DHK - McGregor vs Floyd, Eating on the Air, and Final Drive

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

Fourth and final hour... we continue with the big fight talk, Ben eats on the air just to promote a new bit, and we end with Final Drive.


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Fourth and final hour gale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program brought to you by Spalding hospital. We started last hour talking about via Connor McGregor Floyd money Mayweather fight coming up August 26. In Las Vegas. And an almost unanimously. Everybody effort talk about the fight is set almost the exact same thing. It's going to be terrible it's going to be awful. On the bot yes PT Barnum was right. Yeah he was very and there's that there's that chance although slim that Floyd Mayweather could not only finally lose but he could lose and dramatic fashion he had knocked down so that's that are ready to root for and everything is just one economy Gregor. Not Floyd Mayweather the hell out it's so unlikely but it's still worth the hundred that they don't. Chance there's a game very good chance yes so maybe that's what people are. I'm floored you know and it announced that its just its unusual. It's friction you thought you know when you first heard it neck okay yeah yeah I'd be and he couldn't beat me about the guns and I'd kill my kill them on lady wouldn't do anything against me. So is thought it would just be you guys going back and forth it was a hypothetical. Now is actually gonna happen now what are what are the chances that. Somebody comes up with little. Shoulder. Pretty back. To a slippery. And an MM say that Ford had stretched for oil starts. A lot of money for the fight yeah. A lot of my eye on the lot right before the fight but you hear about training injuries all the time and is one of the things that hurts the UNC more than anything else. Is your your promoting a fight meant two months out guy gets hurt training unity it read you're rescheduling unit knew or get a get into opponent. So that's the fear although it is not it's it is obviously not have to wait that long. That's because usually when they announce these things like next year year and a half yeah wearing the overseen on the rocket resonated bill exactly in Ireland and I was thinking about. Here for God's sakes. One other quick note as we get back to the call 6177797937. Not but I disagree with this at all I don't. I guess now they have a lifetime achievement award in the NBA. And the first recipient of a lifetime achievement award in the NBA will be Bill Russell. And I'd never even heard of this the ship the awards shall be June 26 in New York televised by AT&T. I he's already got the NBA finals MVP award name got in and in his honor. He's the first player when an NBA championship college title Olympic gold medal. Our first African American coach to coach team and one of the major professional sports course eleven time NBA champion. And he's going to be honored by the NBA with the lifetime achievement award which. I set I didn't know what exist as it didn't until now certain whether the Golden Globes and what is that the NBA is given a lifetime achievement awards are they doesn't deserve it but it went on. Welcome there I think it's all connected with Dell said to their awards shows the first time I think that's the first from redundant or does federal law so really they are trying to NHL does it they did it at some Google based in baseball doesn't do it this way there's a base. Go to file this thing no because remember they look at MLB network based Skype in the final I know that I show but Rick ports Salo with his family they are having found out about it and that's not that. NFL does it have and there are no war hero and so that's what basketball is doing now at the that's a part of it so all the all the awards will find out. Well it's pretty soon already have a hall in a week and a half so no lifetime. Award is used to be going through and picking out the best of hall of famers guys. Then with the downturn since the now the first when seems pretty clear him yet lose the second one. Well with Jerry West. Kareem Oscar. Kareem and there are guys who are Jerry West just because he's been involved with the game's predecessor. It has to get there when you look broad. Like it took months to go through. That. Yeah. Otherwise. If they. Outlawed the program. We've put on the spot or identity and it has totally out of our government our roster and I'm now. Yeah I have until. Where wherever you say about Jerry West just yet. Are. Ironed out all through that route. Without Jerry West of balls in the ball is our friends and got that is worse than friends that. Very well we appreciate you. 6177797. ID 37 telephone number. Nobody's safe Alex is in New Hampshire hey Alex item. Myriad let's Dolan. Not much yeah. Thing about the whole McGregor. I'm Mayweather fight. And the way I feel it McGregor has three major things go for. First being his age it's Smart and obviously something that works due to his advantage. I think there's definitely morale piece. That McGregor has worked netted its corner and it may whether it's a little. One down on his