DHK - Maria Menounos 8-15-17

Maria Menounos joins Dale, Michael, and Keefe on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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Joining us on the line right now is one of locks. The pride of Medford Massachusetts Marie imminent noses whether it's by Maria it's dale and Michael and rich are you. I I'm great Ariana we're doing great thank you you have been battling your own little. Issues here of brain tumor your mom fighting stage four brain cancer you'll. Unfortunately no better than any of us listening what all of this is all about. Absolutely definitely and a crazy year. You know but it. With everything I try to look at the well relating to try to look at the positive and there have been a lot of lefties better compliment but yeah. Cancer is a terrible terrible disease and very very difficult time. On everyone not just the patient or family member of the caretaker and then that but a lot picture. You mentioned focusing on the silver linings. You said a lot of blessings have come from this what are some of the lessons that have come from a. You know with my mom I think. It was kind of the bit hurt brick from the guy you can make an adjustment in life and to realize. That work is and every thing. And I think for her. The workaholic so there look spinning is very easy group to get wrapped up in our work. And and make it such a priority and I think back from knee issue in my mind that in a big way. And that was one of you know. My family's become so much quote there than we ever war. Where people help so many people I kind of and joking that I'm apart and doctor now I have computer per patient than helping. Through this. Through that because when you get an indictment it's like spring camp her. It it the most overwhelming and hard to believe. Diagnosis and so I'm hoping people kind of split the clip notes and the short hand version of how to kind of deal with all of it. It is an endless. Until I really try to focus on the positive rather than really focusing on. You know we acute brain tumor and that equally and yeah then how the typical here. We're still smiling and were still being positive and work fighting. As much as we can. Fighting to find away to be a long term survivor. By eating to help other people and and then fighting for here. And what is it been like doing all of that. Kind of publicly to it and sort of becoming almost a spokesperson for for brain tumors how how is that done. Yet it's an interesting thing I added look back all the time in my life. Before bringing humor at an early picture than my photo album my photo speed and my iPhone reflect. That was before humor. And now post humors like that so different. And it chipped it a bit since the wild it really surreal. Took a look at at all and to see you know that we are kind of or have been brought into. That spotlight with. With these tumor diagnosis men and figuring it all out. We're in about the weekend with what was being dealt then and realizing that you know. So get equal feeling so we're focusing on all the positive and I actually cut that out on to Graham today look at equal feeling. And so we're focusing on all the positives and our lives while fighting the negatives. You had seven hours of very complex surgery your surgeon was able to remove 99.9. Percent of your. Benign tumor you were told that there is up six to 7% chance that that it could come back but as you said you'll take those numbers I guess. Absolutely and I feel so lucky guys to attack. I mean not to get emotional but. Sorry. You cannot hear the word cancer it will kick a huge blessing you know because to me at Blake. Anything come. To think god want me change my life and changed my priority. In hand sorry I don't mean to cry. They think it would it was a wake up call and. Making the changes that I'm making that adjustment. But figured that it was benign and that they were pretty sure it would but nine. Of course getting out of the surgery hearing yes that is a 100% and nine. Was a miracle. And the greatest message that was sent to me you know her my mom and not that easy. On you know we live month month by that MRI. And so luckily right now she's doing well and we have to look at continental. But there are a lot of people out there that are operating and I have really hard time and so that's quite. This is all about is raising awareness and raising money and try to find cures for all of these terrible curable cancers that people are suffering a. Number rarely guarded cried several times today so we don't mind that two years bring hard and it's okay you you cry as much as you want to but he really really does lead to a question. You said sorry to cry you don't have to apologize for what have you. Have you told yourself during this process that. You don't want to cry that you shouldn't cry so much I mean he tried to so limited because I can't imagine why you would but maybe use today. I don't wanna cry anymore how's that been. So what song big girls don't cry. I. I think. You know with it was a really. I mean who would have ever. Thought that we get consumers and that's how I mean that would never crossed my mind and so. I feel like. You know my mom split where I cried my mom. You know that type that they think when I got diagnosed grameen. It was just shocking it like literally left on the phone to doctors like it's a play. You're joking right like that can't be re all. But I knew in my heart what was happening axle without that kind of prepared for that call. On. But. Yeah I didn't really cry to the crop of the only kind of cry it was like just before surgery my Erica with telling you that I needed to tell people because that you know. I didn't count my parents and I how to keep it secret and her vehicle two month. On to my mom what you're doing while we want she bird and that which yet another bombshell. And know how to keep that secret that you really really hard on me and my axiom that cabinet or. And so back there at that you need to serve reaching out to keep people in letting them know or surgery though you have like a little love and goodwill going it. And that was when I started crying you'd like it was all more like. I felt bad. Having to help people. Make pay. I have 120. And without it difficult for me but otherwise I left my way through it I tried to be positive and like hood. My feeling in my front had already gotten that one with my mom and from meat. I would like let then this is in camp there. Yeah brain surgery sounds really crazy but my mom gone through she went on my ranch came up pilings and she might sample and we actually give them life. And we choose how we're going to respond that game and how we're gonna react to and from you the really important to look at the role model. That I had in my life would be amazing example of how to that the journalist in you guys know that could you going to be people all the time. I've seen people with far worse. Put smiles on their faces and move forward and push forward. And and Kenny unlike I've always that if something happened to me I would hope. I would be the same way and luckily I was able to do that and I hope that. And byers other people to know that you do have actually and in the state of disaster in the eight bit. Terrible situation you do that actually and higher and handle things and the community can't break down here there does that mean that. And. Comedy not rule. And. Maria we can't say enough to enough. And what is difficult time for you and your family thank you so much this is always home now remember you come back here when everyone come visit with us we appreciated it's always. And that the guy's hand my prayers are with everyone he's dealing with that and I will be back home in an. Thanks Maria thank you. They care that is Emery imminent us joining us live from Fenway Park. This is the WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon it's presented by the. And. As Derek Jeter you listen to the Jimmy Fund radio please donated 877738. 1234. Www. Jimmy Fund dot or help strike out cancer in kids.