DHK - Matthew Slater returns to the program

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 16th

After being away while injured, Matthew Slater returns and sits down with Dale, Holley and Keefe to discuss the win over the Jets.


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Back here at Gillette Stadium on patriots Monday. Time to talk with the New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater brought you by Safeco insurance that's at Safeco dot com Honda north and by Needham bank. Heck I didn't think you were even around here anymore you're invisible for a lot of good to see again. People. Who serve there we go well there really weren't visible yet solidarity I. They know it's good to be seen as is obviously tough when your out. You don't get a chance to do would you love doing so much with your teammates but it's it's great to be back on the field. What's the the hardest part of getting back into the swing. That's a much practice but game action. You know I think just given the timing down and in this piece the game on special teams is. It's so different than it is in practice so. Give my eyes back to it used to seeing keynesian the timing down and he uses his account even its it's a process that obviously we all until. That's your tip for you now it is how how long did you when you reduce your legs to say our. Apparently forwards haven't a number of mine houses open media war and who knows that's OK Gil one Cella. This been a blessing. You know if you told me I'd. I'd be here for ten years and have this opportunity Nolan and believe it. On this over thankful for this experience a town that he would be a part of this reorganization is symbolized. How much time do you and you euros Q I'm asking this question how much time it of your preparation is just spent. Looking at the rules of the game and whether it's. Rules the goal line or or just the added rules in the offseason how much time spent. You know I think. This is a very unique place because or a coach it's something that's a big part of our preparation. I feel like we're covering it sounds sort of rules situation. Weekly. And then you know those types of things in that come into play. A lot more than you would think as we saw yesterday so. A things on time on was your first thought when you saw that plays you know what was happening or remove confused. In hall's a little bit confused as to what they're looking at initially and the and I personally as Dorian on the play. Knuckle was actually saying that's a touchback. And you know is a look at the clay the player limit. More closely CA name navy. Maybe he's on the something here so you know it's a bang bang play and you know clinic at a lot of wave the war thankfully the wind. In our favor. What's it like in those games that you were playing but you're on the sideline you know or you constantly talking to some of the guys and Watson plays or because they have a way how to handle that. You know I think made Edna and I would talk after reflecting it so it was a little bit of a different feel to be on the sideline and experiencing game. You know from the south line. Not one that she enjoyed very much as a player obviously you want the other competing that. You wanted to wouldn't eat in LV team in whatever role that is why your rant so. I'm glad and hopefully it can stay that way addresses seasons of the on the other side of the line lines. The rules involving that because let's be honest not a lot of injured guys are on the sideline is that something you have to ask for permission to they can be UN say hey you wanna be out there how does that work. Or. Unique and is due to colder here that was on the net Joseph judge in Raymond thrown in college votes they wanted was immediately known and she's thankful to have that opportunity. He China to be a distraction eternity in the way and they'll buzz much seeking and so it was a I guess as enjoyable. As it could've been considering the circumstances. So we can talk to you before at the jets game so we'll look for we'll keep this name in mind going to the game I think on New Year's Eve. You always ask you specialty brown another team that we should be paying attention to who wasn't on the jets. Who they're a lot of home you know they get Martin in the kid at linebacker out of Columbia this food and good players in the middle of course the years. You know I think they're just really gay unions across the board miles. Laid me out yesterday pretty is thought death had to be on the lookout for him myself let. You know you think of what their coach coach Boyer goes there and and that type of group that he has in the week those is players have played really have. You know 56 guys as you can call around saying we had anywhere where this guy is an all time. Seems like there's been a lot of penalties. On the special teams so far this year is that made for some. Interesting meetings in the in the weeks after that certainly you know has been disappointing to have those facilities it as such a high rate in legally that's cease on the net. We can't afford. You know with the Lou our opportunities being as limited as they always have to maximize them. And we've got to do to better jones' play no more discipline plan alert. And yet at the same time playing aggressive so we've got to find a good bounce there. And try to continue to put ourselves in good position and up pour position when it comes linking it. Bill Belichick mentioned today that its it's it's not fair to expect that this is a finished product you're six games into the season. This team is developing as you go along and he said there are improvements that he seeing what are the areas that you think your team is getting better. Well I think we're or start to play better complementary football. All three phases. Feeding off one another. And you know feeding off field position. And taking advantage of those things situationally. When again I mean coach knows this better than any of us he's been doing this for forty plus years. There's a lot of work to be done and I think we have a long ways to go to gates or wanna be. I'm of that sorts of those taking things one dated time in the meeting room two against the practice field and hopefully hopefully exceed two emails on it. As you know pick your cliche game isn't just to be tested without his cliche game on Breaux let me see if you're good dad that's because you got to get a lot of Super Bowl questions this week what's your. What's your response going to be an effect after Gary and I fail to Atlanta Falcons coming in last time we saw this team's Super Bowl and not be responsible. Is it different teams had their prayer and I are different players at different circumstances. You know obviously there's things he learned from last year's matchup. You know ultimately at the end of the day it's not about what happened lashes about how we prepared throughout the course of the week. In humble teams execute on Sunday from its arms to watch. I've watched it several times says it won't Warner doesn't. Probably certain parts of the thing about the whole game not the whole game to a certain parts lost. You know quite a bit and I'm sure this this week over the course of film study news you watch it some more about it. You know I'll be watching it to see what we could have done better as opposed to you know basking. In the glory of. Passed so would you would you watch it and Parse this as a solo exercise you like him by the people over and say hey let's watch this fourth quarter again it it probably. Elder pansies on they have fan leaned down and I may force them to sit down and hate it let's swatch is suitable in AMIS force my wife still watch it litany. My son who's two who has no ideally with him and at the guys as well if you will be able to enjoy Atlanta. Again that's in the past sole leader and the passes we worried about. The 2017. Matchup. Week seven matchup patriots are. Now in addition of the game do you find yourself watching those do your job do your job part to America's game all the stuff. Now I know you hear those guys you don't need to get a might stop you heard Julie and elevate you heard the scare Lawton high tower. But you watch some of those features and sort of see the behind the scenes though certainly I think those things are enjoyable. Oftentimes after having lived would Julian for forty years is nice and a friendly reminder of how much he can talk yes yeah. Not that I need oil the guys locker right next and he went. He certainly doing those things you know I think people forget that we're fans of the game as well so we enjoy those. I think I've asked you this in the past but for folks who were tuning in at you know different time are you a fan of night's football games in the NFL. You know I am. As a kid you grew old Watson those primetime gains Monday Night Football Sunday night full ball. You know playing under the lights. Kind of takes you Dexia high school days you played all the games on life so. Yeah I am a fan. The Sunday nights in the Monday night's. Not a fan if there is in eyes have been on record saying that. You know our league is is it greatly in you know any time you're tees in primetime. I think it's a great thing. We always appreciate time it's good to see yet. It'd be seen that a Shia or at all again right New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater joining us here on Sports Radio W yeah.