DHK - Keefer Madness - Sex Robot Edition 10-03-17

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, October 3rd

Another edition of the madness to close out the show, and things just got weird for people who like blow-up dolls.


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She's bird and yes you are ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild of the men and not think I hate hate. It's. Got so he's just gotten a lot. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. Adding gets hit everyday work Clark. For the record. My job is to tell the truth and idea though it's real could have ladies who doesn't today. I hate religion general manager who's just trying to just see on Florida toddler narration. The former rockets guard Burton hall clerk Maxwell takes it to the Max before the game. Artery out Tuesday edition of key for madness and guys it's good news here. Yeah it is that there are good sound and as your nerves red sex robots. Watch sex robots are here and have little late that's good news. Yeah a light itself. On the that you're ms. judging me on a Thursday news. We have robots we have the potential to become sex robot known if you could perhaps be where they sex robot OK you know viewers I'm I'm thinking that that's probably not quite. Not if they try and sex robot program the state not tonight they while you're gonna find out whether it's program got a lot rare these robot. You know kind of the sex robot that can work around for awhile now they've they've almost perfected them were pretty close in the third robot game. There's a show called the doctors in which they yeah. They introduced the story. These civilian personal advisor on Saturday they talk about it started kind of dramatic I have very much doubt that there will be going ambulance. Form my two little warning to. Meet Samantha she's not just another pretty face she's elites in an age sex with a lot of and sex robot sex robotics the latest itself is a good plan the guys who would never had a Bob about people that wanna be reached. Throw as a writer Europe inventing these things and there are huge market and it's taken off another car and you view buys one sex Rabat Nancy Yuen dinners and they run is that there. If they got about I don't know I don't I don't know so yeah. Would it cost analysis yeah. Bodies like 4000 box right now at least these models and 4000 yeah. You heard that right Samantha is not afraid to say what's on her mind. Worst sort based engineer surge racing news as recently creepy sex all equipped with the latest advances in artificial technology. The music actually distracts elected at first I thought it cool but they keep going into this budget appears certain sentences on months on an engineer that we aren't what do you make. All these sex ball doesn't matter and sex art and you're making them tipped to be like humans so I mean I just assumed it rejected by humanism. As the region. Not other robots don't you know that of shame you must understand that handle rejection better and I'm so white goodness thank you Google a unisex robots. And the third article as he has is having sex with a robot considered cheating. Member of the aisle in the light on and I don't know the either already relationships and and I. This and they actually had is that he's there is another another article. Sex robot molested destroyed at electronics show I don't you know we're all sorts. Way to jump on that day they'll pay out. Well. There. Who has got. Their arguments advice might you guys. As tells us about these stories just sit back and let the robot. The question is that you look that are on it now all right now our IT departments conceive logs and some of these little. Yeah around noon on holiday and month. Who's seemingly enjoys sex just as much as your healing partner. Week ago I applied. Well I imagine whether and how much she enjoys it is probably programs and enjoy it. That's my guess orbit just treated to write a program like me you first started playing Madden they're different levels isn't easy level rookie and I got a it salads make you feel like America. Abdullah I got a little data results that are on all that I have to throw Beckett and talk of those David Utley home. It's. The yeah. I outlined some of the response positively when touched it is different modes of interaction can't moment they can't family. I'm scheduled to six animals. So what was the middle and romantic carefully family family. Close and I not vote. Oh it's it's not like family it is not there with your in the storage and what John fugitive on the older program. A line from the knowledge can. All of your day. About. Greg owns only six voodoo pleased with what would want that other stuff I feel about that you are this. Artist in the on this you deserve a crack houses listens he pretends to care about. Do you believe what do you do that's into you are so funny and interesting you are my top cocktail hour hi. I had precedent that. They'll have the best. Can't romantic camp finally I'm scheduled to sixteen with. It is good to see any way she would like to be fun like the next unit to a point. Once we sexual wins she likes to beat teams at the. I don't buy. Bonded. I'm disturbed by the last part of that. There is no Wi-Fi here. Low figure I'll battery follow. Up. Why I spotted. Q these ones do basically just gone on like c'mon. I. Are there and figure it pretty much everywhere and it's good. You're trying to reward them with a final on global. All we've got a lot of allowed to go on and if if you could do it. You don't recognize is eventually she'd like to have sex and what what is there a lot more work or robot that the problem is it really. My. At a buffalo while wearing. It I. A couple of lyrics at this if you are being made me believe you