DHK - Jonathan Martin shocking Instagram photo; Neely concerned with messing with Bruins chemistry  

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 2: The crisis within the Dallas Mavericks organization continues. Former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin posted a scary photo on his Instagram that lead to a school closing and was taken into custody. Dale and Keefe discuss the NHL trade deadlines as well as what Sweeney has done with the Bruins since taking over as general manager in 2015.


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Yeah yeah. Don't ever to film holly yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. And we're sitting here we've got TV monitors on watching Olympic hockey on one of the monitor and on the other monitors were watching to jump. On on ESPN. And I'll give them credit where initially there was some thought they were gonna throttled what the Mark Cuban story they now know thinking yes. And they opened with a Mark Cuban story you can see what your Melville wrote on the undefeated today I miss that she wrote a commentary now that's. Where where she's gone now right right Aaron defeated she wrote a commentary today and she said that that based on the story that we know so far in the NBA is taking this very seriously. This is they're not just trying to shuffle this aside this is the real deal she said that the Dallas Mavericks should be fine heavily. No issue with that tour the team should be stripped of draft picks. I'm not just one you know and that Mark Cuban should be suspended for all of next year. So in other words we're not gonna make and sell the team like Donald Sterling yeah Iraq or force him out. But we're gonna suspend him for all of next year not much what that entails and what is the suspense. I have an owner meanwhile I think for him and actually would impact them for most owners of what was that aren't like OK you watched you want to be suspended John Henry double what it would impact would have on the red so he's not it will be over Liverpool more like if you suspended Mark Cuban voters that hey you can't sit behind the team and out till my death he goes to every game he's the most seen owner in the NBA. If you took that away from home I think it would be a pretty significant punishment. My conspiracy on this yeah yeah I have one you've had a chance to reassess on Cuba by the Teamsters CQ one heat. Was talking about how his team should tank. Because even wise he's got to find 600000 dollars for asked because he knew the story was gonna come out and he was trying to deflect what he's trying to distract. Thank you Andy because. For a moment there on ESPN that hop QB and headline was he getting a guy I dollars and cares about taking a look at. Look who we employ that these these creeps and monsters he had on his staff. But they were literally taking time to talk about. All right he's talked about tanking and now the league suspending them so I think he did that. To sort of distract from it and it kinda were a lot more I like your key spears to make your iPod that's a good one I think but I think it's already that's garlic. That worked for a day and now whole world right activist spirit of this is a big big deal and could he lose his franchise I don't think he felt it loses franchise right I think Janelle hills. Theory of punishment makes a lot more sense to I think they can lose a I don't know how many picks are how they they get into that I feel like the key I felt about strip them of their draft picks for this coming draft. Especially in a year where he's already talked about tanking. Yet that write that off all the years that do it you take away this year. Doubt that really would be something amid big finds our shore are that that's definitely gonna happen. The thing that's impressed me is the response of the mavericks players. Dirk Nowitzki coming out saying this is so disappointing. That our organization now. That this story when it came out went out of its way to say this and balls nobody on the playing staff and when I don't way to say it doesn't involve Cuban. It's so much so to where they're saying where at some of these members employees the safest place they felt was in the locker with the players which goes against a lot of these different stories you read in the past so that was great how the big. You know check mark for the players there and it it again. There there are off the hook completely as they seem to be all good people and and Nowitzki saying you know this is embarrassing that our organization would would make people I feel this way. I'm I'm so disappointed in August though we knew we are you here. Dallas Mavericks like prior to last week if you just heard Dallas Mavericks. Most people probably think of Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki. Because of the two that adds that those associate with a whole franchise doesn't so bad. For so long that Mark Cuban gets there and that's what you think of is is those two. Now it's best. At least for right now and both see what ends of covered from the story better as a as a stand right now this becomes what you associate the mavericks live and that's Hampshire know Dirk Nowitzki spoke out who's very upset about the whole thing. And the players again are off the hook Mark Cuban not even though he's not the guy doing this he should have known what was going on the players that I would