DHK - Lavar Ball continues to baffle the mind; an update on Ryan Shazier; Final Drive 12-7-17

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Thursday, December 7th

HOUR 4 - Jahlil Okafor has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets and Danny Ainge continues to look brilliant. After taking LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA, father Lavar has acquired an agent for his two youngest boys and plans to have them play overseas. They'll be Lakers in no time. The word out of Pittsburgh on Ryan Shazier does not look good as far as his future in football goes. And we finish the day with Final Drive.


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Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. I'm by the way we are going to waste. We've been talking a lot about the interview yesterday that we had without Michael will bond of PTI. A lot of folks have responded to what we heard what. Last night mark was talking about it this morning Kirk and Callahan we're talking about it I'm Glen and Lou were talking about it earlier today and we talked some about it as well. Although we've tried it on that Ottawa and down weeks at most of the program try to about it from a little different perspective but that's fine we've we've taken calls from you guys as well. He Mo wanted to change issues which keep your with him powerless and the ones these are resistant to YouTube ever with. Much like he doesn't like that change it wants to Italy and by the way ever Kieft tonight starts sixth which is accurate with your your more than he has I am literally always here. He is. Not as much not a one note by the way yes I get to visit the old when you heard. Evan relic kind of gold back and forth with rob Bradford last night and it had to do with a hole. Alex Cora piece that Evans relic row which was a bit critical of Cora. Anecdotal heated. Yeah some of that as well I tonight rob Bradford in from. Yes you'll be shocked to hear this will be joined by Alex core public that at about 721 Red Sox skipper about where it much not in tonight no no thought no no month a sure about that Myanmar noon around yeah. Got Alex Cora tonight yes I mean it's just brown with a rob Bradford and Alex he sought after ever leave. The brown phone show 78 it's eight ranked foes solo show all because there's there's there's only an hour I LeBron you figures previously scheduled or do you think this yet not this scheduling has to do with the drought story athletic he's responding to a yes that's a that's I believe I can ask rob at six. Under the first question Romanov. And I wonder what the relationship was with with AJ had its core. Or is it just levels they are great I thought that you know kind of not great at heated especially after a couple breaks had disagreement rights that are bound according to drop like last night and I heard you know a fair chunk of it. Hi Alec scored his job was on the line at one point yeah he was a minute currently hand shouldn't. Cora kind of worked things out and out wolf he's on a Jeff blonde on aging and she got the love I love all the didn't do it. Grew up on these guys AJ had Jack Lumpkin out Cora Alex Cora now in a fight. Arthur late nineties or purple thousands that ball verbal disagreement get. So it again relics said that the chorus job was on the line at one point they worked it out obviously finishes the year everything's great name they would World Series. And now he's the new manager of the Red Sox. And I guess well theoretically answer to the charges that relic put forth. The part that's probably going to be a little touchy is the hold you know too much to drink thing. Yeah anytime you mentioned that it's it's similar to the race they get the sense that if you just thrown out there your automatically implying. That all you got a problem we'll watch instead a couple of races it is all luck or just happened a couple tricks today to keep control your Booth they give that's tough to throw that story and haven't beat. Just give you all the details here without implying anything. 725. That's right Alex Cora on was robbed Brad severance when he five. Oregon down so just Brad it's Brad Renfro and Cora. Yes in studio and I get out of Syria are probably not here yeah duke plays in Puerto Rico. I. He'll be in here he'll be in town next week because he's that Christmas at Fenway a week from Saturday nights so we'll be. And be appear that yet there be some of that maybe as. We gave you the news out of Pittsburgh about Ryan Shay easier and it does not sound good. He had what was described as and the Steelers released but he had what was described as spinal stabilization. Surgery. Early. Yesterday Arab mission to nearly had it yesterday. And you know some of the that I had a Doctor Who the NFL PA consults with says. That you have that when there's dislocation. Of some of the bones in the spinal cord. That that's why you have so. Spinal stabilization surgery I did notice that they were talking to some of the Pittsburg coaches his position coach for the Steelers. And the position coach said. We're not concerned about Ryan chase here at the football player they were concerned about Ryan Shay easier than ma'am. And that sort of sounds like they've almost resigned themselves love fact that he's not gonna play anymore. Certainly not this year I mean that's that's a given obviously. Whether he can play again next year or