DHK - Jerry Jones' feud with Roger Goodell just got personal; Tom Brady from Colorado Springs

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 17th

HOUR 3 - We hear from Tom Brady out Colorado Springs as the Patriots get set to take on the Raiders in Mexico. Speaking of the Raiders, Michael won't settle for anything less than a "shutdown". Could Danny Ainge find another Marcus Smart? And the saga between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell continues to get heated.


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Our number three dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI kind of a freestyle Friday so with an all over the place. But I just wanted to give you guys briefly. This hot sports today. Who run from Chris Broussard the heart of the batter Chris Broussard was on with Collins Howard today and Broussard contention is if that if the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lose to Boston. Boston goes to the NBA finals. And LeBron James can't leave Cleveland. I disagree address apps are. LeBron James out of Ron Johnson leaves aren't on Syria eat he can lead Cleveland Cleveland's fine you want to I don't forum edit it went eight title of the edge you know championship on these ease -- entrenched in the community there. They'll arrogant after basketball he's going back there no matter what team he goes to right now. We can run for governor of Ohio and probably went eight innings on lakers yes yeah. Over the lakers with the lakers or orbital coupon they'll keep everybody open sure well I got a coupon on the line occasion special go to the next. I can go the Portland Philadelphia Portland yet. Probably not Portland risks that he would probably like those you know they like him. They do you like that backcourt again like he's gonna try to get them to join him somewhere else is gonna pull that out of ten while a lot of yeah yeah I think so but he's. Gone so I don't Christmas cards and saw Celtics are in the NBA finals he's gonna stay. This country that has happened there are there any other abilities are free agent hasn't signed the contract. I have talked about an extension. Lecavalier of the cavaliers gays don't particularly the roster right now that we're excited about to go to the NBA finals these days you know why loud he's he's definitely is there any sort of put county and that's right more. I'm done here Ahmad done here I'm going might work here is done with the honesty back to the calls markets is in Blackstone came mark Tatum. Hey guys. I did so wanna start and not a human big huge shout out you'd dork god Jack. Yeah analyze this is as if they got that now this is a guy great taste it obviously got the good year for quality podcast not a market loves the door podcast a threat. Absolutely taiba let Brian after the chit chat so lat let with a great and it's quite another well we've played terrible and Golden State played terrible that we're a little bit better yet. But can we please stop with the market Smart intangible part you like it literally make you want to remind and the. Not intangibles. Is not a tragedy if it is his skill set is very tangible. And that is limited I needed as deeper defense isn't great he's a great defender I don't think that's an exaggeration he is a great defensive player. He has absolutely but every time he shoots the ball I put my hand. Hand over my pit in my pothole Parker. How can I. RE AS is too much on a Friday as I did out of every show are at Edmonton allies are scurrying the only good thing about that is that it was a radio conversation I've been seeing you I don't really have now able. I can't shut down my imagination when shutting down tonight in oh got it open it back on top seed up 38 and apply. That your budget and all of a relative or a Kelly does not like Marcus marked the offensive player now. The defense of player although it doesn't like market Smart the offensive now about ninety belies how tall either and neither does Brad Stevens. And and who would at this point you can't light that he can't like Eddie assault that. Is there what do everything himself have a Y old to still be a backyard has. Not these you solve it you walk into a film session. This is like several film sessions just one on one and now I'm short assistant coaches do this this is not a job for the assistant coach. And I Walter McCarty love you while. I see you there Jerome Allen all those guys they'll Micah. Zapper you. This is Brad Stevens. After practice our boys a uniter not and market some high 2% on the real quick yet it brokered by 25 minutes. And you just do that. Over the course of a couple of weeks and again I think but at this golf getaway car overheat and start over with him just it's a matter of managing himself. And managing his impulses on the court. This is particularly bad starts of the season because he's never been a great shooter as Michael is want to tell us that one out and over and but the last two years. From two point range he shot 42%. For use this year it's 27 then that's the big gap but he shooting threes slightly worse the end of last year but it's about the same it's not pretty. But it's if the two pointers where he's just been terrible so that that number should it go up a little bit which you bring them back. Yet. How afoot at the right price of Catholic what what was probably any year that probably not dale to a variety here for markets more for. Basically defensive specialist seems a little steep I do I do like the idea of it got so. Supposedly wants this config board that that's what we're learning more that domino but what do you when you have a team that has been at the skill on the talent of Irving and Adelman and brown. And I guess even Horford. Does she kind of need a market Smart in a Marcus Morris in a couple of guys like that at the warriors we talk about need Dre among green but if you think green off that roster. It's much more of a finesse type that. Sure they major in my agreement they're paying for it and he's an Paul league I better I don't doubt he's a little better but they do something to think that the king of pain from you need to markets marred by. Can I get them for five million now five million Alex somehow have faith and in India any finding and other markets Smart out there for less