DHK - Looking at the Pats/Texans match-ups, plus Michael McCann on Hernandez, the NFL and CTE

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 22nd

Hour #2 and we're discussing the Patriots/Texans game, plus more on CTE and the Hernandez suit from callers and Michael McCann joins us to give us the legal angles.


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Ellen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Kind of a freestyle Friday we we don't say that enough because I forget. I would say enough but we need it you know you bring to the table whatever you want a break to the table including real good strong place kicking talk. But does this is the place replace kicking talk medal already are right well and we can talk about it is that your for a place like gone fanatic but if you say guar apple might argue. But it presents him if I don't know I don't I don't know Sean did. As a doctor his word for it is no argument is going to be asking a six point and I. Yeah it didn't work on that talking about this is he's he can help them not like a lot of callers were a people call about David Price our thing. I always felt our. Announcements. Back to back nights and that was thought to not too active I played a high level. It always. The big deal. Would be lots nobody owns a day. You know most of our own people call and complain about somebody that try to fix them and saying you know he steps. Get a body here and that's a shot instructive chart Connecticut is being extremely constructive yet he he he's he's got a problem right now and I know what the problem is right. I can't believe the Bill Belichick and his staff. They have special teams coach Wright they do hadn't seen. Anthony just I got a W watching film. Got other things Golan you know guys going off the responsibility. And honor and he just called and was like hey how come they're not taking from straight on how reliable the hashes and it was you know. So he had to sort of totally out of place to put it out there are tabled a great line. Outs and the I'd buy that guys book to drop a gross I don't do that by that. I do you eat like that and then he had two time MVP and retire propaganda war you know train arts him retired for thirty given people a chance. However Sanders he hate terribly. Well and you want according to shout you wanna really terribly. Add this I was able to dominate that league when it eat again and it can we get we get it libretto appearance at the Democrats be aired to the breakdown and. So it's important or not and never. The poetry and no. In touch with them. He did everything he never used never got a liar. Keep you should've asked about steroids yeah I waited out nearly a blog about it never got their doctor. Sure I'll I. Heard that and flag football letting people lawfully and assure. Pliable or heavy he obviously was very little water problems don't remember governor never used the avocado and create a record talk about drug governor pat I've never knew I just by about the labor and acted after the cardinals. A bloody war between where you robbed. Them back to back I was probably want it to. Us. Import or. I think it is right for you eat but yeah. He's got to forget that he got robbed one of those years are gonna obviously it's our three time MVP yeah. Who only got to go that's our Q I don't let it get tired and I two road wins every year give it somebody else price they get drawn fatigue there they were gonna vote form that's why you know he's not line. Because if you lie he was just city's retirement. It. My little what is what is what is the age for retiring early in the pre pre flight football league while accordance point nine playing odds early it's where as early in your thirties there exactly Brady. Number absolutely it's a 45 people in Braintree reflect an elderly Eleanor late thirties early forties we could actually find the Braintree flag proposal for the adults we founded part like twelve year old youth. Everybody is putting and entirely say an image Italy got a sales awhile ago those in the eighties and he says. Right and so really I don't. There's more than one way do achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance as amount that's. Triple lobster sauce pork a few people actually tracked we'll get you right at Nevada never never never want ever tried that out awaken one day the girl didn't do that. No not for me. 6177797937. Gyms in Beverly cajun night on. It got to go with it's not good. Yeah I must comment retreat a football all hands. Solicit I was kicked or pop or a good from that I think he's had a I think about the ticket I think in the first time that you specifically caps with full cloudy and watt hole. And would bring people coaching them up when it defense. I used I can see Brady do you know that a lot Sunday and we almost he doesn't like. And which quarterback like that no not like no place really. Doesn't what you get issue. Did they got to have an inside example logically that would gem you know you got Vrabel. Yeah Billy O'Brien Romeo crib now on the and there are a lot of guys racks title assistant head coach defense or something like that. Because you know cradle got the defensive coordinator tonight that Iraq used to have it became assistant head coach slash. All those same guys were their last year right. In the playoffs when the Patriot Act on my own team no Lott was I don't know I don't know I don't I mean the Dodgers that would help all the coaches were there crossroads is where there has and they came with a good good game plan elders are urging no