DHK - Maya Rubio, 15, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Dover, NH, with Dr. Andrew Place, pediatric oncologist and associate director, Developmental Therapeutics, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

In April, Maya went to the doctor because her mom thought she might be anemic. Her doctor thought she needed a transfusion and sent her to the ER in Portsmouth, NH, who sent her to Boston where she was eventually diagnosed with ALL. Maya is on a 2-year protocol that began with 30 days of inpatient care with the rest of treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Her treatment has included chemotherapy, 10 days of cranial radiation and blood/platelet transfusions when her counts are low. Maya's hobbies include volleyball, basketball, chorus, and playing the guitar. Maya's family includes her parents Alex and Kelsey and a brother. Maya would like to be a nurse. She would also like to go to Costa Rica to visit the sloth sanctuary, zip line, hike and sleep in a tree house. Maya says Dr. Place “is nice and talks fast. He's easy going and laughs a lot.”


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Most of my rubio and it's pretty much the same as far as time. My rubio is in the house from Dover, New Hampshire doctor Andrew place pediatric oncologist and associate director of the developmental therapeutics at the Dana Farber. Mike good to see it could CHU power you create an area and to find things you'll feel a little rundown. And your folks decided it needed to see a doctor and a Anthony nights. Was walking around high school and iron I was like getting out of breath too it's kind of injuries they played two varsity sports. So I'm recited to go to doctor and they said I was in Munich and then they sent me to two hospitals and I finally ended up at children's media act. So. Got to place when you saw Mario what were your first thought. So the first time the U. Yet patient particularly an adolescent patients. You really have to understand. You're meeting them and their family really at the worst possible moment in the life. When there's so many unknowns. That. Are are coming you know in the next several days in terms of trying to understand what the diagnosis citizens and what the plan of attack it. But the most in the important thing that weaken. Teller assurances that aren't related spot to be treated. That will totally understand what the diagnosis is it will not just in the treatment that are excellent treatment for it. And so as best we can't in the first several days of of meeting and be patient we try to reassure this past weekend in the midst of understanding matters of which. And then it's almost gone right over you think you were you scared Ria ops that's where you're angry you're you're feeling. I was surprised like I mean I think you can actually it happened in meters it's like a weird experience. Side. I guess like once we got there after that he was reached here as soon now I just really felt like I'm going to be okay. We hear cool little biographical things about well bargains you're the first person government wants to visiting sloth sanctuary. And they. Didn't know when if ever told me they audit for the sloth sanctuary. Well I used when I was in the hospital. And my mom actually told like all of her friends and family that I like slots and that. I think I have like 67 had like this seems lost this and on my iron and. Her throughout her hospital room was issued this last election bigoted and. He also wanted to sleep and treehouse. That gets started that dream. We'll actually. Minors and minors is time when I was impatient. At Boston. Clarence talking about chips. She's showing you can choose from when she went to her streak and they stated that you abstinence. But pretty fun. What is doctor placement like with an elected with them. On a really gay he's shown nice and easily easy to talk to you and he told me everything street for. And really liking me have you. About what about the pace of his of lefty to the American America. All I I really like it's fast and I couldn't explain Islam might come on come on. Pick up the pace here. How do you find that talking we were teenagers about such sort of topic that you know most most of us that very little knowledge about. So. The real critical plan that is. You know Meyer is in charge of her care team she's sort of a quarterback in is an integral part of making decisions. That are really ultimately affecting her. Parents. And you get a sense for Mya she sort of straight talker and it was very clear from the beginning that it wasn't be convincing. Or trying to. Sort of of them on its impact that the might be a partner. In the decisions that were being a writer Karen in both mom and dad really look to you. Do to help with you know we were ultimately decisions. You're in a two year treatment protocol now is that there is evidence yet days and how far into an area. None at all I'm only a little bit then I just got diagnosed April 20. So I have a little bit of a ways but it. Done so far it's getting like easy and I was forced them. That's your job done making easy. Yes yes we we try you know that's them. One of the most and important aspects of treating children and and in adults is that you know week we have these excellent therapies to. Offer an outstanding chance of cure but we also have to be. Very mindful of some of the long term side effects that patients can experience as a result of him there in and other types of treatment. And so as we move four week we tried to. You know identify patients who who don't need this intensive therapy that we can still offer excellent chance of your of course those patients. Who may need a little extra importance treatment to give them the chance that one patient. It was a pleasure meeting you mind. Not good to see you as well thank you guys very much thank you and thank you tell that you get a report back at you go to the sloth sanctuary of hey I wanna know all about it video yet they have all share right thanks you guys. Thanks much my rubio joining us and doctor Andrew place also. From the Dana Farber mine is like so many other people we've talked to today who got just the world's greatest attitude which I think is essential. Doing this thing successfully people have attitudes lakers they're really of the themes that are resilient our what's the next up. It's not I do I gotta give up here that wants this is what we have to do next and they they've all gone the right place to which is which is very clear. Don't know punished at all not at an event that they're not the right place that. Jokes I'm just using it as all heard of and he got a place in ordered us aides play it's not. I don't like all your dog goodness guys another run next month.