money. Out of EU. Yes you know we are smarts raunchy and he's added I don't. I host ball one time. Yeah I don't groceries you love it down are you get another guy like that he's either gonna be very young. All right so you can control the cost or he's going to be establishing how to pace from the reform. Innovations to what with the deal and how they're salary cap shakes out at the end because you're gonna have to pay some that you can't have just all cheap guys on your bench are you at that difficult to do with that way. At but I wonder. It only takes one team to swooping in C markets mark all you're on a good team they're gonna look at is his PER it is for open is the death of metric all the stuff where. You know advance that's law of markets Maher you know how Smart they don't like Jalen brown and so some. Nursery is gonna see that and they're gonna we're no Haley Morris tsunami and nerves got to get over it for. A model for for who markets sparked should try to be and we talked about this before and I don't market Smart kind of compared to somebody in the league can be Chauncey Billups one day. In all of Rodney Stuckey came up it all and had a dot dot dot you have to fill yet brought all these guys you know old time guys in this view that I got a bottle formula we should. He should try to talk this guy might be hard to get a cracked. I don't know if mark is mark has access to this player. I tried to Terry rosier stop it should be Terry rosier. It sure you know there is there's better of them are Smart I don't know if he's better offensively but overall a rather Smart because I I feel better to outsmart on the for the good games here at the rose year's defense. Is that if you look at his rebounding. Look it is the last things are great example of a really shooting. But the guy has worked on a shot at Rosie are used to shoot. In his rookie year I'd say okay. Two good looking shot. But they wouldn't it would never go to interact. Good looking shot yeah I'd like looking like the look all I like a light up the result look like the decision that you maker and a shot didn't go in. He's gotten better. So he's like a rugged. You know tough player. Like Smart Smart is is superior defensively but why not try to incorporate. Some of the other things are rosy year his teammate to bring entertain isn't isn't. The market Smart replacement Sammy sari Marv Albert owed owed jelly oh jelly isn't it easily the market Smart replacement gone forward the markets are replacement is. Pros here probably rosier two rose nearly. Go to on the offense that's on that smarts for him to do is either eat it carries out there you know Irving a playoff the ball and Marcus market run on the point Ronald beaujolais can do that. With those. It is and it comes at a batter him before the techsters in Tweeter start I and entrepreneur ago we like how mark pronounced mar or when he just as he does have big gap semi. Wait for a great sport and its spirit out and nobody must have known either. The dead guy that was doing color form that helped a minute and point while it was front or pay attention. Was Brett on like muscle relaxer it's because he is and white wine and pat. As the warriors the Celtics just to get courtside. You're doing this if there's like nine all stars on the floor is like. Now learn them live picture out there on tonight's you see them play a room like away Brett Stephens is strong for us to coach them up this thing yeah. Suffer disease thirteen game winning streak they were down seventy. Dean now as I can barely got the lead now. No I'm Donald practice plea to you and I would Brent I would take you know and they should bring back gonna go preparing for Rick. Rick Perry herb and spice it up a little pretty face and still today will read it easy got to get along have yet what Oprah yeah. He. I I actually got to meet him. At the L hall of fame thing is nice here he actually was what do I got he actually is critical I I didn't mind he was he was actually funny and nice and and drew Barry the obscure Berry Brothers that play of Marbury George attack. Pretend it a lot of men they Rick Perry did take the microphone away from me they paint it out death accident and got announced what it takes a. Or the other Berry was pretty eager John who John Barry isn't this. Isn't to spread out for sure Brian. Buries in the broadcasting. I don't get settling personality animosity. Job very much excitement there Rick Perry was all right. Lot of opinions. Or birth I don't remember Rick Perry doing and nobody did amount I don't remember what he sounded like don't. John rude to non Italians now bread cheese. At wake up yet. Mites and Whitman hey Mike I don't. Good idea and today my. Amid like ourselves that low we're burst out rich the best part about the show is what you get so frustrated with that people don't get to the vote in twos or even. Thank you might think that people the better of the on their toes recently solicited the help it's working and added evidence there of straight back. So I'll like god. Stayed a lot of trust passed albeit slow. And yeah you set for years. He says occasionally. That it Jackie and your party. Is not the playoffs on Thanksgiving. Yes. Not making that play well and it looked it it it's not an absolute but but it's it's a pretty strong indicator if you're not in by Thanksgiving you're probably not going to be. Have to say you say not only reports but you know it it where we're creep in on Thanksgiving and yeah. Our genes or their laps of the matter. You know the Bruins. It there out. You know regardless of what's going on it's it's it's a fairly decent yeah Bellwether of what's going. No it is an and that's why you know it's important my point is your three points out of a playoff spot with a week to go you're not. You're not like eight points out of a playoff spot with a week ago. It's true. Jim good note oh win an Italian. Heritage. It is its body is used to edit and last year they were in the play out you know out Thanksgiving by like one point yup you know as. And look what happened so. Like I hard pressed me I'd I'd I'd root for them to make it give Michael. Okay. Here and here I. Tolerating. Scared the hell I'm lucky I didn't I'd like I don't know if government problems and it was a rarity. To keep it takes the