not I don't know. With all the stuff that happened over the week and you guys made the point with a all the hits and all the cheap shots and all lab that's the one a guy making a tackle. Pricing and during game two he had to move from two hits it back in that led to suspension one obviously was overturned. It's a that was not that would not have been highlight that would not have been on the old jacked up segment that they used to do that you get rid of that obviously but. Now that was a regular play and he goes down about 25 years old it's really could play very good player and media player knows their stuff. So with talk about that throughout the course of the afternoon as well Leah the Brooklyn nets made a trade and with the sixers over the course for free Okafor oak fortunate client. Now here's the good part about that. Danny Ainge traded to win the Brooklyn pact to get carrier. And now Brooklyn probably got a little better. With the steel I don't know it hurts themselves I don't know whether they probably you know there's probably and I got a better record on the lakers. Who's picked you do that right. And yours you're looking at draft that's that's pretty good. You love the draft this is the end of the draft this right not last year don't you think are based on I assume I mean every year's dead every year's battery yours in the sit in the middle we it's hard to say right now. Everyone played a lot of. Conference turn games well on Saturday you get to see if you want to if you go to Boston college and check out Gallo are those six or seven or 81 round picks that are on that roster including their entire starting five will be first round picks. One of them Marvin Bagley the third. Boy will be one which like get a chance at pac will be taking on the Eagles can't get him now. Take down because if you if you get the lakers tickets two through five yep and he will be a number I talked to the other or projection he was the number one pick kind of blew my mind. I saw one of us I saw mock draft where they had the Audrey Eitan. From Arizona as the number one pick they had little good on chip. As as number two we had mark Sloan had Marvin back in third is like the third fourth pick. So that's terrible mare yeah the house today trash market you're looking at yeah number treated Dallas at that and that's about it right now. The public the bulls time on bad teams on the lakers in the nets but they're old is. While. Not surprise while they there's three and two when he got nobody three weeks. Catch a I think we saw last night not too good either I think they've won four of six sort 146 or voting worst. Bannister back to the calls that you guys send out what to buffalo. Let's talk to Jeff and buffalo hey Jeff I don't. Hey I don't know what's going to of course in opera mobile sponsored results are right she easier as a great player hope all's well understandable. But would that. And so it on launch means listening to WGR. Guys and our future and oh yeah it's all right. We argued it is fantastic. Armed. Reps that he's become our and to keep your weight where. Would you go out against Murkowski. Those groups are playing in the last game on Christmas you all orders capital city tweaked his hamstring or. So then where he can play and. Here's here's the deal okay and and this is what will decide this I think champ if the patriots. Win the next two games. And Pittsburgh loses to Baltimore. The patriots will have the first overall seed in the AFC clinched. The buffalo game means nothing. And I wouldn't plan. I wouldn't play Brady I wouldn't like wrong not not quarter not a series. I wouldn't place don't you sit about two games the mayor of a bottles that is and other spots along I got a I think you always might get my eight got right now says regardless of what happens the next two weeks let's go to plays. If he's gonna play against Pittsburgh. Yes and also plays against buffalo nominee doesn't finish the game and depending on how I don't think anybody's gonna play if if things went the way I if that rocked the lab video the first overall seed. Clinched though would you play against the jets the last. Like a quarter yet a pre season sciele if you can't I don't think I think there is something to. Too much Grasso is harassment I'll act crap so I don't I don't wanna not play those guys for three straight weeks to get yourself in position where you're getting a bye week it's just don't want all of that time as it around right. I still wanna know at least on this week. I desperately wanna know wary isn't what he's deliverable against annuities and we don't know where I sense the Celtics hit twelve or more three pointers last night. We get him away pair of JBL headphones. So be the night callers 6179310937. To what apparent JB a wireless headphones WEEI as high elicit the Celtics coverage. JBL cutting edge wireless headphones and speakers is how you feel like you're there. JB LB official sound of Jason's Tatum the Celtics in the NBA beat the ninth caller 6179310937. To whip Eric JB a wireless headphones right back to the calls in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WB. Fills up four Bruins pregame Bruins and coyotes over at the garden 7 o'clock start we have filed drive come up about 1015 minutes from now. We're back of the phone calls Michael did you see the latest on the par ball very did well this is to us this new defended Lavar ball. I