the players. Though the problem is I'm sorry I don't believe that Mark Cuban to know any other this us every guy was employed by the mavericks for a number of years. New female employees were instructed by other female employees make sure you don't get. In an elevator with this dialogue insane I had addressed greatest thing yet but I'm just saying there's no way in the world he didn't hero whisper somewhere no one believes that Cuban knew nothing now that's his story and he stick until it. He he has not tried to use that story on the guy for mavericks dot com the reporter. You know who was guilty of domestic violence not once but twice right and they kept him on anyway. Well they're trying to protect out of the Rockefeller I don't protect the rest of the war I don't know what to. Insane lake view of a guy that you're say they don't go don't go into the elevator area of the guy that says. While meadow is it terrible got released these are terrible guy and I thought I definitely sure that these never around other female employees and what did you do. That's that you have somebody watching it in the chaperon them all the time but that's crazy that that. That just speaks of a what a terrible atmosphere. It was worse for the mavericks though. Some that is definitely got to come down on on Mark Cuban. And the mavs and it's going to be they're gonna have to affect. Does the team product as well at best is what's gonna happen it is not the easiest sell the franchise he can't just say hey don't let this happen again but there's gonna have to be a punishment. The NBA is as installed a hotline. Where any employee of any team can anonymously call this hotline. And and report issues of you know harassment that are abuse or anything like that so that people feel like OK I've got someplace I can go with this. Because the mavericks employees tried to go to the rate chart apartment or basically told suck it up. Deal whether you're waiting c'mon he's the boss I'm really right that's an intelligent way to approach it so I don't think Cuban has to be punished. The mavericks as an organization have to be punished. And I think to Mel hills theory is probably fair your final bunch of money. You find a couple of million dollars which in mark Cuban's world is not yet whatever and one that's one less shark tank investment. And yet you knock off a couple of draft picks it up and you decide how that's gonna work out. And mark you can't be around the team for a year. Now which drive him pray I don't know what you would do you have a really difficult time of that but then usually in the NBA would come down. You know swiftly on this one that I I think that they well that's what happened yet the Donald Sterling stuff didn't linger for very long. You know it went from those tapes being played sue him not owning the team anymore pretty quickly. And Adam silver and a lot of credit for that. And so here's another thing where the NBA is having such a good season it's extremely popular they have not had to deal with things like this in the NFL dealt with a lot more weather is Jerry Richardson. Org the players nearly all the super stuff that they had to deal with the the NBA's not had any of that. And now you get this story so how they respond to it is going to be really important. And I don't think it it if I'm Adam silver obviously I have to get my information right I can't get Alia gate just tingle waiting and not know which talking about yield wells report coming up but not quite its lengthy now please. I don't have the time but I have a feeling that console is working on it now today yes the only idea and and you know getting his ducks in Roland and he I think he's gonna impose some severe punishment against the mavericks and -- yeah I think so sue me and Mark Cuban the guy who is. He's a popular guy although you know he's been find a bunch like he's had comments about referee uses at all kinds of for comments this most recent tanking want he's very outspoken owner. And but I I think people still like him and so I wonder if that's gonna impact. Why happens that you've heard some of the guys like like Stephen A Smith and others just completely defending Mark Cuban that's because he's a likable guy and it's very transparent why it right there doing that. But he's very likable guy. Where's Donald Sterling was not everybody hears Donaldson's it's easy being like hey we're railroad and kick you know get him out. Okay great that you're not gonna that it OK I wanted to keep his team. So Mark Cuban probably won't have to face that whatever punishment he gets I wonder if how he's viewed upon in the league blog and account affect our by the way the Boston Celtics are still in the NBA I don't know if you knew this they are analog tense today flavor ever at night. They do that back. I don't markets marked in the back or not it easy somehow her quad. I have and he's recovered from a hand injury I always India sports producer channel four post a picture practice yesterday he couldn't practice with the team. News any pattern wrapped the size of Idaho on his left leg it's ridiculous. So what's the story there are so we don't over your markets are able lol try to update you on that as we find out. I am looking forward to seeing what this team does that deal because they limped. Into the all star break they lost three straight games aren't that by the way it was market Smart part of why he missed