DHK - Kyrie Irving wants to go solo, plus reassessing the Sox for the stretch run

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 19th

We kick the hour off talking about Kyrie Irving's interview and how he maybe came off a bit contradictory... then it's on to Sox talk as they head towards the playoffs.


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Children here. During the break that Glenn and Michael Keaton. This army and together video like children that those two chill I know exactly or get carrier as a great player that you want leading your team. Sure he hateful brought a can be part of the the long affair I have them I don't know do you think a planet Michael a word about it. No worries a little scared though little worry. About what he's gonna be like. When he gets here got a lot on his mind you need to on burden themselves that's what he's doing right now is a price that now Stephen A Smith to get on burden themselves. But the truth out there. And then move on play of the game I don't I don't think he's on burdening yet sure he has come on man that'd go. Let it go well hey I they're asking him about my thoughts on my little singing the frozen sound back. Yet that final battle effect and that's. Yeah they're asking him questions he's agreeing to go on the show. Right yeah eagle on the show I don't know if you plug in something I don't know I don't know he's an for a long time yea was. And usually those guys go on the ever reason. Maybe that the other it is sneaker or something must Yakima miles would you do this video game. Is a government advised the Davis and maybe today maybe they're paying him make the rounds out of the game or something. Yeah but he he stayed on their for a long time use that you make the rounds they got their money's worth out of dropping and yes it would drop in in the crib like it didn't. And I thought I. I don't yeah I am not a drop. Everything yeah I don't play well and I didn't follow my bedtime mom who had withdrawn. All I know you don't like business. That's who had. Is that if I consider that timer yeah yeah it is an honor actually you did I did the and it kind of a glass of water. Yeah man fronts on the glass and kind of bottled you could take with a lot on the go out on. If you're part you know move. About them. It's not. The people who remained committed tomorrow sorry. Stay for awhile ago. It seems to be as bright light okay there are there a couple of things that are clear which carrier and it becomes sort of a carry Britain not to run up go to what one thing. It is clear. At certain people where you want to. It's like a musician who wants to go off is that in a group for a long time in his desperate to start a solo career. And you're just you're just trying to just wanted to establish her body and oh yeah hey don't ask you about the police anymore I'm standing. Who. I can't go back and I'm Gwen Stefani and I'm out of the dugout and you're about it. Beyond the vague idea is that they. Now. It's about how to of the Destiny's Child I don't know but I have to literally had to hit the president. Did you. Do you think that's a good one yeah that's a good Richard big beyoncé Rihanna by Kelly rolled for Sheila I bet she did she didn't. And a half he didn't and actually enter initiated. And it shouldn't wanna talk to Kelly Rocha. Check out our hot topic Cali or die that he would I bargains at that the point. Yeah he's desperate to prove that he's his own man he keeps talking about this that as an evolving man evolving man he majority nonstop it does evolving. Majority. Happiness. About the money. He wants to do his own things so. That is a positive that's positive that he wants to be off. On his own I guess. Where start getting nervous is how how far is this gonna go this. This this this evolution is evolution. About him and now he wants to be the ultimate team player or is it out to prove that. He can do it without LeBron and and is that at the expense of the Celtics you still have to play team basketball and so. He may be Katie may be very capable of doing that as I'm saying this is not gonna work and I think that it right obviously I don't know out like yeah. It's not like what it sounds like is your thought on paper it's a fit. I'll give it can get everybody to like the trade I can see why you like to drink I didn't but I can see why you liked it in on paper it seems to fit. The more more he talks the more nervous again. His head and sound like. He's all about the Celtics sounds like. I don't even know what he's all of I don't know what is he thought he was all about the Celtics I was obviously wrong he never was really all about the solvency may he made by any may be a very good leader but. He wanted to leave Cleveland he wasn't a free agent he didn't sign with the Celtics in choose the Celtics over other teams. He had a list of teams they wanted to go to the so expert on the first was that we heard. I think he just simply wanted to not be on LeBron James team. I think that's as simple as that deaths and he frog and a bunch of reasons why but it's specifically. No moral broad. And I think he is sort