cushion of around. And eventually the talent took over. In the first half of they had this is an ounce of of quarterbacking of good quarterback woes on they deny that might have been able to pull the upset. He put any stock in the ia Belichick each young quarterbacks for dinner type thing yes it sure especially here. Anyway that. I mean than the number I could kind of overwhelming but it crushes them. Especially one who I don't know can't thrall ferry while Jethro he's had literally one guy to throw to. Any time they they face the team that has as great of a player is Joseph dropped and is it. There's no second option there see you skip said they always do a good job of limiting the one start. Man dropped a touchdown pass last year I playoffs no and Allen Hopkins it was when he went to you I remembered being over the top man gone back and watch the game and allow put. There is a big moment in the game I remember one of their receivers flat out dropped in long all probable Fuller. Who are the to a Fuller dropped every. And it was became wrecked tried to breadbasket very volatile Tyler had amen and that he dropped it down and I was I was in the end zone dropped it yeah. So a lot of lot of opportunities I mean they turned him over they had Tom Brady running around the sloppy game for the patriots. There's still hospital emergency last AT team as Watson better as one accident and we haven't seen much Rome but is he better than Haas Waller. Not yet he won't be I would hope. Well they sure hoping their every move out or get a guy like that. What is this the week where it's sadly happens I would think this deal that's where I feel little tough that's really tough. At all costs whether I don't think was as bad. The overall that he what league and that team and I don't really he was off almost like he had never over the worst games of our back ever just ban. So. But with that being said Watson's and better use the cleanup and Johnston Rhode Island hey John I don't. What's gonna take exhaust speaker I don't. Bulletin are adequate questions dale and dale oracle might pick up and. And I at all that it boxes so OK I have one quick question if you had a child in the military. Which is still feel the same exact way a Bol Kong cannot predict if you do now if they were overseas. I don't need to go back on the Comcast and didn't talk louder earlier French ligature opinion on that and not. Which on speaker not what was and what kept saying thank you very much. I guy I don't know I don't know how I would feel it's hard for me hip to answer the question. We talk Gerry Ford about it. There you know and he does have a son who serving I think and I believe in the US marine Marines here and is overseas right now is them. I I don't know the answer. I I I understand completely. The idea that he has the right to do it. I'd also said since the very beginning I hate that he does I don't like. I'm a military brat OK button and and and I grew up. Yeah on air force bases and an all over the place and I said this before not. Proud of you know stick my hand up and popped my chest out the most prized possession I have of it my house was burning. The one thing I'd go into the house and get is the framed flag off my dad's casket that they gave me at his funeral and that's the one thing I go get. So that gives you an idea what I think of what Colin Capp predicted. That thinking has the right to do her. I hate that he does it. And I also am not of the opinion that that has anything to do with the drop in numbers in the national football. I've seen things that say up those forty years or every little say they don't watch because of jeopardy I don't believe. Think their whole bunch of other reasons why don't watch the National Football League before you Colin Capra. MF and I think there's a lot of what are those same way yes. Because of because I'm thinking about the country what the country stands for so if I believe what the country stands for. I know that it's a lot bigger than me I know that there are. Many people would different religious views and I have you know social views and I hand. And they have the they have the right to express themselves the way they want expressed themselves so whether by what the market is in the military or not. It's just not the point here everybody who goes into the military made point four guess does make one more time. Everybody goes into the military may be some going and saying I'm doing this. I'm making the sacrifice and so. I want everybody to feel the same way I feel about it I want everybody be as intense about it as I am and if they're not disappoint now I'm sure there are people. Who look at it that way. And then there are those who understand. The incredible. Just just how how complex that the sacrifices. You know it is not. Reciprocal. So there are times you're fighting for something. That. You might be fighting for something that you don't believe it. Which are fighting because you you you have decided that this is what you got to do with your life is it's an incredible. If it's an incredible gesture. Broke for them for the men and women and the families by extension who do it. So there are times you're fighting for something new you get to you continue to defend the freedom of the United States of America and you'll come home and you'll see people. Who say I'm anti war. Even though you went. You'll see people who will. Sit. When the flag is raised you'll see people will Neil. I Colin Capp predict and you helped make that pop you you made that possible even know you don't believe and it. Assess what's Americana right here. And two on Matt to Texas at us and said don't you think it would just be easier to stop doing the National Anthem at sporting events Helm. What percentage of people at sporting events do you think have an issue with the National Anthem. 