the last eleven games because of whatever he did. What do you think we'll find out first the truth behind markets are smarter about the Butler. That's a good one. Cotton near a lot neither will Malcolm Butler before we learn mark departed twenty years of cold case both of these that try to figure out put out we may not know it doesn't seem like the Celtics. Really care division a move on from a but it is it's very bizarre to me but they played terribly the last few games and now they're back they're obviously very well rested they got Detroit tonight they got the knicks tomorrow ball on the road. Let's see how they come out of the gates there are this are gonna be terrible defensively here isn't so going to be carrier ring scoring and nobody else like they they. This the next five games out there is an important stretch for me and see if they can bounce. Obviously their playoff position is done in jeopardy now and I'm nothing like that and they're going to be in the playoffs. But yet you limped into the lead the all star break with a six and five record in the eleven games the market Smart missed. You can you gotta kind of think that and I'm short and Brad even said this in the last game going into the all star break. Now get some rest but you better be ready to come out here and and play differently when we come out he even talked about the possibility of some changes. Might see different starting lineup tonight might see different rotation. I mean if your to Brad Stevens one. Yeah I think they definitely need to do that and Ed Smart plays a part of that these loans coming off the bench and making his fifth on the team in minutes and you'd take that out it's gonna change. Your rotations. A little bit anyway. Yeah maybe it is the start line edited some of those slow starts he eat you shake that up at the U. Change in 02. Rotations in the game it seems like he's kind of set in two. Are you the six minute mark of the eight minute mark these guys that are in these guys are out may be yet the shake that up a little bit because they've had stretches. Where they just look terrible when the game against Toronto. They just got smoked the game against the new look cavs. That was terrible and that's not what you saw from this team. Earlier in the years there at that to shake down off the you're not concerned all right I'm not concerned lodge term known how long term but. If these next five games. You know even if they go three and two but they're playing like they they have been going into it. Then maybe it is though a larger concern but it was that they played a lot of games in a short amount of time to begin the year they added. To adjust their schedule because they played over in London some league pennant. That things will be different and that more back to backs so there's no excuses format all now on the schedule should be pretty favorable the rest of the way. So they get off to a a shaky start yeah and I'll I'll be. And then you gotta also look at Toronto and look at Cleveland. And say are you are the Celtics gonna be you know the third best team in the Eastern Conference that but there are the best. For almost this entire run. And if they start to play Portland community maybe they're big drop down to three. We do have one tiny bit of patriots news photography Judy Martinez not now yeah I think JD Martin David Harris is retiring. He said quote after eleven years of having played the greatest teams reported its highest level it's now time for me to announce my retirement from the NFL. Neo soul. Not that that's probably a shock to patriots fans. And I don't think the patriots fans were expecting to see David Harris back on this team next year anyway. He was one of those kind of those guys like the veteran player that signs of the patriots in camp they usually. Don't make it out of camp or they contribute a lot of the team and he was one of the rare guys that made it onto the team played all year but. Was healthy scratch a bunch of times with Ali uses those guys just don't make it a key and doing Alan Ball they were on the team. You don't played or not played all season long I I like the signing when they got to my I was expecting a little bit more out of them but obviously. You know it's his career was up. Yeah yeah. Particularly given. It happened recently in Parkland Florida. Stoneman Douglas high school. There's kind of a frightening story that at least peripherally involved the National Football League. And it has just come out here over the last few hours. You remember Jonathan mark. Former dolphins offensive lineman. The guy who was supposedly bullied by Richey and Todd needle in my county and others some who. Read a lot of this text message yeah exactly you know. He posted a picture. On his instead Graham now visits to Graham account is five it. But it has been confirmed. That this is in fact his his it's to Graham account. He posted a photo all of a shotgun. On a bad. And a bunch of shotgun shells around the bed he tagged. Several people. He tags at Mike pouncing at 68 in cog meego. At TJ tailor it looks like I don't know who that is at James Dunleavy. Yes and cog you don't pounce ceded that they've both to win. He put hash tag Miami Dolphins on the on the stock of the gun. Wrote that on an aha hash tag and erode hash tag Harvard Westlake. Which is the name of the high school that he attended before he went to Stanford. In addition to