of sort of taking the high road in the sense that he's not strictly thing I hate LeBron. I don't wanna play with a broad you guys all think it's great player the broad but Stephen A Smith you didn't play with a Max Kellerman you'd play at all if people think we've LeBron vote only LeBron. He's he's not going through each example of why he's in knowing why the terrible teammate to him and why he doesn't wanna play them any longer I think he sort of trying to he soccer around it because they're. Purity of your choice or got stiffed it you didn't want to say that I did you open get a that the right answer is Ernest the president but LeBron James well sucks is I personally don't I don't play out of him that is slowed to a two way not due until that that how can I. Killed that I question his maturity level at that while Amare doing that a little bit and that's dramatic. Thing about what's produced and yeah. Think about the flip side you flip side is. He's ripping LeBron without saying LeBron by name so he's doing it anyway to going into it their way this trip that ended up if you've already. You've already. You've you've you've broken skin here okay there are some punctures. We may have they got close this thing up. The sort of edit me flinch lady now got blood. Just haven't had been paying. You used. And he's been asked LeBron you said the or the exact cause but also break our best player of the planetary to play I would not only is such or hit the bases you know the culture. No like root cultures where and the and fire manned and all of these things that I just wanna be me. So playing with them his best for our planet but. And and we had a Brian when horse interpretation day. And this part I agree with his best friend planet but he kind of prevents me from playing my game I really wanna be a point guard who could controls the ball. A pure a total point guard LeBron. Now he handles the ball too much. I love play on LeBron does. Surely not all the best players in the world to just throw on the court together and they're all worked the other great wreck. It happened a work this time it worked this time with LeBron James soy for his personal happiness. Hey this might be the best move for his personal happiness and in the worst move for him professionally I doubt that it is a chance that it happened right. Well yes and all that they go to big terrible to all of this is LeBron could just leave parry in a year anyway. He just bolt on server there oh my god how would you have would you all these championships on the other on the table or it could be go to the finals again for one year. What's it happened after that he might be stuck in Cleveland with a Tristan Thompson in them on Shumpert and and Kevin Love. It allowed every year that belief I hear it here's my here's my problem with Calgary it's not that he won't. Take on LeBron James and and you know sent flames to the relationship it's none of that. It's saying stuff that I actually need an interpreter for. I'm this is real you do no come 10 you're very much we'll. There is no such things distract us on this book. If you're very much woke them stay below such stairwell just looks at thing as distract action in ticket distracted if you're very much wall presuming your world. That he said I have a varied and examine very awake individual. Smoke I'm a very. If you okay I'm only an individual. There is no such things distract. You guys to be the date that OK okay you'll. I. A car. Never mind that OK and that's where I need to win the wars yeah nobody is no distractions. Yeah by the. Arguably just so where he's just aware of everything going on he's aware of context and subtext in pretext. And all kinds of things he's got. So he's he's you know you can't really throw him off. Apparently LeBron did. It's on the block and they have Tyrod evidently didn't total odd items they're they're from RR want to move on from those guys knew what we don't know he was a great player last three years of LeBron is about in two bogeys on the they would Iran Lou in the whole organizations are just wanted out of that environment. And something because he comes to work everyday perfecting his craft. We've heard go to prepare you scratch these appalling on a daily basis so if you're won't do you think I guess is that. And I'm I don't know bill overlap. It's yet another blow to figure out I got I hope it works. They have. If you haven't we are on September 19 that I do you don't think it's gonna work. NASA deals like I don't think that but yeah you think I every bad thing and it you need to say it now I don't say it now I'm about the ice house. I already get this guy from the get go okay if he's not Isiah Thomas Agassi after everything your pastor who I. Thank you write you know if you have got yourself the question is are pro we've got us through this one rose thirty. Where it might be true if you don't wanna admit that yourself that we herded them and I tonight reason tired yeah actually it might be true I don't normally I don't wanna admit that. And the kind of person would rooted in some individual death I don't want to be that kind