DHK - Keefespricay on why J.D. Martinez didn’t meet with the media today? Over the top Olympic calls; Overdone National Anthems

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, February 21st

Hour 4: Dale solemnly delivers the news that JD Martinez will not address the media today. He and Keefe cope by running through some quick Keefespiracies. How accountable is Mark Cuban for the Mavericks dysfunction? USA wins gold in cross country. Final Drive: overdone national anthems.


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Yeah. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with teeth. Sports Radio WEEI. As the afternoon has gone along. I two big stories have that kind of grabbed doubt us. The first one's entirely local as it has do with your Boston Red Sox and let me stress here I don't think there's any big deal here if I was guessing. I think the Scott Boras can't can't be inconvenienced today so we gonna do this tomorrow thanks. But Judy Martinez arrived at jetBlue park in the Red Sox facility down there about 8 o'clock this morning. To take his physical and do Wallace thought the medical stuff the have to do sign the contract yet which is pending deal. Help so he was scheduled to meet with the media both Glenn said did during the course of their show I think he said it can be around noon yeah we're high noon or rate for a rusty has presser so that it got pushed back in Glen was a little mad about this but it does push back to two that. Soul comes in angrier and angrier we've got anger we've got a guy down there we got Doug Doug was on hand ready we're ready already that's right and the city and after three errors out again and he's happy about that still went south. So we already did to bring you that the press conference for JD Martinez. We got word oh probably about half an hour ago. That there will be no announcement today technically the Red Sox haven't even announced they signed him. And it end Scott Glover of ESPN Boston among others reported. That that'd be you know just awaiting the final results of the physical. Speech. On now what's going on here bill. I don't I don't think that there it's you know I don't think there's anything wrong I I don't I don't mean to an end will hold up though there is holed up now Alou said. On the mid day show with his he'd been hearing. That Scott Boras wanted to be there. And wasn't going to be able to be there till tomorrow. I I they scheduled the same thing yes that is the word was we're gonna at least get the announcement released an official announcement. Because can't shoot the team right to the best of our knowledge that we get the emails and everybody in the world can see the suites there's not then day. The Red Sox officially sign Jeter Martinez writes. We see nightly I don't know they have the day I Sox have announced nothing so that's a point so. Yet you announced that there's a difference between announcing it on Twitter the probe or those cool graphics radiant picture Martinez. Photoshop the uniform on him but the old the rattle those by the other great athletes in Plano for years he could do that. We now welcome to Boston Judy Martinez there's a difference between that. And a press conference where apparently Scott Boras needs to see it. So that's the case you can announce its decision and I should stress that's what Lou had Hussein unauthorized work for that's fine but that can be tomorrow. And you can even as part of your announcement. You know your email announcing your Twitter whatever else however you communicated all the fans. And then say a press conference coming tomorrow you can even promote that if they hear from JD Martinez tomorrow at noon down in Florida. That you could do all that stuff it still have Scott forced them there so David Letterman used to do the bit called is this anything. The I eighty I and I got here if there's any I will lean too this is not anything this is something. This is something to me they've been what they want with you you have a term. Named after you of course you take it something Mikey spears is something's up of the articles something's up there. Smith yeah that's right. They're looking Argo I don't know about this he could like David Price and a eight JD you have a unique elbow did you know this that you know you as a unique elbow is your arm hurt when you do this is it hurts it hurts like this firewall that don't do that. I so opens up it may be he'll end up being fine but maybe they wanna you know a second opinion on it. That he said 110 million dollars ton of money at that it's a big time investment you wanna make sure this guy is. Is it ego it's knowledge another team is holding up or in the go to trade. We you know Andy mentioned the Isiah Thomas deal they look at Avago wait a minute that this hip is worse than we thought. Tonight you get more compensation. Well this is just between the player and the team right there's no compensation no anyway and I said and anything's though. It's gonna be more about just how healthy he has. I think you'll be fine. Fingers crossed both. October prayers is what your words or does he have cold feet is he saying hey David Price the animated boot and anybody if they thought it. It I don't think that's partners here. And and the other big story and it's been a huge story sense you really relatively