the picture of the shotgun and the shells on the bed he wrote when you're a bully victim and Howard. Your options are suicide or revenge. Off Harvard Westlake high school that he attended. Probably you know in an appropriate amount of caution. Close school that. They said and I'm quoting now we learn last evening we learned of an Internet posts that mentioned Harvard Westlake by name. Out of an abundance of caution and because the safety of our students faculty and staff has our top priority we made the decision to close school today. We are working closely with law enforcement and we'll share more information when we are available. Now Marten basically disappeared from the NFL in 2015. Yeah priest and with what buffalo many brief stint with the Panthers. And then just basically you know disappeared. But. This is kind of a scary thing now the ABC station in Los Angeles. Is reporting that. That he has been taken into custody with the teams he's reported that the MC is detained not arrested. You know that's. Still needs app I mean I guess it at this point you can't arrest him for this since program post. But you definitely want to detain him and make sure that you know what's going on now. What he wrote on in addition to showing the shotgun in the shells he said when Yuri bully victim which is what his claim by the way certainly in Miami yeah when Europe bully victim and how bored. That's evidently it's obvious effort here your your options are suicide or revenge. You'll remember that the summer after he retired. He revealed the that he attempted suicide multiple times during his career. So you've got a yeah a former NFL player. Who said he was the victim of bullying as a member of the Miami Dolphins in fact it was a whole NFL investigation. And a Weinke investigation in a bird what a tournament with Ted Wells made a joke with Ted Wells a part of that there was something because we got. It was like thousands of pages of text messages. Between the two it is very bizarre he couldn't tell a big cargo Marten friends facility hung out a lot of even though it was Ted Wells. I don't authentication from Ted Wells found a pattern of harassment. By Miami linemen income meet a pound sea and John Jerry. The evidence according to Sports Illustrated revealed racist sexually explicit homophobic and misogynist to messages were sent to Maarten. Including a voicemail from in cog Ni don't which in cod needle calls Maarten the N word in cock meat it was you remember was suspended great games for all of this right. Ultimately ended up signing with the Buffalo Bills and has just continued his career and a pro bowlers seems very well like actually biked according to both TMC. And the ABC station in Los Angeles Jonathan Martin has been detained by authorities taken into costs yeah not arrested he can't arrest him for this instrument. Post nobody could dump Lieberman talk soon and you this is. It's a cry for help if nothing else I mean this guy. Especially as you said Dylan it would what's going on if you do have something like this under social media whether or former NFL. Player or not or to somebody else but eat you gotta take this stuff seriously obviously is high school's former high school. Reports the hash tag on a pass on that got the high school on the gone and so yeah they they decide to shut down. Which you can't blame for that. But these other like in card you don't bouncy they gotta be they've got to be wondering what's going on of this as well. Out as the story has developed out of park in Florida we've learned more and more about this Nicholas cruise the nineteen year old who killed seventeen people. And and it was reported has been reported. That that authorities had multiple occasions took time look into this guy. Al 39 red flag supposedly during that over the course of the years. Our reports from YouTube users and others say this guy you know as a bad habit is a concern and they really missed out. And it may be that now their date decide look we're never gonna have this happen again this guy posts this on in the grand. We gotta go get him now are you a god in you that you got to take a series. Just remember we interviewed. These dolphins offensive line coach I do was it was here is inconsistent Jim tourney was a guy who basically yes former boss yet as a jar of Smart thing. And he was armed with us and give an indication of some red flags back then so that wasn't included in the wells or report. About to mourn. OK we had all week articulate the business free agency OPEC delegate storage on the although it took it as coach great. Our our children are okay Eagles on the actual work force it out the initial court between eight. Look I'm MIT is quite limited to what went bottom. I settled on an orderly and I know there's prompted the older you at the toll is going to be spotter. I like aiming toward the water is Diop OK I thought you are forty dollars. Excellent and sit in my room looking out the window and I don't you sit on the sixteenth all. I would mean giant would definitely liked it means he says yeah I don't like it or jump I'd like to not eat chicken. What Europe that apparently all thirteen it was right after Ernie 2014. We had Iran after the pretty suspension thing is. Because he felt he got railroaded by wells well. So we're just supposing with the that the placated investigation he gave us stuff like that. That let us know Martin's not exactly