DHK - Keefer Madness, Week in Review Edition 09-22-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 22nd

We close out the week with a look back at some of the best moments on WEEI all week.


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Their madness that's great to keep her madness. Let that one up for Ricky tremendously gonna talk about docs wearing clothes and stuff gonna be like reefer madness who's going to be in a great normal momentum. I think I hate hate. Ritchie chief. Got a script he's got that got to I. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments of the. You know me Hagan and I cannot wrongfully you couldn't have. In this disgusting to me bottom line this disgusting. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. I do lives in general manager is Joshua Adams CEO of Fargo caused her narration. I'm here or go its keeper Matt is the close out the week that means it's a week interview a whole lot to get you in fact a lot from our Wednesday. Program. I'd start when I was unfamiliar with the term not draft. I know that's maybe a common term for for writers perhaps. I missed it for journalism a term I must've missed out into the night and steamy romance novel. She hit I get to the nut graph of the story writes usually in a news stories that your first paragraph sometimes in the it's not there by the second or third program do you might start. Moving onto another story you left wanting more what's the point and program yes so when I got a little bit of a lesson and that here a month by the way that was frank he got is not in the not grant from sun tonight an aircraft operate there I ethic has is that kind of short. Turn their second first reference not map but that the sequins get that not get that done a pet. He just hit it eight USA grabbed dating a ground on the ground jag and a Jia but they don't spill into the admissibility intentionally did GRE effigy aria. Ecstasy yet. Got it exactly this. And he got to the nut graph okay about it he was on for about a minute 45 seconds I think that's actually really good message to all the callers. And yet just cannot get to the net real quickly. Quickly yeah. I'd say within. 35 C it was a well. So why that you're trying to figure out just as. The actual time of it familiar try to compared to you know the article. Also with other things and the debate went out you know sometimes you don't wanna get to a too quickly because stroke. As a I think you are dried out a little bit. Sometimes. Undersea Internet radio purpose six separate and apart yeses ransoms and greater purpose quicker better. Now outside radio that you just you don't feel it's a good point is subject you're an adult that's right. Some more than others found. 617779793. Centimeters how on radio amenities to our. The honest thing yeah. Dads turn. But you know the number and it kind of I thought we complete our we have moved our client or if I was over. Yes I don't not for two hours let's I don't currently have the Internet started. I mean that is a bit bragging diligent I was writing humbled when I talk about monopolized the humble little humble a dynamism thing like you might be what you may have even I would have no ability to do that admit you may have a target under the lifted that you may have been part of it yourself what was the man believed this to. Okay. He says well here's a look at it went up to two and a half Citic then you said not to brag about it. I don't think you're talking about that. Go to I was are you guys joking about that lies I learned a lot about that part of our government through a bigger burden to support because I know I don't wanna find out through sort of take that down I would think that number down significantly now also this week we had a lot on. Re Irving because carrier ring had a really lengthy figured a lengthy interview with Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman and the next day. I think for the guys EST and will Cain came in there and yet some things assessing your vote will change to be caught up on us. My job to tell the truth and the fact of the matter is the truth of the matter is that Qaeda re Erving yesterday. Brought out all wheelbarrow full of BS. Took out a shovel and brood on this table and expected use three to heated up with a smile. The big guys that will king not a smooth doesn't does whoever absolutely services so weird. It was however reacted initially that was terrible I was gonna Sarah those terms on it goes to her my job was to tell the truth. Debate and I have that didn't. As you look at. Be a little bit let your lol don't look now and uglier half close does look at that I must tell local people who really really air host a it gives guys. My job to tell the truth is my job so we just didn't. Understand those that. Wanna get this will Cain are only the particular we've heard from all the steel barrel wheelbarrow. Full content. I don't think argument on another topic and I don't think so corporate America. As. Is looking down on