late last night when Sports Illustrated dropped the story about. What was going on with the Dallas Mavericks organization and via. The allegations accusations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. They called that the corrosive workplace culture of the Dallas Mavericks. And out Mark Cuban has come out like cannot last night is that I don't know anything about it I'm shocked I I had no idea. It turns out that aid a reporter for mavericks dot com was a guy who was kept on staff by the Dallas Mavericks despite two. Domestic violence. Incidents one of which include one of which was against a woman he was dating who actually worked in the Dallas Mavericks office at the time. Came in to work whether face all swollen and said yet this is what happened he did this to me. They kept him off. They did not fire him. And mark Cuban's explanation today for why they didn't fire him just seemed weird. Oh are afraid if we fired and he blog world and do this to somebody else so Soledad S house so we kept him on board made him get counseling and oh by the way. Make sure that he was never Long Will the woman in our organization. That you had concerns they are right. I was a big time concerns that this pathetic you imagine employing somebody. Who yet the tell everybody else on staff but don't be a long don't go near him. Let all probably don't take the elevator he's around what you don't want oh and there are one of the women who's quoted in the in the piece on SI dot com said when she went to work there. She was warned by coworkers. Don't be alone in an elevator with the that's a cessation and CEO so you know enough about that guy that he can't trust him and you're gonna keep him there are some now everybody else that's. Colonel walk around on egg shells security freaking out. You know that element that could today be the day that I end up in the hallway with him or in the in the wherever parking lot at wherever you are at work there there are multiple people quoted in the piece. Sports Illustrated did not just you know always one person said this there's a lot of stuff in this. They went to the guy from mavericks dot com he admitted. That he was kept on after this happened and that he sought counseling he thanked Mark Cuban for keeping him on staff. He sat that he did it. I mean it's just. Just ridiculous now. Yet there's of the Sports Illustrated article. You know ESPN has picked it up although I think they're lead story and espn.com regarding Mark Cuban right now with him being find 600000. Dollars by the league for. Saint Justine should tank. But this story is the one that is gonna affect him much much more down and it in house Sports Illustrated does need to kind of sum up the story and he says. More than a dozen current and ex employees more than it does more than a dozen. Current and ex employs characterize the mavs hostile work environment ranging from a sexual harassment to domestic violence. As a and quote. Open secret. NN question is. If you if it is an open secret. Does it makes sense that the owner of the Dallas Mavericks never knew about India feel like he knew he also he knew about the mavericks dot com reporter. Which he played it I isn't enough he said today why he kept him on we were afraid he'd go out there and do this to other women not credits and and and Cuban's words I. I bleeped up. I I'm sure mistake I should have done it that way. But am I gonna believe that he knew about that one but he didn't know about the other. Dozen employees. Yet that that's going to be useful thing is there's some sort and we'll get this you know and in in 2008 team were gonna find out if any of these employees. Didn't have that. Well hopefully they orders and does it still is still sure that it ought to be accused him artist alluded to though with. Hopefully there's an app for that thing Harvard thriller of cocoa from the stupid in any way you can you can text somebody and it disappears forever so. Wouldn't that cider house disappointment Jonas. Are all humans. Oh boy so she its cyber athletes no matter as big though. Would that piece of the mouth of the flow of the employees did contact him through that it now or never reveals the now we get two examples in the last several years of owners of franchises who have been forced to sell their franchises. By the respectively Donald Sterling. Was forced to Selby LA clippers may be able loan money when he did race was forced to sell because of the racist things that he said. Jerry Richardson Chris forced to sell his share in the Carolina Panthers because he was a pretty well he was. He's probably going to be forced him he kind of did that quickly yeah he knew what was coming he probably saw. OK I better get out now analysts say hey guys I'm I'm Selma team at the end of the year in there that apparently you're probably going to be forced to doing that. But here the big difference here. It is. What those guys did like Richardson or the whole article dollar. You know what he woods and become obsolete and buckling their seat belts around women are only just. Everything about it you want their vertical mr. that's just straight up ms. Miller and mister Richardson has been mr. that's an odd but as the other stuff like his. Themed jokes that he would bring back that he's hired terrible jokes about women in skirts and