stable guy. It. Well and and again according to date Sports Illustrated story about this he said. Now after he retired he said that he attempted suicide multiple times during his career now whether that entail just. Sitting on the balcony of them whatever Florence. Of his apartment and and thinking about it whether he actually physically attempted suicide I don't know the difference. All right I don't know what's what he did or didn't do. But this is. This is freaky when you look at this right now again we we've re tweeted it on on our. Dale and Holley with key Twitter feed you can see what he posted on its program. Especially what happened last week in Parkland Florida. Ray what are you wander thinking if you put this out. With the hash tag of a high school that you attended when it was a high school in Florida in which seventeen people lost their lives. Eric if you gotta figure that that played a part in this and it just tattoos that that's not just a coincidence remiss. Happen and I know that you know I'm sure this is stuck with them throughout his entire life and maybe even before he met. Policy and economy go and those guys you know he was having issues of his own after that those guys maybe. Maybe things got worse I don't know but that was that I think that's scandal. A five years ago or so. For five years ago and then for him to put the size of her now here hopefully. They're able to. It says they have brought him in right now and it's he's a delicate arrest them. But you can also eat you have a conversation with a M I kind of see where it's heads out and and try to get some help. They Los Angeles police department. Didn't name Jonathan Martin. But I'm reading a quote that said we have confirmed that he's been located across the suspect in this case he's not a threat anymore. I assume that means he's in custody of some kind ice and that's out there you know something worse. But the school closed today because of of this post I guess it happened last night. The net posted on its program. And and apparently the the authorities have done exactly what they should have done. And Donna taken this guy into custody but holy hell. Yeah there's some of those who Sorrell the other semi serious foreign names on the answer Rampage in cog here on pouncing we recognize. The other James Dunleavy and TJ Taylor I don't know they Arab their foreign players they were. College teammates. Extend it I said they were two former students at Harvard Westlake I'm looking at a CS yeah teammates with the dolphins just in those two guys who didn't get along with a high school. I eyesight yes they said two former students at Harvard Westlake. Am yeah. Bizarre. And and you know now all times right. And you wonder what happened last week pushed him to this point audio it's now he's down if he's got some mental health issues to begin with and it's certainly sounds as though he does yes. But the authorities unlike Florida Morgan take any chances. They say. His agent his former agent told business insider no longer represented the player but he called the situation quote a sad story. And as I said a sergeant from the LAPD told the daily news out there he's not a threat anymore. Now again I think that means that they've taken they've got an area. And so again you are tired and 50015. Trillion of back injuries and hasn't played in the NFL sends one of the fourteen. Seasons have been a long time since since he's been in the league obviously Suzy here's name you go right back to the he's the only guy in NFL history I think there's been involved in the bullying scandal for somebody who's been bullied as a as an NFL player. And so bureaucrat just a crazy story plot and outlook and this is me playing amateur psychologist here when I look at the since two grand feet. And a shotgun is on the bed and 369. About 1520. Shotgun shells. If it was in fact suicide you were talking about. In owning 1518. Is when he shotgun just is there a threat one will do it yeah that's not a threat to those fourth he's the one who said your options are suicide. Or revenge. At least ten people who have caused him issues in the past. Sort of sounds like he was thinking more like regular event is laws on the votes well. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Scary story. Sort of connected to the National Football League it's dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. More scrapes in the National Hockey League not including the Boston Bruins Derek press art has been traded today by via. The Ottawa Senators to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I I know that everybody's waiting to see when done Sweeney's gonna do. I I I I I can tell you that there was a podcast. Called zero pucks get knocked out I don't know and I out. And god. Darren breaker on the podcast said that he believes Don Sweeney is quote. Big game hunting. The moment while hooked up a home I like that and I don't like big game hunting you know the real -- on them behind on the idea of applying afternoon HL trade I like that you know that's that he may be you know what they're trying to. Have to swing the big deal now whether that's mine McDonna. Or even bigger game Eric Carlson that seems like it's out there of them this year. Right Rick Nash Ryan Dunn Eric Carlson if a couple of names that. We haven't heard yet it seems like this could be a big time deadline and every year has the opportunity to be there's