was thinking that yes you have yes you have in what way you have said all I really can you give him a platform and we allow him we've we fed that beast we allow that bees to grow that and what has he really unheard of skated last understand how the eight hour point I would Alonzo you're OK with that you want to reduce the second picks I was kind of with you on that. How about what he's done and if you missed it is two youngest kids won the just pulled a do you see allay the other who is better. If they gates' top ten to prospect right now is a high school junior course he also pulled him out of his high school and now both of them. Are gonna sign with a agent or get one as a freshman in college were that age one as a junior high school. There are signed with an agent and play overseas. Therefore look Melo was posted pretty good right. All now not be able to play it you select or any other house now. When I first heard so this is crazy I'm gonna do this is kids in high school and now you're trying to turn him into a pro yeah I'm zero keel approach so we go to the NBA eventually. The beauty totally a couple years he does have to yes we allow us this is bad to mess with his college career than I've thought about it. College career. It's not one year ago not a college career a career but look I've never gotten it unless you're gonna do not count on day one quiet as the day maybe wanted to stay for four years I don't think. Game plan. One year at UCLA I think would be better forehand than two or three years in. Where's your play like I don't think he's gonna play in the Spanish league soccer departed plagued Greece like those guys. About that her players they're good players it was some Americans go over there the game is different they'll average like five points like it's not. He this can scored 92 points a high school game last year. He he might not aimed at 92 points in the season in some of these leagues plus is all grown man you see the mellow. Readiness skinny tiny little dude so I think it's I think you're dissent and these guys up. For disaster you can count on one hand. The number of players that were really good high school players that sensitive on one and done our goal overseas like Brandon Jennings stated a manual mood EA did. I think farm maker did it'd a couple of other guys and they're fine they held attractive and end up working out for them but they also talked about how tough ones all first round fixture they wore. But could they have could they have been that same person tick or even higher they went through me college in the US. Kind of worm or maybe they're in the same spot. You know going to going to a US college in. Maybe not performing well Melo looked at at the level you'd expect in the performance almost nightly completes two years of high school about our final two years of high school I think he'll be fine. Okay just give you back a little prospects there I think you'll be fine yeah oh yeah you know united. Yeah that's a Big Brother that's a little brother but does that to me it's a hard but you are on what you are Lavar signed and you gotta do work load of our once you do about it Lamar ball just weeded out. I know he's on Twitter apparently is Brian this is Lavar baseball might get people to check out your item per visit our product other. And it's like a cartoon version of him as a gift of him dunking on doll from that's what looks like today. I was against the favourable to Johnny. Beat Michael Jordan and Donald front as Charles Barkley definitely an actor Donald Trump treatment humiliated on couples had a cell phone and looks down and and it just loops over because of cell phone showing began cartridges. Let's get Amanda. That is that madam. I'll take you where you don't know. That's fine I'll take back day after but it showed up. A guy back to the call can help me with John and eighty joins us next without John. They actually doing all right let's. They're taking my call on our bring it back to though the world under Putin yesterday and country guys talk about it all day and a little bit yeah. I am so I didn't have a bot that you know maybe some of us including myself until today we're overlooking and that stuck. I see it very easy connection here with ESPN we all know they're there are political leanings I think it's pretty obvious Eric all of so I think it's pretty basic I think it is. And Edwin will block touched on. People from New England getting hypersensitive about whenever there's a New England story. They raised that that we don't necessarily agree with this band I think. There's a net. In that connection is. Robert Kraft Nobel check on Brady and the connection they have Donald Trump and ESPN and clear defiance. The president. And I think it I really think that what's driven some of these stories and this gronkowski story especially has made it such. An easier target for ESPN might dwell on it and maybe that's why. The gentleman got so expensive yesterday and and really just kinda repeated the same thing over over over it really did. Much out. Well I think the I don't know I don't know that I deep I don't buy it goes I don't Brady and Belichick and Kraft even Brady's kind of distanced himself. A little bit away from trump. Maybe this is this is not new we've we've talked about some of the stories. Of training Boston in a certain light. Our league has anything when I should say anything to do with it