things like that. That thought was he was terrible thing with him so Cuba and this is more of a gray area because that it's how much that he though. By all accounts he's he's been doing. No way in and the peace makes it very clear that yes certain mold many people. Without even being asset look Mark Cuban never did any of this stuff he never he never bothered anybody ever harassed anybody he never did anything. The question is did the owner of the franchise. Know that it was going on that these women were being harassed while that was going on. And kept the people on board kept that the president and CEO of the company. In the position that he was in. I mean I don't wanna read some of the things that this vote yes where it was saying to some of these women rent. Yeah that's the thing is it's just it's gonna come back down to you know how much he knew what duty. He generally aware they go to Paula in oak quote out of the wells reports say that with the with the generally aware. And then what kind of punishment Kenny face again he just lost a good amount of money and not to him I guess but to most who lives lost a ton of money. For talking about tanking but what is really got to worry about. Is this and you know what can he do to sort of save chase. And put this behind him I think it's going to be tough and we're probably going and get more information because it with a lot of these stories. Are you get it yet. A dozen able working on it right now they're working on right now and there are dozen employees. Or more than a dozen whoever or to come out talked about this it's another other sand. Okay I'm a can be the only one to honestly I have a story towel I have more information on this. And as that comes out that could end up being much more damning. Firfer Cuba I said played a game with me here OK a couple of games only if this makes sense to you. Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Knows that the reporter. For mavericks dot com. Has had these two domestic violence accusations one wiley was dating a woman within the organization he knows about Pakistan. He doesn't know that is president and CEO was doing stuff. I feel and I could be wrong I feel like you would probably spend more time with the presidency of your franchise as the owner I'm guessing you would only ordered them out bricks dot com reporter Ian it's probably not. Buddy know about that. Yeah fiber and likely. I feel like he did again as you know every single detail probably nightly you don't you don't know everything about everybody work with the what you're the boss. Yet that a pretty good idea of what's going down a woman comes into the organization gets employed by the organization gets warned by other women. Don't be in an elevator alone with this it's OK after fears that so and so you're told that there but this warden never leaks to the owner of the team right. No I feel it's you probably know. Commit prove it can they prove that he. That's that's the other that's the other issue that's gonna come back to answer and if if you use in the cyber dust there will never get to the bottomless. He's here he's going to be saved by siren or Cubans Cubans. There I might have stuck with cyber I don't like really want that now we made the point earlier my guess is that his continuing employment on shark tank may be in jeopardy right now yes I would think it would be a little hesitant at the moment more mr. wonderful. That the you know you've got the shark tank. Knock them out sack rate my wife wants the rules while through an -- not a great show available they are about sharks lose that they can do that show without you. And they probably will be diving with the Cuban at least going forward. And and there are a number of women it is according to Sports Illustrated up to a dozen. Or about to be very wealthy. Audio problem. Or shore and should be right. Assuming that these accusations are true. I'll give you that I'll also assuming that their true. These woman these women should be compensated. Handsomely. And that it really the biggest question I think as it relates to this going forward is does Cuban keep the franchise. You know is Mark Cuban usual maybe the most famous owner in the NBA I don't albeit more famous owner. That Mark Cuban just wait puts himself out there he's almost a celebrity in his own right he's not just the guy with money which he is. But he does all these other always have a different things. And he's either so outgoing if you see him out all the games they. Not all the owners traveled every game in Allen they traveled to sit right behind the bench and almost Accra there another coach on the team. That's what he does. But will he lose. We'll get to lose the franchise process that's that's ruler remains Hussein. If it's proven that he knew this stuff was going on when it was going on. He's got to sell the franchise. Here right now I think that that Adam silver in the rest of the NBA owners are gonna say wait a minute you knew for years. But these women were going through this on a daily basis within the walls of your building and you didn't fix it. It then becomes like you said it it then becomes like the Joseph Paterno situation right right Joseph Paterno. I don't know anybody who's ever made any allegations that he ever abused any children. But nobody not a ploy employed Jerry sandusky. And knew that Jerry sandusky wants. Yeah and then yesterday you're not as bad for your pretty bad knew he'd be your your your guy that still. I mean you look at what the Joseph Paterno name means now also that the more we can get more we hear from this that the worse it it definitely look for Q. I'd 6177797937. Is telephonic will get right back the calls we knew coming up next. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media. 77979837. This telephone number. History made at the Olympics and and all I think most people including me are watching as much of the Olympics is perhaps they have in the past. Let's be honest the whole time change thing is messing with everybody but history was made yesterday. When the United States and at 842 year drought. For the US in cross country ski. He can Randall and Jesse Diggins won the gold medal and let's just say that the out the play by play call of the finish. Got a tad bit excited. Let's look at this week. For those who wondered what's got selected when the football and then it fought it out the best part of the Olympics are one of the best parts of the Olympics is. All of the color commentators they get from the events are almost always really cut it but their former olympians. Of that particular sport obviously and they're sold. Passionate about it and at the only time they get to talk about once every four years they get a crack at it so it's not like a football player gets Wear down an American excited about it too and they do it every single Sunday these guys get two weeks. Every four years and it might be but the buyout on orbit the bobsled or curling or never. But that person is so into it and it's so excited that listen to Johnny Mosley talk about a mobile. Is great he's he loved any could break it down simple for everybody who only watches that. Once every four years. Those cross country skiing that's the very exciting note and read all of it was the spread of the spread. It trust it which looks just like a brutal events that do you gotta be in incredible shape to be doing that but that's how excited they are and then. You know would get Terrell Hinske Johnny we're doing figure skating like they'd make that entertaining but across the boy Johnny Weir is Jerry in spirit and he's thoughts of these. I always always. Every sport. Has a person Andy lauded they're like so excited to be there in share. They're unique sport would you in the rear of the sport I feel like the better the color commentator. Abby Chan was a cross country ski person she's there all hail her as the the guy is like the sideline reporter select countries Saudi app is doing that trainees doing curling and so you know they have those people's well who they hire Indy. Learn about the sport but the person. Do in the color commentator would bode Miller's doing skiing. I've mentioned Mosley the whole bunch of guys are doing. That alongside the play by play guy and they are into it but the snowboarding people are all fired up about it. It's it's I enjoy that a lot you could careless about the Olympics I do get into and that's one of the reasons that it makes it easy to you to watch these events is. The the announcing it's fantastic I do like. Sports on television at 6 o'clock in the morning on laden you know when you get up eagle I can watch breakfast lunch remembered you want to Watson live sports it's great. So I do watch you know I am that's it you're glee and then try to stamp tonight. Bird US Canada women's hockey I am gonna try. I'll say what the men's hockey after how many it was like five straight Olympics or fourth straight win the NHL guys. It's tough for you to watch it now command of the US right Donato has been advised other grade in my expert with the Bruins angle like that's really nice but. Before. I'll watch as much as possible and if it was you know Finland vs Sweden great I'm in your wants to go they want to whatever right or is now like I'll try to watch the US games by. It definitely takes a long lost route but you think in four years and it shall be back if it. Because in China for years there in China and the National Hockey League is forging on going relationships with China. The Bruins in the Calgary Flames are gonna play in China next year that's right. So yes I without beginning being a good for all these guys these young guys that are getting a chance the play and that's awesome in the represented our country but. It's just so much better when you have yet so now what I've also heard is that it's almost the best of all possible worlds for the for the NH. Made in shut down their league they're still playing. They're still. Hockey on. Right you know from from the Olympics and folks who like it watching and in Houston can see the hockey from there which haven't shut down your league for three weeks here. So you can Keiko yeah I mean it is it's pretty good and although you guys the political shock the other day talking about. Well yeah I think they're still showing highlights of the TJ Joshi you know shootout goals that maybe they sacrifice commitment like to play against a child guys like to get over yourself. We're gonna talk on a college guys and some they are as tragic combination of the two. It's still more present when the US beat Russia in Russia even if it was a shoot out. I see