been some duds over the recent years. Yeah Brittany Murphy's podcast was with a greater and greater told Jimmy Murphy. That he thinks that there is no doubt that Don Sweeney is it's out there trying to do something like breakers term. If his term was. That John Sweeney is quote big game hunting on who also own of the. Make the argument here you want and my understanding is siding came nearly appeared on that station across the street never heard of it and said you know of this team's Donald good thing going on here likes the chemistry on the ice locked likes to chemistry in the Rome you know do you want to disrupt that by making big dramatic change is probably not. I mean you don't wanna you certainly don't wanna take away from what you've got here very much right now you'll elect this team right now the way they're trending. They are the and outs of the best team. In the Eastern Conference and maybe the best team all hockey rebellion gone. Through some of the different out power rankings NHL dot com goodness that I heard this week nearly dropped first for a while because yeah. Vegas was never apparently never gonna lose a game again. But. The other thought out there is that Tampa Bay is the other team in hot pursuit of Brian McDonough. And Carlson. And they quickly they could be in on both of those and that could really to break the gap ever talked about this yesterday that part of the problem here is that apparently Ottawa has decided if we are gonna trade Erik Karlsson. We're gonna use this is our opportunity to unload this awful Bobby Ryan contract is that pads and it's a bad deal or bad and so. Now what the audience around the NHL is that. They're they're trying to see if it would if they get a third team involved for a fourth team involved so that a team with cap space. Who can take on the Ryan contract. Might get something in own terms of prospects from someone and then they can help facilitate a deal. Generally speaking the more teams involved in a in a possible deal the less likely it is that a deal is gonna happen. And and a lot of the Canadian analyst of this thing says it's probably still going to be hard to pull this off by Monday. This may be an off season there's the good news is Bob Ryan off the IR he played last night last night patent assists. Is also mines to any kind of stinks now happening and really get a spot with the docs everything goes for the senators. Is is not very good anymore. But would you take on that albatross of a contract. For the next five more years in the size they want more sound like a lifetime deal for Bob Ryan at no time I don't want Bobby Ryan. If I wish Carlson though. Now this is now again if you could get another team involved and you could. Siphon off Bobby Ryan at some team with cap space you give them prospects to take off your hands that are worth doing you know then I would absolutely considerate by the Ottawa at stage. Give away Bobby Ryan as part of this deal or force upon you free giveaway they forced upon you. Bob Ryan and account or Carlson deal that they're not gonna get as much forum. Whereas if they just traded Eric Carlson way. You'd you'd get asked from the king's ransom but now you're going got to take this guy as a parent while there were taking our our top young players on that often deal. The I thought out of Ottawa is that that Carlson has made it pretty wet widely known within the organization he just like the direction the team is going and he's not gonna sign when his contract is up after next season. And so they're looking at lucky if he's not going to be able to keep him anyway. If we trade him now we're gonna get more than if we trade him you know like at the trading deadline a year from now when he's only got short term left under his deal. So that you know he's kind of made it clear that maybe it's time to move on fans inaudible hate it. Oh yeah I mean they were in the conference finals last year and then they are amassed this year. And so they have one of the best. Defenseman in the league and he's got a year left on his deal. So you're in that same situation that you see so many times bush in the NBA where a player a really good player is on a bad team. And it's just aren't won they penetrate them and what are they gonna get form and so it either be before Monday this offseason. Or do you wait until next deadline in honor and at that point. What are you gonna really get in return so maybe this the time you know earlier in the week till three brought up our Karl some people thought young. Probably probably at the end of the year in the eye and it's it's in I thought it yeah yeah yeah and it's so complicated in terms of you know salary by the way when he does sign after next season the thought is he's gonna want like at seven rate year deal in the ten to twelve million dollar a year range. He's probably worth that the batteries and third innings twice seven right now for servers I thought he was older maybe just because you're so good when he was when he was young. Ari timidly early but I doubt it guy. It in if the Bruins don't get them and doesn't sound like bait and certainly well. But if he goes to Tampa Bay that is not ideals that you have the face the lightning in the playoffs and the idea of facing Eric Carlson again and any seven game series. That will probably give them the edge there so I'm open as as a broad spanned the heat stays on these days Ottawa. He's