DHK - Jonathan Kraft sheds light on Patriots Relationship with Jerry Jones - 11-20-17

Dale & Keefe
Monday, November 20th

In the third hour of the program, the guys talk about comments made by Jonathan Kraft on Sunday, where he was asked about his thoughts concerning Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. The sudden death of former Patriot wide out Terry Glenn is discussed. Also Patriots safety Pat Chung joins the show to talk about the big win against Oakland.


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Hill and colleagues with key. Sports Radio WE got down here to elect stadium on patriots Monday. I think I will say this those of you listen. To the Bill Belichick interview I I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did those of you who did not. I get to hear if you're just joining us will bring it back and final drive. It was very expensive to. Yea let's talk a lot of things. I found his his answers in his in his talk about Terry Glenn very interest he said they had a close in good relationship. He was the defensive backs coach when Terry Glenn was a rookie year and you know obviously work a lot in practice with the receivers and things like that it'll make sense when you thought about it. I saw a lot of people a lot of people who watched them and those who played with them. I talked about how gifted he was it as a receiver Drew Bledsoe but some and on and to grammar sauce got a lack treated something as well about. Terry Glenn and how good he was and it wasn't you think about that aero a patriots football so that was the group that you thought was going to win. Multiples of the bulls they went to one in 1996. They were fourteen point dogs degree day. They were in the game that Desmond Howard took over. But you know Parcells left and Pete Carroll took over you felt like OK get the core of young Super Bowl team they lost Super Bowl but they'll be back here. And it didn't quite work out but he was one of the major reasons. You are excited about the patriots let's go to let's go to Glen was a form awful. Combo. And I was written that Terry Glenn and realize this even as they longtime patriot fans is that you don't walk on at Ohio State I. And then he'd he went from being a guy who barely played to the best receiver. In college football is who won the bullet a cop award that year that is a top ten pick immediate first year rookie season over a thousand yards. And even ended his career in Dallas with a couple thousand yard season so. I don't know if you ever lived up to being a top ten pick from Sony really good career and is it should be here coached all checked talk about. You know what sort out there the business side of things kind of get in the way in 2001. Ultimately he moves on to put you with the Packers before. Go to the cowboys but yet don't get a solid career he was still the royals let those flashy receivers that you know every team wall. Well it exactly houses that you knew you stalwarts are out of amount I was gonna say because of Terry Glenn. Make it sing a receiver like that who was asked who's blazing fast and he had a little hello sweat oil so what you thought about number one receivers. If your victories and you're thinking hey. Drew Bledsoe needs a guy like this and so that that that leads us to 2001 so he was he was an active. Four for most of that season and going into that draft the patriots have a number six overall pick. And there are some patriots edged it low pay you need another receiver for Bledsoe in a pick up David around our house 41 Koren Robinson and a lot of these guys and they wound up drafting Richard Seymour. But the reason. We all thought that way it's because we saw Terry Glenn at his best. It docket this is what it takes to be receiver in the in the league and that was long before. We start to understand what Belichick values and receivers guys who can blocking guys could play in the slot and some toughness to home as well. His selection in 19968. Overall was the beginning of the end of the relationship with Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells didn't wanna take wide receiver Bobby Grier with the year of the owner Robert Kraft did wanna take a wide receiver did ticket. And that started with a hole if they want you to cook the meal the least they can do is let to by the grocery that is. And and it it was the let an M by the way Parcells came to really like Terry Glenn. Fact coached him again in Dallas I wanted to doubt you know he came to light come but it was not we want it heated wanna take. The eight overall pick in and spend it or wide receiver. Turns out they were they were right and he was wrong on this from the picky when it Tony Brackins. And a moment and he won another one. I don't know James scarier but it Ozzie and Ozzie. If very it was a New York he was in new York at that point that was. A couple of years later. And he took you want to take you there will definitely want somebody else a huge amount of that Clemens you is it that Duane Clemons and of them may have made that name battles a couple of guys. Who who didn't turn out to be as good as Terry clueless. That's it that's a whole Bill Parcells painted but this is I don't think he's a pitcher while they were gets brought up every year people think I'm crazy for that one of the things that people say. Look how we set the foundation for all of these when he teams that all the players that he drafted that. Bill Belichick and the winning ways that I Teddy Bruschi that same year yet but if Terry didn't draft Terry gland he didn't want to Eric Lebanon