DHK - Lisa Dumont, 44, non-small cell lung cancer, Southborough, with Dr. Pasi Jänne, Director & Physician, Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Lisa was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer in July 2016. She had a persistent cough for several months, and when she went to the doctor, an x-ray revealed she had lung cancer that had spread to other parts of her body. Lisa’s doctor said “you need to go to Dana-Farber.” After 4 rounds of chemotherapy were unsuccessful, she switched to immunotherapy, and has been doing that for about 10 months. The advancement of the cancer has stopped and in some areas, it has shrunk.

Lisa says that she finds it amazing to go from a terrible diagnosis to an ineffective first treatment to this promising therapy with minimal side effects. Lisa says that immunotherapies has made all the difference for someone like her and it’s really important to have the funds for researchers and clinicians to do this. She is depending on it! Lisa has been married to her husband Donald for 14 years and they have 2 children, Donald Jr., 11 and Lilly, 9. She works in finance in the Boston area and loves to spend time with her kids, be outdoors and watch sports. Lisa says that it was incredibly difficult to talk to her kids about being sick, but she appreciated that Dana-Farber walked her through the process and trained her on how to have age-appropriate, honest conversations with the kids. 

Dr. Pasi Jänne received his MD and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. He completed postgraduate training in internal medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and in medical oncology at DFCI in 2001.  He is the director of the Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology and the Scientific Director of the Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science. His main research interests include studying the therapeutic relevance of oncogenic alterations in lung cancer. He was one of the co-discoverers of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations and has led the development of therapeutic strategies for patients with EGFR mutant lung cancer.


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And we are very happy now to be joined by Lisa Dumont she is in the house from south -- doctor posse Yani who has been with us in the past as well good to see both of you. Help me out here Lisa because again you're educating me chemotherapy didn't work for you so immunotherapy. Didn't work for you tell me what they're. Francis here. While that sounds like a question for doctor got it but I can tell the difference to me in and that with the chemotherapy I have a lot of these side effects that you. You know you traditionally think about what's chemotherapy being very sick having reactions to steroids and other things you have to take alongside with the chemotherapy. Which immunotherapy it's it's really been in ten months. Middleton knows side effects. Its its. It's other than having to go to Dana Farber for the infusions every every three weeks. I sits docked doctor Yoni before I feel like I'm not even being treated for cancer it's it's that amazing. Of a Turkey and you know somehow the stride come. Convinces your immune system to go in overdrive and identify cancerous cells this is dangerous. You know it's it's it's truly cutting engine and then I feel quite fortunate today to have it available as a treatment. No lease see you here with your family your husband Donald and Donald junior and Lilly here here and it. I saw a note about how I Dana Farber. Trained you to have these. Age appropriate conversations. Would you kids are getting sick. How difficult was and in what did you say odds it's it's. It's one of the most of the things he have to use your kids are sick and. Fortunately you know Dana Farber lossless councilors that help prepare you for that as much you can possibly herself for that type of conversation. But. They tight tight unit talked about the things that you know are important for the team you know they tell you to answer questions and be honest. And he just helped you with all of that taking your country's it's difficult but it is well yet they don't that okay. Did you know if questions in and as they come up by answer them and I don't have the answer I'd like him again I don't know and we try to get back to them with their parents. You know there are a couple of questions the kids asked today asked about keeper madness. Coated with a plan Remo right and I yeah. Aetna. That's like younger and they want to know who young Ben was so you guys are big sports fans absolutely. Listen to what the sport of the family with like them favorite sport. I have to sit down on the Red Sox fan but I have to advocates are probably the patriot fans mourn. Its products. I work on my house like you know we're all sides they're different yet so I don't know there's no strike this new Iowa. Items out of states. Alliances that's are constant sort of conflicts in dollars while. Doctor Ian you gonna help me out here at least to describe the difference between chemotherapy and immunotherapy and she's describing something. Okay why doesn't immunotherapy works for everybody on the planet as it sounds a whole lot easier. With so it certainly is the way we aspire therapies to the man there's tolerable. Paste on that side effects like to keep up there and they work. I'm did challenges that we don't yet know. Exactly the right patient who's been. There. On the arson. Markers will look in specific asked the pieces tumors that expressed particular protein keeps us. It's it's likely to work created and which like working. Still this market everybody and we're trying to work on various aspects of the markers identified those determinant. Helped identify why or what the pieces that are likely to benefit. Let's understand why some people Mina and it did he convert somebody to are very cancer into something that would be affected if there. It certainly one of the ways of the future huge difference to violence news. We appreciate you guys coming here and and move them back in the schedule that we are backed up by its truth historically it's my ball we got back up a little bit you guys were. Very gracious in and push it over to this are you dancing around the game absolutely the Red Sox and it's an act. Every fans out there thank you very much Lisa knocking on it the guys against him then thank you and I take it.