parents. Major and I think McGregor has gone forum is that you yourself for quite. Well off fighter. Weather has traditionally had a hard time. Hard time is kind of in quotes is missing yeah he's 49 and well in laws but your point I got it's not a traditional opponent that sense. For the next hour. Call he would sell off. But those things being said I think it Weathers still going to see the decision victory. Because he that you and today he appoints later ejected and he earns points and he gets away. Are we built up and Pacquiao. Really failed to accomplish. Was making Mayweather content and a and instead she's been through remembering the whole time. You know Mayweather he studies film he figures out opponents and pick apart any exploit that you know keep. It's gonna have a hard time studying film of Conner yeah good luck to all that film as he's kicking in taking you down quite evident on the whole map work thing now how friends of mine who who follows in the fight game much more closely than I do texted me while we're talking. To keeps point and Michael your point. He said Mayweather I could definitely see pulling out. Not Connor. Mayweather has everything to lose nothing Iraq gain in this situation out that's orchard where all of a sudden you know just on that way he. Wants. And you did make a point keep their. It's quicker than we expected. As a starter wade director so Reynolds an excuse built in excuse though in the audience got ready for training distract. Everything I wrapped up in you know this pulled my hamstring. His last fight was September 12 2015. It was nice of you last. In these guys go spot. I was it was 490 a body's gonna be done and now Oilers ended the gigantic Andre Burkle battle it was the big bird a flight. And that was almost two years ago. That's an easy thing to do it last knocked out was Victor Ortiz. That was September 17 2011. Ago. As the last I mean some stories do. You say that in order that way or smaller part of the repertoire you ever get a iron. I don't know. Different topic but I'm just wondering here hold them Brooklyn. More than ours we have citizens and it's where which boards there but. 1990 set that he doesn't do this. All of knock outs is Dale's right about half of its wins are by knockout he's got 26 knockouts in his 49 wins but they were all early in his career or better TK knows. Not knocked out there to Kato's difference. Not knocking people out left and right he does that when he six knock outs. He's my sixty Cahill his record says 26 and yes it and a lot of those Nokia earlier career and also. If he knocks armor record down three times to craft at the that's the. Yet I will come. And I and it reads we start to show today. What first hour you're talking about John Ferrell. I'm just wondered where we get a consensus on why I'm lucky eight key now that's right now everything you gotta and yes we did. What people don't like about that we were or are we ever ever able to just nailed it down to you. Well you don't want your guy called and a lot of insults form but he did I get it out why has David in Florida it was his second time trying to material out it worked at a workshop that. The Arcadia. And our power back articulate how it all and I think everybody smaller room fur that in his late at night and brought it up mainstay our camp is basically talking to themselves we had you know a lot to Monica's I don't want to say all right I'm gonna show by yourself. Tough end overnight Turkey for everyday at six bringing us. So insults that in work. Is it isn't there were printing in the World Series. And it won a World Series Saudi that's a good while putting just like Joseph Maddon needed yet so I'm just as hard as in the Bogart's even early on doing that that night. Haven't you watch the Super Bowl instead and disagree with some things Bill Belichick was asked if I would never admit those publicly he would never certainly not on Mondays and. Other job let's. Coach them up again on the web. Coarsening criticize other I think part of it is just being a Red Sox manager. Year but the approval rating can never be too high. Just the nature of the job but then back to back dead last finishes which is so on common. He had yet to make the playoffs every single year although the expectations usually there you mix in three World Series and then to go from that to. Just meaningless games in September as a bridge to fall from grace. But you know that fall from grace the Euro after you kind of see it coming Bryant. After thirteen you mean yeah yeah its economy. In every side Jacoby Ellsbury anyway when Grady Sizemore to replace them with that plan is a nice player rule while yes it is not here yet acknowledge god and then at port. Bad a lot of things. It's an ongoing thing to something to put your back pocket. Yeah about their radio and just give us. Nice text here here's got a system where did you get more points yet. But he sucks as a manager there it's that solid state public approval mean. That's a good headlines that they act alike at all. Splashed it out integrate their eyes the good for a lot of truth in this story slightly more with the got my attention click bait I got hee-seop. And now well hey god