news when I Marv Albert relate to get things going back again that that while which makes you wonder the night terrors on. For a couple of weeks after a couple of weeks yeah so maybe those things are looking out that I asked it could be yes we might it can't I don't know I had to go I have had offered girls want to model or movies it is the season butler's. Sometimes man. You wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning sit straight up if they maybe it's not worth watching that that terrible Ella as scary movies have thought about that. My wife is the senate she's a month medical of the movies where it's the easiest thing you have when she said you can do what you need to see somebody or yes this guy you talked to some this is the I don't know how much I heard guys like you know not are a professional and you guys either no disrespect our profession yes dug a professional argue I may not apology about numb I'm not really got. What if I don't think I'd need that idyllic it's trauma could solve among barbecue why I don't think you'll golf goes well not at that your wife think she needs to do it and she cares about I should are gonna look at our you know so she's trying to she's right now that you are you guys talk somebody talks about hey listen right. I don't sleep great because I don't know they're not on average on the real story that's the real story. Yeah she got a really good start got illustrated form got to say yeah that sleeping great like that mean they I had nightmares. I I. I X I Daryn. That the department out screaming at me I scream. Sometimes kind of permanently apparently yeah I've heard it just discreet yeah strange is grace. Our odds of frightened on as the only scary movies is it about bad movies and TV unit rom com hey I think that they're badly. Of them basically with Justice League you've got to do that there's a chance the chance this week it would just sleep shore. Sometimes Brad showed exactly that yesterday it's part of the act that are good at all it was. Michael Guillen ordered that you're more prepared for the show just to feel terrible awful. Are your thoughts about that keep us abreast of the Obama really wanna help you out here. I do some light like a young people as it did talk to him if I talked to somebody. A lot of strikes the do a better round though some that. Maybe specialize in nightmares and night tire I'll I'll ask them what if what if that the psychological professional you speak to says. To them alive after many what if it's as simple as the bill I don't I don't. I don't try to you know my doctorate hurt me do this don't that it outright that I meant just the war movies I think that might add to that a little bit. But I think I've been very overactive imagination. Altay itself like bounces but I think that is the case. And so regardless of what I was watching I think I would doubt what they want to and does its act. It and stay silent here and I'm just Julia Augusta is its data radios that's my profession here but. What do they wanna hit that. Do. I would I would allowance of him pastors to get out. Yeah. OK yeah very thing play out that evolved its friends nearby and I are out darker ones are far about it and it's hard cabinet should count points out the no I did this are all in Iraq. Did it take yes. Really did you say he's done anything that you regret later in the final thought somebody might not important I told that was the psych major potent and part of you know studying. Was. A great guy it Oden you know one of the school psychologist. Hypnotized me as part of my studies and it took I was there in jeopardy from hypnotized you. To rent like your greens because it was market I think learning I was there on our graduate. Like it like it you have somebody else so you're not opening that sounds. Now that would be at the past I don't think so because you saw the movie you know yes and that's. I think that is happier now that we're glad you're pretend to be as well. You know that in the places that and I that it is it was a college you know yeah. And it was absolutely icebreaker for girls after that ship is an honest statement your pants down around her ankles he's not a good enough for a number seven. Late he beat me out of mortality tonight already got the number seven and so what you remembered seventeen but I knew I was not his eyes. And an interest. And in. Policy and he's like thank you is that I don't know if this works right thank you so much and disguise can get some action to. All people hell because I couldn't remember seven and if it works it works for a W funny wait habitats of but he. You say seven to find yeah okay. It was a promise that ended up I was like when the other people names at all confused. Smart whoa what is this word you present that number. Keith I think it's something that you know you're close to break for you think articles are going to talk about it now than ever about yes I think that's. Partly because you guys the end held without help now now we're gonna do is turn over to professionals. You've you've done as much as I do let's as far as I am taking your as far as I can think yeah all right so Ballard the pro now thought to be and then let the pro Seko and have to pay out of concern for the. I covered that I don't know it. I don't at all I don't know that I'd shares. On blogs are on time for war and shares maybe if we did is part of the show if if you did on the shell did not show is that part of your mental health this is part and well being extra. That did that figure period. And even better employee you're better asset to the company throughout that would be my argument. Due to try OK Peter down on the. Eight and a Peter right on by guys know we're doing that I did remember that. I am feeling great but it doesn't. What the nineteen year old George on the line national which. Words are the iceman. I know I don't think you're alone. And it can't get old. And talent. Nineteen years do you look so outfit just. Wish it. He looked a little shocked the first three quarters editing it look quite as I see in the first I thought ordered the great way to finish and get to the free throw line and all that stuff through it was great but I thought he looked. A little over his head for. What's the first time all season but it's been