want all the other guys like all the guys that were good he wanted as well where does it well today whether that draft I'd say. Ends in 96 so it can't given it to your point given credit for gland. Beatty Malloy in north Illinois and Bruschi probably. The other problem that attention players make more sense lebed an eagle and wanna spend an eight overall pick wide receiver but if you go back you know did draft Curtis Martin and Ty Law. And Ortega Ted Johnson he did that I don't know I don't know I don't know what it did before they sent that to the rain got away from them. But I'll just coming in the fact that he came in here Bill Parcells was coaching this team. After. Rest in peace Dick MacPherson and rod rust at. You have that that that's its legitimacy and credibility. But the other story that Bledsoe told today was that his son came to a one year. And said who's your favorite wide receiver dad who's your finger receiver dad because I wanna get his Jersey for Christmas. And Bledsoe said my son got a Terry Glenn Jersey for Christmas that year. And I think because of the way things ended here we can lose track of this. He was hugely popular. Why would his teammates I've seen Troy Brown Drew Bledsoe as you said it's got so lack others Marcellus Wiley talked about them today. Heat that the players on this team love back. Fair is it to expand the soil in this outlined what sort of thing it was fun it is critical that the court player but much like Tyler was for the defense Terry Glenn was that for the offense and he was a god that you just you look to focus. T.'s push that draft that 96 draft. He go through a lot number one receivers Keyshawn Johnson was that won't pick that year Terrell Owens is a third rounder a number of big time receivers now the patriots. Had won just part of that is Irving Fryer probably. That well yeah than the other guys he had besides being my British exams and those guys really glad all of that though Hartley dykes out now right yeah guys kind of shape that time burner Pro Bowl or all pro tight. Receiver was really sweet to watch him I survivors some day. Some of the games that he had and I could just talk about cooks is getting behind a defense that there's no chance our river their times it was a game in and Pittsburgh. Where and I can't remember who was they have safety who was it really heady safety but not that fast. Was Terry Darren Perry I don't know but I think Edgar Steelers had a safety Arab effort. Glenn got behind him caught a pass and humble sort of guy I was like forget who. I'm. I like forget it they're directly ahead straight I write is I want to show why they went hostile now America pageant thing that he was. That he was that exciting in that dynamic when he was right but. There were times and you get unfortunately. You can see that he his potential wasn't going to be realized. Cause there's as many problems as he overcame me overcame a lot to play in the NFL for a dozen years BO a walk on an Ohio State and then wind up in the first tropic. That takes so much discipline as the toughness but he had a lot of issues and you can see that the issues. Where we're gonna hold them back prepare. There's a heartbreaking video that I saw on Twitter earlier today he recently proposed. And there's a video of him proposing to. His fiance obviously at the time. And she was actually injured in the automobile crashes well. I am but but it's heartbreaking you see him down on one me saying you know I I I said I'd never get married a second time that you changed everything forming an. He's down nominee and he's proposing to her and she's accepting in their crying and he's put the ring on her finger. And you think that's all over with it's it's heartbreaking to see it. He looked he looked a little different look a little heavier as you know our wide receivers do at the age of 43. They've really cared about him here. Ownership and I know Robert Kraft had a soft spot form Jonathan loved soft spot form because it was just. You know you can see if he could just yet and we all know people like this is not just pro football. You know if if if you could just which helped you in this area. And you can really achieve some great things but it was always is publishing like something just kind of holding him back. From from being everything was supposed to be. And I don't think I knew or lord know all the details of his upbringing. But all of his teammates today have talked about. How much he had to overcome our yes you know what he had to get through just as a youngster to even get to play at Ohio State and ultimately play in the National Football League. And they seem to have such respect. For you know what he got through just to get too weary wise. He was that he was terrific player. And and a great wide receiver and I was sorry things didn't work out here. The the you know she's doing all right stuff that was Parcells quote that wasn't Belichick the problems are Belichick is he said. Became you know the business of this important and contract and what Glenn thought he was worth what patriots were willing to pay that soured the relationship and ultimately led to the to the departure. Community humans in the coach knew that coming. Out now you would do to solve Lloyd. Though I out of their jobs Parcells at a few of he had a lot of the out of the only Japanese 10 yeah. Yeah where he. In its enemy air don't. Yeah. There's you know it was. Just it was amazing. That he was. They were just saving things than just. It it didn't it didn't even strike of that it was unusual. At a different time. An end and Keith talked about this win bill when he was here. When that thirty for thirty comes out and all they're saying is this winter they're not giving it when that thirty for thirty comes out. When Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick sitting in the locker room. At the stadium down in the meadowlands together. And just talking about what went on and agree not just from the trailer along the the old giant as some of the old jets like what they have to say that and their relationship to it would spell check as the coordinator Parcells the head coach in sort of what they thought those guys at the time but that's going to be pretty fast I want to learn it. L season their Carl banks peppered Johnson after the great some. Some good some good stuff and then those those guys are social alone just as the dot Emerson and borrowers stay out of the way just let him talk back and one other thing before we get back to the calls send out. A lot has been made continuing through the weekend about Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft and we heard all the stuff last week in the south wicker shim peace. That came out with Don that Matta and you know the things that that were reportedly said by Jones even about Robert Kraft. Well Jonathan Kraft the team president right is not a title here for no other team president has a regular weekly appearance. On the patriots radio network and you know it was probably pretty clear to figure out that they were gonna ask him. About some of that stuff and they did we've been able to have you know go through some of the tapes because I found some of the things that he said interest and by the way. Jerry Jones is not backing down today. Hasn't backed down at all through the weekend or today. Now he has doubling down he's doubling down but doesn't all the other reports sound like good things and pushed the Euro. Now I had to put a date November 28. That's that's when they they meet and supposedly they're gonna vote on this that lovely young one guy fight this out every week from tomorrow right yeah third rail just ignoring other real caricature that's on. Glad silent out loud Roger rules the for a of those three years. So however many as five. Very out there are certainly not gonna make any switches now when they're getting so close to negotiating this CPA they don't want a new guy in there. And so they liked what Roger's done really comes down to people always say the cliche follow the money cliches exist where reason this one stroke at the money. That Roger Goodell they just got to pick they got to figure out if Goodell is the reason for it or not they don't wanna gamble that anybody can do it. But as I said earlier in the show six million dollars revenue when he took over the job now it's up to fourteen. And despite all of the that this talk about ratings or whatever I think the numbers thing got to continue to go. All right here's said the here's the first cut this is Jonathan Kraft on the patriots radio network broadcast pregame yesterday. Talking about the relationship. Between Jerry Jones Roger Goodell and his father Robert. Kraft clearly around Rogers contract there have been threats of litigation and I'd rather he spend too much in my life and death positions I wanna try to minimize that going forward so. I'm not gonna comment on that process what I would say news and Jerry. And they send ourselves moving through the live closer thing. Okay. Said basically. I think we all should take your medicine. Don't just focus on winning football games and when you're upset. And you're angry it's not what you want to hear. Because I don't think Tom was treated fairly I don't think any of us fans feel Tom was treated fairly. But we ended up taking that advice and we ended up winning the Super Bowl and and I think I think it was good advice. He needed a sniff after okay. I am you know took a device watchers are repulsed. Yeah left Denzel and maybe he ought to take his own advice earlier rise wondered if I've left unsaid is clear. And you gave me the advice that it's. Dropped the nonsense and just or are dealers don't complain and just focus on the game while on Tuesday. But let's just proves that nothing's gonna change because. It's only if your team is being attacked everybody else even if it's already happened to your team now just Aussie that punishment happened to your team and then move on. Writes oh Gerri it so next year some. You know eighty other raiders got to do something Jerry Jones say hey well you know as he does have six games the other you better deal that Democrats are saying Brady had his organs you gonna do that I get it. It doesn't seem like even teams that have been wrong if they're not gonna change their mind that in that houses ever gonna get but I think this is. This is the interest in part of it to me and his comments are clear Jonathan Kraft comments are clear and a lot to do is you deal with that just like he told us deal with it. But that the thing that stands out to me is that he still. Craft is saying Tom Brady was treated fairly. And the whole air pressure thing so you bring that up Tom Brady is not treated fairly yet I'm understand whit the commissioner of the league. Where Tom Brady was not treated fairly. An amateur Jerry Jones is going to a corner due respect odd that we are so it's still despite business as I guess that's it and this audit we chose to tie them both just money this is our gala this is our best chance they feel this is our best chance to. Dominate again this contract negotiation with the players association. Let's give you one more this is Jonathan Kraft team president on the patriots radio network talking about. It via personal comments of Jerry Jones about his father Robert Kraft. I guess I don't know who the source of who was so I don't know who quotes you're not good if it's generally. Said that and I don't know that he did. Robber at the end of the day followed Jerry his own advice. Though our franchise. Since then investigations. Started the night that AFC championship game has won two Super Bowls. There. I have let your road also were all of this Galveston as you look at the ninety's that ninety that I need to read Nevada about a lot of other decade thanks here but Archie is least throw in some shade to (%expletive) has no big time I don't know the source that spectrum. I'm that. You do know that story if he said that I don't nobody did. It so I don't know the source. Doesn't believe. Or is is hedging on whether Jerry Jones said that this organization. It is is upset. This is is organized if they're upset with the workers stand Vannatter team. Yes there that that career so this is the saying about it they wrote that article or an idea sources. And I talk sources in talking about this where Bill Belichick came out a book about the warm sports drinks and trash it warms short stories that trashed. It this just we've really soft real Romo to a new level already threatened that and then there was the Tom Brady. And the inevitable clash. Between Brady and TB between. Dollar check and TB twelve slash. Guerrero ought to Brady quotes in that they'll get right Brady talked to Seth wicker sham and now I don't screw that up to you while confused a couple of aren't the words it's not about all the artists. Could fully inflated. I cut my broken Flint wherever today. WE guy DH cage spelling bee continues now comfortably now. I have to admit that I don't choose you know here as the other end of five. I let's get back to the calls that you guys is 6177797937. I gyms in North Attleboro agent I don't. Yeah you guys that you really got me calling. What you mentioned you didn't think. Bill Parcells belonged in the patriots a whole thing has. OK once you're not you. Diet is a war with what Bill Parcells since being hired. The patriots probably. Would not be playing in New England today. Are we going robot crab stepped up in you know block the scene because the stadium but. Parcells will not hired by crap he was hired by you know ownership. Would that ought to move the team to Saint Louis. Dale remembers it I don't know if you were doing the play by play back then they would. This season ticket sale this fall off or being or even being shown most of them were being black belt. I don't believe record that we ourselves were hired. There was a certain search of the season ticket sales. Yeah we hired as Super Bowl winning coach from New York. And if there's like crazy. And you don't be season tickets so I think he's so probably. Five or 101000 feet and tickets in the first couple weeks after Parcells hired. Yeah and I'm sure Bob Kraft took note of that and the only stadium then fortunately bought the team and the rest is history put. Yeah but you know I am Ali is here long enough now like the way he left yeah that's that's right yeah we're. Really comes down this two to his point in don't have if you wanna follow this you know we do this all the time in sports are today if if the chargers can beat the Buffalo Bills by thirty points in the patriots beat the chargers there for the patriots will be the bills by fifty points and I. Doing this whole. You know connect the dots like staggering in Iraq that would connect the dots the dots this way. Bill Parcells comes to the patriots. For the 1993 season so. Because ourselves this year when Belichick leaves Cleveland after the 95 season. He decides and note note thanks Jimmy Johnson attribute offensive coordinator on the go and what Parcells. And because the hang of Parcells and New England for one season that allowed him to meet up with. Jonathan Kraft and Robert Kraft. Fortune that relationship which led to that would let them going all out to hire him. In 2000. So bill Bill Parcells not only stabilize this franchise. He introduced them to Bill Belichick. I yeah I disagree with that he thought that of say it's stress that that happened that the stretch that. Because of that relationship he's now involved in the gulf completely changed things here I mean completely changed things if it was night and day what it was like pre Parcells and and after his arrival here. So so much so that I have doubts whether the franchise's even year that's our our ourselves if Parcells wasn't hired and by the way. Not by Robert Kraft. But by James Busch short line right. If Parcells wasn't it Parcells wasn't here I think the franchise would still be here I'm not sure what I did because Saint Louis just because Robert Kraft was violently. They say they still had that there are certain things they had to do good to go to Saint Louis and and he he was blocking them. So I think it would have been hard for it for them just to take off. Let's go to add New Hampshire head I don't. Guys are gone and what's up. Not a lot I ran out and I'll put it on wall excuses that it's I don't know it's free and it and that's a very kind we like to show to. Thank you they didn't or podcasters that are out. I ultimatum on hold we'll CD it's into a better sell signal and we'll get back to me just few minutes 6177797937. Is telephone number. It's dale and Holley with key fly the Gillette on the patriots Monday Sports Radio W media. Get ready