but I guess the reason it has happened because this was happening before. Trump was elected president. Yeah right now goes on I don't think that's hidden. This is a weird case to me because. Any time race has been brought up in this particular story. It's not actually about people of Boston but all the other stores war does or were out at another case of this city. This is this form that people are actually try to point it towards the league. Then because it's stronger than gets tied back in did the Boston and New England. And that's a that's a. The hard want to kind of Russell yeah I think I think it's more I have bad to start somewhere at number one hatred of the patriots. That's in number one right that's how you let your week off jet into entertainer. Patriots are just hated tired of the patriots try to Belichick's tired tired of Brady crafts. Tired of all of the story lines and once again. Being mentioned as a favorite to win the Super Bowl once again and they'll probably be in the AFC championship game just tired of them. And then some if they do something wrong. He knows what's gonna happen all kinds of crazy stuff happens. When a patriot does something that is actually wrong or perceived to be round. You know we we heard it would the placate. We we heard it with Tom Brady going at Josh McDaniels that's kind constant background now. That has that was I think older story for sure yet to edit all the tailback a junior on his degree but let me just like the other way I did the same thing as. Is that ridiculous comparison to Tom Brady all the oil but I do I know you do great player tremendous love all these receivers but. When you're side by side a view debris just like screaming on the sidelines like. On. I yeah audio we also know of so many other examples that you left out like I didn't think that the peeing in the hands on thing in the does that that I was running a lot of great ideas and I think it was when most people expected to show that the video. Hit head butting the ticking that meant proposing to with the next week not in the video Josh all of that there also Brady kind of late. Hitting like via the package he doesn't one of those who visit to have him punching the water cooler but also a little different now know. No time reference either and that birdies fourteen years it's you know we've he's incidents in fourteen years old no seventeen years are more important state Tom Brady has won more super bulls the owed a Beckham has played seasons. You've got agencies play and I know I'm mad love these. The receivers in corners who really. Well I was outside and a lot of bragging rights on the lines on my on a lot of matchups even when your Mac only have to be an eagle maniac to say I'm just like Tom Brady wanted to talking about me why aren't. It's not allow me the same way that I Brady on the cover matter hunts on reason. Police aren't really big that you should be compared to Tom Brady. I don't I am not sure. I'm not I don't really development as you said that was Oregon pushing aside I think another reason. Forget the stuff that we're talking about yesterday with mobile on. But intraday it's white the player who wrong and it caught a dirty player of this follow comments now not just the tax that he sent to Ryan Clark. But he had the follow up comments about how he's dirty player and how he could have literally killed. And so this is still at this isn't going away this isn't because the Ryan Clark comment. That he got a text from white idiot right after the game or priests who have their after the game. Okay you're fired you're pissed you got hurt yeah she shouted you could say a lot of things but now a few days later. Doesn't that chain the business at this is a guy that was really hot after the game and a rookie by the way. He's had a couple of days to think about it and he is just this past he started mobbed by his own tongue off. If Crockett and apparently easily think on his mouthpiece for failure I think that when they play in three weeks that's our biggest fear this whole thing is. They're going to be going after ground they re going out of their way. To either. Do did a dot that is neat. You know Watson plays going on or helmet all the plays going on or literally what he did so why last week you might see in that game. Security justice go to line one. Joseph wants to pick one would show cheap shot tolerance but has been that kind of baseless Gortari was floating around in the final words. Oh yeah and I. Rick by network and that you Google that one question the you know a lot. I was that they want but. Right right but you know I've been walked on Ollie. And now. All right let's hope. Yeah amount. Question we've got ya know. Lack. On one. And went back. And why why. Well me and he'll. Racial policies. Because Lombard. I don't know. What rate policy is not. It. I get a document and on I don't think that I guess I. Naw I I can't I can't explain it exactly Joseph you look it was in my appraisals trying to I was guessing. What it meant a thing racial politics means the way. We talk about racing in the United States of America and again I guess that's a subjective phrasing I guess. What he's right but tell me why you become a blip on the fraud because I list. Michael well while we couldn't appropriate that the thing that's why Google Adam late. You would do to any other guy. Let you go. Out yeah yeah content and you want to