not gonna affect you at all in the in the playoffs or not have to worry about him. But it would appear. That Don Sweeney is trying to make something happen and a lot of the analysts around especially in the Canadian markets. Have said Don Sweeney could hold the key to this trade deadline focus of the lots of that a lot of assets now he's got to get out of a lot of young talent percolating through the system probably more than he can afford to keep here right. He. Now whether that would get it done for Ryan McDonald for instance. Or whether you wanna really go big game hunting and try to figure out a way to get Carlson here which. Yeah much more complicated was and then they're they're just I guess the last point on on body Ryan is. Bounce when he's a pretty good job of cleaning up what Peter's rally left with the it would cap situation now the back is deal. Might not be great although he's he's playing pretty well but you don't loan that's at the long deal for her older guys. Police are pretty good job with some of the contracts here so if you did at the take on Bob Ryan kind of resets things a little bit but. The good news is for that I don't think there's any way the Bruins would do this deal of Bobby Ryan had to stay here. Beat you badly but it didn't get Ryan was a part of this it's clogs it up Somalia now and tend not to go to player knowing what it's all of these he just fell apart a team USA guy who's a nice player now it now accounts thinks so you have it that's a lot of makes that a part of this deal look. Will trade Carlson but you gotta take the Ryan contract out on our hands. The only way you'd consider that your Sweeney is if you can siphon Ryan off somewhere slip them to a team that's at the floor but I'm that. What are so did the call is back to New York. You're you got you got Holden nice Eric. What's it gonna take so I I'm on the long that's what they're pursuing that prowler which makes more sense to me and you know the price wouldn't be as exorbitant now the players not as good either. Carl are not a diet and he's not then McDonough but you don't have to blow things up to get McDonough in here in my opinion right in his contract is is 50 a year after this so it's not just a rental he can be a part of of two playoff runs I think that makes a lot more appealing. Good combination wing youth. You go to Chara as your your clear veteran defenseman but that all the young defensemen they have to I got another stable peace. That degrade audio of the Bruins fans be thrown that out also be considered it a major move. They still got to do some and anyway I mean as candidate they practiced today in Toronto at nine defense on the ice. That's using a bit much that's a little more than half the most oil as it whether you need wanna do you have hang around. So they're gonna have to do something and and I think ultimately there they're gonna ship a defenseman off of to Providence. Or they're gonna have to traded defenseman. And especially if they're gonna bring another defenseman and like Brian McDonough did an effort to you have to get ready to defense end here. Let's get back to the calls are you guys 6177797937. Toms on the cellphone teton. I tidy. They had a gaga rhetoric. They got it up automotive mobile web both aspects Arizona. A blast and it doesn't. I like him but the word out of Arizona is that they're not interest in dealing and earth. I know he would but it but I don't but you know they've got to be willing to trade him. Apart. Job or I or her. Aren't our guys at him while I guess that's the question personally I'd rather have Brian Matt. Larson that's just me. OP spot here and a you know and I think there's none of that do you see that could take on Bob Ryan the trailer and make that announcement and -- a techsters said he Abbott would Ottawa trait in the division. The New York Rangers made a trade last night with the New Jersey Devils. They traded a guy three miles I think they would. Now it's the first time they've ever done a deal together. And the guy that the Rangers traded to the doubles is a guided Billy Jaffe one of the Bruins to laugh from after Michael Ratner. I think what when you're at this stage when you're at the trade deadline and you're basically blowing things you're you're one of those teams that's and that's it Ottawa were just blown up. You traded anybody. If if the best deal that you have comes from the Bruins at the Canadians or any other team where the best deal is you goal that it does matter awareness. Yeah I think if anything auto would love to make a deal with Boston just because of all the pieces that they have you know they got young guys at every spot they got a big draft picks say it did everything. To trade so they'll they'll take your chances there. Your doctor eliminate. Don't quarter of the teams here are gonna say we're not make it a deal inside the division but are you liberals a lot of really good offers. I know it's Chris Carlson is. I wouldn't be worry about it bogged seen him you know four times a year Everett is now that that that would be a big. And so now they have fallen so far in Ottawa that day it's got to be the least of their concerns they've got to figure out just how we can. You wanna drop by I mean then asked the Canadians. Say Canadians are in full blown tank mode in my opinion I'm not saying Shea Weber isn't hurt. But all of a sudden now Shea Weber it's gonna have surgery