DHK - Michael confronts his sketchy, snow blowing neighbor; Drawing the ire of Buffalo 12-7-17

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Thursday, December 7th

HOUR 3 - We continue to take your reaction to our interview with Michael Wilbon yesterday. Also, Michael got to meet one of his stranger neighbors. And should we worry about angering the Buffalo media?


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Retail and Hollywood he's. Sports Radio WEEI. If you fellows were swearing at me just moments ago. When I pointed out of them that according to channel seven. We could be seeing three to six inches of snow Saturday night in the sun and we're here don't forget three to six inches you know that Tony the snowblower donated thoughts and your neighbor might at like 3 o'clock in the morning on Arsenio and I have my guy that's the other the other isn't sorry I got a guy Sherrod and he's very reasonable I kind of role is really fast because. My slow low tonight is must mobile time. All the time. 33 seems like they can do rose zero bureaus there at the knees OK Barbara calls for obvious what does he didn't like it a result record is he'd like to cross hatching like Dave Miller does in the out of my eyes Fenway probably their products pretty elaborate lessons Qaeda operatives are so mobile is an incredible work again because that machine it's it's it's bullish yet that would be to work out idiot I guess yes I would say yes than no. On it be an incredible work now I don't know about credible gotten is that he'll get less that easy in his honor snow blowers light things now it's a technique does it ought ultimately I'm. Place Clint a couple of our real work out take that same driveway and shovel. Dead after all thing is that's a real that's more work now. Operated six we can handle it should be fun. It does he do that's. The thing's gonna work this year and go to the first nerves out that I found again that aren't delegate front aren't. It keeps in his garage. And nice neat garage. Doesn't really cute and neat guy that's helpful and very exciting things in my area is evident in my garage is not is now now skies and geek wrong. Everything about you know. Our have a garage must of just out there here is that. They're out that's that's put out there aren't covered up. People back up front yard of some sort about it but I am I need that later as a lever and out of that that side the report I finally met the guy who was still blown 4:30 in the morning hybrid America Italians thank you don't. To block party and well Aaron on target when he got outside and he just gave me that look it was his talent he has not yet. Is man I know you'd talk I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know does that guy seemed like he just wasn't. Registering these are rich it was a very glassy you know very classy guy by the editing I can't count looking office and I. Diana will punching another guy I've met you before. I I don't mean yeah the early riser IK how you do line and again doing great. And get back to my yard work now OK but he. Laughs he later he was a little shift standoffish. Now I'm really thinking about anybody else care clearly down eyes not I wouldn't trust and Nazr and married man. Hello and that is why I don't like that Alia makes a stay in the house with us from today's. I hope he's not listening right now. I don't trust. You shouldn't I don't trust. Anybody's Noble's at 4 AM yeah and when you talk to I don't had a guy let's yet to be working five or something and if he says I gotta get back to mine. Get back in my yard work nobody wants to do yard work ahead of us is still time to talk to your neighbor your talk to your neighbor tired of accidents you know watch your body. Guys on. It did any of the other neighbors talked about his snow blowing and 4 in the morning or you the only one ball we want to let the cards. No one else dared say key ally I've ever amber does this guy have help encourage the same on the radio yeah yeah. Thank wreck effect if he's somebody that has a lot of Christmas lights some Christmas lights or no Christmas or seat from space Christmas Y 00. Welcome. We're at Christmas isn't as many times as a hot lights. No lights nothing will hold a minority in the window and let us know nothing. No lights about everything I taught him how I would not I don't that would not just. Well you get a chance to find out early Sunday morning jailed in my hero just when he wants to beat bush had five birdies as tired and good luck and may raise it here. I have enough time and I was doing it for and we just heard from him on the text line. That's easy for you guys to say you don't have to be to work until one in the afternoon some of us have to be a work at 530. We heard from your paper there was thirty. Five theory. So if you had to be at work at 530. What is a week by the it was a weekend is it really her day there was some heavy duty the here's the question do you know the answer is listed with his car bombs in the morning or still there. I am I really can't it's the his car from from where I am you know is kind of hidden courses in effect on the diversity of drive. All I he's a man of mystery you know goes on in there. You don't want. Oh and I was in my battle Serbia trick or treating we've never gone to his parents are. If I'd love candy I have days out he's got involved because Hillary doesn't have candy that have candy and I auditorium not support nothing so I hope you haven't gone don't ever did you tell yeah. You you let people know if you're willing to player not the lights are on my light on and I don't wanna play. Did a lot out. Also people don't celebrate any holidays maybe falls without a draw and celebrate holidays don't care of his neighbors are sleeping. I'd add that have simply for you of your work at 5 o'clock in the morning 5:30 in the morning I get it right. But don't care much neighbors in Zeta got a suck hey I gotta get to Harare got to get to work like I gotta get to work. By the way the premise that. Some lesser Euro 1 o'clock is sort of humorous to me. How. It's very got a lot Russell are here yeah he's excellent might not be Yuri. Exactly wanna I wanna and it's right on nobody else and not that I think you know. Not that big wooden seat 1 o'clock from winter arrives. Six that it really put it today until it. Lyrics or is that you read Larry's in Plymouth hey Larry I had on. And out. What a composition and I are actually not suck I appreciate the fact that east. Down. It a little stores. You know it blocks and has a reputation. Like I've opted to have a black player. The two story lines yet but concussions. Integrates. And and it doesn't it real. I'd really checked that it's almost like your production. Out ahead on. Camera. Yeah concussions are racist or is he you gave it becomes are the big NFL source for your car you really you can't with that phrase I hadn't thought of it that way that's it's a good way of looking at it. I don't know if Michael Obama's thing like you know in my pointed out. Did say that gras hitting. Hitting two Davies why. And invites its intraday vis why junior. In say that Dodi that was hit that was racially motivated but Danny did go with the larger point of know how it looks and how they NFL penalizes. Players based and rates. Which I think is a big story if that outweigh any external Augusta that's a huge story. They should look into it. Neighbors check back Indians put zero PM Michael. Human Etsy my car seem my wife see anything in my house where lights I see everything by the way I know we swallowed a quarter before you know it. I. Well aren't all that solidarity for our hands are not value the Rockies and Tom okay I'll one bit of NBA news for you lads as we get back to the calls. According to several sources the Philadelphia 76ers are about to trade Julio Okafor to Brooklyn. It said. Rogers in a deal involves forward Trevor Booker according to a Yahoo! well Lisa could play now and didn't sit about it is that yeah some pieces aren't they don't have their. Look I didn't have any pictures now they wind up with and whatever the number two pick in the draft they want to put a number three pick in the draft. And I think right now the two of three was that would allow those towns Russell before believes. Years ago now Russell and I are here Angela Russell the ability apparently got a Okafor. If you put down travel I don't like gallery out our credit is going to be a huge contract on him as player. They got Tim Timothy mas gone to the Fay from the pay. All right it's really not a great team nonstop flight etiquette to not at all not but they get a decent but they're not the bulls. Jerry's and hammer state. Are you need to. And I've met some praise and criticism of Syria. I. He yesterday was incredible that was tremendous. Go around on economic the other college. And you weren't intimidated though yeah yeah and now. And they throw there weight around and they're not. Well I'd really appreciate that today guys. And you better not making fun of bite my tongue and you know they're gonna play this audio in buffalo is an adult viral believe me. They get out there is ammunition against the patriots that making fun of white. Over all it is not good material more on it get away from it. No you don't like the odd but I I was Weaver and have a story about army general who should head out now my dad was kinda really not a phony story that okay about that. Gunners are very fresh. Go viral buffalo says he is goes and I appreciate how you guys were intimidated by ESP every bush every I was wrong I hit it. Please call or buffalo gets it down the income is at it like this talented either player that in the both lost orchard there probably WG MR are Entercom. Sister station it's in front buffalo announced it's not just energy and his Melissa JE RG RR GR I'm sorry they are on it and got to monitor the a lot of linebacker dangerously there are one of the stations of the war there was wanted to Charlotte just flat out shoulders literally Charlotte Charlotte wants or doesn't. Listen to the wireline and they should probably also retire outskirts as they did in response. Or their short ones never do it's it's always concerns. NASCAR episodes at the buffalo wonder they call the one airline are that they had been they're calling it. They have a tough one party awards to auto plant yes it is obvious early on but there you go ahead there's several others who've gone with the big shadow there and a lot of stations around who gone with the big show the picture pretty common but the big show I would get as upset about the whiner line and just calling it the wind to kick to open another name that rescue centers as well it was a great show yeah okay out of also Olbermann in pastor Cedric Maxwell was a member of the picture Boston wants to be. Indeed which one the enjoy doing more east where I'm from which it was weren't paid more probably us out. They had talked about sites and really wanna talk NASCAR NASCAR right now on the streets and a NASCAR like weird. Summer league sports. It was a great creation idiom to give you credit for every time I hear hear Glenn talked about it never says you know doesn't mention it didn't follow me on Twitter toy ashamed of about it yeah. And I thought I trudged out of college and Twitter what is that it goes back to the original people tell Michael. And he can't be done she. What he says that people people who talk on TV Jerry Caroline's complaining you know on Tweeter and a few on these helpful Heatley during the show. I but he likely tweeting about who missed three about things that. I'm engage in yet thanked us right now is important and we appreciate that's an important job for the idea that other producers that require. Right whether its whether shrine is and today are somebody yells that's important job that Ryan. In and beat you Kipling and thank mr. Ryan surprised them a great job job the last two days and and you had you had an appearance couple weeks ago on the Q did a great job at that too you know. We mentioned the other guys are allowed them to talk we have really got your take on. You know how you why you feel like you deserve the job they're doing an interview right now to sort of get them I just virtually any area you've. What do you think you can bring to the table here I feel like a lot of my work is sort of spoke for itself all. I'm like yeah right now yeah ask Jack I'm. Oh look at Tata iron and I had that Ryan I have heard a single complaint daddy got that'd be good. I don't wanna die rag I I don't wanna get would be an about it but umbrage. At all glad you're doing it like that radio commercials since. I don't wanna brag I'm applied for John Ryan you've got to do some of the lineup all enterprises are new wants to what I'm doing what they're Michael's it. I'm right on me right don't show up in the box score what I'm doing great ads on radio I'm Jude dream Murray Al Gore apparently aren't convinced pretty doubted Al Horford they don't set people up very important part of this man very important to rise into the great thanks. Right here's your body fat. Our body out. They pay go fellas here's your trade program Julian Loko four got nixed the house guests and a second round pick to Brooklyn for Trevor Booker. Of the win win there without it who played his high school ball saint marks a local time and a mr. guy right Michigan guy and he's Canadian but people don't you or whatever but our little shooter and supposed to be exposed be that both read that now he's very I don't get that out. 6177797937. At stale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Stands. You. Would see about what the patriots had nothing would you pop. I was steered clear to a racial politics as. Yet not do it. A it was not quite tight ends are the lions with the bears Redskins. And politicians come up. I'm pretty damn certain it would. That's the part I have my doubts about tonight country sincere when he says it but that was Michael will one yesterday when we talked to him. I believe that anything that involves. Boston's. And I know the patriots in Foxboro to know him say anything that involves Boston. The racial element is brought up more than any in fact to the exclusion of any place else in the country. Senior member of the last time race was an issue surrounding a sports team are outside of Boston. Yeah I mean probably sterling but that was isolated and he'll write write the younger team is races the series races of this guy is racist with a caller mentioned that Danny Ferry stuff down Atlanta. But that was definitely everything that was a Dini for everything. The problem that other examples but I'm guessing it's more that right where you identify the one person in the situation and you don't. All of sudden point the entire city. Ryan says he says there's a blue jays story was he got it done Orioles outfielder that was it the believes the writers and Toronto that appear camp. Com by a player there in Asian man I'm blanking on his name. Oh yeah and there's also all there was that there was there's a World Series the World Series category L got the would you Darvish yet. There was that is well read but again that also doesn't that. That's the player that's not all this Houston thing again is this guy's an idiot. That thought that it doesn't like oh my god we another another classic case about the Houston fans love this lake union that. Eyes and it said there was interest thing as well to hear. This isn't just in here you know Tony and Mike their show replays again. Tony says no there's lawlessness in the NFL I think that's if that that's that's fair. If it's of that pressure there's lawlessness and iPhone I'm not sure believe it but I can see how somebody would make that argument if you look at grunts here. Yeah he mentioned AJ green and the latest from others if you just say this is a problem. We got a lawlessness prominently. At the pretty good topic. That's not backing down from anything. And so if Travis Carroll seated you know come I keep bringing up that example there are other white players league but we hope somehow we've just stayed on the National Journal. Who's also number 87 also title sequence anyway. If Travis Kelsey. It is a batter. Jack Kurtz who's also injured but I backtrack aren't healthy hit some by Jack Doyle does that I don't think. I know we're not going there I know it's his his one comedy is going to be lawlessness. I don't that you'll go to the racial dynamic racial politics that I want it. Who and I don't count out 'cause he's good to Crocs also superstar so owner how much that factors that. But I think that this is one thing and and any you know maybe haven't. Said this haven't emphasize this enough and it's something we have to deal with. Whether you think there was there and I don't think there's any kind of racial element to the ground can't. You think that are not the author part. Is a factor in the league. There are many players in the maker can look at and say well I don't care what I don't care of the players feel this is happening is not reality it's not my problem not my business. So I'll just keep watching football. There are players who do feel that who feel that there's senate rules were white guys in the federal for that a rules Ibaka. And there are players who think the league as racist based on the knee in take. Many but so that nothing to visit arts of the league is racist like. Who specifically I don't have a general thing defraud. So all of its most owners I guess because. If they're college operatives and does not believe and we know it's not know why isn't he and the wives Jerry Jones not a racist US radio. Yeah explicitly race it has been a lot of other things yes amen well no. They voted agent yeah definitely could've kept Greg Hardy league Taylor and being an irritating me in the name of race but their players. We're not necessarily African American picking me so what does she get the race issue. The issue itself yet does. Get the sense though any player took any of there white player Tiffany and said oh it's because of I says some cause that they happen. Again we we know from covering the story for the last couple years. That nobody wanted to hear what the cause was siren didn't matter what it was it was it was a sign of disrespecting the flag in the troops than him in the country. I think that player would have been allowed league's tenth. But there are guys who did it. And and and are doing it and there's still Little League but he hasn't he hasn't come back from an. There's a lot of players are doing a presto out any idea they're got doing deals ever gotten sick but Marshall and sits on the bench and he's. Every insecure and still play is still be from based on based on market Cecil. Popular player relatively positive part in commercials and everything ya. I Johnson Pawtucket hey John I don't. Is might lose the EC grew up in New England. Well he's right auction impose lows Kornheiser. Mediocre at best but we'll follow these seem to bring races and issues some oh. Really rear ankles and Jews pieces a lot of times news this you know I was surprised yeah likable and yeah. The grind it out to support him locked they had a more conservative blog it out and attacked by other actually get there it'll and they usually try to get a victory. I don't think it's a race issue such as will most probable. While I I I do think that there was some fought and some talk within the patriots locker room and meeting rooms this week about. Not necessarily the grunt thing but about keeping your cool and don't get upset yet. You know he had Brady and Josh McDaniels upset with each other you had Malcolm Butler who was mad when he got pulled off the field at one point you had the ground key issue. And and I do think Bill Belichick and the coaching staff may be concerned. That you know teams may be try to get chewed to do this sort of thing they may be going after you do try to get to off your game. Because they've talked about that that as soon as the players are talking about it. And the coach talked about it you know that that's been a discussion point two from him to them in the locker room. And it may be that you know. If if if they think they can get you off your game they're gonna try it and Andy and he's especially Monday night by the way he's upon an impossible guide to match up waves. So teeter to the same thing whether rock throwing elbow and that guy or not. There are continue to hold on their continued to and it's a ground in the push from Lleyton everything else just to try to prevent it and even when they were doing all game he still had. How many catches for how many are insulated Dominic Raiola yeah. And he still is gonna continue to do that that you just an impossible match. And that's another thing about a in the season yet not I'm talking about the way he looks which I still get that's what they are Glock that I saw understand. How does the does the guy continue to have surgery after surgery. Then the amount of surgeries he's had as a pro I've lost count and I was born a half dozen more have had more than a half dozen surgeries in his professional career. Yet everytime he comes back he looks like the same guy we've never said to the point we've never will maybe we we've set that we haven't seen it. Hate. Crime gonna look different. Ground going to be slower. After the first game of the season there was some talk about being slower he didn't look great against Kansas City Eric Berry when he was out there shut them down and but every time he as he goes out there that had surgery comes back with like the same guy. It's on carry. We'll get nervous every time he gets it let's just say he doesn't you know these days it didn't seem to be as it's ever asked that as it was before as strong as he was before he blocks well. He's elusive and I don't see any difference. 6177797937. Its telephone number to hope we argument with a studio that on this there are on the way. That's still to come sorry. Sorry Christians are excellent sorry. Those things would frequent. Could we mulled this crusade of error. At what point yeah. It's 6177797937. Sports Radio WE yeah. Yeah haven't looking into. Upon it. It's. Oh lord heard my. It. Well one of our callers he says we shouldn't be its full bore material. Should be doing that's gonna go viral. Today this white let's talk about us up in buffalo yet to give anybody monitoring the buffalo gonna be on the line airline Charlie Cheektowaga consultants. I just love you are going to be a WG RO WGR deny this is what these guys in their make it on the other devious white where did they get all got to take this from the patriots. Damien I don't want them really plot accurate knowledge of western aren't a lot of them all along I think Indian chambers also as Amber's. He's embarrassed at Lancaster. House and sat out all yours to lose. Ali Ali and Orchard Park or two years or so silly buffalo for use a bit while I went to school next week. Yeah area. Beautiful Sunnis doing. SUNY buffalo so if you're being shorted got have a problem adjusting to the freedom of not living at home for the first few years councils from though it can be a transition. Occurred in Africa that Sharon had great great facilities there does provide of that day one of college. Every kid on the second your parents leave union to W Shaughnessy is like every single kid there Olson was a smoker liquidity that the kid I don't smoke there all extended outside the door the door like all smoking is sort of like it's 2000 and whatever your tool was at the time they won a college it having emotional goodbyes is it tough for just really happy excuse when les could weigh those over here I did like the pre season thanks those weird the majority of the ball as there were nobody else was and other sports are there those strange for me it's SARS that the first night. And I I'm not I don't wanna go home homesick. And get a little weird feeling it feels weird. Yet so it's it's a little different and then you know this hour I'm used to being. Am I knew they also hammered Toronto at the time you don't know where the failure in my my roommate with from. Erie Pennsylvania. Say months you know quiet it was to some real quiet guy he'd already. He's guy got in their first reclaimed its. The room he once told me what an old guy that got out. Marked out as you know worked together as territory and cause you don't bump the bad down on how this thing now similarly men first wouldn't you'll marked archer spot it was a lot of heat all and one half of the Roma at. This was an honor like that delta is happy to be that it had or reportedly feel I have some good pyramids and the best browsing and and this is united got dropped off and got this guy doesn't talking and I. No went on to the hall on look across on there's the here's a triple over there and there are three enemies who ride across fellow. So that the adjustment to college. It's so it began as great a creeped out three girl. Oh god. There's so friendly gutters so nice doesn't it surprise no longer homesick and then another and I get about it of that. That's ninth inning was OK after that as. Back to the calls I attendees in lemons or hate that he made on. Day. 08 on the green on. Quote or wanting. Really you oddity. In Asia Owens won a national audience and art so noble and touched on its own subjects. Now what's while it's obvious that Obama. Our bottom line but. You know what poll. All optics. The thing. I achieve that old but I think when he said that while awake I like Saudi. Like some early. They act like I think he can worst human. Non agenda that a preconceived notion. If you have to keep move it higher but honestly. Anything. It's all ought to be viewed Steve today. And mini and the apple all my. Tech and then a water cooler talk down near the city and the bad guys don't those rights. Modular and I'd like to think that that they know that there's a difference in I mean and in this case. Well one knows Michael Holley it's like in nineteen a which always going on. You have to admit it could be something with the Wikipedia and answers question yes. That's strong possibility. Stephen A says Ackerman on. The station I know that are coming on anymore. Done they've done. Oh well line. Knows this are we had our I am honored went back miles back to your White House. 888. This guy knows me so he wouldn't look at the station to say OK I'm not going on station. Stephen A knows me and says he's not coming on with patient anymore. Best. I recently. Yeah. These are not not that I don't now have our. Really come on my podcasts may be okay. Sit out the year good and dappled he likes our podcast that's right. Mike but mostly he's a pristine all dignity and you do that and that's about it and I would urge that the way he walked the need date. Eyes at the on the car McGregor fight. He was down there and I know that's right album on and you want nothing to do because they're from the station I didn't Paula try to get them on the tobacco finally well well. Another right after things available to them mostly seized on there I think that the great. And then there's a whole. Morning show and in the sixth and Michael and are now in del DI died they don't a lot of so it don't to his answer his question. It could have factored. There. I Tim's a Natick hates him I don't. Eric wants Ari. Good thanks so. But my biggest thing the thing that bothers me the most was like Tony Kornheiser will climb they. They throw something out there are outraged when they had to do with the patriots are locked in general. What bothered me the most is this Smart people they know deep down that it has nothing to do with race whenever they're talking about an incident. But think and feel like they do that because they know what's gonna get a rise out of bought that they know they gonna get clicked on their. Either there articles that people are gonna be tuning in to their show or. Or following month Clinton team with they're gonna say that that's part of what bothered me the most because. You know you go back a year ago and got the popular vote you know Travis County at the same thing grant it. Well. It last year December of last year when he went instantly Oakland inept big game. And I think his pedigree in the back a puck back or cut down until he went right program mark acting that the lack partner. And started imitating his there at that point he had been talking trash. In every one lap even account under the post game show lap it was. Every one lap and thought it was funny not a single person but up until he's doing that to a black guy making fun of black guy. Because big weapon and being racially motivated I want Smart enough to know what it is when it is. And that's what bothered me the most if that was cropped. When that act act. I think it would just throw it out there even a fatal police. And then and again I have to reiterate. Nobody not even Michael Bonn that Tony Kornheiser not us nobody thought that what wrong did was racially motivated no one. The suggestion was this punishment. Was different because he's white as a post with bee was black yeah but still I still go back to the whole reason why he's I wanted to have will on on on the guys as well was when. He just pointed out the detail that. Wrong did what he did to a black player that that that didn't make any sense and you were sort of implying that prompted something for you racially motivated reason. And then you say that that's not the case is it okay we all agree on that. But then what's the point of this at baseball's part of the story right. They you dated a part of the story everything brought get a cheap shot right and if you they're rocks getting suspended for less games because he's white that's a league issue. That the common about why it made zero sense in even after having him on for almost half hour yesterday still makes it an hour long. Departments around out there was so I feel free. Toms on the track Tony Tom. Tom Dart Group. But it kind of scoreless under there click shouldn't shouldn't the people who bring generation that was because well at the people involved in the office that came up with this. One game suspension than my question isn't whether any people of color that ordered all that he's. The decision making process forward and watch. Well the the initial suspension. Reportedly was made by Jon Runyan he's a white guy. The the appeal of the suspension was heard by Derrick Brooks comma he's a black guy. Right. I don't know so good old don't see why he'd be outrageous and director there as opposed to core count ski or going with or the patriots. Outrage and it is good point Tom I think outrage is is directed that the league and its sense you know I. Well when Roger Goodell signed his contract yesterday we got well I'm earlier we got news these are distorted million dollar contract. There are a lot of NFL players on Twitter responding. And how one of them was Mike Mitchell. Who were right on IRA rocket. Nolan might Mitchell's as saying fired that well and let's let let's let football be football again and he. Also mention free Zhu Zhu. Because he feels like juju is getting a raw deal when it comes becomes the suspensions I mean this is something that NFL players talk about. All the time. And we look at and we take on. He hit OK if it's a cheap shot you gonna get suspended they look at and say yeah as a cheap shot bad. This guy had a cheap shot two years ago four years ago ten years ago. And that could happen to him look what's happening to me why am I different is it because is. And this ownership group has. Better relationship with the commissioner it's because of my race on and on. It happens. So I don't know if it's. John's assault on the job done. They'll probably towards John good. It got Michael I want one it to you I normally am a huge huge attic you ought. They showed that not which. Show what. And you might help from. More or. Your. I would go that far. I would Michael. You don't get hurt by on a flight back you it. Corner. There when. And you don't want attention went down and then Michael. You're a parent. Of. I did and how did that happen so it even not just asking keeps even well while we're going back and forth. And I was told I was told that I still I stayed out of it you're telling me how are broken up which were. So you're you're what you're on the side that I broke it up and some people say I stayed out of it let. Let's keep this kind of sink on his own item back amount you're telling me I interrupted it. Originally. The one question. I think the question that you wreck one question. What. Would Michael. No I just more than one question I I I asked more than one question it took awhile to get that first one out what. The well yeah that I had the follow up question I brought up my Kevin's I asked him when I wanted to ask him I don't understand how open I didn't think he got in the way you win and win this. What went a break it up I was sitting here I was watching and they're going back for a lot of what Georgia and is dude keep says oh yeah what what does it but I tell you yet tell me what it is. The back and forth back and fort what went and I stepped in what I do. You'd you'd. And it will follow. While article. Under way in question aren't they don't worry I. And then when an idea. As doctor. Yeah okay Greg everybody else in the wind. At a medical doctor for women dodge. I watched them I was told that I watch too much that I shouldn't jump did I didn't I was watching I all of the candidates like a look at him now when it acted I'd say. Playboy is not enough when they do. I'd like one question what you gonna act on. What what what word what Michael all. I've met at I don't know what I was and I don't I don't know I don't know what I was it has to make that time John. Why they're where are all the which oh by the bad guy. I have to be that you have to be the very pale when I'm Michael yesterday at all John John. Rich doesn't have to be the bad Guy Ritchie said he he asked the questions that he wanted to ask that's fine. We had a we have Michael what about on. Dale passed the first question dale would not rule in the interview dale set the tone for the interview. He was yelling yeah he did he did he did that let me I'll I'll let you can go ahead John you can criticize me I'll take it a taker criticism I'll take your feedback. But I know what. Finish me finish then I'll give back to your promise I guess I'll give the ball back to. I don't think I'll take your feedback I'll take your criticism on analog to say or I will disagree all you can say guard said. I disagree I think dale did a good job setting the tone for the interview. I asked my question I'm glad I don't give a good to have you back to get back to promised. I've dealt did a good jobs that don't for the interview I asked a question I had for Wilpon. Steve got into with low bond we'll bond jumped them he jumped to back they went back added we're back to dale again went back to me that's how was an immigrant. Don't you think that the if you would have been more at all I Obama Byrd bought another one of African American let. A while. While that's what. You wanna strike that from the record try to dot alleged drive again trinity NC 282. All all up that question Michael. You think it would have been more pack but let you block it right in the NF LU. And Michael. I do and I. I do not now because you know what I think the interview was I think it's interview with it happened yesterday at. Two thirds of thirty. And today it's 5 o'clock. And you're still talking about it mr. talking about in the end I think the interview was. But yeah it was an interview adult here and you know what at and Dick and John I don't care how it became an awesome interview. Imitate. I love. My guys I love my teammates I love rich I loved dale. And so it dale made it a great interview great it keeps mated a good interview great we all win it was. Yeah Jonathan not to got to me that military. It about a make him a quota lied to you from yesterday's interview I don't what's your agenda is an urgent DL that's enough in because now. A body actually went to come on. And have. Legitimate. Criticism. Of the interview and after and now it's night. Only you know jailed argue that point still never does this and you'll never do that your in your African American friend and all those of you are. Come on the record dale asked the follow. After the exchange to keep you did not enter the equation and defuse the interview until later in the inner lets you know maybe maybe well. And end in ironic that it will block kind defused it himself if you go back and listened and we did we re played it I think the questions were still pertinent and there are I don't think any of the world a more aggressive than the other is just how heats them and then how we answered it was certainly questions or answers I should say by the end of it. He kind of was. I don't know if it seemed like he was given in this long answer was really saying much and it took out some of the steam he wasn't yelling anymore like he was earlier in the year I came in not result in a bit unusual event of any or sensitive where everyone Assad. They they came at hotline want to become a hot. Other interviews are who started the interview to send it to you here dale dale started the interview. The tone was set and we will we played his sound forms it was so you know the back Taylor are always tense. And and I don't I don't care how it got there he got here is that it was a long interview it was not a train wreck it was not derailed. Didn't go what whatever what whatever John is saying about the interview it wasn't that clearly but I can't remember the last time. We we we did an interview at 230. On one day we still talking about a 5 o'clock the next thing was a good interview I stand by. 6177797937. Its tail on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI.