DHK - Jameis Winston's history may bite him; Do the Bruins have a goal tending controversy? 11-17-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 17th

HOUR 2 - Jameis Winston has a history of doing really brainless things. With Anton Khudobin showing stronger play over Tuukka Rask recently, does Bruce Cassidy have a goal tending problem? 


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Our members to Dallas holing twenty. Sports Radio WEEI. I promise we'll get it right back the calls you're just a moment there have been. Charges leveled against him as Winston. Quarterback and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A charge mistake made by an over driver. Who alleges that in 2016. Jamison Winston. At that they drive through window of a fast food thing where he had. Demanded that she stop on his way to wherever he was going was on Arizona for charity football game with Kurt Warner. And that he put his hand on her crotch. Left it there until she said you know basically what you're doing in any he took it off. It was confirmed that Hoover has basically banned Jamison Winston from using their services anymore. I'll Winston and or his representatives have wasted no time putting out. A very quick. Announcement about this whole thing he says this is totally wrong. That the the driver of the over was confusing. The number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next door. And that it was his count that got suspended but it was not him who was sitting in the front seat next to work. And that she's just got the wrong selves this'll just as friends as a commodity if they think I have read it to happen but I I would want our bodies that make it happen right now saying it didn't happen right. And he just said that you know she was confusing she was confused as to the number of passengers in the car aunts and who was sitting next year. He's given the nature of the allegation and increased awareness and consideration. Of these types of matters I'm addressing this false report immediately. He said at the time of the incident I denied the allegations it over yet they still decided to suspend my account. And he doesn't do I'm supportive of national movement to raise awareness and all that. Tennis when cemetery gradually in the center aircraft were up and so okay. Because that was the draft class for Chris Carter should get yourself a fall guy ha ha ha I had David not Teddy Bridgewater did not any ink. You've got to get up all guys so that's Daniel way to thin. If at the very least he got himself a fall guy or he's thrown through. His track record does not yet had that adds to that mr. Rodriguez leaving and he settled a rape charge against him right. Yes from his highly and don't move me to fall back. He said he concluded his statement by saying while I am certain that I did not make any inappropriate contact. I don't want to engage in a battle with the driver and I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable in anyway. Demeanor presence no more you touch environment the problems that he enjoys all not. The side the right thing. They've got got a crew you've got will fall guy in the cool I'm not even know who bullied to follow got it but yeah. I need a guy doesn't accrue sick if you this guy. I think you're not gonna do the right thing out it's only if you thank you promised tough decision to break the law of the league symposium on. You don't like. Delete by the way is investigating this well. Nine tough opponents are I have real effort in her first name free LD the new investigator. Recent investigator for the NFL. Who's in the news in another. Way air today as well right as I told the super driver that they take this very seriously they're investigating the charges. And sounds like there's a question and happen is that and it yet I'm not even denying that it has no question wasn't me. Right so there is clearly there to use our amount around but now he's put himself in the position where sounds like he's he's got some information. So he goes so far to get up and ought to die about the fall back. We do. It sounds like he knows what it's. You've got them all back in the cool. One. That was have had warrants out aren't I added I got broad look at a guy. He would like you're not right yeah I don't well yeah I felt I had wider my career. Or few of them blog post career leagues impose it is only the fall guy that you rookies in that category Arabs say pleasant day. You're an NFL now you're professional present you got the right thing and you represented yourself right up in the league your family's not a lot of money at stake you're gonna break the law lets it. Now they are called it buzz this came from a buzz the article yet the article from buzz feed said the Jamison Winston was the only passenger in the car. Winston and his represented a senator and that's not true. You know event where more people in all it was noted. There has had. And who's gonna front of what's being with Larry. My body I'll I was way back yeah I couldn't reach you from back there. Yes tough act yet on the list is very complete idiot so even if you didn't do this this is though this is one of the guys in the league benefit if there's. If he's around this that he attended a good feeling at that jumped. I thought he's gonna get warmer Charlie I chalked up a lot of is stuffed for a state not about the rape thing but there's remember what he said it can't really stood up on the table and and yelled that that. Sort of saying I guess and that we are like that the crab legs thanks a lot of stupid outside is that Ari or that's. Maturity but. He's been in the league now a few years. Any silly