he's done for the year all of a sudden you know we hear yesterday L Carey Price has a concussion he's out indefinitely. I mean it sort of sounds like a team that has made a realistic assessment of where they are right now yeah they're done and how bad their team as there's thought that that they are. Probably looking to trade their captain Max patch erratic hours is fair to say that they've they're wrong and to sell all kinds of pieces by I don't know if there's any doubt they would be out. I'm another team that I don't think I'll walk loaded the Canadians man this is not closed fault. Now I say I begin I'm coming flowed fan not now and I admit that but you know that roster. No room understood how they put that roster together yeah it's like a team with no senators. But through a really good goaltender yeah really good defenseman. And then let. To the opposite of the bruins' five years ago they had like eight senators is that they have they have police and as a plan going everywhere. Yeah Montreal the mass but really edited. By Jimmy fascinates you the Bruins in the lightning do because those seem like the two teams right now in the Eastern Conference that the best chances to get the cup final. I think the Bruins are gonna make a move I think you're gonna make game and I'm not gonna say a major move but a significant move you know. That the mic hole and move was a was adept peeps yeah right. About like I Drew Stafford edition last year at the trade deadline but it was top apps to the top two defenseman or top two of the top four top four defensemen somewhere in there are. That you look at it and they don't what to hobbies of great competition for the rest of the spot they they do have pretty good competition for the guys that get out there on the ice each and every night. But out you got it and another piece like a ride McDonna. Now as its only gonna make it even better and the guy you're you're third pair now is going to be even stronger. I'd like him to make a move. I'd like him to do you know Monday at like three other guys in the middle of the the NASA and trade deadline special all that's right and I'm hosting. If they do it like today or tomorrow and it's sort of a kibosh on the trade deadline special kind of it kind of ruins Alec tracker I watched the guys and TS Tuesday. They whip around in nineteen the updates on Gaza get traded some years it's complete bust but this year it's it's already shaping up to be a pretty good trade deadline. Did they know. All lot of break out a lot of smoke out there Jack via indicating that there's a fair amount of fire and you got a lot of teams who've just made the the realistic. The realistic assessment you know what we just got to blow this thing well yeah are awful. While we're not gonna get better with this group were just gonna try to get draft picks and prospects and and start this process over again. Now thankfully the Bruins or the other end of the spectrum yes they sure they're they're one of the teams that is saying we've got a realistic chance of winning this thing this year. We want to add to what we've already got which is really good. So let's go find something that that will make us an even better team than we are right now. And by the way it if if it also keeps that. Great player away from you know the Tampa Bay Lightning that's good till death also that is definitely you know plus what what's the biggest need on the team I don't talk about McDonnell a lot of and but is there a specific thing that they knew I thought the we're gonna try to get a top four. Left shot defenseman yep and a left wing. I thought those with the the two areas that if Don Sweeney could add to the mix that's what he'd wanna act. Yes and at that seems like I'll be out there it's just about everything is is available to them so. It's it's gonna depend on December if they wanna give up in the last year they were really Smart at the deadline they didn't do anything Drew Stafford mean they didn't do anything so they. They kept the team intact they kept. Almost all of their draft picks they knew that they couldn't go all went for last year so they just sort of kept that you know of young guys they developed it it was in yet to see Cassidy. Coach them up. And then this year. All these young guys have clicked in irony a great situation. But if you're Don Sweeney. It's a much different than last year just because where he wore the stake as your your. In addition to you wanna make a move you wanna add to which we're also saying. Kind of real good thing going here right two why wanna take a chance that I ideals something off this roster for a player that I think is better. But to lead and disrupt things. You know if if I traded I'm just using this is an example yeah if I traded Torre Krueger as part of a package. And Jake Nebraska and a first round pick to get Erik Karlsson Eric Carlson's great player. When I'm taking too. Really important players off my roster and adding a really important player rights or the white guys around everything. And then maybe that also comes in the put some of that Brian McDonough he's the team captain there reasoning that you get a get a good player. And all by all accounts the guy who's gonna sit right in in any locker room than that that also might be. Maybe it'll be easier for someone in 6177797937. It's telefono protects line is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio WE yeah.