DHK - Ivon Gois, 51, glioblastoma, Uxbridge 8-15-17

In June 2016, Ivon was watching a basketball game at home when he started having double-vision. The next day, he felt too disoriented to drive to work, so his wife drove him, but he could not even make it through a meeting so he went to the hospital.  An MRI revealed he had a massive brain tumor. He was rushed by ambulance to Boston because he knew he wanted to be cared for at Dana-Farber. He  had surgery the next day. The tumor was 25% of his entire brain and 100% of it was removed by surgeons. Doctors said he likely would have dropped dead a day later if they did not get the tumor out. Since most of these types of glioblastoma tumors can return, his Dana-Farber doctor started him on an aggressive treatment plan. This involved a clinical trial including radiation and chemotherapy. He is now off treatment, feeling wonderful, and has bimonthly follow-ups. Ivon has a wife, Nicole and two kids: Quill, 26, Ryan, 24 He is the owner of Gois Broadcast Group. He is thrilled to be spending quality time with family, swimming off of Martha's Vineyard, back to work and enjoying life. He says that he owes his life to Dana-Farber and that hopes his father (recently diagnosed with myeloma) has the same success.



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Our next guest is up Ivan Boyce the is from aux bridge. Has been treated for is it the Leo blast film I've been learning over the years to pronounce it is Larry onward sales last Toma. And you you discovered when you're trying to watch basketball games when things started to look a little funny I did I did they know before I get into that and what say something right off the bat on behalf quit broadcasting equally solar. My dad Tony voice to be happy to tell us about him always my brother we'd like to make a 5000 the nation while. You that's all right. And anchored to the business it is well you've. You've come generous estate rates start with a money in hand thank you so so tell us about the basketball game what happened yes I was watching the playoffs about fifteen. Months ago one day and it was late and you know I I'm looking at TV NIC to basketball tonight literally ask my wife honey you look at the screen because I am pretty sure his spokespeople on basketball on the screen banking. And yeah my brain is playing a trick I mean it was sort of taken a picture of the screen. And overlaying over the life image as weird as that sound and that will sort of the first thing that may be. Think you know and at first I thought on tired to speak to get some Braxton and and I did that. And then I had other vision issues the next couple days. And I had some business meetings the following Monday actually asked my wife to drag me down to Hartford office. Because I was feeling quite up to driving. And and I had a meeting early in the morning and you know I was there for about five minutes and I just about an excuse myself and say you know why I need to those my doctor actually. Drove back pain then drove into the emergency room in over Milford hospital rejected India cat scanned. And found a tumor in my brain hand out put in an ambulance over and sent you from afar. So that that's how the whole thing I'm world. Ivan was there ever any point where it. You remember saying to yourself that you were afraid or thinking that. Man I don't know what I'm gonna do or or was it a different way of thinking out together. Yeah I know there's so many emotions and he it was and so fast you know. When the doctors told me that I had a tumor that was 25% on the size of my plane you know that those awards took my breath. And you know things sort of happen really fast to doctors told me I would wait another 24 hours that would be. So you can imagine it was a a lot of emotions. And things happened really fast I had surgery the next day. It was literally an emergency situation that doctors came to see media at Brigham and woman's told me we need to get this out. And you has surgery very quickly. So that's what happened and we didn't know it was cancer at the time you're hoping it wasn't. But a few days later yet call that was due to cancer and obviously Richard Dana Farber. Com and have been working with them tucked away in the news team. From then on but yet there was a lot of emotions and along the way you know what's it's a tough tough thing to go through. But you know I feel wonderful today. You know I went through eight months. Very tough com both for myself and my wife and and my whole family you know my brother and my dad. We I went through it again. But you know the one thing I had on my side was the team. At Dana Farber. That helped me through it and I know for a fact that wouldn't be today without them and and I literally of them I am my. Now what what is it like telling your wife Foreman issues there with you when you found out was and then having to tell your kids you know you have two kids in their twenties and explain to them what's going on lower that what was their react. Yeah it's it's tough you know it was tough twos to try to be realistic but be optimistic at this time now and that's. I think that that was our goal you know to say hey it is what it is you know it's cancer. Annan. By I'm working with the best team in the world. You know and to meet this as a team sport like baseball as I can get to choose when I got sick at it and get to choose where my body yet it gets to ease a lot of decisions that get to make. But the decision I did get to make what's my teammate Dana Farber. And that made all the difference in the world again tucked away in Denver and doctor Phillips and there's so many radiologists oncologists. I hope you want to weigh. You know I think I felt like I went to battle from my life in them I chose the right team and that's it. You mentioned your dad a few minutes ago. And your dad was recently diagnosed as well yes if he was thank you for asking he was my dad was diagnosed about a month ago multiple myeloma cancer so he's currently going through treatments. And first thing what is your first exit to my dad is dead. He lives out in Springfield that we need to take a trip to Boston we need to take a trip to Dana Farber. Which we did and his doctor in Springfield isn't very close contact Dana Farber. Doctors and done you know he's going through the battle right now and it's it's he's you know he's listening to me today hi dad. And you know he's doing wonderful hand. You know there's a lot of up and down its treatment it's not a straight road there's a lot of long days. But I think my dad is con hanging in there and he's doing well thank. So I guess it the good news is you can tell him some of what he's got. In store the bad news is you can tell in some of what he's got. Nor right exactly exactly. And for everybody else out there you know I feel great today I feel like every day's a blessing. But you know the road ticket here was long and and dark and you know a lot of twists and turns if it's not an easy thing I think everybody sits in this chair here. They'll tell you the same thing you know treatments at parties can and can definitely vote for that my dad is going through right now. But yet there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I think few battle. And counted there's hope for every single person in this light in the tunnel and all this great money paid as a reason for Jimmy Fund. They're gonna find more cures and it can help more and more people. So I think we're all very lucky. To have a massively reduced so close to to us here in Boston. Well thank you for your generosity and and year very nice donation when we began this conversation. Best of luck obviously in your recovery as well but altered your dad thank you very nice piece of test Ivan glaze joining us from out bridges he was treated and has been recovering from Leo blast almost.