of person. Right now but you are right dollar ticket did I play aria I might not religious I'm not. Then at. This is bigger than Calgary the Boston Celtics are bigger than in Calgary right I'm really not that that carries you said so. Talk well I would have banners and although that's right on. How many how many banners that those seventeen banners of their comedy contributes Nantz and it's bigger and bigger and bigger. But one of the you you you would have to admit I keep that one of the big you went out there. I'm confident at least a hundred there my mood on the guys truth. It'd and he gonna OK you have what you guys don't keep a reasonable person where the how to yeah I but he got all. With half a brain right now and you definitely don't I was saying I still think basketball minds right is yours. Yeah well let's call another governor don't really. I chemistry was one of the strength of the team last year commitment to some extent Alia as we may have been even stronger than there individual talent but a wide group out and so. That is one of the things we keep our archive he's a leader short that's a big question when Arnold he's going to be a leader. Of the thing is. Is he is the chemistry of the team. Going to be there because that's that's critical eleven out of fifteen new guys. It's got to be there but also in he's if he's got to say he's got to be he's the temperatures that are in the room. I think he's got to follow people are gonna follow. His lead he's gonna have a ball. We know that now with Runnels pick and rolls via your point guard and Bret Stephens ally in other words no one else that's on Gordon Jimmie to bow out more about what he said Gordon Al south. Sounds like Harry. And they and you had that notified us that for they've mastered yet the court yeah I have to everything going down let's. Surpassed me. So I open but any chemistry is the big issue and I don't know please tell us is important and where guys. Five guys they get along really well without all world talent can only go so far you know I think carries issue may be. Able beat the leader this. Who Danny Brad Brad. Is the leader of this team to departed ultimate test for Brad and I do have guys seem like that crazy town I've never seen NBA team with a coach is the leader for the last five years who's been that the biggest star on this team and the -- ice that house. I mean let's. I think Thomas was a wonderful transcendent elite politically not us though he is a selling point all franchise. No Ohio garnered quite for Hayward. Yes hey were you guys and Thomas was selling point for Horford I don't listen I I think I think Stephen's a part of it but is that as the number one. And watch it I come to the Celtics got Brad Stevens. Yeah that's seems to anybody I tried selling point outside I can't be I think for Hayward of one's. OK for Hayward bad guys are just able to read the Horford and none are knocking on our our corporate not corporate. Now Brad Stevens can show you what what how we learn how is gonna use you Brett if you say. The number of what you mean the number one recently got Danny you're the best reason I succumbed to Boston while we got Brad Stevens. Nausea moving on. Yeah if he if he told Al Horford and Albert will be the wizards today. That's your number one reason. I think he's the guy who's not who's most bulletproof things the separate conversation absolutely. Ball yet he doesn't get criticized but now we now know not only does he not get criticized yes he is beyond criticism in this town did nobody says the bad thing about them but I don't think around the league players would team up just because of him. And again it goes back to who is more important player the coach what if you retiree Irving or Brad Steve than other pirate talk and bogey cousins always know what about fired Brad got bogey I don't. Gordon Hayward robbed Brad Stevens that kind of remains to be seen there might even be Gordon Giricek Igor here and he needs to be that could easily top twenty player and at that point even he's. More important that they are building or most of. There are three Celtics. Who stand up and and and trust me but we'll talk baseball we really you've got to do what and it's those you're wondering if it's just I Michael off and I can tell here while we are retired or not that hard we have to talk about the red since we have to we have to we'll get them. But I'll just make this point with. With the Celtics are three players. Who have a target on him. And one of them put it target on himself and the other two they just happen to be. They just happen to be in in that in the right place or wrong place at the right or wrong time so carrier ring. By demanding a trade out of Cleveland. And say he can actually win without LeBron and he's he's he's evolved in total happiness cause that the targets on some high rise can be watching. Audio ads you're with LeBron with the priest right finals now what weight you flip them for the most beloved guy on the team last year but I would say about who's broke. But not broken down let's be you think he's brought and how about this because not all