5%. Last. Didn't always do it nobody but I but I like I had no I don't not why why would we have to stop doing it so that Colin Kaplan it doesn't have a nation. I would say it's because Cali capita we always do it wasn't always trying to look at it wasn't always in this is fairly recently. Now isn't always that the way to start a game it wasn't always a focus on the anthem. No it. Or Anderson while the candidate nor. What could we get this horses for a while ago I don't know how many other places where else do you hear yet. What did you sportswear at college sports high school sports lately that that's where you hear that that RN NM and find good I'm I don't of that. I got no issues I don't they got this at them. Wouldn't have a garden when he the anthem before the game and I don't. Our Rick he's in April hey Ricky I don't. A guy how are you cannot you cannot. Electronic nonstop content back on the numbers that truck numbers there now. All I know myself ought to in the mall right Salem the dragon box and also they can I eat. These fire sticks in you can hack the all paper you paint all NFL in red don't. Our credit Amazon are sickened many undercurrent that they're a disorder that and unique capability there may be partially drop in the numbers as well I just wonder who we thought. You do know that you're breaking the law right Rickie. A now I am I'm. I think I am New York it was of course the bagel and it does examination. Friend of yours stealing paper fuel hypothetically yeah you're doing this law apply. But a half a mind he's got one of these things Soledad player. Yeah I know it is. It definitely playing into. Now some people might. Cancel their cable and they might and only wanna watch applaud them out. Other people's day I'm gonna cancel my cable save some money and watch these games pirate these games ago watching will be illegally. But there's still watching NFL but it does not count. Towards the ratings and of course I would note take apart I don't know. Exactly. What percent on what you how much that you haven't lost I don't know of that. But yeah that's factored in there. Our routes in Connecticut and Ralph I don't. I'm. Doing great. Yeah I was told Campbell the PG situation and tell them that in this particular. And I don't know that in this Connecticut what increased use self. We did some of those excerpts on drama and address enough I mean is no question that. You know they have like four times or a suicide Google would have trouble lord what pajamas and drug fueled and so forth. But a better processors will the absence of and little preliminary research that people that use drugs and those hoping to do so. Are more susceptible in the first displaced two concussions. So it's almost as if this holds true that's almost a differential of the chicken yet again you know he's not a substance help or using drugs so we'll have had to do more susceptible to have had trouble thus CP. So I have to admit I've I've never heard that drug use makes you more susceptible to head trauma and CT I that I haven't heard. Like I said I look look look it up online ostensibly there's studies and conduct Tilden mentioned it to me. And Libby who will preliminary studies and obviously adrenaline and rebels fought. And it may not a an album David W drug problems of the ballroom place more substance a module what the reason but there was some preliminary. Evidence is may be the case so I don't wanna throw that helped as. Kind of pointed discussion and yes. Yeah elegant and I am a little baffled by it but the the numbers we'll talk to Michael McKenna the bottom of the hour. Basically. Aaron Hernandez and what about 44 games in the National Football League. I think it was a forty Florida altogether. You know we know that he played three years at the University of Florida played four years of high school we don't know how much he played in pop Warner before that. The only part of yesterday's announcement by Jose Baez that I think gives the National Football League pause. Is that a 27 year old has State's three c.'s CT right that's the one part where their own move. Because I don't think there yeah a lawsuit I don't know they feel that that's gonna happen. I don't think that they feel while we got to get twenty million dollars here I think the only thing they're looking that is. We've already got a skittish public out there anyway. You know other people are talking about is safe for our kids and we got a 27 year old who played 44 games the National Football League. Who's got the next to worst level as CT eaten yet. So amid questions you know the fans he had yet to think about the fan. The with the way the fans receive that information about how much are players who were. 254647. We by the retired so when he bought retiring early and let the matter. You or at play he boarded played six years in the league that's three more than a standout Dario and you could very well have they cannot preventing yourself from. From you know from necessarily getting it so that might also be a trickle down. I think that's the one I really do believe it's the the fans that the players are those the faces of the league they're the ones who will. You know him. Make sure either that the public is it business as usual it's fine. Or. Will scare the public away based on how