didn't even worse to resolve on the field. This year he basically got Mike Evans suspended from the game for what he was still into law a lot of more are due to the student eaten at W wages the look at our absolute telephone. So gadgets you play stocks in order says it's Adobe. That doubted it that dialect topics but you know I'm good the iPad launch the problem. Him as though I am part of the problem and it's not just James Woodson is its at all levels. Where you have guys who can keep at accused. Or there's something around them what was sexual assault either they've been. That is actually happen or berries to something. That that's unsolved of their Dave. They've settled out of core origin so something has happened these guys the accountability is not there. All the things happened would general what famous went through while his of Florida State. They really drop they drafted me. Within did not trotted behind. Anybody know literally and. Number one number one overall that happened and look. If it's at all levels or hate to hurt your feelings but in public president. And it is at all levels. Now he has been accused of things and there's no accountability. So it this problem what you're talking about sports or politics or music. Or or or film. It's not enough you know are we convinced. That. That the recent case career is over. You can now over I'm feeling aren't. I'm a big Lewis and I have his bases is yes has it has slowly CK might be Weinstein why is being done done. I was so these are done Al Franken this career I think he's I think he's going to be out. Roy Moore is his career over I think this week according to the latest polls in Alabama yeah he's fallen like a rock. In rap or out a couple of tweets is that the article from Bosnia alleges she was Winston was the only passenger in the car Winston and his reps say no. Listen to the original voice mail from Christopher who were. Stating you or someone else in your vehicle. Engaged in inappropriate behavior the voice mail to Jim was Winston from a person ID himself as Chris from the office. Which I've listened to against rap is making that clear is one reason Winston's wraps show multiple people were in the car. There is no known video of the incident. Well known known video don't know Woolsey possessed I checked well you know what will happen to music have no no they'll they'll have video to drive through the restaurant. That's where you'll see it. They'll get the video from the drive through the valley dammit if they ever have and they're gonna say. Here in the fancy embassy erected there I get an accurate if based on it is having on and in. Depending on where they go and it probably recycle their tapes are really who knows how long legal back who's the seven last year but you get the feeling that's sort of an odd. I don't know much about the stuff and Nevis Saba and it's feeling most that stuff has backed up to the cloud nowadays. And lives forever because I don't think it's like it got a VHS tapes that Hillary is playing. Well. All look at got a big valley copier that I am gonna take over him. I'll ask you back to the calls you guys 6177797937. Peterson JP eight Peter I don't. That they knew I wanted to date to quote an insult it just let hardly. He he he he doesn't get to carry it is that that they're playing harder to they have bored and talent. Yes you won fifteen there are those. I'd have to guard at a rate of anybody and and dissect what I wanted to make. It would part but they've often been twenty. Sag or whatever. It in the second half they have their effect it may have been picked that are in this sector. So that we're seeing down. I don't know brilliant part of that. Six. Entertainment that. It is. It Harold and not I mean decode in the air bird but it also now. Yet the common Asia we've seen for really a few years Brad Stevens his teams have always played with effort and that each year he's added a little more tile than a little more sound a little bit more now also a lot more talent. And so if you're get talented guys to play hard this is the result. Yeah I don't know if it's fifteen deep I don't think any team that is key battleground. Any team but ninety tan but their guy and yeah they're rotational guys. I guess though the worst offender. Out of all the guys in the rotation. The reputation vice might be carrier ring reputation on that reputation he's playing defense this year Celtics played ten guys last night. I like the they have thirty DNP coaches decisions. Yet a selling Nader and Larkin to imply that the market has given you a few games he's giving you a little something and so they they played ten original letter guys at times. I know you know nice barely played I played three minutes but so he's cute he's given its there's a certain games where you can give them double digit minutes and he'll how he'll block a show our real get a couple of key rebounds whatever else that is a doubt is not a game for pains or tights. Jonas the warriors but if you play say the pelicans are you play somebody like that those guys are part of a play a much more. 6177797937. Marks in Medford Haymarket I don't. They got an article on national it's not. Listen I if I'm that brought quote in Africa prior to reevaluate the gold and the situation there I think I get the best in the western corporate law I okay. A three and I don't mean let's let's let's let's make a player was reevaluate Michaels made sense and I don't know I have I don't what do you do I want to get rights it's not reevaluate that's dancing around that's euphemistically is their right to. OK okay out I'll get right to the point you gotta you gotta open goalie that's winning