he wanted to address it didn't want it well. Thank god is ball but I not and you guys very welcome broke show up so. But that's just locally and nationally people will be looking into it gives its fiery targets on you what are you now you have to leave and what you got. And the other two. Jason Tait and Jalen brown. Jason Tatum Paul Pierce and Huber is he reminds me of me when I was not known young now. You remind me of them and their six year. Yeah it still here in your prime Paul Pierce so a guy who who played one year college basketball. Was the third pick in the draft. Now gigs coming and can work your way into your rookie season. You're Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce your Pol Pot and gaining they would take you number one so nothing different than him and asked for I don't want to kidnap sports spotlight or use our step right there mister Irving's guarded area some company. Jalen brown the guy who averaged six point game last year had some great moments had some forgettable moments but it you know typical. Bring bring along slowly rookie year. Jalen brown now is expected to be that guy going from six point two game to what 1213 fourteen I yeah yeah yeah short. So Gordon here or does anything on his back because I now if you look at how much he's getting paid and they they had to get her to David Bradley just to get Hayward and here. He had the and they were the Macs and he's he's supposed to be the guy that pushed you over the top. Because tirade to his upgrade over Isaiah that's still flip vessel slop if you're just resigned Hayward. It would have been on Hayward if they had acquired it nor calorie. In calories get like no pressure arteries. He carries all the blade everything everything's gonna Spencer Gordon Hayward. Should be governor bounce in here and his do his thing plays Al Horford is gonna nuanced but how a lot of next season that's that are against their noses there were about Al Horford on lecture managers thing. Or did she would have that there nor did a ball at all doesn't show the rock star. Tell you wolf no one knew once I knew wanna thank you very much I'm under wants individual or a. And I knew at the lots allies and he has I I just think in and I I understand that the player all almost always comes for the coach I'd I'd Dubai back. I think this a unique situation here. This is this is the Gregg Popovich. All of all of the Eastern Conference this is the coach and Eastern Conference who. Seeing them seems to be the biggest deal ball here. I think once see he doesn't want enough yet for me for him to be considered their like he was the guy that immediately got the attention he turned this team around quickly. You always hear good things from other players thank him coaching the all star game was a big step forward metsu work he surround himself all the top guys. They all of something to say they have some connection with Stevens. But I think he's still a far cry from anybody like Papa. Issues laws selling titles. So so okay and its former think warmer automatic one more thing I'll let you know Garnett and adrenaline ago. I just I just wanted to be honest about this are right. This is this is carrier carrier Irving was asked if he'd talk to LeBron before leaving him he gave a really long answers at least that's what it's that. Let me go someplace else did you speak to LeBron James or talk to LeBron James before you. Before you and your representatives. Met with a ownership let them know that you wanted to. While. And Austin and I'm not imply that you have to at all but he's the best player in the world he's a superstar he's considered to be muted T. Your teammate whom you speak glowingly and very highly about. And if you don't want to play there anymore even though it was a personal decision. Chances are if you don't speak to somebody about it they might take it person there do you care about that at all now. A Florida where those yet. I keep Arabs without hey right. Yeah yes no. Yes no question and he gave him a yes no answer yet do you care about that no no and then he he mentioned that doesn't. Owe it to anybody. You want and then life. There are a lot of things that you wouldn't do in life. Do I owe it to you to do anything like I would too used to hold the door or physical part of what do you say thank you wouldn't know thank you haven't won. Owe it to you it's just common courtesy I don't owe anybody anything keep you don't owe us anything a throw. Well you know I don't forget that in our area so I I can't take it a bad idea yes. Don't like it. And it's a long man nerves that are so the bronze all this cavs teammates and all this heat teammates that he was living when he left to prince that three did. We know that he didn't we actually no they didn't even as desperately didn't know. They're playing together before he made his decision all right renounces isn't that why you didn't know a plan for about that. LeBron yet. I like about the products are made abroad and our way I did this specifically to LeBron who's gonna do it to him next year arteries what's good for the goose does it again serve it out for him personally I'm not her office and asked them. Walked off at the court. Stick it up. I'm Michael says we aren't they all will go only back in just a couple of minutes was that the biggest win of the year last night for the Red Sox. Dateline Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media without. Which more detail Colleen keep. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. The most beautiful on the there's something he. But when there is so now he knows that the source the end. It was a huge win today book. I think he's had a mother a mother from now estimated immune disorder. Gulag of any problems. And it really Keith Murray we'll talk bubbles beautiful yeah. Most beautiful and that was does senator Bogart's bubbles. Beautiful on yeah thank you thank you. Sanders said last night when was the most beautiful win of the year now now picture this Doug Fister can't get it through three. You trailed five nothing at one point you trailed 61 and another point. You'll lose Dustin Pedroia it to one of those weird physics are fun foul balls that goes off the bridge of his nose. Somehow you find a way to tie it. You win at an extra innings you run your record of fourteen and three in extra innings this year which is mind boggling to me. And you maintain the three game edge over the Yankees in the American League east he. Food should. Huge win for your Boston Red Sox last night. That game was acting did you harvest yesterday. And all it'll uptight and we'd be getting AM he's been. Known as. What it was today the twentieth. It's a 1990. Mario party animals around the hotline editor time he went every time don't wish elect but they've got me they've got a three game lead on this team. And the schedule is OK the schedule it is okay you know he got the Orioles and got the red necks and so those two bad teams. The Orioles by the Red Sox pretty competitively C can't dismiss them. The reds who knows. How the the Red Sox will play in National League park so I don't know. Thought they really need the DH right now anyway but it's one of those teams reliant on the DH BI got. But as you got on the stretch those last four games against the Astros it looks like the Astros might need those games. And the Red Sox. Might need those that Red Sox will need those games they have the Yankees just in pursuit. This kind of nipping at their heels and this has got to be it's the real. Division race. Well that's why they've they will not funny but they win an extra innings on Friday that we're extra innings last night and when that really close game on that. Saturday. And their loss and on Sunday but this could easily be. You know one game lead because the Yankees were able to win yesterday their will to win the night before ups are on Saturday and Sears are keeping pace with dad's here right there. And it's gotten me it's getting harder and harder for the Yankees because it's twelve games he's looking at it away where you know the Red Sox ago. Six and six. The rest of the way the Yankees would have to go nine and three just that to tied up. So you know. That's seems like it's pretty doable for the Red Sox the hold them off the we've seen collapses before we we've seen you know more about simply years with the Red Sox. You know lead necessarily can be safe in Europe Baltimore. They're done but there's something about them play in the Red Sox rather they're gonna want these two games when name by the way Baltimore was officially lit eliminated from the possibility of a playoff spot with a loss last but hey data published. They do especially against the reds I remember when they used to talk about the collapse in 2011. They beat them the last game of the year I think it was like that 67 to win of the year right. And they did stone if they can't get a hundred jumping around and doubts and each other Gatorade. All we kept the Red Sox on the plaza you're finished 67 and ID five days so yeah but they're really excited so I'll say this keep I don't care who gets the credit. I don't care who gets credit for this attribute from about that. Place in the Red Sox and system. It would be the manager I don't term it probably won't be Dave got. Some mental toughness to. These Red Sox they've got some resiliency and they got some fight in them. They're not twitters. They're not soft. Look at all the extra inning wins they have this year I think there of the fourteen don't work very good thing. They have walk offs they they they they scratch together runs when you think the game is over. Like his team may not be that the personalities on the team may not be likable. And in some cases. But collectively only one right there are only one personality was not likable mainly price yet. Mainly price we've had our issues this other with Dustin Pedroia right we've we've talked about some things. But. When they come together. It's impressive. And I don't know who is anybody get credit for that or is it just eighteen thing this is smarter than everybody this is who in any case yeah. On the table won't happen in this town as the manager organic I don't I don't care feet again. And as well as on the team gets when they listen to the team that I think there that we are did fourteen and. Three an extra innings in your bullpen pitches as well as they have been a bright innings five more shutout innings last night. The manager does get some of the credit right for making the right moves politics knowing that the the the close games it's gonna vote. Games that are decided by DO two runs or less and then also on top of that tower any extra inning games. You know I know was on Friday in a really opening up to that wouldn't factor into one of those one or two run games but there's still an extra inning game right yeah every year. At that point a lot of times your bullpen has been exhausted and you're just trying to match up. Your guy knew it was the other teams guys that they're trying to get to their bullpen where they've probably gone through five or six pitchers at a time. It into an unbelievable job and it's funny that the team that's not necessarily. Known for. Clutch hitting again isn't it David Ortiz one guy get nut tunnel walk offs. It seems like it's a different guy almost every time it's Christian Vasquez or. Some of that mortgage bets or you know bad intent here where there's seems to be different guys coming up for those big hits and extra. I had been intending with four game winning RBIs and extra innings this year as the most for Red Sox player since Clyde Vollmer in 1951. And I'd been attending you don't necessarily tell a lot of what I David Ortiz like clutch performer that guy hasn't yet he's got four game winning RBIs and in extra innings this year. The other thing and I am as guilty of this is anyone's home when the finger at me. I got all carried away with Doug Fister. When things were going really good off of me so and and I am thinking you know what this guy's going to be able he's got more playoff where we always starter and on the Red Sox rotation. And I got all cranked up and I think I might have been wrong two weeks ago he was that he was the guy showed on the guy. That's what we did our interview with John Ferrero if it wasn't last Wednesday it was Wednesday before where he said. All of that will be evaluated as we go down the stretch in other words in his column how the heck yeah if I doubt get this guy up on waivers he's pitching pretty well let. Doug Fister and so the Red Sox right now are saying. David prices in the bullpen and and and this is what it's a great role for him. Saying that now. I think the plan is to build up David Price from September 19 until September 30 build him up. See what he can do over the next eleven days. Ed may be can sneak in one start. A four or five inning start against the Astros if they can afford to play around with one of those games I don't know. Get him in there see how he does and then sought him for game three against the Astros again. It seems like they're going would this bullpen approach which is not building up the arm as our view. 8090 pitches yeah that's cute but I'll tell you put it's also it's the nineteenth of September they don't have a lot of time they don't have a lot of time. An output cut if you don't use David Price as your game three starter which are looking that is neither here carrier options Eddie Rodriguez Marcelo professor. So deep you wanna go with a one of those guys and and couple weeks so obviously yeah fist there's no question. So now you download shake your Fister let's go to you for a sell or Eddie Rodriguez between those two got a book or fellow. And you know could really really come back to bite Ferrell in the playoffs would be is if you start one of those guys in game three assays are four solo and he gets shelled. And then David Price pitches in relief and it's dazzling yet he was two nights ago right. That's a bad luck and now maybe David Price deserves some of the blame David Dombrowski Larry I don't know whose decision. The do you think price said hey I think I'd come back I think I can probably come back in the ball pretty big them browse you said. Hey let's get something that you this year even if you can't start you know yeah you know the arms not right but brigade EGU resonating gives. Price who wanna start I would think so scared of the game its option I think he'd rather start that you would do it's what he is it's what he's trained to do. Now let me ask you this it's this is one of those hypothetical. Weird questions. Let's say for the sake of our argument the ticket price threatened to start off I'm with you want with you one sponsors now are now I'd I don't really care about that aren't like I had a friend and frequent small stuff and it now all deliveries of our country so they get ready to start. He dies. And he comes back in the in the playoffs and is you know Cy Young David Price and as he turned around his reputation in this town like that. When the series. Well but the playoff series I'm not saying that World Series how does that limit that would when he comes back as a starting pitcher pitches great for this team in the plants. He redeemed himself but he has you're as a starter he can't do it he throws if you light set up for the sixth