they respond to it and when I say respond to it if they just decided not complaining. Every guy right now 25 year old star and only whoever it is I had it even if Jerryd off. It was not a startling your guards had been the number one pick for earlier I do that amount now got. This is this is scaring me I like that Todd Gurley get me to. Bobby JJ watt says they have done. I've been hurt non now under the had a lot of time to let this information. I decided there I think that would really. Eternally upside down but right now I mean doctor Bennett Amal who. That names house mayor that's concussion the movie. As based on them his findings on top of the animals that don't play at all. It won't take away intelligence from your kids that he's his position do not play football at fault. Nobody's really jumping up and down on that when the movie's been out the book has been down. We talked about it people are still playing in Delhi when Agassi they're not playing as frequently as they used to but still play. Sure. And you'll have no he's not getting people that he's not the alarmist that the that NFL if they are afraid of his message. I can understand them not liking it. But his message is not. Causing the league to change its practices whereas. Players leaving were. We used this we use the number a few days ago Adam chapter reported that the 34 players under the age of thirty have retired in the last two years. Obviously not all of them retired because of concerns about CT we held a couple who said that that's why. They were getting out there may be others who also felt that way but didn't share that. I wonder if that number's gonna go up. I wonder if over the next two years it goes from 34 and a 54 or whatever number you out throw throw the number attic I wonder if if things like this. And you're right they all think they're ten foot tall and bulletproof. Tom Brady told CBS this morning that you know he is not unaware of concussions he's not oblivious. But that you know he he still don't want to about their play now he's forty years old and still is saying no I still wanna do that yet. I guess is the next couple years that number Michael a little bit and then certainly a level off and then kind of dip to that your get to a point where you're at it and you know what's going on. So you're not a doctor to surprise you rhetoric often playing since I was twelve now 25 I don't know what's going on. Now now it's pretty common now if you're in high school your ears you you hear nobody yet every there you can't hide from it there's always another story about it. So college players now. They are also pretty aware of that and so. But yet the next couple years. Would he start to see more more of these studies the that there will be a few more. Early retirements then after that I feel like it's gonna level off where we're gonna get the problem is just people getting into the sport to begin with. 6177797937. Is telephone number I'll we will try to figure out what's gonna happen would this up. Hernandez lawsuit against the patriots in the National Football League and we talked to Michael McCann from Sports Illustrated. And SI dot com Michael Irvin joins us at 430 it's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WB. When you look at the loss of what he wanted to expect him to come out of this lawsuit here. Well first of all we're hoping that we would be able to get discovered and alert. And that's that's the thing that everyone should be rooting for is that we can learn more about this disease learn more about what the NFL knows little know more about the medical history of Eric Hernandez of what the patriots knew so education is key here. That's attorney Jose Baez who was appearing earlier today on ESPN. Pardon me I'm pushing my DS button over here and what they're worried about his discovery and learning more insults at all million dollars is secondary here. Joining us is he does whenever we've got sports legal questions to discuss Michael McCann from Sports Illustrated and SI dot com hello Michael how are you. Don't great thanks we have learned through the years whether it was the OJ verdict dirty double murder verdict in the Aaron Hernandez case there are no absolutes there are now. There is no chance this will happen. What's the numerical chance that this lawsuit ever gets to trial. Oh I would say under. 3%. Maybe about 1%. That this is a truck that's the case that. Well a whole bunch of reasons is very unlikely. To ever go to trial one of which is that there's a pretty good chance he gets dismissed. And we know that the patriots in the NFL had a number of likely. Solid defenses against this case including. Something. Called preemption that the collective bargaining agreement preemptive claim because in order to. Challenged the NFL over help that you have to arbitrate first. Then there's Massachusetts workers' comp laws then there's carpet in his issue of causation and there's issues assumption of risk there's a bunch of defenses that exists. And even if he gets passed a motion to dismiss. At that point I take a patriot and NFL would be very poised to settle because at that point in the league doesn't want to share information. In terms of its science in terms of its medical records the patriots don't want to share information about for instance how well Aaron Hernandez comprehend the playbook. How do you we figure that out of the pitchers have to share their playbook. I cannot imagine that the pitchers who want Bill Belichick testifying under oath about his impressions about Aaron Hernandez so. Don't we get passed a motion to dismiss in this case gets satellite could just to be shocked to see it our current trial. Now for the by his team obviously they'd love to win the case. But as you point out to be difficult to even get it to that that stage. So do you think the ultimate goal for that that team is to get a settlement. Yeah Michael in my view it's definitely the goal they believed they can just get passed a motion to dismiss. Then there in the cold and see because at that point they know. The NFL's patriots are gonna wanna cut a deal. So once they get it if they get past that that's a huge ships and their frankly not likely to but if they do get passed a motion to dismiss. And then they are in a position where they have bargaining leverage. They know that the NFL doesn't want to share its record about how we know that because the leaked cut a deal. With over 20000 retired players to settle the concussion litigation. We know that some players opted out of their pursuing their own case he put the league. Doesn't want to litigate this sound like for instance the NHL NHL has concussion litigation. We've seen records revealed Lisa emails shared the NFL is seemingly afraid of that. And I can't imagine that they would deviate from that approach that they've had with over 20000 players to to fight against Aaron Hernandez's family. We've heard now for years about the NFL and the concussion lawsuit that so many players are and vaulted. It was Aaron Hernandez a part of and if so how could that affect what's going on now. Yeah I wish I don't think he was because in order to be eligible for that. Best class settlement a player had been retired by July 7 2014. Hernandez was in jail at that time facing the golden boy trial he had not as far as I know. Retired from the league I assume that he received what it was hoping. QB found not guilty of that and then of course be found not guilty the other. Foster murders were you discharged in May of that year so he. Still is active in the sense that he had yet formally retired in because of that he wouldn't be considered part of it costs. I do this at my apparel but let me challenge you on something here Michael you said that you think that if it got to that stage the patriots in the NFL would settle. I would suggest that's the last thing they would wanna do because it could open a floodgate of possible cases from that point on. Maybe put a dictator settle all the other players right that they they didn't want to share discovery that they have a track record of doing that and it's I think the league has factored in into the business model that it's gonna get sued by retired players over concussions. This is an unusual case because of a Hernandez what he did. And and is likely story but. The concept of the cases similar in that it's it is it's. A family of entities player a player committed suicide similar to that you yourself back battered. And the NFL. What is struck a deal is definitely but they opted out of the settlements. I didn't do I don't think the league wants to share information about its records. On any level regarding concussions I think police views itself as vulnerable and I think it's willing to pay a premium to have cases goal. If we wanna be technically coral correct and legally correct. We can't call Aaron Hernandez a a murderer. And I've got that makes me wonder about the abatement and they can just tell us by what the logic was behind it is seems like such an outrageous. Law to have on the books what was the whole point of it and if you notice please share with us than a lot of people people wonder about that. Yeah so he's not he's not a convicted murderer to his convictions were vacated. Beat because they had to be under Massachusetts law. There's a principal called the statement a statement says and so many words that where a defendant who's been convicted but has appeals pending guys. The presumption is that we wanna give the benefit of the doubt that person and maybe they would have won their appeals to their criminal record is clear in recent terms of convictions. So the logic there is that maybe Hernandez would have won its appeal and that we wanna give them the benefit of the doubt. If the problem with this is is of course he was very unlikely to win his appeal deodorant Lloyd case. And the fact that he may have committed suicide being the way out of this principle and it wouldn't be surprised ladies and prisons. I'm sure he could have heard about it and by hearing about it he probably heard that you would be a lot easier to outside his estate to his daughter. He would be a lot harder for the families. A vote in rodents effort of Ricardo and others to break civil case is over things that he did or allegedly did. And it is the principle of giving the benefit of the doubt to. But somebody was appealed haven't been heard that I think in this case at least sort of really unfortunate outcome because it it seems to reward Hernandez for committing suicide. If there is any kind of settlement say between your area decide with the NFL and the patriots. Can then they also go to the NCAA in the Florida Gators or is then that kind of there's no more chance of that. Yeah person could they still could file a separate case I think the more likely trajectory there would be to add and I think Jose Baez mentioned is that too bad. The NCAA for. Maybe pop Warner football that you personal high school. As co defendants in the case and not and it's true that's actually make the case a better case in that sense than that. Right now the pitcher Panetta falcons