rare he's he's looked more like a veteran players on time yes season going Cleveland as you said it seems and are you understand LeBron and enter your teammate gets re out trashed five minutes into the game you understand all that. I could see where if you're ninety years old are you looking across Florida when their staff well there's Katie is there's really there's great mind and let you should. A good news is there's nobody else like that. Left only that he's already seen is based that the jury is charging a product and he's on he's played the warriors he's got Dario his team so I I. That's it and other great players but nobody that I don't think you'd be Al Casey is it what they are very afraid they'll play that freedom or maybe what you see Harden but like he's doctrine regarding harder much in whatever although. Evan not at war crimes any art it's not a best of the best already. An ace fixing games into his MB and our letter didn't play against the spurs bestow but he's not gonna see anybody better than what he's already seen seen LeBron he's seeing staff he seemed to rant is seen Westbrook. I think at all that would you know gave got a ball yes pretty well bogey. Oh apology and seem broad and it will but you might surprise you guys that you will. When does this podcast drop in which Michael makes his eyes will be cousins revel it is out now but I urge not to wasn't known as the as the clock I you know just just wait for about an hour half an hour and a half from now we have something for. Again you know it's it was a revelation delegates. As got a week for Michaels is a feeling. Of a long way yes and so a lot of things are going on. He's been gone to some behind the scenes a lot of debt behind scenes a lot of introspection. Dale. It was pretty deep episode not the funeral forms but it was pretty well to some places. Seems and a MSN. Make you laugh it'll make you cry make you think. An hour and a few Ridnour and. That that you cannot go to now and I don't know I don't know. God Kevin's on the cell phone cabinet you don't. I predict a deal of Asia thanks. Very rich I'm ready to go. On like a partner. That's just it might just curious do you hear the sound of my voice. Unless they're gonna gonna gonna do. Oh China's. They argued giving it to. I'm not fine and good. They guys Barbara call last year when usually went down to Mexico City played the raiders. Did well for our apple laser light show repeatedly it was. And didn't say it after the game we effective yeah I guess my question is keeping up sales could be sort of armed guards about. Ali. What's it was in Mexico they analyzed. It was. It sure was yeah they're better. That they all the officials are now sloppy game if they were Joseph somebody to do understood to have to Brady your car this year. Yeah I think it's your voice your question. Shore they have prepared for all sorts of things but. I doubt that was a real thing and it kind of freaked them out. Understandably so me and is he weird things happening. In the world so. I would say you're you're going over the top by. Being has now that orient I don't know just I NH I look at it I what does this. Was done not just lays out what it was at this red or is. A site. It till you see the the pronouncements. That Michael I haven't had not you know who's starting in net tomorrow it says that her Bruce Cassidy Bruce Cassidy says. And followed open that would pack your starter Brett had a feeling might be I don't ride him now. At least for a few games 6177797937. Tom Brady. Spoken Colorado Springs the team's final practice at the air force academy just little while ago. You'll hear part of that just few minutes we'll get back to your calls as well. The Alon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. The patriots held their final practice at the air force academy this afternoon in Colorado Springs. And to Mexico City tomorrow place Sunday afternoon for 25. In Mexico City against the Oakland raiders' Tom Brady's press conference just moments ago brought to buy Audi nor well. The seasonal Audi sales event going on now. Read them. I'm excited for it. It's going to be a lot of fun so I don't know in Mexico City. You know especially this year and I want a monster comes out there and kind of failure plan. There has been kind of game you look forward to playing us really to supporting. In a pretty cool environment so who do remember watching it was excited. It's gonna fight each repair. And then ensued a couple days left. And hopefully we can use it wasn't that you learn to vote winning teams receive from Mexico whether you watched last in his game where there. They're pretty into it and last year I remember watching him and especially in this this weekend just to kind of get a few of them experience. Conviction the whole game he seems like there's only understands and shouldn't do that race and so through there will be a lot of picture fans to sell. That'd be cool that we really cool and so which I am an animal to their for a short period of time. If you go down and it went. And we can. He'd get the sense we. This is your your own time with the team doesn't store reserves come together you get the sense that it that that's happening again that you can field. The sort of that same sort of guy that you did. Here here. I think it's you know sort of progress. I mean you you look like the total equality last week when things always change in the law winning. You know still trying to figure out what exactly we're doing well and after eight now we should start kind of feel things out and now we've got to look at those things and try to really men and you know use and go forward to try to you know win the most important games. We are important games coming up. And yes this one. So hopefully we complete our best football and go forward you try to look if there and it replicated sort of the San Diego to leave it at San Diego what that meant and what that meant for the team and coming together as a group. That we try to do it in this we yeah I think all of you know all these experiences are pretty unique. You know that was a very unique experience and this is different I think being here and travel and again in Denver and Denver here. You know I'm pretty neat we hear. And traveling through their unique place to place