for the colts just over here at 61777979371. We'll talk with New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung brought you by Needham bank and Safeco insurance Patrick joins us on the line right now hey Patrick I don't. Patrick you there. Hey guys say Dylan from us hello Patrick. They Wear that Bradford and now that it. Iniki hit mute by accident this phone that happens that's the best of us. You're doing that no I haven't I haven't ever he's the best of us and not know on the other hand I've I've been talking to somebody on the phone. And I thought amidst this still clearly there than in I don't try this again Patrick can you hear us now. I'm never in the first it was the net buttons plus an analyst and about happened to your zealots it. It got news at that it did happen. We just talked to to Bill Belichick a few moments ago he said it was a long ways to go to play a couple of football games but when the games come out the way those did. I guess the trick is worth it right. Yeah absolutely and and that it wasn't very long you know this picture before. Yet to be going well we'll take it it is what it is. Other than the victories. What what's the take away from you your trips used to Austin to Denver and to Colorado Springs in the Mexico City what do you take away from. Colorado America over to her being color most children of school. It flatly there on the television yeah you know as we're looking school from Mexico and shaping and cooler occur once supported. Gains sound workers who are 2000 people live very he's so. It was good that you do so therefore we will there's not so once this. Was the entrance like in Mexico City with the death of that huge grant that he had to walk down and get to hear from the crowd both Alec. Those cool little walkabout of the state and oh yeah the change won't push. It was cool little long walk on me and it wasn't really low but it had its feet for. It was at noon local law partner what walk up to gut player perhaps where. The middle school where it was cool the fans were excited typical of the sort of organisms is familiar. You've played in in high elevations in the past obviously Denver. This was even higher than what you used to playing in its 7200 feet did it feel to you like the the week in Colorado helped you guys get over that physical harm. All of you know it's I mean you're practicing at I don't mention where you'll be. And and eventually had to adapt to you know but I mean we'll gloves we have you know feel a little bit of on the actual board approves. You pillows just sort convertible. Did you know orchard that occurred when it should be okay. Yes I believe who helped move bill invaded. Yeah definitely. The most points you've given up and an October November 17. About eight yesterday. Well what do what do you think the turnaround on defense what was what's most responsible for that your government. I'm just blown toward what he coats to do work toward once more consistent so basic. What our job Miller. It's so important parts learn these things would boo will be president so what from what you've learned in Tokyo there weren't. Even though the third thing we're used to it you know little Britain built this sort of future. It is a question for sure where nothing there to get a little better with contribute either continue to. You know excuse the way we spoke to were definitely look at. What's it like Kevin Martellus Bennett back on the team as it does seem like you know he's never left from last season. Leopard won't look at their liberal left for the fate of their version which is great Barry walker chase so great that vastly reporter. I don't think slugging mark on sort of keep to keep it warm there also consider it. Bill talked about the ten point swing at the end of the first half and the and the first drive of the second half. It looked as though your team got a huge emotional boost when Steven hit that 62 yard field goal. They have their. Got competitive as what Colin golf that spiritual. You could be slower than that it if feel good bet that are well that's that's our what is the most. In Portland and and it's important to all waksal than what the political ticker symbol for capital. You don't need at least there that's that's the mirror on America Flacco. You mentioned there a bit away from away from home for so long what's the number one thing or two a couple of things got to catch up on since you've been. Away from home. This could have my little man power ought to hang out quite a wanna play it mattered or peaceful or so. Go for a computer. No we could have so if you're in good half of what that. So he plays in Madden. You play bad and what team hero who wrote the patriots do logos go somebody else. Quote won't eat the constituents until insult to stick around this. That entity that these were the Soviet missile. Okay ha ha Reuters if you don't you all that awareness is real competition Estrada. Absolutely. Totally give interceptions and political post apparently its focus shouldn't. What I levels likable plugged nickel foods because they're. How does. I would. I hope that next year will be extra. These are cope with the great. What. How is your Madden rating that your individual rating UK with a or are on the moment I don't let that vote was four of us who possible I think they have you. Like a seventy eat as well and the government has found that seems law. Ultraconservative whatever. That's just did you defeat ratio will concur or. You get to play in real life you don't have to worry about the TV rating right. Yeah exactly exactly. Patrick we appreciate time best of luck next weekend we'll talk to against him. Our interpreter take thereafter New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung joining us. We get right back to the calls that you just moment here at 6177797937. Now it's time for the re Max sacks for kids sack of the week. Late in the fourth quarter of yesterday's win over the raiders patriots linebacker Kyle van knowing in defense of and trade flowers. Combined dissect Eric Carr for a two yard loss. This season for every patriots sacked at Gillette Stadium re max's donate donating 250 dollars to the children's miracle network. We get right back to the call do you guys in just couple of minutes. I'm here to let stadium on patriots Monday at dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Think seven is telephone numbers. York called the rest of the way we will bring back the Bill Belichick interview for final drive of about. 540 somewhere in that vicinity was that he was very expensive today he really was just tired. Punch from it was he was threats to check it out 545 or so. I think again was gonna have to help me with this one. Key maybe you give me some help connect all the old married to gamblers Keefe help him out okay yeah well suited ideally I. The patriots are sixteen and a half point favorites over the dolphins I think they'll beat the dolphins and I think that beat the dolphins. Comfortably. We're just going into game. 63 and a half being cut them down big big number and the in the games it. It beat the raiders for 25. In that raiders are better than dolphins. But like that it's not always the this darting I just transited proper dolphins are the next spring artistic but not more actually overnight trailing sixteen point 50. Right. And so that's just what you're gonna score the end of the first half buried him a second there's fourteen are by the way yesterday was the seventh consecutive game. In which the patriots scored their last possession of the first that. The details it's just it's clock pork or to think that's right surveying. Sixteen and had no real big I don't want a big spread. I know you gotta go with it it's the only way to getting money back from Miami. That's all they're trying to do objective is get some money bet on the dolphins toilet cover. Yeah at a gonna win but they're it because they are going to blow this team out there were 77 saints are number our official blow out number they were seven I have. Point favorite yesterday yeah I mean cruised past the Adams easy. Yeah I had that first step into the room there weren't gonna lose. Now seventeen -- at halftime and Ari back on number or religious discussion a couple of weeks ago that they're going to be favored every game the rest of the season and he said the I think he that would not kept I don't think they'll be favored in the Steelers game you still don't think so I'll now. Because it's tailored it will it will be finished seventeen point favorites to an NFL team that's not the browns. That day and I think we're no matter where they go they're gonna be your favorite yet another steeler and hall of a dolphins but still Steelers at home probably if they continue both teams. Keep winning Patriot Act is ever seventeen point picture. It would be favored by like point two. Do you pick a rare yeah I don't victim home pick them to come but they'll be favored over the Steelers think it will be but I think you'll detail. What about that I do yeah I bet that it back to the call the 6177797937. Let's try a New Hampshire again hey at. They got all right like Harry. All of your own basically is trying to I feel. Make. His team better by having Tom Brady sit out four games. And now. His best players sitting out he's basically banging on a site there. Yes but I would think it makes his team better you do it in play the patriot is not the same conference. Thought I think you just try to you know I don't know what almost. Well up for it's it's a four game that's start for everybody. I mean if it wasn't necessarily hit it looks like ninety I keep them yeah and anyone hurt them because they play the cardinals at that rate if anything happened on an NFC team. Right well I don't think I don't think he's thought that Rob Lowe or beyond or the other gentleman actually remembers that tomorrow. Thank you would be would be what would be. Viable options I mean. I see that but not make any sense to anybody that. I sit out another says it makes no sense I would say it's as simple as this. To second thing. It's not a big deal unless you're accused of doing it so patriots accused of doing it hey second out. He's you know al-Qaeda is stop all this you know pushing back and getting your lawyers in your blah using your wells are important got to tell on air today. This focus on football but what happens you hate. Then somebody wanna pay attention to what's happening to me this injustice that's happening and it's over it's not you. I'm not a big deal for Hewitt to big deals that you can dealerships that it's earlier dale enrichment us right now. I'd get out of it they'll bring him back down here did as though that that question yeah week brought to you by Mercedes and talked with about Thanksgiving some good stuff there. The performance question of the week was brought to you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers head over to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for the Mercedes Mercedes-Benz winter event. Or NB USA dot com slash winter event moved to learn more like yes and a thank you Michael 617 cent a lot since 6177797937. Builds on the cellphone it'll. Regards for hire a mile or. I disagreed with key art art art and how much Barbara got at the apostles. I don't know how old Petersburg jail that you all remember that case law rust and Dick MacPherson and walk on to its job and we would say they are you from today a soccer ball patriots were back there. Bill Parcells day one when he came and say he's gonna have the organization compete for a championship in five years he did a year earlier. Also a full 101000. Tickets in one day because everybody knew back then what how you gonna transform. Within a year or two after he took over it was only six players like oh from the previous Rashean. A few years after after. Only one player left from Carol that script you know. The defense. Or from a partial. So it all laughed at a disagreement but completely transform. And I'm quoting you jail back then you're sick during your previous onslaught. It was call and say OK as a stable government say exactly and be careful what you ask for it just like now. Yet there are people who literally we're saying so why that this team stinks anyway they were awful. Remember I called one to fifteen season here so fast I know how awful they can be. And I'm still counting and Cleveland you know surpass that and get to the sixteen losses that. I it it is hard to overstate. That did the seat change. That Parcells brought about it would this organization. It was night Sunday and I I remember vividly they didn't hold a press conference announcing Parcells hiring here your wallet the old Schafer stadium. They did it at a hotel and I think it was at the west and I remember right. And they've got a big ballroom at the Westin hotel and and they've got this big curtain up one and one end of the ball Roman table set up. And I mean literally until he walked through the curtain. And sat down at the table there were people who had doubts this was even gonna happen. But it's got quote you from a 25 yes umpire has hey that's that's that somebody and I probably have it tattooed somewhere hanging on your every word yet Taylor who I god save us. He's got him in the hall of fame could be sold season tickets to break out the utility also all Yeltsin did turn this organization why nobody is here for years u.'s coach in the Jetsons the Super Bowl and yet to winning season so I'm also. 50500. Coach who I wanted to record. Didn't even draft Terry Glenn official apparently were a lawyer Malloy Ward's editors Louis will put extra for I don't know. Robert Kraft and like them. I can add Asheville and daughter and a they made up. They're all good now. I am except for the 2 bills I am I'm very excited for them this way Terry just get ready sometime I'll be ready every night this whatever is in winter it's cold and I'll sit and write access to it. But I think what it views said earlier you're right on that they'll wait to see if the paper's go to his approval in Erick good organizer do. That week that's the perfect time to a wonderful program a Wednesday of a Super Bowl week or something. In one go up against NBC has the Super Bowl this year you wanna go up against you know. The hold gays Sunday programming. Because you're gonna get killed in Yemen no matter what you put on if you're ESPN you're gonna get killed. But like Wednesday night that week or Friday night that week absolutely you'll be able. You'll be able to get all the attention you want with something just like that. 6177797937. This telephone number. The a text line is 37937. All right I'll I'll bite like Jim's on the cellphone HM I don't. I don't listen to them. I'm wondering now about the reflects situation. What Juan Carlos it and are we gonna get I don't like what are so attracted to you Juan Carlos stands. And while I'm sorry John long yes iron and a siren. On. Guide to life it they're gonna get him I think he's gonna make a formal rate proposal yes Tokyo and I don't think they're gonna get them they'll get them. You see one of the rumors reports today. The giants and Marlins and it was like Joseph panic he's a second base there. In two of their top prospects. Which I don't know where they rank and Michael baseball once they're there yet. Well there well regarded but two of the top prospects for Stanton anti Gordon. At that oh just so they're trying to shave a football done mr. Clinton both gone of course but Gordon at second base of the drawers ready and then. Gordon at second base went where Israeli threat. A either way here sort of keeping not correct Gordon at second base is basically opposite Alec. I I make a bit about the clipboard I think the gas prices got to come down sparked prospects wise. And that humans to take on most of the money mine but that he document that's how he got a great deal. Panic into process forces for your two best players or not. While the two prospects are supposed to be right there at all because of that job prospects of organization well. Once upon their their best prospects they get the pitcher effort ironically with the pitcher and outfielder Randy. It that way. Pitcher here Jason grew. I don't know if our prospects and Jason room Bryan Johnson career has art gala but this is that give that a world there at Rio oil still available Henry Owens. You're the settlement. 61 black a lot of potential it's one Carlos and I are on I understand. Six I said I was gonna bite may be at 6177797937. Cars on number. Our down here to let stadium on a patriots Monday I'll we will replay bill Belichick's interviewed about 540 or thereabouts which are calls between now and then. Galen Hollywood keep Sports Radio W yeah.