gains a peek at street that it. What a corporate fabric of almost three and undermine undertaker and it's certainly about yet is it Kotnik. Opens want all he's got mine under apartheid the purpose of the league goal against it's okay it's time that the took a rat yeah maybe up quite a bit. Okay then maybe when he got back in the goalie that the public opinion walk okay I'm sick I don't like it doubled we all walk. I like you do like you know what I'm not like the I got right there yeah he's got her at this point now you know what mark I agree with you now I don't hate it. I do either I think I agree with the comments are why I tack an and and I'll I'll go further I'll be shocked to Anton who building doesn't play tomorrow night in San Jose and I hope shock united. From this standpoint I hope it does happen so we can see. What the real but the real story it's not very good. And whether it's whether that's injuries. Or just bad luck or whatever it is. They're not a very good team and they've got to figure out who they are may be part of figuring out who they are dale is getting rid of it becoming sellers. Yeah I I'm not suggesting that they're gonna get rid of Tuukka Rask. But mark while it was deriding Anton who build and while he's the hot hand and I agree with him I would do that it's such a cop out though mark I don't know it's I don't I don't realistic assessment that there. There aren't guided trade a cop out there actually went get them out there but that. I hate to regulate a market other anyway that's unrealistic right now papers are realistic what do you solve. By putting you try to get as many points as you can get. And right now Anton who Goldman gives you better channel and getting points so rather than Matthews and that message to Tuukka Rask who haven't took Rasner. What what are you trying to sell to harass you gotta play better the upper authorized by those on the play better or are you saying that Tuukka Rask is gonna sit there for like 45 straight games I think it's possible yes. As given the way the schedule works out they play tomorrow night in San Jose they don't play again until Wednesday in New Jersey. And they play Friday at home you know that the Black Friday game. Yes they could get a god grant you a good ride who Goldman for four in a row here. I don't wanna say these. Adults with a good you know just to Ireland and they're in good and the other night. Let's talk about. That talent that they had on the ice in Anaheim. They can't control the atmosphere in Anaheim but it was like spring training I felt like that it felt like a pre season game. With a roster that they had a minute and the atmosphere of the matter what happens it was a terrible it. So it's so easy for people who don't know how you like me. Our. Usually met in this yourself what would it. The cardinals ahead on using the person who would say. Okay goaltender I had learned from from the greatly not we're we're covering hockey Alter it always say are. And what their goalie. Altered her head back up what they Wear. Go to Europe they lose extra power over it like I doubt it takes a little while if you are packed and I don't out of a goaltender guy were really good had a good guy I was an ogre OK just keep it simple. It's more than that the Bruins. In March it is it is a great hockey east before. Party not a great and I think out our problems and that the open note open in there and that we see what the real issues are if not the gold and I but it but nobody is saying it's. The only problem all I'm saying is points are precious right now at the moment Anton who nobody gives you better chance of getting points than Tuukka Rask that's. I'm looking at at this at the season as a whole. Tuukka Rask has a two point 89 goals against average and a save percentage of 897. You can't be below 900 in this well yes I had a condolence. Goals against average is 2.3 five. His save percentage is 928. SEI and he and I asked for all in two. That's that's my job as a gun college games as two correctly well. They games over the plate and seven are like five more games that come Holler at me on the Internet I thought I got to know what is right or dummy. Under 900. Pack up. Just start back at you do yours I ain't playing well start into got a bad hardship to win with who don't help me right there you're not. Not and you know right now I. I do it and if you don't Bruce Cassidy I don't think you know what we're done anyway sit out in April at all but the dirty trick is that don't have a better chance of winning with him think all of us any time now the counters cast and he knows it okay. Olympic in addition there are four points up. From dead last in the conference. And everybody know that that I Arctic ice they don't get me to say talk and but they cannot right now and with a little bit and guess what they're still the still stuck. But they've been better. That when rusty and something happened in select games as well I think he's. To be your guy all season long but you don't is a hockey guys get hot the goaltender could be. You up or down and right now you have who'd opened playing really well Rask not so much so ultimately it's gonna run out wouldn't open but don't wanna see seeking grab some point you know what does he has hit a playoff contention by next week all of this has. Echoes of Chad Johnson and Ochocinco Chad Johnson. Our backup goaltender Bruins Johnson is looking oh wow bicycle to looking good why do you look so good because flowed. Was very intelligent about when he was used he was used against. You know averaged two. Below average competition. And his numbers that out so it was very loaded nobody has ordered a team in the league last night last night Eisenberg last night OK okay Ellen yeah it's very very strategic strategic about how they used to but they've used him. As the guy the entire season I think it would have normalized and say unhappy about the fifty he'll. We're not suggesting he's the new starting goaltender for the Bruins I think mark's point wise writing yes I RER item. Okay he's better than Wright went OK so better than Tuukka than what else. What else is going on this team. What are we know what what the biggest problem as well they're guys our planet got nobody available to them I set it looked like an American Hockey League roster the other night. Because it's. Last thing you get raped she backed a loose crew. I mean you go through the list of NHL guys who aren't available to be right now and you're just scrape and you're trying to get by you try to get every point you can get. And right now who built in gives you better chance of getting points than Tuukka Rask does end and then they are all the get guys healthy. And the fans are seeing it. The fans are seeing it because the interest level in the team. And in daylight and no you don't you know we've we've gone back and forth over this but that you can't you can't. Really disagree with. Their performance. Whether it's from injuries or they overestimated their talent. Just not resonating with the fans right now because he got the Celtics. With their fourteen game winning streak in that the patriots making the drive. All toward and it doesn't bring anything but settled but if you're Bruce Cassidy don't say I screw it. You know nobody cares about us anyway when I play we don't have a good team yes growth as it he's got to do everything he can do and right now I think that means playing in on who don't. Cassidy asked to do yeah dons what would Don Sweeney has to do was figure out what do we have here in where we go. Public art direction we want. He has right now it's a giant get out of jail free card because it answering a lot indulged in a don't have your team on the well is wondering I'm talking about big picture. Who is collecting a pitcher they've got a team that they feel you know competes for a you know a top 4 spot Eastern Conference. They haven't had their air right now they went to nice once this year so he's got to get out of jail free card. Britcaster he's got to get out and I'm thrilled for her from home from ownership isn't his job for Mota. I'm not talking about ownership I'm talking about. Are they like two years for two years from now a year from now this year. Are you as good as you thought you where are you really talk boards I don't know team I haven't seen them play once this year. I don't know. They're getting to the point we we talked about this. When we bring into the air or summer conference call and brought it up a whole Thanksgiving. Check point it's a pretty yet usually checks out if your playoff contention at Thanksgiving giving usually make it and if you're not. You don't you don't so there we go away a week away from Thanksgiving a week from yesterday well. So. You're not gonna make the playoffs this year if if you're not gonna be uplifting. There are couples are not gonna and I'm not to say today yet he gave a bit now and dale you say not yet our Thanksgiving and hey there irregulars and sell it if you're there. You need to reboot the franchise. Or you just gotta wait and wait out dot a year I think you. Enough right now talent sitting here today via the Bruins are three points out of a playoff spot. Sydney it is bad does it bent. They're three points out of a wildcard spot no I'm not willing to say right now today they're done about Thursday. Awful not to give you that your goal at the Thanksgiving. Three points out of a playoff I'd rather than on Thursday. Our charity album out by the Internet if there is throughout the video you're better about it if they can't get them the done these next couple games grab some points there. It's gotta be it's going to be difficult hate that three point two point let us a couple of years ago the Bruins well I don't know if you don't get talked about it when he Andy said if they're not a playoff spot by Thanksgiving it won't make it and that when I point out there are three points out of a playoff on the bank note I don't want to talk about somebody points at Elkhart. Don't put up when I'm saying is if you're out you're out which it a couple of years ago they missed the playoffs by a point. Or two. And you want to bring up. Only missed it by appointed to sell lots. So let it inspire wonder to they missed it then the next year they didn't make the playoffs. Claudette and you know that there on that track last year clothes gets removed and they make it. With Cassidy. So whether the three points out or five points out if they're out of the mix I just don't see anything from this team that suggest. They're about to go on some great run especially Dubai as well sit around you but nobody in there buy dot. This Dave are gonna make the playoffs that just starting goaltender Matt and happening I'm telling you we're now. Saying he's the starting goaltender for the rest of the year were saying right on wanna where I. I would like hot went beyond the feds they took it never got to show that four out of five minutia of the lineups I've got to get a hot streak has been a cold streak. Would open hot streak Rask cold streak well with the goalie you don't I don't in six starts Michael and Anton who doubled its continued ten points. Tuukka Rask in twelve starts has given you eight yeah I'd rather play the other guy right now although all it is important to Lucas's and fire starter. Yes