so it's it's it's a bit different you know I think. Ultimately it's trying to support him so things are geared toward Barack and I think. Actually you have. Been on the road like this blessed. Those lessons to do. You know much everything my kids are here there's no. Nobody tell me what I did wrong and also. You know she's being at home and it's being here in China is your title game. I mean if I mean that it's. I'm here and I think. I think any time here Connors thing that's been great it's been it's been a lot of fun we've had just think it's been a great time couldn't be any better so. It's a really beautiful place and unique setting and we got here Monday that some early Monday morning and it's food and our phone. I mean that it adding a player like Mardi. And I just curious do you feel like your trusted in this bit right where you left off last season. I'd say it's pretty high and I think it still you're always trying to build trust your teammates because you do a lot of new things in new opponents new schemes and plans. Bottom I have a lot of customers that don't have a lot of important balls. You know time you know the big game. Your pick and about him and let them you have a chance to. Image a lot of trust so he's earned it and dissect all the guys in the team at this point you're here for a reason that was one. And hopefully Mardy can you had a great you know an extra innings for us. Tom Brady Colorado Springs just few minutes ago as as he said they had for Mexico City tomorrow. Place Sunday. I can tell you and I seen the pictures on Twitter he was all smiles. As patriots took on you know 'cause it's a little chilly up there in the mountains. You've got an interesting. Clash Europe philosophies because Jack Del Rio said on how we're gonna we're gonna prepare right here in Oakland you know which is going into the game will be fine. Now we've done this before that we think this works for us so he got his team at sea level. Bill Belichick's got his team almost did the exact same. Level that their altitude that they're going to be in Mexico City. You've got to think that would be an advantage for a team to have that extra week at altitude. I definitely it is now Oakland does play in Denver every single year so solid they never play games. At that kind of altitude and don't seem a little bit higher than it is at mile high but still. They're used to practicing all week at Oakland. And then going to Denver but once a year since they've done that the so I just I I loved the pitcher arrested this week and it smartly cut down on on a whole plane trip as well and you're staying there. You're ready go and and I wouldn't be shocked at all for watching in the second half and he sees some of the guys in the raiders gasping for air. The ticket might still be doing that by the artist are going to be at a at a better present. You're looking for it will be good. For the raiders and why I guess I'm not surprised that they decided is completely different approaches from the patriots are rated traders like I'm not doing that. I was gonna keep our normal schedule and that the patriots. Because of the trip to Denver but they wanted to stay out there in Colorado Springs was intentional he can easily fit in Denver on tomorrow's. Saloon Helen let's get even higher than mile high. Eighty but I think bigger than me out to you maybe it's a factor but the biggest thing for them is spending ten days ago. I think that's going to be nice bond and I'm telling you when you have that. We have. What's going to be part one part two part three do your job players Randy Hart three they're gonna say you know at turn our season around our total Bennett Patrick. Now that on that trip I've ever heard out of endeavor than air force academy really got to go out by the humane and buy gas that's all things and we got focused. They did say that and they've had some nice and unique experiences. The US air force parachute team landing in the middle of their practice field on Tuesday I guess it was. One of the things that DeVon according and others talked about was. Bill Belichick apparently invited the head coach of the air force football team to address the team backed at the team hotel. Any talk to them about. You know what every recruit at the air force academy has to go through. You know forget about football forget about that what they have to do. You know and eating bark for a week on on this forced march thing and and the players on the patriots like bull breath test. I don't think I could do that everybody's a record occurred Joker. Oda liked Erica there have been edited out of them there on. Brady's ex incorporate sellers after my Clark the TB well that is not bad and he gluten and their god given that. But they've they've enjoyed the experiences statement I mean every time you see them there'll smile and and happy and pictures of of Cardona. Posing with air force academy. Cadets wearing his navy T shared stuff you know best political rubbing eat now he's played there twice I guess. Excellence that plated air force academy on two occasions they won and won the navy teams that he played on you know at air force so they'll head for Mexico and my guess is thrash the Oakland Raiders on time but like the rash. I just I just think they're on a roll I think that they feel real good about themselves I think they've got. A decided competitive advantage on Sunday sounds like you like the defense experts are saying. I had an underdog and Oakland but baca let's let's face opens up. Defense to give up. Plus there are now over on her seventeen ourselves on the team that's where they had got that I sweet spot braces aren't seventeenth Iowa. A city and a good number yeah I ten under under seventeen when you say keep all Celtic feel very athletic yoga click on our. I think they shut them down only allow eighteen and I need I need a good. Need to really shut down before you shot down and got them out yes yup the second Atlantic game that Atlantic game really hurt me because. That touchdown from Julio Jones. And an estimate numbers a little bit old idea and I look take a little sad beat out all close eye on these futures now and I doubt those now back to get the seven back then what their where they did. Ohio and that's a little bit higher. I they get shut out that it you know I did you need to shut out they don't you show us you do that is true. I needed I needed shot out and had. Like you and a couple of tenths. Yet Spaniard compared then the defense on their way got Miami got buffalo. Nathan for these ads whose jets had jets and the jets won here 6177797937. We haven't even touched on this whole. Jerry Jones Robert Kraft Roger Goodell stuff that. Hit the that the webs today we'll talk about that as we go on as well and you Specter calls dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. Patriots history report brought to buy blue cross blue shield of Massachusetts. Whether you're pushing yourself with the Jimmer doing pushups during the babies now. Get discounts on fitness hearing classes. Seek to take care as you. However you want to patriots. Final practice injury report for the week is out. And you've got sports players who have already been declared out for the games Sunday in Mexico City. Matthew Slater Chris Hogan Marcus cannon David Andrews so 40% of your offensive line. Is already declared out for the game on Sunday limited participation and listed as questionable for the patriots. Danny Amendola Martellus Bennett Malcolm brown gaseous marsh and Eric Ralph. And Alan Branch. On the don't list a I gain status for Alan Branch they just said he had limited participation please give ago so I wrote in who we have is out out in general insular. Part of the Himalayas tales that two fifths of your off at the lines out Hogan once again at a later got hurt last week which it Malcolm brown is question it looks like that's gonna highlight item in the mix he's been able to practice all week. You know limited but he's been able to practice. It's it sounds as though he's ago. That's a big one. Thank you we didn't talk about at all last game you know a talking about Denver and how bad they are. And how bad you know Chris Collins worth was and how bedrock costs Weiler was. About to find Gilmore. It mentioned. But I think duo Medvedev wants stupid penalty yet is annoying but for the most part. He fit in because their best offensive games all came with him out now's a good defensive performance albeit against Brock I'll slower but. But responded knuckleballer is on the there are picking on. You know Sanders was tortured him Sanders has come back I think it and remembrances earlier in the week and I was just trying to come up with another example let's get on one. Worst thing I've seen Malcolm Butler play last week. Have you seen it or worse came from Al Butler hasn't I don't remember just were just don't like Emanuel Sanders was gonna has literally no time. And I think that their game plan should have been OK we're gonna throw to Emmanuel Sanders every time. Until something aside until something different happens they they seem hell bent on establishing the running game. When Emanuel Sanders every time whether it was a good ball prone to more bad ball he was catching it. Are we away and then there were times are Boller actually had good coverage and Sanders and they just go and Bob Wise though this were a couple of I would say good receivers not great is that look like they were trending to be great but last year you look at Crabtree and Cooper is not a great duo. The this year Cooper's been kind of crap so. I think those guys are good but it's not site crazy. Challenged majority you have something now at this of this guy Gilmore. This Chela in this little add on Stephon Gilmore Gilmore you have Butler. And in the safeties are still say he's a real good he's been terrific. Now that's the it is becoming what was supposed to be yes that's because morph back to distract us secretary of defense right. Eckerd so we'll we'll see but they have a they have a pretty good match up I think at Coopers out great wide receiver but he's all right Crabtree. I despite Richard Sherman says about him he's all right too. And their cars good quarterback so. If if they can shut this thing down and they can give up fewer than seventeen points dale. Seventeen nearly killed pretty dead in a bigger one. Back to the call 6177797937. Eddie's on the cell phone handy. Hey guys play like golden the word horrible prospect we know you guys are all the other dairy products. DB I'll tell you what he would added so much excitement of the game will be don't late. Marion Barry. Since it's about it's I know. He he liked the stock will get you know not historical put it pretty true right with me yeah. As far as the it started and help this go I think what did a problem that Barkley has is. That market this many credit the dig deeper. And I look back when they played Orlando we could have a go and you know we expected that it welcomed the corner and you're going to repeat in the way they can't. I think it's a credit to their deeper and I think that that they are the water aren't so because when you play good defense. Our beat Ecuador preferably overnight a way to gain that you probably had no business when it. So I agree with the that he doesn't give them credit for their defense but that's a him problem. I mean they've been playing great defense all season long we've we've talked about the defensive metrics in the Celtics have had like eight of the top ten players in the league. Yes they've been they've been great defensively all season and and T and he's had three of their games counting last night right. It's not like he's never seen them. Any girls like carrier quality I watched again I always. I guess that is a big enough and on your part I thought that point are you don't want that have brought today on a freestyle Friday am surprised by the clocked him brought it out of the oil and that is the Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell story yeah yeah it's good point. That's quicker stand I got thirteen pages here all orange highlight that it got a Tuesday article set quicker chairman Don van at a junior they're back that duo that also wrote the Brady. Tom Brady trying to defied time and try to survive the patriot way and his his his routine and thousands and nada that would I think that was June that was Tom you know yeah yeah I did add other Christian and I've been all these last the last year a couple of years ago as we're concerned Ventura. On this you know ninety source is the monster