DHK - Maggie Stillman, 18, Hodgkin lymphoma, Scituate 8-15-17

Two weeks before her birthday, Maggie was at a football game and touched the base of her neck where she noticed a bump. She initially thought it was a swollen lymph node, but after further testing, she learned that she had a mass in her chest and was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Her treatment included chemotherapy for several months and she finished her active treatment in March. Maggie just graduated from Notre Dame Academy and will attend Marquette University in the fall. After undergoing her treatment at Dana-Farber, she wants to become a Nurse Practitioner. She had not even applied to nursing schools, but after hearing her story, Marquette offered her a spot in their nursing program.Separately, Maggie was born with a leg deformity and spent a lot of time at Children's Hospital. She has volunteered at Children's Hospital as part of the high school program for the past 2 years. She played basketball growing up and loves to follow all sports. She also enjoys reading, the beach and spending time with her friends and family. Maggie has 2 siblings: Johnny, 22, and Geoffrey, 20.


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It's got we talked a magnet for their I don't know how to Maggie Maggie Stillman is is whether it's eighteen years old from six what. By the way basketball players felt we should let her talk as seamless as our reaction have been better this stuff that we are well. What what position now more of a scorer passer re probably mark very bad neck or rebound. You know let's itself was kind of thing you know what's best for the team that at. Yeah I am Maggie you you found that two weeks before your birthday you were a football game. Yes so I found a lot to each department. And and they sat. Oh wait seen what I want is. If it's cancer it's something house. And I waited to two weeks and for my testing my testing and then I sag as two weeks after it. Officially some fast and so closure dark you know you hear this news that you have any thoughts going. What it was I am I'd. Didn't maybe subconsciously headed when I heard that I had an act protesting I broke down I'd. Don't know quiet and the hospital multiple times so that might in my subconscious. Knowing what was gonna happen. But actually the first thing I said when I got Collison arrogantly passed out and deadly should invent the first thing I said that it lies. With the love of the game and as a loser out of it since talk about ball four which a favorite player favorite thing while he assumes that if so. It. So like Sam actor is. It's and ski. I just saturated. Yet at the clippers yes I do that yes actually. In basketball and yeah. But not him out of the apartment. In a way to Aaron when my friends actress Agnes street shuts the badgers knowing that I was such big fan and asking if I can get something like pictures on time and he said that's really nice poster everybody signed it a little note to me and a couple weeks after I. I get a call them. One at that Infrant. And he said he just got a call from the badgers and Nigel it's wants it to me it's tickets to go watch them at Madison Square Garden what are you doing this weekend but not a suspect yeah. That's great leader to go to Marquette in the fall yet I gonna have to be. Know that yes I am Marquette and but I think I I'll always that there's rightfully so yes they treat you as well as that Don I'm rooting for them now. So where do you stand in treatment and recovery I let it ours my last treatment lies march 20 217. And healthy look crest act the act dating back at my old self I have worked out in the active saint diapers as far. Did you wanna be a nurse practitioner before the diagnosis out of this diagnosis that okay that's what I need to do yes so. After I I always knew that it might do something radical and their treatment miners is amazing and like. They just inspired me throughout treatment and prognosis just sat in testing activities that I'd really love to do that. And aftermath last year and I said OK I ain't funny to search I'm AJ. It is may first is the big decision for colleges and his inning trying to close that had applied and nursing schools so I called mark Antony said. You know we actually don't have any spots act in the nursing program. And Isaac and I am and I go in as what I pirates had planned to do and two weeks Natick audience that. We have one spot him. And it did I just isn't meant to an hour and a half now you're two older Brothers I know how would how were they either in this whole process. Yet they. My oldest one that didn't sound. Got to be on eleven at the door that the right now though. My old spot it is has like. Fainting and never really. That hospitals that. So I was a part time out he didn't come to treatment as I'm rather a very hands on air. All the time. And I might not at you haven't asked let me. And is. It not honest taste at all. I. Let's hang in there and have a different and he is coming and not an analyst at I really don't feel I lost all feeling my left arm like they set up at this point. But we aren't across the united out OK and that I see it is that. I and sitting in the post he's 66 us 6646. And she like why does a seat and some that this. Happened and sent. Out. And some steamed up stumbles over and minors. I think the code rather like I. All aiming at me in of course him. Him all this tiny table and he's. Used in juice. Aren't even in moderate he added I apple is and how does. Right and so as out of them and he's just holding scene after I got news that I probably isn't it and making big deal about it it's a quality. And so many minutes back in. Leave it at the but the last time you evidently I didn't hit any meat and not faint. That little girl with oracle. You're still not that I don't doubt it was that it is time yet that it has not yet done would have been out there gotten out. Got kind of I. Or are you as it worked out yeah well. You gotta be done with treatment because Johnny it yeah exactly I I had to take the team just like. And it Diana as a unit that's. The Marquette in the walls even like I have a week from today and yet the site there are excited. I respect both ends up content so everybody's out there besides us. Your roommate accurately and I talked to yes yes early not seen ice now dual. Canada terrible idea and everybody me that a roommate sounds and yet it's she seems to. Be for. A hundred are. By senator room I don't. Measures to be. Boundaries yet. Maggie you're delight idea I am so thrilled that things have gone so well Gloria can't wait to see what the what happens with your college career if you're gonna it's great stuff there. Bank antique your brother operated he can I have I have tried my best really check list thanks for coming in intensity right. Maggie Stillman from a set to it who's headed for Marquette the fall. While our second guest Steve Pagliuca was first but it was a delight to the.