us levity is Jesse he finally. Serious review Max finally get something out of it. You do is analyze sometimes criticized. It's really. There to pull that from veil or wears and that does that signal. Where from oh and do the wrestling term no formula no I don't well it's it's an old Imus line is that really. Well the doctor doctor Billy saw targets from the first church of the delete yet on how to worship at that that rolled right up the thug of the first church of the goalie depth and discount house award. And really turn the wheel barrels of. Wheelbarrow and wheel barrels full of BS. There's our guy will Cain now there's also wanna bills they were things that happens sometimes it's we have the tax lineup right 379 or seven and we normal thing ninety. 9% of the Texaco men. Are directed toward does an angry about it positive two hours at a time now on a lot of anger that often the nasty stuff on there if you really look the royals obviously not reading the text line posits a nice boat you all you'll get is. People texting the wrong person predicting they're Texans somebody else actually texting us might in the last text ads or have a lot like especially your group bread with people adults who argues corporate and I and I had to admit. They are my favorites they have there they're fair and just like this on the we got on Wednesday. I love when people send us text the dormant for some for other people files on these guys enough. I do too much about others in number and everything Michael what's the number Beckett went protect him back about health this wondered if I'm. Now imagine this one. I think I lost in hearing in your bed. With you will be humbled fortunately gets out of work. Welcome I'm so so here. I. Bad. I don't know I don't know these people are through Juli is on Wednesday all the rings on their library where there is no known. Where is my husband right now who are female friend in this until they get the tweet back to expect or texting ended WEEI. Oh god no god I'll. If you're married to Julie. Julie disaster for your phone tonight okay yeah you better get your bumped. The good bad that Yeltsin Tuesday town totally out of the problem that sentence on him the last minute of the millions who is out there on Julie's yeah well and started and I ship hit a real attracted the name now those last minute heading into mount attacks. And you know I think and you and LA actually in the minerals on another woman's bed. Not worth the number sort of followed. As soon as well on Jew like what happened there rewrite terrific class and actually I thought. Pioneer. And if your marriage were Jewish Jerusalem restaurant and it's just I don't know what is it work they'll Jennifer hours after the September wanted to let us. I love you so much. The Glen actually we got a sex. Some went right here remembered wasn't this but it was similar to me it's England routed on your listeners all morning I haven't used my vibrant we can affect. This group that. And they all live forever. Rumor and then it was on so horny I haven't used my vibrator and weeks. I'm actually reading attacks I think you are you just confessing stuff that may be on him so why can't we have succeed. That's who it was that was. Eight. I'm mad at their record where they're I don't get a cup of it was tough if it ironed out and can't wait to see it's that's ruins that was an icon of our life. Eighties. Maybe on himself and we got to stick. And other Texas Utah. Juli is already home and yes I have a career. I gather both alike know it he has those away and well like I drop those dog or rent a leg just what are you I just you know keep yes all of yes yours I'm now lives in their tail nine. At the same guy who can be far off as proved yesterday when that Michael terrible singing at thank you. And when he wanted to note that the Canon. Rebel XOK got it fall. All set. Now there was also yesterday there was a a bit of a disagreement that dale and I had no specifically. A purple awful really a brouhaha. Well actually you media against both of these guys but dale relates affiliated. That's got a very important in fact it was it was good to talk about Chris Sale pitching in the eighth inning. John Ferrell wanna make sure got the 300 strikeouts that's the first segment of yesterday's show first segment first there right out of the chute and into both Kimmel. Little hot again well we'll just both here. Chris Ellis thrown 3336. Pitches this year. I including that that onerous twelve that he threw last night Mejia in the eight. Right there I knew at that he's already disarmed so right I got you now and a lot a lot of our counter I think including military goes on 3003 and right is that ironically goggles those well it's you're excited about that at the. That means the twelve pitches come up to a grand total of 31 thousandths or your math is now that's those are now regulated that. It changed my 9336. Pitches and your bitching about twelve. You just drop the check out the big break on bill right yeah yeah