but this one. Points of paints a picture of Jerry Jones just trying to get revenge and trying to move Roger Goodell out in a lot of people feel like and Jerry Jones feels like he's a real commissioner believed. And Rodgers is red netbook. If I was there front man the power there power struggle yet if I was within the offices at 345 park avenue I'd be very nervous about. Whatever kind of in Don Vannatter and set quicker sham have because they got everything they know everything they they've got quotes from folks and and including a bit that that the nut Kraft quote from Jerry Jones in this thing. On August 9 after he was told by Roger Goodell that in fact Ezekiel Ali it was being suspended for six games. And there was a big paws and it was quiet them and evidently Jerry Jones was was getting matter and matter and many said and I quote. I'm gonna come after you with everything I have. If you think Bob Kraft came after your hard Bob Kraft is a plus compared to when I'm on quote. I mean quote unquote now. They're only like 34 people on the call right. I mean according to this story you've got Roger Goodell who's on the on the call. Jeff hash is on the call and in Jerry Jones on the call right when. And let me try to figure this out. It is a foot better for. Because usually the case for. Old school Alfred Hitchcock fans and it's pretty simple Jerry Jones is a major source which. Airlock on Jerry journals it is yes. Do you feel any differently because all weeklong yeah you've been team Goodell I've been team Jones dale came over to team Jones as well I'm not now known and you're looking good though yeah well not that doesn't look like. He has hired a lot of quote expert yeah he's different fields whether it is discipline whether it is. Concussions always different experts. That's like sometimes he listens to on sometimes he doesn't it doesn't seem like they've really help the much also. I admired my what I takeaways are a lot to as the lengthy article. Or my takeaways is he screwed up Ray Rice so bad so the over punished Tom Brady they screwed up Josh Brown so bad so we over punished as regularly wrecked so the next guy where the next guys probably get off Scot free and the guy after that is gonna get her big time from. Is a major screw up a Psycho he is like taking your your average Boston sports fan incident saying. Okay you've got your choice you gotta root for the Canadians or the Yankees had pretty much. I don't know what eight here now I don't know stuff so articulate Elliott's accuser an ex girlfriend. I'm reading from the peace was interviewed by DR Roberts. The NFL's newly hired director of investigation. A total of six times twice in person four more times on the phone. By the spring Roberts had concluded that the accuser was not credible witness. An opinion she conveyed. To at least a free. Nobody told Roger Goodell. That bear newly hired director of investigations and I said you know what I cannot title not credible partner title at the title to director of investigations. And you have and how much money they spent on these usually don't see interviews this one at six times. And at the candidates as you know what she's not a credible witness it what all these they get less information and TMZ like they all of these different things they've tried to investigate they spent all these and I don't millions is nothing to. Or the New York Daily News in the case of I don't Roberts right out of Roberts. Just run exactly but it never wanted to go listen what I irony people's right. They pried out information. A that the NFL can't find. Member with deflate gate we we thought it was other owners in the NFL calling the commissioner sent you get them you make sure you get them this time. In this story it says that evidently Robert Kraft called Roger Goodell on the summer. And referring to the Ezekiel Ezekiel Elliott case told commissioner Mike guy got four games for football. For football and there's still nothing on this. So Robert Kraft was doing what we think all the other owners would only yes brutal assists. God is and it really is though is the worst quality dale and dale you know what much better than I do it. It's like your kids. What he gets that then and I that although he got. Let him do that you let her do that well why not me. You gave and gave her fifty dollars why not me it's just like it's so when no it'd that are bad it's a bad odds yeah stop it stop it that's a different situation of living alone. And here's the other big not grant from the pace. The owners though have considered other successors. A confidant of one owner reached out to gauge whether Adam silver the NBA commissioner would be interest in running the NFL. Which silver immediately said no man remains owners have also considered looking to the International Olympic Committee. For someone with global experience I don't game and I'm. I don't know I don't know what fifa wire or those or even installing this 36 year old Paul Tagliabue for a year while committee searched for the ideals. That's an attitude which is great is Roger could Dallas failed to groom a successor which is both. Good Ed that you guys bags got reformed its aggregate it shows you how he's failed and certain aspects of the job that and also it may help him stay a little bit longer. I'd like to see some of the numbers and you can't take at all everything you read you can't believe it but. It does. Get my attention when I see that. They paid 22 and a half million dollars. NFL with 22 and a half million dollars on the plate yeah that's what it's. And don't have plug it dollars a month on air pressure well they get a million back from the patriots. Okay yeah I had a you know I'm gonna do this imagery to discount up. And I hope up and a million dollars thank you I'll go to work and open and nothing else. So what they want and a half million. Said in the piece as a Joseph Grace Jones has about sources say to make good Dell's life miserable quote. Jerry's message to roster Roger was I run this league. You better get with it say a senior league executives rather this is about power and control not the contract that's all white north. All right C Canadian actor that Canadians yankees don't know what to do you wrote it because this is Jerry does this is why I'm comfortable with him. He