had this governor not the slide show I noticed that apparently it's not got. Yeah like I had a look there there is a dislike for this guy that is obvious and palpable. And you know maybe it's one of those things where it's the vocal minority. May be the majority of Red Sox fans don't dislike him as much is. So many of our caller still but it just feels like our callers really don't like him at all before I assume he's not even the guy who replaced Francona. He replaced Valentine's art are good people hate the worst thing if you put up a poll audio like would you like less could be down time in a runaway be unanimous. But yet Ferrell maybe not as popular as as a guy who's won a World Series they do get back to the playoffs last year although it was a very quick exit. We had a caller mentioned earlier you know date issued as a down home kind of puts it on him abated when one more game at the end of the year. And what had home field against Cleveland had to get up all celebrating after the Yankees walk off loss but they clinched a playoff spot those Mercer rubbed people the wrong way it did they clinched a playoff spot they did every team would do that. Yet it dividend and the next day they went with the JV lineup and your staff packed their their content but this they don't care. Hannover. Well or that you have on from there are over that's they had out of there are ahead he's got ground level I worked on story about home field at the Jefferies and there gonna they were in there. Also while I like people loved him in thirteen until. Of the World Series and cement. An event that started. Maybe it actually started to stupid considering they won the world I don't ever want it to anybody did but in terms of the questions about okay what's he doing it did in Chicago to examine mad and they went in on them I think I think people went in on them nobody question is Matt and own. They showed fourteen. You know OK you won a World Series can finish the MySpace I wanna groceries that you didn't expect it. But the irony is in 2015. Where where the team was bad but John Ferrell was probably the most vulnerable point. He's been in his life. You know that some people really turned on. Him as you know. He's he's recovering or he's going through cancer treatment. Team is bad but he leaves. They start to play better. And at that one way I know I was I thought the view that the walls were not noticed. Do you think part of it too is and we've talked about how if you look at the four owners in town and the four. Go to you know stuck below the four presidents are GMs and therefore it managers or coaches. The one that gets criticized the most of the fans have the biggest disconnect with the by the Red Sox. And if so isn't that the trickle down effect from there if you just put all of front office sometimes you lump in the manager the coach. And I think if he can't fire the front office. Exactly would you throw more Meyer who would fans feel most connected to you. All I. I think they support most obviously Kraft and Belichick and that's edited the most success that makes sense there's a little bit of a turn there are craft or in the fold the flaky thing when it overall guys pat yeah most definitely get back in results at. It might. My did Celtics are to follow the Celtics. Because how quick burial to turn things around and make people understand in that sport just how difficult it is to compete with cold state and Cleveland they're probably too. And that some people now it is to keep her car accident and what not every and that does what are difficult and very talented and when she saved the him. The Bruins normally were fourth on that list they are when they might you have jumped up. The Bruins might have been second a couple of years ago. Before cam. Or camps that took some criticism. Here lately yes you have understood that. And so I'm the birth announcement before. Ike's Mike's on the cell phone hey Mike I don't. Let's Obama. You got that white girls suck but it. You read that it worked at bat in the world. Where. He also wrote outlook that really is all well here. He broke you what you broke went. And found out how much of an intelligent and eligibility ought to like do the whole big thing and does not try to speed and then there. Judy don't get dollars and over pitched them what you mean he'd. Proxy basically I think I armed. Off of that last year by the year or where or they've had a pretty good that Eric you look at it career. The that would be pretty much destroyed by gun barrel. Who gives a hoot to quote unquote it. Coach orbit commander yet in a good job with the I think that they bought Bannister and the guy who picked it last year and as it barrels a pitching coach could be a better job. Our pitching coach got pitching coach that that's what. I think that your your criticism of that on the to Zoller thing OK that's fair he did over use them to even when he wasn't being effectively continue to go to home. But it got a call of the gotta say he sucks as a manager. You have to critic but wait wait I'm. And I'll go back to you I promise you promised the ball come back to you what I'm equipment and he's been since point. If you guys say such as a manager