when you play like yeah yes Salma got a play right now but the head on straight down so I the problem with the thing. You walk out the problem yeah you won a one on one about ten you are yet we can't say I can't sit the when he skaters we that you have to bear the brunt of that you've gotten the pace of the Bruins right now are right now and that there's other guys who get sat. Right why why is he immune from Matt lets you didn't woody thing sit down Matty got a zero hasn't. I have left it left again Michael you're not listening to what I'm saying. Yes guys sit down when they don't play well. Look at rafter and settle down he's not playing well I let him for it to correct. And it makes sense that the lest you you know what you're right you don't know a damn thing I. Now back at select that. Johnson now. Wondering you get a jump ball again and detectives that young men call completely. The experience of watching the game last night he had that. Even those parts of lawlessness and. Struggling to shoot the ball doesn't even doesn't cover I I re tweeting. And ESPN. Little video they've got of a Alonso at practice today and and they're talking about his new fresh haircut. And on and on him I tweeted out the video and I said is he left handed or is he right handed watch this shot and tell me. It it's the weirdest shot I've ever seen. And boy is he struggling us. Feel real bad and and no looked weird but you still play you'd you'd make irons good did you read from his face and I got that look right. But our guys that we are charged Shawn Marion at the weirdest have been shown a lot of deal oversee our guys have different weird shots out there facade of the problem. Part of coyotes shot selection within him that he is just he's had some brutal brutal games and also not shooting free throws while. The markets are anything market Smart guy here every talks about how bad he is he's the worst statistically shooting under 30% from the field which is crazy. But the free to rely shoot 7536%. All of the balls 50% the line right at 30% from the field and 23%. From three. Oh man shot selection as a problem for market Smart. Clearly yet to visit yeah it was pretty young and make a shot yet if it's the right shot in the office he takes a lot of chances that he should not take. He's he's he been up threes that he shouldn't be taking his drive into the basket and trying to make typical shots on people. I eat it he does a lot of things that are just that ill advised he does so but I think it just gotta tone it down he'll be our Abiola I don't think ever be a great shooter. But he's our three point shooter either. Somebody. This this is your easy point yeah these cops companies can report on the way to I don't know how to pad stats look at my desk in Atlanta closer and a honestly back to the calls Kelly and amorous take Kelly I don't. And it do it okay yeah I want to get on this Largo all things I mean I think it's tough an act of all the pressure. And I election other than that Ron packets of guys who come into the NBA has so many eyes on him. I will say you really what some call it an interest and say I mean look at and came up under the so I get an automatic data. That he did it and what mr. fourteen globally through I didn't itself one like two point shot. Any of those games like the entire time and I feel like it was just really over IU great actually but let's be honest but apple is that really that hard. The third and other stuff. And it is they get rid of the NBA so far about what is superstar I'm wondering whether they just gonna you know. Call it quits and just say okay such as well. I don't security. At the point where you gonna say that president George looks like he's been promoted a beautiful hike before his time right into the hype like crazy we joked about allow yes the end Alonso Wednesday also Wednesday it was idiotic we're playing as the Celtics and carry Irving urgent they have going on foreign activity better rookie in Jason Tatum you we all its while we might be but we've we've also said the other lakers actually. While the balls out of the best rookie on that team. So he has struggled but even if you take Lavar ball out of which it was difficult to do. Lob the ball was still a one and done that from UCLA is the second pick overall. It has comparisons to Jason Cade magic always looked halt our guards said it would have been a bit high. Around him anyway we certainly not like this. But people you have done on people's radar used rookie of the year favorite Vegas and all and all the social sort eighth on the lakers adorn the bed. Attention and pressure but not in nearly cause of dozens father. 6177797937. Is telephone number Sean is on cellphone Tayshaun. I avoid that you're gonna catch the halftime show that's what Barkley school student. If you crazy yeah. Yeah he's crazy always does not want to possibly say. And partly say that they basically don't have any chance of beating Toronto. Washington and a seven game series. When all army fight from the wind streak during that went straight there at six victories. Burst into the playoff team last year to more victories against teams that I'm winning record this year that are better than usual Orlando. Philadelphia. They go on Charlotte with a playoff team last year with our urban or or four. You know Sunday's game against Toronto. Barkley restarted it better than and it it would not and so it won orders and have to do. And be envied that you know what yeah and his team won the championship last year I don't. He must not. They even have to make that a I don't doubt that all they gave the orders that I could do that demise or not. He's able