say how can you show that he got seats he loved playing in the NFL or how could you show them most of it occurred. When most of his career occurred prior postal poker could prop up private plane to the patriots so. In a way. My feeling is that Jose Baez wants to try to. Work out a settlement with the NFL and the patriots rather than have a more complicated case but. He may ultimately be forced those are the party has cut defense. We're talking Mike McCann Sports Illustrated and SI dot com I'm looking at page one of the lawsuit that was filed. And the opening line says Abby Al Hernandez by and threw her parent and guardian shy on a Jenkins. Was it written this way was it filed this way. So that if they did end up with money they could protect it from any potential civil suits that might be filed in the future. Yes so and so is as good as part of the strategy there that it would go directly to our that it wouldn't go to his estate and that's significant because over and Lloyd. Stanley. And others that have brought civil litigation we'll go after Hernandez's estate so this is one way of getting the money directly to his daughter. And making it less vulnerable to forfeiture. You know we we talked before the double homicide. Double homicide charges. Against Aaron Hernandez and we didn't think he had any chance of being acquitted there any was. You think his attorneys. Baez and his team. Does that factor into it I mean obviously if you can afford. The best attorney you go ahead and get them but. Do you do you think his chances are greater or there's the State's chances are greater because of the attorneys that they have. Actually your question my guess I would say. I'm sure the NFL's patriots are mindful that Jose Baez has had a successful career that he was able to. Win a case that. Most people thought. What are sure fire loser the bossa double murders and then and also we he had Ronald told him to Harvard Law School professor is part of a legal team as well. These you guys are obviously really impressive and I think that if you're the patriots and haven't felt you know that these are serious attorneys that. Probably had a financial wherewithal to play out the long game in this case or they're not looking to cut a deal quickly and that gives them a little more leverage. Now I don't know how important this is in the in the grand scheme of things but twenty million dollars and the lawsuits for an assist for the NFL and the knowing the patriots so no matter what the number may end up getting down to is that somebody had split between the two or they feel that the NFL is more responsible than the team that he was on how how does that work. It to default presumption would be its split evenly. Unless there's some type of indication during the trial settled either gonna happen that it should be divided otherwise. Final question from me and Michael and I were exchanging text messages this more because I was trying to get some information that I can bring to the table here. And and the research that I've that I found is that because this was filed in a federal court. They have what they call a dole bear hearing this is don't bear vs Dow Chemical. It's it's in effect of it's a much stricter guidelines. For for expert witnesses at the federal level and they're trying to guard against junk science. Did buy is make a mistake by filing this in federal court where that the restrictions are much greater in the witnesses that he can bring to the table. He had to pick really the question I that it would have been filed probably its state court just because. Typically. That's where this kind of case. Would a code bet my money there they must have done the analysis to believe that this would be a more favorable. Four of them. And it's true that any extra witnesses can be challenged. Now I know that we're gonna get to a point where that issue comes up I think we'll likely see a resolution to this case. Before that but it certainly presents a wrinkle to the case that otherwise didn't exist. Michael we always appreciate the expertise in the time and as I say every time we have one of these discussions we will never run out of chances to talk. There's definitely these these issues never seemed. Thanks Michael. Michael McCann Sports Illustrated and SI dot com lending his expertise. Other. Legal experts have also talked about that the chances of this ever ending up in a trial being being pretty slim. I'm not just Michael Michael obviously you know has set it as well and written about it I know Mike Florio suggested on pro football talk dot com and for people who don't know Mike Florio is a lawyer. Music trained lawyer he his his real job now is pro football talk dot com. But he talked about the settlement of the big class action settlement on behalf of all retired players. We don't believe the Hernandez. Family opted him out. Which is what they would have to do to be able to file a lawsuit. I'm sure that wasn't that toppled mind they and other legal issues on their on their plate to deal with they didn't opt out like the sale family did write the sale family opted out of the settlement. We don't get any money from that settlement and now we're gonna sue used separately. We don't believe Fernandez did that which is why Florio thinks this is gonna get bounced as soon as it hits the a judge's desk. But that's Sunnis and there rape because in McCants say he doesn't believe that he might even be life as I understand it now again if he didn't retire then he's not in their need to Danny de guiding you can't retire this government