that the numbers are down the you know I think everywhere number of people and and I felt going into the Olympics that there was there was less hype yen. Not not that that's necessarily one of the big sporting events of all of all time when I was younger I could wait see the Olympics it. And I think there's less of that now. And the time changes Aston people ought yeah at times it is you know you'll see some stuff from live that night that some of the than during the day and you don't really know what's Watson has seen replays. It would try to put the hockey games on a couple of times so can be confusing if their play this game. And there's not as many you know huge big games this year but. I think people are either there or to order that or they're not you know and in some people could care less about their notes on others I am I try to watch and a little bit very big casino. Well it's over on Sunday as you go to four more days that's not guilty pleasure yes curling. Kirwan of curling is a good time don't really understand it. I mean it seems pretty self explanatory to me that the you know. I think it I it'll confused by some of the terms but guilty but it's a good time especially the guy from the US that looks like Mario I am resident yeah he's dead US candidate that tonight big matchup coming out there I send to our enemies I don't know if ever and refer us have been in awhile anyway. Decrying Collins good time and he got you know training breaking down interviews you know on the on. Rink side river ice side of the public ought. On the platform. All you like shoot things done little cross country skiing I know you're good it's how you my wife was saying she was click. Couldn't she just at a very early age pick one of those niche sports and probably make the Olympics with a foot she's downplaying how good some of these people are. But like if you wanted to be a luge year. I'm pretty much no little measure. Or would you just. How would you you'd because it really isn't anything. I put in place a Hoosier. Or skeleton this I didn't know it could be I decided watching the Olympics that skeleton is the epitome of the if I make a mistake here I'm probably gonna die sport in eighty miles an hour ahead first head Roberts on up on a I'm cooking for a half after honest he took a vote at all odd days it's amazing there are more accidents and that also was. Two person lose. Did not look very comfortable going down mentally for one of its reflect expected on birth not at the risk of making you get all queasy here I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna give you an update from four lines siren on a delicate Scott Glover. ESPN boston.com tweet it out don't expect JD Martinez to work out with the Red Sox on Thursday according to Dave Dombrowski. But don't read anything into leader. Evan drugs says. He said if the Sox were in Boston right now. It would be done it's a logistics issue. With the team in Florida. Part of the medical staff as the Florida. That's the medical staff thing. Visit today no telling god Florida our doctors in Boston the whole team had to be more exultant consulted they've got in momentum medical people down there aren't. Conference calls. Sky. High speed Internet connections either transferred. I just what's the hold what are what is the problem here a visit for the Florida that look at different country but what are we talking about here. The whole team was this. They surprised them like you ought this year or go to Fort Myers to throw everybody off the underdog error to have spring training now I don't have time to work out. Note that although it was seven degrees in Boston today losses are known. Please call would maybe guys on the course missed like 1015 caused him to do it tomorrow that we that's pretty nice here. I don't know I think some cells thanks. That they don't act all our eye off the Florida at the Rose Bowl I. Hi Lori that his entire show from Florida today Perkins Jerry Ross and Florida their own boss that idea on how they make it work. We don't have debt we have Doug lane in charge of the medical's which we did. You get things done. This is this is so he's not going to be so no work out tomorrow. They haven't even officially announced it yet. He's not a speaker media tomorrow disease becomes front and speak by the end of the week you got it becomes a fact that them Brodsky actually acknowledged. That there was something going on he said Judy Martinez and I think accidents that if they now I think he's not gonna work out that just stingers will be fine on Friday I don't believe he used the Brownback yeah it's getting there though. You think. If he doesn't talk by the end of the week you know he's yes there's something yes that I that I I would acknowledge is given another day. I think he I think you'll hear from him tomorrow who were supposed to hear from moderately Paterno are out tomorrow. At eight days of workouts here for crying out lets get this go there on the merits not get it in the action. In some logistical nightmare being in Florida Nevada and all the way in Florida do everything well when they get all aspects I'm at a grade. The a lot of fun of the Apollo. I our final drive is coming up just a couple of minutes and it will take up to the top of the hour it's dale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. I drive cosponsored by ARS restoration specialists. If you manage to facility and did not receive the frozen weather service he needed for pipes or floods. Become an IRS restoration specialist priority service clients today learn more at an RS serve dot com. I'm fairly certainly break several international treaties when we do this but on Sunday night at the NBA all star game I don't know the biggest talking point coming out of the night. Might have been no it was. Burglaries rendition of the National Anthem. Okay. And it's. And now. They laugh. They're Lou laughing yeah yeah again nursing that more did you receive the mark Kelly version of the inquiries into law. They're clapping along that if if I don't I don't tell her don't you arrogant though I'm surprised you can hear their people laughing at her rendition as it was going on. The cameras caught several athletes and celebrities laughing as well including. Carl Anthony towns Chris Rock chance the rapper clay Thompson grin on greens staff curry LeBron James added that. Jimmy Kimmel I think the reason I was smiling. It's because I love the national. Nice night trying to work in the words my humps my house my lovely lady. They have been a mistake I'm your real zones on camera then my phones are just buzzing attack today and all I think I might have been on camera. Kurt even apologized for her performance she said you tried your best and the reason she decided to sing his song that way. Is because she's a risk taker. Which here's the thing about taking risks when it comes to the National Anthem. Don't just. Okay. It was when you're driving a school bus or singing the National Anthem just regulars find. And it birdied the best we don't know what Francis Scott Key was thinking when he wrote the star spangled banner. Maybe wanted to be sexy singer. I was up north you know maybe there National Anthem is supposed to be all Canada. Yeah act out just don't Barenaked Ladies that are nice or Canada red a for effort because that they get really lost in the shuffle yeah I was better than it was Obama so as Jimmie just said. There are certain things you don't mess and the National Anthem let's be honest this one song you. Don't put your own spin on so Fergie clearly did too much. Let's go back in time in here from other singers who did too much. When it came to our National Anthem including Boston's own Steven Tyler 2001 at the Indy 500. Yeah it's the game. OK okay. It's. Peace and you. Oh okay. Okay. Okay. It's. He. Absolutely not got to watch this Fergie sang the war or words right evidence he had quite a spin on them but did the best shot at you don't you don't change the ending pilots flash forward to 2005. Lead singer of the group creed he decreed that George creek beds you know the Udonis staff I have done too much at a NASCAR event. It was very much. Spin. Still better number to kind of out treated them so I've got a letter or. That's massive where it doesn't really worth all the stuff yeah. And just let the act go for just oneself. Okay sir. Carl and I and it sets up for this wood so I love this art Keller. Bernard Hopkins fight base 2005 the book and what's get a case mr. Kelley business doing too much. I. With that comic temperate exit paid too much disrespect for a little bond that was. Really. Hot and now there's a lot of somebody. The crowd to sing with you late that they would someplace you don't have that clock there. Smoke period. I. The self described. Don't know that's most patriotic and in America looked pretty good at them you know where that's going and I a little too much on a regular basis. Think. Eighties hair being OK when you listen to this rendition well. Yeah us. It was the visuals that you know to me a little known fact I fireworks that was. Fire coming out of the guitar. The visuals make it worse because you've got the guy who on the peace to hold. Three dances were mostly likely due at the end of stock you're not but to be there. They did the regular words those were the lyrics. Didn't change or they are America's most patriotic there that the most patriotic it you can tell there they reached that total lot of respect to us and we appreciate that yes I finally 2014. Sleep. Bass player Red Hot Chili Peppers. Once again a guy. Who tested too much with the national land. Oh. What was that you can't go down another road there's been a little quick little side bar here stacked along the just really feel it here and out of eulogized the song. As as we left out Roseanne Barr was left out Carl Lewis oh yeah. Car is they'll skirted opportunity at least. You know eternity too much with the go motivated you infect. Bongo. There's there's the the group of people who forgets the words spread there's always those people Carlos good help now who bought out after he can't. I have doubted please that's it I I don't know the rest of the words. Yeah. Please is that ultimately as the during the name now. Treats was just very creed but the 01 loses to greet the Scots that is seriously stamp yet that in the end. That final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate to cardinal the child today schedule your free pick up. At 877 cars for kids three cars but it's not now never keeps up next -- ago but tonight yes Mon night two nights in a row about that. Will be back tomorrow by. I.