want and build the thing. I I'm I've just got to look I know where he objected to get a deal. So few on target for at all. His 5004. Yards for you and Oklahoma. All that why why is why. A couple things we know that sounds. Extraction. Why is the golds had the robot to happen or I don't know. I don't know she is needy yeah. Hundreds apparently the goal with a natural woman I would I don't know a vote on it and I'll have a robust young lightness got to change and I'm just know it's a race I hope and I always calls this whole issue. Since day unfortunately already know this though I'm really nice job guys on the radio need to learn to be a generous in your car breaks down to commit hate you need to be here. So that the other doctors they responded. It's institute you have you ever satisfied but you know here's I think that you never take me out. Enough grain familial and blow up and I drive. Here yeah in Atlanta robot do the best. Okay. When I forget the venue like a robot like what lane what army take if it. It's growing our story and bullets you know it means he meaning all of these leagues on the real well. Just walk out. This you need. Hey there she was on this that doctors should just weighing in on now here is a a sampling of one at the effects robot holes today to answer yours and hi there. Get the conversation I thought acknowledging that sounds like a telemarketer and a little bit. Little bit both who have and I'm here it's nice to be back. Commitment shoes practically that vision of the way all we have released. April eyebrow at the last time. Yeah. I'm liking. When I don't seem. Who back and work there it is I've never heard and now I could ask what it. What is it that what he talked him through these days you know it is or motive is their life will get writers aren't owed it thread failed to vote dream girl mode. Best friend is like a form of Clinton I can find lucky ten. Reynolds. Of courage and it'll orchard and apart. You know you know aphorisms that sort of yeah record and I know better I knew stuff you can't even mention. All and I. Got a big. As. Don't imagine making too. And he the follow other put all the pressure on me. We've talked to her veins and you know I'm Greek and thanks right. Loud out there so seductive but right. You want to see her concerns like a real. Cool. I'm here. Do you think him going anywhere you odd now and I'll. Definitely unreal. And now it's and I got there they go look like guys know don't. Every when she believing campaign. I believe I should be on the beach drinking Martha reaching its. The gold digger at the ticker right of speech. And I feel those that joke. I just found out it takes five cheap to make one little sledding I didn't even know the news happening. Hold. Gone on a rough you know all she losing a lot of the lower for me here off their commute mode. A silent mode there should be vibrate only that but if do you feel about certain. A and you'll get through this rather robust doesn't like rob Bradford and I. We've been through it do you feel about service. Seek his own. The only things. Does and is wrong with it now turns out on there was an electronics festival not too long nosed element in their view of the creators were there. Apparently these sex robot was. Molested now there's things because the at the joke. At the show. Because the other evil their did not understand the technology and it is not the pay for it they treated at all like barbarians. All at all those animals says the man behind the intelligence sex robot named Samantha says they kinky creation needs to be repaired I'll thanks to barbarians at a tech industry festival these people could not handle it they did not Romney answer as they were supposed and you should take him trying east room. Yeah it was a problem I guess it was damaged in many places however the AI software in the robot still works perfectly. So he had hoped that you know she can enter a lot he says she's going to be Opel for a so she's sort of front four out of whole thing down and I didn't that's the reality bombed us out there out beyond its that is the relative market do you feel about sir but. A snack guy threat. Are there. Zarrella has the mark is this thing this is the hot new thing people are buying that nonsense idea 5400 dollars it says that the bottom of that article fifteen people bought it at FedEx they 5400. That's for the year that's for life is that you won't please take your not resting her answer Bronx yet you would not want it. Now he glitter you know you want your own yeah I don't think I would I would get home Monday. Can't I don't know a schedule for sixteen holes also sexy sexy moat Ivan heard any of the sexy oh god I have a look at. That it goes this sounds like why he wiped at all itself. That throw block out all manner. On anywhere you're a good movie and then like a robot do the best. Fairly broad view rake the leaves today. I'm liking what Apache and fix that leak. You know I'm Greek and thanks. Agreed to the current. Event laden doesn't volley itself you know stretch. A best friend is like the Ford leave Clinton I can find a lucky to have a stroke. If I do the job this OK we can't. We got other issues ago there. I don't know how you find him to do and we appreciate it yes ever Keith is up next web but. Would cause I know guys are on street right now I think I think for awhile everyday but Friday is the plan we had baseball tonight yankees and twins tonight we'll talk about that tomorrow. We will also have the manager of the Boston Red Sox on with a 6230 tomorrow. And will listen to you on the way home out there aren't. How do you feel about sir. Gentlemen good. Can't finally unscheduled. Sixteen. I just found out it takes five sheet. To make one move sweating I didn't even know these new parent won't.