yeah. The man though I need to get off the adult for God's eyes on orbit the Yale or eight army was Michael being sarcastic there or not. He probably was right just like when he told the guy congratulations on your studies. I did it by now want to use the you being honest about it doesn't. And leave the pitch the you're mad at Houston. That it couldn pulled us. There's no hassle somebody out regulator that. Haven't changed my mind 1336. Pitches and your bit to about twelve so why does he get an extra day when he gets to see an accident you should just use the most time that you don't see the difference that I don't extra I don't and twelve pitch are so you knew was due to talk to any of that no no no they're required to somebody remind and a I know there's gonna talk that since you can't beat out of tubes why my epic series that. There are going into that mentality now as Biden today up two of the worst I ever got about I don't I'm not I don't why would not. Otherwise I haven't got anywhere at select values that you don't give that opportunity at being that maybe that odd to you don't know what options right now now did not warrant on -- island local a hotbed 'cause I think days you don't know at that the yes network or studio lot more insult but I can understand kind of tubes on Tuesday. As cocaine by the arm up on that my vote came goes back into the event. The lead right now. It's bright. Red Sox history. You gotta be up to see it was it was gonna bring it pretty significant moment I notably the Al and I will never forget where I was so nobody got. Clearly a who's had a little statement I brought to the united aren't too are there ought to also figure about it Burton warned that he would bring more than what's to come and I did ballot heard. But he got an awesome like hundred eating them I. Now got to be kidding me a car. All blog I sort of adults there and in other jobs knows why it is OK don't. Yes yes I thought so I was obviously wrong and idiot what an idiot idea because we happen to disagree about Chris sells usage. Edu and I've. Now got to be kidding me you doomed him. Out of a 280. NA and I had had on our own name called you know that's good that you doomed him. Yeah. Strikeout didn't matter to show pattern to the stats much deal now wound down there ago flat out there. By the though the combat with them than there a put of his players went to go from the clown as far the best insult. But you can say on the radio up loud yet your your climate. Your caloric count as a public Howard play at every guy that by the next that it may sound now. Out here yeah there they'll never be the same now 300 days greatest moment ever because this guy in his last start of the year. And you guys know that allows I don't I don't are going to see you know like emotional importance 300. I tried drugs. 300 days it is pretty impressed it's the best. Again that's sarcastic Michael or not I don't know now I think it's hard to tell. Yes. I don't have to ask about yes aren't up for that is correct but our target sarcastic until my man. Congratulations on your studies that was widget that's Mario Williams he did it could've gotten worse it could've gotten worse from YouTube guys don't like what happened on Arizona radio. Two years ago are ever tell me he shot Sheila gall you're not man enough to tell me to shut up that's a joke you wanna don't. I just think soon. So yeah over slid it to me and forum. Why would you tell Amanda shut up I'll either you know what seriously you've got a problem I do have a double Robinson shot up to me that's a joke. Shot up. You. Went grew and grew. I mean evil thing handling O'Leary holding it yet. Him and will Cain argued that the landlord Mario who I am Italian relatives and I talked about you shot ever tell me show you. Man enough to tell me shoot us an outlaw. And I don't. We don't. Get it to big program. You. Thought censor anything out there and and that guy that is one of the former player the guy out of four players that make you feel Saturday hit me. And yeah I had hit me who did the mikes all response at the end. If you feel better by punching recently. It's not real. The Atlantic Iowa the capitals rhetorically but your talent is Cuellar you're better right now. But that's part of its best of the week support not just best of our show although this dominated this week but the Marshall but also. On the morning guys yesterday did trainee and so my point is you have scientists. Who grew up with. I have been told the guys in the back we are fresh out of time once again to Iraq you were aware wait all of the wall but given that maybe continue it next week. So ever keeps is up next ever keep where sorry we're late Ben kitchen that's okay that's all right. Profitable will the quicker next time will be at Gillette Monday it would build I'll attacked by. I. But jobless to tell the truth out there I felt poker buddies list today. I'm so corny I haven't used my vibrator in the weeks. I think I lost and hearing in your bed and so yeah.