wants to either beat the commissioner. Ultimately be the commissioner or appropriate and about to pay cash or or bring somebody who's just kind of bowed down to him equally. And the way sounds privately. That's frightening as as as bad as Roger Goodell has been. Jerry Jones could be worse. Oh wow. Are at Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones selection of selection it's probably going to be a lot worse through. Though it Roger Goodell was it Jerry Jones election. Well good luck crucially you know it's Friday and I don't want it. That that. Quicker sheriff says that about. Jones of the same thing has been said about Robert crack right all took more than one died that a man but that craft was behind it and and this piece says that. Jones was was an extra. The smaller or through leader because they thought it was gonna dollar oil but to some of the smaller owner what are timeout. What owners are on the side of development what aren't there are some that are feel the same way idyllic. Why don't wanna support Jerry Jones that thought he was going to be a problem but I've always had a problem ago. The only really names is Daniel Snyder not that he's a smaller owner but so the Redskins and cowboys no surprise might be together on this. And maybe they have some others. I think that stuff. Kraft verses. Jones. Obviously you know what Jones had said during the flaky is one thing. What he refers to a man as robbers in this case is another there's another part of the article. Where it's talking about Jonathan Kraft who co chairs the digital media committee. He was speaking from a group of owners and all this crap about you know what teams can tweet what the allegiance we all that and Jerry Jones wasn't having any of it and he was. Eventually chase and they were practically saying we don't think cherry understand it. OK but so he's basically barking act Jonathan Kraft enforcer John practice to leave the room. And so that's another reason another little detail I certainly didn't know. That makes it okay craft is even though he's added issues with the Dallas yes to choose yankees are Canadians decided not like pepper him right he's gonna go against Jerry Jones about watt. Yeah Heidi. Jones I'd still I don't I don't like the wing huddle I don't want to I don't like it I just don't like the way let's. And if you look at if you wanna Robert Kraft do this is just a losing proposition. It make you feel good to make patriots fans feel good that they had somebody pushing back yeah I don't sit there take it. Lie don't you have any pride in your team don't you care about operating gets very quiet and and Saber rattle and all that stuff but ultimately gonna lose just like Jerry jones' he's gonna he's a rally enough support to get Roger Goodell out of there especially not right now. Almost 2008 team that contractors that they don't want a new commissioner. Now they're gone everyone has this and that day they point that I over time that even yesterday as an obvious thing that's. They dominated deceive you doubted the players and they wanna do that again and he was there for that so they're they're hoping that he can do that again. They also think that would all of the things happening in the National Football League the last thing they need to do is have this whole big turmoil at the top. And and they point out that that almost from the day Goodell took the job in 2006. Stuff started happening Michael Vick spy gate bounty gate you know it has just continue and and and they're what they're basically saying is. We we can't afford to do this now tumbling ratings. Revenues are down. He others their people upset with a National Football League about the whole land them protests thing. Now we go tossed the commissioner route and started up a worldwide search for replacement there's just too much disruption to the business don't. Oh I do think it's fair what Roger Goodell the critics of Cadel. To say thank you start off as a guy who's gonna increase our revenue which he which is what it would which is why did. Eight he did it took over the job six billion dollars a revenue that right now about 141000014. Billion excuse behind. They're revenue so he doubled them up and then sell them so that's good. But. If if he starts getting into these disciplinary matters and he's he's the frontman. For disciplinary matters. It almost like it's almost like he got intoxicated with it. That hey Roger. We don't wanna be the face of the Michael Vick scandal are you doing okay. They were relative basis by gay you're doing okay they kept going on and on to the point where it became him. Yeah and yeah I think he actually liked it it's not like an actor it if you hurt your acting. Yeah yeah. And somebody hit hard compound and let's say that guy but my bed pillows Benedict a coming out okay so you're playing Sherlock calmer and to add a touch of a strange I saw you playing this really brilliant detective. That's the character and secure a terribly bad but yeah I'll I was I art not a well. All I really don't like wrestlers like rebuttal there were declared it no I thought I'd buy it again it was frigate zone but is like yet they've got back me I'm turning off of turn down yeah. And err Roger Goodell bitten he he's he went from being your your shield to bonuses. Motley. And Jerry Jones is saying now. It's mine I honestly I commissioner these guy he stopped listening to owners who get their -- the ultimate power but I think it's too late for your note don't know support not enough support. Over a little bit more I mean right that's some but not enough but not enough and the that committee of six but the big six owners they're not on the side McNair the McNair may go to his side still little nugget Narnia he made where a lot of wanted to Dell after the whole. Prisoners running the or whatever was. In my opinion. Can't let can't let the inmates run the phrase it on right as it is that he helped me out here egg it doesn't affect. How good a knocking knocking the sport you. Now let's get back to the calls and you guys just few minutes 6177797937. Keeper Matt is coming up about 545 thereabouts the second best keeper madness ever. Of the week. I thought it was a better Nazis the way I did then that's fine it's fine Daylon Hollywood key Sports Radio W media.