you have to evaluate him as a manager not a manager used to be a pitching coach that's that's my own equipment you're you're. Well but Mike you also apparently Eric Eric Eric go get ahead of the you have a special the bet you you'd get bet. Typically. Like a record book ball but any or hockey or. Or basketball. Every expert we should be able demanded back in being an echo. I'm not saying all bat the beltway look at it they had to break an outsider. It can't that there could be a repeat it would say it surrogate that that all the guys that are picked up at eight. I mean the other thing like eight completely at all with these players any lie. I don't know I don't know we didn't communicate with the players I don't know that. What I wonder what all that and then all about. Yeah I don't know I think if if I think that temperature up I think it's not that that's your next point where you're you're you're about to say that an out and out house therefore you. You're about to say does a bad job of doing the whole little corporate dance. With the media where you try to protect information but to try to talk and and you you're trying to drum up the scent and you just won a confusing people. So it made it seem made it sound like you and talk to anybody I know that's not the case that that it. Just to do a good job of getting out and saying. Either make make it simple saying I and I can tell you about it. Or tell us everything. Tell us everything or to say I'm at a talk about it but in between thing is really in top form that's why he's gotten to review yesterday. Weights and talk real about it you sent my candidate. He had talked with a whole everybody. I. Yeah because in me didn't really give answers there recently pressed on it because he does defend the player we always gonna defend the player. We keep going back that generals Voller quote in no sense. The Canada's west and the players he made it he doesn't he just like all the time does it all the time and forgot that I'm sure it's a pain in the by the way so did Terry Francona. DA did amendment I don't payroll thing the opening day all Baltimore Jameer and I got is that the Tito yet it's Georgia. All the Bulent really mindful play in gold rules of the guys and you know I should told me time that's really my fall. That drop mills mills a I guess that's the but I don't I don't I got to journalism isn't. And and remember I mean everybody on the planet knew what the rule once including Pedro. Including the manager and he's falling on his sword on behalf of the player. What that all the stuff which may or Mary is an enemy at the end of it you know he started to maybe say a few more things about me any but. For the longest time how long have you found out all these stories and right up until that that the moment Jack McCormick to the floor in the clubhouse in Houston and that was the end of the protecting of Manny from. From the manager at that point from that point on for yet. But it took back finally do it Georges and wore a K George I don't. I'd do great guys eight. Michael. I was still in that last call and they didn't get Europe paused for clarification. But I want to ask you is it neutral. A positive impact or negative impact or at no relationship at all between Bud Black or rioting in Colorado. And the development. Of that corolla the Colorado pitching staff which I think has. Two or three rookies and maybe not one starter. And dirt 27. Our pot note look it's positive what. What what I think is unfair georgians tell me if if you think it's unfair to you for pitching coach comes in. A guy who's pitching coach not as a manager comes in. Your offense a year before it was a joke the offense improves. Me your you're teams UT didn't hit home runs and now they're hitting home runs. And your pitching improves all you do is focus on the focus on is a pitching. Well I just doesn't add colleges for interrupting but I've made them less play it by his right come from. I and the John Farrell Stan. You got one minute period and how long food item. I love hate. And his background. As a pitching coach. I think she could work in any organization at any level of that organization and developments in the front office. Are on the field I do not think she will be unemployed. Long at all. If that out but if that comes to fruition. I like John Farrell the city. As a manager of the reps out. Yeah you know it's organization. Has. It's good today balloons so here are my two words we don't hear much of that. I right now it's one thing that does pissed me off. Is that there was a tireless on her work. Eight do you I you know I was surprised stunned even though there was a player to be named later. That just dropped in close that deal within the last few weeks I think that player is was a top twenty or top 25 you may be nothing but. The fact that or for one deal was made I don't know if we have to the Mets no loss when it comes to injuries but. Boy how quickly even. That tie with Bloomberg. I think and it you've got a legitimate question to be asked as to whether or not they assess the physical condition of pitchers before they acquired. A legitimate question. Because Michael ran through some of the guys previously. Who've been acquired here pitchers who've been acquired here. All of apparently arrived with the issues or developed issue soon after arriving. So that's either you want assessing what their physical condition is properly or you're asking them do something differently here than their used to. Which is causing issues. Obviously not across the board hasn't happened to every guided acquired. Now Craig Kimbrel is a little different he heard Disney. I hit his surgery last year was for knee surgery that there are now up I didn't count that one not. But army issues and we've had a lot of them. Now are they are they doing everything they can do to make sure that the guy they're requiring its is LT. Or in another instance that Michael has railed about may be properly so when they had a chance I do would deal. When they found out that there was to cook sets of books about the medical condition for a pitcher Andy declined to do. Yeah I was in the Palmer and steal and I saw Dombrowski was talking to the reporters today. I'm Philadelphia. And he said he talked with Milwaukee they checked him out is very thorough it's hard to detect. Now that was of referees to use hard to detect what happened. To Thornburgh the situation. So you don't think there any funny business going on with Milwaukee out this week here with the commissioner has no idea cigarette again and then initial probably had to which then again the brewers are the former commissioners teams so. And finally this commission got that hasn't played as I think this commissioners got any hello community a community I don't think that exists for this guy 6177797937. Is telephone number. It's free ticket Thursday we've got stuff to give away just complement its Sports Radio W media. I appreciate it thank you very much. Then what you did it even more gross now I've heard that. I mean trot it out there's just as bad as that fans. What you think it all I know what you would think it. You wanna be like Mike Price and for better or ego got there he got just set up a bit maybe descendant of the episode in the fifth at the level that's exactly what we're doing here. And I. My enthusiasm that. Watched. Oh. During what he's been in the wall that separates us read the I have got to get in there I went through a broad. You know we had. Our show to go bad we go to waited for you affirmative curtail. By the way said it's free ticket Thursday be the ninth caller right now 617931. 0937. Win two tickets for the June 25 game against Los Angeles. Plus qualified when a fifty dollar gift card the Red Sox team store. General contest rules apply pre ticket Thursday is presented by town fair tire also brought to you by AFC urgent care and by McDonald's. So be the ninth caller right now 6179310937. And you did when those tickets knowing you guys. The deal ends really give it to Michael. What he thought the guys are okay and what he's currently on site called themselves in an area where an asset it and it's a compliment sandwich you guys get a bill are not guerrillas. What you do you're. Excellent. You already are also great Michael I look at you Iguodala. I don't I donated goods not our job but Anwar Al if you are about aids. I don't we found that using free ticket Thursday and that's why items that you definitely what what it's Thursday and Thursday and it. If it ends in the fast week ago or so much fun to come where when. We started off on Iraq but on Monday. Onion Michael is closer right foot those the first that it's that's that's good rating right wrong wherever it was it was aggressive remember was the first thing. Remember when it's the consultants. I thought I consulted about it I can't like yelling a lot of you need Kirk. Icrc was Okur carving and Jerry in Ann Hornaday the consult with tweeting that date. June. He was tweeting music I love the first fifty minutes of it I think it's hatred. I. Of course I'll love and I wonder if he wants without I'll go more war. I don't know. Settlements with record conversational tone. Roll her in a month we'll put that the week in review I think it at that wow that's counted apartment never got up at the got to but the penguin thing in there. We worked at and Sharon Tang Wei not reading the article even though he knows what it's they're politics though it read it. Yeah I'd I don't it's that I know you didn't and now I don't critics of callers this week to. I don't want Iran. Oh well another guy who who evidently teeth on edge you've got a week I had and I went out great last night little lawn. John. It's what they don't want it I'll bogey yeah. I do your best week thank you the best review that it took six months but I. Seven. Whatever and it. All day yeah it's it's been as it does best week since. You left one plays came intercom that that place followed you here today so there are apparently he's the best they've ever laughed. And diverted there briefly and family producers but I get a heads are meeting all these alleged rip anybody when you have got to wrap the door I didn't think I guess I. We're losers again and the or coworkers the low. It and I. Outlawed a bit. And I love the jolly Joker is trying to setup of this and it's it's that. Gave them indicate an eight game item. What's going to. The apocalypse bottom agreement. Article about Mayweather and McGregor. I like I did. It take this fight and it could well look at all. I think Mike can you imagine that it all worked out all right I'll buy you friends that do well. I think if you hold out. Any reason to some pretty drastic act. Gave like a stark himself has nineteen birdies. And that popped my adult like and and and Bradley I bet he's been getting ready there are yellow dog man yelled at everybody else that's weakness it I'm a shortage as it was great but I just auditors and fireworks old school blues pop through. They're but the problem lies and a scratch your honor that goes back way back. How our program. Nelson and all of our time trying to make shirt he doesn't inspire. Good way to go through life I think. My goal and that. Keep keep app you like by the and a guy you know I don't oil that it it was OIMO. We got a point that report is an elegant well. Why does a good. I rented out of Iowa. As well. We read over popped out hourly below the effort just local. Eat it takes at all do you wanna do buy. That Michael though they otherwise. Gravy boat about the what are zoo that's paid them a record above. Evidently I'm happy that he's let me get but it didn't look at. We're talking about a block and I tried to Jack it up. Plus the fight halt. I am right sorry what I would think god is that makes the art of authentic. And think of were ordered to sure with mature men here are not. Does the united I'll take a look around the world yeah what did you get new coal ports and our homes and innocent comment like that. Turned into something else. But what incentive is it about yeah this is like a right are ballot back at it that. We've got it. Let it go to the break I always loved the shuttle final print ads coming up next. Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive cosponsored by any RS restoration specialists regardless of the season. A disaster in mr. commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place make your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more at an RS served dot com before we start and he more family planning information and vice doing about Michael. I don't know now and I'll I'll I'll. Hollywood for the day. Are you guys are about something different jobs is talking about this Mayweather. All right RR IR AI sheer opera once again. Failing kids take in a blue cesspool mind's I we mentioned earlier that drain on green was trolling LeBron James in the cavs at this afternoon's championship parade. By wearing a T shirt that looked like the Quicken Loans Arena logo but it. Quickie instead of quicken. Fremont explained Richard after the parade. I hear from your blue dogs who worship last year from LeBron is good for you want to resolve cookies and all of that actual. Both are known as hope it doesn't look up. When is this Halloween and hey I'll give him. In other words what a lot of us Toto I did that discourage the idea for shirt. And how waited too long to shut yourself why did you. There was little good motion. Why positive while less how we sell something to do with the one thing whereas men and movement that is that might be a I. Even point two or three months standards. I would get to bring this up the other day turns out the ball boys get a Lavar and its online seller actually marketing genius. Take a listen Alonso this Father's Day yet for foot locker it features him at other potential NBA first round picks with. Father's Day and it just so close together. Fuller asked us to reflect on everything destined for us on our journeys to India. That's just version so many memories and all those games of one on one in the driveway where you let me win. Just just never listen again. Of course there's a big day weighted average article quotes in front of our entire crowd frog in your enough touches. We can ever lead to jobs almost always on and it's on a special moment when you Dessens who down. And tell us who are you on close copyrights and aims to make it part of a fan of our star Brad went off first take. I shouted back and forth with Stephen A Smith are you already better than the reigning league MVP. All those interviews from the stands are caused games of his best would thoughts on very sound bite somebody international news events us when I'm out of thirty teams in number on the drafting. If this we will have this problem. I get I I this is a reminder. I like blondes. If levoir I don't like and I gotta I gotta stop rooting against Alonso because that that was very funny you know again though I'm just glad he's a person now yeah. Certainly isn't shorted until it's. I can't say yeah. If prints out at down. I might be your next to them because it is in contention for the number one thing has me. Out it. You doubt it you know and I'm not very attentive and number two what if that's LV mistake he is fantastic. To see that the narrative today wise you know when he worked out for the lakers. He was out you have no halting these. All penguins won the cup this week celebrations been on in Pittsburgh since then didn't go so well for one TV reporter after the game. Who was tasked with doing live shots amidst the celebratory crowd. So brilliantly that is three. I. Four yeah yeah yeah. It's Comcast sports necessarily what happened was a guy jumped in front of him for the shot. And show began we've wasted it's a hole. Unlike the a loop with that that was Casey Smith and do that now can't say that I mean. As for the predators had a great season ultimately lost the big prize. But at least they have the absolute Q that's been in the world still other corner to it'll make pep talk. Her home. And saddened that we. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it. She couldn't be cute or I love you guys go Fred's. All of the players feel about that remains rather yeah there and I are all over it now by the prior good. You might remember during the 2011 NBA lockout reporter Bryant Gumbel said this about then NBA commissioner David Stern. Serves version of what's been going on behind closed doors has of course been disputed. What is what were typical of a commissioner who has always seemed eager. To be viewed as some kind of modern plantation overseer. Treating NBA men as if they were Hizbul. It's part of Stearns have up his moves are intended to do little more than show how he's the one keeping hired hands in their place. Little harsh well. Meant taking a few years they happen but a recent podcast. David Stern finally responded reaction was. That from him. Is it the consider the advantage of repeating something that the players' representatives. It's look a lot. Over with you was like just keep your shoes. The same guys that in the future. Players and tried to sensationalize. It and nightlife and you know you know he happens to be black. So you guys in the room and they hang out with it said. I have no respect. So. Well if it's a little different compliment because of who he is in the platform my response was I have done more. People. Hope. Well. I don't like their response either though I have no matter at the bad response you know. He can just ended and yet either. But he can have and I thought it was unfair when when Gumbel said that and it's there remember that man Gumbel that's taken way too far. Within David Stern took it way too far you know David you were better off messing everything he had the it was something here's the guy that does not horrible response. ESPN's David Stern ESPN's thirty for thirty film about Mike and the mad dog the Sports Radio show in New York isn't set to debut until I think it's July 13. But in the meantime we've got a new trailer to tide us over there were nearly twenty years they were the gold standard. The status oh yeah. I all of them thousands. And sports book hope there are some might and my trespass and absolutely everything who I would want the ball to get it pretty rock I was slow ambitious and so driven out of school. And everybody. Parishioners as dumb luck restaurant. People from all over the country flying in to listen to it might include us. Do you get big minutes when the world is general used to think you get a little possible. Imagine. Then in the end things guy does taxpayers. It's vision was old Kessel finally maybe it's time away. Ideally. I can't we did this start it's a little self important the only real artist. And the New York executive there from McAfee and don't know if look for you Hubble won't be put through to lose what you please shut up you're lying idle listening now. Yeah. New York at the drive that added bonus your New York if the listener but to be a great guy altered food for global with the content free shot. We're we're going today you're. That's right yeah. It's. Kind of. Yeah of escorted loser loser and accent at all Andre imclone are part of this thing. Appetite I can't I didn't like president's without giving Michael effects thank you thanks to our friend at sports farmhouse here it's Mike from today. Completely forgetting to be broadcast on an audible medium. Not a visual media. No that's not that so many guys are on the boy's mother he's gonna do work to make the club. You know there's a lot of guys on the point right now and he's closely speaks gonna finish up close one. Almighty god. I hope. What do you see an English for life no. Mr. Michael's three inches. Unbelievable how it is. Unbelievable and almighty god I've never seen anybody and there was nobody knows for my clothes ever so. I am. Well. As Adams got I have never saw answer that was Kapanen. And he missed it to happen and media at a Vienna low he literally had it happen any missed then you actually missed that. I was anybody do that. Is this event. Now now all all my god it's here now now I didn't either we did not insert those pauses that's grooves lies Maria. Now final drive also cosponsored by cards for kids donate car healthy child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com ever keen. Will not believe in golf and yes ma authors special guest appearance by might it's right on his shelf that's great guys that the governor fly into New York tomorrow. Just with the princess' out of their unemployment or it could teach you know report back to a I don't know how it got everybody invented audio streaming just some people that was in the Mike Boone anchor. Good morning. We'll see you tomorrow.