and seventh inning with five strikeouts peoples that wiring started. He's paid to be a starter any any needs to get winds at this honor. And yet people people change their tune if you could just on the playoffs up. Only if he pitches while the playoffs and they what depends how far they go. And it could just won a playoffs and they lose an ALCS in five games. But what are the keys to know and has a one point five ERA in throws like fifteen innings which is very unlikely now based off where your dad but that. They do equality is all. I would help I would really I think really turn things around. Yeah just like you John Farrell won a World Series that turnaround has reputation right now quite sad that he's been no way it. Know your way right as he's ever play I guess so. We've seen it happen in this town. We've seen. Players that that fans had turned on John Lackey Jon lackeys exhibit a Disney yeah yeah we're all these Borough. To a certain degree when he says when he gets on his rating on the straw walker agree. I. And I don't. Yeah different. It's a little quiet we like those a guy that's 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. It's that simple question for most of us here. Are you confident in the Red Sox I heard Clinton say earlier that of the potential division winners the Red Sox according to Vegas. Have the least likely chance to win a World Series maybe that's fair. But are you starting to get a little more confidence in the steam as they get ready for the for the post season. If you think you're gonna get there at all 6177797937. Its gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. However. Rob Walton. For the mom Ralph might have a very. Just they play over the follow the last south pars and Smith getting via the same class size for things like 2015. Let me give you a couple of quick numbers courtesy of Richard justice mlb.com. The Red Sox have come from behind in nine of their last thirteen wins and four of the last five. They're sixty comeback wins this season is three more than all of last year. I am nineteen wins when they trail after five innings that's the most in Major League Baseball. They've won five times when trailing after eight innings all since the all star break. To Michael's point about the resilient they're tough. Mean all those numbers back all that up now may be your ultimately not as talented. As the Cleveland Indians are the Houston Astros assuming that you know you're playing one of those two teams in the upcoming playoffs. A point they have something going mentally at least. And and I I think it was set Addison reed who set I noticed this from that the minute I got here doesn't matter what the score is this team never thinks they're out of a game. They always think they're gonna find a way. The comeback and win the game no matter what scorers in last night was exhibit a down five nothing down 61 take the lead give it back. And then retaken and all they have to have so much confidence is going tax. Earnings when they knew that the numbers are off the charts once they get there are so yeah that is one thing they don't have any any quick tool. The other there they definitely feel like there in every single game and it's amazing to with a team. That has as little power as they do that they're able to come back in these games or also to win an extra innings they are all the stats would be a walk offs and how to walk off usually home runs compared to sort of manufactured runs. Just in my head I would think that a team that has more power would be more likely sued to win games the way that they wanna. I don't know what it means people say in all sports this team is built for the postseason it would help us out of the woods actually learn. But are they that are they a team that's built for the post season they've got good starting pitching. At at especially with their with their 1212 was good to think it was bastard and then help them out. I think their bullpen this year is better than last year's bullpen. Craig Kimbrel is better and in 2017 and he wasn't sixteen. You've got read in last year's Reid was was a character of their body kept over rating IQ was somebody gave me was negative can stand them. We have big argument about dale who's a senate panel yesterday Cottam. Middle of the season. Anyway what what that guy was up figured out I'm planning to meet meter makes no somebody figured out we'll hook you so. Reid is better than that guy last year you have Carson Smith now. In the mix there was no Carson Smith last year you think about the importance of Barnes has come and gone down. You have. You know Joseph Kelly and in the mix and he's he's OK but he and I asked him to be an eighth inning guy or seventh inning guys now consistently. They might be built for the policies. Here's the other thing. Limited sample size but I'm only goal with the facts only I'm only going with what I have available threats that other than they don't know yet Ziegler. Any. They have a winning record. Against Houston. Notary here now they have a winning record. Against the Indians. Or three against the Indians. Two and one vs the Astros. So. If you say in nine and a you know I don't want to replace Houston's I as early in the season when Houston was red hot in the Red Sox weren't. A texture on on at 3793 sentences they have no pitching. When we had no pitch they have the second Belmont IRA in the American League the only team with a better ER rate in the Red Sox 3367 is Cleveland. And 3.3 five that auto correct change hitting to pitching now this by hitting hard is it power I would say yes and want to criticize them right. Say what they gonna have to be able to clean up some of the stuff in have. You know two guys on. Go old school got to be that girl he get those Earl Weaver three run homers. Pitching on three run homers to win games they don't have that. They certainly have great pitching pitching is not good it's great. They're pitching has has been that the the hallmark of this team. And and probably the biggest surprise smallest group Palmer let's. After he is after his first seven starts as CRA was five point 29. In the 22 starts since then. He's gone thirteen and two. With a two point 73 ERA the Red Sox as a team are twenty ended nine. In his starts. Drew Palmer and this year reports fellow 2016 right. And it's not shown just a surprise visit and got it going on around yes I thought yeah editing again. And always a matter but he wins again with no matter who wins again. And and you get to a point where you trust the trust and has a number two. All right that's an even discussion discussion for the last month has been you know who's number three starter and it's been the stock has gone up and down on all the other guys but donors were able to talk with the three starters with pom rants has solidified. Is that a starter and what do you back out until just fine yeah exactly put upon especially needed a year ago he been lumped him of those other guys soul who would have said that text to have a little more accurate. It's that already got sale. Tiger get through the other games and one item out of five game series you go sale Palmer ans. Pick the hottest guy in the could probably bring sale back in game four. That and then the bullpen that Michael is he's pointed out is better than it was a year ago the out have issues with the pitching. This is what I I like about them like a like that are. Like the pitching. I liked their speed. Don't like to base running all the time. Their defense. Rocco devers just had to say at third base is not so good the rest of it's pretty good outfield great yet I'll feel deeply well he last night I thought. That intensity was gonna make a play that was gonna cost me game. Or or a missed play. Constant game had bonds glove on left field it would depend on overall there are good at defense is quite a bit a terrific playing yeah. But I felt like I felt like he should happen. He can be yes he can be a little more got a better especially next the other two guys. You know he's he's clearly of the week out of the three Eddie about bases by. And I don't like their their lack of power that at some point you know you just you know he's. It it's exhausting when you're scratching and clawing for everything okay draw the walk okay who's gonna do it here. They had the bases loaded last night in just knew it was going to be a Grand Slam. But won't he came through and I'm not clear the bases and it was a big moment in the game in the sixth inning. Where you go when they're down 621 and all of a sudden you take a seven to six lead but. Sometimes just need just a big hit to step up against a big home run. And they they work extra hard to get everything that they half. 6177797937. Adams in Providence and I don't. Underworld. Where UA LA there's up. The margins are wanted to go to what you loosens allegedly a little bit earlier Michael. Some of them stat the commute from behind dads and yeah attitude that you said this he never thinks they're down in a completely no matter what stories. What they went for all. John Farrell leadership you'd think that attitude has anything to do John's solid core clothes I know we got the greatest Indy manager. You know as in terms of an attitude towards you know the whole. The manager can hold that as well. All he didn't blame Ford they had an awful one. Of course we know that we show rock all of you know I just bit weak weaker. This year are has no leader on this team Leonardo Detroit apartment lives in a right here. All of you know it if we go deep into the playoffs players championship series order we are able to somehow. Get in in. Scratch and claw our way to the World Series. You know is that considered successful seemed dark Soledad. At their World Series now yeah L yet I think ALCS and if you get there if you don't like the guys it's hard to deny that running again he's gonna get a lot of credit for individual games or. Even honestly winning the division because the alas they won the division the make it bounce so quickly. But if you win a playoff series you're gonna have to be either the Astros or unions to do there pretty good and that I think it's going to be hard to deny. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.