armor are higher now now he's got cut and I was by fourteen and so while he was done and I think he's trying to play this. Well the court system out there I don't think he might I be with cancer. Yeah he got cut. And then he's an in custody and that I don't know if there were camera follow our retirement papers with the National Football League that was not on his mind now I don't. 6177797937. As telephone number has been to type on our screen here while we were talking and can he may not be a murderer but he still a killer. Probably the as deep the distinction we're looking for dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Like today yeah. I wonder why did. What's gonna happen but what's gonna happen in my generation. I teammates who have killed themselves Andre Walker's teammate Mike Philadelphia. I good friends of mine Junior Seau. Dave to worsen. Great news. Guys have done tremendous things in the community all the sudden they became violent and took their own life. It's a lot of work. Or what my future is. Now I've had so many signs of it I didn't have any reported concussions points. I would say there is some type of fear. Fear of the unknown. It was Chris Carter appearing earlier today on FS one that's good yeah the full as good right there. Up by the way I think it was Ben ball and went back through all the injury reports. While Aaron Hernandez was a player. He was listed officially. As having one concussion. During the three years that he played here now we all know all those tack on a few more now we all know we all know that you know things don't get reported and all that but officially on the injury report he was listed once is having a concussion. How many actually had who knows him as Gregg RS says. You know you have some fear wondering what's going on. They had thought about it anybody who's who's in the league right now knowing who's played their league or playing in the league a wondered. Is how you process that story. Or do you do it like anything else. You know it's not my stories are gonna happen may have thought just as serious as. CT. I mean there are a lot of things there that. If you fall into that category if you if you. If you hear that you know most people between the ages of of 25 and 35 are gonna have to deal with this you sell us between 2535 at. And I talking about me. It and as soon as you forgot something or says you have a crazy mood swing Ers or something happens and how did nothing about medical Cris Carter says is probably one a lot of former players are thinking. Again there's spirit and I was diagnosed with a concussion he says there are unknown Aaron Hernandez diagnosed with one and send and he had it. And so yeah I think it is definitely a fear you know it is one of those thing I think. If you could test for right now. I you know what would being in your allies like I think a lot of footballers or just go go check out on four for openers regardless closely with the deal as he could he could fuel the better about yourself and the problem is of course you can't diagnose that can't. Until your dad. Now they're desperately working on a test and they're trying like hectic to come up with a test that will shoulder at the beginning stages of CT year that you've got CT. But right now the only time they can tell you that you've had a his when you're already gone. So they can only tell you of your family that you have it. How weird is that. I mean it is it is the only other medical issues that we deal with right you know they cast somebody did all right guys you have got this wrong Ali outlook here we found is that we've got a broken bone here it's very it's very stern. Himself. OK I just think about what would you said you can tell the family. But the but the but that person is not around. Is it's good to hear that news so. For family you could say to yourself okay that explains. I Javon Belcher. Days they exhumed his body like a year after a may be no longer a year year and a half after he died. And he had a traces of the TT it TT. So here. One of the people around who loves and he's now he explains it man I would just say. A crazy incidents are just indicate that added that wasn't him. So that explains it to you now let's fast forward to Aaron Hernandez in the NFL statement. I know what will play well that statement will play well. What if your Aaron Hernandez's. Brother. His mother. His fiancee. Don't you also saying what's evolved alters Stanley sense. I explained he was a good kid then all of a sudden in law he just lost it. That explains it. There and I got UK callers checked out by well on the hilly but you don't know that's the thing about CT. They don't targeting a Casey Smith Arafat and entered discussions is that we'll see T doesn't make you kill people I don't know it doesn't. If there's aggressiveness there's there's impulsivity. There's there there and mood swings there are a lot of things could that lead to homicide. Sounds like I don't by the leader isn't even causation that leads to suicide. So we don't have that are so many I don't know I can't say it does I can't say it doesn't I don't think anybody can now yeah. And it's one of the issues if this ever got to trial. That bias is gonna be tasked with and it's going to be difficult is the show causation of it there. He's not going to be able in all and no it's not gonna get that far anyway probably are we get right back to the calls that you guys just a couple of minutes we'll talk to Michael Irvin at the bottom of the hour dale on Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI.