in this league. He still appointees these eleven games into his. Into his own career but Elisa would have been absolutely rolling and do you what's the most impressive part of that defense. Defensively did the defense is crazy offensively. I didn't think they had it like this and think they can sustain it with a young team and teams aren't supposed to be able to play defense so I know it's early and young players there are gradually exposed because of the there are three teams in the NBA. That allow under a hundred points in the hole lead at the Celtics are allowing 94 point six points again. And I know there's other metrics tonight you know they have that they wanted the defensive ratings for the individual players. You know points allowed is and everything fifteen to different. Pace they play different paces and her effort I've heard that but the Celtics individually those guys are locking it down and and by all metrics there they are counted the. Well one thing you said no it was a big surprise that have been a surprise to me not just. Team defense individually carrier Irving on defense off the chart that's not supposed to be one of the things that stands out about carrier ring we all know what the ball handling. We all knew about his ability to get to the basket his ability to make big shots his desire to make big shots. An intricate kind of project that you'll be able to run a team music 63 point guard usually play the LeBron James handling the ball that time didn't think. They carry Irving won't be able to handle the ball. We knew that he can do that although that is my favorite thing about the season now is that people around here are watching carrier ring for the first time. And now they're everybody's big thing in these. It can dribble going to be the best handle the NBA which he has four or five years. He's been up there and it the only other competitor on the top competitor I was suit would be a step Perry as a ball out probably curry put both of these guys you start. When your ball handling is that good currently aren't Doocy yes sometimes I don't hot dog has so much confidence in yourself that you get sloppy. I terrible either stored away or to buy it takes it from me. But yet he's is always been a great ball handler but he's never been a great defender now it never has been this year. And is that just because he's trying to stick the Cleveland now has a LeBron. He has seen these precedents that. So he had that he broke so would you would you say this I know you wouldn't go here before noon would you say Brad Stevens better coach Stan tile little. And a lot. Heidi wouldn't say Tyler got a championship. You're the only Harold. It's Madonna that now strolling as it's flat out stroll flat out patrols don't and I can't do it anymore now. Brad seems to be identity. It was one of ESPN's shows goes today or yesterday that we are on the screen. And the question was is Brad Stevens the best coach in the NBA. Well okay now that's going too fast and aggressive because the top of a public interest globally. So it's always going to be Popovich to at least on it. About Brad Stevens think of all the things he's done here. Roster wise his first TV at forty different over forty different players. Come through town what do team now on the and they were terrible putt forty different guys in you've got to you've got to coach them. Co editor and I know we don't have high expectations bush just too many players to be dealing with. And one season to this team now are you excited the most talent you had top to bottom since you've been a Boston five minutes into the season. Gordon Hayward guy who you helped bring here. Is out for the year. But also individually what he's dumber players. To improve themselves. Some of my fair players from his first year would be Joseph well Anthony yeah Chris Babb. Of Vander blue don't remember Chris. I'll Chris Babb don't remember it Victor found her front Farmar Ronny. You have him is he's a nice player she Chris Johnson's body not the running back Phil Presley are like all right it allowed fill press I don't fall accordingly. Gerald lawless and that was. Man that's year one had any all of those all those off. Store and even the team that made it the made the playoffs with forty wins. Really wasn't a playoff team made a late push. It's amazing he was able to get that team into the playoffs but he did right he did wonders with Evan Turner. He did wonders would Jae Crowder. Which on my Jae Crowder now if he was well coached while I was here Isiah Thomas well coach while I was here. McKinney they were like Kelly elect's new cartel don't let. Even Chris Humphries when he was here. Played pretty yeah well that's on now I got another contract that's true you know it's. Yet Darby eat was able to get something out of all a lot of these guys and that's why out I couldn't wait for to get actual real talent. And at a mountain about Isiah Thomas of Hussein retiree Erving if you take a guy who already was a superstar. If you can possibly get get what could you possibly do within because he turned Isiah into a reliable scorer into an all NBA guys tonight you have an all NBA guy in his prime. Well could you possibly do with him and it's been been really impressive to watch a total to sponsor 61777. Guys that. We invention that we mentioned there's a profit of us freestyle starting ran into clothes and keeper madness and about twelve minutes but. We also been mentioned as a hockey make good night for dale jamarcus Arnold I try you don't hear those Dawson tones right now. I got a BBs leafs tonight at 7 o'clock support the family check him out with evening but go to Tom in Jamaica Plain he joins us next fellow Tom. On the attack right yeah. Numbers right. On the on the deterred. Statistically you can activate and or. Do you think it'd be eerie pick on him did he he figured out that. That the entry. He can cut back on active and make it through this year out art. Figured he'd be able to keep her up to her. Problem we ought to be. So you think eight games convince them. Because I went without the the the I thought started you're gonna keep for insurance scheme for the full year and might be a headache afterwards but if you're that worried about it make it make it last the whole season. I've got to. The point where you don't help you actually start to get better. Like that that was what. Happened in game get problems. Relatively straight day if that that now I went into the the dark past I dark forces there while ago and other key spears today made him get rid of drop below they do. Day I think he'll run in the you're on the team. Or maybe not maybe you don't they are or maybe they run the team I think it's. He tried to meld that thing as long as he could mean wasn't gonna trade him to grapple as he told us. On Monday was gonna trade Jimmy grapple. Because he didn't have to. And he didn't know what was going to be out there. And you know what was gonna happen in. June July mini camp training camp. Pre season. Week to week five at least lose lose Tom Brady at anytime and as long as he has to to grapple under contract. Even for. A pleading amount of time he was gonna ride it into the could do it anymore. So what we K okay here we are a homeowner loses guy. In in the 2018 season I can't franchise him. And it still have cap flexibility now. I'm going to be I wanna do a political and a free agency on my own terms so I franchise and everybody knows I have to trade him and and it's gonna push me up against the cap. There's got to restrict before a lot. But I think he's looking at MITRE now maybe you don't get a second pick me but I think you would have been able to get something you have to move on from my does that not how important was the insurance it seems like. I don't look at what he wasn't available in April and. Just insurance that was insurance. With the thought that he could be your future guy won just ordinary insurance it was having Brian Hoyer is insurance of the long run. If I thought I'd need yeah autonomy attract hordes unsure Bryan wears a guy who knows the plays to take a snap he's gonna win anything with him Rob Lowe. Grapple as you have a good way to get change color winning insurance OK okay I'm grapple it was a what did you want when he. Your Jersey and ensuring the future of your protest possibly. They're about Tom Brady gets hurt this is the guy is not just winning insurance and he's 25 you might be our future for the next ten years ten to twelve years so I can't do is. Trade him in April. But you can in November. Or accepts our October yet you have to. I have to get out too well you have to do anything that are yet to make a decision that I make a decision. It's got to be Tom or Jimmy. Didn't have to do that on howling. You could you could have done at the end of the year but I'm with the -- out of public view on the decision would have had to have been made your sample from the team next year I I get that. And you do agree with the other point about Cleveland and it's to make it interest in enough. For for the patriots did interest in Cleveland don't know they haven't had a yeah haven't had a quarterback. To come that you came back and everything where maybe they were as wild about problems we assume teams would have been maybe they looked at him like AJ McCarron and they said. Here here's our offer a rocket or a Google notes okay well this is why right now you have won a game. Yeah what had won games you won one game in the last two years while there that's. Tough picking up top of the draft and that is period in and now they're potato pass and a quarterback again. They might. We're gonna get this problem once you start. Percent of Cisco. Accounts Janet Hanson is why once problems start I bet she does. We mentioned that why wouldn't think that my wife wants him to start because. And them pretty good idea of a slap in the favorite seated bastard. Does he not get it on the looks department. It's like at panther is like that likes to surprise known Lou we do have a female we should ask her that question yes last week it ought to answer depending on what she says either it's gonna be brilliant or she she won't know what she's talking about okay Lucy. Tom Brady. Jimmy drop below who's better looking. Easiest question you've ever asked me Jimmy I don't know which one behind me and asked my coach every day here's a Kristina I'm the classical ridiculous freedom calculus. That's got to air quality on the gold. On and on and on about it he's perfect. For our fans now perfect. Apple. Are you're going way overboard to grapple not listening by the way it doesn't matter what you say Tom Brady's. Tom Brady's two. On the ground Annapolis did you know all Michael you're you're on an island here now everybody is big problem head. Lucy what do you value would evaluate him and what looks. Is it just looks. Okay as our number one Attica for help and I am sure he's very Smart now and our aero that topic. It's looks. Looks won. It even be second to slick looks again on the confidence and he hung. Opera's fault is well Tom Brady has no confidence. I made a couple low. Has more repressed media I'm Aubrey has. Yet I think apple does. Attracted just outweighs any other. This is a nice idea. Took my nephew. Equipment either patriots turn campuses last year you know we we went into the media entrance to the players walk now d'antoni and stop with that button and shook my nephews and a lot. Koppel at the Dalai price is not enough of course I got I got it nice backup quarterback. He could have been out there improbable final picks and tells you something else about his character remember he said. Practice. Practice and really do form of the second game without prior. So I do you have for me to perform for acting assistant here. Not as of now. It is kind of a bit of a wild card which actually kind of a floating around which will be packed themselves they work that he's signing autographs and talk about practice man. Which practice. How I can make my teammates better about practice and check back after a well. I'm sorry you didn't need to practice Tom Brady can teach you some things Michael's Israel if you talk about all sorts of things you talk about his experiences. Michael and around the world must have a conversation within about his football you don't have a conversation also look at exit exact value yet. What you mean there are two year old Q you're meets blows on you know some chicken army's death because these guys not yet here we get it would be great. But Brady yearly what does this. With all this stuff tell. The global leadership in that don't put that doubt I would do that it's a stressful. On its roster as all of you know it's really stressful without hanging out with your pretty boy. And everybody else is you've got you've got to look around it that it be really far to see if he's just focused on you know. Or all these they need Lotta competition in these women are trying to get him from April. I only. It'll be okay competent because Huckabee ethics. So. There you go argue for madness we got a lot to get through your Michaels the week in review addition of key for madness. Coming your way next dale hunky sports rated WB yet. Final drive co sponsored by any arrests restoration specialists regardless of the season a disaster in your commercial residential or medical facility at any time. In an heiress disaster played a place to make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more they arrest or dot com also brought to buy cars for kids go to your cardinal the child today. Schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Yes you made the keeper madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuilding of the men and not think I hate hate. So. He's just Dalmatian loves. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. All the way. And my telephone pole and you couldn't. Well we have to alien portals we have one on the front and one in the back. To a condition Takahashi. I don't see howls that this would change things like it I'm not bitter. Socket. Aren't we go it is icky for madness to wrap up the week. What are we get bad or three or are you any week. If it got so much material you would need a triple version. Of reefer madness to capture there's a lot going on here we should he got to the final hour in the final hour for that that's what I want to do that an hour with an hourlong if you format and checked the rating from that you know I could. Rates are. Well let's start on Monday Michael again it was a good up and down week for you. I listen I don't think that I don't disputed at all now Sunday you'll have been very passionate but the Patriots defense. All season long even when there are really struggling and even decided just take it disarm. I think we K I'll let you know they keep. The call about some of the top five defense this year I'm not backing down top five. By the end of the year top five with a long way to go and I'm not backing them who is that the company. All right so I think it short please. The police are and I wrote they wrote today. I won't. Back down. Bad okay. Well so in other words back to the words now I don't know I didn't do some of the words. Yeah and I tried again I don't know like what you don't know or supply and only hurts that's gone on ordered notes you know no matter I can't think Eddie Guerrero and I'll wool. Back now. And and it's good that you went that you don't know the lyrics yeah. A I barely know with Tom Petty and that's I thought you were kidding that he thought about it I think that it's quote the beautiful song. In sports and the leader slowly and fondled her and I have no excuse now. There's stuff out so I doubt they funeral I know a guy is doing very doing tourism division sound I don't know discharges keep that up for a there exists. Did Colorado's laws not gonna work. Or not. And that part yeah. As Michael sing about the judge are you did a good. And it. Won't back down a little words I don't I don't know. I don't know I get a sense you know hell. Think of RBIs. I don't think they're gonna top 55 months in the sun. But I am not or top ten. Unable. So they'll talk to c'mon now top ten while but I think I got ten or two weeks that led to a there's of that. There's a bet going on out of the defense right patriots in general and Woolsey went out again resulting from Monday's show patriots Monday as the hatred related debt and. And he told us brings that to the air I'll bring into the air. The Bill Belichick and what's Mondale today for 3430 we're told. About an hour from now talk Bill Belichick and dale said he you know you're looking at the conference call that. Dulles I read the transcript from earlier today transcript and dale read the transcript and said. He's going to be terror. I'm usually pretty accurate would be of little good. Hey blue best auditory. Dale Arnold great confidence and usually pretty accurate with these great confidence and I'm usually pretty accurate with the all the arts based on the I don't know. Most people are. A tracker your guys' job will Piper Laurie says he's usually fairly predictable based on the transcript. The only lengthy answers he wanted to give at all had to do with the Denver Broncos and how great they are defensively he always wants to talk about how good the daily on the greater. And you think that side opposite of this the last time Michaels was confident that he was Greg roach immigrant who was not you are usually pretty good. That was so what are you basing this he's going to be go to. Hunch manhunts gut feeling and you spoke with a in the hallway I did not include him in the hallway because earlier method of. How will not reveal my inspirations they'll thank you very much more Woolsey. Our our you're right our right our view that's when out of jail I read the same transcript that he did. And it's funny how how different people react to the same information he read the transcript and said he's going to be awful I read the transcript and said he's going to be pretty good today. Because of a lanky he gave a lengthy answer at all he's gonna get on my ball at one of those guys said I sit at your window and then you have. There it is just got started up the right way with the right topic. And we can get a Roland all right I thought he was in that space. Now let's get to Wednesday apparently Tuesday not a great show so let's get to Wednesday to hear. Dale when they tease of vault sees gold in one of the breaks we get right back to your calls and a few minutes and on the point out next hour of just what a fraud Michael Holley is how. I'm sorry it's come and dale in Hollywood he Sports Radio WE called red. Dell now reports that we don't have audio of the pale physically with bird. Part of our right now want to very good job great heat and a mile and a half of that around but there was the whole Celtics celebrated awards that ratings thing is how you haven't brought up the Celtics ratings yet this year yeah was the only one wants to win on Wednesday. Do we ever get the answer. We didn't answer follow up. We got after which makes me think that the Celtics probably blew them away there were a couple of articles written recently that the Celtics numbers are way out and yet local numbers are way out. Now the head to head again tonight. A lot of head to head action here. And all the reasons is that a factor. At all about unity and bosses sports bring all the teams together bring them all. And under the same umbrella. Boston's forces have a big happy family van de L yeah. There's on this whole we never talk about the Bruins thing because he doesn't bring it up duties trying to divide us dale. Leaves this show and tell us what the Bruins if it. At two all want every day you say parts well and that's where we start we start of the Boston Bruins right. They got some young guys posture knocked on and on and on it. Obviously stark. Charlie back to avoid what every what. But energy and it all added he's got in my view all the way off Mike thirty starts at nine Ers were. It was himself Tuesday through that was this the news that was apps some Beers or not. Lawyers you always hear two things right this country and who's probably pretty good. I don't know on him on and I fighting alpha on Wednesday with a collar that brought up HTTP Clinton in new invention yet so we started discussing HD television. They're really going our way you can ask him enough it's incumbent Steve TV dates none of those I do 2001. So we're tournaments sixteen years he's not delete idle in the four K things are really take on the 48 dot stopped before came up just nasty stuff so I probably let it. 57 years after that were every bit of programming was available in HD everything was so you're at least a decade and this to complain about it all the time. This is good beacons person for a poem to order it's always funny even though it's not very good questions to ask for everyone's different view restaurant they've become nobody's got a good impression there Altera really. There all impressions of an impression they're yes I'm a Fauria now I'd always through an impression of peak just as a person who's doing an impression of him Cutler's. Right there well I cannot go to an impression of you. Yeah it's like talking to people whose brain needs to step and it puts emphasis. This is the past votes as back to when it's not available in eight big. Kiki can see some of these YouTube videos for K okay don't get. 34 TDs and has to Omaha great Saudi go to Bessie wider product around Glen was trying to sell me on with the forecast stuff now. All you ought to seat and is not many showed up at a Shula didn't defraud. Bill for some reason didn't want to do viewer reversed to have a short wait just decided not to do there well I didn't play too many or part of the problem is estimated that. Well I think dale is still. Stinging from the impression that you guys do about him to have him. The big date but it showed never all of our tail following a lot of action bill odd man price. Was just figured it. Would be an NL I. I only have Ned Flanders the fact that Ned Flanders though what does that ripped. Ripped a letter is a great shape that is stripped. Oh yeah you're seeing pop pop off. It did read time magazine dual story once about how everyone should try to be more like Ned Flanders which he's a really good person it's a compliment. That diligent in our. I don't doesn't like him. Now. Now not. On that and real idea of the other dale yeah you have one well you get a Latin. I've got to get it if you have a crowd here and give. I think it does a pretty good name and we need because I think I think he can. Well you ought to CNET news dot many showed up at a fuel and easy obstacle for Lily pad that has that I got had an article. Yeah through dialogue can really do that think these columns I don't these please. I don't I don't care about it that if the other sporting event and forking over. That none and I get a peek into these next couple. Active that is a little bit of a peek inside of but now we also had. Carl Russo on. For the first time a this is this week now I want -- new best friend but the -- so that your new best buddy what are the challenges of a rookie manager you're a very young manager he took over the White Sox what what kind. Challenges could outscored defacing his first year as a manager. Sure a great question. Requests out I was not a government not a second question I'm later on in the interview that's one thing we heard a lot last year. John Ferrell would say we got 25 liters. Can and cannot really work or do you need a guy or two to really step up. Are you guys running game because that's that that's a very important question. Now other tone it down Tony you know it's better then that's a great question. That's an important question is an important area that an important all right I think everybody that everybody in baseball is considering this question what he's doing no more easy as buying you recite the keynote at the same didn't want when you first came on and that's fun his first interview with Glenn went like this. That's just question. I think this is coming to sit and off. That's a tough question I've been asked since since coming of dead body on them. Speak at a glad he was brought up against Greg land Hannity Glenn yeah that he forbade predictive of the madness front right now. He feels very passionate voters should be fired he wrote a sign out there was. Said listen we got to be a little bit more careful what we say on the radio the real strong passion is. So many of them bar stool radio Portnoy another guy's not a huge fan and on global war. You like yeah I'd much word that they. Our security of course because a lot of my arcs down he wolf gone org way to fallen back when you cock your enemies you know and at Nate Robinson Doris sympathetic or mid day host now make up for five per. That is so immediately. Placed an added that it. With a different category like defeat if he wasn't working you know and is that working out Saturday and you know for years and this is that you are now so it's like Carson partly out the most pathetic person I've ever seen in my life. That out today. There was little. Obviously England's on four hours tended to he was able to respond a little bit did you have so that did you ever I love this this whole. So Kirk enhancing with them in nobody's making any money whatever it Kirk we are made that I'm I'm. Of what we're making in the fields is a fraction of that who post then the or record with a computer sniff. He had to vote because. I looked done there are so it's getting bigger by the day and could possibly be part of the whole thing he has been aboard for five months. Communion aboard fifteen years of rule. Years. Mr. Moore I know I regretted that it did a great job. And I bet he doesn't it well it started in 95. I was unit but he started the Mitchell and I'd progress. As I had to be dead. And so. 95 that 2008. Think it is more 96. Made four right around the clock out and wound up over don't I don't like to go did that it was a very close to fifteen that allows all of them like clocked on the number one and we didn't have competition despite would lose to Portland there're there are talking over anyway but it lawsuit they had not been so distracted. I'm for the I think that's what you. Today we do that's any better you know united unsecured area yet at the Georgia rolled us over and Michael problems believe that god I'll what under the seven and one on here that are this was. Again getting it going across the street talked about it yesterday that the FaceBook logic check out W yeah I percent of the week this is my favorites were part of the whole thing condensed down weary and other. Radio host. Not from the sports of the from one of their current sister stations. Pops out trying to. I don't get the better her yeah. Over one problem I don't solve the land. Okay. It's going. And at all. Michael Tucker survived and so yeah why not let. I've found. So lose at least not that the best part of the whole the whole half hour boiled down to the other radio today that he does it matter at hand. I don't know maybe it reports are heads of putting it out for them. And then it's a result of the. Yeah. Wanna know they. Yeah I. I can't back out. And we found out today I went as partners to Tennessee it's worse than fifty points when he isn't really should've told mr. It's twentieth place it's one. It's real. Well maybe that helped him a boost I don't know Errol. Admitting it one other guys hero. And now one. Of the Christian cult Walt. Available room Paula thought it apart a little closer watch out though lack art look at Albert called blocked out. There be hanging out in the middle of the sports park but you don't know who is gonna drive. And our our. Is yeah. After I saw it quite. All of but. By golly every job of that market what a week. To week. This goes. I what is next recovering. I don't know we have today to end the clippers got this week he got patriots went I don't patriots win yes they're good on those things about the Denver easy track. Yes. Yeah cover ten plus yet again yeah templates where he thinks that I think they're. A flight are that's gonna do it for us they think Andy and Lucy ever think we will atomic turning. Not a in the parking lot we've heard. He's listened to keep that department hugging and yet they're unaudited popular art without regular audience for the police the two of us for the next hour we will I'll be back together on Monday at 2 o'clock. We'll talk to them. Very good order that's now that those who. I'm gonna point out next hour just what a fraud Michael Holley is a war. How will. Add that how. Do you do.