call it all. But Michaels isn't. But then you think I'm being got a sick. Do you think being condescending to you right now. Okay. Well they are having other examples against that you're doing. A joke hey Joseph I'll say this. I'll try to be out. I would have been Obama. Okay. Did your friend that got. I. I've I've not noticed a known for a while known. Known Michael Wolff Von probably since mid ninety's yes. Right so you are okay. Are again not I don't. Joseph so I proceeded to. The that I need someone to stick up forming that's good enough job responding was the question though I've been a great job after only a budget did great and I really needed to stand up forming like I. I don't think so. I think all three of us can where we're doing an interview we don't need summary to jump in fact that's probably the worse. I think of about governor back and forth will bomb which is what it was were both meg talking leverage other times whatever. I don't need I was a good exchange and I don't have gotten for it and I don't need you ordeal to be like and read hello riches rightly. I don't think I need that so you can criticize or complimentary word you want the interview but that's one thing or I don't get it. You're right has Michael people said you. It erupted and yet you also sat back that's clearly now apple right so the utility to get together and figure out which is which because they they certainly both can't run. I interrupted when I should have been erupted and I sat back when I was a little or react. But look at you know it's an interview and a second interview or radio show or column or a book. Once you do it it's out there and people will interpret it the way they interpreted and you can't. I mean it's out there it's it's it's like. It's it's no longer yours anymore. And whether you love the interviewer he hated you and we've never talked about one for so long. We're out we have we have never all of the next day we had a horrible horrible and so. Yeah Lavar ball well so. Probably right around it probably is equal to the Lavar ball interview for different reasons. I think are slightly to. There is but hey but listen I'll say Joseph and everybody else. And at the weather here in your car or whether you work station really appreciate it really appreciate the feedback in the engagement. With this with this interview and it's it's gone along way and I mean that with all sincerity so. And sounds a little condescending know and I'll denied you know let everybody know I do I appreciate I appreciate engagement at this interview was cut when a father thought it was good final draft coming up next four straight at W media. Found out cosponsored by a RS restoration specialist regardless of the season a disaster behavior commercial residential or medical facility any time. Get an heiress disaster plan in place to make your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more heiress serve. Dot com. Big day here in Boston's big day not discuss who broke down the wheel on interviewed for another four hours spot. You go out and sit a few back and wish Larry Bird a happy 61. Birthday. That make somebody feel old problem Larry yards sixty was improperly members first damn well will celebrate and one of the greatest commercials of all time featured two of the NBA's greatest players. Big backfires. Boy before the meeting about big wreck most want to miss what is the winner you know don't. Floor. Scoreboard it's also important to him. Also. The government. Larry Brown earlier had greater than all Tom Merritt birthers are great perverse love imagine. That. The flags the weapons commercial with the rap yeah in the nice fact accomplished actor nice. In the words if you double bird observers burden for the opportunity before the terror of the bad games right. This together NBA great gave us some insight on some of the things that help them prepare for games yes. LeBron James makes full use of the PlayStation. Here. Look I love you guys. There's got to vote. Well others say. You can mold. On this message a lot of all a lot of lot of changes. There are. It. It was an. Edwards and yet none of the with the brewers and the birth and couldn't. These tinkering with the lineup so when he goes the coach of the team. There is so I'm tinkering with the Yemeni candidacy having it so anything. What does he say like you know this can't work I just can't go to tie Lou until the opening game I can't do that out because I know every player it so Isaiah could I think as healthy through Kennedy and play right into it he's figured out there was enough power and says gonna work in there both speak of and the latest episode of the book of Isaiah while dropped yesterday visibly happy I don't gone on hundreds Qaeda. They're returning on a little bit. If they multi part document or for the players to feud featuring former felt like Isiah Thomas the story about being traded away. From the Celtics in the latest episode. Isaiah heap some praise on the city of Boston. And everything you hear about Boston's true. Fans the city is an agency as a sports town. While the court like my friend who's going to like crossing my son's love and Boston. My dad and mom when they were coming town and your friends or loved Boston who's who's different from where. Were firm. Is a great scenes are amazing sport since I mean and so I'm gonna give Boston a lot. You got traded our he's cool but you