and are gonna they're tonight and every doors and not hold 195 points but Lisa and and you know then you know which Sampras I was wrong. Ideas and they've got the hash tag hot sports take. It sounds stupid in in hindsight. It's like us saying that that the warriors from England last okay what went wrong I still a surprise but I wasn't but it wasn't hot I don't think it was nuts or when I don't like he used yesterday and I don't think it was hot sports take from him last night that. Some stuff was hot sports thing I think it's gonna informs Tay yeah that's all it's about paper and they don't put fear in anybody but it's just. So he's got a lot of different statements that are really bad night forum. If you wanna say the rocket to be Cleveland I think fine he says that if you are so that I can beat the warriors certainly and so that most people feel that way. But for somehow. Say that they won't be Toronto or Washington for solidly beat Washington in the playoffs last year in Washington a whole lot better this year no. They beat Toronto without carrier ring I don't think Charles knew that. If if I'm a wizards. Form Toronto I'm like this will also serve as we can be testing. Now I'd his side at all. Okay now is on top of series before you will have more out of it maybe so that author and post game I'm guessing but either way. I think that's insane and he follows up with last year's Celtics he was better than this year Celtics. So he's he's just not paid out watching the game as there is this team is this is led to this is a legitimate contender. Dallas American tenor we've got a lesson didn't end there which you like contenders that Hisham. Moved up that has moved up a notch. Where's. They can win the they can win the Eastern Conference and last year. Going into that series has had hit it in the Eastern Conference two games into that series is that no they are not going to not a magic they are not going to win the Eastern Conference. Which are hopeful for is a game. Get those first two games last year they were just big alligator were run over if slept in five. Anyway that unlikely game three and then it was over a two more games but this year the better. Like we put the bat signal. You know soon as we mentioned bruins' goaltending the bat signal an up Fred New Hampshire called a red items gracious. Catholic any Gaza. With the pants and go to keep doing today round of applause what. Else. In the right time. You know any data that we keep take too good if he was in this great state but he's not that way right now seat belt it until you right. And making. Light of fire and arrested one yet competition before. I mean he's a better goal we think he's right now seen what these kids dead and Latin. And it. These kids and come around and this kind team like his late seventies which killed eight. In person. They played like that at the pretty goal. To work work work certain areas teams based team I'm talking it it. So many men on the ice Bruins. The too many men on the ice Bruins that's their Niger the late seventies. Just like like 777 yeah yeah it's me and said they want to get hit dip directions that that is what that team like they had pack. They had to tell he had that's you know there are. It was a Brad Arkin this team I was. Charms. Yeah he had the bread the bread park you had here with Bruins wasn't quite in the Brad Park oval. No you're playing a huge break but he learned to play Chela has learned he learned how to to balance that out partner. Never skated backwards when he was CEO stated. I was pal I'm from the site and learn how to use what he had. And I'm not sure we're helping our. And I'm proud. There's that late seventies where right where I realized that I who are already experienced that that these young kids are getting now will help them going forward. And when you do finally get your team back assuming that you ultimately each team back. You'll probably be better for having suffered threw this my only hope is that your council for a playoff spot by then it's can't make it a that he will be. I don't you do admit that they are all right a lot of points out what else is gonna. Points out of a playoff spot now. And you don't have in your you're talking about getting guys back. A David Backus isn't close to returning was Torre crew status. Are chained him marching at HIR. York colleagues on I largest meaty type I crew tomorrow I'll get it but Marsha Ann is is banged up yes I got guys. It's about writing he's saying you know ride who building. Here's hear about you guys were an old movie is Steve Martin movie the jerk yes or that and I live at most time academy apparently he's he's he's attacking. It can I go where you go I've. Right here to the street corner OK it it went about 15325. Feet that would riding who doping is like that's how long does it but it. A couple once all the way going to plug and Jacques all right back corner and then simulator and even. While a 6177797937. Michael Irvin joins us at 430. We get back right back to your calls coming up next Sports Radio W yeah. What golden. Books but Floyd did and it's OK we'll open. We'll see things as the weirdness developments in that. A little rain and it's hopeful we'll open. This pregnant I Gonzales could open. And then we'll cain's thing to pull home field aero. Michael anti and build a sovereign power politics. Snort. Snort definitely yeah it's it's cool pulpit. And he's a puck got. Plug it. Had a two out of apology and unplug I love god I don't want to bring the club's agreement I'd love that. Delegate I'd like Charlotte and Hezbollah are they are they how strained. Yeah. And bring the Hudson. The Clinton Edwards made it I mean it but with God's Osgood ignited our candidate and it's windy and I definitely right now is senators Richard Phillips before it started. About a minute upon. Back to the calls have you guys 6177797937. Kevin's in Rhode Island Aiken and I don't. Say god itself our. I installed but we know added notre calls what was he last night I don't know what guards block it out of my arm actually wanna put on a couple things. You know everybody Donald Young kid and and and you know it too young can't do what a bunch of veterans yesterday in my opinion. On the type of leader you know phenomenal. Arm now we market small onion. You gotta take dad Dennis Rodman approach. I mean look at this guilty got a little too sure when you know does get get big you know on and you've got involved and if you call that Dennis Rodman put that in your while to achieve a lot more. All we got big ball that. Yeah I think is that he's a great defender now. Is it to you Rodman you know hall for a rebound or honest up but rob and at times. Got self in like a lot of specialist do you get you get you have a gift in itself is written. So there are times Rodman would get them will get the rebound right by the basket he's 6268. I gotta do is go back up and dumped it it pass it pass without it out for maybe another opportunity to hear and read other about all the. On those same way right I'm OK I don't lay out this past that any try to move on Smart. Yeah I I'd actually like Marcus market may have offensively it harder hard to watch now there are sometimes if he's up the floor. Without carrier ring without Jason paid on the sometimes he went out to him brownies and art wall you know he may have to shoot business it email aim he may have to be the offense but when he's out there with those guys that you really you really got a cool. Programming note programming programming note Michael Irvin. Missed his flight that's not what he exactly says on my screen there's other words in their but it basically says. Michael Irvin missed his flight is that this is this has happened I I thought it was Aaron popularity as a zapping fly and just took off on another flight and will not land until rusty so we can't we won't talk to Mike learn and he can't calls from the phone that's right the seat for a million. That's a good. An asset backed pull that phone out and started on an interview from the airport where he whispered to a hey guys on it yeah. Audio quality grade and I don't mean a first class. If that you swipe your credit part of the parted like ten bucks a minute that he got more super allowed. Governor you made a five minute phone call that will be 340 doctors I guess so much. Well there actually won't be with us today will be with you next week you won't be on either I wanna months Scots on Skype on them. Noddle planes have Skype phones but now they're kind of a phase in those about a cat it was there's a whole lot less with guns I ever get a call from Scott on I think I know I don't look at big time hey Erica a couple of big their desires was a long time indoors and out what's going to be pays outburst got phones were a phone booths. Are you shocked when you've seen Mobil's now phone Booth in the UC when he 10 yeah. If you're gonna to Maine is stop the New Hampshire liquor store there which has at all to politics that it just supply out good deals there they've got they've got pay phones right there. In between the yen in New Hampshire liquor store in the oval restroom building they have finished pay phones there I took a picture of and to show my kids exit polls from either in this sort of you make a call your President Obama called. That painful pay phone. So it goes it was you got to roll invention. Do they still take points. Probably an okay collector car I liked this guy I've flown to dislike her darting back a contradiction. You're swiping your of a modern things swiping your phone swiping your card in this very old out. Day after that street prices rumpled point 62 on I have to grade they're using us you if you're using your elevated track you. What you're what all points are you don't want your card in there to there and pick people to find out way. Get a test of your interest I don't think it's like Jason Bourne identity and Clark that you're tracking down in seconds take some. Can be caught so many ways that these are for different means a great limo driver he's a great everything. Just from building to building windows and stop counter superhero relax and navigated to cut a lot of passports and it just whatever the yeah speaks a lot of different languages those in there goes into goes into the bank and it looks in the vault. He's got stuff in there and our order bonds would you prefer. Bonn a blonde looks like he's been more fights and Banja that are women. Off her shirt but it actually looks like he's been a fighter to Florida and I combat units at all born would kick the crap all right James Bond portrait is you'd still lose their hands. And while bond and his lady friends that that bond and his lumps and move but he is move for sometimes because Jason borders are really focused on romance. His followers on the body things like put attention on it. Succeed whatever I don't know if that and it's just he's got different things he's got a he's not a learned behavior and so went with we've bond. Sometimes his focus. He's distracted Eric based on Ballmer he's Canada to viable right. So great point tone it down at. Cold shower. All. Or ball fixed at seven hits us and another bucket there is it. Dead James Bopp portable portable the wolves up 6177797937. Bill McCollum your. I'm Barack. Its. Ability to keep Sports Radio WB yeah.