DHK - Jennifer Millar, 32, breast cancer, Morris Plains, NJ, with Dr. Beth Overmoyer, director, Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

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Wednesday, August 16th

Jennifer Millar is a preschool teacher from northern New Jersey. Last fall, she was experiencing swelling and irritation in her breast. She was treated for an infection. When it became clear that the antibiotics were not resolving her discomfort, Jenny was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. She was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) in November 2016. Unlike traditional breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer is not characterized by a lump but by inflammation and tenderness in the breast. Inflammatory breast cancer is often more aggressive than other breast cancers and can be more difficult to treat. Jennifer moved her treatment to Dana-Farber with Dr. Beth Overmoyer who heads Dana-Farber's Inflammatory Breast Cancer program. Jennifer has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and is enrolled in a clinical trial. Jennifer has two small children, ages 3 and 6 – between work, breast cancer and being a mom, she doesn’t have much free time. When she does get a chance to get away she likes to travel with her kids.

Dr. Overmoyer launched the Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Program at Dana-Farber in 2009, where she continues to serve as the principal investigator of many IBC research programs and clinical trials.


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We get new guests who were joining us here right now I'd Jennifer Miller which was Jennifer's alive and allow our policy now. I think it's spelled differently I don't know what that's like all our gotten it right I think people are gonna start messing with you about I think. I paradigm. Are we had a had a look like Peter it there and actually that are that it. La La the next one's going to be that's. The he no let's not mess up doctor Beth over Moyer and that's perfect and I are actually under par. An identical. Jeffrey Loria preschool teacher from northern new teachers. And day breast cancer patient as well yes. When you to find out bomb. It was actually that day before Thanksgiving last year. Yes that was not the best time. That's when I found out. And I mean. Shortly after that I was receiving treatment. Previously for other things that I had an infection end. And they. It. Just with my age and my health record that it wasn't going to be cancer basically. So they kept treating me for other things in New Jersey and eventually. Before Thanksgiving night notes. Sell. IE. My family support to me 100% my husband my mom. My dad everybody and now we kind of started looking into. Just our options. Because. There's a standard of care if her breast cancer but. I have a specific kind of breast cancer it is inflammatory breast cancer. And I had no idea that there is so many simple different kinds and that it was something so different. So. Yes. We have family friends. Actually my aunt has. A family friend who has a connection appeared and said. You need to go see duct about over hair like you need to go see her this is her specialty this is what she specializes and you need to get it here. So that's in fact what we did it and became appeared. Met with you once and news that this is wearing needs to be 1000%. You know it was. And Jennifer are you know like so how to we gotta get your composure okay yeah yes so if it you're you're two years talking very. Very accurately. You can answer yes you have two young children again yet. You're pre school teacher again. First of that should just take a composer. I don't of those kids don't pass this. Over Mars you always. Call yes and I have to tell you he has. And this is a woman who's come from New Jersey every week for sixteen weeks for her hair on clinical trial for inflammatory breast cancer. Greatly making dance. Commitment to research as well as to optimize treatment her family's right behind they're getting her here. Nothing was daunting for her. Do it coming actually ticket. You know goldfish and. Not so I hit a look at is that. Can I mean you know use. Amazing supports it Stan. Between my husband and my parents my friends my co workers. I have Blake just so many amazing people. Phil and doctor how. Commentary how that's okay how common or uncommon it's breast cancer for some of their early thirties. So in terms of pit early thirties it's very uncommon. But inflammatory breast cancer actually often presents earlier. In other decade earlier that often present in women who are very young women who just delivered a baby. And that's difficult because of flipped her breast cancer is not only prayer to 5% of the time. In terms of all of the breast cancers diagnosed. But in younger women they always feel that it's messed I guess it's an infection instantly delays that diagnosis. So not only can you not diagnosed inflammatory breast cancer early on democracy it's a clinical diagnosis of breast looks inflamed. But any young woman there's all of this problem with is it best accessory to cancer he can't beat cancer in young woman. And so once that diagnosis is made. Because it is so rare a lot of oncologists have seen maybe one or two cases we don't we have a program the second in the country. The only one in the northeast. We devote research in clinical care for this particular type of of breast cancer so we see it all the time and we know what to do with it. So I'm just glad she made the choice. So my sister Jennifer you know you're free you're emotional. Coach you worry. We had these had a hand or good it does that happen. Because you are not alone we we talked to well a lot of folks we hear some great stories and I had them and wanna repeat Michael's point here. Because I think you seem to have the perfect temperament and I'm guessing doctor over Moyer. She's just perfectly suited to handle everything you've got to throw that yeah. He's had some challenges during his client yeah yeah yeah and lack in an agency. Less than it was my final chemo treatments now night time to speculated on that and it. That. And that lesson is give you know you mention your husband with him shout out what what what's his name that line of and in Canada. Not an act of strike hit a good background object camera person and so. Like you brag about your wife and it's a home it just talk about how this process has been for you put them. It's been a process. Good engine's handle everything that's come matter. And then some. It's. I'd have to say I don't know if I would be strong enough to go through everything that she's gone through but. She's fought tooth and nail and I'm incredibly broad. In this moment for either one view but your kids are gone you know how much do they know how what you choose the Lipton and with that. You know playing our daughter is six and parents honest thing I have. There is Dave and like amazing thorough honest to you that there they're troopers is that the man. You know it started off slow but like doctor government said in the beginning we had come every week sell it to a four iron. About a four hour hike from New Jersey here. And that. So it was routine they surge again into the routine of it but. You know IE just kind of you know I've worked with preschool specially kids every day. So I can now ol' what's his saying and that I feel is necessary and that. I can just you know if they have questions answer them. I was very lucky. That for the first round this is in my second on the team now. The first panicky mile I. Was. Lucky enough to keep a lot of my hair which apparently is not something I'll have people on the hill. I'm so you know the kids didn't really see anything physical changes and I I. I actually felt pretty good on that said if he McConnell I I did well at it. I you know I wasn't working but IE you know was able to take care of the kids make dinner and do everything. For the kids and it really see too much of me being you know typically sick. And then this less panicky mound with a little bit harsher on me. And I also had gone through surgery before that so that was also a little bit much but. You know I just kind of tell them you know home they they say you know are you going to your appointment and that's what it is you know and my appointment. And then like okay you now and they've just you know they said when I certainly is my hair this now last opponent they're like. He says just some medicine and have to get an appointment and they sent out okay. And in town and now and they point out that you know and put my special hair on. Sometimes my daughter to surprise me in the morning wearing an hour. The whole Sunday a lot of yes it that they favorite really F handle it super well. And and that's. Mean. Jennifer marks or you I think yeah. An anti oxidant over Moyer thank you guys both for being and the husband is well down at the business. I am down the other end of the table. You guys have a very safe prospective majors when he and Nancy thank him again.