know I can be as cool with the piano what is have to stop with the view that music slated to write about my city of Boston it's a love letter to the city of Boston we love them but it's like c'mon man it's not that dramatic you get for your sports players that get treatment he never thought that it didn't think he was gonna get traded that this year. Yeah it I'll wait for the the book of Kendrick in the other guy out of all Raj on and that the book appalled. Pulpit the book Kevin now he thought he lay down we'll go right after I got a I gallery that put an accident ray have a book out he probably does very Smart does give his own piano player in Q I don't know probably. If you were litigated for you for the man I don't think so don't you know and thanks I get a copy of my score copy of his second out of the from the library other right now is among them that. I want or no on another former Celtic preacher Bill Walton. He's losing his mom could probably hasn't for a while. But the other night while calling Arizona at Texas in hand with his partner Dave passion Walton seemed to go completely off the rails. You know you can. No idea. For your grandchildren were. Pool of possible. Typically are shall. So I can't figure out why you need right now through the finals of the devil talk digger Phelps was double team okay. Visit Dave that other pilots for. It can't be serious. Live free or die now at the bottom like this game did what that's about the future I'd ultimately like children. Your children go to that because of my kids bringing up history. Daughter and son. Some Zulu to zoom zoom zoom while some. Let's let's and it's the season college now he's acknowledged that you don't want. And why are you is that on what your house and I took a picture with him. That this is the only person who did him. So I'm calls yet all you do talk about guys last seventies and I musicians from. So there was a game happening there that they're good in Arizona fan early and AM there and I don't watch this game that's it doesn't appeal to me. Lot Walton had a Photoshop photo of him with. Precious kids that this is like plants like this this is not like Justin ran like here's my grandchildren is an illness that they've. Humans can some beautiful shot me a picture of him and his family or why he. Is it as it degrades and about halfway through the second half of what it really a last spring the font Theo got to stop serving those gummy bears and other marijuana resident priest and every fortnight there are some days. Pete Carroll on the nice guys in the NFL he proved it once again when he bailed this dumb ass reporter out. When he got a few things wrong in his question to Carol. Doesn't it. What what he's accomplished and get those right you don't. Yes that's a question implement an amateur. Yeah. Okay. Me ask you this would. Chris is doing it to. Chargers. He's doing great. He's accorded the chargers. Yeah he's yeah he's always there because I'm sure it's it's hard. Her coach moves to England acting and he's he's using kind of emerging in doing this stuff. You know you. We want you know what I wanted to like if you're still there and all that he had lots of buildings in the slot. That's you know what that he had developed tech as he has this he hit a fact. OK okay and that's not the act of great outrage over the charred is no longer the head coach of the jaguars no more the chargers. Yesterday John Siebert O'Dell Beckham junior posted a video that we're just talking about the try to make the case that is sideline calling every dollar exactly compare able to Tom Brady's side you don't keep. And then a double standard exists from fans and media this morning on my personal favorites. Who will change that put that notion to test. Hope volume of play that in to grand video that O'Dell put up yesterday put up a compilation all day at certain particulars. People double compilation video that his actions on the sidelines compared to tots. And that got me thinking Max Tom Brady Mac has five Super Bowl trophies and about them proposed to a taking net. Tom Brady has forced the ball deep freeze until Beckham kicked that kicking neck. Tom Brady has two league MVPs O'Dell that the junior. Peed on Indians don't count or fake peed on in them come with the man's own code Beckham junior has been injected into it doubted gates he is a passionate individual. That is true Tom Izzo has. Passionate individual. That is true the comparisons. End. There the double standard exists because one guy has earned as much leeway if you can possibly imagine. In that context of football the greatest player of all time regardless of position got them the other guy has proposed to a kicking net. But long when you I don't wanna take O'Dell's side now should have sequestered in what is today. Poly count kicking on an aching to. Are you on like picking them and I don't know him don't know he's been called upon it all right Max is the guy Pete Internet zone column. What's the problem is the the violence that always sounds like he's doing an impression of himself he would like I voice changes every single week here even when you agree with them that you are then take the other side the dvds for everything how did you feel about. It's okay yeah right now gotta let Max products to you know right now how bad that Mack hired not wrong Max. I yesterday the newest manager of the new year do you believe this I thought I'd forgotten I had to go to I said. The guy that replaces Joseph Girardi is probably going to be worse majority Eric and pass the word of god. So that you introduced to the media and of course that is none other. They apparently been blown are you looking forward your first trip to Boston in getting a warm welcome. I am looking forward two to Boston I don't think it'll be warm anymore I'll tell you what you know since. The Red Sox have had their success and won their championships. I feel like since I've gone back there. It's been a little more good natured. If you will I don't think had they not won championships. It they would be so good natured. But at least my experiences and his. It's been good natured ribbing I would say now that I'm actually trying to take food off their table or wins off of their board. I would say it won't be as good natured anymore let. You know I look forward to being being a part of that and now. You know the manager of that team. Happened to be someone that I've known for a long time and been very friendly with and very fondly and I'm looking forward to now striking out that rivalry with them. These are fond with the Alex Cora. Evidently not a front like Robin moon all bodies are now justice differently around here and Alex Cora tonight. Yes celebrates seven draw drivers rob Bradford and Alex or 111180. People who really easy to make last I mean this is really funny the beginning and are you looking forward to your first trip to Boston. And getting a warm welcome. I am looking forward. It's. About yeah. The and register on its back Houston and had a system where people make him a front line and that's kind of a footnote isn't there we also hung up on Aaron Boone here now and all do it anyway and go. Yeah I like them but the next year you had the biggest collapse in sports history when I made a more focus on that him right. While speaking of the Yankees. Are guys at back after this. That if this has caught. These sports Pope yet again yesterday Mike princess that had this to say to a critical collar John bloom that in the end it was of. Or thought do you want me to send. The other players do you. And point out I think you're wrong this week you've got lucky with an afternoon a group. What I put the shelling out money but we've got your grandkids. Are you going to be an. I never said that one time the Ahmadinejad. And I never seen that lives in the Yankee I could care less I never even talked about the kids. When hello no he be eighty I know you would be wouldn't be I think I know nothing about how to. I mean Duncan months they have Dan you don't worry about embed football team and missiles so obvious that basketball team and and that's really cold I was a party here and in that instant one minute talk about a Connie ever. Ever. You believe well I'll let us you guys got online play I. Mean I don't like produces it that courts are a lot of Johnny's big violate. You're a great talk show host has brought out the best or Tom I threw it to tell tale was word votes you ruled that people do you meandering episcopal news. Just. Pack a weaker so I don't see him being a pitcher plus at this level I need to see him being a position player. Or answer I do not see him being a pitcher and a player I don't see them doing that with somebody. But you know like maybe he's going to be this way a talent and out there right now. I know people don't like this he's gonna want the on the Yankees. How it bill. And lord of the bank of you could exceed one mile might not go to that's so we re off. Mean this is really that he's gonna wanna wanna yankees got no idea he says Yankee haters gonna hate that but he is gonna Wonder Woman accused. I. Then to an all time I have no problem I don't like this. Yeah I know I missed that one time that he's gonna want the on the Yankees Ellis unit he's gonna want the on the Yankees I could careless and haven't talked about the kids maybe he's going to be this thread town line outside the yankees' first of all these drawer of the of the Yankees to those players is enormous. And and that isn't the Yankee you could just see this one mile away. This of may I ask you. I'll drive cosponsored by cars for kids don't later cardinal the child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids. Or cars for kids dot com we're looking forward to ever Keith yes ever Keefe new cohost tonight and rob Bradford. I'll be on from 67 when Brad follow and it's seven point five Alex Cora the new skip. Of the Boston Red Sox will join Bradford I'm sure discuss the as a drought. All right tonight how do you feel. Ratings wise he's got the bees bees and you've got. There's an affable. There's a football there's budgets to the coyotes just Iran. Since the Hawkins not that's a pretty big day all of that and that six or all of us both obviously but yet the wisest thing. Saints same thing it's mentally very not a deliberate over the others missed the playoffs. To empower all year long there are not I think that the saints were to say it's a good thing yet. Great job by Ryan and Andy wants to get a little crazy here are my allies Bart Bryant had you know federal condescending you know I well yeah. I stand by guys that you know Ryan speaks I don't think you'll work they did speak for itself been limited to a good job. All right so while Brad folk coming in next dale holly keep back tomorrow at two Sports Radio that he yet.